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The Kappa Sigma book; a manual of descriptive, historical, and statistical facts concerning the Kappa Sigma Fraternity online

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Frederick Gresham Pollard (Richmond), Sanford Burnell Bragg (Rich-
mond), Olin Lecato McMath (Randolph-Macon College), and Thomas
Peachy Spencer (William and Mary). Total number of initiates, 90;
deceased members, 6.

Xi, fifth chapter chartered. Established at the Virginia Military
Institute, Lexington, Va., on January 3, 1874. Became inactive in 1884
through anti-fraternity laws, since which time it has not been re-estab-
lished. Anti-fraternity laws obtain. Sponsors at establishment: John
Nathaniel Prather, William Templeton Durrett, Griffin Johnston and
Henry Conyers Payne, all of Washington and Lee. Charter members :
Jefferson Davis, Jr., Henry Taylor Earnest, John Ashley Taylor, Sterling
Woodward Tucker, Robert Henry Watkins, J. L. Butler, and Frazor
Titus Edmondson. Total number of initiates, 23; deceased members, 9.

Nu, sixth chapter chartered. Established at the Virginia Polytechnic
Institute, Blacksburg, Va., on June 17, 1874. Became inactive in 1889
by reason of anti-fraternity laws. Anti-fraternity laws obtain. Sponsor
at establishment: Stephen Alonzo Jackson (Virginia). Charter members:
Adoniram Judson Evans, Robert Peyton Bayley, William Freneau Page,
William Augustus Edwards, Charles Edward Wingo, Harry Marston
Smith, Jr., John William Cowherd, Walter Gardner Lane, William Bache-
lor Farant, and John Marshall Warwick. Total number of initiates, 91;
deceased members, 12.

Omicron, seventh chapter chartered. Established at Emory and
Henry College, Emory, Va., on June 24, 1874. Became inactive in 1895
by reason of anti-fraternity laws. Anti-fraternity laws obtain. Sponsor
at establishment: Stephen Alonzo Jackson (Virginia). Charter members:
Abel Chapman, Samuel P. Neal, Robert Edmondson Buchanan, Samuel
Beattie Ryburn Dunn, Barton Stone, Benjamin Patterson Sanders, Rus-
sell C. Rose, and Edmund Tracy Nicholas. Total number of initiates,
138; deceased members, 24.

Alpha-Alpha, eighth chapter chartered. Established at the Uni-
versity of Maryland, Baltimore, Md., on November 28, 1874. Charter
withdrawn in 1875; was reestablished on December 31, 1890; became
inactive in 1892; and was again reestablished on February 25, 1808.
Sponsor at establishment: Arthur Cowton Heffenger (Virginia). Char-
ter members : Arthur Cowton Heffenger, William Baldwin Beach, Aaron
Fenton, Washington Clement Claude, Joseph Bucey Galloway, Henry
Davidson Fry, William Greensbury Goldsborough Wilson, Stephen Olin
Richey, and Thomas Kelly Galloway. Sponsors at reestablishment in 1890 :
C. B. Burke (Md. Mil. and Nav.), and delegates to the Ninth Biennial G.
Convlave. Sponsors at reestablishment in 1898: Hamilton Janney Coffroth


clave. Sponsors at reestablishment in 1898: Hamilton Janney Coffroth
(Virginia Military Institute), Eldridge Eakin Wolff (Randolph-Macon),
Oscar Leslie Rogers (Mercer), Edwin Curtis Hamilton (Emory and
Henry), and Edward Roland Hart (North Carolina). Total number of
initiates, 100; deceased members, 5.

Alpha-Beta, ninth chapter chartered. Established at Mercer Uni-
versity, Macon, Ga., in 1875. Became inactive in 1879; was reestab-
lished on September 28, 1891. Sponsor at establishment: William Ander-
son Thomas (Trinity). Charter members: William Anderson Thomas,
Charles Hyatt Richardson, Charles Henry Spurgeon Jackson, Chovine
Clegg Richardson, and Seaborn W. Wright. Sponsors at reestablish-
ment in 1891 : Stephen Alonzo Jackson (Virginia), Robert Ernest Dart
(North Georgia), James Wesley Crump (Sewanee), Iverson Louis Harris
(Mercer), and Francis William Hazlehurst (Maryland Military and
Naval). Total number of initiates, 93; deceased members, 1.

