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as he may deem desirable.

Probation Officers.

[Stat. 1891, Chap. 356; Stat. 1892, Chaps. 242, 276; Stat. 1897, Chap. 266;
Stat. 1910, Chap. 332; Stat. 1913, Chap. 612.]
These officers are appointed by the judges of the respective criminal
courts to ascertain all facts relating to the offenders brought before
the courts. In the performance of their official duties they have all the
powers of pohce officers.


Chief Probation Officer. — Albert J. Sargent. Salary, $3,500.

Assistant Probation Officers. — Francis A. Dudley,^ Albert J. Fowles, D.
Joseph Linehan, Joseph A. McManus, Frank L. Warren, James F.
Wilkinson, Frank E. Hawkes, James H. Knight, Eugene J. CaUanan,
Victor V. Anderson, Edward F. Coughhn, Arthur A. Wordell, Charles
H. Stearns, Robert E. McGuire. Salary, $2,000 each, unless other-
wise indicated. Also the following women: Mary A. Maynard,^ Mary
L. Brinn,5 Elizabeth A. Lee,' Margaret H. Markham,' Alfretta P.
McClure,'' Theresa C. Dowhng,' Ethel Wood,' Annie M. Kennedy,^
Mary A. Thumith.'
JUVENILE COURT. — John B. O'Hare,^ Roy M. Cushman.*


Brighton. — Edward J. Drummond.^ Charlestown. — James D. Coady,^
Florence A. Smith' (for children). Dorchester. — Reginald H. Mair.^ East
Boston. — Dennis J. Kelleher,^ Frederick L. O'Brien.^ Roxbury. — Joseph H.
Keen,i Ulysses G. Varney,^ Edward A. Fallon^ (for children), Mrs. Celia
S. Lappen.5 South Boston. — Clayton H. Parmelee,^ Ellen McGurty,'
James F. Gleason.^ West Roxbury. — Frank B. Skelton,' Arthm* R. Towle.*


Richard Keefe,- James F. Wise,^ Charles M. Warren,^ John J. Barter,^
AUce M. Power,^ Kate M. Reilly,^ Frances McCormick.^

* Per diem for actual service.
1 Salary, $2,200; = Salary, $2,100; ^ Salary, $2,000; « Salary, $1,800; ^ Salary, $1,700;
s Salary, $1,600; ' Salary, $1,500; ' Salary, $1,300; ^ Salary, $1,200.





[R. L., Chap. 151, § 31; Stat. 1899, Chap. 387.]
By the above-stated Statute of 1899, the Governor has power to desig-
nate persons as Justices of the Peace who may solemnize marriages in
Massachusetts. The following-named persons have been designated
to act as such in the City of Boston and, according to the records of the
Secretary of the Commonwealth, their commissions expire on the dates

Name and Residence (oh Office).


Anderson, J. Alfred, 209 "Wasliington street

Andrews, John E., 2343 Wasliington street

Arzillo, Carlo F., 151 Richmond street

Ballou, Henry A., 14 Park square

Bates, Benjamin G., 24 Worthington street, Roxbnry

Belt, Herbert F., 15 Court square. Room 45

Berg, Isaac, 40 Waumbeck street, Roxbury

Binns, Walter H., 963 Tremont street

Bloch, Nathan, 104 Humboldt avenue

Borofsky, Samuel H., 201 Barristers' Hall

Brigham, Charles H., 19 Milk street, Room 55

Broadbent, Joel, 27 Hamburg street

Burns, James A., 1088 Saratoga street. East Boston

Campbell, John A., 55 Monmouth street, East Boston. . .

Cangiano, Michael, 215 North street

Carleton, Willard F., 15 School street

Carter, James T., 18 Tremont street

Connolly, Thomas G., 11 Pemberton square

Cook, Alonzo B., 294 Washington street

Corey, Albert, 44 Cortes street ■ .

