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^itU% 4 §00h aMd t0 tfo f ibrarj,



NUMBERS 36 TO 47 -OCT., 1875, TO OCT., 1878.



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Art department 382

Barton Library 344

Jamaica Plain Branch 2S0

Bouth End Branch 280, 412

Circulation of books 312

Duplicates 843

Harris bequest 2S0

Hunt bequest . 280

Important works In Bulletins, 37, 76, 112, 144. 184, 252,

279, 308, 345, 388, 437

Mercantile Library Association 280

Now bookM In !.owcr Hall and Branches . . . 810, 348, 885

PeriodicalK, Central Library Reading Hoom 418

Recent gifts 280, 312

Thayer bequest 280



America before Columbus 65

American early explorations 103, 136, 205, 241

American local history, 38, 72, 107, 141, 181. 212, 250,

276, 302, 336, 369, 422

Autographs 69

Bibles 434

Boswell, James 189

Centennial exhibition, Philadelphia 171

Centennial reading, continued 31, 172

Check list for American local history. See American.

Coins and medals 429

Decorative art 348

DeQuincey, Thomas 233

Eastern question 244, 379

English drama in the Barton library 344

France. Voyages pittoresques 27

Great Britain. Parliamentary documents 382

Literature of 1776 , . 31

Literature of 1777 172

Manuscripts 263

Mnrtinenu, Harriet 198

Mathematics 330

Mental philosophy 143, 177, 214, 248, 278, 334, 376

Montfort, Simon do 231

Music 84

Paris. Nouvel Op<ira 21

Pottery and porcelain . 210, 348

Procur, B. W. {Barrj/ Cornwall) 234

Ru(<Hia . 244, 370

BhukeHpcaro 235

Trees and forests 377

Turkey 245,879

Turner, J. M. W 238

United States Congrosnional documents 348, 381

Virginia. Early history 269

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No. 3 6.

JA.IS'UA.RY, 1876.

Board of Trustees.


JoBiT T. Clark, 48 Commonwealth Avenue, . . . Alderman, Tenn expires 1876

Charles A. Bcrditt, Mill Street (Ward 16), ».» Councilman, ** *

David P. Kimball, 37 Hancock Street, Councilman, " *

Samuel A. Green, 25 Kneeland Street, At Large, ** *

George S. HiLLARD, 62 Pinckney Street, " " *

George Pdtnam, 180 Highland Street, ** " *

Weston Lewis, 81 Worcester Street, " " *

William W. Greenough, 24 West Street, ** " *

BiCHARD Frothingham, 9 Monument Square, Ch'o, .. . '* <' '


General Officers.

JUSTIN WINSOR, Superintendent, and Secretary of the Trustees.
James L. Whitney, Assistant Superintendent.
James M. Hubbard, Principal Assistant, Frederic B. Perkins, Office Secretary,

William H. Foster, Proof-reader, Charles A. Wilson, Despaieh Clerk,

Arthur Mason Knapp, Periodicals and Pamphlets. Jos£ F. Carrbt, Patents and Engravings.

William £. Ford, Chief Janitor,

Departmental Officers.

Henry Ware, Keeper, Bates HaXl, Elbridgb Bradshaw, Keeper, Lower HiaU,

Cornelius S. Cart£e, Librarian, Charlestown, Miss Sarah C. Godbold, Librarian, Easi Boston,
Miss Alice J. Bragdon, Librarian, South Boston, Miss H. C. Price, Librarian, Rozbury,
Miss Mart E. Brock, Librarian, Brighton, Miss Mart G. Copfin, Librarian, Dorchester.

Miss M. A. Hnx, Delivery Agent, Lower Mills,

Days and Hours, eto.

All departments are open every secular day, except the
fire legal holidays, —February 22, Fast Day, July 4, Thanks-
giving, and Christmas, — and such other days as the
Trustees may direct. The Reading Rooms for Periodicals
are open on Sundays at 2 P. M., and close at the Central
Library at 10 p. m. ; and at the Branches at 8 or 9 p. m
Those at Brighton and Dorchester are not open on Sundays.

Bates Hall,

Newspaper Room, . . .

Duplicate Room

Popular departments: —

Lower Hall,

Charlestown Branch, . .
Brighton Branch, ....
East Boston Branch, . .
Roxbury Branch. ....
South Boston Branch, . .
Dorchester Branch, . . .
Lower Mills Delivery, . .


r 9 to6

J tffintfr;

1 9 to7

t summer.

9 to 9*


9 to 8tt


9 to 9

9 to 9


4 to§




in R. R.






