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Savoy", ib., 326; on a very thin glazed
earthen vessel, found in the Thames,
ib., 327 ; on mortuary locket of Charles
I, ib., 332; on signet rings of Henrietta
Maria, ib., 333 ; on seals of purity, ib.,
337-338; on cock-throwing, ib., 342; ex-
hibits engraved silver box, ib., 347 : 013
pseudo-antiques in cock-metal, ib., 355;
exhibits etching of the espousals of
Charles I and Henrietta Maria, (7>.,357;
on a statuette of Mars, ib., 358; on a
bone-washer of a wheel, ib. ; on the
Kings of East Anglia. xxi. 22; on Lan-
cashire pottery, i*6., 85; on purses, ib.,
87; description of leaden relics found
in London, ib., 193-196; exhibits carved
handles of walking-sticks, ,7,.. 236 ;
on a German aabre, ib., 321 ; on charms
employed in cattle disease, ib., 323-359;
on carved fruit stones, ib., 362 ; on
ancient spear-heads of bone, \.\ii, 89 ;
exhibits and illustrates a potter's ti
///.. it l! ; on some bone implements lab K
found extensively in London, ib., !'i-




97 ; on scoops made from human bones,
ib., 104 ; on ancient stone lamps, ib.,
105; one of remarkable character, ib.,
106 ; remarks on pottery from Ingold-
mells, ib., 109 ; exhibits an American
war-club, ib., 241 ; comments on the
vocal Memnon and other Egyptian an-
tiquities, ib., 242 ; exhibits a sketch of
the hilt of a bronze sword from the
Bateman collection, ib., 244 ; remarks
on a congius, ib., 246 ; on the hand
amulet, ib., 291-295 ; remarks on the
Lee penny, ib., ."305 ; notes on arms of
Longchamps, ib., 311 ; on a pilgrim's
costrel, ib., 312 ; describes antiquities
from Anglesea, ib., 315; exhibits a rare
vase, ib., 316 ; on portraits of Julius
Csesar, ib., 337 ; exhibits and describes
seals cut on Roman coins and seals ap-
plied to sword handles, ib., 342 ; on
hand amulets, ib., 345 ; on remains at
Gurnard's Bay, ib., 354-356; account of
remarkable carved pebbles of Eastern
origin, ib., 445 ; description of lake
dwellings discovered in Southwark, ib.,
446 ; on an unwrought paalstab, ib.,
451 ; exhibits a charm from Abyssinia,
ib., 453 ; on an enamelled button from
Hastings, ib., 455 ; exhibits a tessera of
giallo antico, xxiii, 90 ; a profiled bust
of Carneades, ib., 90 ; a stone from Craig
Phetri fort, ib., 92 ; a mould for dumps,
ib., 97; on the cross-tau of St. Anthony,
ib., 104-109; exhibits a sandal-shaped
lamp, ib., 205 ; a drawing of a steel key
from Battle Abbey, ib., 205 ; reads a
letter upon Venetian beads found at
Harrietsham, ib., 206 ; exhibits a heart-
shaped frontal and a photograph of a
wheel cross, ib., 207; a paper on the dis-
covery of Cetacean remains in London,
ib., 251 ; on the charm of the measure
of the wound in our Saviour's side, ib.,
283; letter to, from the Rev. J. Bowles,
on Stanton Lacy Ch., ib., 287; exhibits
a German buck's horn cane top, ib., 290 ;
reads a paper on signacula found in
London, ib., 327 ; exhibits a Tyrrheno-
Phcenician vessel and lamp of Roman
type, ib., 381 ; a Douglas-heart, ib., 383;
on a Douglas-heart in Lord Boston's
possession, xxiv, 35-40 ; on human re-
mains at Ham Hill, ib., 62-63; on a lead
seal from Lamousie, ib., 63 ; warns col-
lectors against pseudo-antiques, ib. ; on
broad arrows of bronze and teeth of the
large horse, ib., 64 ; on an implement of
the stone age from Billinghurst, ib., 65 ;
stone club from Brazil, ib., 66 ; exhi-
bits ancient spurs found in London, ib.,
67 ; exhibits and remarks on a marble
head of the Empress Magnia Urbica, ib.,
69 ; on the breastplate of a Mameluke's
horse, ib., 73 ; on remains of bronze
Roman statues in London, ib., 75 ; on an
Ancient British snow-knife, $.,125-128;