Curtis, WilUam D. C, 7 Hallet-Davis avenue, Dorchester

Dakin, Archibald, 48 Cranston street, Jamaica Plain

DePropper, Albert H

Douglas, George A., 6 Beacon street

Douglass, James M., 134 West Canton street

Deo. 8, 1916.
Jan. 25, 1918.
Feb. 12, 1920.
Dec. 20, 1918.
July 30, 1920.
March 25, 1922.
Jan. 29, 1920.
Feb. 28, 1919.
Aug. 15, 1918.
Sept. 25, 1919.
Feb. 24, 1916.
Dec. 20, 1918.
Jan. 17, 1919.
Aug. 6, 1921.
Jan. 31, 1919.
May 22, 1919.
March -23, 1917.
Nov. 25, 1915.
Jan. 12, 1918.
Aug. 28, 1919.
July 2, 1920.
Nov. 25, 1921.
April 1, 1921.
June 5, 1919.
May 26, 1916.



Name and Residence (or Office).


Dowling, John C. L., 318 Warren street, Rosbury

Dubinsky, Harry H., 12 Decatur street

Elliot, Oliver C, 17 Davis street

Emerson, Freeman O., Ill Pembroke street

Felt, David O., 22 Ash street

Ferreira, Joseph E., 1 Pelham street

Feyhl, Charles A., 449 Shawmut avenue

Fletcher, H. T., 27 School street

Forknall, Reuben, 6 Beacon street

Fox, John M

Franceschini, Augusto, 76 Devonshire street

Fraser, James, 39 Court street

Frederickson, Peter A., 1 Sterling street, Roxbury

Frisbee, Ivory F., 727 Tremont street

George, Frank L., 1179 River street, Hyde Park

Gifford, Adam, Salvation Army, 8 East Brookline street

Green, George W., 43 Tremont street

Grimes, Robert A., 24 Ticknor street

Hale, Charles F., 107 Pemberton Building

Hayler, Harry, 7 Richfield street, Dorchester

.Herter, Robert, 15 Catawba street, Roxbury

Hill, Johnson W., 309 Columbus avenue

Hirsh, William, 294 Washington street

Hodgdon, Ernest F., 57 Myrtle street

HoSman, Frank N., 1841 Columbus avenue, Roxbury

Hornig, Hugo, 60 Mozart street, Jamaica Plain

Hourin, Christopher D. A., 1577 Columbus avenue, Roxbury

Jordan, Horace A., 95 Washington street, Brighton

Keegan, Stephen F., 39 Cambridge street

King, Thomas H., 81 Roxbury street

Latrobe, James F., 593 Tremont street

Longarini, Antonio, 15 Court square, Room 59

Maffei, Salvatore, 24 Chelsea street, East Boston

Manks, Herbert M., 95 King street, Dorchester

Sept. 30, 1915.
March 5, 1920.
June 8, 1917.
Oct. 1, 1920.
April 3, 1919.
June 4, 1920.
Jan. 25, 1918.
Sept. 24, 1920.
Oct. 13, 1917.
Nov. 11, 1921.
June 5, 1919.
Oct. 26, 1917.
Nov. 30, 1917.
Oct. 3, 1919.
Feb. 23, 1918.
July 15, 1915.
Aug. 2, 1918.
July 29, 1921.
April 30, 1920.
Oct. 5, 1917.
Jan. 21, 1921.
Jan. 3, 1919.
Nov. 8, 1918.
May 22, 1919.
Feb. 15, 1918.
July 30, 1919.
July 30, 1919.
Jan. 4, 1918.
June 10, 1921.
Nov. 11, 1921.
Sept. 22, 1916.
Nov. 18, 1915.
June 12, 1917.
Feb. 24, 1916.



Name and Residence (ob Office).


MacLellan, George P., 288 Roxbury street

McCance, Alexander, 1328 Washington street

McLeish, Robert M., 394 K street

Mullen, Bernard M., 103 Bennington street. East Boston. .

