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all executive orders or general regulations promulgated thereunder, and
to exercise any authority delegated to it by the governor under said
Chapter 639.

Sect. 2. Director of Civil Defense. The department shall be
under the direction of a director of civil defense (hereinafter called the
"director"), who shall be appointed as prescribed by law. The director
shall have direct responsibility for the organization, administration,
and operation of the department subject to the direction and control of
the appointing authority and shall receive such salary as may be fixed
from time to time by the appointing authority. The director may, within
the Umits of the amount appropriated therefor, appoint such experts,
clerks, and other assistants as the work of the department may require,
and may remove them, and may make such expenditures as may be
necessary to execute efi'ectively the purposes of Chapter 639, Acts of 1950.
The director shall also have authority to appoint district co-ordinators
and may accept and may receive on behalf of the city, services, equip-
ment, suppUes, materials, or funds by way of gift, grant, or loan for pur-
poses of civil defense, offered by the federal government or any agency or
officer thereof or any person, firm or corporation, subject to the terms of
the offer and the rules and regulations, if any, of the agency making the
offer. The director shall cause appropriate records to be kept of all
matters relating to such gifts, grants, or loans.

Sect. 3. Civil Defense Advisory Council. There is hereby estab-
lished a civil defense advisory council (hereinafter called the "council").
Said council shall serve without pay and shall consist of the director of
civil defense, such other department heads and such other persons as the
authority appointing said director may deem necessary. Such member of
said council as said appointing authority shall designate shall serve as
chairman of said council. Said council shall serve subject to the direction
and control of the appointing authority and shall advise said appointing
authority and the director on matters pertaining to civil defense.

Sect. 4. Police Aid to Other Cities and Towns in Event of
Riots and Other Violence Therein. The police department is hereby

* For a term expiring on the first Monday of the January following the next bienaial
municipal election at which a Mayor is elected.


authorized to go to aid another city or town at the request of said city
or town in the Buppression of riots or other forms of violence therein.

Sect. 5. Termination of Ordinance. This ordinance shall remain
in force during the effective period of Chapter 639, Acts of 1950, and any
act in amendment or continuation thereof or substitution therefor.

Sect. 6. Definition. All references to Chapter 639, Acts of 1950, as
now in force shall be applicable to any act or acts in amendment or con-
tinuation of or substitution for said Chapter 639.


Office, 111 City Hall Annex, first floor
[Stat. 1906, Chap. 311; Stat. 1907, Chap. 560, § 78; Rev. Ord. 1898,
Chap. 15; C. C, Title IV., Chap. 16; Stat. 1909, Chap. 486, §§ 53-61;
Stat. 1910, Chap. 520; Stat. 1911, Chaps. 304, 469, 517, 550, 735;
Stat. 1912, Chaps. 275, 471, 483, 641; Stat. 1913, Chaps. 286, 835;
Stat. 1914, Chap. 730; Rev. Ord. 1914, Chap. 15; Gen. Stat. 1915,
Chaps. 48, 91; Gen. Stat. 1916, Chaps. 16, 43, 81, 87, 179; Gen.
Stat. 1917, Chap. 29; Gen. Stat. 1918, Chap. 74; Stat. 1920, Chapa.
129, 142; Stat. 1921, Chaps. 65, 93, 114, 209, 288, 340, 387; Ord. 1921,
Chap. 7; Stat. 1924, Chaps. 311, 410, 453, 479; Stat. 1925, Chaps.
39, 136; Stat. 1926, Chap. 105; Ord. 1938; Stat. 1938, Chap. 287;
Stat. 1939, Chap. 450; Stat. 1941, Chap. 472; Stat. 1945, Chap. 139;
Stat. 1947, Chaps. 227, 446; Stat. 1948, Chap. 452; Stat. 1949, Chap.
347; Stat. 1951, Chap. 376.]

David Lasker, Chairman
Maurice L. Smith, Secretary


Gertrude A. Pfau Term ending April 1, 1963

David Lasker Term ending April 1, 1964

Maurice L. Smith Term ending April 1, 1965

George H. Greene Term ending April 1, 1966

One Election Commissioner is appointed by the Mayor each year, term

beginning April 1. The two leading political parties must be equally

represented on the Board and the Chairman is designated annually by the


The Board of Registrars of Voters was appointed in May, 1874, and
was succeeded July 1, 1895, by the Board of Election Commissioners.