Kappa, tenth chapter chartered. Established at Vanderbilt Univer-
sity, Nashville, Tenn., on April 13, 1877. Became inactive in 1880 by
reason of anti-fraternity laws ; was re-established on January 20, 1885.
Sponsors at establishment: James Quinn Moore (Emory and Henry),
David Rankin Stubblefield (Emory and Henry) and Mora Hammond
Sharpe (Emory and Henry). Charter members: James Quinn Moore.
David Rankin Stubblefield, Mora Hammond Sharpe, James Hill Scaife,
and Joseph Franklin Dowdy. Sponsors at reestablishment in 1885 :
Frank Goodman (Tennessee), Walter Scott Ayres (Emory and Henry),
Henry Bruce Buckner (Sewanee), Charles Wiles Thompson (Sewanee),
William Cozart Phillips (Sewanee), Jesse Farrell Sugg (Tennessee).
Thomas Rice Allen (Tennessee), James Milton Patterson (Tennessee),
and Hugh Mott Dunlop (Southwestern Presbyterian). Total num-
ber of initiates, 160; deceased members, 15.

Lambda, eleventh chapter chartered. Established at the University of
Tennessee, Knoxville. Tenn., on May II, 1880. Sponsors at establishment:
Stephen Alonzo Jackson (Virginia), and James Paris McMillan (Emory
and Henry). Charter members: James Paris McMillan, Richard McKen-
ney, Charles Floyd Humes and Thomas Shields Vaden. Total number
of initiates, 192; deceased members, 24.

Alpha-Chi, twelfth chapter chartered. Established at Lake Forest
University, Lake Forest, 111., on Oct. 23, 1880. Became inactive in 1882
by reason of anti-fraternity laws ; was reestablished on Nov. 25, 1896.
Local society Lambda Phi absorbed in 1806. Sponsor at establishment :
Alexander Chalmers McNeil (Emory and Henry). Charter members:
Alexander Chalmers McNeil, Charles Alexander Evans, John Dudley Pope,
Frederick Robinson, Jr.. and George Thomson. Sponsors at reestablish-
ment in 1896: Alfred Bolander Loranz (Wabash), Hugh Miller (Wabash),
Charles Brewster Randolph (Cumberland), and Robert Elberon Dunlop
(Wabash). Total number of initiates, 68; deceased members, 2.


Alpha-Iota, thirteenth chapter chartered. Established at Grant Uni-
versity, Athens, Tenn., on Feb. 15, 1882. Charter withdrawn in 1883; was
reestablished on May 13, 1892 by absorption of the local society the
"Secret Fraternity;" and again became inactive in 1898 by the with-
drawal of its charter. Anti-fraternity laws do not obtain. Sponsor
at establishment: Stephen Alonzo Jackson (Virginia). Charter Members:
Samuel Washington McCallie, and Samuel Bruce La Rue. Sponsors at
reestablishment in 1892: John Jay Bernard (Tennessee), Robert Wood
Tate (Tennessee), William Andrew McCord (Tennessee), Thomas Jef-
ferson Brown (Tennessee), and Alfred Young Bailey (Tennessee). Total
number of initiates, 43 ; deceased members, 2.

Phi, fourteenth chapter chartered. Established at Southwestern Pres-
byterian University, Clarksville, Tenn., on April 12, 1882. Sponsor at
establishment: Stephen Alonzo Jackson (Virginia). Charter members:
Carrington Mason, Jr., Henry Craft, Jr., and Dudley Thomas Schoolneld.
Total number of initiates, 116; deceased members, 4.

