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Delapole (John), and his wife, brasses of,
in Chrishall Ch., x, 97

Delft-ware, a plate of, exhibited, x, 382-

De Lisle (Sir John), on the brass of, iii,

Delisle (Leopold), on the origin of wind-
mills in Normandy and England, vi,
403-406; documents relating to Furness
Abbey, ib., 419-424; letters illustrative
of the family of Clemence, Countess of
Chester, vii, 123-131

Demi-lance found at Staines, xv, 345

Denarii found at Little Gornhay Farm,
near Tiverton, i, 140; denarius of Ela-
gabalus, found at Rochester Castle, iv,
75; denarii found in Warwickshire, ib.,
151; denarius, of Servius, found near
Mansfield, v, 375

Dene (Thomas), Prior of St. James's,
Exeter, his seal exhibited, xviii, 258



] >enham, v. Peekham, Sir Robert

Denmark, Odinism in, a paper read by
T. Morgan, xxix, 79; Odinism in, ib.,

Dennaby, manor of, xxx, 112

Dennett (John), on a piece of needlework
of the date of 1616, i, 54; on a prick-
spur, embossed with silver, found in the
I. of Wight, ii, 197; on a record of the
time of Richard II, relating to a farm
at Newport, I. of Wight, ib. ; exhibits a
large brass coin of Lucius ^Elius Caesar,
found at Wotton, I.W., hi, 120; some
medieval antiquities found at Caris-
brooke Castle, v, 347 ; observations on,
ib. ; obituary of, ix, 111

Dennington, monstrous figure in the Ch.,
i, 249 ; monumental effigies of William,
Lord Bardolph and his lady in the Ch.,
320; antiquities found in the Ch., ib.

Dent (J. and W.), their reception of the
Association at Sudeley Castle, iv, 307

Denton, co. Bucks, rubbing of a brass at,
xi, 264

Deodands by drowning, 1551-1711, xxi,

Deptford, co. Kent, various antiquities
found concealed in an old house at, xviii,
273; glazed earthen vessel found at, xx,

Derby, supposed British cinerary urns
found near, ii, 60 ; Congress at, list of
officers and committee, vi, 307-308 ;
proceedings at, ib., 309-366 ; inaugural
discourse by the President, vii, 179-190;
Sir F. Dwarris on the local laws, cus-
toms, and courts of Derbyshire, ib., 190-
199 ; Mr. Dewsbury's account of, ib.,
284-295 ; original muniments relating
to, ib., 296-298; T. J. Pettigrew on the
study of antiquities, ib., 309-314; Mr.
W. E. Mousley's remarks upon, ib., 314;
excursions to Chesterfield, Bolsover,
Hardwick, and South Wingfield Manor,
ib., 315-322; excursion to Chesterfield
Ch., ib., 315 ; excursion to Bolsover
Castle, ib., 316; Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton
Gray's collections, ib., 317 ; Bolsover
Ch., ib., 317 ; sculpture over chancel
door, ib., 318; Hardwicke Hall, descrip-
tion of, ib., 319-321; excursions to ruins
of South Wingfield Manor, ib., 322; Rev.
Mr. Errington on, ib., 367 ; excursions
to Chatsworth, Bakewell, Yolgrave,
and Baddon lla\\,ib., 323; examinations
of Chatsworth, ib. ; examination of
Bakewell Ch., its antiquities, ib., 324 ;
monument to Sir Godfrey and Lady
Avena Foljambe, ib., 325; excursion to
Huldon Hall, ib., 327-328; Duke of
Rutland's speech, ib., 329; W. E. Mous-
ley's exhibition of and observations on a
miner's dish, ib.. 330; on a leathern jug,
etc., ib.; visit to Rollestnn Hall, ib., 331;
its church and monuments, free gram-