This department exercises all the powers and duties formerly conferred
upon the Board of Registrars of Voters (including the preparation of the
jury list), except the power and duty of giving notice of elections and
fixing the days and hours for holding the same.

The Board also exercises all the powers and duties formerly conferred
upon the City Clerk and other officers by chapter 504 of the Acts of 1894.
The voting precincts in the 22 wards number 275.



Chapter 287 of the Acts of 1938 provides: "In Boston there shall be a
listing board composed of the police commissioner of the city and the
board of election commissioners. In case of disagreement between the
members of the listing board, the chief justice of the municipal court of
the city of Boston, or, in case of his disability, the senior justice of said
court who is not disabled, shall, for the purpose of settling such disagree-
ment, be a member of said listing board and shall preside and cast the
deciding vote in case of a tie."

The duties of said board are further provided for in Sections 8, 10, 11,
12, 13, 14, 15, 16 of Chapter 29 of the Acts of 1917; and all other acts in
amendment and addition thereto.


Office, 115 Southampton Street
[Stat. 1850, Chap. 262; Stat. 1895, Chap. 449, § §9-11; Rev. Ord. 1898,
Chap. 17; Stat. 1909, Chap. 308; Stat. 1912, Chap. 574; Ord. 1912,
Chaps. 4, 6; Ord. 1913, Chap. 1; Stat. 1913, Chap. 800; Stat. 1914,
Chaps. 519, 795; Rev. Ord. 1914, Chap. 16; Ord. 1917, Chap. 4;
Ord. 1919, Chap. 2; Stat. 1920, Chaps. 60, 68; Stat. 1921, Chap.
196; Stat. 1923, Chap. 309; Stat. 1939, Chap. 237; Ord. 1944, Chap.
10; Stat. 1945, Chap. 413; Ord. 1959, Chap. 3.]

Thomas J. Griffin, Fire Commissioner. Term ending May 1, 1966.

William D. Slattery, Executive Secretary of the Department

— — — — Chief of Department

John E. Clougherty, Assistant Fire Chief in Charge of Fire Preven-
tion Division

John F. Howard, Assistant Fire Chief in Charge of Fire Fighting Force

William A. Terrenzi, Assistant Fire Chief in Charge of Personnel and

Richard A. Ash, Deputy Fire Chief

John J. Breen, Deputy Fire Chief

Frederick P. Clauss, Deputy Fire Chief

John J. Crehan, Deputy Fire Chief

James J. Flanagan, Deputy Fire Chief

Edward J. Gaughan, Deputy Fire Chief

Joseph F. Kilduff, Deputy Fire Chief

John J. Ryan, Deputy Fire Chief

Albert L. O'Banion Superintendent, Fire Alarm Division

Thomas F. Connors, Superintendent, Maintenance Division

The Boston Fire Department was organized in 1837. It is in charge of
1 Commissioner, 1 Executive Secretary, 1 Chief of Department, 3 Assist-
ant Fire Chiefs, 8 Deputy Chiefs, 41 District Chiefs, 3 Chaplains, 1 Su-
perintendent of Fire Alarm, 1 Superintendent of Maintenance, 1 Medical
Examiner, 1 Engineer of Motor Vehicles, 87 Captains, 214 Lieutenants,


1,498 Engineers, Apparatus Operators, Masters, Aides, Fire Fighters, 37
Clerks, 28 Fire Alarm Operators, and 114 Mechanics, Painters, Linemen,
Repairers, Electricians, Workmen, and other employees.

Total officers, engineers, privates and employees, 2,044.

There are 45 fire stations, a fire alarm branch with 71 employees, oper-
ating 2,158 signal boxes. Annual reports have been published since 1838.

Yearly salaries of assistant fire chiefs, $9,840; deputy chiefs, $8,840;
district chiefs, $8,000; captains, $6,960; Ueutenants, $6,280; first-year pri-
vates, $4,880; second year, $5,030; third year, $5,500.

