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No. 2.







[Repriuted from the New-England Historical and Genealogical Registeh for April, 1870]



Amiieust Collegk.'
Class of

1824.— SiiEPAET), Georw Chainplin— s. of Rcv.Masc(D.C.1785), and Ilannali (Haskins)
Sliepard; 1). in Little Coiiii)toii, K. I., Foli. 7, 1802 ; entered Brown University, and at end
of tir!<t vear entered Anilierst Collej^e; stndied two j'ears nnder, and was ordained Deacon,
bv Bishop Brownell, in Hartford, Ct., Am:^. 3, 1826; vector of St. Peter's eh. Hebron, Ct.,
1827; 1829, rector of Christ's ch. Stratford, Ct. ; 1839, cnibarlced for Europe; 1843-45,
rectcn- of St. John's ch. Jamaica Plain, Mass.; 1845, compelled by ill health to go abroad
ai,'ain ; Grace ch. in Amherst erected in part bv his nmniticence ; mar. May 26, 1827, Sally
Inman, onlv child of /i'hos, Kast, M.D., of Boston; D.D. (A. C.) 1843; d. in Amherst,
Mass., Dec. "12, 1868.

1825. — Lewenwortk, Abncr Johnson, b. in 'Waterburv, Ct., Jnlv 12, 1803; d. in Peters-
bnri;, Va., Fel). 12, 1869; grad. at Andovcr Tlieo. Sem., 1828; 1829-32, i)astor of Cong. ch.
Bristol, Ct. ; 1832-9, in charge of ' a young ladies ' seminary in Charlotte, N. C, and ])astor
of Presbyterian ch. there; 1839, cstalilislied a school at Warrenton, Va. ; founded at
Petersburg, Va., the "Leavenworth Academic and Collegiate Seminary ; " corresponding
secretary and chief member of the Virginia Educatio)ial Association; m. June 14, 1831,
Eli7,al)eth M. Peabody, of Salem, Mass., who d. in P., June 25, 1841.

1827.— KiNOsiuRY, Enoch, b. in Langdon, N. H., April 21, 1800; d. at Danville, HI.,
Oct. 18, 1868; studied theology at Auburn, N. Y., and Hampden Sydney College, Va. ;
ordained evangelist, 1830; pastor of Presbyterian ch. in Danville, HI., 1830-1857; assisted
in establishing Union Seminary (111.) ; preacher and teacher among the frecdmen in Ala-
bama, 1865-6; m. 1830.

1828.— Moore, Arad, b. in Atliol, Mass., March 13, 1802; d. in Framingham, Mass.,
January 5, 1869 ; studied law in Westminster and Concord, and settled in Waltham in
1831 ; m. Harriet P. Maynard, of Waltham, 1842.

1829. Foster, Benjamin Franklin ; b. in Hanover, N. H., June 16, 1803; d. in Dum-
merston, Vt., Nov. 2, 1868 ; ordained evangelist. March, 1832 ; pastor of Cong. ch. Salisburv,
Mass., 1833-46, and in Dummerstou, 1846-1867.

1834.— Clark, Albert, b. in Conway, Mass., Nov. 6, 1810 ; d. in Independence, la., Dec. 11,
1868 ; taught after graduating, for about twelve years in Owego, Dunkirk, N. Y., and near
Norfolk, Va. ; studied law in part, in city of New York ; admitteil to the bar in Westtield,
Mass. ; ni. in 1847 ; practised law several years each in Conway, Mass., and Dubuque, la.,
and in 1854 settled in ludeiJcndence ; member of legislature of Iowa, and commissioner
of Insane Asylum.

1835.— DwiGHT, John, b. in Shlrlev, Mass., Jan. 2, 1810; d. in Cambridge, Mass., Feb. 5,
1869; pastor of south Cong. ch. in North Bridgewater, 1837-9; 1841-6, pastor of a ch. in
Plymouth, and 1846-56 in North Wreutham ; 1837 removed to Cambridge.

1839.— Clapp, Dexter, h. in Westhampton, Mass., Jnlv 15, 1816 ; d. in Salem, Mass.'
July 27, 1868; grad. Divinity School, H. U., 1842; ordaiiied evangelist 1843, and stationed
in Savannah, Ga. In Dec, 1846, succeeded Rev. Thco. Parker in W. Roxlmry, Mass. ;
afterwards colleague of James Flint, D. D., in Salem ; installed there in 1851, and resigned
the pastorate in 1864.

