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of the time of Elizabeth, viii, 151 ; ex-
hibits a Latin missal, xvii, 234 ; re-
marks on brough of Clikimin, xxii, 341 ;
memoir of, xxvii, 545

Copley, family of, xxx, 116

Coplow, tumulus at, xxix, 43

Copper weapons, ii, 173 ;ix, 187; badges, J.R.
PlancWs remarks on, v, 161-162; shoes
found at York, v, 358-359; dish, with a
supposed Runic inscription, vi, 157
vessel found in the Thames, xvii, 74
review of the coinage of England, xxx
26 et seq.

Copybooks, paper on, by H. S. Cuming,
xxviii, 401-407

Corbel in Cirencester Ch., ii, 385

Corbet (Dr. Richard), Bishop of Norwich,
lines by, on the Fairford Windows, xxv,

Corbet Court, Gracechurch Street, Nor-
man column, described, xxviii, 172; an-
tiquities found at, ib., 176 ; plan of
Roman crypt in (engr.), ib.. 177 ; details
of crypt (engr.), ib. ; notes on the dis-
coveries there, by E. L. Brock, ib., 177-

Corbuzon, or Corbucion, xxix, 63 ti., 64,

Corby, co. Lincoln, xxviii, 118



Cordingley (John), verses by, xxi, 12

Corfe Castle, seal of, exhibited, xvii, 69 ;
Domesday tenant of Corfe, paper on
the, xxviii, 113-132; paper on, byThos.
Blashill, ib., 238-271 ; accounts of, ib.,

Corfe Mullen, xxviii, 115 et aeq.

Corinuin, sculpture discovered at, xviii,
271; antiquities recently found at, xix,
100-105; antiquities discovered at, i'6.,150

v. Cirencester

Cork, coins found in, ii, 268

Cormorants, order for destroying, xxi, 18

Cornavii, Tribe of, xxix, 37, 44, 395

Corner (C. C), on the brasses in North-
fleet Ch., i, 337

Corner (G. R.), on an iron instrument used
for forging Papal bulls in the time of
Pius II, ii, 97; on an early English
bridge discovered in Kent Street, iii,
348; on an incised slab in Matlock Ch.,
iv, 78; exhibits an iron coffer, xiii, 235;
two leaden medallions of Italian work-
manship, ib., 236 ; some Anglo-Saxon
arms found in the Thames, ib., 244 ;
three deeds, the property of the Ash-
mole family, ib., 245, 246 ; various
metal spoons found in London, ib., 253,
254 ; water jar found in Kent Road, ib.,
254 ; an African silver ring, ib., 312 ;
head of a Roman statuette, ib., 317 ;
observations on, by Mr. Cuming, ib. ;
terra-cotta vessels, coins, and tokens,
found in New Kent Road, ib., 321 ; a
lady's habit, ib., 325 ; a fausse montre,
ib., 330 ; on a deed witnessed by Peter
Shakespeare, xiv, 90 ; exhibits a purse
from Morocco, ib., 281; a Roman flower
vase, ib., 337; a bowl of turbo shell, ib.,
344 ; exhibits various antiquities ob-
tained from Gibraltar, xvi, 329; obituary
notice of, xx, 181-186
Cornheath, MSS. relating to, xxi, 15
Cornoet, contents of a barrow in the forest

of, iii, 126
Cornwall, family of, account of the, xxiv,

(Edmund), description of, xxiv, 147-


(Geoffrey de), gained Burford Manor

by marriage, xxiv, 138

Sir John), account of his martial

challenges and services, xxiv, 141-147 ;
married Elizabeth, sister of Henry IV,
ib., 144; account of his wedding banquet
to Henry VT, *&., 145-146; account of
bia .-seal in the British Museum, ib., 146;
created Baron Fanhope and Milbroke,
ib., 146-147
Cornwall, penny of Canute found at, xi,
261 ; tumulus in, xii, 206 ; on relics of
ancient, by J. W. Grover, Christianity
there, ancient chapels, xxv, 250-254 :
crosses used in, anciently, ib., 251, 252 ;
ancient crosses found there, ib., 254-
256; Phoenician relics found in. ib., 257;

list of monasteries and castles at, xxviii,
52-53 ; notices of the see of, ib., 322 ;
early remains in, xxix, 29 ; antiquities
from, exhibited, ib., 191 ; early liistory
of, ib., 341-353
Cornwallis (Lord), a.D. 1661, xxi, 14
(Marquis), letters of, xxi, 13