on forgeries exhibited by R. Lang, ib.,
167 ; on a beechen knitting sheath, ib.,
168 ; on the St. Cadvan stone atTowyn,
Merionethshire, ib., 170-171; remarks on
Luther' s wedding ring, xxiv, 173; exhibits
an Ancient British snow-knife, ib., 174 ;
on some spurious antiquities from Port-
sea, ib., 175 ; on an Etruscan sarco-
phagus, ib., 176; exhibits an ivory cane-
handle of the 17th century, ib., 177 ;
on a Runic epigraph found in the
Thames, ib., 178-179; exhibits an object
in copper bronze, ib., 178 ; letters from
R. Carr on the spelling of Northumbrian
words in his orthographic map, ib., 182;
on the remains of Saxon churches for-
merly Roman temples, ib., 183 ; reads
H. Watling's remarks on Roman remains
at Stonham, ib., 184 ; on Chinese seals
found in Ireland, ib., 187 ; cf. i, 43 ; on
reliquaries, and exhibits a staff-head
found in the Thames, xxiv, 188; on sig-
nacula found in the Thames, London,
ib., 184, 219-230 ; exhibits a gag and a
dental instrument of the 16th century,
ib., 272 ; a drawing of the effigy of St.
John the Evangelist, from the screen of
Southwold Ch., ib., 272 ; exhibits a
fetish from Western Africa, ib., 273 ; on G.
V. Irving's paper on the Red Comyn, ib.,
285; exhibits an engraving of the blind
beggar of Bethnal Green, ib., 286-287 ;
a group of pseudo - antique Roman
apple-scoops from Broad Street, ib., 286;
a drawing of the money-box of Blyth-
burgh Ch., ib. ; on charms against cramp,
ib., 287 ; on a small Roman bust, ib.,
292 ; reads a paper on the discovery of
"Morse" remains in London, ib. ; on
some gladiatorial relics in the collection
of J. W. Baily, ib., 309-312: note of, on
his paper on the Douglas heart, ib., 387-
390 ; on a brass badge of a garde-de-
ckasse of Soignies Forest, ib., 392-393 ;
on an iron key and globose terra-cotta
vessel, ib., 394; on an abbot's ring from
St. Alban's, ib., 393; exhibits an apostle
spoon, and remarks on one exhibited by
Dr. Kendrick, ib., 395 ; on celts from
Coleraine, ib., 400 ; exhibits a pepper-
mill and the centre-stone of a spice-
mill, and remarks on one exhibited by
Dr. Kendrick, ib., 401 ; on a painted
window at Combe Ch., ib., 402; on early
iron candlesticks, xxv, 54-60 ; on speci-
mens of iron candlesticks, ib., 69 ; on
snuffers, ib., 74-78; on candles, ib., 78 ;
exhibits a lock and key of the time of
Henry VIII, ib. ; on a cock - metal
dagger and patera, ib., 78-79 ; on a
platform discovered in Park Street,
Southwark, ib., 80 ; on discovery of a
landing-place at Brook's Wharf, Upper
Thames Street, ib., 80; on timber and
nails found in Park Street, Southwark,
ib., 81 ; exhibits a leaden bulla, ib., 83-



