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and equipment maintenance.

Central Office

511 City Hall Annex

A. Administrative Branch

This branch is in charge of administrative functions that include
personnel, payroll management, supplies, inventories, accounting and

B. Maintenance Branch

The Maintenance Branch is responsible for the care, control, and mainte-
nance of all department-owned motor vehicles, and for the operation, care,
and maintenance of all real estate and related facilities of the Public Works


C. Permit Branch

The Permit Branch, issues all permits to open, occupy, and obstruct
portions of the streets, as well as Water and Sewer permits.

* For a term expiring on the first Monday of the January following the next biennial
municipal election at which a Mayor is elected.


Highway Division

501 City Hall Annex

Charles M. Martell, Division Engineer

This Division has charge of the construction and maintenance of all
public streets, street cleaning and flushing by Department forces, the care
and upkeep of electric and gas lamps on public streets, parks, and public
grounds; the construction, operation, and maintenance of the highway
bridges under the control of the Department, and the abolition of grade

Sanitary Division

507 City Hall Annex

John F, Flaherty, Division Engineer

The Sanitary Division has charge of the contract collection, removal, and

disposal of ashes, garbage, and refuse. It also supervises the removal of

commercial wastes under contractual arrangement between the producer

and the contractor.

Sewer Division

603 City Hall Annex

Edward G. A. Powers, Division Engineer

The Sewer Division handles and disposes of the domestic and commercial
sewage of the city. It still maintains the disposal works at Moon Island
in the City of Quincy where raw sewage is discharged into Boston Harbor
from the original disposal system — the Boston Main Drainage System.
It also discharges into the Metropolitan System at Nut Island where sewage
is discharged after primary treatment, and at Deer Island where a Metro-
politan treatment plant is under construction. The Division constructs
and maintains the main sewers, common sewers and surface drains of the

Engineering Division
403 City Hall Annex
Frederick L. Garvin, Acting Division Engineer
This Division performs engineering services for the Divisions of the
Public Works Department and other City departments.

Water Division

607 City Hall Annex
Edward J. Pinkul, Division Engineer

This Division has the control, care, and maintenance of all pipes and
appurtenances for supplying wholesome water to the City. Its source of
supply is the Metropolitan District Commission which charges one
hundred twenty (120.00) per million gallons of water to its members.


Boston's requirements were 117,187,200 gallons per day in 1962, or 171
gallons per capita. Under present rates the consumer pays the City one
cent for 25 gallons of pure water.

The Division maintains and operates a high pressure fire service for the
central business section of Boston.

Public Improvement Commission
Office, 511 City Hall Annex


James W. Haley, Commissioner of Public Works, ex officio. Chairman

James J. Sullivan, Jr., Commissioner of Real Property, ex officio. Vice

Thomas F. Carty, Traffic Commissioner, ex officio
Robert P. Mehegan, Secretary

The Public Improvement Commission was established May 1, 1954.
This Commission was assigned many of the powers and duties of the
former Board of Street Commissioners, including the authority to lay out,
widen, relocate, alter, or discontinue highways, and to order specific repairs
to be made therein; to name or rename public highways and private ways;
to order the construction of sanitary sewers and storm drains; to take land
by eminent domain for municipal purposes (except for Public Housing and
Off-Street Parking) ; to permit the opening of private ways for public travel;
to levy assessments for street, sidewalk, and sewer betterments and to
issue permits for the location of wire-carrying poles, conduits, pipes, tracks,
signs, and similar uses of the public ways.

The administration functions include the processing of petitions, arrang-
ing public hearing, preparing estimates and orders relating to land damages
and street and sewer betterments, preparing orders for the laying out of
streets and the construction of streets and sewers, for eminent domain
land takings, and for the granting of permits for use of public highways,
erection of poles, signs, etc.