Cort (H.), his invention of the puddling

furnace in 1783, xxix, 125
Cortez (Ferdinand), portrait of Ids wife,

painted by Velasquez, xii, 159
Corvinensis Ecclesia, account of its pro-
bable position, xxviii, 323
Cosin, Bishop, his work at Brancepeth,

xxii, 274-277
Costrel, v, 28, 32; leathern, from Lincoln-
shire, exhibited, xv, 289 ; specimens
exhibited and described, xxx, 340, 431-
Costume of England, a history of dress
from the earliest period to the close of
the 18th century, by F. W. Fairholt,
F.S.A., ii, 216 ; heraldic bearings illus-
trative of costume (engr.J, xii, 319 ; of
the 12th century (engr.J, ib.

v. Planche", J. R.

Cotelega, grant of, to St. James's Priory,

at Exeter, xxx, 170
Cotgrave, Saxon remains found at (engr.),

viii, 191
Cothulf (Ralph), xxx, 308
Cotswold, paper on the popular customs

of, xxv, 113-119
Cottingham (J. G.), kind reception by, at

Hardwicke Hall, vii, 319
Cottingham Priory, co. York, early dated

seal of (engr.), xxvi, 214-215
Counties, number of, in England, during

13th century, xxviii, 49
Courthope (W.), Somerset Herald, xxix, 67
Courts of Revenue, Wardes and Liveries,
Justice, the officers of, in the 17th cen-
tury, xxi, 151
Court-baron, duties of the, xxviii, 35
Courtney (William), Archbishop of Can-
terbury, founds college at Maidstone,
ix, 412
Courtoys (Jehan), enamel by (engr.), iii,

Coutance, date of the cathedral, ii, 277
Couvre feu, observations on, iv, 133; from
H. S. Cuming's collection (engr.). ib.,
Coventry, co Warwick, on the mysteries
of, iii, 111-118; its antiquities examined
by the members attending the Cong
ib., 169 ; Ch. chests at St. Mich
xxviii, 227 ; Bishopric of, xxix, 49 ».
( toward, on the name of, xiii, 233-234
Cowbridge, v. Carne, Dr.
Cowdry House, Sussex, documents and

papers at, i, 50-55
Cowling Castle, visit to, ix. 398 ; disco-
veries in, by Mr. Muston, ib.. :'.'.>!i ; Ch.,
remarks on, ib.; stone shot found at, ib.,



Cowper (William), poet, associated with

Panshanger, xxvi, 30
Coxfield Hall, co. Suffolk, Blois family at,

xxi, 9
v. Blois

Crabbe (G.), poet, letters, xxi, 13

Crabbe (W. R.), on Haccombe Ch. and its
monuments, xviii, 176-185

Crace (Mr.), v. Woodcarvings

Crafter (Mr.), on a Roman urn and other
relics found at Greenhithe, ii, 363 ; on
a bronze statuette of Hercules, iv, 388 ;
observations on Roman remains at
Higham, ib., 393 ; on Roman vases
found near Shorne, ib., 406 ; on a bronze
Roman fibula, ib. ; on a Roman burial-
place in Kent, v, 79 ; on a silver seal
found at Abingdon, ib., 359 ; exhibits
early Roman coins in bronze, xi, 254 ;
a Flemish tobacco-box, ib., 255 ; spe-
cimen of gold florin found at Hastings,
ib., 263 ; remarks on, ib.

Cramer (Mr.), exhibits Roman glass, xvii,

Cramp, ring, ii, 191 ; v. Charm

Cranbrook, seal of the Grammar School
of, xii, 149

Crane (Sir Robert), xxi, 6

Crania found in the vicinity of London,
remarks on, by Mr. Cuming, xiii, 237-
240 ; in co. Somerset, xix, 126

Craven, co. York, comparison of bone im-
plements from, with those of Maiden
Castle, xxviii, 43

Craythorne (Sir W.), his will, xxii, 417

Credenhill Camp, visit of the Association
to, xxvii, 174-178 ; paper on, by F. Ed-
munds, ib., 174-177; remarks on, by W.
H. Black, 177-178

Crediton, seal of the Grammar School of,
xii, 68; visit to the Ch. of, xviii, 91-96 ;
paper on, ib. ; notice of the see of,
xxviii, 322

