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found at (engr.), i, 47 ; enamelled

shield-shaped badges found at, ib., 138;

jug from, vi, 443

v. Isaacson, Rev. S.

Dyott (Colonel), shoots Lord Broke, xxix,



EADEWICK HALL, co. Northumb.,
Norman remains found near, ii, 275

Eadgyth, Queen of Harold, xxiii, 161

Eagle, Roman, found at Eichborough, x,
375; bronze, found in the Thames, xiv,
339 ; fragment of (supposed) Roman
JZaglef engr.), xxix, 183; notes on Roman
eagles^ by J. W. Grover, ib., 182-184 ;
notes on, by H. S. Cuming, ib., 200

Ealing Farm, Bucks, Roman villa at, xix,

Earconbert, King of Kent, xxix, 79

Earl, title of, xxiii, 21 ; xxv, 33

Earl Stonham, co. Surf., notice of, xxviii,
125; church chest at, ib., 225; hour-
glass at, xxix, 133-134

Earlsham, coins of Charles II found at, x,

Ear, tooth, and nail-pick, with tongue-
scraper, found at Alfriston, v, 359; ear-
pick, Roman, exhibited, xxviii, 76; ear-
pick found in London, xxix, 69, 195

Ear and other rings, Anglo-Saxon (2
enrjrs.), iv, 53 ; Merovingian, xviii, 370 ;
earrings, history of, xxiv, 274-281 ; ear-
rings of copper-gilt, xxx, 73-74

Earth, red, found in early graves, iii, 351

Eartham, dioc. Chich., Prebendaries of,
xxii, 131

Earthen box from Captain's Creek, xii,
157; bottle found near Battersea, ix, 74;
drinking vessel of the 12th century
(engr.), xiii, 132; jar found at Calais,
ii, 101 ; vessel, remarkably thin and
glazed, from the Thames, xx, 327

Earthquake of 1750, paper on the, by Sir
Stafford Carey, xxx, 81

Earthworks in the Valley of the Missis-
sippi, ii, 93 ; in Lanarkshire and Old
Sarum (engr.), xv, 291 ; of Leicester-
shire, xix, 47-48 ; Ancient British, at
Trendle Hill, described, xxviii, 65-66 ;
British, xxix, 38; in Staffordshire, ib.,
53; at Almondbury, xxx, 232; examples
of ancient, by G. M. Hills, ib., 406-413 ;
at Laughton, and Bailey Hill near Brad-
ford, ib., 344

v. Camp

v. Laughton-en-le-Morthen

v. Pounrlbury

iii Anglia, Romans, etc., in, xxi, 1; on

the Kings of, by H. S. Cuming, ib., 22 ;
East Anglian branch of British Archaeo-
logical Association established at Ips-
wich, by Mr. Fitch, i, 328 ; on the Earls
of, by J. R. Planche - , xxi, 91 ; on round
towers of churches in, by E. Roberts,
ib., 162-180

East Bedfout, antiquities from the Ch.,
xxi, 360

Eastbourne, British coins found at, ii,
1S7; Cufic coins from, ib., 98, 187

East Dereham, co. Norf., nunnery founded
at, xxi, 24

Easter sepulchre from Glastonbury Abbey,
xix, 145 ; easter eggs, vii, 205

Easter Island, xxix, 33

Eastergates, dioc. Chich., Prebendaries of,
xxii, 134

Eastern water-coolers, observations on, vii,

Eastgate, Rochester, Saxon antiquities at,
ix, 407-408

East Ham, co. Surrey, drawing of Ch., ex-
hibited, xxx, 114

Easthope, remarkable hour-glass from the
Ch., xxii, 107

East Horndon, incised slab of Alabaster in
the Ch., i, 314

East India House, Roman tessellated
pavement found on the site of the late,
xix, 63-64

East Maiden, dioc. Chich., Prebendaries
of, xxii, 142

Easton, leaden seal found at, v, 167; coins
found at, ix, 73 ; x, 91 ; iron fetterlock
found at, x, 91; brasses in the Ch., ib.,
179-180; Roman coins, etc., found at,
ib., 383; discoveries at, xiii, 235; river
fishery, lawsuit respecting, xxi, 19

