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Kecord Commissioners




:fc 74
v. a.4


[Document 150—1898.]



The Twenty-eighth Report of the Record Commissioners
contains the marriages recorded on the town records of Bos-
ton from 1700 to 1751, collated with the Book of Banns for
nearly the same period, with some additions from other

The preparation of this book and the proof-reading of the
text have been the work of my special assistant, Edward W.
McGlenen, in whose accuracy I have the fullest confidence.
His special report is subjoined.

Wm. H.

City Registrar

Boston, Oct. 25, 1898.

iv City Document No. 150.

William H. Whitmore, Esq., City Registrar:

Having been charged by you with the work of preparing
the record of Marriages in Boston between 1700 and 1750,
and of seeing the book through the press, I beg leave to
submit the following abstract of the result.

The records hereinafter printed are principally copied
from two volumes of Boston marriages, in the custody of
this department.

The first volume, of 188 pages, contains the records from
1689 to 1720 (pages 1 to 34, inclusive; entries previous to
1700 were printed in the ninth report of the Record Com-
missioners) .

This book begins with page 35 of the manuscript record
written by Joseph Prout, town clerk from 1701 to 1721.

On page 26, of the first volume, is the following note :

"The Several Marriages Contained in this, and the two foregoing
pages, were carefully collected out of the wast[e] book (written by
Capt. Ephr. Savage) in ye Time of his being T[own] Clerk)' & haveing
digested ye same into Aphabetticall order are as here recorded the 19th
of Aug. 1709.

P Joseph Prout

Town Clerk."

A similar statement appears in the ninth volume of the
Record Commissioners' Reports, compiled by William S.
Appleton, Esq., containing the birth, marriage, and death
records of Boston from 1630 to 1700.

These two statements will answer the inquiry often made
of this office as to the existence or non-existence of con-
temporary records of these facts.

The records in Prout's own period are written in such a
manner as to indicate that he did not record day by day, or
week by week, but in periods of one or more years, arrang-
ing the entries in alphabetical order.

The second volume, of 269 pages, contains the marriage
records from 1721 to 1751, and "is in the handwriting of
three town clerks. The entries were made by Samuel
Checkley from 1721 to 1734 (pp. 1-118) ; by Samuel Ger-
rish from 1734 to 1740 (pp. 120-201) ; and by Ezekiel
Goldthwait (pp. 202-269).

A Report of the Record Commissioners. v

Both of these volumes have recently been preserved by
facing the pages with silk, and have been rebound in red
morocco. The pages measure 8 X 12| inches, and the vol-
umes as bound 10^ X 15 inches.

The publishments, or intentions of marriage, from 1707
to 1751, have been compared with the records and all differ-
ences of spelling noted. No earlier publishments are pre-

The Purposes of marriage, printed on pp. 348-50 of this
volume, were taken from an original waste book, in which
were also entered : Boston Births, 161)3-96 ; Marriages,
1695-97; and Deaths, 1693-96, in one part; while in the
other were noted shipments of cattle and their marks.

These parts have been separated and rebound ; the portion
containing the records of Births, Marriages, and Deaths, etc.,
90 pp., has been silk-faced io preserve it, is bound in black
morocco, and is 6 X 13^ inches in size.

Those intentions for which no subsequent record of mar-
riage appears have been printed separately.

These publishments are in four volumes, and the entries
merely give the names, date, and town, nearly all being of
Boston. The names of parents were never given.

These volumes measure 7x8 inches in size and are bound
in green morocco.

A volume bound in vellum contains a "Record of Mar-
riages for the County of Suffolk, 1716 to 1731."

The Boston marriages recorded in this book have nearly
all been found properly entered in the town records. The
returns of marriages from other towns have been printed in

This volume is 11 X 16| inches in size.

A note in this volume reads as follows :

" Boston, March 6, 1879.

This volume was received from the clerk of the Supreme Judicial
Court, in the county of Suffolk, under a resolve passed by the Legis-
lature, which took effect February 19, 1879.

N. A. Apollonio,

City Registrar.' 1 ' 1


vi City Document No. 150.

The copies of church records in the custody of this depart-
ment have been searched, and all marriages not appearing in
the town records have been printed for what they are worth,
as the accuracy of the copying cannot be vouched for.

The original records have been closely followed ; some
duplicate entries may appear, though they have been avoided
when possible and when they have not differed. The orig-
inal returns have also been consulted in many cases.