Office, City Hall Annex, Room 809

[Stat. 1938, Chap. 358; Stat. 1939, Chap. 123; Stat. 1941, Chap. 296;
Stat. 1943, Chap. 434; Stat. 1945, Chaps. 78, 433; Stat. 1946, Chap.
474; Stat. 1948, Chap. 612; Stat. 1949, Chaps. 317, 776; Stat. 1950,
Chaps. 316, 318; Stat. 1951, Chaps. 159, 282, 326, 625, 734; St. 1952,
Chap. 196; Ord. 1954, Chap. 2, § 58; Stat. 1955, Chaps. 247, 318.
450; Stat. 1958, Chap. 273; Stat. 1959, Chap. 270; Stat. 1960, Chaps
413, 449, 652, 771; Stat. 1961, Chap. 314; Rev. Ord. 1961, Chap. 22.
Stat. 1962, Chap. 796.1

* For a term expiring on the first Monday of the January following the next biennial
municipal election at which a Mayor is elected.



James J. Sullivan, Jr., Commissioner of Real Property, Chairman*
Albert F. Donnelly, Assistant Commissioner of Real Property*
David L. Currier, Associate Commissioner. Term expires May 1, 1964.
William F. Keesler, Associate Commissioner. Term expires May 1, 1965.

Joseph B. Burke, Executive Secretary

The Real Property Board has the powers and performs the duties con-
ferred or imposed on the Board of Real Estate Commissioners by the
Statutes of 1943, Chapter 434, as amended, and by the Statutes of 1946,
Chapter 474, as amended, and has also the powers and performs the
duties conferred or imposed by statute on the Board of Street Commis-
sioners in relation to the abatement of taxes.

By the Ordinances of 1954, Chapter 2, Section 43, the Public Buildings
Department, including the office of Superintendent of Public Buildings,
was abolished, and the powers, duties and appropriations of the Superin-
tendent of Public Buildings with respect to the appointment, suspension,
discharge, compensation, and indemnification of subordinates were trans-
ferred to the Commissioner of Real Property, and all other powers, duties,
and appropriations of the Public Buildings Department were transferred
to the Assistant Commissioner of Real Property.

Committee on Foreclosed Real Estate
Office, 809 City Hall Annex
[Ord. 1954, Chap. 2, § 58]
James J. Sullivan, Jr., Chairman
William F. Keesler
David L. Currier

The Committee on Foreclosed Real Estate consists of the chairman
and two other members of the Real Property Board appointed by the
Mayor from said Board. The Committee has the powers and performs
the duties conferred or imposed by law on the Committee on Foreclosed
Real Estate established under Section 4 of Chapter 434 of the Acts of


Office, 30 City Hall, third floor

[Stat. 1922, Chap. 521; Stat. 1923, Chaps. 284, 381, 426; Stat. 1924,

Chaps. 89, 249, 250, 251; Stat. 1925, Chaps. 18, 90, 152; Stat. 1926,

Chap. 390; Stat. 1933, Chap. 243; Stat. 1937, Chap. 163; Stat. 1939,

Chap. 131; Stat. 1943, Chap. 204; Stat. 1945, Chap. 658; Stat. 1947,

Chap. 520; Stat. 1950, Chap. 355, Stat. 1951, Chap. 644; Stat. 1952,
Chap. 379; Stat. 1954, Chaps. 423, 434, 684; Stat. 1955, Chap. 309;
Stat. 1958, Chap. 391.]



Walter J. Malloy, Chairman

Paul L. Carty, Secretary and Executive Officer

John J. Vaughan, Assistant Executive Officer

THE board

John T. Leonard, Temporary City Auditor (ex officio)
Walter J. Malloy Term ends September 30, 1964

Thomas J. McGrimley Term ends September 30, 1966

The Boston Retirement System was established on February 1, 1923,
under the provisions of Chapter 521 of the Acts of 1922, which was ac-
cepted by the Mayor and City Council in August, 1922.

An additional retirement system for city and county employees was
provided by Chapter 658 of the Acts of 1945. This act was accepted by
the City Council June 3, 1946, and approved by the Mayor June 5, 1946.
The new system, designated as the State-Boston Retirement System,
went into effect October 1, 1946. Every employee appointed after that
date becomes a member of the new system.