East or Little Shefford Ch., co. Berks, on
a monument in, xvi, 145-157; effigies of
Sir Thomas and Lady Fettiplace (engr. ),
ib., 155 ; details of the same and bas-
cinet found in the Ch. (engr.), ib. ;
visited by the Association, ib., 245

Eastry, co. Kent, coins found near, iv,

Eaton Square, keys, etc., found on the
site of (engr.), vi, 149

Eaton ( Anthony), account of a copybook
of, xxviii, 10] -407



Eatoo (<!.), his collection of antiquities at
Worcester, iv, 291; exhibits a paa]
found in South Wales, xii, 96; the Swan-
sea CromweE eup, il'.\ an Italian plaque
found at Cacrmartheii, ib. ; a Turkish
tombstone, and a chandelier from Se-
bastopol, ib., 157; a Russian painting,
ib., 162 ; coins found at Caerinarthen,
ib., 239

Eberbaoh, arms of (engr.), xiii, 119

Ecclesfield, near Sheffield, lands at, given
to the Abbey of St. Wandregisilus, xxx,
161 ; visited by the Association, de-
scribed by Dr. Gatty, ib., 457-458

Eccleshall (Sir Robert de), xxx, 241, 427

Ecclesiastical ornament and costume, glos-
sary of, by A. \Y. Pugin, i, 166; ecclesiastic
in state, exhibited, x, 190; ecclesiastical
seal, exhibited by Mrs. Forster, vi, 81 ;
found in Pembroke, ib., 452; found at
Cloak Lane, xi, 159; found at Lincoln,
ib., 262

Ecclesiastical history, map of England
showing the Saxon churches and mon-
asteries named by Beda in (engr.), xxiv,

<: Ecclesiologist," description of Monkland
Cli., from the, xxvii, 368-372

Echinus, found at Westminster, xix, 53

Eckersley (Jos.), school piece by, xxix, 75
Rev. W. J.), on a stone coffin, i, 67

Eddisbury, history, origin, and existing
remains at, v, 289-292

Edensor, halberd found near, xxx, 222

Edgar, K. of Scotland, xxviii, 134 et seq.

Edgehill, dagger found at, ix, 74

Edinburgh, memorials in the olden time,
by D. Wilson (15 engrs.),vi, 160-185;
common seal of the Burgh of (engr.),
ib., 160 ; the Castle, from a map en-
graved in 1575, showing King David's
Tower (engr.), ib., 166; seal of St. Giles
(engr.), ib., 171; iron candlestick in the
Museum of Scottish Antiquaries at,
xxv, 55 ; St. Katherine's, near, xxviii, 124

Edingtons, in Wiltshire, and in Somerset-
shire, xiii. 43

Edlington, its church, circle, and cairn, by
It. N. Philipps, xxx, 414-420; doorway
and chancel arch (engr.), ib., 416; circle
at fengr J, ib., 418; Ch. visited by the
Association, ib., 450; description of the
Ch. ami its monuments, by the Rev.
Mr. Taylor, 450-4". J

Edmonds (J.), exhibits a late gold ring,
xxiii, 90; an oval cameo, ib., 290; two
snuff-boxes of the 17th century, ib.,
392; a seal of lead, with legend, xxiv,
63; M. Luther's wedding-ring, ib., 83 ;
Russian silver cross and other objects,
xxv, 70

Edmonds (Sir T.), autograph of, xxi, 17

Edmund (St.). K. of the East Angles, xxi,

26 ; shrine of, at < ireonst.cncl ( 'li.f i ii'jr. ).

v, 1; signaculv/m of, found in London,

xxiv, 228

Edmunds (Flavell), remarks by, on the
site of Barton Gate, Hereford, xxvii,
169; remarks by, on the Dominican
Friary at Hereford, ib., 171-172; |
by, on Credon Hill Camp, ib., 174-177 ;
n marks by, on Mr. Black's theories re-
ting Roman geometrical landmarks.
ib., 273-274

Edstaston, mural paintings in the Chapel,
ii, 389

Edward (St.), King and Martyr, paper on,
by H. S. Cuming, xxviii, 205-206

Edward (the Confessor), pennies of, found
at St. Mary Hill in 1774, vi, 154; sign
of, xxi, 195; coin of, xxiii, 201; notice
of, xxix, 49

v. iEsop

Edward I, II, and IV, deeds of, exhibited,
xx, 344

Edward I, manuscript of the statutes of
the reign of, ii, 189 ; seal of Margaret,
Queen of (engr.), vii, 421 ; penny of (a
counterfeit sterling) found at Fram-
lingham, xi, 347 ; halfpenny of, exhi-
bited, ib., 350; domestic manners in the
reign of, xviii, 66, 145, 213, 318