mar school and its seal, ib., 333 ; Ash-
burne Ch., examination of, ib., 339-3 13;
seal of Grammar School at Ashburne,
ib., 343 ; excursion to Melbourne, ex-
amination of the Ch., paper by Rev.
J. Deans, ib., 348-354; visit to Repton
Ch. and Priory, ib., 358 ; reception by
Rev. Dr. Peile, ib., 359; entertainment
by D. Fox, Mayor of, ib., 360 ; paper
by Dr. Lee, on the papyrus, ib., 361 ;
S. T. Reed on parish records, ib.,
298-303; Mr. Briggs on Roman remains
at Borrowash, ib., 362; visit to Little
Chester, ib., 365; coins found at Little
Chester, ib. ; close of Congress, ib.,
366; alphabetical tile found at (engr.J,
xii, 196
Derbyshire, coins found in, vii, 178; on
local laws, courts and customs of, ib.,
190 ; monastic institutions of, ib.,
232; encaustic tiles found in (2 coloured
engrs.J, ib., 384-389; notes on St. Bride's,
viii, 152; list of monasteries in, xxviii,
Dermot (William), hrass of, in Kinnersley

Ch., xxvii, 541
Derry, gold torques found in, ii, 96
Derwent Hills, pre-historic remains upon

the, xxx, 62
Desk, stone reading, in Wenlock Abbey

(engr.), hi, 120
Desmond Castle, bone instrument found

in the moat, xx, 346
Devereux (Penelope), daughter of Lord
Essex, the " Stella" in Sir P. Sidney's
sonnets, xxiv, 324
D'Evereux (William), v. Fitzpatrick
Devices, not heraldic, on seals, xxx, 174
Devil's arrows, xx, 189; quoits, xxix, 34
Devon (Charles), MS. collections of, re-
lating to Suffolk, xxi, 15
Devon (Earls of), paper upon the, by J.
R. Planche, xviii, 96; on two seals of the
ancient Earls of, by W. De G. Birch (2
engrs. J, xxx, 170-174
Devon, on unpublished manuscripts re-
lating to, in the British Museum, xviii,
134-145; on the hill-fortresses, tumuli,
etc., of Eastern Devon, ib., 53-66; cloth
seals of, ib., 279
Devon and Exeter Institution, soirie at,

xviii, 86
Devonshire (Duke of), elegant reception
by, at Hardwick, vii, 319; at Chats-
worth, ib., 323; obituary of, xv, 104-
Devonshire, gypsere found in, \i. 1 10; list
of monasteries and castles in, xxviii,
Dew (C), notice of the discovery of a

stone coffin at Caerwent, x, 385
Dewe (W.), exhibits a Celtic dagger found

in Berks, xvii, 334
D'Ewes (Sir Simonils), burial place of. iv,



Dewsnap (M.), memoir of, xxviii, 310

D'Eyncourt (C. T.), obituary of, xviii,

D'Eyvill (John), notes concerning, xxx,

Dial, at Wigborough House, iii, 249 ; an-
cient sundial, etc., exhibited by Mrs.
Davies, iv, 307; found in the Fleet river,
xix, 71; on pocket dials, ib., 71-73; sun-
dials, xxix, 279

Diana, objects ascribed to the worship of,
found in London, viii, 56 ; Diana lamps
fengv.J, ib., 57; note on the worship of,
in London, by the Rev. S. M. Mayhew,
xxviii, 194 ; worship of, in Britain, a
paper by Thos. Morgan, ib., 142-144, 179,

Dice, Roman, v, 361 ; Roman, exhibited
and described, xxx, 73

Diddlebury, drawing of the Ch., exhibited,
xxiii, 204; visit of the Association to,
xxiv, 306

Die, for coining, of the time of Elizabeth,
found at Gloucester, ii, 389 ; ancient,
found at Shrewsbury, ix, 82 ; found in
Old Kent Road, xvii, 334; for coining,
found in Yorks., ii, 351; temp. Charles I,
xxi, 86

Dieppe, v. Brass

Dieulacres Abbey, xxix, 326

Dilke (C. Wentworth), elected an hono-
rary member of the Association, xv,
265 ; his services to archaeology, ib. ;
letter from, ib., 266; obituary notice of,
xxi, 250

Dilke (Mr.), sends objects for exhibition,
xxiv, 178

Dillon (Vice-Admiral Sir H.), obituary
notice of, xiv, 191

Dillon (Lady), exhibits a gold box, temp.
Louis XVI, xv, 272

Dilwyn, paper on the Ch., by the Rev. W.
Heather, xxvii, 149-156; remains of the
original structure, ib., 149 ; interior,
looking East (engr.), ib., 149; date of
erection of present building, ib., 149-
150; early history of, ib., 150; inscrip-
tions on the bells of, ib., 152; account
of the recent restoration of, ib., 152-153;
description of gravestones in, ib., 153 ;
discovery of one of the Talbot family
in, ib., 154; stained glass windows in,
ib., 154-155; list of Wears of, ib., 156 ;
visit of the Association to, ib., 395-397