Credival Ch., singular discovery in, xvi,

Creeting, co. Suff., hour-glass at, xxix,

Cremation, practice of, in China, xxvii,
345-349 ; northern usage of, xxix, 143

Crenellated houses, on, xiii, 48

Creone (Peter de), stone in memory of,
discovered in the interior of Saxon Ch.
in Dover Castle, i, 261 ; sepulchral slab
of, x, 99

Cresswell (Mr.), exhibits drawings from
bells in Notts., ix, 197

Crests and brass from Great Shelford Ch.
(engr.), vi, 203

Cresy (Edward), on Gloucester Cathedral,
ii, 376, 378

Cretingham, MSS. relating to, xxi, 15

Crewkerne, co. Somerset, destruction of
the Abbey, ii, 362 ; seals of, xxviii, 348;
seal of the Grammar School, ib., 351-
352 ; tokens, xiii, 243

Crick, remarkable house at, x, 312

Criddle (Henry), obituary notice of, xiv,

Crimea, coins from the, xiv, 268

Crimping iron, Roman, exhibited, xxx,

Crispina, coins of, xxix, 350

Crocker (Sir John), sepulchral brass of, i,

Crofts (Lord), of Saxham, letters and
papers, xxi, 20

Crofts (Henrietta), Duchess of Bolton, a
miniature portrait of, transmitted by
Lord Boston, xxv, 166

Croker (— ), medal of Queen Anne by, xii,

Croker (John Wilson), Suffolk papers, xxi,

Croker (T. C), on Irish ring money, i, 310;
on roundels, ib., 329-344 ; on Cufic coins
found in the north of Ireland, ii, 187 ;
on a seal of the Masons of Glastonbury,
ib., 190 ; on a silver seal of Concanagh
O'Ragillie, ib., 191 ; on a cramp ring,
ib. ; on silver ring money, ib., 193 ; on
antiquities discovered in Orkney, the
Hebrides, and Ireland, compared, ib.,
328 ; on an ancient font stone, ib.,
336 ; on a stone disk found in a tumu-
lus in the county of Kerry, hi, 65 ;
on coins found at Clogheen, ib., 333 ;
on a porcelain seal, with Chinese cha-
racters, ib. ; exhibits a small bronze
gladiator found in the Thames, ib. ; on
Irish gold ring money, iv, 316 ; on a
silver-gilt ring presumed to have be-
longed to Shakespeare, ib., 389 ; exhibits
drawings of a clay mask and stone figure
found in the Caicos Islands, v, 87 ; im-
pression of a seal found in Clare, ib. ; on
urns found at Limerick, ib., 154 ; pic-
ture-board dummy in possession of, xxx,

Croker (T. F. Dillon), observations on the
study of archaeology, v, 288; on Milton's
"Comus',' xxiv, 44-51; on Cotswold and
its popular customs, xxv, 113-119 ;
paper on Mr. Kemp and his " Nine
Daies Wonder", xxvi, 114-121 ; legends
and memorials of the Wye, by, xxvii,

Cromlech, du Tus, or du Hus, Guernsey,
Mr. F. C. Lukis on, i, 25-29 ; plan of
(engr.),ib. ; interior of, showing position of
skeletons (engr.), ib. 27 ; paper on, and
two views of a Cromlech at Gavr' Innis
(2 engrs.), ib., 309 ; near Grande Folie,
Alderney (enr/r. ), iii, 5 ; and cist, over-
looking Longy Bay, Alderney (2 engrs.),
ib.,Q; called "Dol-ar-Marchant" (engr.),
ib., 274; in the Channel Islands, iv,
323 ; plans of De Hus, or De Tus, and
chamber in the same (3 engrs.), ib., 330,
331; on L'Ancresse Common, Guernsey
(enqr.), ib., 342 ; newly discovered, in
Guernsey (2 engrs.), iv, 334 ; remarks
on, xx, 228-237 ; or hunebeds, xxvi, 1 ;


Hellstone, from Abbotsbury (enyr.),
xxviii, 103; various, xxix, 145

Cromlech v. Kits' Coity House

Cromwell (Oliver), letter of, at Hornby
Castle, vi, 344 ; two pence of, found at
Swarkeston, vii, 178 ; London fortifica-
tions by, viii, 140 ; commission signed
by, xiii, 314 ; remarks on Cromwellian
relics, by Mr. Cuming, ib., 341-347 ;
relic exhibited by Dr. Lee, xiv, 89 ;
"Cromwell's purse," drawing of a dole-
bag so called, xv, 359 ; Mr. Hopper's
paper on petition to, 1656, xx, 58 ; fac-
simile of a pass given by him to
Abraham Whelocke (engr.), ib., 282 ;
panel of his cabinet, exhibited, xxiii,
389; Cromwellian broadside, exhibited,
xxx, 333

v. Bellows

v. Chester

v. Eaton, G.