Both systems are administered by a Retirement Board consisting of
Walter J. Malloy, appointed by the Mayor for a term of three years;
John T. Leonard, Temporary City Auditor, ex officio; and Thomas J.
McGrimley, elected by members of the system. The Board serves without


Office, 112 Southampton Street
[Stat. 1929, Chap. 263; Stat.. 1954, Chap. 97; Stat. 1956, Chap. 12; Ord.
1956, Chap. 2; Stat. 1957, Chap. 253; Stat. 1960, Chaps. 84, 267,
755; Stat. 1962, Chap. 338.]


Thomas F. Carty, Commissioner of Traffic and Parking*
William T. Doyle, Deputy Commissioner
Traffic and Parking Commission

Thomas F. Carty, Commissioner of Traffic and Parking, Chairman

Edmund L. McNamara, Police Commissioner, ex officio, Associate Com-
missioner of Traffic and Parking

James W. Haley, Commissioner of Public Works, ex officio. Associate
Commissioner of Traffic and Parking

Thomas J. Griffin, Fire Commissioner, ex officio, Associate Commissioner
of Traffic and Parking

James J. Sullivan, Jr., Commissioner of Real Property, ex officio, Asso-
ciate Commissioner of Traffic and Parking

William T. Doyle, Secretary

* For a term expiring on the first Monday of the January following the next biennial
municipal election at which a Mayor is elected.



Joseph M. Galeota, Traffic Engineering Director
William E. Flanagan, Associate Traffic Engineer

The Act establishing the commission became effective April 30, 1929,
after approval by the Governor and acceptance by the Mayor and City
Council. By Stat. 1957, Chap. 253, and Stat. 1962, Chap. 338, the Com-
mission was reorganized. The Commissioner of Traffic and Parking is
appointed by the Mayor, and until the qualification of his successor,
receives compensation established by the Mayor and City Council, and
may be removed by the Mayor. The associate commissioners of traffic
and parking receive no compensation.

The commissioner of traffic and parking may employ, subject to the
approval of the Mayor and to chapter thirty-one of the General Laws,
engineers, experts, assistants and other officers and employees. The
commission has exclusive authority to adopt, amend, alter and repeal
rules and regulations relative to vehicular street traffic, and to the move-
ment, stopping or standing of vehicles on, and their exclusion from, all or
any streets, ways, highways, roads and parkways, under the control of the
city. The commission has the power to erect, make and maintain, or
cause to be erectfed, made and maintained, traffic signs, signals, markings
and other devices for the control of such traffic in the city and for informing
and warning the public as to the rules and regulations adopted by the

The latest revision of the Traffic Regulations contains 1,607 one-way
streets, 3,191 no-parking regulations, and 958 stop streets. The com-
mission maintains 457 traffic signals, including two (2) interconnected
systems in downtown Boston, and two hundred (200) miles of white lines
painted in the roadway, including crosswalks, center lines, lanes, lines and
stop lines are maintained by the commission. Seven hundred and ninety-
four (794) loading zones, requiring 24,480 feet of painted curb, are main-
tained. Fees amounting to $48,234 are collected for the establishment and
maintenance of these loading zones. The commission also maintains
8,200 parking meters. It is anticipated that approximately $834,000
will be taken in as revenue during the year 1963. Issued 292 Ucenses for
off-street parking lots and collected $68,958.25 in fees for these Ucenses.


Office, 10 City Hall, first floor
IRev. Ord. 1898, Chap. 40; Stat. 1908, Chap. 210; Ord. 1908, Chap. 4;
C. C, Title IV., Chap. 9; Stat. 1911, Chap. 413; Stat. 1913, Chaps.
367, 672, 788; Rev. Ord. 1914, Chap. 36; Stat. 1920, Chap. 140;
Ord. 1920, Chap. 12; Ord. 1921, Chaps. 1, 2; Stat. 1922, Chap.
621; Ord. 1925, Chap. 2; Ord. 1926, Chap. 1; Ord. 1930, Chap. 7;
Ord. 1935, Chap. 3; Ord. 1945, Chap. 10; Ord. 1954, Chaps. 2, 6.]

* For a term expiring on the first Monday of the January following the next biennial
municipal election at which a Mayor is elected.