1846. — Jacksox, Arthur Harper, b. in Philadelphia, Nov. 7, 1826 ; d. in Middletown, Ct.'
March 9, 1869 ; educated for the medical ]>rofession, but engaged in manufacturing busi-
ness; m. Mary Nicoll Thome, of Brooklyn, N. Y., 1854.

1851.— Boies, Ethan Ely, b. in Blandford, Mass., Feb. 28, 1829; d. in Brooklyn, N. Y.,
May 4, 1869 ; in the banking business in Meriden, Ct., Cape May, N. J., and city of New-
York; 1856-9, in commercial business in San Francisco, where he m. in 1857, Miss Mary
E. Howe ; 1859-63, practised law in Janesvillc, Wis. ; then paymaster in the armv, and at
tlie close of the war, settled in the city of New York, in the life-insurance business.

1857.— Beals, David, 1). in Dalton, Mass., Jan. 28, 1829 ; d. in Southwick, Mass., Sept.
28, 18G8 ; grad. Windsor Theo. Seminary, 1860; then for about five vears pastor of Cong,
ch. in East Hartland, Ct. ; 1865, acting pastor of Cong. ch. in Southwick ; m. in 1860,
Harriet N. Hobart, of Leverett, Mass.

' From the annual " Necrology " of the college.
■ »


'^.-^^ .

Necrology of New-England Colleges. 15

180.5.— L.vNE, Charles Edward, b. in So. Newmarket, N. H., Dec. 27, 1837 ; d. in Strat-
haul, N. H., Aug. 17, 1868; grad. Aiidover Thco. Seminary, 1868.
(Not previously rci)orted.)

1823.— HoAVAKD, David, 1). in Marlboro', Yt. ; d. in Alton, O., in 1854, aged 55. After
graduating he taught school several years in Maryland, and then became a farmer in Alton.

1828.— Stetson, William Barrc, b. in Amherst, Mass., Ang. 15, 1803 ; d. in Exeter, Me.,
INIarch 12, 1863; 1828-44, taught school and engaged in trade in Virginia, and then removed
to Exeter.

1833— IlEiD, William Shields— s. of Kev. W. S. Rcid. D.D. ; b. in Lynchburg, Ya., in
1814; d. of wounds received in the Confederate States service, in 18G4; taught school in
Lynchburg till the opening of the war.

1835.— Fassitt, James Wilson, b. in Philadelphia, March 19,1816; d. there June 7,
1859 ; engaged till Jan. 1, 1854, in business in Philadelphia.

183G.— Fassitt, Robert Paris- brother of the next preceding; b. in Philadelphia, Atig.
17, 1818 ; d. there March 3, 1863; engaged in business in Philadelphia ; spent several years
in Europe, and on his return became a liberal patron of art.

1838.— Parker, Mclzar, b. in Ashfield, Mass., 1813 ; d. in Little Wolf, Wis., Jan. 7, 1867 ;
studied theology in East Windsor (Ct.) Tlieo. Seminary, but never ordained ; preached
about six years, and taught school the remainder of his life.

1853.— Andrews, William Hill, b. in Meadville, Pa., April 3, 1833; d. in Cincinnati,
May 14, 1866; admitted to the l)ar in 1856; engaged in mercantile business in Cincinnati ;
m. Maria, daughter of Rev. Thomas J. Biggs, D.D., of C, 1860.

BowDoiN College. 1

ISIS.—Smitii, Scba, b. in Bridgeton, Me., Sept. 14, 1792; d. in Patchogiie, L. I., July 29,
1868, aged 76; author of " Maj. Jack Downing's Letters," the tirst attempt to exlnbit the
alleged'^ peculiarities of what is termed the Yankee dialect— and never equalled by its
many imitators.

1821.— Soule, Charles, b. in Freeport, Aug. 29, 1794 ; d. in Portland, June, 1869, aged 75 ;
for several years a minister of the gospel.

1824.— McDoiGALL, Thomas, b. in Gorhain, Me., Oct. 2, 1799 ; d. in Montgomery, Ala.,
May 28, 1869, aged 70.

1825.— Greexleaf, Patrick Hcnrv— s. of late Prof. Simon G., Cambridge, Ms. ; b. in
New Gloucester, July 11, 1807; d. very suddenly, in Brooklyn, N. Y., June 22, 1869, ageil
62- for several years rector of a eh. in Charlcstown, Mass., and then rector in Brooklyn.