Dimock (J. F.), on the architectural his-
tory of the Church of the Blessed
Mary the Virgin of Southwell, viii,

" Dine with Duke Humphrey", origin of
the saying, xxvii, 225-227; extracts from
Stowe referring to, ib., 227

Diuely manuscripts, observations on, iv,

Dinesley, co. Hereford, the Ch. given to
Worksop Priory, xxx, 163

Dinton, co. Bucks, brasses at, xiii, 351
Diodorus Siculus, extracts from, respecting

the Druids, xxx, 140-141
Diptych (engr.), i, 173; of a square form,

exhibited, vii, 166
Disc, enamelled, found at Dover, xvii,

320 ; disc and chain, exhibited, xxix,

Dish of pewter, exhibited, xxx, 196
Dismars (John), xxx, 309
Distemper, painting, ii, 275
Diuma (St.), note of, xxix, 337
Divitiacus, a Druid, quotation from Cicero

respecting him, xxx, 138-139
Dixie (Sir A.), exhibits antiquities found

at Bosworth Field, xix, 113
Dixon (J.), on a fragment of painted glass

in Osmundthorpe Hall, near Leeds, i,

Dobell, arms of the family of (engr.), i,

Doberan, in Mecklenburg Schwerin, relies

of Apostles at, xxvi, 272
Dobuni, tribe of, xxix, 38
Dodd (Rev. G.), on Boscobel, the White

Ladies, and the Royal Oak, xvii, 50-

Dodd (Rev. John), on Lurnley Castle, xxii,

Doddridge (Dr.), poems of, xxi, 12
Doddington, dagger found at, xx, 329 ;

description of the Ch., by Mr. Alston,

xxi, 178
Dodwich, seal of the Priory, xxi, 347
Dolan (Mrs.), exhibits a portion of a MS.

Koran, xxiv, 168
Dole-bag, in the Canterbury Museum, xv,


v. Tichbourne

Dollman (F. T.), exhibits drawings of

Scottish buildings, xvi, 294; drawings

of the Guesten Hall, ib., 338
Dollman and Jobbins' " Ancient Do-
mestic Architecture ", notice of, xvii,

Dolphin ton, remarks on the court and

township of, xvii, 65
Dolychenus, Roman altars inscribed to,

xxii, 185
Domesday Book; ("Liber Niger") of Ips-
wich, temp. Edw. I, and a translation,

of 15th century, xxi, 16-18 ; extract

from, in reference to Mailing Manor,

xxiii, 335-338 ; extracts from, relating

to Rotherfield and Framfield, ib., 341; no

ironworks in Sussex at the time of the,

xxiv, 336 ; of Dorchester, described,

xxviii, 29
Domesday tenant of Corfe, paper on the,

xxviii, 113-122
Domestic Architecture, notice of work on

ancient, xvii, 251-253 ; of Uttoxeter,

xxix, 277-278
Domitian, coins of, found at Etocetuni,

xxix, 54


Dornitian, coin of, exhibited, xxx, 839

1 >< >ncaster, in Northumbria, monastery at,
in Beda'e time, xxiv, 373

Doncaster, co. York, visited by the Asso-
ciation, xxx, 452; accident on the road
to, ib., 4/53 ; entertainment at, by the
Mayor, £6.