Newman, Max H., 24 Davis street

Noyes, John H. L., 171 Brooks street. East Boston

Parker, Leonard W., 255B Shawmut avenue

Patrick, Thomas W., 699 Washington street

Pennini, Lewis, 27 Broadway

Peters, Matthew J., 215 L street. South Boston

Powell, Benjamin F., 30 Pemberton square

Ragozzino, Arthur, 294 Hanover street

Read, Augustine H., 161 Devonshire street

Reimer, Arthur E., 186 H street, South Boston

Roberts, Frank L., 156 State street. Room 25

Robinson, Nathaniel G., 21 Mt. Pleasant avenue, Roxbury

Robinson, Robert, 15 Court square

Romano, Saverio R., 247 Hanover street

Rose, John W., 32 WoodviUe street, Roxbury

Rosenband, Adolph, 15 Lyman street

Rowley, Clarence W., 294 Washington street

Sacklad, Elia.s, 28 Fayston street, Roxbury

Schaub, Harry M., 25 Allen stieet

Schriftgiesser, Emil S., 49 Mozart street, Jamaica Plain. . . ,

Schubert, Adolph L., 3 Adelaide terrace ,

Shenberg, Hyman, 27 Greenock street, Dorchester

Sheppard, Joseph, Salvation Army, 8 East Brookline street

Sherman, John W., 60 Pemberton square

Shue, Charles K., 86 Harrison avenue

Silloway, Charles E., 87 Rockland street and 55 City Hall.

Silton, Morris I., 55 Devon street, Roxbury

Spitz, Henry B., 48 Summer street

Susan, Abraham, 142 Trenton street. East Boston

Wilder, D. Edwin, 89 State street. Room 60

April 7, 1916.
Feb. 23, 1917.
March 19, 1920.
April 24, 1919.
March 16, 1917.
Nov. 4, 1915.
Nov. 10, 1916.
Nov. 11, 1921.
Oct. 2, 1919.
Aug. 17, 1917.
Feb. 23, 1918.
Jan. 21, 1921.
Sept. 7, 1917.
March 5, 1920.
March 29, 1918.
Feb. 15, 1918.
Sept. 21, 1917.
Jan. 20, 1922.
Jan. 13, 1917.
Oct. 14, 1921.
Sept. 3, 1920.
April 11, 1918.
Dec. 6, 1918.
July 30, 1919.
Oct. 27, 1919.
April 12, 1918.
Jan. 28, 1921.
June 16, 1916.
March 31, 1916.
Oct. 5, 1917.
Nov. 19, 1920.
Dec. 23, 1921.
Oct. 16, 1919.
May 18, 1917.



Name and Residence (or Office.)


Wright, Curtis J., 127 Dartmouth street

Yennaco, Frank, 32 Liverpool street, East Boston

Young, George M., 1098 Washington street

Zottoli, Frank M., 240 Hanover street

March 15, 1918.
Sept. 27, 1918.
March 15, 1918.
Sept. 17, 1920.


Office, 1 Beacon Street, Eighth Floor.

[Stat. 1906, Chap. 291; Stat. 1907, Chap. 214; Stat. 1909, Chap. 423;
C. C, Chap. 55; Stat. 1910, Chaps. 383 and 476; Stat. 1911, Chap. 83;
Stat. 1913, Chaps. 451, 715; Stat. 1915, Chap. 313.]


Charles R. Gow, Chairman.

Louis Epple, Secretary. Salary, $3,000.


Charles R. Gow. Term ends in 1920. Salary, $4,000.
JosiAH S. Dean. Term ends in 1918. Salary, $3,500.
Robert A. Woods. Term ends in 1916. Salary, $3,500.

The Licensing Board for the City of Boston was established by Chapter
291 of the Acts of 1906. It consists of three members, appointed by
the Governor, with the advice and consent of the Council. The mem-
bers must be citizens of Boston who have resided in the City for at least
two years preceding the date of their appointment. The two principal
political parties must be represented and the term of the members is
fixed at six years; after the first appointments, one member retiring every
two years. The Board was created to exercise all the powers and per-
form all the duties conferred or imposed upon the Board of Police of
the City of Boston by Sections 10 to 90 (both inclusive) of Chapter 100
of the Revised Laws and Amendments thereof, relative to intoxicating
liquors; and by Chapter 102 of the Revised Laws and Amendments
thereof, relative to innholders and common victuallers. Chapter 423, Acts
of 1909, relates to licensing the sale of ice cream, fruit, soda water and
confectionery on Sunday.

The Board also exercises all the powers and performs all the duties
previously conferred or imposed by law on the Board of Police relative
to the licensing of picnic groves, skating rinks, intelHgence offices, billiard
tables and bowling alleys.



[Stat. 1905, Chap. 488; Stat. 1908, Chap. 569; C. C, Chap. 48, § 5.]