18'25.— SxELL, Charles, b. in Winthrop, Me., June 17,1805; d. suddenly in Bangor,
Oct. 20, 1868, aged 63 ; a much respectetl physician.

1835— Orr, John— s. of the late distinguished jurist and advocate Hon. Benjamin Orr ;
b in Topsham, Me., Sept. 2, 1813 ; d. in Melrose, Mass. Jan. 25, 1869, aged 55 years ; was for
several years minister of the gospel in Alfred, Me. ( Vide N. E. Hist, and Gen.
Register, vol. xxiii. p. 478.) , . -,, .,

1835.— RoRBiNs, Augustus Cogswell, b. in Union, Me., June 3, 1816 ; d. in Brunswick,
Me., Dec. 31, 1868, aged 53; a practising lawyer, cashier see. of overseers, B. C.

1839.— Fletcher, Alfred, b. in China, Me., Aug. 31, 1817 ; d. there Sept. 18, 1868, aged
51 ; attorney at law. . . ^ . . c . o

1839.— Penxell, Joseph, b in Brunswick, Me., Sept. 7, 1812; d. in Connecticut, Sept. 3,

1868, aged 56.

1840.— Hayes, Thomas McCulIoch, b in Saco, Me., Aug. 18, 1819 ; d. suddenly in Boston,
Feb 1 1869, aged 50 ; was a leadiiii!; lawyer in co. York, then removed to Boston, where
he was rising to distinction in the Sutlblk bar. (T7f/eN. E. H. axd G. Register, vol.
xxiii. p. 478.)

1842.- Atkinson, Josiah, b. in Newburyport, Ma,-?s., Aug. 16, 1817; d. there June 22,

1869, aged 52.

1843 —Craig, Wheelock, b. in Auicnsta, Me , July 11, 1824; d. in Nenfchatel, Switz.,
Nov., 1868, aged 44; minister of the Gospel, New Bedford, Mass.; was highly respected as
a scholar, a vigorous thinker and a forcilile preacher ; was on a tour for health, when he
was suddenly cut down.

1841.— Thornton, Thmnas Gilbert, b. in Saco, Me., Aug. 25, 1823; d. in Madison, Wis.,
Nov. 4, 1868, aged 43.

1845.— FrssENDEN, Thomas Amory Dcblois, b. in Portland, Me., Jan. 23, 1826; d. iu
Auburn, Mc, Sept. 28, 1868, aged 43 ;" was an M. C. and an able lawyer.

18.53._CAitLETON, Cyrus Henry, b. in Sangerville, Me., Ai.iil 2, 1832; d. in FoxboiV,
Mass., Dec, 25, 1808, aged 36. A respected minister in the Baptist communion.

1852.— Beecuer, Frederic Henrv- .'. of Rev. Charles B. ; b. in New Orleans, La., June 22,
1841; Lieut. U. S. A. ; killed in a scouting party, Kansas, by Indians, Sept , 1868, aged 2,.

1 From data furnished by I'rof. A. S. rackaril.

16 Necrology of New-England Colleges.

1SG5.-^Ad.\ms, George William Moslicr, b. in Wilton, Mc, Feb. 23, 1838 ; d. in La Crosse,
Wis., Aug , 1S68, aged 30.

1866.— CoLiiY, Hiram Kendall, 1j. in Topsbam, Me., Feb. 18, 1845; d. there Jan., 1869,
aged 24.

1866.— Fellows, John Allen Chandler, b. in Athens, Me., May 13, 1841 ; d. in Brnns-
■\vick, Feb. 5, 1869, aged 28 ; an instrnctor in Greek and matheniaties, B. C.

1867.— Cole, Hollo Marble, b. in Faris Hill, Me., Feb. 27, 1844; d. there Sept. 12,
1868, aged 23.

1868. — CisnMA>[, Charles Henry, b. in New Gloncester, Me.. Jnlv 14, 1845; d. in Dover,
N. H., Sept. 29, 1868, aged 23.

(Not previously reported.)

1822.— Paris, Moses Parsons— s. of Rev. Dr. Parish, of By field, Mass.; 1). in Byfield,
Oct. 9, 1803 ; d. in Baltimore, Feb. 20, 1865, aged 62.

1836.— Mehrill, William, b. in Portland, Sept. 16,1816; d. in Jackson, Miss., Dec. 6,
1866, aged 50.