A few marriages were found among the files of papers of
the Suffolk County Court, and others from the personal
record book of Eev. Thomas Cheever.

It should be noted that some marriages within the period
covered by this publication, that do not appear on record,
will be found in the volume of marriages from 1751 to 1809
now in progress.

All double-dating ends with this volume, for by Act of
Parliament the year 1752 commenced on January 1.

Many inquiries are made regarding double-dating, and the
change of the year from the Old Style to New Style. No
better authority can be quoted than the late Hon. James
Savage, the Nestor of New England genealogists :

[" For the time of births, marriages, or deaths in each family I have
labored assiduously to be correct, in hundreds of cases finding wrong
dates given, and commonly without hesitation supplying the true.
Where baptism is fixed, by a decent record, weeks, and even months
before the date of birth, no fear in injuring the town clerk's credit can
restrain belief in his mistake. But the copious source of vexation is the
.J, variety growing out of the Old and New Styles. In many thousand in-
stances, 1 have turned to the perpetual almanac, to be sure that the day


\of baptism was truly, or not, recorded for Sunday, since the rite could,
in the first century of New England, be performed only on that day.
By this many printed errors may be corrected. As children are often
seen to be baptized in January or February of the same year, by the
ancient legal reckoning, that gives the parents' marriage in April or
May, several weeks before, in our modern reckoning of the months,
instead of so many months after, it is easy enough to put that right by
calling those winter months not of the eleventh and twelfth of the old
-year, °as the statute absurdity required. Uniformly my chronology
begins the year with 1 January : but to produce harmony between dates
for the month of March is sometimes very difficult. A few town officers
began to change the numerals for the year with the opening of the
month, daring to ask, why the first month of 1679 should allow 24 of
its 31 days to be drilled under old 1678, while the perverse will of the
rulers in fatherland postponed the new-year's clay until the 25th ; and
some records may be found, where the year ended in December; but
this monstrous innovation did not begin before 1700, and the startling
truth made irregular progress up to 1752, when Lord Macclesfield en-
lightened the legislature, and Chesterfield charmed it into consistency."
Savage's Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England.
Vol. I., p. ix. of Preface.']

A Report of the Record Commissioners. vii

[" Until the commencement of the present year [1752] all legal papers
and instruments bore date corresponding with thej£dlli_a£JVIai:ch, as the
begiiiHing~oT'the year. This year, in con forming to an Act of Parlia-
ment of last year, was begun on January first ; and by the same Act it
was ordered that eleven days should be struck out of the following
September; that is, the third should be called the fourteenth, which
made the equinoxes and solstices fall on the same days as they did at the
Kicene Council, in the year 325. This change in the style of dating
occasioned the use of the terms Old Style and New Style." Drake's
History and Antiquities of Boston, p. 633.]

My dear Mr. McGlenen:

If I may be allowed to put Mr. Savage's ideas in a little simpler form,
I should say there was no standard of usage in our Colony for the first
thirty or forty years. In Boston, as already noted, our earliest records
are a compilation of later date, and are therefore no contemporaneous
evidence of the usage.

In Dorchester, the First Church Record was evidently made year by
year and month by month priorto 1657. That is to say, March seems to
have been always numbered as the first month (see printed page 167
of the Church Records).

Baptisms are recorded regularly and consecutively as follows :
16 day 10 mo. ''od

6 '

' 11 "

1 '55

13 " 11 '

1 '55

10 '

' 12 '

1 '55

16 '

« 1 „

1 '55

27 '

' 2 '

1 '56

15 '

' 3 '

1 '56

Here it is very evident that the 11th and 12th months, " '55," were
] January and February of 1656 by present reckoning, and that the 16th
] of the first month, " ''oo,'''' was the March, 1656, the next month following
Lthat February.

At the end of the year 1656 (Ibid., p. 168) we find entries made
1 day 1 mo. '56/'57

8 " 1 " '56/'57
the next year we find

21 day 12 mo. '57
28 " 1 " '58

9 " 3 . " '58
but in ' ' '59 " we have

' 27 day 12 mo. '58
13 " 1 " '58/'59
10 " 2 " '59
From these examples and others it seems that the clerk did not fol-
low the refinement of calling March 1st to 25th inclusive 1657, and
March 26th to 31st 1658. The whole month was called the 1st month,
though really the chronological year was that of the succeeding months
2 to 10. Or more briefly, the first month (March) always followed the
12th month (February), and the three months January, February, and
March belonged to the next year, by our current reckoning.

