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In my notes I have often given but brief references to the authors whom
I quote. The following list, which is not, however, so complete as I
could wish, will, I hope, do much towards supplying the deficiency.
Most of the poets, and a few of the prose writers also, I have not
found it needful to include, as my references apply equally well to
all editions of their works. The date in each case shows, not the
year of the original publication, but of the edition to which I have

ADDISON, Joseph, _Works_, 6 vols., London, 1862.

AIKIN, J. and A. L., _Miscellaneous Pieces in Prose_, 1773.

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London, 1852.

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London, 1805.

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Heath, 7 vols., London, 1857-62; _Life and Letters_, edited by
Spedding, Ellis, and Heath, 7 vols., London, 1869-74.

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Children_, London, 1878.

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London, 1769; _Journey from London to Genoa_, 4 vols., London, 1770;
_Tolondron_, London, 1786.

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5 vols., London, 1786.

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London, 1829.

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Fingal_, London, 1765.

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London, 1809.

_Bookseller of the Last Century, being some account of the Life of John
Newbery_. By Charles WELSH, London, 1885.

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London, 1769; _Correspondence with the Honourable Andrew Erskine
and Journal of a Tour to Corsica_, edited by George Birkbeck Hill,
D.C.L., London, 1879; _The Cub at Newmarket_, 1762; _An Elegy on
the Death of an Amiable Young Lady_, with _An Epistle from Menalcas
to Lycidas_, 1761; _The Hypochondriack_, published in the _London
Magazine_, from 1777 to 1783; _Journal of a Tour to Corsica_: see above
under _Correspondence with the Hon. Andrew Erskine; Journal of a Tour
to the Hebrides_, first and second editions, 1785; third, 1786; fourth,
1807; _A Letter to the People of Scotland on the present state of the
Nation_, Edinburgh, 1783; _A Letter to the People of Scotland on the
Alarming Attempt to infringe the Articles of the Union and introduce a
Most Pernicious Innovation by Diminishing the Number of the Lords
of Session_, London, 1785; _Letters of James Boswell addressed to the
Rev. W.J. Temple_, London, 1857; _Ode to Tragedy_, 1661 (1761).

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C. Rogers, LL.D., London, Grampian Club, 1876.

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Sir Isaac Newton_, 2 vols., Edinburgh, 1860.

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2 vols., London, 1869.

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London, 1844. See PAYNE, E.J., and PRIOR, Sir James.

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London, 1818; _Vindication of the authority, &c. of the Church and
State of Scotland_, Glasgow, 1673.

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Edinburgh, 1773-92.

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London, 1771; _Present State of Music in Germany_, 2 vols., London,
1773; _Memoirs_: see D'ARBLAY, Madame.

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_Lives of the Chief Justices_, 3 vols., London, 1849-57.

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Old Age and the Grave_, London, 1744.

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Irishman_, Sydney, 1854; _A Philosophical Survey of the South of
Ireland_, 1777.

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Cromwell's Letters and Speeches_, 3 vols., London, 1857; _Miscellanies_,
London, 1872.

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London, 1735-6.

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London, 1816.

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Life of the Author_, London, 1806; _Posthumous Works_, 2 vols.,
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of all Kinds_, London, 1733.

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England_, 8 vols., Oxford, 1826.

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Edinburgh, 1852.

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Several Occasions_, 3 vols., London, 1787.

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of the late S. Johnson_, London, 1786.

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