1842.— Atkixsox, Jacob, b. Aug. 16, 1817 ; d. in Somcrville, Jan. 29, 1857, aged 40.

1844.— Ham, Abner, b. in Farmington, N. H.,Fcb. 12, 1820; d. in South Carolina, wliither
he liad gone for health, Jnlv, 18()7, aged 47.

1844— Page, John Tavlor, b. in Dover, N. H.. May 29, 1822; d. suddenly in Winchen-
don, Mass., Dec. 25, 1866, aged 44.

1847. — Hatch, Samuel Wesley, b. in Bowdoinliam, Me., Dec. 17, 1826 ; d. in Jetferson-
villc, Ga., April, 1864, aged 38 ; a successful teacher.

1849.- TaoMPSox, Robert Richard, b. in Rumford, Me., Dec, 1822; killed in action
near Richmond, Va., Sept. 19, 1864, aged 42.

1850.— TowNSEND, Patrick Henry, b. in Salisbury, N. II., Oct. 28, 1823 ; d. in Washing-
ton, D. C, May 21, 1864, aged 41.

Brown University.!

1800. — TiLLiNGiiAST, Paris Jenclces — s. of Paris Jenckes and Elizabeth (Pierce) Tilling-
hast, and descendant from the Tillinghasts who settled in R. I. in 1640; Ij. in Providence,
Jidy IS, 1780; d. near Cohunbus, Ga., Nov. 24, 1868; engaged in linsiness in Fayetteville,
N. C., till about 1838, then removed to Columbus, Ga. ; ni. Elizaljeth Yowell Henley, of

1801. — Williams, John Mason— s. of CjCu. James and Susannah (Shaw) Williams,
of Taunton, Mass.; b. there June 24, 1780; d. in New-Bedford, Dec. 28, 1868; ad-
mitted to the bar, 1804, and commenced practice in New-Bedford; 1816, removed to Taun-
ton ; state senator, 1818 ; attorney for co. of Bristol, 1818 ; 1821-39, Justice of court of com-
mon pleas ; 1839-44, chief justice of same court ; edited an edition of Hol)art's Reports ; 1848,
removed to Boston and practised his profession ; 1848-56, commissioner of Insolvcncv ;
removed to New-Bedford, 1856 ; an eminently able jurist. LL.D. (B. U. 1843) and (H. U.
1845). He m. Nov. 9, 1806, Eliza Otis, dau. of Hon. Lemuel, scnr., and Rebecca (Otis)
Williams, of New-Bedford.

1808. — Power, Thomas — s. of Thomas and Hannah (Lincoln) Power, li. in Boston, Oct.
8, 1786 ; d. in Framingliam, Mass., Sept. 9, 1868 ; read law with Judge Chas. Jackson, of
Boston ; admitted to bar, 1811 ; practised law in Northtield, Mass., 1811-16, then in Boston;
1822-52, clerk of )iolice court, Boston, removed iiy Gov. Boutwell, Init re-appointed by Gov.
Cliftbrd, and served to 1860; besides a poem on Lafayette in 1834, and other occasional ad-
dresses, he delivered the oration in Boston, July 4, 1840 ; m. June 8, 1813, Betsey Sampson,
dau. of Job and Betsey (Winsor) Sampson, of Roxbury, Mass.

1811.- ToLMAK, Thomas— s. of Samuel and Elizabeth (Wales) Tolman, of Stoughton,
Mass. ; b. there, Feb. 20, 1891 ; d. in Boston, June 20, 1869; admitted to the bar in Boston
in 1815, and the next year to the bar of Soiitli Carolina ; returning to his native state, he
practised law in Canton and Boston ; held various otticcs of lionor and trust. He m. April
30, 1846, Elizabeth Call Stearns, dau. of Col. Jacob Stearns, of Boston.