Edward II, a penny of, found at Easton,
ix. 73; rose noble of, found in the City,
exhibited, ib., 430 ; fan of his Queen,
Isabella, xxvi, 207; seal of, for recogni-
zances of debts at Canterbury, xxviii,

Edward III, charter of, to the Hospital of
St. Giles at Wilton, 18th year, xvii, 313-
314; reverse of great seal, ib., 324; coin
of, xxi, 80; confirms the charter of Wol-
verhampton College, xxix, 50

Edward IV, curious poem on, vi, 127 ;
rose noble of, found at Halesworth, x,
3S3 ; account of the discovery of his
coffin in 1789, xxv, 84; lock of his hair,
exhibited, ib. ; rose angel of, exhibited,
xviii, 391 ; annexes the Deanery of
Wolverhampton to that of Windsor,
xxix, 50

Edward VI, portrait of, upon a silver box,
exhibited, x, 3S5 ; coin of, xii, 264 ;
various portraits of exhibited, xviii,
269-271; office used at the touching for
the King's Evil, in the reign of, xxvii,

lid wards (Dr. Henry), on Raglaud Castle, i,

Edwards (W.), on Roman remains found

in making the Chester railway, v, 80 ;

dbitsa bronze seal, vi, 149; pennies of

Benry II. ib., 150; various rings and

seals, i'"., 117

Edwin Earl of Men ia), xxx. 898, 403

Effigies: — Head of mail from a cross-
legged effigy in Dorchester Ch.. Oxford-
shire i < ngr. i. ii, 187; of a knight, of the
18th century, iv, 319; sepulchral, of a
knighl in armour, in the Abbey Ch. of
Perehore (3 engrs.), iv. 819, 820; J. R.
Planche" on. in Salisbury Cathedral, x\ ,



115-130; diminutive sepulchral effigies
(engr.J, ib., 122 ; xvi, 287

Egau (Charles), on the antiquity and pri-
mitive form of the harp, vi, 103-116 ;
on the fortifications of London, viii, 149

Egeleynstone, list of documents relating
to, sxviii, 256-257

Egelnoth, Archbishop of Canterbury, notice
concerning, xxi, 38

Egelrie, Saxon tenant of Corfe, xxviii, 114

Egersund, Saxon silver coins found at, hi,

Egerton (John), Earl of Bridgwater, the
Masque of Comus arose from an accident
to his children, xxiv, 47

Eggs, v. Easter

Egremont (Rev. E.), on discoveries at
Wroxeter, xvi, 342

Egton, necklace found at (engr.J, vi, 4

Egwin, Bishop of Worcester, autobiography
of, iv, 297

Egypt, history and antiquities of : —
Mummy unrolled, iv, 317; observations
on embalmings, ib., 337 ; on ancient for-
tifications, v, 168; the architecture of
Ancient Egypt, by Sir J. G. Wilkinson,
vi, 355 ; notice of Kenrick's Ancient
Egypt, vii, 94; Egyptian representation
on a plate of gold, ib., 432 ; Chinese
bottles from Egyptian tombs, viii, 156;
bronze, of the ibis, exhibited, x, 180 ;
papyri illustrative of the Jewish Exodus,
xi, ^3S-248; on glass, by T. J. Pettigrew,
xiii, 211-222; specimens of ancient glass
(engr.J, ib., 218 ; figures, exhibited by
Dr. Lee, and described, ib., 218-220 ;
figures pretended to have been found
in London, ib., 228-229 ; papyri, exhi-
bited, xvi, 316; xxix, 436 ; remarks on
bottle found in Berkshire, exhibited, xvi,
358 ; bone tubes from, exhibited, xix,
136; remarks on antiquities, xxii, 242 ;
stone from the vocal Memnon, exhibited,
ib. ; carving, exhibited, ib., 444 ; bronze
axe-head (engr.), xxiii, 293 ; heart wor-
ship in, xxix, 35 ; water-bottle found in
Blackfriars, exhibited, xxx, 79