The practical result is this, where we have a single date given as the
first month, in the 17th century, without any surrounding entries to show
the chronological position, it will almost always be safe to double-date
it. In fact, a genealogist should always describe a date in March as of

viii City Document No. 150.

two years, say 1655-6 ; if he merely gives the latter date, 1656, the next
copyist will attempt to explain it and make it 1656-7. I have seen many
cases of this blundering. If we have two distinct entries, one of a mar-
riage in April or May of any year which is to be connected with a birth in
the first month of the same numeral year, it is common sense to under-
stand that the birth occurred ten months after marriage, and not two
months before.

Of course the 11th and 12th months always referred to January and
February of the next year according to our reckoning.

William H. Whitmore,

City Registrar.

It has taken very much more time to prepare this volume
than was anticipated, but the nature of the work prevents it
from being rushed. The index alone contains nearly twenty-
five thousand names, and of itself represents more work than
the average report requires.

The remaining marriages prior to 1800 have been pre-
pared in the same manner as this volume, and a large por-
tion of the book is in type.

Respectfully submitted,

Edward Webster McGlenen.




Married by

Robert Kinsman of Ipswitch & Lidia ? », , .,,

More of Boston $

Jeremiah Bumsted & Sarah Abraham " "
John Marion Junr. & Prudence Turner " "
Nicolas Cook & Eliza. Carwithin " "

Thomas Johnson & Margaret Page " "

John Selley & Sarah Gory " "

Solomon Howes & Martha Calfe " "

Lewis Lay & Jane Jerman " "

John Jeffries & Margaret Sweatman " "

Charles Hancock & Hannah Pell " "

John Ruggles & Eliza. Ware? " "

Hemy Tite & Ann Gilard " "

John Butt & Mary Blaber Mr. Willard

Ichabod Willaston & Dorothy Gardner
Joseph White & Sarah Talley
Daniel Johannot & Susanna Johnson
Jonathan Wheeler & Susanna Green
John Sebell & Priscilla White
Thomas Larkin & Sarah Row
John Horn & Mary Harman
Zechariah Alden & Mary Viall
John Osment & Mary Procter
John Follet & Sarah Gullison
Thomas Coram & Eunice Wait
Samuel Bason & Mary Pick worth
John More & Martha Clark
John Martin & Margaret Eglon
Thomas Russel & Ann Devenpoi't
Nathaniel Gilbert & Eliza. Endicot
Joshua Housha & Mary Webster
Henry Bridgham & Lidia Allen
Samuel Engs & Ann Reed
Exeter & Lucy negroes
Thomas Freeman & Alice Tewell
Joseph Bridgham & Mercy Wensley
Job Eberal & Mary Pribble
Francis Hudson & Mary Goodwyn
John Goodwyn & Mary Hopkins
Jacob Emms & Mary Vaughan
John Carpender & Mary Coleson
John Seber & Susanna Saward
James Townsend & Alice Newel

Mr. Wodsworth

Mr. Woodbridge
«■ ii

Mr. Cotton Mather

Date of Marriage.

Apr. 3

June 16

June 28

July 16

Sept. 23

Sept. 23

Sept. 28

Dec. 19
Jan. 3

Feb. 13

Feb. 13

Feb. 20

Mar. 21

Mar. 28

Apr. 11

Apr. 18

June 27
Sept. 3
Sept. 5

Dec. 20

Jan. 13

Jan. 14

Mar. 14

June 27

June 25

July 30

Aug. 14
Sept. 5

Oct. 14
Nov. 7

Dec. 12
Jan. 2

Sept. 19

Nov. 23

Apr. 17

Apr. 26
May 1

May 23
June 4
June 4
June 6
June 7

City Document No. 150.


Jonathan Jackson & Mary Salter
Isaac Winslow & Sarah Wensley
Harrison Gross & Mary Edes
Henry Neal & Sarah Temple
John Sweeten & Frances Child
Peter Bonamie & Mary Johnson
Henry Picket & Mary Horton
James Freeman & Rachel Bond
Grove Hurst & Eliza. Sewal
Lewis Fillow & Mary Harris
John Cannon & Katherine Thornton
Benjamin Mather & Mary Newhall
Erasmus Babbet & Thorn asin Harris
William White & Elizabeth Hodgs
James Smith & Elizabeth Souther
John Halsey & Jane Taly
John Grandy & Susanna, negroes
Nathaniel Witherly & Sarah Burgis
Robert Standford & Mary Parsons
Thomas Adkins & Elizabeth Gorden
John Cunnabell & Martha Hely
Thomas Mayhew & Hannah Cole
Clemens Hilliard & Hannah Bates
Joseph Birch & Elizabeth Edwards
Philip Cooper & Sarah Wright
Samuel Hewes & Hannah Johnson
Moses Fisk & Ann Quinsey
Henry Bridgham & Abigail Walker
Bastian, Negro Servent to John Wait &

Jane Lake, Negro Servent to Mr.