Donnadieu (M.), manuscripts collected by,
ii, 392

Donnington, brass at, ix, 198; visit to the
Castle, xvi, 88; visit to the Hospital, ib.,
24(5; visit to the Ch., xxi, 178

Donningworth, extent of the manor, xxi,

Door handles, exhibited, xxix, 86, 87, 192

Door-head, carved, of the 15th century
(engr.), ii, 359

I ' <rway, of early English character, at
Northampton, i, 257 ; carved, of the
15th century, ii, 359; Anglo-Saxon, and
table, drawings of, exhibited, xxiii, 390 ,»
in barn, at Abbotsbury (engr.), xxviii,

V. Baily, C.

Dorchester, co. Dorset, Roman amphi-
theatre at, ii, 101-102; tumuli near, iii,
50-52; Roman pavement at. xx. 201 ;
Roman coins found at. ib., 273; descrip-
tion of the Dorchester Domesday Book,
xxviii, 29; account of, ib., 90; churches
described, ib., 212-214; visited, ib., 212;
gaol inspected, £6., 214; museum visited,
ib., 214-215; antiquities exhibited and
described, ib.

co. Ox., account of the diocese of,

xxviii. 313-314; v. Effigies

Dore Abbey, stone effigy of a Bishop from
the Ch. (engr.), ii, 361 ; visit of the As-
sociation to, xxvii, 388-391; tomb of
Sergeant Hoskyns at, ib., 389-391

Dorsetshire, brooch found in. i, 334 ; Arabic
numerals in, ii, 283; British coins found
in, ib., 336; on a bronze seal discovered
in, iii, 52-53; on a stencilled panel from,
ix, 94; Roman antiquities obtained from,
xii, 257-258; W. EL Black on the an-
cient husbandry of, xiii, 147; tokens of,
ib., 225-226; bronze spear- head found in,
ib., 330; Celtic antiquities found in,
xv, 225-230; Celtic tumuli of, xvii, 264;
British gold coin found in, ib., 324 :
Roman coins found in, xx, 273; notice
of barrows opened in, by Capt. Darner,
xxviii, 27: paper on municipal archives,
by J. 0. Halliwell, 28-31; list of monas-
teries and castles in, ib., 51-52; on flint
implements and weapons of, by Prof. J.
Buckman, ib., 220-221

Doubleday (Mr.), exhibits two gold rings
found at Chessel Bank, xviii, 391

Doubloon of King Philip V, exhibited,
xviii, 391

Douglas (Sir C. E.), on the discovery of a
stone coffin, iii, 337

Douglas, account of the family arms,
xxiv, 37

Douglas-heart, exhibited, xxiii, 383; ac-
count of, by 11. S. Cuming, xxiv, 35
40; in the possession of Lord Boston
(engr.), ib,, 36

I (over | Robert), commendatory verses upon
his " Olympick Games", x.w, 116-
118 ; Dover's Games, account of, by
Anthony Wood, ib., 1 1 8

Dover, Runic cross at, i, 242; memorial
stone in the Castle Ch., ib., 261; carved
horn in possession of the Corporation,
ii, 347; Roman remains from, viii, 361 ;
letter on the harbour, by J. Ives, ix,
407; Runic cross in the Museum, x, 99;
Gaulish gold coin found at, xvii, 333;
on relics in the Castle Keep, by H. S.
Cuming (engr.), xxvi. 325-340 ; five
sals in the possession of the Corpora-
tion of (engr.), xxvii, 399; on antiquities
in the possession of the Corporation, by
H. S. Cuming, ib., 399-404; description
of Corporation seals, ib., 400-402; an-
cient horn and hand-bell in the posses-
sion of the Corporation ( eng r. J, ib., 403;
hand-bell belonging to the Corporation
of, ib., 403-404

Dovercourt, Ch. of, xxi, 96

Doveridge, incised figure on a slab in the
Ch., xxix, 277

Dowgate Dock, antiquities in bone and
metal found at, xx, 67

Hill, iron buckler found at, xix,


Downe (Thomas), brass of, in Hereford
Cathedral, xxvii, 93-94

Downes (Joseph), Master Cutler of Shef-
field, xxx, 31

Downes (Robert), Sheffield halfpenny of,
1670, xxx, 31

Downham, MSS. relating to, xxi, 15

Downton, visit of the Association to the
Castle, xxiv, 300; visit of the Associa-
tion to the Hall, and account of its an-
tiquities and Chapel, ib., 103-106

Dracontium, explanation of. xxviii, 68

Dragon volant (engr.), i, 79 ; Dragon of
Wantley, the, by L. Jewitt, xxx, 375-3S6

Drake (Sir F.), pocket-knife of, xii, 265;
knife belonging to, XV, 349; entry re-
lating to him in a manuscript quoted,
xxviii, 30

I '• ake (F.), on some of the advantages of
antiquarian research, xi\, 233-237

1 liama : — Fac-simile of a contemporary
list of plays acted before the Court in
1638 (engr.), xvi, 275; Weymouth
Theatre, xxviii, 179; dramatic interlude,
v. Irving, G. V.