■ ■ axe-head, v. Birch, Samuel

deity, v. Amenti

Elagabalus, coin of, iv, 75

Eldol, the Briton, legend of, xxv, 28

Eldon (Earl of), autograph of, xvi, 13
Eldred, the traveller, xxi, 279
Eleanor (Queen), cross of, at Northampton,
Rev. C. H. Hartshorne on, xix, 224-
229 ; discussion respecting the cross of,
ib., 231-233
Elena (St.), Priory of, in the Isle of Wight,

William, the Prior of, xxx, 173
Elford, visit to, xxix, 115 ; described, ib.,
116, 117 ; connection of, with Hase-
lour, ib., 117-119
Elfreda of Mercia, xxviii, 156-157
Elgin (Countess of), exhibition of a fan
given to her by Princess Charlotte,
xxvi, 245

Eliot (G. E.), paper on the antiquities of
Portland, xxviii, 31-39, 205

Eliseg, pillar of, visit of the Association
to, v, 327; described, xxix, 165

Elizabeth (Queen), die for striking coins
of, ii, 389; drinking-cup formerly be-
longing to, v, 143; her monogram cypher
(engr.J, ib., 144; silver penny of, viii,
78; coin of, found in Lancashire, ib.,
365; half shilling of, found atGravesend,
xi, 263; halfpenny of, exhibiting a port-
cullis, xv, 287 ; miniature portrait of,
exhibited, xviii, 262; two miniatures of,
from Dr. Mead's collection, exhibited,
ib.; miniature portrait of, exhibited by
Mr. Bohn, ib., 263; bronze bust of, exhi-
bited by H. S. Cuming, ib., 264; sovereign
of, exhibited by C. Ainslie, ib. ; carved
portion of the tiller of her row-boat,
exhibited, ib., 280 ; clocks and watches
belonging to, xx, 347-352 ; autograph,
xxi, 276 ; medals, xiv, 281 ; xxiii, 207 ;
fans, xxvi, 207-208 ; account in Rymer
of the destruction of her Great Seal,
temp. James I, ib., 219; description of the
office used at the touching for the Evil
in the reign of, xxvii, 287-288 ; coin of,
exhibited, xxviii, 398; a medallion re-
lating to her, exhibited, xxix, 420 ; letter
to the Earl of Huntingdon, xxx, 312;
letter to the Earl of Shrewsbury, ib.,
318; letter to, from the Earl of Shrews-
bury, ib., 322-323; letter to, from Mary
Queen of Scots, ib., 323 ; v. Zucchero

Elizabeth (Q. of Bohemia), portraits of,
xii, 241-4

Elizabeth (Princess), remarks on her ill-
ness, death, and burial, by Mr. Hearn,
xi, 271-274; remarks on, by T. J.
Pettigrew and W. H. Black, ib., 274-

Elkstone Ch., visit of the Association to,
and description of the same, by T. Bias-
hill, xxv, 308-309

Ellcot (Philip de), etc., xxix, 63

Ellesmere (Earl of), obituary notice of,
xiv, 184-186

Elliott (C. A.), on a signet-ring found in
the Thames, v, 359 ; exhibits a drinking
jug, vi, 443 ; a cinerary urn and lamp
found at Caistor, x, 106; a key found at
Mortlake, xii, 239 ; a relic box of Aloy-
sius, ib. ; remarks on the box, ib., 265 ;
exhibits a carnelian intaglio, xiv, 335-
339 ; three Roman intaglios, xvi, 324 ;
a posy ring, ib., 339 ; a silver etui, ib.,
340 ; a Chinese girdle, ib. ; bones from
Blackfriars Bridge, xxiii, 92

Ellis (J.), exhibits a Dutch medal, x, 88 ;
silver Madonna medal, ib. ; knife found
at Billingsgate, ib., 89

Ellis (Rev. J. J.), obituary notice of, xii,

Ellison (Michael), account of his work at
the Manor House improvements, xxx.