Boston Firemen's Relief Fund
By Chapter 308, Acts of 1909, amended by Chapter 134, Acts of 1911,
and Chapter 186, Acts of 1949, the Fire Commissioner and 12 members
of the Fire Department, to be elected annually by all the members, are
constituted a corporate body for the purpose of holding and administering
the Firemen's Relief Fund.


Main Office, Health Department Building, Haymarket Square
[Stat. 1854, Chap. 448, § 40; Stat. 1895, Chap. 449, § 19; Stat. 1897,
Chap. 219; Rev. Ord. 1898, Chap. 18; C. C, Title IV., Chap. 19;
Stat. 1902, Chaps. 206, 213; Stat. 1906, Chap. 225; Stat. 1907, Chaps.
386, 445, 480; Stat. 1908, Chaps. 329, 411; Stat. 1909, Chap. 380;
Stat. 1910, Chaps. 269, 640; Stat. 1911, Chap. 287; Stat. 1912, Chaps.
448, 486; Stat. 1913, Chap. 586; Stat. 1914, Chaps. 627, 628; Rev.
Ord. 1914; Chaps. 17, 40; Ord. 1914, 2d Series, Chap. 1; Ord. 1915,
Chap. 1; Spec. Stat. 1915, Chap. 346; Ord. 1915, Chaps. 3, 4; Spec.
Stat. 1919, Chap. 163; Stat. 1920, Chap. 100; Stat. 1921, Chaps. 94,
111; Stat. 1922, Chap. 61; Ord. 1926, Chap. 3; Ord. 1931, Chap. 2;
Stat. 1941, Chap. 446; Ord. 1950, Chap. 4; Ord. 1954, Chap. 2, § 31.]


John T. Foley, M.D., M.P.H., Temporary Health Commissioner*

Health Division


Leo E. Diamond, Director, Section of General Services.
John T. Foley, M.D., Director, Section of Medical Services.
John B. Lynch, M.D., Director, Section of Local Health Services.
Francis W. Gens, B.S., Director, Section of Environmental Sanitation.

* For a term expiring on the first Monday of the January following the next biennial
municipal election at which a Mayor is elected.




Catharine Atwood, Head Bacteriologist, Bureau of Laboratory Services.
Frank P. Henry, Chief, Bureau of Housing and Sanitation {temporary.)
Katherine E. Fitzgerald, Director, Bureau of Public Health Education.
Patrick J. Foley, D.M.D., Director, Bureau of Dental Service.
William J. Kane, Chief, Bureau of Vital Statistics.
Henry Mazer, Chief, Bureau of Milk and Chemistry.
Daniel G. Milano, Chief, Bureau of Food.
Mary E. Welsh, R.N., Director, Bureau of Public Health Nurses.

The first Board of Health in Boston was established in 1799, under the
special statute of February 13, 1799. It was abolished by the first City
Charter and from 1822 to 1873 its functions were exercised through
the City Council. The last Board of Health was established by an ordi-
nance of December 2, 1872. It published annual reports, beginning
with 1873. By Chap. 1, Ord. 1914, 2d Series, the department was placed
in charge of one executive, the Health Commissioner, who appoints the
deputy commissioners. Chap. 1, Ord. 1915, provided that the quarantine
service should pass from the control of the Health Department when the
property was leased to the United States, in effect June 1, 1915.

On March 31, 1927, an ordinance was enacted abolishing the Boston
Sanatorium Department and placing the Tuberculosis Hospital at Matta-
pan under the jurisdiction of the Trustees of the Boston City Hospital;
aU other powers and duties, as well as the Out-Patient Department, were
transferred to the Health Commissioner by Chap. 1 of the Ordinances
of 1927, as amended February 16, 1931.

Public Health Council

Office, Health Department Building, Haymarket Square

[Ord. 1956, Chap. 1.]