Cromwell (Richard), v. Chester

Crosby Place, London, the architectural
antiquities and present state of, as lately
restored by J. Davis, i, 165

Cross : — Crosses in the I. of Man, i, 48 ;
Runic (engr.), ib. ; with Evangelic
symbols (engr.), ib., 91 ; at Nevern,
Haverfordwest, ib., 145, 320; with a
Runic inscription, found at Dover, ib.,
242 ; in Stowe churchyard, ib., 245 ;
sepulchral, from Derbyshire (13 engrs.),
ii, 256-258 ; sepulchral, from Kent,
Essex, Sussex, and Gloucestershire (6
engrs.), ib., 259-260 ; sculptured Saxon
(7 engrs.), ib., 302 ; in a circle, a mark
of Ch. consecration at All Saints, Maid-
stone (engr.), hi, 260; in Eyam church-
yard, Derbyshire (engr.), ib., 356; at
Wheston, Derbyshire (engr.), ib.; an-
cient, at Rolleston, vii, 334; gold Saxon
cross (engr.), viii, 139 ; monumental
cross (engr.), ix, 80; drawings exhi-
bited, xi, 337; in silver, of 14th century,
exhibited, ib., 346; of willow, xvi, 330;
sepulchral, xxi, 78; miniatures, ib., 89;
from Berkley Ch., ib., 352 ; tau of St.
Anthony (engr.), xxiii, 112 ; ancient
Russo-Greek (3 engrs.), xxv, 185 ; used
in ancient Cornwall, ib., 251-252; found
in Cornwall, xxv, 254-256; processional
(engr.), ib., 398; examples of the "Cross
Tau" (engr.),ib., 309; processional, from
Ravenna, exhibited (engr.), xxviii, 398 ;
at the Lizard, early, xxix, 353; drawing
of the, of Bromholm, xxx, 57

v. St. Cross

Crossland (W. H.), restoration of Almond-
bury Ch, xxx, 231
Crossley (Mr.), v. Manchester
Grout (a musical instrument '.and another,

as played upon (2 engrs.), ii, 225, 226
Crown, heraldic celestial (engr.), x, 888
(Yowther (W.), Sheffield token of, xxx,

Croxden, the Abbey and its chronicle, by

by Gordon M. Hills, xxi, 294-315; con-
tents of the chronicle of the, ib., 294-
295; Abbots, ib., 295; history of Abbey
Buildings, ib., 2!>5-:5o5 ; be] I -casting at,
ib., 301 ; description of buildings, ib.,
305-313 ; plan of the Abbey (engr.),
xxi, 308; west-end of Ch. of ditto, w.\
transept, ib. ; details, ib. ; Abbots, ib., 31 3-
315; visit of the Congress to, xxix, 318;
G. M. Hills describes the remains, ib.,
318; mention of, ib., 326
Croydon Ch., frescoes discovered in, i, 65;
E. B. Price on, ib., 65 ; Mr. Waller on,
ib., 66; Mr. Chaffers on, ib., 139
Cruce, v, 31

Crucible, Roman, exhibited, i, 155; ix, 89 ;
xxix, 71

v. Dukes, T. F.

Crucifix, of the 13th century, with obser-
vations by Mr. Rogers, iv, 75; of the
13th century, vi, 441 ; ancient (engr.),
443 ; of lead, xvi, 332; S. M. Mayhew
exhibits a drawing of, found at West
Farleigh, Kent ( engr. ), xxviii, 77-79; of
Limoges work, drawing of, exhibited,
xxx, 196

v. Lindsay, J.

v. Ridgway, Rev. J.

Crucifixion, a representation of, exhibited,
xvii, 320

Crudwell, co. Wilts, axe-blades of flint
found at, xix, 149 ; visit of the Associa-
tion to the Ch., xxv, 285

Cruet, silver sacramental, v, 352 ; (engr.),
vi, 149 et seq.

