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Carliugford, Lord, his Inaugural
at the Annual Meeting at Colchester, 1.

Chancellor, Mr. F., his memoir on St.
Reter'.s, Brad well, 212.

Chit Duen Wilderness, memoir on dis-
coveries in the, by Mr. G. W. Vyse,

Church, Mr. H. F., exhibits silver antl
bronze bi'ooches and rings, 188.

Chui-ch, Professor, exhibits mazer bowl,
300 ; a Nonvich cup, 464.

Clai'k, Mr. G. T., his memou- on the laud
of Morgan, 11 ; on Muckross and
Inisfalleu, 149 ; nutes on charter <>f
Richard Earl of Cornwall, 180 ; his
memoir on Norham Castle, 298 ;
remarks upon the Romane.sque style,

Coates, Mrs., exhibits black Jack, 4.52.

Coins : — Gold of Tincomius, 188 ; a col-
lection of, 461.

Colchester, Inaugural Address at, by Lord
Carlingford, 1 ; address of Mr. E. A.
Freeman at, 47 ; memoir on Roman
inscriptions at. by Mr. W. T. Watkin,
76 ; memoir on the siege of, by Mr.
C. R. Markhaui, 107 ; Roman pottery
kilns at, 302.

Cornwall, Richard Earl of, charter of, 180.

Cornwall :- -Rubbing of inscribed cross
at Trevena, exhibited, 188.

Correspondence: — Mr. Parker's letter
on wide and fine jointed ma-somy,

Crijips, Mr. W., his remarks on Norwich
cup, 464.


Davey, Mr. E. C, exhibits plans of
Roman villa at Cranhill, and bronze
celtis and coin of Tincomius, 188.

Dent, Mrs., her annals of Winchcombe
and Sudeley noticed, 93.

Devon :— Sepulchral effigies in, by Mr.
W. H. Rogers, 102.

Documents, Original : — Tern}) , Edward
I, 87 ; charter of Richard Earl of
Cornwall (1256), 180 ; concerning
Guildford Castle, 297 ; relating to
Hereford and Westei-n Counties,
temp. Edward I, 443.

Dryden, Sir H., exhibits leather bottles,

Duffield, Mi-s., exhibits samplers, 189.

Durham : — Sepidchral slab at Monk-
weannouth, 298.


Eden, Miss, exhibits luilian antiquities,

Embroidery : — Altar cloths, &:c., from
Stretham and Cogenhoe, 188 ; of
sixteenth century, 189 ; samplers,
lb. ; anel portions of seventeenth anil
eighteenth century wearing apparel,
&c., lb.

Essex : — Memoir on Rcunan inscrijitions
at Colchester, by Mr. W. T. Watkin,
76 ; on the siege of Colchester, by
Mr. C. R. Markliam, 107 ; on St.
Peter's, Bradwell, 212.

Fetherston, Mr. J., his Visitation of the
county of Warwick, noticed, 310.

Fitzpatrick, Mrs., exhibits marble slab,

Fortnum, Mr. C. D. E., his observations
at the first meeting of a new session,
187 ; on Roman ring, 461.

Fox, Col. Lane, his remarks on earth-
works, 450.

Freeman, Mr. E. A., his adckess to the
historical section at Colchester, 47


Geuuadins, M., remarks of, 459.
Gladstone, Mr. W. E., liis obser\ations on

Greek jn'onounciation and art, 457.
Gloucestershire : — Memoir on -wall

paintings at Kempley, by Mr. C. E.

Keyser, 270.
Glynne, the late Sir Sir S., his churches

of Kent, noticed, 193.
Greaves, Mi-. C. S., his remarks ujion

Greek st<itia-e, 190.
Greek.s, ancient, high cultm-e of the, Mrs.

Schliemanu's paper on, 454.
G\rilt, Mrs. Jackson, exhibits rubbings of

bra.sses, &c., 191 ; Roman lamp,

rubbings, and other objects, 301





Hamilton, Mr. W. D., his ualeiidar of
State Paper.s, nuticed, 507.

Hannen, Sir J., his answer to memorial,

Hardv, Sir T. D., exhibits leather articles,

Hartshorne, Mr. A., his memoir on a monu-
mental effigy nt Hvighenden, 187,
279 ; exhibits drawings of effigy at
ditto, 188 ; his observations upon
the Venus di Medici, 190, exhibits
Xollekens' drawings of, 191 ; his
remarks upon the Cyclas, &c., 301.