Drapers' Hall, Tlrrogmorton Street, costrel
found at, 431-432

Drayson Mr. . remarks on his collection
of coins, xxi, 359; xxii, 358

Drayton 'Michael), quotations from, xxv,

Drenthe, province in Holland, account of
hunebeds in. xxvi. 53-60



Dresden china, exhibited, xxi, 236 ; xxix,

Dress sword of the beginning of the 18th
century, xii, 179; articles of dress, xiii,
Drew (Dr.), assistance rendered by, to the

Association, xxx, 453
Drew (Joseph), reads a paper on art trea-
sures, xxviii, 205
Driffield, ancient brooch found at, iv, 405;
amulet found at, vii, 439

Drill and drill bows, observations on, vi,

Drinking-cup, formerly belonging to Queen
Elizabeth, v, 143; drinking- jug, found
at Dymchurch, vi, 443; paper on various
shapes of drinking vessels, xvi, 355

v. Cup

Driver (R. C), snuff-box belonging to, ex-
hibited, xxix, 193

Droitwich, Roman tessellated pavement
discovered near, iii, 119; Roman coins
found near, vi, 150

Dronfield, seal of the Grammar School of,
xii, 65

Drontheim, Cathedral dedicated to St.
Clement at, xxix, 148

Druids, History and Antiquities of : —
Altar, looking over La Clanque, Alder-
ney (engr.), iii, 4; bead found at South-
ampton, iii, 328 ; remarks on Druidic
amulets, xvii, 59-63; notice of, xxi, 2-3;
decay of, on introduction of Roman
civil law, xxvi, 25; Druidical remains,
xxviii, 87; circle at Winterbourne Ab-
bas, ib., 102-103; drawings of remains
in Brittany, ib., 273 ; monument in
Minorca, ib., 275; stones, xxix, 34 ; in
Gaul and Britain, ib., 158-162, 395-398;
on the, according to Greek and Roman
writers, by T. Morgan, xxx, 136-146

Drummond (Mr.), his collection of British
coins, v, 157

Dryden (Sir Henry), Bart., plan of Roman
building found near Brinavis, v, S4,
168; plan of the Roman villa discovered
at Whittiebury Forest, vi, 157; on the
brough of Clikimin, xxii, 312; picture-
board dummy in his possession, xxx,
68; notes respecting picture-board dum-
mies, ib., 326

Dublin, Earl Strongbow's monument at,
x, 268; list of Irish Cistercian Abbeys,
from a MS. in Trinity College, xxvi,

Dubnovellaunus, a British prince, coins of,
xvii, 69 ; xxvi, 197

Ducking-stool, v. Cucking-stool

Dud, founder of Dudley Castle, xxix, 413-

Duddestone, deed relating to, xxix, 367-

Dudley, co. Worcester, visit of the Con-
gress to, xxix, 430 ; reception of the
Corporation, ib.; the Museum of Geo-
logy inspected, ib. ; the Castle and

Priory ruins described by E. Roberts,
ib., 431 ; caverns illuminated, ib. ; nail-
making at, ib., 179 ; Priory of, ib., 361;
St. James's Priory, deed of grant to,
ib., 366 ; paper on the Castle, by E.
Roberts, ib., 413-418; mention of the
Castle, ib., 441 ; early mining, etc., ib.,
173-175; Castle, block plan, plan at level
of principal floors ( 2 e/ngrs.), ib., 413

Dudley (Dud), accounts of his inventions,
etc., xxix, 174-176

Dewsbury (H.), observations on Morley
Ch. and Dale Abbey, viii, 34; on the
fortifications of London, ib., 149; ob-
servations on Rochester Castle, ix, 339-
346; on the architecture of pre-Norman
England, ib., 446; x, 142-159

Dugdale (Sir William), extract from, re-
lating to the Mortimers, xxiv, 21-22 ;
his account of Bromholm, xxx, 56