Richard Olnet, President.
Nathan Matthews, Vice President.
James J. Storrow, Secretary.
Henry L. Higginson, Treasurer.

James M. Curley, Mayor of Boston, ex officio.
Rev. C. E. Park, Pastor of First Church in Boston, ex officio.
Rev. William H. Dewart, ex officio.
Rev. Kenneth M. Munro, ex officio.
Richard Olney, Henry L. Higginson, Nathan Matthews, Charles T.

Gallagher, James J. Storrow, John A. Sullivan, George F.

Swain, Henry Abrahams. Appointed by the Supreme Judicial


Franklin Union, corner Appleton and Berkeley streets.
Walter B. Russell, Director.

The Franklin Foundation is incorporated under Chapter 569 of the
Acts of 1908, and has sole charge of the Franklin Union, as well as the
management of the Franklin Fund.

The Franklin Fund is the proceeds of a bequest of one thousand pounds
to "the Inhabitants of the Town of Boston in Massachusetts" made by
Benjamin Franklin, in a codicil to his will dated June 23, 1789. The
codicil provided that the fund "if accepted by the inhabitants of the
Town of Boston" be managed "under the direction of the Selectmen,
united with the Minister of the oldest Episcopalian, Congregational,
and Presbyterian Churches in that Town," who were to make loans on
certain conditions to "young married artificers under the age of twenty-
five years."

Dr. Franklin, who died April 17, 1790, calculated that, in one hundred
years, the thousand pounds would grow to £131,000, "of which," he
says, "I would have the managers then lay out at their discretion £100,000
in Public Works which may be judged of most general utility to the
Inhabitants. The remaining £31,000, I would have continued to be
let out on interest for another hundred years. At the end of this second
term, if no unfortunate accident has prevented the operation, the sum
will be £4,061,000, of which I leave £1,061,000 to the Town of Boston,
and £3,000,000 to the disposition of the Government of the State, not
presuming to carry my views farther." The Town accepted the donation
at a Town Meeting held June 1, 1790.

* The Managers serve without compensation.


A futile suit brought by the FrankUn heirs in 1891 prevented the division
of the fund at the expiration of one hundred years; but on January 17,
1894, by direction of the three ministers and the Board of Aldermen
of the City, which board claimed to be the successors of the "Selectmen,"
$329,300.48 (if^ of the fund) was paid to the City Treasurer, for "the
purchase of land and the erection thereon of the FrankUn Trades School
and for the equipment of the same." Owing to a series of complications
the money remained in the custody of the Treasurer. Mayor Collins,
in 1902, caused a petition of the City to be filed in the Supreme Court,
prajdng for instructions as to the authority of the persons then acting as
Managers of the fund. The Court rendered an opinion November 25, 1903
(184 Mass. 373, page 43), to the effect that the three ministers were
Managers of the fund under Frankhn's will, but that the Aldermen did
not succeed the "Selectmen" as Managers and had no powers with refer-
ence to it. The Court, under its general power to care for public charitable
funds, appointed, on March 16, 1904, the above Managers to take the
place of the "Selectmen," and provided in the decree of the Court that
the Mayor of Boston should be one, ex officio. On October 20, 1904, the
City Treasurer, ex officio, was appointed by the Board of Managers as
treasurer of the fund.

On December 2, 1905, the City Treasurer received from Mr. Andrew
Carnegie $408,396.48, said sum being equal to the amount of the Franklin
Fund in August, 1904, which Mr. Carnegie agreed to duplicate. Only the
annual income from this fund is used.

On January 31, 1907, the amount of the "accumulated" fund available
for expenditure by the Managers was $438,741.89, and in that year the
Franklin Union Building was erected at the corner of Appleton and Ber-
keley streets. It was opened for the use of the Franklin Trades School,
or Franklin Union as it is now called, in September, 1908, and is main-
tained partly by the nominal registration fees, by rentals, and by the
income (i. e., $22,640 yearly) from the above mentioned Franklin Fund
{i. e., the Andrew Carnegie Donation), amounting to $481,258.74 on
January 31, 1915. The building contains 24 classrooms and 6 draughting-
rooms, where about 1,600 students receive instruction, the fees ranging
from $4 to $15, according to length of course. There is also a technical and
scientific library, and a large hall with a seating capacity of 1,000 for
lectures, concerts, discussions and similar purposes. The building
with equipment cost $402,718. The site was purchased in 1906 for

The Franklin Accumulating Fund, which will become available in 1991,
amounted, on January 31, 1915, to $236,382.95.