* Book! are rweived after 8.30 A.M.
f Keep open till 9 P.M. Saturdsy*.
i I< clOMd 12 M. to 2 P. M.

Persons Admitted to TTse the Libraries.

I. To use periodicals or books in the btUldiuffs, Any
person above the age of 14 years may use the Reading Room
for periodicals, and may make use of the books within the
buildings, without previous registration.

n. 7b take books away Jirom t\e buildings. All dtisena
and residents of Boston above the age of 14 yean; all non-
resident Clergymen and Teachers having regular pro-
fessional occupation in the city ; and all pupils attending the
Oirls' High and Normal Schools, are entitled to a ftill use of
the Library. All these must sign the application card, and
give the name of a citixen, who may be consulted, if neces-
sary. The registration takes place in the Lower Ball of the
Central Library, at the Branches^ and at the Lower JiUls

m. Non-residenis. Non-resident members of educational
institutions In the city and other non-residents (when spe-
cially permitted. In consideration of the advancement of the
public interests) may take books for home use, in accordance
with the conditions imposed in each case by the Trustees.

Bates Hall books can be applied for at the several Branches,
and at the Lower Mills Delivery, and when the word comes
to the Central Library, if found on the shelves, they will be
sent to the Branch by the return express box.

5 CloMd from 6 to 6.90.

For further particuhtra see Handbook for BeaderSf distributed gratia.

8 n Q /^ ~

Digitized by

Google ^


JVbte.— CopiMof the printed OatalogneeAre always ao-
eeaeible on the Ublee of the Batee Hall, at the 01erk*B desk In
the Lower Hall, at the Branches, and Lower Mills Delivery.

A limited number of copies of the Index and Supplement
of the Bates Hall circulate like other books.


A fresh IM q/ accMtion* is posted dally in each Li-
brary. That for Bates Hall shows books added to the
Central Library, and before titles appear on the Bulletin
board, the new books are displayed (with the shelf numbers
attached) in a glass case at the Desk. The lisU for the
Lower Hall and for the Branches show only the books
added to those departments. The Dorchester list is posted
at the Lower Mills Delivery.

The printed quarterly BuUetint reached the end of the
second volume with No. 86; and the present, No. 80, Is the
first number of the third volume. For sale (excepting those
out of print) at 2 cents each. Books with numbers below
2110 are in the Lower Hall; above 2110, in the Bates Hall.
Those with B. B., S. B., Box., Clin., Bri., or Bor.
prefixed to the number are respectively in the East Boston,
Bonth Boston, Roxbnry, Charlestown, Brighton, or Dor-
chester Branches.

Bates Hall of the Oentral Library.

L The Index of 1861. (Includes the Bowditch Library.)
Boyal octavo, 002 pages. Out of print.

n. The SUPPI.E1IENT of 1866. (Includes the Parker Li-
brary.) Boyal octavo, 718 pages. For tale at tS.OO.

m. The Gataix>gue of the Pbince Libbabt. Boyal
octavo, 160 pages. For eale at $1.00.

IV. The OoNBOUDATED Bulletin in two volumes (kept
near the Desk). Combines in one alphabet the titles con-
tained in the thirty-six printed Bulletins which have been
Issued since October, 1867, and shows the more important
books added to the Bates Hall since August 81, of that year;
also, books added to the Lower Hall since the issue of
the first editions of the several Finding Lists. It has no
entries under subjects.

V. Public Cabd Catalogue. The Card Catalogue in
the Bates Hall contains the more important books added to
this Hall since the publication of the Index in 1861, and all
books added to the Lower and Bates Halls since 1871.
Titles of all the Bulletins published between 1866 and 1871
have been embodied In these cards, also the titles from the
Catalogue of the Prince Library, and from the Lower Hall
Catalogue of History, Biography, etc. Some progress has
been made In preparing titles from the Bates Hall Index,
from the Barton collection, and from the remaining Class
lists of the Lower Hall. When this Is completed and the
titles of works not printed in the Bulletins from 1866 to 1871
have been added, all the titles of books in the Central
library can be found in the Public Card Catalogue, under
one alphabet, with entries by author and by subject or title.

VI. The Official Cabd Catalogue, which can be con-
sulted, in cases of need, upon application, contains the titles
of all books added to the Bates Hall since the publication of
the Supplement in 1866.


A list of the Portraits In the TostI Engravings has been
printed, but the edition is now exhausted. Bulletins 13 and
16 contain a list of that portion of the same collection which
is in bound volumes, embracing nearly 6,100 prints ; Bulletin
21 uid a separate Supplementary List contain the engrav-
ings, not portraits, in fhmies and in portfolios. A Con-
solidated Catalogue is In charge of the Curator, as also a
numerical catalogue of the engravings in firames.