James E. Gildea, Collector-Treasurer*

Edmund W. Holmes, First Assistant Collector-Treasurer, Treasury Division
Peteb H. Rogers, First Assistant Collector-Treasurer, Collecting Division
William L. Dowling, Second Assistant Collector-Treasurer, Treasury Di-
Thomas F. Leonard, Second Assistant Collector-Treasurer, Collecting

Treasury Division
Office, 10 City HaU

The Collector-Treabiirer has the care and custody of the current funds
of the City, of all moneys, properties, and securities placed in his charge
by any statute or ordinance, or by any gift, devise, bequest, or deposit,
and pays all bills and demands against the City.

The Collector-Treasurer is also County Collector-Treasurer, Treasurer
of the Sinking Funds Department, Treasurer of Boston Retirement Board,
Custodian of the Boston PubUc School Teachers' Retirement Fund, and
Treasurer of the George Robert White Fund. He publishes reports yearly,
also monthly statements.

Collecting Division
Office, 201 City Hall Annex, second floor

[Stat. 1875, Chap. 176; Stat. 1885, Chap. 266; Stat. 1888, Chap. 390;

Stat. 1890, Chap. 418; Rev. Ord. 1898, Chap. 14; Ord. 1908, Chap.

1; C. C. Title IV., Chap. 10; Stat. 1909, Chap. 486; Stat. 1913,

Chap. 672; Rev. Ord. 1914, Chap. 13; Ord. 1914, 2d Series, Chap. 2;

Spec. Stat. 1916, Chap. 291; Ord. 1921, Chap. 1; Stat. 1922, Chap.

390; Ord. 1925, Chap. 1; Ord. 1954, Chap. 36.]
The Collector-Treasurer collects and receives all taxes and other assess-
ments, betterments, rates, dues, and moneys payable on any account to
the City of Boston or the County of Suffolk. Annual reports have been
published since 1876, also weekly and daily statements. The Collector-
Treasurer is also Collector-Treasurer of the County of Suffolk.

Board of Commissioners of Sinking Funds
Office, 10 City Hall

IR. L., Chap. 27, § 14; Rev. Ord. 1898, Chap. 35; C. C, Title IV.,
Chap. 9, § 5; Stat. 1909, Chap. 486, § 26; Stat. 1910, Chap. 437;
Stat. 1911, Chap. 165; Rev. Ord. 1914, Chap. 31; Stat. 1914, Chap.
324; Spec. Stat. 1915, Chap. 184; Ord. 1916, Chap. 7; Ord. 1925,
Chaps. 2, 30; Ord. 1954, Chap. 2.]

Joseph F. Birmingham, Chairman
Robert D. Patterson, Vice-Chairman
John T. Leonard, Secretary
James E. Gildea, Treasurer



Daniel Weisberg, Robert D. Patterson Terms ending^ May 1, 1961
Joseph F. Birmingham, George Hansen Terms ending May 1, 1965
Robert S. Weeks, Jr., Gerard E. Hayes Terms ending May 1, 1963

The Board of Commissioners of Sinking Funds for the payment or
redemption of the City debt consists of six members, two of whom are
appointed annually by the Mayor for a term of three years from May 1.
The Board has published annual reports since 1871. The amended City
Charter, Section 26, prohibits the further estabHshing of sinking funds,
but an exception was afterwards made by the Legislature regarding loans
for Rapid Transit purposes. It also prohibits the depositing of City or
County money in any bank of which any member of the Board of Sinking
Funds Commissioners is an officer, director or agent.

Chapter 2 of the Ordinances of 1954 placed the Board of Commissioners
of Sinking Funds in the Treasury Department but not subject to the
supervision or control of the Collector-Treasurer.


Office, 38 Chauncy Street

JStat. 1897, Chap. 441; Gen. Laws, Chap. 115, as amended; Ord. 1954,
Chap. 2, § 66; Rev. Ord. 1961, Chap. 26.]