1814. — Belcher, Manning — s. of John and Susannah (Hazelton) Belcher; b. in Wren-
tham, Mass., July 13, 1790; d. in Pendleton Dist., S. C, in Sei)t., 1868; taught school the
greater jiortion of his life in South Carolina; m. in 1817, Susan, dau. of Judge Day, of

1814. — Williams, John Fowler — s. of Capt. Andrew and Sallv (Skinner) Williams; b.
in West Woodstock, Ct., Dee. 30, 1790; d. there, Oct. 13, 1867; prepared for college under
his uncle Rev. Tinio. Williams (Y. C. 1785) ; studied law under direction of Hon. Eben.
Stoddard (B. V. 1807), and Jona. Barnes, of Tolland, Ct.; commenced i)ractice in Stafford,
Ct., lint finally settled in his native town ; Avas judge of probate ; delivered occasional
addresses; in. (1), Lucreiia Tracy, Oct. 16, 1S23— (2), Mary J.White, 1832; had three

1 From the Providence Daily Jounia! of Sept. 1, 1SC9.

For the Academic Year, 1868-9. 17

1816.— BvRNES, Georiie Lcnnard— s. of Daniel Leonard and Joanna (Jenckes) Barnes;
b. in Providence, Dec. (j, 1797 ; d. in Sniitlitield, R. I., March 27, 1869; began practice of
the law in Woonsocket, R. L, 1819, and a few vears afterwarils removed to Providence;
subsequently resided in Suiithlield ; ni. (1), Maria Sherman, of Woonsocket, and (2), Eliza
Greene Aborn, of Providence.

18i7._STAri,ES, Hon. William Read— R. of Samuel and Ruth (Read) Staples; b. in Pro-
vidence, Oct. 10, 1798 ; d. there, Oct. 19, 1868 ; admitted to the bar of R. I., Sept. 21, 1819 ;
183.5, associate iustice, and in 18-54 chief justice of the supreme court of R. I. ; 18-y.!, state
auditor; 18)6, treasurer of the II. I. Society for the Promotion of Domestic Industry, which
office he tilled to the end of his life. He was one of the founders of the R. I. Hist. Society,
and compiler of several historical volumes published l)y that society and Ijy the state. He
m (1) in 1821, Rebecca M. Power, of Providence— (2), 1826, Evelina Eaton, of Franiingham,
Mass.— LL.D. (B. U. 1862). (N. E. II. and G. Register, vol. xxiii. p. 218.)

]81S— Aldkicii, Ezck— s. of Ezek and Susannah (Mann) Aldrich ; b. in Providence,
Jan. 16, 1798; d. there, Mav 21, 1869; admitted to the bar, 1821 ; engaged in mercantile
business, master of a iiublic school, member of the general assemlily, assessor ot taxes,
citv-treasurer, and meiulier of the school committee of Providence, for the last live years
assistant assessor of internal revenue; m.Mary S. Peck, of Providence.

18'>0 — PoMERov, Swan Lyman— s. of Josiah and Mary (Barnes) Pomeroy ; b. in War-
wick Ma-;s , March 4, 1799 ; d. in Sunderland, Mass., March 17, 1869; studied tiicology
in Ai'iiiover Seminary ; pastor of Cong, cli., Bangor, Me., 182.5-48; 1848-59, one ot the
Secretaries of the Am. Board of Commissioners for Foreign INIissions, residing in Boston ;
I) D (B C. 1847) and (B. U. 1848); m. (1), Frances Maria Falcs, of Taunton, Mass., and
(2), Ana Quincy, of Portland, Me. ; author of several publications and sermons, and some
writings on ecclesiastical and missionary subjects. .

1890— Rogers, Henrv Augustas— s. of John and Elizabeth (Rodman) Rogers, b. in
Providence, Nov. 11, 1801 ; d. in Paris, France, Jan. 7, 1869; admitted to the bar, and com-
menced practice in Providence, 1826, but soon entered upon and continued in mercantile

1820— Stone, Ebcnczer— s. of Silas and Jcannette (Twitchell) Stone, of Sharon, Mass. ;
b. there, Oct. 10, 1797 ; d. in Walpole, Mass., Aug. 1.5, 1869 ; grad. M.D., Harvard Medical
School, 1824; settled in Walpole; m. 1831, Elizaljcth Holbrook Harris.

1832.— Arnold, Jonathan Earle— s. of Smith and Mary G. (Earle) Arnold, b. in Woon-
socket, R. I., Feb. 4, 1814; d. in Milwaukee, Wis., June 2, 1869; began the practice of
law in'his native place, Init soon removed to Milwaukee, where he acquired great distinc-
tion a.s a lawyer; 183.5, m. Mary Passniore, of Smithlield, R. I.

1834.— Cole, George— s. of Azel and Elizabeth (Dunham) Cole; b. in Sterling, Ct.,
June 22, 1808; d. in Davton, Kv., July 14, 18i)8 ; instructor and then professor in Gran-
ville college, Ohio ; 1838-47, editor of the " Cross and Journal," Columbus, 0. ; subse-
quently connected with the State Journal, Columbus, O., and Gazette, Cinemnati, O. ;
1856-64, connected with Journal and Messenger, Cincinnati, O. ; ni. (1), in 1840, Ehza
Moore, of Ctinimington, Mass.— (2) in 18.52, Rosa Bartlett Yandis.