84; on bears and bearwards, ib., 107-
169; exhibits an acratojihorum, ili.,172;
paper on the branks, or scold's bridle,
ib., 173; remarks on signets, ib.; on
marks made by seaweed on stone, ib.,
176 ; on seaweed found in North Wales,
ib., 178-179 ; upon fac-similies from
chancel screen of Southwold Ch., ib.,
178; on the painting in Southwold Ch.,
ib., 2(51; on the scalptorium, ib., 263-
266 ; on the screen in Southwold Ch.,
ib., 269-270 ; letter from, describing an
obelisk in the borough, ib., 271 ; re-
marks on antiquities found in Saffron
Walden, ib., 273; on ancient sieves and
colanders, ib., 244-250 ; exhibits per-
sonal signets of James I and Charles I,
ib., 275-277 ; reads a paper on "Jack of
the Clock House", ib., 277-281; on relics
and mementoes of James I, ib., 321-334;
letter from Mr. Watling announcing
discovery of a Roman road, ib., 389-390;
reads a paper on forgeries, ib., 390-394;
on a tablet of black slate, ib., 395 ; on
some leaden objects bearing Greek in-
scriptions, ib., 396-397; reads a note on
a German offertory dish, ib., 399-400 ;
remarks on a saltcellar, temp. Geo. II,
xx vi, 69; on Egyptian lamps and Roman
bronze bar, ib., 70 ; on articles found on
site of St. Benet's Ch., in Gracechurch
Street, ib., 73; on the cup of Tantalus,
ib., 73-76; remarks on Roman bell found
in the Rhone, ib., 82; exhibits and reads
paper on memorial of Royal Oak, ib.,
82-89; on early tetina;, ib., 109-114; on
dated seals, ib., 213-218; exhibits early
tetinse, ib., 239 ; on the game of hop
scotch, ib., 241-243; on copperplates of
Erasmus' martyrdom and Charles II,
ib., 246-248 ; on tracing of fresco from
Yaxley, and copies of painted windows
from Long Melford, ib., 248-250; notes
on a group of reliquaries, ib., 271-280 ;
on relics in Dover Castle Keep, ib., 335-
340 ; exhibits a Suffolk brass, ib., 370 ;
on a painting of St. Felicitas, ib., 374-
375 ; on a forged pilgrim's sign, by W.
Monk, ib., 377-378 ; reads paper on the
Tau as an emblem of life, ib., 379 ;
reads paper on imitations of turned
work, ib., 380-382 ; on mittens, xxvii,
158-160; on flagella, ib., 160-163; exhi-
bits a forgery by Wm. Monk, ib., 255-
256 ; observations on collars of torture,
ib., 256-258 ; on a manille exhibited by
Mr. Holt, ib., 260 ; on the Tau, or em-
blem of life, ib., 307-314; on moulded
wood, ib., 373-375 ; on Roman lamps
exhibited by Mr. Baily, ib., 376; exhibits
drawing of brazen chandelier at Lowes-
toft, ib. ; on chandeliers, ib., 376-378 ;
exhibits Jacobite snuff-box, (7*., 379 ;
portraits of the "Young Pretender", ib.,
379-380 ; remarks by, on the medallete
of the "Old Pretender". <7>.,385; exh

drawings of Roman flue -tiles from

Stonham, Suffolk, ib., 385-3*6 ; on an-
tiquities in the possesion of the Cor-
poration of Dover, ib., :;!l!l-|n| ; on
recent discoveries of Roman remains at
Wildeiqiool, ib., 430-437 ; exhibits
tracing of the figure of King David on
the painted screen in Southwold Ch.,
ib., 519-520; on antefix of a lion's face,
exhibited by Mr. Baily, ib., 522; on an-
tiquities from Sunbury Common, ib.,
529-530; exhibits drawings of Roman
vessels from Ktaples. ib., 530; on ancient
remains found at Maiden Castle, xxviii,
39-45 ; exhibits Arctic scraper made of
eagle's talons, ib., 44 ; on celts from
Burbudoes, ib., 73-74; exhibits sand
from Wilderspool, ib. ; shell adze from
the Friendly Isles, ib. ; letter from
Dr. Kendrick, ib., 74-75 ; report on an-
cient remains found at Maiden Castle,
ib., 76; reads a paper on St. Katherine,
ib., 77; exhibits clay weight, ib., 173 ;
on the ale-yard, or long glass, ib., 174-
176; reads a paper on church chests,
?7j.,176; on the Weymouth Theatre, and
exhibits play-bills, ib., 179-182; exhibits
cocks, ib., 184; a drawing of a vane, ib. ;
remarks on anemoscopes, ib., 185-189;
reads paper on the effigies at Westhall,
Suffolk, ib., 190-193; on the Patron
Saint of Dorset, read, ib., 205 ; ab-
stract of it, ib., 206 ; on church chests,
ib., 225-230 ; exhibits a sketch by J.
B. Collings of a Druidical monument at
Minorca, ib., 275; a leathern wheel, ib.,
282; remarks upon Palissy ware, exhi-
bited by Rev. S. M. Mayhew, ib., 284-
285; on various seals, ib., 347-352; de-
scribes applique" needlework of the 17th
century, and exhibits specimens, ib.,
395-396 ; notice of meaning and use of
lath, ib., 399; paper on a late 17th cen-
tury copybook, ib., 401-407 ; exhibits a
Nuremberg lantern, xxix, 71 ; on Christ-
mas school-pieces, ib., 72-76; onOdinism,
ib., 79 ; exhibits a stone figure, ib., 80 ;
on back-painting, ib., 81-85; on bottled
objects, ib., 87-89 ; exhibits pictorial
cards, ib., 90 ; on epistolary valentines,
ib., 91-95; on hour-glasses, ib., 1 30-137;
on ancient water-pipes, ib., 184-186; on
mirrors, ib., 189 ; exhibits various anti-
quities, ib., 196 ; notes on the Roman
eaide, ib., 200 ; on Roman keys, ib.,
202-203; on various weapons, to., 205-
206; exhibit.-, weapons from Smithfield,
ib., 206-207; on sun-dials. ,7,.. 279-288;
exhibits pottery sketches, ib., 306-307;
on tobacco-boxes, ib., 312 ; and on D.
< in rick's seal, ib., 312-313; on the frauds
of J. Smith, ib., 313-316; on the early
saints of Staffordshire, ib., 337-341 ; on
knives, ib., 421 ; account of St. Ethel-
died i. aud her representation in art, it.,
123-425; on garnets, ib., 427. 42*; on t