Duke (Rev. E.), exhibits his collection of
antiquities, xv, 192-193

Duke (Rev. E. J.), obituary notice of, ix,

Dukes (T. F.) ; on "Clipping the Church",
a custom in Shropshire, i, 1 49 ; on a
charter of the Saxon King Baldred, ib. ;
on a Roman tile and an earthen crucible
found at Treves, ib., 155; on an elabo-
rately ornamented sword discovered at
Oswestry, ib., 237 ; his paper on the
baronial mansion at Plaish, ii, 374

Dumb Borsholder, observations on, ix, 405

Dumfriesshire, Irish inscription from, xx,

Dummies, on picture - board, by H. S.
Cuming, xxx, 66-71, 325-326

Dumont (Jehan), seal of, exhibited, xxix,

Dumps, account of, xx, 342; xxiii, 97 ;
mould for, xxx, 330

Dunbar Castle, notes on shields of arms
at, by H. C. Pidgeon (engr.), xxv, 344-

Dundas (Mr.), exhibits Mohammedan com-
pass and reliquary, xvii, 324

Dunne (Mr.), exhibits an eetype of the
digger of the Secret Black Tribunal of
Germany, xiv, 281

Dunnicheu stone (engr.), vii, 138

Dunstable, co. Herts, visit of the Congress
to, and remarks on, by the Rector, E.
Roberts, and G. M. Hills, xxvi, 174-

Dunstan (St.), notice of, xxviii, 156

v. Mayfield

Dunston, Roman coins found at, xx, 273

Dunthome (Edward), on a monstrous
figure in Dennington Ch., i, 249; on an-
tiquities in Dennington Ch., i, 320; on
the shields of the Trinity, Crucifixion,
Edward the Confessor, &c, in the Suf-
folk Churches, ib., 339 ; on a brass at
Brandish, in Suffolk, ib., 340; on a silver
ring found at Brandish, ii, 200 ; on a
brass of William de Brews and his wife



in Tressingfield Ch., Suffolk, ib., 205; on
a circular brass seal found at Strad-
broke, iii, 49; on a gold brooch Eound
in Si ill', ilk, vii, 432; tradtsmen's 'okens
•aging to, ib. ; on the discover; of a
brass at Donniugton, ix, 198; on a rebus
ring, ib., 199

Duntisbourue Rouse, visit of the Associa-
tion to the Ch., and description by T.
Blashill, xxv, 306-308

Dunwieh, seal and ring found at, ii,
•270; description of, and Bailiffs of, from
Edward IV to Charles I, xxi, 15; hun-
dred taxatio, temp. Edw. Ill, ib., 18 ;
Bishop's see there, ib., 23-24; its ancient
state, xxii, 157

Dupondius, exhibited, xi, 254

Durand (M.), on an earthen jar with the
arms of England, found at Calais, ii,
101; on a circular seal, iv, 78

Durden (Henry), on British coins found
in Dorsetshire and Wiltshire, ii, 336 ;
exhibits an early mould for casting
leaden bullets, iii, 65 ; communication
of Roman remains in Dorset, ib., 94-99;
exhibits a bronze spear-head found in
Dorsetshire, xiii, 330 ; Roman bronze
ear of a large vessel, xx, 202

Durrell (Albert), r. Durer, Albert

Durer (Albert), on a wood carving by,
xxiv, 161-166; placed under M. Wohl-
gemuth to learn painting, ib., 162; list
of his wood carvings, ib., 162-163 ; rebus
of, ib., 163; carves on mahogany given
him by M. Behaim, ib., 165; selects the
visitation of the Virgin for his subject,
ib.; goes to Brussels, in 1520, to obtain
his father's post of "Court Painter", ib.,
245; engraves Adam and Eve on wood
in honour of L. Cranach, ib., 247 ;
reasons for ascribing the Fairford win-
dows to him, xxv, 44-53; marriage of,
with Agnes Frey, ib., 46; apprenticed
to Wohlgemuth, ib. ; visits Venice in
1506, ib. ; engraves woodcuts for German
block books, ib., 52 ; as a painter on
glass, by Mr., ib., 228-244; as a
"formschneider", ib., 229-231 ; autho-
rities in support of the theory of his
being a painter on glass, ib., 232-235 :
windows by, in St. Mary's Ch., Shrews-
bury, ib., 235-236; evidence connecting
him with the Fairford windows, ib.,
212: quotation from his diary, ib., 236;
picture by him of "La Fete des Ro-
Baires, ib., 239