Lower Hall of the Oentral Library.

I. Fiction and Juveniles. 6th edition, August,
1871, 76 pages. Price 16 centi.

n. Abts, Sciences, and 'Pbofbssioni . 2d 4diti4m,
September, 1871^ 71 pages. I^Hce 10 cents.

m. HiSTOBT, BiooBAPBT, AND Tbavels, With notos for
readers. 9d edition, July, ISIB, aoi pugnB. Price 60 cente,

IV. BooES IN FOBEIGN LANGUAGES. 2d edition, Jan-
uary, 1876, 68 pages. Price 10 cente.

V. PoETBT, Dbama, Collections, and Miscella-
nies, let edition, August, 1870, 128 pages. Price 20 cente.

VI. A Cabd Catalogue, containing only the titles of
works (not anonymous) which have been added to the
Lower Library since the issue of the various Class Lists,
has been placed at the Clerk's desk in the Distributing Hall.
In the printed Bulletins, such works are entered only under
the names of their authors. These printed entries have been
cut out of the various Bulletins, and inserted in alphabetical
order in a book, which is in the custody of the Clerk, and
which can be consulted on application to him. This Con-
solidated Bulletin, therefore, and the Card Catalogue,
taken together, show all the additions, both under author
and title, which have been made to the Lower Hall since
the publication of the several Class Lists.

OBSERVE. Many books properly belonging to the
classes of the preceding lists will be found in No. V, because
they form one of a series or collection.


Catalogues are for sale:— East Boston, 10 cente; South
Boston, 10 cente; Roxbory, 20 cente; Dorchester, 20 cents,
and 10 cents for the Supplemental list. Charlestown, 26
cents each, parts 1 and 2; and Brighton, 26 cents, for the
main Catalogue (including first Supplement), and 6 cents for
each of the two subsequent Supplements.

The Bulletins since the issues of the Branch Catalogues,
constitute supplements to those several lists.

Index to Historioal Fiction.

A list of books in prose fiction, of poems and of dramas,
Illustrating historical eras and persons, and arranged by
countries in chronological order, giving indications of authors
and titles, so that the work can be found by the catalogues,
is for sale at 10 cents.

Prices to Von-Besidents

are fixed to cover cost of manufacture and postage.

Central Periodioal Beading Boom.

' A List of Periodicals currently received (more than 800 in
number, of which about one-half are kept in the Beading
Boom) Is for sale at 6 cents.

The Oatalogne System.

Books are found by :—

I. The title. Ifthis is not clearly indicative of the subject of
the work, search for it under the first word not an article. Oth-
erwise, the subject should be looked for rather than the title.

n. The author. Find this in Its proper alphabetical
place. If the name is a fictitious one, there will be a refer-
ence firom it to the real name.

m. The sulj^. Find this under the most specific head^
and consult other heads referred to there ; but observe that
these references are not to more general subjects, inasmuch
as it is left to the intelligence of the user to look for matter
pertaining to the Tiorse, for example, under such general
heads as Natural History, Animals, Quadrupeds, and Mam-
mals, books on which general topics have, almost as a matter
of course, chapters or sections on particular animals. Again,
books on the same subject will sometimes be found under
different heads, where the terms are synonymous, or nearly
so (as Coins and Numismatics), but in such cases cross-refer-
ences from one to the other will always assist the searcher.

JPor an extended ciccount of the CatcUoguea see ** Handbook for Meadera,*' of
which a new edition has recently been published.

Digitized by





Bbetf-nmnbert miO and upwards Indicate books In Bates Hall .

Bhelf-nambera below 2110 indicate books in the Lower Hall.

K. B., East Boston Branch.

S. B., Booth Boston Branch.

Rox., B,oxbary Branch.

Cluft., Cbarlestown Branch.

Brt., Brighton Branch.

J^or.f Dorchester Branch.

N. R., Newspaper Room.

R. B., Reading Room.

O. R., Catalogue lioom.

IC.Bp KapRtand.

Oop,t Copyrighted.

[ J Enclose corrections or explanations.
— Stands for the preceding heading.
Stands for a suoordinate heading.
-{• Additional pages not numbered.

i) Enclose names not usually retained.
Permission of Superintendent required to take book out.
Not attached to Lower Hall copies of the tame book,
• ♦ Book cannot leave the Library.

%* Permission of Trustees reoulred to take the book out.
O. Book can be used only in tLls room.

•»* Friends of the Public Library will confer a favor^ if they will kindly communicate to the
Superintendent the correction of any error they may discover in this List, or the authorship of any works
treated as anonymous, or the name of any person entered only under initials or under a pseudonym.