tile exhibited by Mr. Horner, ih., 429;
on the whirligig or top, xxx, 87-42 ; on
picture-board dummies, ib., 66-71 ; on
St. Mary's Ch., Letheringham, Suff., ib.,
74-78 ; describes London antiquities
exhibited by Mrs. Baily, ib., 80 ; on a
coloured tile of the 16th century, ib.,
84-86 ; on paving tiles, ib., 89-90 ; on
watering-pots, ib., 91 ; on spurious
beads, ib , 92 ; letter from Mr. Watling,
relating to Mendlesham Ch., Suff., ib.,
92-93 ; on relics, and destruction going
on, at Mendlesham Ch.,i6.,93; on an Eli-
zabethan pike-head, and exhibits other
specimens, ib., 94; on jollyboys, ib., 95-
98; on canettes, ib., 130-135; on bone
implements, ib., 192; on snuffers, ib.,
193; exhibits Irish pikes, ib., 197; on
Roman and other keys, ib., 200; on the
buck-stone, ib., 201, 202 ; on alabastra,
ib., 205-207; paper entitled, "Why is
the nine of diamonds called the curse
of Scotland?" ib., 207-212; additional
notes on picture - board dummies,
ib., 325-326 ; description by, of keys
exhibited, ib., 329 ; exhibits and
describes topographical drawings, ib.,
331-333; notes on St. Pancras, ib., 334,
335 ; on the game of Pope Joan, ib.,
336-337 ; description of a costrel, ib.,
341 ; description of a Dutch medallion,
ib., 342; on a medallion of St. Benedict,
ib., 342-344; on costrels, ib., 432; letters
from Mr. Watling on mural paintings at
Stonham, and remarks of, on the same,
ib., 434-436; on St. Gertrude of Ni-
velles, ib., 436-438; describes antiquities
forwarded by Mrs. Baily, ib., 440 ; on
mum and mum glasses, ib., 437-439; ac-
count of fictile money-boxes, ib., 443-444

Cuming (Richard), memoir of, xxvii, 542

Cumming (Rev. J. G.), exhibits a cast from
the head of a beadle-staff of the parish
of Bethnal Green, xxiv, 272; impres-
sion of the signet-ring of Stephen Gar-
diner, Bishop of Winchester, xx, 346 ;
remarks on G. V. Irviug's paper on the
Red Comyn, xxiv, 285

Cummings (Rev. A. H.), exhibits Cornish
antiquities, xxix, 191; account of anti-
quities in the Lizard district, ib., 341

Cumnor, co. Berks, remains at the Ch.
(cii'jr.), xvi, 46; tile from the Ch. of,
exhibited, xxx, 196

Cunobeline, on the coins of, and of the
Ancient Britons, by the Rev. B. Poste,
(engrs.), i, 224-236, 298-305; ii, 11; hi,
33-42, 226-235, 250, 310-316; iv, 107;
v, 7-22, 146-153; vi, 16-29 ; vii, 20-31,
115-123, 397-414; viii, 9; gold coin of,
found in Oxfordshire, exhibited, xv,
290; or Cymbeline, a British prince,
coins <>f, xxvi, 198-199; xxix, 396