Edmund F. Hohmann, Veterans' Benefits and Services Commissioner*
James J. Barry Executive Secretary

The Veterans' Services Department was established as a department of
the City of Boston by the Ordinances of 1954, Chapter 2, Section 66, and
is under the charge of a Commissioner who is appointed by the Mayor.
This department performs the functions formerly performed by the
Department of Veterans' Services, which it replaces. The Commissioner
exercises all powers and duties for the distribution of state and city benefits
to veterans and their eligible dependents in the City of Boston, such as
were formerly vested in the Mayor and Board of Aldermen. Under his
direction assistance is rendered to veterans and their dependents of the
Civil War, Indian War, Spanish-American War, Philippine Insurrection,
China Rehef Expedition, Mexican War, World War I, World War II, and
for service with Armed Forces from June 25, 1950, through January 31,
1955, inclusive.

This department provides information, advice and assistance to veterans
of all wars, to enable them to procure the benefits to which they are en-
titled relative to employment, vocational and educational opportunities,
hospitalization, medical care, pensions, and other veterans' benefits.

* The Commissioners serve without compensation.


Frank T. Pedonti, Supervisor of Veterans^ Graves and Registration
Office, 38 Chauncy Street
By the Ordinances of 1954, Chapter 2, Section 66, there was placed in
this department an officer, known as the Supervisor of Veterans' Graves
and Registration, who is appointed by the Mayor and who has the powers
and performs the duties from time to time conferred or imposed by general
laws applicable to Boston on persons appointed under Section 9 of Chapter
115 of the General Laws. This officer is not subject to the supervision or
control of the Veterans' Benefits and Services Commissioner, but, unless
otherwise ordered by the Mayor, such officer shall not communicate with
the Mayor, or make any annual or other report, except through such



Administration Building, 43 Hawkins Street
[Stat. 1864, Chap. 128; Rev. Ord. 1898, Chap. 27; C. C, Title IV., Chap.
27; Stat. 1909, Chap. 538; Stat. 1913, Chap. 763; Rev. Ord. 1914,
Chap. 23; Stat. 1921, Chap. 146; Rev. Ord. 1925, Chap. 26; Stat.
1930, Chap. 402; Stat. 1936, Chaps. 413, 436; Stat. 1951, Chap. 741;
Ord. 1954, Chap. 2, § 68; Stat. 1960, Chap. 781, Rev. Ord. 1961,
Chap. 27.]


Ida M. Kahn, Chairman
James Leo Mxjlvey, Vice-Chairman
William F. Lallt, Secretary
James F. Bowers, Treasurer


Terms ending May 1, 1963
James Leo Mulvey Joseph S. Dow

Terms ending May 1, 1964

Ida M. Kahn Melnea A. Cass

James F. Bowers R. C. Lavrakas, M.D.

Terms ending May 1, 1965
Rev. John V. Driscoll, S.J. Katharine E. Driscoll
Thomas F. Brady Philip Goldstein

Term ending May 1, 1966

Thomas Black

William F. Lally, Director

* Tiie Overseers serve without compensation


The Overseers of the Poor in the Town of Boston, a corporation estab-
lished in 1772 by act of the Legislature, were succeeded in 1864 by the
corporation called "Overseers of the Poor in the City of Boston," con-
sisting of twelve residents of Boston, four of whom are appointed annually
to serve for the term of three years from the first day of May. The
Board issued annual reports. In 1921 the name of the Board was changed
to Overseers of the Public Welfare. In 1954 the official name of the de-
partment was changed to the Welfare Department.

The Overseers of the Public Welfare are also incorporated as a Board
of Trustees of John Boylston's and other charitable funds. The total
amount of the 18 permanent charity funds in the custody of the Over-
seers on December 31, 1962, was $1,072,250.13, the annual income from
which ($36,890.37 in 1962) is distributed in accordance with the terms of
the donations.

In charge of the Overseers is the Temporary Home on Chardon street
for temporarily destitute women and children, opened in 1857.

* For a term ezpixinK on the first Monday of the January following the next biennia 1
municipal election at which a Mayor is elected.

Various City and County

Departments and

Miscellaneous Municipal






The following table shows the manner in which public oflEicials, other than
the regular City department heads, are appointed or elected, as prescribed by
statute, ordinance, or regulation, the time of appointment or election, and the
term of office.