1836.— Lincoln, Jotham— s. Jotham and Meriel (Hobart) Lincoln, and lineal descend-
ant of Daniel Lincoln, one of the earliest settlers of Hingliam, Mass.; b. in H., Nov. 7,
181.5; d. in Colorado, Sept. 4, 1868; read law with Hon. Solonvm Lincoln, of Hmghain
(B. U. 1822); admitteil to the bar, co. Plymouth, 1839; practised law in Hingliam, till
1847, then removed west and settled tinafly in Colorado, where he was killed by the

1837.— TiLLiNOiiAST, Rev. Nicholas Power— s. of Hon. Joseph Leonard and Rebecca
(Power) Tilliiiiihast ; b. in Providence, March 3, 1817; d. near Philadelphia, Aug. 7, 1869 ;
in 1839 he enterad and passed three years in the Theological Seminary, Alexandria, Va. ;
in 1842, ordained presbyter in the Protestant Episcopal church, and became assistant rector
ofthe Monumental ch. 'in Richmond, Va. ; subsequently either rector or temporarily in
chargeof the following parishes: Society Hill, S. C, Trinity, Washington, D. C, St. An-
drews, Philadelphia, St. John's, Georgetown, D. C, of which latter parish was rector tor
twenty years, or till 1867 ; he published a few sermons and poems.

1839.— Palmer, Edward Dorr Griffin— s. of Ezra and Elizabeth (Caldwell) Palmer ; b.
in Boston, April 17, 1818 ; d. there, June 29. 1869 ; grad. doctor in medicine, at H. U.
Medical School, 1842 ; achieved success and high reputation, and was honored by his fel-
low citizens with various responsible trusts ; 1847, m. Cecilia Louisa Gale.

1840 — Sleei'er, Jonas Darius— s. of Jonas and Sally (Bean) Sleeper; b. in Guilford
Villa"-e, N. IL, April, 181.5; d. in Plymouth, N. H., Sept. 9, 1868; read law with Hon.
Josiah Quiiicv, of Rumnev, N. H. ; practised law in Hill, N. H., 1813-8 ; 1848, clerk of courts
at Haverhill,"N. H., to 18.58; cashier of State Bank, Concoril, N. H., 18.38; subs, clerk of
courts for co. Merrimack, and Senator ; m. 1846, Mary G., dan. of Hon. Josiah Qnincy.

1841.— Hale, William Mason— s. of Daniel and Lydia (Luther) Hale ; b. in Providence,
Dec. 6, 1821 ; d. in Denver, Col. Ter., Oct. 8, 1898 ; engaged in a mercantile house in Pro-
vidence for some vears; 18.54-6, in service of Paraguay Comp.'iny in South America,
then in l)usiness in Providence ; 1862, captain in the 10th regt. R. I. volunteers, and after-
wards colonel of that regiment ; settled in Colorado ; m. 1841, Elizabeth B., dan. of George
Bucklin, of Providence.

18 Necrology of New-England Colleges.

1843. — Van BuREN, Abram — s. of Abram and Sarah (Holme) Van Btircn ; b. in Pliik-
rtclpliia, in 1821 ; d. in Chicago, 111., Jiih' 28, 18G9 ; after graduating he engaged in the in-
surance Ijusincss in Cincinnati, till 1806, when he removed to Chicago, and engaged in a
similar bnsiness there.

1846. — Jn.Lsox, William Everett — s. of "William and Elizabeth (Pond) Jillson ; b. in Cum-
hcrland, R. I., June 6, 1824 ; d. in Roxbury, Mass., Nov. 27, 1869 ; after grad. taught in
Providence and Bristol, then travelled and studied in Europe ; instructor in Brown Uni. ;
assistant librarian of library of Congress ; 18.J5-9, professor in Columbian College, D.C. ;
1859, librarian and translator to Patent OlHcc ; 186-5, chosen general assistant to the superin-
tendent of the public library of Boston, in which office he remained till his death.