Cup, Romano - British (engr.), iii, 298 ;
drinking, of Queen Elizabeth (engr.), v,
143 ; curious small (engr.), vi, 64 ;
drinking, found in the Isle of Wight
(engr.), xi, 188 ; paper on the cup of
Tantalus, by H. S. Cuming, xxvi, 73-76;
drinking, found at Wolston, xxix, 43 ;
found near Leicester Grange, ib. ; of
pewter, exhibited, ib., 184; British, ex-
hibited, ib., 310 ; of silver work, exhi-
bited, ib., 435-436; enamelled Venetian,
of glass, exhibited, xxx, 200 ; drinking,
exhibited, ib., 222; of wood, iii, 355; iv,
403; v, 30; xvi, 338

" Cup and ring" marks, xxix, 27, 29

Cupid, riding iipon a griffin, in bronze,
found at Colchester, i, 287-334

Curie (Charles), exhibits a beheading
sword found in Ireland, xiii, 321 ; a
Mexican javelin, xiv, 345 ; a knife-
handle of brass, xv, 346-348 ; a Mauro-
Spanish spur, xvi, 290 ; a horse-shoe,
ib., 344; a trumpet, ib.

Curling (Captain), on the Reculver, ix,

Curradore Castle, club found near, i, 249

Curt (Joseph), on brass coins of Carausius,
ii, 343; exhibits coins of Carausius, iv,

Curteis (Hugh), ancient deed executed by,
xvii, 63-65

Curteis (Rev. T.), exhibits stand of hour-
glass at Otford Ch., Kent, xii, 265

Curteyes (Griffin), monument of, xvi, 79

Cury, antiquities from, xxix, 342-353

Cussans (J. E.), remarks upon " Jack of
the Clock House", xxv, 275; on a mural
inscription in Ashwell Ch. tower, xxvi,

Customs and sports, ancient, of Derby-
shire, by L. Jewitt, vii, 199-210 ; of
Nottinghamshire, by L. Jewitt, viii,
229-240 ; of Portland, xxviii, 35-38;
connected with a tumulus, xxix, 43

v. Clipping

v. Hunebeds

Cuthbred, King of the W. Saxons, xxix, 43

Cuthulf (Peter), xxx, 309

Cutlers of Sheffield, their character, xxx,
151, 152

Cuvier (M.), his lectures, xxii, 18

Cwmhir, co. Radnor, ancient chisels found
in the ruins of the Cistercian Abbey at,
ii, 346

Cylinder, bronze, of pilgrim's staff, and
inscription on same (2 engrs. J, viii, 360

Cymbeline, v. Cunobeline

Cyneberht, Cynewerd, Abbots of Malmes-
bury, xxvii, 320-321

Cypher of Q. Elizabeth, v, 144

Cythara, Teutonica (engr. J, i, 294; ex-
amples of (2 engrs.), ib., 221, 222 ;
Anglica (engr.), ib., 223




DACRE, co. Cumb., monastery at, in
Beda's time, xxiv, :i78

Dacus (Robert), witness to an early charter,
circ. 1126, xxx, 171

Dag, or pistol, Elizabethan, xxix, 40

Dagger, bronze, found in Dorsetshire
(engr.J, ii, 98 ; bronze, found near
Sterndale Ch. (engr.J, ib., 235; bronze
swords and, from Alderney (Z engrs.J,
iii. 9; of the 16th century (engr.J, vi,
148 et xeq.; of the time of Elizabeth,
found in the Thames, vii, 162; found at
Coleorton Moor, viii, 64; of the 17th
century, x, 112; of the time of Edward
I or II, found in the Tower Ditch, xi,
158; of the Holy Vehm, an ectype of,
xiv, 281; from a barrow in Dorsetshire
(engr.J, xv, 228; found at Doddington,
xx, 329 ; mediaeval, xxviii, 76 ; and
sheath, ib., 2S2-283; British, from Fen-
chureh Street, ib., 398-399 ; bronze,
found near Leicester Grange, xxix, 43;
blades, ib., 196, 206; exhibited, ib., 206,
434; forged, xxx, 338

v. Dewe, W.