Cruickshank (George), exhibits antiquities
from Combe Down, Bath, xix, 66 ; re-
port upon, by H. S. Cuming, ib., 67-69

Crutched Friars, sculpture discovered in
(engr.), i, 247

Crux Easton, Roman antiquities found at,
xvi, 99-100

Crypt and Chapel, discovered at Ipswich,
ii, 190

Crystals of augury, observations on, iv,
405; H. S. Cuming on, v, 51-53

Cubberley, ruins of, examined by M.
Gomonde and Captain Bell, i, 153

Cucking-stool, account of the, iii, 182 ;
xxiv, 301-304

Cuerdale, on the field of, viii, 330-335 ;
fetterlock found at (engr.), ix, 156

Cufic coin, discovered at Eastbourne, ii,
98, 187

Cuir-bouilli, box in (2 engrs.), iii, 123

Culchit, arms of (engr. ), vi, 203

Culford, celt from, xxi, 356

Culloden, l>asket hilt of a claymore dug up
on the field of, ii, 89 ; medals on the
battle of, exhibited, xvi, 288 ; cannon-
ball found at, ib. ; card relating to, xxx,

Cullum (J.), exhibits drawings of Roman
antiquities found in London, ix, 74

Cullum (Sir .lohn), letters, xxi, 18

Cuma, on excavations at, ix, 77-79; anti-



quities of, xiv, 293; antiquities found at
(engr.J, ib., 297; waxen head exhumed
at (engr.), ib., 298

Cumberland, visit to the Lakes of, in 1795,
by Mrs. Cubbold, xxi, 12

Cumberlow, Herts, seat of T. Stanley, at,
xxvi, 30

Cumbree, description of tumulus at the,
xxvii, 358

Cuming (Henry Syer), F.S.A. Scot., V.P.,
on an amulet, i, 64 ; on the basket hilt
of a Jacobite claymore dug up on the
field of Culloden, ii, 89 ; on the Seax
of the primitive Saxons, ib., 337 ; on
weapons and armour formed of horn,
iii, 23-32; on a bone pin, ib., 337 ; on
the couvre-feu, iv, 133; observations on
a Chinese keen, v, 81 ; on phonic horns,
ib., 119-132 ; on Morisco-Spanish art,
vi, 88-90; on horseshoes, ib., 406-418;
exhibits a signet ring of the Earl of
Shrewsbury, ib., 440 ; remarks on car-
vings on Morse ivory, ib., 440 ; on drill
and drill-bows, ib., 455-459; on carvings
in Morse ivory, vh, 31-37, 429-431; ob-
servations on the pestle and mortar, ib.,
83-90 ; on Eastern water-colours, ib.,
170-172 ; on the poly cephalic amulets
of the gnostics, viii, 1-6; on a Roman
lamp found in London, ib., 57; on pot-
hooks and hangers, ib., 73-77 ; on the
Pan cases of India, ib., 156-159 ; on
ring and chain armour, ib., 354-360; on
Vincula, ix, 74, 155-160; on Christian
lamps, ib., 84 ; on the alleged disco-
veries of antiquities in London, ib., 89-
92 ; on bronze Celts, ib., 183-188 ; on
Samian ware, ib., 190 ; on stone shot,
ib., 440-446; exhibits a knife found in
Farringdon-street, x, 88; observations
on, 80-90; remarks on one found in the
Thames, ib., 89; on a Roman Christian
lamp, ib., 91 ; on stone implements, ib.,
106-107 ; on the Meri of New Zealand,
ib., 109-110 ; on Irish antiquities, ib.,
165-176; on excavations at New Cannon
street, ib., 190-195; on Ascoi, ib., 375-
378; on frauds in archaeology, xi, 67-73;
on tobacco-pipes found in London, ib.,
75-76; on tobacco-stoppers, ib., 76; on
clothes-brushes, ib., 80-81 ; on observa-
tions on the nimbus, ib., 83-88; on early
English arrow-heads, ib., 142-144 ; on
spectacles, ib., 144-150; exhibits an ec-
clesiastical seal found in Cloak Lane, ib.,
152; on relics of Charles I, ib., 227-238;
exhibits a dupondius, ib., 254 ; on
watches, watch papers, and watch-
stands, ib., 256-260; on the mazer, ib.,
353-356 ; remarks on Mr. Gunston's
keys, xii, 98-99 ; history of keys, ib.,
117-129 ; on coins found at Caermar-
then, ib., 157-159; on articles formed
of Kimmeridge shale, ib., 166-169 ; on
medalets presumed to relate to Mary
Stuart, ib., 174-176 ; on antiquities