Albert A. Hornor, M.D., Chairman
— — — — M.D., Vice Chairman

the board
Thomas C. Healey
Laura C. Hodgkinson
Roy J. Heffernan, M.D.
Paul E. Landry
George P. Condakes
Robert G. Hill, D.D.S.
Albert A. Hornor, M.D.
John J. McNamara

Term ending May 1
Term ending May 1
Term ending May 1
Term ending May 1
Term ending May 1
Term ending May 1
Term ending May 1
Term ending May 1


The Public Health Council is a Board in the Health Division of the
Health Department, consisting of nine members appointed by the Mayor,


of whom at least one shall be a registered physician, one a registered
dentist, one a representative of an industry engaged in handling food, one
a representative of another industry, one a representative of labor, and
one a housewife. As the term of any member expires his successor shall
be appointed by the Mayor for a term of three years. The members
shall serve without compensation. The Mayor shall from time to time
designate one of the members as Chairman and another as Vice Chairman,
The duties of said Board shall be (a) to make, upon its own initiative
or at the request of the Mayor, the Director of Administrative Services or
the Health Commissioner, studies and recommendations with respect to
the organization, activities, policies, procedures and budget of the Health
Division, (b) to review from time to time such rules and regulations of the
Health Commissioner as may then be in force and report to the Health
Commissioner its findings with respect to the adequacy thereof and its
recommendations, if any, for the amendment or repeal thereof or for new
rules and regulations, and (c) to advise the Health Commissioner on such
matters within the scope of his duties as he may refer to said council.
Registry Division
Office, 1004 City Hall Annex, tenth floor
[Stat. 1892, Chap. 314; Stat. 1898, Chap. 389; Gen. Laws, Chap. 46; Rev.
Ord. 1925, Chap. 28; C. C. Title IV., Chap. 28; Ord. 1954, Chap. 2,
William J. Kane, City Registrar

Mary E. Manning, Acting First Assistant City Registrar (temporary)

Helen T. Collins, Acting Second Assistant City Registrar (temporary)

Margaret M. Barry, Acting Third Assistant City Registrar (temporary)

The City Registrar keeps the records of births, deaths and marriages,

issues certificates of the same and marriage licenses, receives and records

affidavits of, additions to, and amendments and corrections of said records,

and forwards copies of all records to the office of the Secretary of the

Commonwealth and to outside cities and towns when nonresidents are

involved. Annual reports have been published since 1849, except in 1860

and 1861.

By ordinance, approved July 12, 1892, the Department of Ancient
Records and the office of Record Commissioners (established July 6, 1875)
were abolished, and the duties of the Record Commissioners, including
the publication of documents relating to the early history of Boston, were
transferred to the City Registrar.

Weights and Measures Division

Office, 105 City Hall Annex, first floor

[Ord. 1954, Chap. 2, § 31.]

John F. McCarthy, Sealer
Edward F. Lownie, Chief Deputy Sealer
Grace E. Gaston, Principal Clerk
The duties of the division are set forth in the General Laws, Chapters
94, 98, and 101, with amendments and additions thereto.



The Sealer is required to give public notice annually by advertisement
to all persons having places of business in the city and using weighing and
measuring devices for the purpose of buying or selling of goods, wares or
merchandise, to bring them into this oflBce to be tested and sealed. After
giving the said notice, he shall visit the places of business not complying
and shall test, adjust, seal or condemn in accordance with the results of
tests made, the weighing and measuring devices of said persons. In addi-
tion the department is charged with the enforcement of all laws relative
to the licensing of hawkers, peddlers and transient vendors, the giving of
false or insufficient weight or measure, the reweighing of coal, the exam-
ination of coal for quality and the inspection of certain containers as to
size, shape and dimensions. The division must investigate all complaints
registered with the department and, when the evidence warrants, shall
prosecute violations of the law.