Hartshorne, Mr. B. F., his memoir on
Dr. Schliemann's Trojan collection,

Henderson, Mr. J. exhibits Persian .shield,
Indian ditto and .six battle-axes, 191,

Hereford Cathedral, memoir on, by Sir
G. G. Scott, 323 ; memoir on effigies
in, by Mr. M. H. Bloxam, 406.

Hereford, liejiort of Annual Meeting at,

Herefordshire, Roman, memoir on, Ijy Mr.
W. T. Watkin, 319 ; materials for a
a hist(jry of, memoir on, by the Rev.
C. J. Robinson, 4"2-5.

Hope, Mr. A. J. B. Beresford, his remarks,
on Dr. Schliemann's discoveries, 305.

Hopkinson, Miss, exhibits embroidered
purse of Charles I, 189.

Houghton, Lord, his remarks on Greek
art, 458.

Hughenden, memoir on effigy at, by Mr.
A. Hartshorne, 187, 279.


India, memoir on discoveries in the Chit

Duen Wilderness, by Mr. G. W.

Vyse, 40.
Ingoldsthorpe family, memoir on effigies

of 1'21; pedigree of, 128.
Inisfallen, memoir on Abbey of, by Mr.

G. T. Clark, 149.
Inscriptions: — -Roman, at Colchester,

memoir on, by Mr. W. T. Watkin,

76 ; Britanno-Roman, discovered in

1876, by the same, 130 ; formerly at

Eastness, 196.
Ireland : — Muckross and Inisfallen

Abbeys, memoir on by Mr. G. T.

T. Clark, 149.
Islip, stirrup found at, exhibited, 464.


Kemplev, memoir on wall paintings at,
by Mr. C K. Keyser, 270, 461

Kerblake, Mr. T. his memoir " What is
a Town," 200.

Layton, Mr. T., exhibits bronze weapons,

Lewi.s, Professor Bunnell, his memoir on

the Antiquities of Scandinavia, 242,

460 ; exhibits illustrations and coins,

Lingen, Family of, memoir on, by Mr.

J. T. Bm-gess, 373
Loftie, Rev. W. J., his memoir on Roman

London, 164.


Maclean, Sir J., proposes a resolution
respecting AMlls in Covu-t of Probate,
187 ; exhibits rubbing from inscribed
cross from Tintagel, 188.

Manning, Rev. C. R., his memoir on the
monuments in Burgh Green church,

Markham, Mr. C. R., his memoir on the
siege of Colchester, 107.

Masonry, wide and tine jointed, letter on,
by Mr. J.H. Parker, 104.

Matheson, Miss, exhibits leather bottle,

Mazer bowl, exhibited by Professor
Church, 300.

Mead, Mrs. F., exhibits watch, 467.

Mears, ]\Iiss, exhibits samplers, 189.

Meyers, Mr. W., exhibits black Jack, 452.

Micklethwaite, Mr. J. T., his remarks on
thurible from Pershore, 191 ; ex-
hibits plans of Kempley church, 461.

Middleton, Rev. C. H., his remarks on
the etched works of Rembrandt, 83 ;
his work on Rembrandt, noticed, 192,

Millett, Mr. G. B., his Parish Registers
of Madron, noticed, 99.

Monkv.'earmouth, sepulchral slab at, 298,

MoNJiouTHSHiKM :— Tesselated pavement
at Caerleon, 461.

Morgan, the Land of, memoir on, by Mr.
G. T. Clark, 11.

Morgan, Mr. 0., exhibits drawing and
describes tesselated pavement at
Caerleon, 461 ; exhibits armorial
tile of Henry of Lancaster, 463 ;
exhibits and describes book of Ann
of Denmai-k, ib; exhibits and des-
cribes pedigree of Sir W. Morgan, il>,

Muckross, Abbey of, memoir on, by Mr. G.
T. Clark, 149.


Ne\vton, Mr. C. T., his observations on
Dr. Schliemann's discoveries, 304 ;
his remarks on modern Greek archico-
logical research, 458.



Niven, Mr. W., exhibits tluuildc from
Pershorc, 191.

Nollekens, observations upon his works
resitl, 190 ; his attested drawings of
the Venus di Medici, exliibited, 191.