Paul Batt & Elizabeth Mighell
Charles Marriner & Esther Ranstrope
Edward Stephens & Rebecca Harris
Anthony Foster & Elizabeth Hambleton "
Joseph Smith & Mary Lobden "

Benj. Colman & Mrs. Jane Clark Mr

Jeremiah Fenwick & Elizabeth Stradford Mr. Miles
William Smith & Mary Berry
Thomas Hayne & Rebecca Green
Joseph Lord & Abigail Adams
James Williams & Sarah Shippy
John Veller & Mary Harding
William Haswood & Phebe Carinton
Elihu Wordele & Sarah Wiet
George Ball & Katharin Turfry
William Darn ton & Thedow Lee
George Therold & Ann Pecock
Thomas Brown & Elizabeth Mackdowel
Francis Crew & Dorothy Pously
James Parson & Elizabeth Judd
William Leach & Margaret Simons
William Brooks & Mary Tucker
William Simpson & Susannah Shelston
Thomas Majer & Ann Ely
Sylvanus Plummer of Newberry & )

Emm Kelly of Boston S

Philip Blackaler & Mary Puffer



Married by

Date of Marriage.

Cotton Mather

June 26

" "

July 11

" ."

July 12

" "

Aug. 1

" "

Aug. 8

" "

Aug. 16

" "

Oct. 3

" "

Oct. 17

" "

Oct. 17

it u

Oct. 24

" "

Oct. 24

" "

Nov. 4

(( tt

Nov. 18

4( it

Nov. 28

it it

Nov. 28

" "

Dec. 10

it tt

Dec. 19

" "

Dec. 27

" "

Jan. 16

" "

Feb. 27

ti tt

Dec. 10

. Sewal Esq.

Apr. 22


July 1

" "

Aug. 2

" "

Oct. 29

" "

Dec. 11

" "

Jan. 8

tt tt

Feb. 6

n a

Feb. 13


Feb. 13


Sept. 5


Oct. 8


Jan. 23

* t

Jan. 23

Increase Mather

June 8


Jan. 3


Jan. 8


Jan. 9


July 23


Aug. 12


Sept. 3


Sept. 10


Oct. 15


Oct. 29


Nov. 20


Nov. 22


Nov. 25


Dec. 19


Dec. 23


Jan. 6


Jan. 9


Jan. 9


Jan. 10


Nov. 5


Nov. 26

Boston Marriages, 1700-1710.


John Aspinall & Christian Ager
Thomas Adkins & Ruth Davise
Joseph Allen & Elizabeth Temple
Henry Allen & Elizabeth Hughs
Zachery Adams & Dinah Lord
Samuell Adams & Lydia Haukins
Robert Anderson & Alary Taylor
Benjamin Averil & Mary Cham bet
Moses Abbot & Rebecca Knight
John Baker & Mary Sale
Richard Boreman & Ann Dee negros
John Blue & Elizabeth Shute
William Bownd & Elizabeth Parker
John Barr & Susana Ellis
John Barrell & Abiah Beard
Charles Bridger & Elizabeth Carter
Christopher Bridge & Mrs. Eliza.

John Bennet & Elizabeth Gilman
James Bryant & Honor Trefrey
Lewis Boucher & Sarah Meddlecot
Thomas Baker & Rebecca Waters
George Brock & Mai*y Favor
Samuell Bill & Sarah Shaply
Gill Belcher & Mary Howard
John Barr & Margaret Holmes
Samuel Binny & Rebecca Vickers
John Babbet & Abigail Bewford
Samuell Bell & Elizabeth Perring
Joseph Briscow & Mariah Robe
Andrew Buckley & Sarah Souther
John Bant & Sarah L. Coleman
Magnus Cromartey & Joanna Fletcher
Noah Champney & Sarah Turell
William Cook & Elizabeth Holman
Edward Crostet & Deliverance Turner
Seth Cullever & Lydia Ingram
Thomas Chever junr. & Mary Boman