[R. L., Chap. 24; Stat. 1908, Chap. 424; Stat. 1909, Chap. 273.]

The County is divided into two medical districts. Northern and South-
em, by a line beginning at the junction of the Brookline line with Hunt-


ington avenue; thence through Huntington avenue and Fencourt; thence
through middle of Fens, through Boylston, Berkeley and Providence
streets, Park square, Boylston and Essex streets, Atlantic avenue and
Summer street to Fort Point channel; thence through said channel,
Dover street, Dorchester avenue, Dorchester street. East Fourth and G
streets to the harbor. [See Proceedings of City Council, June 3, 1911.]
Medical Examiners. — Northern District, George B. Magrath, M.D., 274
Boylston street. Term ends in 1921. Southern District, Timothy
Leary, M.D., City Hospital, 818 Harrison avenue. Term ends in
1917. Salary of each, $4,000.
Associate Medical Examiners. — William H. Watters, M.D., 80 East Con-
cord street. Term ends in 1917. Oscar Richardson, M.D., 485
Beacon street. Term ends in 1920. Salary of each, $666.
All are appointed by the Governor for a term of seven years.
The two mortuaries maintained by the County, in accordance with Acts
of 1911, Chapter 252, are in charge of the Medical Examiners. Location
of Northern District Mortuary, 18 North Grove street; Southern District,
on City Hospital grounds.

Term May 1, 1915, to Mat. 1, 1916.

Appointed annually by Mayor, subject to confirmation by the City
Council, for one year beginning with the first day of May.

(Alphabetical Lists.)
Beef, Weighers of.— [R. L., Chap. 57, §§ 1, 2.] Frederick T. Baker, Forrest
O. Batchelder, Louis L. Berry, James W. Blakeley, Lawrence A. Bragan,
Joseph 0. Briggs, Thomas J. Callaghan, Patrick J. Callahan, Thomas R.
Cashman, Frank J. Coleman, Daniel G. Collins, Michael Collins, James
P. Conroy, James Cook, Charles S. Cotter, Fred A. Curtis, Ernest L.
Dean, William H. Drake, Clarence O. Dustin, Charles A. Dyer, Mark R.
Eisenham, Lorenzo T. Farnum, Frank H. Feitel, Daniel T. Flynn, Patrick
J. Foley, Patrick P. Ford, Michael Gallagher, William Gordan,
Thomas H. Gordon, Lawrence C. Hallin, Charles Warren Hapgood,
Fred G. Harms, Charles B. Harris, Florence J. Hartnett, Frank E.
Hawkins, Benjamin Hay, Joseph M. Hefferan, Benjamin F. Hooten,
John Hurley, William S. Jewett, John W. Joy, George W. Keith, John
W. Kelley, John F. KeUy, Thomas F. Kelly, John E. Keogh, Fred Kit-
son, Thomas C. Lamb, Eugene J. McCarthy, Jeremiah L. McCarthy,
Eugene P. McDonald, Martin McGrath, James C. McMahon, William
F. Mahoney, Mark M. Manning, Forrest 0. Mitchell, Christian Moore,
Arthur E. Morrison, John F. Nelson, Edward W. Noel, Thomas J.
O'Keefe, Denis 'Sullivan, Harold D. Page, Robert S. Paine, Jr., WiUiam
A. Podolski, James F. Richard, Walter S. Riddell, Ellsworth G. Robbins,
George F. Ryan, Harry N. Safford, William Seeley, James B. Shaw,
Eugene Sheridan, Alfred J. Sidwell, Edward C. Smith, George M. Smith,


William E. Stewart, John C. Sullivan, Timothy J. Sullivan, Charles
J. Yerrill, Everett S. Vradenburgh, Alfred A. Waldron, Michael Wall,
Albert M. Walles, Henry H. Walters, Moses R. Webster, George W.
Whitney, Fred P. Wood, Charles H. Woods, Benjamin W. Wright.