Omega, fifteenth chapter chartered. Established at the University of
the South, Sewanee, Tenn., on May 6, 1882. Sponsors at establishment :
Stephen Alonzo Jackson (Virginia) and Arthur Mason Chichester (Vir-
ginia). Charter members: Arthur Mason Chichester, William Henry
Inglesby, George Davis Footman, George Anderson Waddill, Alfred Me-
nard Moulton, Inman Horner Knox, Morris Kerr Clark, Lee Brock, Ed-
ward Walter Hughes, Edward Elliott Camber Habersham, Frederick
D. Halsey, Charles Chaffe, and Elard Ferdinand von Ende. Total num-
ber of initiates, 175 ; deceased members, 21.

Pi, sixteenth chapter chartered. Established at the University of
West Virginia, Morgantown, W: Va., in Sept., 1883. Became inactive
in 1887, since which time it has not been revived. Anti-fraternity laws
do not obtain. Sponsor at establishment: Stephen Alonzo Jackson (Vir-
ginia) . Charter members : John Goodloe Jackson, Robert E. Jackson,
Winston Henry Hoffman, William Jacob Johnson, and Blackwell Chilton
Wilson. Total number of initiates, 17; deceased members, 1.

Upsilon, seventeenth chapter chartered. Established at Hampden-
Sidney College, Prince Edward County, Va., on Nov. 14, 1883. Local
society, Phi Mu Gamma, absorbed. Sponsor at establishment : Stephen
Alonzo Jackson (Virginia). Charter members: Alexander Lee Bondu-
rant, George Keatts Mason, John Harvie Hull, William Taylor Thayer,
Jr., and John Marion Hart, Jr. Total number of initiates, 94; deceased
members, 8.

Tau, eighteenth chapter chartered. Established at the University of
Texas, Austin, Texas, on Sept. 18, 1884. Sponsor at establishment: Wal-
ter Lee Robertson (Sewanee). Charter members: Rhodes Fisher, Jr.,
Isaac Jalonick, Frederick Carlos von Rosenberg, Isaac V. Davis, and
Rufus Atwood Palm. Total number of initiates, 205 ; deceased mem-
bers. 11.


Rao, nineteenth chapter chartered. Established at the North Georgia
Agricultural College, Dahlonega, Ga., on Feb. u. 1885. Became in-
active in 1 89 1, since which time it has not been reestablished. Anti-fra-
ternity laws do not obtain. Sponsors at establishment: William Henry
Tnglesby (Sewanee). Stephen Alonzo Jackson (Virginia), and John New-
ton Humes (Emory and Henry). Charter members: Edward Lee Sutton,
Edward Cornelius Cartledge, James Beverly Martin, William Thomas
Shockley, Charles Hill Rawlins, James Paul Stribling, Charles Daniel
McRae, and Homer Brown Cobb. Total number of initiates, 32; de-
ceased members, 2.

Chi, twentieth chapter chartered. Established at Purdue University.
Lafayette, Ind., on March 15, 1885. Sponsors at establishment: Augustus
Ruff ne r (West Virginia), and William Taylor Thayer, Jr. (Hampden-
Sidney). Charter members: Augustus Ruffner, William Taylor Thayer,
Jr., Michael Steele Bright, Oscar Ulysses Mutz, and James Sydney Boyd.
Total number of initiates, 166; deceased members, 9.

Delta, twenty-first chapter chartered. Established at the Maryland
Military and Naval Academy, Oxford, Md., on Oct. 19. 1885. Charter with-
drawn in 1887, because of closing of institution. Sponsor at establish-
ment: Frederick Carlos von Rosenberg (Texas). Charter members:
Frederick Carlos von Rosenberg, Francis William Hazlehurst, William
Joseph Miller, Arlington Ulysses Betts, Charles Bell Burke, James Harry
Covington, James Francis Mclndoe, William Robert Bell, William Headly
Osborne, Lawrence Low, Fletcher Bright Peters, George Lander Abell,
William Martin Cooper, Charles Edward Wootten, John Harry Albright,
John Wedderburn, Benjamin Rush Logie, John Henry Wagner, and
Douglass Preston Rock. Total number of initiates, 31 ; deceased members.