•^* Ilie entries below are usually of sufficient length for comparison of editions ; but in cases of
juvenile books and replacements of popular bookSf the titles are only given at such length as may be
necessary for finding purposes.

Shelf. No.

Abbott, Austin. Official report of the trial of Hen*
ry Ward Beecher. Vol. il. New York, 1875.
8* *5093.8

Abbott, Edwin. A concordance to the works of

Alexander Pope. London, 1876. 8* *4M2.3

Abbott, Jacob. Mary Gay: or, work for girls.
Illustrated. New York, 1876 [cop. 1865].
4v. 16* Clm. 616.7

Abbott, John Stevens Cabot. American pioneers
and patriots. George Washington. Illus-
trated. New York [1875]. 12« 1639.18

Brl. 73.81; €lm. 2736.15: I»or. 77.36; B. B. 128.9
Box. 1014.16; S. B. 168.24

— The history of Maine. Illustrated. Boston,

1876. Portrait. 8« ♦2337.16

Box. 813.16; 8. B. 382 2

— The history of the civil war in America. lUus.

trated. Springfield. 1863. 66. 2 v. 8* . S. B. 382.1

— The life of Christopher Columbus. Illnstrated.

New York [1876]. Portrait. 12* 1627.14

Bri. 66.78; Clrn. 2736.12: Bor. 77.36; B. B. 128.8
Box. 1014.16 : S. B. 168.28
ACHABD, ISlmiie. The history of my fHcnds; or,

home life with animals. From the French.

Illnstrated. New York, 1876. 12« 1175.21

Adams, Francis. The free school system of the

United SUtes. London, 1876. 8^ . . * . . .8696.66
Adams, Henry Cadwallader. The lost rifle; or,

schoolboy factloD. Blustrated. London,

1876 [1875]. 8m. 8« 1427.8

— Sunday evenings at home: being stories from

history for every Sundav, etc., In the ypar.
Ascension to Advent. London, 1876 [1875].
Illnstrated. Sm. 8* 62.6

Adams. John and Abigail Familiar letters during
tnc revokiUon. With a memoir of Mrs.
Adams. By Charles Francis Adams. New
York, 1876 [18761. Portrait. 16» . 1639.12 and 2348.72

Adams, John Quincy. Memoirs comprising portions
of his diary from 1796 to 1848. Edited by
Charles Francis Adams. Vol. Vii. Phila-
delphia, 1876. 80 2343.61 ; 2343.62

^ri. 68.72; Clin. 84.26; Bor. 76.18; B. B. 193.13
Box. 6021.10; S. B. 162.6

ADAMS, L. G. Recneil de sculptures gothlques
dessln^M et gravies d'apr^ les pins b^ux
monuments constrults en France depuis lo lie
jnsqu'au 16e sl&clc. Paris, 1866. 2 v. 4* . *4073.60

Adams, L. L. A ride on horseback through the
Holy Land, written for the children. By L.
L. A. Boston [cop. 1874]. lUostrated. 16*.

S. B. 124.8

Shelf. No.
Adams, Sarah Flower. " Nearer my God. to Thee."

With designs. Boston, 1876 [1875]. Sm. 4* . 8446.72

Bor. 116.7
Adams, William Henry Davenport. The monsters
of the deep: and curiosities of ocean life.
London, 1875. Illustrated. Sm.8o. . . Box. 6617.1
Adams, William T. (pneud. Oliver Optic). The
great western series. Going Wfst; or, the
perils of a poor boy. With illustrations.

fioston, 1876 [1876]. 16» 1795.13

Bri. 18.126; Clua. 616.7; Bor. 163.10; B. B. 13.24
Box. 938.9: S.B. U7.19

— Indoors and out; or. views f^om the chimney

comer. [New edition.] Boston, 1876 [1875J.
Ulustrated. 12* . 1466.6 ; Clm. 2036.18 ; Bor. 236.10
B. B. 304.38; Box. 714.87; S. B. 277.9

— The yacht club series. Money-maker; or, the

victory of the Basilisk. With illustrations.
Boston, 1874. 16» Brl. 18.120

— Young America abroad. 2d series. Cross and

crescent; or Young America in Turkey and
Greece. Boston, 1876 [con. 1872]. 16* . Dor. 163.20

Sunny shores ; or. Young America In Italy and

Austria. Boston, 1875. illustrated. 16* . Bor. 163.21

— and others. The great bonanza. Illustrated

narrative of adventure and discovery in gold
mining, silver mining [etc.]. With Ulus-

traUons. Boston, 1876 [18751. 8* 1721.17

Brt. 68.67; Clua. 62.13; Bor. 36 84; B. B. 282.42
Box. 910.3; S. B. 121.2

Addison, Joseph. Works. New York, 1878. 3 v.