Norhani, memoir on the eiu-itle of, by Mr.
G. T. Clark, read, 298.

Northamptonshire : — Altar cloth and
needle work from Cogenhoe church,
exhibited, 1S8 ; Mr. Waller's memoir
on wall jjaintuigs at Kaunds and
Slapton, 219, 448.


Oldlield, Mr. E., his observations on the

Venus di Medici, 190.
Oxford, horse shoes from, exhibited, 464.


Parker, Mr. J. H., his letter on wide and
fine jointed masonry, 104 ; his notes
on the dates of the paintings in the
Roman catacomb.s, 431 ; his account
of excavations in Rome, 459 ; his
observations on wall paintings, 461 ;
exhibits plan of Rome, ib. ; exhibits
stirrup and horse .shoes, 464.

Parker, Mr. W. S., exhibits a collection
of brooches and rings, 188.

Pedigree of De Burgh and Ingoldsthorpe,

Pell, Mr. 0., exhibits stone hammer and
beads. ISS.

Per.-<hore, thuribk' from, exliibited, 191.

Petrie, Mr. W. M. I)., hLs Indiictive
]SIetrol()gy noticed, 309 ; exhibits
jjlans of earthworks, 448 ; his remarks
thereon, ib.

Pigot, Rev. H., exhibits altar-cloth of
Per.sian needlework, 188.

Price, Mr. J. E., his desciiption of dis-
coveries at St. Bartholomew's Hos-
IMtal, 197.

Probate, Court of, memorial to Judge of,

PcBMCATioxs, Arch.i:ologic.\l, notices
of : — Annals of Winchcombe and
Sudelej', by Emma Dent, 93 ; the
first l)ook of the Paiish Registers of
Madron, by .Mr. G. B. MDlett, 99; the
etched works of Rembrandt, by the
Rev. C. H. Middleton, 192 ; the
Churches of Kent, by the late Sir
S. Glynne. 193 ; History of the
Dunnniw Flitch, \^y ]\Ir. W. Andrews,
94 ; Inductive Metrologv, bj- Mr.
A\'. M. F. Petrie, 309 ; " the Visi-
tation of the County of Warwick,
edited by Jlr. J. Fetherstone 310 ;
Calendar of State Papers, Domestic,
temp. Charles I, edited by Mr. W.
D. Hamilton, 507 ; Notices of historic
persons, buried in the Chapel of St.

Peter ad Vincula, &c., by Mr. D. C.
Bell, ib.


Ranking, Mr. B. M., exhibits sixteenth
century embroidery, 189 ; his pro-
posed edition of Milton's Comti.?, 322.

Raunds, memoir on wall paintings at, by
Mr. J. Ci. Waller, 219.

Rembrandt, remarks on the etched works
of, by the Rev. C. H. Middleton, 83 ;
proposed publication of a descriptive
ctitalogue, 197.

Robinson, Rev. C. J., his memoir on
Materials for a History of Hereford-
shire, 425.

Robinson, Mr. J. C, his account of the
Satito Calix of Valentia, 316.

Rogers, Mr. W. H., his sepulchral effigies
in Devon, 102.

Roman Antiquities : — Mr. W. T. A\'at-
kin's memoir on inscriptions at Col-
chester, 76 ; his letter on the ctixtridn
at Templeborough, 100 ; hi.s memoir
on Britanno-Roman inscriptions dis-
covered in 1876, 130 ; Mr. Loftie's
memoir on Roman London, 164 ;
Mr. Davey exhibits plans of villa at
Cranhill near Wantage, and bronze
celts, 188 ; intaglios exhibited by ;\Ir.
S. Tucker fRougc Cioix), 191 \ Mi-.
^^'atkin's notes on the Eastness
sarcoi)hagus, 197 ; excavations at
Templeborough, ib. ; Mr. J. E. Price
on discoveries at St. Bartholomew's
Hospital, ib. ; Mrs. P'itz})atrick ex-
hibits marble slab from the catacombs
of St. Calixtu.s, 301 ; Mrs. Jackson
Gwilt exhibits lamp, &c., ib. ; dis-
c<n'ery of pottery kilns at C<jlchester,
302 ; Mr. Watkiu's memoir on Roman
Herefordshire, 349 ; the Rev. H. :M.
Scarth's memoir on ^lilliarics, 395 ;
Mr. J. H. Parker's notes on the dates
of the paintings in the catacombs,
431 ; Mr. W. H. Bernhard Smith
exhibits tile, 452 ; Mr. J. H. Parker's
account of excavations in Rome, 459;
exhibits plan of Rome, 461 ; the
Earl Amherst exliibits ring, ib. ; Mr.
O. ^lorgan exhibits drawing of tesse-
lated pavement at Caerleon, 461.