Appointed oe Elected

By Whom





Auditorium Commission

Boston Employees
Credit Union, City

Boston Finance Com-
mission (five)

Boston Housing
Authority (five). . .

Boston Metropolitan
District Commission

Boston Redevelopment
Authority (five)

Franklin Foundation
(twelve Managers). . ,

Government Center
Commission (seven)..

Licensing Board (three)

Old South Association
in Boston (two Man-





May 1

Governor A





Governor A

City Coun-



Jan. 8

Oct. 24

Sept. 17




5 yrs.

5 yrs.
5 yrs.

2 yrs.

5 yrs.


6 yrs.

1 yr.

A With the advice and consent of the Executive Council.
B As vacancies occur.

** Four members appointed by the Mayor and City Council and one appointed by the Massa-
chusetts State Housing Board.

t UntU the completion of the construction of a new city haU. (See Stat. 1958, Chap. 624).




Appointed or Elected



By Whom




School Buildings, Board
of Commissioners of







City elec-

Dec. 1

1st Mon.
in Jan'y

3 yrs.

School Committee (five).

Suffolk County Court-
house Commission


White Fund, George
Robert (five Trustees)

County of Suffolk

*** Appointing power shared by the Mayor, School Committee and Board Members. (See
Stat. 1929, Chap. 351.)

**** Appointing power shared by the Governor, Mayor and Chief Justices of Supreme, Superior
and Boston Municipal Courts. (See Stat. 1935, Chap. 474.)



Administration Building, 15 Beacon Street
Annex, 45 Myrtle Street
[Stat. 1875, Chap. 241; Stat. 1898, Chap. 400; Stat. 1900, Chap. 235;
Stat. 1901, Chap. 448; Stat. 1903, Chap. 170; Stat. 1905, Chap. 249;
C. C, Chaps. 33 and 48; Stat. 1906, Chaps. 205, 231, 259, 318, 505;
Stat. 1907, Chaps. 295, 357, 450; Stat. 1908, Chap. 589; Stat. 1909,
Chaps. 120, 388, 446, 537, 540; Stat. 1910, Chap. 617; Stat. 1911,
Chaps. 540, 708; Stat. 1912, Chaps. 195, 569, 711; Stat. 1913, Chaps.
337, 363, 389, 615, 779; Stat. 1914, Chaps. 128, 331, 489, 730, 738;
Gen. Stat. 1915, Chaps. 78, 81, 90 and Spec. Stat., Chaps. 189, 300,
304, 372; Spec. Stat. 1917, Chaps. 86, 88, 213, 267, 289 and Gen.
Stat., Chap. 102; Gen. Stat. 1917, Chaps. 84, 169 and Spec. Stat.
Chap. 146; Spec. Stat. 1918, Chap. 132; Spec. Stat. 1919, Chaps. 132,
199, 206, 249; Stat. 1920, Chaps. 140, 524, 641; Stat. 1921, Chaps.
169, 351; Stat. 1922, Chaps. 273, 286; Stat. 1923, Chaps. 284, 308,
381, 460, 488; Stat. 1924, Chaps. 380, 479; Stat. 1925, Chaps. 309,
327; Stat. 1926, Chaps. 153, 314; Stat. 1928, Chap. 382; Stat. 1929,
Chap. 256; Stat. 1930, Chaps. 283, 313; Stat. 1931, Chaps. 100, 155,
229, 247, 250; Stat. 1933, Chap. 121; Stat. 1934, Chaps. 145, 228;
Stat. 1935, Chaps. 19, 284; Stat. 1936, Chap. 224; Stat. 1937, Chap.
366; Stat. 1939, Chap. 142; Stat. 1946, Chaps. 388, 497; Stat. 1947,
Chap. 226; Stat. 1948, Chaps. 167, 301, 452, 602; Stat. 1949, Chaps.
117, 681; Stat. 1951, Chaps. 376, 468, 781; Stat. 1952, Chaps. 190,
624; Stat. 1955, Chaps. 236, 298, 396, 594.]


Term ends January, 1964
Thomas S. Eisenstadt
Arthur J. Gartland
Louise Day Hicks
Joseph Lee

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