Epsilon, twenty-second chapter chartered. Established at Centenary
College, Jackson, La., on Aug. 29, 1885. Became inactive in 1904 by tne
withdrawal of its charter. Sponsors at establishment : Frank Hanson
Terry (Virginia Polytechnic), and Taylor Gleaves (Virginia Polytechnic).
Charter members : John Hamilton Ellis, Charles Howard Hardenbergh,
Emmett Lee Irwin, .Milton Sanford Standifer, and Benjamin Nathaniel
Smith. Total number of initiates, 84; deceased members, 5.

Psi, twenty-third chapter chartered. Established at the University
of Maine, Orono, Me., on Dec. 31, 1885. Local society, K. K. F., absorbed.
Sponsor at establishment: Stephen Alonzo Jackson (Virginia). Charter
members : John Decker Blagden, Henry Allan McNally, Alfred Smith
Ruth, Seymour Everett Rogers, Frank Percy Collins, Josiah Murch
Aver, Gilbert Scovil Vickery, Norman Tripp, Charles Ayers Mason.
Charles Benjamin Gould, and Seymore Farrington Miller. Total number
of initiates, 180; deceased members, 12.

Sigma, twenty-fourth chapter chartered. Established at the Ohio
Northern University, Ada, Ohio, on May 8, 1886. Became inactive in 1888


by reason of anti-fraternity laws, since which time it has not been reestab-
lished. Anti-fraternity laws do not obtain. Sponsor at establishment :
Augustus Ruffner (West Virginia). Charter members: Joseph Calvin
Boyd, John Elmer Virden, Elmer Ellsworth Helms, Gilbert Allison Adams,
George Albert Spence, James Grant Ames, Leonidas Alvah Smith, David
Channing Meek, Lawrence Hoover Seager, Bernard Daly, Frank Ells-
worth Seager, Samuel Allen Hoskins, William Edie Hoover, Claudius
Postean Aubert, and John Montgomery. Total number of initiates, 23;
deceased members, 1.

Iota, twenty-fifth chapter chartered. Established at Southwestern
University, Georgetown, Tex., on Sept. 10, 1886. Sponsor at establish-
ment; Alexander Lee Bondurant (Hampden-Sydney). Charter members:
Iverson Benjamin Lane, Jesse Cross Baker, Jasper Benjamin Gibbs and
John Stanley Moss. Total number of initiates, 145 ; deceased members, 7.

Gamma, twenty-sixth chapter chartered. Established at Louisiana
State University, Baton Rouge, La., on Feb. 19, 1887. Sponsors at estab-
lishment: Oscar Kearney Andrews (Centenary), Thomas Ragan (Cen-
tenary), Milford Sanford Standifer (Centenary), and others of the Cen-
tenary Chapter. Charter members : Abel James Price, Hunter Vincent
Kirkland, Roy Otto Young, Charles Graham David, and Frank Thomas
Guilbeau. Total number of initiates, 139; deceased members, 6.

Alpha, twenty-seventh chapter chartered. Established at Emory Col-
lege, Oxford, Ga., on March 26, 1887. Became inactive in 189T, since
which time it has not been reestablished. Anti-fraternity laws do not ob-
tain. Sponsor at establishment: Edward Lee Sutton (North Georgia).
Charter members : Arthur Hamilton Van Dyke, Jesse Stephens Lamar,
Samuel Jackson Smith, James Henry Harwell, and David Conway Gun-
nels. Total number of initiates, 24; deceased members, 5.

Beta-Theta, twenty-eighth chapter chartered. Established at Indiana
University, Bloomington, Ind., on May 14, 1887. Charter withdrawn in
1887 ; was reestablished on Feb. 10, 1900. Sponsor at establishment :
William Taylor Thayer, Jr. (Hampden-Sidney). Charter members; Aaron
Ellsworth Smalley, Horatio Hoop and William Herschel Bloss. Spon-
sors at reestablishment in 1900: Julius Curtis Travis (Michigan), Thomas
Hendricks David (Purdue), Harry Augustus Bevis (Wabash), Reginald
Gates Pape (Wabash), and Samuel Elliott Perkins, Jr. (Wabash). Total
number of initiates, 71 ; deceased members, 2.