Elinete, on the kingdom of, xx, 34-38

Elfli, Saxon (Domesday) tenant of Work-
sop, xxx, 150-157

Ely, visit to the Cathedral, xiv, 175; con-
cluding meeting of the Congress in the
Library, ib.; Mr. Davis's remarks mi the
Cathedral, il>., 238-250; dimensions of
the Cathedral, xxi, 41; Liberty of St.
Andrews in, at Glensford, Suffolk, ib.,
145-149; monastery at, in Beda'a time,
xxiv, 369; removal of St. Albau's bones
to, xxvi, 3 1 S - •"> "J 1 ; sepulchral urns found
in the Isle of, xxvii. 360-361; bells for
the Cathedral, east by John of Glou-
cester, ib., 41(3-418; text of the synodal
act erecting the diocese of, xxix, 250

Ely, Lord Bishop of, exhibits a shrine,
H.S. Cuming's paper on the same, xviii,
•277, 153-150

Elys (Hugh), Dean of Wolverhampton, re-
stores the Ch., xxix, 50

Embalmed body in the old Abbey Ch. at
Bury St. Edmunds, hi, 247

Embalming, r. Beaufort, Thomas

r. Egypt

Embleton (Dr.), on remains in Northum-
berland, ii, 275

Embossed brickwork in Helleswell Ch., ii,
350 ; brick, exhibited, viii, 370

Embroidered ecclesiastical vestments, ob-
servations on, viii, 143; nightcap, re-
marks on, xiii, 246-248

Emly, chapter seal of the diocese of, v, 87

Enamel, objects in : — Tablet discovered in
the Museum at Mans, remarks on, by
J. R. Planche*, i, 29-39; badges, ib., 138;
x, 179 ; fibula, i, 336; ancient painting
of, ii, 375; plate of the 12th century,
in the possession of the Rev. H. Crowe
(engr.J, iii, 102; on copper, of the 12th
century, found at Leasingham, ib., 248 ;
on the history of enamelling, ib., 280-
296 ; bronze ornaments found in the
fosse- way, near Warvrickfengr.J, ib., 282;
Anglo-Roman (engr.J, ib., 284 ; Roman
fibula?, iv, 57 ; on a crucifix, ib., 58 ;
badge, exhibited by L. Jewitt, vi, 151 ;
book of the 12th century, ib., 154; plate
of the 15th century, ib., 440; dug up at
Petworth, viii, 113; brooch found at
Ixworth, ib., 364 ; made at Battersea,
xv, 352-355; on an, of the 12th century,
from Limoges, xvii, 320; ancient pyx
cover and plaque (engr.J, xvii-', 395;
scent-box, ib., 396 ; ornaments, exhi-
bited, xxi, 184; xxix, 195

Encaustic tiles, found at Winchester, i,
312; various, ii, 261; iv, 216; monu-
ment of, ii, 387; tile from co. Derby, vii,
384-389; observations on, viii, 367;
from Thurgarton Priory, ib., 307; found
at Haydon Square, ix, 202; exhibited,
x, 105; in Hampshire (engr.J, xii, 75;
J. Baigent on, ib., 75-80 ; found at
Monmouth Priory, xv. 363; G. Maw on.
xvii. 18-49

England, essays on subjects connected

with the liter, it me, popular supi
lions, and history of, in the .Middle
Ages, by T. Wright, ii, 1 23 ; sovereigns
of, benefactors to St. Albau's Abbey,
xxvi, 299-313 ; on English names of
13th century, according to the Hart-
well Evidences, by W. H. Black, ib.,
328-335; pedigree of Kings, xxix, 364-
305 ; notice of work on history, xiii,
170; contributions to philology, iv, 20

Englefeld (Alan de), xxx, 309

Englefelde (Ilger de), xxx, 309

Englefield (William de), charters to, from
Alan de Witcherche, xxx, 308-310

English (Old), arrow-heads, H. S. Cuming
on, xv, 285

English (Early), Text Society, proposal of
works for the, xx, 284

Engraved glass from Germany, ix, 83

Engraved stones in cromlechs (A engrs.J,
iii, 51, 275, 278

Engraving, early wood, and the Fairford
Windows, notes on theories respecting,
by J. R. Planche", xxvii, 100-109

on copper, xxi, 193 ; xxvi, 246

on silver, xii, 240

Engravings, exhibited, xviii, 208; xxx, 223

Eusham, note concerning, xxix, 29

Epiacum, now Lanchester, ironworks there,
xxix, 123

Epistomium, exhibited, xiv, 209

Epitaphs in the Parish Ch., Sheffield, dis-
cussion concerning, xxx, 120

Eppillus, a British Prince, coins of, xxvi,

Ecpiestrian knights, vessels in form of,
xiii, 130; xiv, 91

Erasmus (St.), exhibition of, and remarks
on, a copperplate of his martyrdom,
xxvi, 240-248; iconic vessel, xxi, 194