Office at the Boston City Hospital, 818 Harrison Avenue
[Stat. 1858, Chap. 113; Stat. 1880, Chap. 174; Stat. 1885, Chap. 266,
§ 1; Stat. 1889, Chap. 336; Stat. 1890, Chap. 418; Stat. 1893, Chap.
91; Stat. 1901, Chap. 518; Stat. 1906, Chap. 189; Stat. 1907, Chap.
248; Stat. 1908, Chap. 225; Stat. 1908, Chap. 627; Stat. 1909, Chap.
486; Stat. 1911, Chap. 167; Spec. Stat. 1915, Chap. 34; Spec. Stat.
1915, Chap. 190; Stat. 1921, Chap. 86; Stat. 1922, Chap. 521, § 18;
Stat. 1924, Chap. 70; Stat. 1924, Chap. 352; Ord. 1927, Chap. 1;
C. C, Title IV., Chap. 20; Stat. 1928, Chap. 237; Stat. 1930, Chap.
167; Stat. 1931, Chap. 40; Stat. 1932, Chap. 215; Rev. Ord. 1947,
Chap. 18, as amended by Ord. 1954, Chap. 2, §32; Stat. 1955,
Chap. 39.]


William H. Ellis, Jr., President
Thomas J. Giblin, D.M.D., Secretary


Louis P. Smith
Joseph A. Caulfield
Thomas J. Giblin, D.M.D.
Louis J. Guaragna
William H. Ellis, Jr.

Term ending May 1, 1967
Term ending May 1, 1963
Term ending May 1, 1964
Term ending May 1, 1965
Term ending May 1, 1966

The Boston City Hospital was opened on June 1, 1864. Besides the
Main Hospital, the Trustees have charge of the South Department for
contagious diseases, the Sanatorium Division at 249 River Street, Matta-
pan (for tuberculosis patients). Long Island Division (for chronic diseases)
and East Boston Relief Station.

* The Trustees serve without compensation.


Relief Stations were closed to patients on March 15, 1938; East Boston
Relief Station was reopened on a twenty-four hour basis on October 15,

The Convalescent Home in Dorchester was closed in March, 1932.

The Trustees are incorporated and authorized to receive and hold real
and personal estate bequeathed or devised to said hospital corporation to
an amount not exceeding $10,000,000.


John F. Conlin, M.D. — Director of Hospitals and Superintendent of The

Boston City Hospital. Office at the Hospital.
Deputy Superintendents:

James V. Sacchetti, M.D., Surgical Services

Leon R. Leezer, M.D., Medical Services

Margaret B. Welch, R.N., Nursing Service and Education

Joseph P. Lallt, Finance

C. J. D'Amato, Physical Facilities

James G. Walsh, General Services

Alice M. Lyons, Personnel

Jean W. Blake, Volunteer Services


Superintendent and Medical Director — David S. Sherman, M.D.


Superintendent — John R. McGillivrat


Office, 11 Beacon Street
[Ord. 1904, Chap. 23; Rev. Ord. 1947, Chap. 20.]
Arthur G. Coffey, Corporation Counsel
Arthur M. Blasi, Assistant Corporation Counsel
Edward Boyle, Assistant Corporation Counsel
Victor Brogna, Assistant Corporation Counsel
Paul Burns, Assistant Corporation Counsel
Frederick M. Donovan, Assistant Corporation Counsel
Leo Dooley, Assistant Corporation Counsel
Edward J. Duffy, Assistant Corporation Counsel
Alexander J. Gillis, Assistant Corporation Counsel
J. Edward Keefe, Jr., Assistant Corporation Counsel
John Kerrigan, Assistant Corporation Counsel
William McDermott, Assistant Corporation Counsel
Mario Misci, Assistant Corporation Counsel
Lawrence J. Moore, Assistant Corporation Counsel
Louis K. Nathanson, Assistant Corporation Counsel
William E. O'Brien, Assistant Corporation Counsel
Patrick J. O'Connell, Assistant Corporation Counsel


Gerard A. Powers, Assistant Corporation Counsel
Thomas J. Roche, Assistant Corporation Counsel
AsHELEN Senopoulos, Assistant Corporation Counsel
David J. Saliba, Assistant Corporation Counsel
Theodore R. Stanley, Assistant Corporation Counsel
Robert H. Tobin, Assistant Corporation Counsel
R. Gaynor Wellings, Assistant Corporation Counsel
Enoch OD Woodhouse, Assistant Corporation Counsel
Thomas L. McCormack, Workmen's Compensation Agent

William H. Kerr, Chief Legal Assistant

Richard Sullivan, Head Administrative Clerk

The oflBce of "Attorney and Solicitor" was established in 1827; the
ofl&ce of City Solicitor in 1846 and that of Corporation Counsel in 1881.
The office of City ScUcitor was abolished and the department placed under
the sole charge of the Corporation Counsel in 1904.