Married by

Mr. Cotton Mather
Mr. Eben'r Pemberton
Mr. Benj. Wadsworth
Mr. Benj. Wadsworth
Mr. Benj. Coleman
Mr. Sam. Willard
Mr. Sam. Willard
Mr. Cotton Mather
Pen Townsend Esq.
Mr. James Allen
Mr. Cotton Mather
Mr. Cotton Mather
Mr. Sam. Willard
Mr. Sam. Willard
Mr. Sam. Willard
Mr. Eben'r Pemberton

Date of Marriage.
May 19, 1701
8, 170L
13, 1701
3, 1701
Aug. 12, 1702
Aug. 20, 1702
July 21,1702
Sept. 11, 1701
Oct. 23, 1701
May 22, 1701
June 17, 1701
Mar. 13, 1700/1
June 5,1701
Sept. 3, 1701
Oct. 13, 1701


Mr. Samuell Miles May 15, 1701

Samuell Sewall Esq.
Mr. Benj. Coleman
Mr. Cotton Mather
Mr. Cotton Mather
Mr. Benj. Wadsworth
Mr. Sam. Willard
Mr. Sam. Willard
Mr. Cotton Mather
Pen Townsend Esq.
Pen Townsend Esq.
Mr. Benj. Wadsworth
Mr. Cotton Mather
Mr. Sam. Willard
Mr. Benj. Coleman
Mr. Cotton Mather
Mr. Cotton Mather
Mr. Sam. Willard
Mr. Eben'r Pemberton
Mr. Benj. Wadsworth
Mr. Thomas Chever




John Chadwick& Mary Vereing or VecinMr. Cotton Mather

James Collison & Martha Cox

James Codner & Mary Gourden

William Clough & Abigail Hudson

James Cooper & Susana Dennis

Ebenezer Clough & Thankfull White

William Clark & Sarah Bronsdon

Jonas Clark & Abigail Heath

John Calef & Deborah King

Ezekiell Carver & Elizabeth Waters

John Clampit & Hannah Harrington

Thomas Colesworthy & Sarah Covell

Edward Chandler & Mary Waters

Joseph Chandler & Lydia Peirse

Gilbert Colesworthy & Sarah Larkin

Elisha Cook junr. & Jane Meddlcot

Edward Duddale & Mary Townsend

Jonathan Dowse & Katherine Herbert

Adam Dickson & Sarah Bass

Thomas Dawes & Sarah Storey

John Dradon & Hannah Jones

Mr. Cotton Mather
Mr. Cotton Mather
Mr. Cotton Mather
Mr. Cotton Mather
Mr. Cotton Mather
Mr. Increase Mather
Mr. Sam. Willard
Mr. Sam. Willard
Mr. Sam. Willard
Mr. Eben'r Pemberton
Mr. Eben'r Pemberton
Mr. Cotton Mather
Pen Townsend Esq.
Mr. Eben'r Pemberton
Elisha Cook Esq.
Mr. James Allen
Mr. Sam. Willard
Mr. Eben'r Pemberton
Mr. Sam. Willard
Mr. James Allen

15. 1701
2, 1701

26. 1702
27, 1702
28, 1702

Mar.19, 1701/2
Sept. 21,1702
Nov. 12, 1702
Nov. 11, 1701
May 25, 1702
20, 1702
21, 1702
Nov. 19, 1702
Jan. 17, 1702
Apr. 17, 1701
Aug. 11, 1701
July 3, 1701
Sept. 29, 1701
Nov. 13, 1701
Fob. 11,1701
Dec. 18,1701
Jan. 22,1701
Mar.19, 1701/2
Mar. 31,1702
9, 1702
21, 1702
14, 1702
25, 1702
June 10,1702
Aug. 13,1702
Jan. 23, 1701
June 11,1702
June 3, 1702
8, 1702
19, 1702
7, 1702
June 26,1701
July 3, 1701
Jan. 5, 1701
Aug. 20,1702
Dec. 25,1702



City Document IS'o. 150.

William Dinsdale & Martha Eldridg
Andrew Ellis & Sarah Fairfeeld
Thomas Emmons & Mary Painter
Samuell Eaton & Ruth Fairfeeld
Nathaniell Ethridge & Susana Wyat
Thomas Ellis & Jane Kelton
Anthony Eames & Naomi Connis ?
John Elzey & Mary Syms
Anthony Foster & Eliza. Hambleton

[Duplicate entered page 2.]