Erasmus (Desiderius), letter from, to P.
iEgidus, in 1526, about Holbein, xxvi,
122; present to, from Sir T. More, of
the sketch of his family by Holbein, ib.,

Ercall, co. Salop, origin of the surname
Argall, xxi,

Erdingtone (Giles de), Dean of Wolver-
hampton, his grants to the Church for
maintaining a chaplain, xxix, 366-367

Erdyngtone (Thomas), Knt., founder of
St. Leonard's chantry at Bilston, deed
of, xxix. :;r,7-:'„;s

Eric XIV, King of Sweden, silver coin of,

xii. 83
Erlington, dioc. Chich., Prebendaries of,

x\ii, 151
Errington (Rev. J. R.), description of
South Wingfield Manor and Manor
House, vii, 367-374

Erskine (Right Hon. T.), obituary notice

of. xxi. 253
Erskine (Hon. Mrs.), exhibits a figure of

the Saviour found in Sussex, xii, 178
Esning, Beal found at. xxi. 3 17



Essewella, monastery at, near Durham,
xxiii, 72

Essex, fonts in, i, 151 ; map of Roman
roads in, iii, 317-323 ; Roman remains
found in, iv, 76 ; Roman bronze bust of
Jupiter found in, ib., 81 ; seal found in
(engr.), vii, 431 ; testoon found in, ix,
73 ; sepulchral coffin and slabs in
(engr.), xix, 65 ; miscellanies relating
to, xxi, 15 ; round towers of churches
in, ib., 163; brasses from, xxii, 350 ; list
of monasteries and castles in, xxviii,

Este (Marie de), signet ring of (engr.), xi,
76 ; v. Henrietta Maria, xvii, 223 ; xx,

Esterlings, brought over in the time of
Elizabeth, for refining metal, xxx, 26

Estone (Odo de), and Matthew his son,
witnesses to an early charter, xxx,

Ethebald, King of Mercia, xxix, 43

Ethelbert (St.), churches dedicated to, xxi,
26; accounts of the martyrdom of, xxvii,
50-51 ; doubts concerning the relics of,
ib., 58-59

Etheldreda (St.), signaculum of, found in
London, xxiv, 221-222 ; legend of, ib.,
221-223 ; reburied in a Roman sarco-
phagus at Ely, ib., 370 ; account of her
life, and representation of, in art, xxix,

Ethelmar, Bishop of Winchester, inscrip-
tion to, xxix, 35

Ethelred II, observations on the penny of,
by W. G. Tomkins, iv, 75; coin of, found
in Dorset, ib., 80; brass of, at Wim-
bourne Minster, viii, 364 ; coin of, xii,
83 ; exhibition of coins of, exhumed at
St. Martin's-le-Grand, xxvi, 379 ; note
concerning him, xxix, 48

Ethelreda, v. Etheldreda

Ethelwulf , paper by Colonel Harding upon
a coin of, xviii, 334

Ethnological Society, joint meeting with
the, to consider flint implements found
in the drift, xvii, 72-73

Ethnology, Arctic ; dentated scraper of
eagle's talons exhibited and described,
xxviii, 44

Etocetum, now Wall, visit to, xxix, 115-
116; paper on, by W. Molyneux, ib., 53-
57 ; Roman roads in the vicinity, ib.,

Eton, ancient and modern seal of the
Grammar School of the College, xii, 59-
60 ; charters and seals of William II at,
xxviii, 132 et seq.

Etruscan, coins, iv, 71 ; tripod, exhi-
bited by Mr. Jesse, v, 78; mirror, exhi-
bited, ix, 85 ; paper on tombs, xi, 349-
356; tomb at Cervetri, xii, 1-35; tombs
(engr.), xii, 1 ; details of tombsf4 engrs.),
ib. ; bronze warriors, xiii, 315; urn from
Perugia, xxiv, 82 ; sarcophagus, ib.,
174; notes on a sarcophagus, ib., 176;

amphora, xviii, 182; dressing-tray, xxix,
433; vases, ib., 436

Etruscan, v. Baily, J. W.

r. Vanderpant, L.