Portrait. 8« Bor. 105.14

Adventures, The, of Robinson Playfellow, a
young French marine. With illustrations.
London, 1873. Sm. 8o 62.28 ;£. B. 282.41

.^SOPDS. Steinb5wels Asop. heraufigcgcben von
Hermann Osterley. Tiibingen, 1873. [Stut^
gart. LiUerarUcher VerHn. Blbliothek.] 8«.


After many days; or, clear shining after rain.

London, 1876. Illustrated. Sm. 8* 62.2

AOABSIZ, Elizabeth Cary and Alexander (Emmanuel
Rudolph). Seaside studies in natural history.
Marine animals of Massachusetts bay. Ram-
ates. Boston, 1871 [cop. 1866]. Illustrated.
8« S. B. 392.26

Ainsworth, William Harrison. Preston fight ; or,
the insurrection of 1716. A tale. Leipzig,

1876. 2 V. In 1. Sq. 16« 62.22

Bor. 49a.l5; Box. 331.16; S. B. 262.12

— Rookwood. A romance. With Illustrations.

London [1873]. 8« Box. 712.9

Digitized by




Shelf. No.
ALBEBT8EN, Frank, p$eud. The foar-footed loven.

[Javenile] Iliustrated. Boston, 1876. Sm. 4* . 1721.16
Brl. 16.92; Clm. 626.10; I>or. 164.4; £. B. 19.52
Rox. 910.4; S.B. 133.9
Alcott. Louisa May. Bight coaalns ; or, the aunt-

hUl. With illnatratlont. Boston, 1676. 16*. 61.14
Brl. 11.73; Clm. 627.4; I»or. 158.24; £. B. 825.40
Rox. 1117.1; 8. B. 219.31
Alden, Isabella M. (pseud. Pansy). Cunning work-
men. Boston ri876]. Woodcut 16*. . 8. B. 220.8

— The king's daughter. Boston, 1873. Sm. 8« . . 1721.7

— Wise and otherwise. Boston, 1874. Illustrated.

8m. 8* £.B. 848.26

AurOBD, Henry. The state of the blessed dead.

London, 1874. 8q. 16* 8467.91

AxoKR, Horatio. >■. Brave and bold; or, the fortunes
of a factory boy. Boston [cop. 1874], Illus-
trated. [Brave and bold serlefl.j 16* . I>or. 167.48

— Orand'ther Baldwin's Thanksgiving, with other

baUads and poems. Boston 118761. 12*. . .1368.24
~ Helen Ford. Boston, 1860. 12^ Box. 1116.6

— Herbert Carter's legaoy : or, the inventor's son.

Boston [18761. Woodcut. [Luck and pluck

books. 2d series.] 16* 63.1

Bri. 12.106; Clm. 616.2; I>or. 168.4; £. B. 29.77
Rox. 1116.10; 8. B 262.12

— Jack's ward; or, the boy guardian. Boston

[18761. Illustrated. [Brave and bold series.]
16* . . 6L12; Brl. 13.121; Clm. 627.6; I»or. U7.48
£. B. 29.74; Rox. 1117.2; S. B. 114.30

AxxiB, —tjoint author. Sf Getmet. — .

AXI.ABD, Cnristophe. Etude sur la chose Jug6e en

droit civiL Paris, 1876. 8* 7628.16

AXLEN, Joseph Henry, and Greehouoh, James ,
Brndstreet. A Latin grammar for schools and
colleges, founded on comparative grammar.
4thediUon. Boston, 1874. 12* 2939.62

AiXTBONE, Samuel Austin. Prose quotations from
Socrates to Macaulay. With indexes. Phila-
delphia. 1876* [18761. 8« 6242.7

Allie Bird series. See Farmav, Ella.

Axq, Louise d'. Fortune «t ruine. Reouell de

nouvelles. T. ii. Paris [1876]. 16* .... 2667.66

Comunu. — La flancie suMoIm : Soavenin dM eaax ;
Histolre d'unc Jeune flUe en 1870-1871 1 Lc fkuz amour-
propre ; La eorbellle de noces.

American pioneers and patriots. See Abbott, J. 8. C.

Ames, Mary Clemmer. Ten years in Washington.

Illustrated. Hartford, 1874. 8* I»or. 26.13

— Same. Hartford, 1876 [cop. 18731. 8* . . . Rox. 612.8

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