Theta, twenty-ninth chapter chartered. Established at Cumberland
University, Lebanon, Tenn., on Oct. 7. 1887. Sponsors at establishment :
Henry Bruce Buckner (Sewanee), Owen Harris Wilson (Vanderbilt),and
Franceway Cossitt Stratton (Vanderbilt). Charter members: Franceway
Cossitt Stratton, Rufus McClain Fields, Laban Lacy Rice, Charles Marvin
Hunter, Verne Clifford Armstrong, and Elvis Willard Blackmore. Total
number of initiates, 123 ; deceased members, 6.


Beta, thirtieth chapter chartered. Established at Thatcher Institute,
Shreveport, La., on February 27, 1888. Became inactive in 1891 ; institu-
tion closed. Sponsors at establishment: James Charles Howerton (Se-
wanee), and Charles Howard Hardenbergh (Centenary). Charter mem-
bers : William Gregg Dalzell, Alexis Moore Lemee, Chichester Choplin, Jr.,
Charles Robert Caldwell, and Arthur Franklin Stephenson. Total num-
ber of initiates, 17; deceased members, 5.

Pi, thirty-first chapter chartered. Established at Swarthmore College,
Swarthmore, Pa., on July 21, 1888. Sponsor at establishment: William
Taylor Thayer ( Hampden-Sidney). Charter members: Harry Leslie
Boggs, John Atkinson Thayer, Frederick Neal Carr, and Ellis Bronson
Ridgway. Total number of initiates, 91 ; deceased members, 1.

Eta, thirty-second chapter chartered. Established at Randolph-Macon
College, Ashland, Va., on Nov. 14, 1888. Sponsor at establishment : James
David Johnston, Jr. (Emory and Henry). Charter members: James David
Johnston, Jr., Herbert Milton Martin, Emerson Taylor Wescott, and
Charles Herbert Hall. Total number of initiates, 67 ; deceased members, 2.

Sigma, thirty-third chapter chartered. Established at Tulane Uni-
versity, New Orleans, La., on Jan. 26, 1889. Sponsors at establishment :
Eugene Augustus Harris (Southwestern), Charles Howard Hardenbergh
(Centenary), James Monroe Sims (Centenary), Benjamin Nathaniel
Smith (Centenary), Lawrence Wade Smith (Louisiana), Abel James
Price (Louisiana), Roy Otto Young (Louisiana), and Hunter Vincent
Kirkland (Louisiana). Charter members: William Cyprien Dufour, Jos-
eph Oscar Daspit, Mark Mayo Boatner, Nimrod McGuire, and Thomas
McCaleb. Total number of initiates, 106; deceased members, 13.

Nu, thirty-fourth chapter chartered. Established at William and
Mary College, Williamsburg, Va., on March 1, 1890. Sponsors at estab-
lishment: Herbert Milton Martin (Randolph-Macon), James David John-
ston, Jr. (Emory and Henry), and Harry Graham Robinson (Randolph-
Macon). Charter members: Fernando Southall Farrar, Robert Southall
Bright, James Brown McCaw, Killis Campbell, Harry Thompson Dozier,
and John Minor Gatewood. Total number of initiates, 117; deceased
members, 5.

Chi-Omega, thirty-fifth chapter chartered. Established at the Uni-
versity of South Carolina, Columbia, S. C, on April 23, 1890. Became
inactive in 1897 by reason of anti-fraternity laws. Anti-fraternity laws
obtain. Sponsors at establishment: Stephen Alonzo Jackson (Virginia),
Crawford Clayton Wilson (Virginia), John Pegram Anderson (Virginia
Polytechnic), and Samuel Macon Smith (Virginia). Charter members:
William Walter Hentz, Charles Brewer, Samuel Charlton Todd, Ralph
Smith, and Benjamin Palmer McMaster. Total number of initiates, 28;
deceased members, 2.

Xi, thirty-sixth chapter chartered. Established at the University of
Arkansas, Fayetteville, Ark., on May 29, 1890. Sponsor at establishment:


Charles Richardson (Emory and Henry). Charter members: William
Allen Crawford, John Clinton Futrall, Carl Clinton Miller and William
Shields Goodwin. Total number of initiates, 150; deceased members, 1.