Boilers and Heavy Machinery, Weighers of. — [R. L., Chap. 62, § 42.]
Frederick T. Baker, Forrest O. Batchelder, Cecil E. Baum, Anton S.
Beckert, Louis L. Berry, James W. Blakeley, Lawrence A. Bragan,
Joseph C. Briggs, Thomas J. Callaghan, Patrick J. Callahan, Thomas
R. Cashman, Daniel G. Collins, Michael Collins, James Cook, Hugh F.
Coyle, Andrew W. Crowther, Fred A. Cm-tis, James T. Donahue, John
F. Donovan, Wilham H. Drake, Jeremiah F. Driscoll, James H. Duffj^,
Charles A. Dyer, Mark R. Eisenham, Lorenzo T. Farnum, Frank H.
Feitel, Daniel T. Flynn, Patrick J. Foley, Louis F. Gibbons, John E.
Gillen, William Gordan, Thomas H. Gordon, Thomas A. Gorman,
Lawrence C. Hallin, Fred G. Harms, Charles B. Harris, Florence J.
Hartnett, Frank E. Hawkins, Benjamin Hay, Joseph M. Hefferan,
Charles F. Hersey, Benjamin F. Hooten, John Hurley, Alfred Inch,
Lemuel T. James, WilUam S. Jewett, John W. Joy, George W. Keith,
John W. Kelley, John F. Kelly, Thomas F. Kelly, William H. Kenney,
Fred Kitson, Thomas C. Lamb, Ernest S. Lent, William Lindsaj',
Daniel McCarthy, Eugene J. McCarthy, Jeremiah L. McCarthy,
Eugene P. McDonald, James E. McGonigle, Jr., Martin McGrath,
Hector McLean, James C. McMahon, William F. Mahoney, Mark M.
Manning, Leslie H. Mason, Forrest O. Mitchell, Christian Moore,
Edward P. Morrison, James H. Muldoon, John F. Nelson, Edward W.
Noel, Thomas J. O'Keefe, Denis O'SuUivan, Harold D. Page, L. A.
Peachey, Wilham A. Podolski, Walter S. Riddell, Fred B. Riggs, Ells-
worth G. Robbins, John T. Robinson, S. Walter Rowe, Harry N. Safford,
William Seeley, Eugene Sheridan, Alfred J. Sidwell, Edward C. Smith,
George M. Smith, William E. Stewart, John C. SulHvan, Timothj^ J.
Sulhvan, John H. Toland, Charles J. Verrill, Everett S. Vradenburgh,
Alfred A. Waldron, Michael Wall, Albert M. Walles, Henry H. Walters,
Fred P. Wood, Charles H. Woods, Sophie Zinger.

Coal, Weighers of.— [R. L., Chap. 57, §§83-93; amended by Stat. 1902,
Chap. 453; Stat. 1907, Chap. 228; Stat. 1908, Chaps. 205 and 304.]
Henry E. Adams, John F. Ahern, Morton Alden, Etta Alpert, Benjamin
F. Appleby, Richard A. Atwood, Malcolm P. Bail, William G. Bail,
Albert W. Bailey, Chester A. Bailey, Frederick T. Baker, Arthur J.
Barbour, Arthur F. Barry, Fred S. Barstow, Forrest O. Batchelder,
Cecil E. Baum, Anton S. Beckert, Albert E. Benson, Charles E. Berry,
Louis L. Berry, Claude H. Birkenshaw, James W. Blakeley, Fred R.
Bolster, John F. Bowman, Edwin M. Bradford, Lawrence A. Bragan,
William M. Bragger, Andrew S. Brewer, Joseph C. Bridgman, Joseph
O. Briggs, James J. Brock, Algernon D. Brown, Joseph A. Browne,
James E. Bucklej^, Nicholas A. Burkhart, Carl W. Burrows, Thomas J.
Callaghan, Jeremiah J. Callahan, Patrick J. Callahan, William A.