Rome and the Campagua, relievo m.ap of,
by the Rev. A. Burn, 102.

Rowell, ISIr. G. A., his account of horse
shoes found in Oxford, 465.


St. Bartholomew's Hospital, discoveries

at, 197.
Scandinavia, Antiquities of, memoir on,

by Professor Bunnell Lewis, 242, 460.



Scarth, Rev. Preljcndary, his memoir on
Roman Milliaries, 395.

Schliemann, Dr., memoir on the Trojan
collection, liy Mr. B. F. Harttshorne,
291 ; addres.s to, 303 ; his remarks on
his labours, ib. ; his observations on
Greek sculj^ture and pi-onounciation,

Schliemann, ]Mrs., address to, 303 ; recep-
tion of, 4-33 ; her paper on the High
Culture of the Ancient Greeks, 454.

Scntt, Sir G. G., his niemoir on Hereford
Cathedral, 323 ; his remarks on the
seventeenth century restoration of
Abbey Dore, 492.

Scotland:— Brooches and rings from the
Isle of Lewis, exhibited, 188.

Sharpe, Mr. E., observation on his death,

Shrewsbury, John, Earl of, discovery oi
his remains, memoir on by Mr. S.
Tucker {Ronge Croix), 3S6.

Simson, Miss, exhibits relic cushion and
embroidered garments, 189.

Slapton, memciir on wall paintings at, bj'
Mr. .T. G. Waller, 219.

Smith, Mr. H. H. Sodeu, his remarks
upon brooches fr(jm the Isle of Lewis,
188; exhibits leather flask, 189;
exhibits bone comb, 451 ; his notes
thereon, ib. ; his remarks on Mr.
Keyser's pajjer, 461 ; describes
Roman ring, ih.

Smith, Mr. W. J. Bernhard, exhibits dag,
452 ; conti-ibutes ballad, ll>.


Talbot de Malahide, Lord, his observa-
tions on Norham Castle, 298 ; do. on
Mr. E. Shariie and Sir Digby Wyatt,
448; do. on wall paintings at Raunds
and Slapton, ih.

Templeborough, excavations at, 197.

Tiucomius, gold coin of, 188.

Trojan collection, Dr. Schliemann's, Mr.
B. J'\ Hartshorne's memoir on, 291.

Tucker, Mr. S. (Rourje Croix), his obsei'va-
tions fin offigy at Hughendon, 188 ;

exhibits Roman intaglio and cameo,
191 ; his memoir on discovery of
remains of John Talbot, Earl of
Shrewsbury, 386.


Veuables, Rev. Canon, his memoir on the
late Mr. Burtt, 90.

Venus di Medici, observations upon the,
by Mr. A. Hartshorne, 190.

Vyse, Mr. G. "\V., his meumir on dis-
coveries in the Chit Duen Wilderness,


Waller, Mr. J. G., his observation.** on the
effigy at Hughenden, 188 ; his re-
marks on the Venus di Medici, 1 90 ;
his memoir on the wall paintings at
Raunds and Slapton, 219, 448 ;
exhibits drawings, ih.

Wantage, memoir on Roman villa near,
by Mr. E. C. Davej', 187.

Watkin, Mr. W. T., his memoir (in
Roman inscriptions at Colchester,
76 ; his letter on the Roman castriim
at Templeborough, 100 ; his memoir
on Britanno-Roman inscriptions dis-
covered in 1876, 130 ; his memoir on
Roman Herefordshire, 349.

Whitchurch, discovery of remains of John
Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury at, 386.

Wildridge, Mr. T. T., his work on the
misereres at Beverley Minster, 103.

"\\'illoughby, Mrs., exhibits embroidered
garments, 189.

Woi'cestershire, thurible from Pcrshore,
exhibited, 191.

Wyatt, Sir Digbv, ob.'-ervations on his
death, 448.


YonKSHiKE:— The Eastncss sarcophagus,






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