Joseph Frothingham & Mary Hawkins
Daniell Fairfeeld & Deborah Prat
Thomas Finnan & Maria two Negros
Richard Fifield & Mary Drew
John Fiven & Prudence George
Charles Farnum & Deborah Baker
Simon Ferdenando & Deborah Rud
Thomas Foster & Martha Blish
Bryant Gilmore & Mercy Bucker
John Goldthwait & Sarah Hopkins
Jonathan Getchell & Martha Mellows
Robert Griffin & Constance Palfrey
John Guy & Anna Orchard
Noah Guille & Sarah Bricknidine
Peter Gilbert & Dorcas Stone
William Gibbs & Elizabeth Robbins
Timothy Green & Mary Flint
James Gooch & Sarah Turtle
William Holberton & Mary Fairwether
AllexancV Hammon & Elizabeth Morris
Jonathan Hender & Martha Burrell
George Hornbuckle & Elizabeth Shaw
Samuel Hurst & Sarah Stilson
John Horton & Patience Jeffords
John Horton & Ann Balston
John Holland & Elizabeth Souther
Lazurus Hubbert & Jane Voden
Nathaniell Harris & Sarah Peirse
Jonathan Holmes & Sarah Marshall
Thomas Hobbs & Katherine Strange
William Haberfeeld & Jane Bagworth
Stephen Johnson & Mary Flood
Arthur Jefferyes & Mary Maverick
William Ivory & Sarah Horton
John Ingram & Sarah Smith
Barnai'd Jenkinson & Mary Savage
Christopher Kimball & Sarah Joles
Thomas Kendall & Sarah Chever
Jacob Key & Rachell Ross
Timothy Kingsbury & Sarah Camp
Joseph Kidder & Mary Pitts
Richard Lax & Mary Towers
Samuel Lynd & Mary Anna Olen ?
Thomas Leveret & Rebecca Winsor
John Love & Susana Bennet
Stephen Langley & Mary Farum
Edward Loyd & Mary Smith
Robert Lumley & Mary Vereing
William* Longfellow & Mary Davise









Married by Date of Marriage.

Mr. Sam. Willard Apr. 3, 17U2

Mr. James Allen Oct. 8, 1701

Mr. Bern. Wadsworth June 24, 1701

Mr. Eben'r Pemberton July 23, 1702

Pen Townsend Esq. Mar. 13, 1700

Pen Townsend Esq. Oct. 9, 1701

Mr. James Allen Nov. 6, 1702

Mr. Sam. Willard Oct. 29, 1702

Mr. Benj. Colman Jan. 23, 1700

Mr. Eben'r Pemberton
Mr. Benj. Wadsworth
Samuell Sewall Esq.
Mr. Benj. Coleman
Mr. James Allen
Mr. Cotton Mather
Mr. Christopher Bridge
Mr. Benj. Coleman
Mr. James Allen
Mr. Cotton Mather
Mr. Sam. Willard
Mr. Sam. Willard
Mr. Sam. Miles
Mr. Cotton Mather
Mr. Samuell Miles
Mr. Eben'r Pemberton
Mr. Cotton Mather
Mr. Benj. Coleman
Mr. James Allen
Mr. Cotton Mather
Mr. Cotton Mather
Mr. Eben'r Pemberton
Mr. Eben'r Pemberton
Mr. Cotton Mather
Mr. Sam. AVillard
Mr. Cotton Mather
Mr. Cotton Mather
Mr. James Allen
Mr. Benj. Wadsworth
Mr. Cotton Mather
Mr. Benj. Coleman
Mr. Cotton Mather
Mr. Sam. Willard
Mr. Sam. Willard
Mr. Benj. Wadsworth
Mr. Sam. Willard
Mr. Cotton Mather
Mr. Thomas Chever
Mr. Cotton Mather
Mr. Sam. Willard
Mr. Cotton Mather
Mr. Cotton Mather
Mr. Sam. Willard
Mr. Benj. Wadsworth
Mr. Cotton Mather
Mr. Cotton Mather
Mr. Benj. Wadsworth
Mr. Benj. Wadsworth
Mr. Benj. Wadsworth

July 23, 1701

Apr. 3, 1701

Dec. 26, 1701

Aug. 25, 1701

Alio;. 6, 1702

4, 1702

18, 1702

17, 1702

2, 1701

13, 1701

10, 1701

4, 1701

6, 1701

Nov. 11, 1701

Sept. 8, 1702

Mar. 31, 1702

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