1847. — FiLLMOKE, George Hedding — s. of Daniel and Susan F. (Cook) Fillmore ; b. in
Nantucket, Mass., April 4, 1827; d. in San Francisco, Cal., Feb. 4, 1859; 1842, entered
Sophomore class of Wes. Uni. ; in 1846, entered Junior class of B. IT.; principal of high
school, Cohasset, Mass. ; professor of Math, in Newton College, Baltimore, and professor in
Md. Agri. College ; then travelled in Europe, and attended lectures in Paris ; for the last five
years of his life, an assist, in the Branch Mint in San Francisco.

1847. — Wiley, Rev. Frederic — s of Samuel and Lucy (Apley) Wiley ; b. in Lynnfield,
Mass., in 1821 ; d. in Stonington, 111., July 21, 1868, where he was pastor of a Baptist ch. ;
studied theology in Newton, Mass., Theo'. Seminary.

1865.— Thayer, Caleb Edmund— s. of Caleb and Hannah (Gaskill) Tliavcr ; b. in Black-
stone, Mass., Sept. 3, 1841 ; d. there, Aug. 27, 1868 ; was reading law in Worcester, Mass. ;
m. April, 1866, Maria S. Cook, of Belchertown.

Colby University.'

1823.— Paine, Rev. Henrj-— s. of Roswell and Sarah (Chamlierlain) Paine ; b. in Vernon,
Ct., Ang. 17, 1793; d. in Rockland, Me., Nov. 12, 1868 ; most of his life was passed in teach-
ing, except the year 1826, when he preached in Whiting, Vt. ; was settled successively in
Eastport, one year ; Windsor, Vt., one year; Monmouth and Waterville, Me., four years
each ; China, Me., nine years ; five years in Rockland ; seven in Thomaston, Me. ; and again
in Rockland, from and after 18.56; in. 1827, Evelina Bacon, of Waterville.

1828.— McClellax, Samuel— s. of Hon. Judah and Elizabeth (White) McClcllan; b. in
Bloomfield (now So. Skowhegan), Me., April 10, 1810; d. in Dexter, Me., Aug. 1, 1868;
1830-33, tutor in college in Jackson, Miss. ; from 1835, lawyer in Dexter ; m. Aim S. Greene.

1831. — Moor, Wvman Bradbury Sevey — s. of Daniel and Rebecca (Spring) Moor; b. in
Waterville, Me., Nov. 3, 1811 ; d. in Lynchburg, Va., Mar 11, 1869; 1833, opened a law office
in Skowhegan, Me., but in 1834, removed to Waterville ; memlier of the legis. 1842 ; att'y-gen-
eral, 1844-8; from January to June 1848, U. S. senator in place of Hon. John Fairfield,
deceased ; 1849, removed to Bangor, Me. ; 1852-3, superintended the construction of the
railway from Waterville to Bangor ; 1857, appointed consul-general for British Am. Provinces;
1868, removed to Lynchburg, Va. ; m. 1834, Clara A. N., dau. of Daniel Cook, M.D., of

1840.— Chase, Marshall Spring— s. of Dr. Hall and Hannah McMillan (Si)iing) Chase;
b. in Waterville, Me., Sept. 2, 1821 ; d. in Martinez, Cal., Jan. 24, 1869 ; in successful practice
of the law in Boston, 1843-51 ; 1851 to 1859, in San Francisco, and afterwards in Martinez ;
m. Mrs. Jane Fuller in 1867.

1855.— White, Roscoe James— s. of Hon. James and Lydia Shaw (Wood) White; h. in
Belfast, Me., Sept. 16, 1835; d. in Augusta, Me., Ang. 30, 1868; in practice of the law in
Belfast, from Jan., 1839 to May, 1860, when he settled in business in Princeton, Me., Ijut
in 1865 returned to Belfast.

Dartmoitu College. -

1805.— Selden, Hon. Samuel— s. of Joseph and Susannah (Smith) Selden ; 1). in W.
Lebanon, Ct. ; began practice of the law in Lebanon, afterwards removed to Rovalton, Vt.,
and thence to So. Jackson, co. Jackson, Michigan; m. (1), Lois, dau. of Major Jabez Park-
luirst, of Royalton, and (2), Fanny Parkhnrst, her sister; d. in .Jackson, Sept. 16, 1868.

1805.— Harding, Alplieu.s— s. of Abijah and Sibyl (Adams) Harding; b. in Barre, Mass.,
Jan. 19, 1780; d. in New-Salem, Mass., Feb. 19, 1869; ord. pastor of Cong. ch. in New-

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