The Law Department consists of a Corporation Counsel, twenty-six
assistant corporation counsel, a workmen's ccmpensation agent and work-
men's compensation medical director, a chief legal assistant, and thirty-
seven other employees, including the staff of the Administrative, Coun-
selling and Miscellaneous Litigation, General Trial and Collection Divisions
of the Law Department.

The Law Department has general charge of the legal work of the city,
represents the city in all litigation to which it is a party, prosecutes certain
criminal proceedings, does the conveyancing work for the various munic-
ipal departments, performs the legal work incidental to tax title fore-
closures, prepares and approves all municipal contracts and bonds,
furnishes legal opinions to the Mayor and the City Council and to the
various department heads and city officials, including the School Com-
mittee, on matters relating to the discharge of their official duties, pre-
pares petitions for and drafts of legislation in which the city has an
interest and appears and represents the city before the various committees
of the legislature, and before other boards, commissions and adminis-
trative agencies, including the Interstate Commerce Commission, Civil
Aeronautics Board and other federal agencies, the Appellate Tax Board,
Industrial Accident Board, and the Department of Public Utilities.


Office, Central Library Building, Copley Square

Stat. 1878, Chap. 114; Rev. Ord. 1898, Chap. 24; C. C, Title IV., Chap
23; Rev. Ord. 1914, Chap. 21; Spec. Stat. 1919, Chap. 116; Spec.
Stat. 1931, Chap. 50; Spec. Stat. 1943, Chap. 218; Spec. Stat. 1953,
Chap. 167.]



Edward G. Mitrray, President
AuGTSTiN H. Parker, Jr., Vice President
Milton E. Lord, Director, and Librarian
Elizabeth B. Brockunier, Clerk


Lenahan O'Connell Term ending May 1, 1966

Edward G. Murray Terna ending May 1, 1967

Erwin D. Canham Term ending May 1, 1968

Sidney R. Rabb Term ending May 1, 1964

AuGUSTiN H. Parker, Jr. Term ending May 1, 1965

The Trustees of the Public Library of the City of Boston, five in num-
ber, are appointed by the Mayor, one each year, for a term of five years.
They were incorporated in 1878, and authorized to receive and hold real
and personal estate to an amount not exceeding $1,000,000. This amount
was changed to $10,000,000 in 1919, to $20,000,000 in 1931, and to
$50,000,000 in 1953. The first Trustees were appointed under an ordi-
nance of October 14, 1852.

The old library building on Boylston street was opened to the public
in September, 1858, and closed finally in January, 1895. The Central
Library Building in Copley square, costing $2,756,384, was first opened
on March 11, 1895.

The Library is maintained by an annual appropriation made to the
Trustees by the City Government.

The annual reports, the first of which appeared in 1852, have been
continued without interruption.


The library system consists of the Central Library in Copley square,
the Kirstein Business Branch in the Edward Kirstein Memorial Library
Building at 20 City Hall avenue, twenty-six Branch Libraries, three
Bookmobiles, and Hospital Library Service at Boston City Hospital.
In addition, through an agreement with Harvard University, the Baker
Library of the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration is a
branch of the Boston Public Library. By similar arrangement, the Boston
Medical Library at 8 Fenway serves as a medical branch.

The component parts of the library system are the following:
Director's Office

Division of Home Reading and Community Services
Division of Reference and Research Services
Division of Library Operations
Division of Information
Division of Personnel

* The Trustees serve without compensation.


dikector's office
The general admiBistration of the library system as a whole is centered
in the Director's Office, which acts in close relationship with the Trustees'
Office, with an interchangeable staff acting for the two offices. There is
also supervised from the Director's Office the work of the Office of Records,
Files, Statistics, and the general publishing activities of the Library.


The greater part of the circulation of books to borrowers is centered in
the Branch Libraries, the Bookmobiles, and Hospital Library Service.
The purely library activities of the Branch Libraries and the Bookmobiles
are therefore considered as a unit which is designated as the Division of

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