Delta, thirty-seventh chapter chartered. Established at Davidson
College, Davidson, N. C, on Nov. 17, 1890. Sponsors at establishment :
Charles Brewer (South Carolina), Crawford Clayton Wilson (Virginia),
and Leonidas Chalmers Glenn (South Carolina). Charter members:
Renjamin Waddell Glasgow, Albert Jackson Wittson, Williamson Wal-
lace Morris, Charles Lester Grey, Robert Junius Hunter, and William
Alexander Hafner. Total number of initiates, 97; deceased members, o.

Beta, thirty-eighth chapter chartered. Established at Butler .Uni-
versity, Irvington, Ind.. on Feb. 16, 1891. Charter surrendered in 1893,
since which time it has not been reestablished. Anti-fraternity laws do
not obtain. Sponsors at establishment : Samuel Kennedy, Arthur Gray-
don Moody, Wilbur Nathaniel Morrill, Robert Allen Lackey, Charles Arch-
ibald Murray, Charles Morgan Olds, John Erhard Muhlfeld, Job Lyndon
Van Natta, Willard Cheney Knight, William Howard Aldrich, Jr., Russell
Spencer Viberg and James Vinton Godman, all of Purdue. Charter mem-
bers : James Dennis Carson, Mark Antony Collins, Jesse Lincoln Brady,
George Varner Miller, Robert Philson Collins, and Charles Manker. Total
number of initiates, 11; deceased members, c.

Alpha- Gam ma, thirty-ninth chapter chartered. Established at the
University of Illinois, Champaign, 111., on Nov. 17, 1891. Sponsor at
establishment: Robert Allen Lackey (Purdue). Charter members : James
Steele, William George Miller, William Ernest Steinwedell, George
Philp Behrensmeyer, Frank David Arms, James David Metcalf, and
George Herbert Atherton. Total number of initiates, 159; deceased mem-
bers, 4.

Alpha-Delta, fortieth chapter chartered. Established at the Penn-
sylvania State College, State College, Pa., on Jan. 8, 1892. Sponsors at
establishment: Frederick Neal Carr (Swarthmore), Frederic William
Speakman (Swarthmore), Walter Weaver Hibbert (Swarthmore), and
Robert Woodward Lippincott (Swarthmore). Charter members: Milton
Speer McDowell, William Powell Rothrock, Walter Blair Waite, Mark
Truman Swartz, Hugh Stuart Taylor and Arthur George Guyer. Total
number of initiates, 121 ; deceased members, 2.

Alpha-Epsilon, forty-first chapter chartered. Established at the
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa., on Jan.- 20, 1892. Sponsors
at establishment: James Harry Covington (Maryland Military and
Naval), Frank Ross Sherard (Washington and Lee), Montgomery Gano
Ruckner (Texas), Alfred Burwell Claytor (Washington and Lee), and
members of Pi Chapter, Swarthmore College, and others. Charter mem-
bers : James Harry Covington, Frank Ross Sherard, Montgomery Gano
Buckner, and Alfred Burwell Claytor. Total number of initiates, in;
deceased members, 1.


Aj.i'ha-Zkta, forty-second chapter chartered. Established at the
l'niversity of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich., on Feb. 23, 1892. Sponsors
at establishment: Alexander Yerger Scott (Sewanee), Daniel Edward
Storms (Purdue), and George Frank Rich (Maine). Charter members:
Alexander Yerger Scott, Daniel Edward Storms, George Frank Rich,
Lyman Gaston Grundy, Albert Mahlon Ashley, Jesse Elmer Roberts,
Julian Alvin Padgett, Richard Francis Purcell, Anson Daniel Rose, and
Horatio Vallandigham Gard. Total number of initiates, 147; deceased
members, 5.