Dagger-guard, xxx, 72

Dagger-sheaths, xxx, 87

Daglingworth, visit of the Association to,
xxv, 298-306; description of a ruin at,
by T. Blashill, ib., 299-301 ; description
of the Ch. by T. Blashill, ib., 301-303;
Ch. window at (engr.J, ib., 304

Dalden (Lady), will of, xxii, 413

Dale Abbey, observations on, viii, 34

Park, account of a barrow at, i, 50

Dalmeny, co. Linlithgow, drawing of the
Ch., xxx, 114

Dalyngrudge (Sir John), of East Grinstead,
served in the French wars, in 1359, with
his son, xxiv, 352

(Sir Edward), levies a fine on his

manor of Harrington, xxiv, 353; marries
the daughter of John de Wardien, ib.;
obtains Bodiam Manor as his wife's
dowry, ib., 354; commission, in 1380,
to inquire into the estates of the realm,
and the household expenses of Richard
II, ib.; obtains permission, in 1385, to
erect a castle at Bodiam, ib. ; commis-
sioner, in 1390, to conclude a truce
between England and France, ib.\ seals,
in 1390, a letter of remonstrance to
Boniface IX, ib. ; made, in 1392, Go-
vernor of the Tower, and Custos of
London, ib.; removed from his Gover-
norship and Custosship for leniency t<<
the Londoners, ib.

Dame, account of the title, xxvi, 134-

Darner (Captain), notice of his opening
barrows in Dorsetshire, xxviii. 27

Damme, battle of, xxiii, 59

Danebod (Thyre), Queen of Denmark, re-
liquary from her tomb at Jellinge, xxvi,

Danes, siege of Hertford by, and massacre
of, at Welwyn, xxvi, 27; occupied fifteen
counties, xxviii, 49 ; at Portland, ib.,
88; mention oi,ib., 156; in Britain, xxix,

v. Durham

Danesbank, entrenchment at, xxix , 39

Danes Camp, near Solihull, xxix, 42

Danish objects, xiii, 339, 341, 347; fibula
found at Oxford, ib., 347 ; coin, xvii,
328 ; brooeh of the 10th century, xx,

Dapifer Regis, xxviii, 121

Darlington, seal of the Grammar School
of, 145

Darnell (William de), xxx, 241

Dartford, picture-board dummy at, xxx,

Dartmoor, on the rock-basins of, xv, 355 ;
xvi, 101-132; avenues, circle, and crom-
lech near Merivale Bridge (engr.J, ib.,
113 ; Sir Gardner Wilkinson upon
British remains there, xviii, 22-53, 111-
133 ; visit to, by the Association, ib.,
341 ; plans of hut circles on (engr.J, xx,

Dartmouth (Earl of), inaugural address at
the Wolverhampton Congress, xxix, 19-
26 ; speeches, ib., 99, 101, 108, 109, 110,
111; receives the Association at Wood-
some Hall, xxx, 228

Daubeny (Lady Mary), brass of, in South
Petherton Ch., vi, 96

Davenport (H.), letter from, in reference
to two printed books, xxvii, 523

Daventry, interior of refectory at (engr.J,
i, 246 ; picture-board dummy at, xxx, 68

— v. Pretty, E.

David, performing on the lyre, from a MS.
at Angers (engr.J, i, 293 ; painting of,
xxvii, 519; David and heart offerings,
xxix, 36

Davidson (John), exhibits a Roman con-
gius, xxii, 191, 244-246

levies (Hillary), exhibits drawing of a
spice-mortar with Tudor badges, xvii,
54 ; exhibits drawing of a tomb at Al-
brighton, Salop, xxvii, 259; sends in-
taglios from Uriconium for exhibition,
xxviii, 171; exhibits a chap-book, en-
titled, "A New History of England",
etc., xxx, 88; notice of picture-board
dummies, ib., :!27 ; exhibits two spoons
and a tobacco-box, ib., 433 ; two pieces
of chain-mail, ib., 1 10- 1 II

Davies (James), paper by, on the Roman
mads, ,f Herefordshire, xxvii. 880-888;