Campbell, John F. Carroll, Patrick Carter, Thomas R. Cashman, John
A. Caulfield, William C. Caverly, Edward A. Clancy, Isaac E. Clark,
Sarah L. Cleary, Frederick E. Cleaves, Carleton M. Cobb, Paul G.
Coblenzer, Frank H. Cole, WiUis H. Cole, Daniel G. Collins, Michael
Collins, Michael H. Condon, William Connelly, John Connors, James
Cook, Eliot E. Copeland, John A. Cousens, Hugh F. Coyle, Patrick
Coyle, Franklin L. Cronin, Arthur R. Crooks, Arnold B. Crosby, Fred
M. Crosby, Daniel J. Crowley, Daniel Joseph Crowley, Andrew W.
Crowther, Arthur B. Cudworth, Daniel T. Cunningham, Fred A.
Curtis, Walter H. Cutter, George W. Dalton, James B. Dana, Francis W.
Darling, Otto A. Datoro, Dennis J. Devine, Raymond C. Dinsmore,
Daniel F. Doherty, Gerald M. Doherty, John F. Donovan, Patrick
J. Donovan, Fred A. Downey, Thomas F. Downey, William H. Drake,
Thomas A. Drew, Jeremiah F. Driscoll, H. T. DuffiU, James H. Duffy,
Patrick R. Dunn, Charles A. Dyer, Mark R. Eisenham, John A. Emery,
Jr., George F. Enos, Daniel J. Falvey, Lorenzo T. Farnum, Peter M.
Farrell, Richard J. Fay, Frank H. Feitel, Arthur L. Fish, Clifton E.
Flagg, Joseph Flores, Daniel T. Flynn, Patrick J. Foley, Edward J.
Ford, Charles W. Friend, Henry A. Frost, James E. Gallivan, Charles
H. Gelpke, Louis F. Gibbons, Martin Gilbert, H. Ginsberg, William
Gordan, Barnet E. Gordon, George K. Gordon, Thomas H. Gordon,
Albert W. Grant, Charles T. Grant, Herbert C. Gray, Albert Greaves,
F. M. Hall, Lawrence C. Hallin, Charles A. Hamann, Lewis F. Hamblen,
Walter P. Hamblen, Charles A. Hardy, William B. Harlow, Fred E.
Harmon, Fred G. Harms, Charles B. Harris, Benjamin Hay, Florence
J. Hartnett, Joseph A. Hathaway, Frank E. Hawkins, John M. Hedly,
Joseph M. Hefferan, Walter Henderson, George W. Herrick, Lewellyn
S. Herrick, Herbert R. Higgins, Sidney C. Higgins, Arthur W. Hill, John
P. Hines, Roger S. Hodges, John F. Hogan, Benjamin F. Hooten,
Fletcher Houghton, Thomas E. Hughes, John W. Hunter, Louis Hup-
prich, Willis C. Hurd, Daniel F. Hurley, John Hurley, Alfred Inch,
Fred J. Inman, Herbert E. Irving, Lemuel T. James, Charles E. Jameson,
William P. Jenkins, WUliam S. Jewett, John W. Joy, Samuel H.
Kaercher, George Katz, John Bernard Keaney, Dennis P. Keating,
William W. Kee, Bradford J. Keith, George W. Keith, Lewis W.
Keith, Michael M. Keleher, John W. Kelley, John F. Kelly, Martin
E. Kenna, John E. Keogh, John F. Kiernan, Leslie Kierstead, John

E. Kiley, John F. Kiley, Joseph A. Kirchgasser, Mary B. Kirley,
Fred Kitson, Maurice H. Klous, Edward A. Ladd, Thomas C. Lamb,
HoUis A. Langley, Daniel F. Lauten, John J. Lavin, Michael F. Lee,
Ernest S. Lent, Clarence W. Lewis, William D. Lindsay, James P.
Lynch, Pearl B. Lyon, Albert F. Lyons, John L. MacDonald, William

F. Mahoney, Mark M. Manning, Charles S. Mansfield, Richard Marcy,
Wesley T. Marr, Walter D. McAvoy, Daniel McCarthy, Eugene J.
McCarthy, Frank E. McCarthy, Jeremiah L. McCarthy, Bessie McCugh,
WilHam M. McCullagh, James S. McDaniel, Jr., Eugene P. McDonald,
George V. McDougald, James E. McGonigle, Jr., Charles McGovern,


Edward J. McGovern, Martin McGrath, Francis R. McGuire, Edward
S. Mcllhatten, Roy C. Mclntyre, Horace E. McKeen, John A. McKeon,

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