Alpha-Eta, forty-third chapter chartered. Established at George
Washington University, Washington, D. C, on Feb. 23, 1892. Became
inactive in 1893 ; was reestablished on May 28, 1896. Sponsors at estab-
lishment: Schiller Brents Hermann (Washington and Lee). Albert Jack-
son Wittson (Davidson), William Homer Greer (Washington and Lee),
Angus McDonald (Virginia), John Benjamin Clark (North Georgia),
William Cowan Bowen (Maryland), William Bolivar Byers (Maryland).
Albert C. Stephens (Maryland), and John Halsey Phillips (North
Georgia). Charter members: Edward Grant Seibert, -Clarence George
Probert, Lincoln Johnson, and Van Buren Knott Sponsors at reest b-
lishment : Robert Henry Tucker (William and Mary), John Womack
Wright (William and Mary), John Howard Allen (Vanderbilt), William
Thompson Pollard (Randolph -Macon), and George Coleman Bushnell
(Cumberland). Total number of initiates, 132; deceased members, 7.

Alpha-Theta, forty-fourth chapter chartered. Established at South-
western Baptist University, Jackson, Tenn., on March 5, 1892. Sponsors
at establishment: Charles Bell Burke (Maryland Military and Naval),
John Cullom Wilson (Vanderbilt), George Harris Robertson (South-
western Presbyterian), John Chester Botts (Southwestern Presbyterian),
and Martin Holbrook (Tennessee). Charter members: John Collum Wil-
son. John Whittaker Buford. Jr.. Jere Lawrence Crook, Flarnc Lee Den-
nison, and Hunter Wilson. Total number of initiates, 116; deceased mem-
bers. 3.

Alpha-Kappa, forty-fifth chapter chartered. Established at Cornell
University, Ithaca, N. Y., on May 23, 1892. Sponsors at establishment :
Daniel Royse (Purdue), and Richard Johnson Putnam (Centenary).
Charter members: Daniel Royse, Richard Johnson Putnam. Arthur Wil-
liam Herman Kaiser. James Christian Meinich Hanson, Willis Charles
Ellis, Bion Lucien Burrows, Henry Curtis Earle, Charles Dunn, Harry
Merrick Beach, George Warren Rulison, and Henry George Wolcott.
Total number of initiates, 143 ; deceased members, 6.

Alpha-Lambda, forty-sixth chapter chartered. Established at the
l'niversity of Vermont, Burlington, Vt, on Feb. 16, 1893. Sponsors at
establishment: Jeremiah Sweetser Ferguson (Maine), and Charles Pren-
tiss Kittredge (Maine). Charter members: Tenney Hall Wheatley, Frank
Nelson Guild, Bertie Duane Longe. William Stuart. John Findlay Young.


Clayton Gerald Andrews, Theodore Eli Hopkins, Leigh Hunt, Norman
Brown Webber, Otis Warren Barrett, Carl Wallace Fisher, Harry DeWitt
Giddings, Joseph Benjamin Kidder, and Frederick Milo Small. Total
number of initiates, 128; deceased members, 4.

Alpha-Mu, forty-seventh chapter chartered. Established at the Uni-
versity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N. C, on June 3, 1893. Sponsors
at establishment : Thomas Cowper Daniels, Frank Bettis Davis, David
Anderson Houston, Frank Gibbons W)estbrook, Luther Thompson Hart-
sell, Sterling Blackwell Pierce, John William Daniels, Albert Hubbard
Bangert, James Walter Wadsworth, Braxton Phifer, Samuel W. Sparger,
and William Atlas Finch, all of Trinity. Charter members: George Ros-
coe Little, Gerard Samuel Wittson, James Spencer Lewis, Thomas Pleas-
ant Braswell, Jr., and Thomas Menan Hooker. Total number of initiates,
33; deceased members, 1.

Alpha-Nu, forty-eighth chapter chartered. Established at Wofford
College, Spartanburg, S. C, on Jan. 27, 1894. Sponsors at establishment:
De La Warr Benjamin Easter (Randolph- Macon), Reginald McCreery
Rawls (South Carolina), and Richard Smallwood Des Portes (South
Carolina). Charter members: Benjamin Wofford Wait, Frederick Anson
Cummings, John Caswell Roper, Thomas McTyeire Raysor and Nathaniel
Moss Salley. Total number of initiates, 67; deceased members, 3.

Alpha-Xi, forty-ninth chapter chartered. Established at Bethel Col-

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