on statutes of the Marches of Wales and
the border counties, ib., 404-415, 540

Da vies (Thomas W.)» sends for exhibition
forgeries from the London subterranean
works, xxiii, 86
Davis (C.E.),F.S.A., on the distinguishing
characteristics of the various styles of ar-
chitecture, xi, 271; observations on Ca-
risbrooke Ch., ib., 275 ; on Shalfleet Ch.,
ib., 276; on Calbourne Ch., ib., 314; on
Brixton Ch., ib., 315; on Shorwell Ch.,
ib., 317; on Niton Ch., ib., 319; on
St. Lawrence Ch., ib., 320 ; on Bon-
church, ib.; on Clevedon Ch., xhi, 53-
54; on the churches of Bath, ib., 135-
143; description of the Abbey Ch. of
Bath, ib., 143-144 ; on the Bishop's
Palace at Wells, ib., 177-1S6; report on
Castle Rising Ch., xiv, 156; description
of Ely Cathedral, ib., 238-256; on Salis-
bury Cathedral, xv, 46-62; on Newbury
Ch., xvi, 77 ; on Avington Ch., ib., 86 ;
on Brimpton Ch. and Chapel, ib., 89 ;
on Aldworth Ch., ib., 230-231; on Wel-
ford Ch., ib., 243-245 ; remarks during
the Congress, at Shrewsbury, on the
Abbey Ch., xvii, 43; on Tong Ch., ib.,
147; on Stokesay Castle, ib., 155; re-
marks of, upon Exeter Cathedral, xviii,
87; remarks of, upon Ottery St. Mary
Ch., xviii, 163 ; exhibits portrait of
Charles I in needlework, xxix, 85; ex-
cavations at Bath made under his direc-
tions, ib., 393

Davis (F. H.), exhibits a polycephalic
amulet, vii, 164; two jugs found in
Bonner's Fields, ib., 170; communicates
receipt for money by Queen Margaret,
ib., 421 ; on a bill of Berthelet, printer
to Henry VIII, viii, 73; exhibits speci-
mens of the coinage of Charles I, ib.,
77 ; an earthen bottle found near Bat-
tersea, ix, 74 ; a miniature of Mary,
Queen of Scots, by Zucchero, ib., 76 ;
an alabaster figure of Thalia, x, 382 ; a
clothes-brush of the time of Charles II,
xi, 80 ; observations on, by Mr. Cuming,
ib., 80-81

Davis (J. E.), description of some Italian
characters on blocks of stone, found
near the Norman Gate in Windsor
Castle, ii, 268

Davis (Major), remarks on a Roman station,
i, 254; on the ruins of Brecon Priory,
ii, 47, 96

Davis (Sergeant), saying of, respecting
Weymouth, xxviii, 88

Davy (D. E.), account of his Suffolk MSS.,
xxi, 5, 7, 8, 13

Davys (Rev. O. W.), remarks on Wheat-
hampstead Ch., xxvi, 261-263

Dawkins (Boyd), xxix, 28

Dawney, arms of (engr.J, xiii, 126

Dawson (Pudsey), entertains the Associa-
tion at Hornby Castle, vi, 343; obituary
notice of, xvi, 170-171

Dawson (Mr.), exhibits a model of St. Sid's
Well, xviii, 88

Dayston (Geoffrey), carves the inscription
on the nave of Almondbury Ch., xxx,

Deae Matres in the City Stone Yard, ii,

Deal, co. Kent, discovery of a Roman pot-
tery at, iii, 329

Dean, Forest of, coins fovind in the, xxiii,
168, 174; furnaces in, xxix, 125-127

Deans (Rev. J.), on Melbourne Ch., vii,

Dearden (J.), obituary notice of, xix,

Death, sculptured group representing, xvii,

Debenham, remarks on the round tower
of, xxviii, 72

Decade rings, exhibited, viii, 370; ring of
brass found near Huntingdon, xii, 266 ;
remarks on, by Rev. F. Trappes, xiv,
271-272; remarks on, by H. S. Cuming,
ib., 277, 278

Decanter, animal-shaped (engr.J, vii, 137

Decker (Thomas), quotation from, xxv,

Deer-hunting on a Roman vessel of a
bronze colour (engr.J, i, 8

Deerhurst Ch., co. Glouc., font of (engr.J,
i, 65; J. 0. Westwood's remarks on old
font in, ib., 250 ; D. H. Haigh on,
ib., 9-18; Mr. Westwood's remarks on,
ib., 251 ; visit to, by the Association, ii,

Degradation of a knight (engr.J, xii, 214

Dekker Hill, v. Botfield, B.

Delabere (Sir Richard), brass of, in Here-
ford Cathedral, xxvii, 94-95

Delamare (Richard), brass of, in Hereford
Cathedral, xxvii, 92

De la Mare (Thomas), Abbot of St. Albans,
brass of, x, 178

Delamere, family of, account of their man-
sion at Little Hereford, xxiv, 193

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