found at Alchester, ib., 176-178 ; on
engravings on silver by De Passe, ib.,
240-244 ; supplementary notes on the
relics of Charles I, ib., 251-256; on offer-
tory dishes, ib., 259-262; on the "Santa
Casa " and our Lady of Loretto, ib.,
264-265 ; on medieval vessels in the
form of equestrian knights, ib., 265 ;
xiii, 130-134 ; on Anglo-Saxon arms
found in the Thames, ib. , 202-206; on a
guipure, ib., 229-230 ; on an ancient
latten feretrum, ib., 230-233 ; on the
discovery of Celtic crania in the vicinity
of London, ib., 237-240 ; on playing
cards, ib., 244-245; on an embroidered
night-cap, ib., 246-248 ; on a Roman
coin found at Battersea, ib., 248-249 ;
on nut-crackers, ib., 249-252 ; on a
Cousen Lane token, ib., 255-256 ; on
antiquities found at Cissbury and High
Downs Camps, ib., 291-292; on various
rings, ib., 310-312 ; on a Roman laba-
rum, ib., 316; on the head of a Roman
statuette, ib., 317 ; on a Roman bulla,
ib., 321-323; on various articles of at-
tire, ib., 324-326 ; on a Chinese coverlet,
ib., 327-329; on a fausse montre, ib.,
330-331 ; on the collar of S's, ib., 331-
333; on various Etruscan, Celtic, Danish,
and Oriental antiquities, ib., 339-341 ;
on Cromwell relics, ib., 340-341 ; on
a mediaeval vessel in the form of an
equestrian knight, xiv, 91-93; exhibits
torches and horse furniture found in
Lancashire, ib., 93 ; on pretended dis-
coveries of British remains in Kent, ib.,
94-95; history of purses, ib., 131-144;
on aglets and aglet-hole piercers, ib.,
262-266 ; on a Roman epistomium,. ib.,
269-270 ; on horse-shoes, ib., 273-275 ;
on decade rings, ib., 277-278 ; on cal-
trops, ib., 278-279; on mirrors, ib., 287;
on a lock and key of the 15th century,
ib., 228 ; notes on the antiquities found
at Marden, in Kent, ib., 289-291 ; on a
Roman flower- vase found in Southwark,
ib., 337-338; on ancient spindles, ib., 341 ;
on merchants' seals, ib., 343 ; on the
Chancellor's seal-bag, ib., 343-344 ; on
knives, ib., 345 ; on forged matrices of
mediaeval seals, ib., 348-350 ; on forged
matrices of ancient seals, ib., 353-355 ;
on a Roman coffin of lead found at
Shadwell, ib., 355-357 ; on gilded fic-
tilia, ib., 357 ; on a Mexican javelin-
knife, ib., 358 ; on the sheaths of girdle
knives, ib., 359 ; on an Egyptian bottle,
ib., 358-359 ; on memorials of Charles
II connected with Wilts, xv, 180-189 ;
Celtic antiquities exhumed in Lincoln-
shire and Derbyshire, ib., 225-230 ;
British antiquities found in Lancashire,
ib., 231-236; ancient bijouterie, ib., 271;
exhibits bronze medal of Christina of
Sweden, ib., 272 ; on domestic censers,
ib.. 280-282 ; on old English arrow-


■ •.