Durford, Norman paving tiles found at,
iii, 2 15

Durham, dimensions of the Cathedral, xxi,
41 ; invitation for the Association to,
xxi, 277; inaugural address of the Duke
of Cleveland, xxii, 17; British remains
in the county, ib., 18; Roman road at
Piersbridge, Saxon remains, Danish
relics, ib., L9; battle at Neville's Ci
ib., 20; Danish invasion of, ib., 21: the

liishop's see founded, ib.. 26; early hi. -

tory of the Ch., ib., 16-17; the C

historically described, by the !.'•
Ornsby, ib., 46, 65, 68-85; plan of tin-
Castle (engr.), ib., 48; the old <
in the Castle (engr), ib.; plan of the
City (engr.), ib.. 64; proi eedings of the
Congmw -it, /6.,85-S.s, 238-241, 2'.>6-3n4;
E. Roberts, Rev. T. Chevallier, and G. M.
Hills, observations by, on the Cast!
ib., 86 ; stone cressets in the Dormitory,
ib., 107; the Cathedral and Monastery,
its historians, ib., 197; the first church
at, ib., 199; the monastery founded, ib.,
200; Durham Cathedral and Monas-
tery, ib., 201; the Cathedral built, ib.;
the shrine of St. Cuthbert, ib., 202 ; age
of the vaultings discussed, ib., 203 ;
unusual arrangement in double bays,
ib., 204; richness of the doorways, ib.\
the Bishop of Exeter on modern de-
structive works, ib., 205-211 ; the Galilee,
ib., 206; the nine altars, ib., 208; west
view of Cathedral (engr.), ib.; interior
of east end of nave of Cathedral (engr.),
ib. ; resemblance to the nine altars at
Fountains, ib., 209 ; ancient Norman
central arch and tower, its timber struck
by lightning and rebuilt, ib., 211; latest
additions, ib., 212; the ancient fittings
described, ib., 213-222; the preservation
of St. Cuthbert's body, ib., 222-226;
the Chapter House, the Prior's House,
antiquity of some parts, his Chapel,
etc., refectory and early croft under,
the common room, dormitory, kitchen,
and monastic offices, ib., 226-237; the
Chapter House and Common Hall
(engr.), ib., 227; Cathedral described
by G. M, Hills, ib., 238; seal of the see,
ib., 245; the Mint, ib., 264-269, 302;
Durham and its Palatinate, account of,
by the Rev. J. H. Blunt, ib., 303 ;
wills and inventories, by Rev. G. Ornsby,
ib., 398-420; possessions of the Prior,
ib., 401; the buildings of the bridges,
ib., 410; early history of, ib., 421-423,
432 ; seal of the Cathedral Chapter,
xxvi, 217; charters and seals of William
II at, xxviii, 132 et seq.; various char-
ters from, xxix, 239-262

Durnaud (William), charter grant to, xx,

Durnford, Great, Ch. visited by the Asso-
ciation, xv, 194

I tursley, Roman villa near, ii, 349

Dutch, tobacco-box elaborately engraved,
viii, 139; xvii, 335: expedition to the
Medway in 1667, ix, 295-307; medal,
exhibited, x, 88; xxvi, 373; majolica,
three compotiers of, exhibited, xvii, 75;
tobacco-box, temp. William III, exhi-
bited, xi. 255 : xx, 331

Dwarris (Sir Fortunatus), on the local
laws, courts, and customs of Derby-
shire, vii, 190-199; on the forest law.-.



customs, courts, and chief justices in
Eyre, viii, 173-182; exhibits a celt from
Ireland, ib., 370 ; rare Roman coins found
near Brecon, x, 385; on the privileges
of sanctuary and abjuration, xiv, 97-
110 ; obituary notice of, xvii, 182-183
Dyce (Rev. A.), reprint by, of W. Kemp's
"Nine Daies Wonder", xxvi, 116

DykesSeld, Roman altar found at, vi, 119
Dymchurch, upper part of a thurible

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