heads, ib., 285; exhibits a sportsman's
companion, of steel, temp. Win. Ill, ib.,
288; .ui ancient spindles, ib., 306-310 ;
on thf black jack and bombard. 339-
."{44 ; exhibits plaque of enamel, rt.,-"i44;
oil the gill measure, ib., 345-346 ; on
the antiquity of clasp-knives, ib., 348-
350 ; on Battersea enamels, il>., 352-355;
exhibits Porto Bello medals, ib., 363 ;
on old English arrow-heads, xvi, 262-
268; on ancient ornaments, ib., 269-274;
exhibits medals relating to the battle of
Culloden, ib., 288; on memorials of
Charles I, ib., 291-294; on antiquities
found in Lancashire, ib., 296; exhibits a
piece of French embroidery, (6., 317 ;
Celtic swords, ib., 322 ; medallets of the
Virgin, ib., 323; on the discovery of an
interment at St. Credival's Ch., ib.,
326-327 ; on a portion of a wooden
cross found in a beam at Shakespeare's
house, Stratford, ib., 331 ; on a Roman
villa, at Box, ib., 340-342 ; on memento
mori medals, ib., 345; on bellarmines
and other early drinking vessels, ib.,
355 ; exhibits forged matrices of seals,
ib., 358 ; on the use of vessels and
hollow bricks in buildings, ib., 359-363;
report on glass discovered at Buckholt,
xvii, 57-58 ; on spheroids of ancient
glass, ib., 59-63; exhibits seal of Tew-
kesbury Grammar School, ib., 67-68 ;
on Corfe Castle, ib., 69-70 ; on the
sheaths of girdle-knives, ib., 113-118;
on the reputed silver ring of Mary
Stuart, ib., 223-224; on the chatelaine
and etui, ib., 225-230; on a semi-circular
topped fibula, ib., 232-234; on the bora-
chio, ib., 273-278 ; on mirrors, ib., 279-
288; note on Rhine pottery, ib., 292 ;
on a Limoges enamel of the 12th cen-
tury, ib., 320 ; on scabbard ornaments,
i'i., 321 ; on a tapestry panel, ib., 327 ;
alleged American discoveries, ib., 330 ;
exhibits medal of the young Pretender,
Hi.. 337 ; on ancient fibula, xviii, 224-
226 ; on the Norman Fermail, ib., 227-
231 ; on Roman remains at Exeter, ib.,
260-261 ; exhibits a bronze bust of
Queen Elizabeth, ib., 264; on the dis-
covery of a leaden coffin at Worcester
i 'athedral, ib., 265 ; on various portraits
<.f King Edward VI, ib., 269-271 ; on
various antiquities found near Canter-
bury, ib., 272 ; on apple SCOOps, ib.. 27 I ;
on Parisian forgeries of antiquities, ib.,
278; on siijnarula found in London, ib.;
on Devon and Exeter cloth seals, ib.,
279 ; exhibits a small seal of King
Charles I, (7'., 280; on paintings upon
stone, ib., 285-287; on seals bearing
dates, ib., 288; on early Ian ton-,, Hi., 870-
371 ; on shoe-horns, ib., 375-377 ; on
Hint implements, ib., 377-378; on an-
cient fibulae, i6.,378; on leathei n \>
ib., 380-382; on memorials of Richard

ill, nix. 51-55 ; discussion, ib., 56; re-
port of antiquil Les discovered a1 Coi

Down, Bath, ib., 67-69 ; on pocket 80-
laria, ib., 71-73; exhibits a brass ring
dial, ib., 73 ; on si'jnacula found in
London, ib., 94-100; on antiquities
found at Ham Hill, Somerset, ib.. 127 ;
on ancient brand irons, ib., 127-129 ; i
ancient nielli, ib., 181, 213-218; exhibits
five small bracteates, ib., 131 ; a small
Chinese fruit teapot, ib., 138 ; on a
bronze leopard's head ami other masks,
ib., V>9 ; on the Holy Sepulchre of
Glastonbury Abbey, ib., 145-148 ; on
heraldic badges, ib., 307; on peaked
hats,, ib., 308-310; exhibits boxes of
scales and weights, ib., 312; on contents
of a barrow at Clungunford, ib., 318-
319; on a German sabre, ib., 825; xxi,
321 ; exhibits spike of an iron buckler,
ib., 329 ; a two pound weight of the
City of London, xx, 67 ; on the history
of slings, ib., 73-80; exhibits an encaustic
tile of the 14th century, ib., 82 ; a gaily
tile, ib., 83 ; on the manufacture of fic-
titious antiquities, ib. ; on the weapons
of the ancient tribes of Yorkshire, ib.,
101-111 ; remarks on perpetual alma-
nacks, ib., 198; on glass vessels found in
a coffin at Bishopstoke, ib., 201 ; on
Roman bronze images with silver eyes,
ib., 202 ; on early lance-heads of iron,
ib., 203-204 ; on brass pins found in the
Thames, ib., 252 ; on pin-money, ib.,
253 ; on silver bracteates, ib., 254-257 ;
exhibits a galonier, ib., 262 ; a claw
hammer found in the Thames, ib., 263 ;
on archers' badges, ib., 264-267 ; on al-
legorical alto-relievos, ib., 269 ; on pot-
tery with arabesque designs, ib., 272 ;
on French jettons with " Agnus Dei",
ib., 274; on a jetton with "Knot of

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