Etui, of silver, xvi, 340; of Italian fabric,
xv, 351 ; notice of, xvii, 225

Etymology of places, remarks on, xvii,

Eu, Counts of, xxx, 400

Eu (Robert), Count of, founds the Ch. of
St. Mary in Hastings, xxiii, 127

Eue (William de), xxx, 127

Eumenides, on the mythology of the, ii,

Eusebius, xxix, 47

Eustace, Sheriff of Huntingdonshire, xxx,

Euston (Lord), letters of,- xxi, 13

Evans (John), F.R.S., on a Gaulish gold
coin, xvii, 333; on coins of the Ancient
Britons, xx, 91-93 ; xxvi, 191-199 ; on
flint implements, xxii, 156

Evelyn (J.), extract from his Diary, xxvi,

Everett (A. E.), exhibits views in Staf-
fordshire, etc., xxix, 435

Evereux (Walter), Earl of Sarum, notes
on, xxv, 30-31

Evesham, co. Wore, churches of, xxi,
108 ; charter relating to the Abbey,
xxix, 357-359

Evreci (Giffard de), witness to an early
charter, xxx, 173

Evreux (Jehanne de), Queen of Navarre,
fan of, xxvi, 206 ; v. Devereux

Ewell, Roman antiquities in pits at, iii,

Ewing (W.), on carving in Sir John Fal-
stolfe's house, xiv, 153

Ewyas-Harold, co. Heref., heart-burial at,
xxi, 142

Excavation, plan of,atBermondseyfe«<77\,),
ii, 170; near Tower Hill, viii, 240-242;
at Test Valley, xxviii, 72

Exceit, dioc. Chich., Prebendaries of, xxii,

Exchequer, ancient treasures of, i, 128-

Excommunication, formula of, xxix, 363-

Exeter (Henry), Duke of, letters patent
of, xi, 65

Exeter, co. Devon., Roman remains found
at, v, 164; silver thumb-ring found at
(engr.J, vii, 443 ; ancient and modern
seals of the Grammar School, xii, 69-
70 ; Congress at, xviii, 79 ; reception at
the Guildhall by the Mayor and Corpo-
ration ; description of the Guildhall, ib.,
81 ; of the Council Chamber, and the
Portraits, ib., 82-83; Sir S. H. North-
cote's address, ib., 1-21; thanks to the
President, ib., 83; examination of part
of, under the guidance of Col. Harding,
ib.,8'3; site of St. Bartholomew's Chapel,
ib.. 84; the east gate, ib.: Castle Rouge-


mont, the Castle wall, Exebridge, St.

Mary steps, Matthew the Miller, All-
hallowa on the walls, ib., 85; Frani
establishment at Frienhaye, Mallack'a
room, south gate, old water-gate, St.
Mary Major, Palace Gate, soirie at the
Devon and Exeter Institution, reception
by Lord Clifford, C. E. Davis ou the
Cathedral, ib., 86, 87 ; remarks by the
President upon the Cathedral, Mr.
Dawson exhibits a plan of St. Sid's
Well, further examination of antiqui-
ties, St. John's Hospital, St. Lawrence's
Church, the Apollo Room, stone at
i y street, an ancient tradition, old
room in Fore Street, gabled front with
horsemen, houses in St. Mary- Arches
Street, ib., 88; St. Mary-Arches Ch., the
Mint, old Norman crypt, College Hall,
South Street, the Refectory, examina-
tion of the Cathedral and C .E. Davis's
illustrations, visit to the President at
Pyues, elegant reception, departure for
Crediton, reception by the Vicar, exa-
mination of the Ch., ib., 89 ; descrip-
tion of the Ch., ib., 89-91 ; paper by Mr.
Tuckett on Crediton, ib., 91-96; evening
meeting at Exeter, papers by T. R.
Planche, T. Wright, and Dr. Pring,
excursion to Ford Abbey, Ottery St.
Mary, Cadhay House, and Collumpton,
ib., 157 ct seq.; reception at Ford Abbey
by Mr. Mil. a, examination and descrip-
tion by G. M. Hills, ib. ; reception at the
Town Hall of Ottery St. Mary by Sir
John Coleridge, ib., 158 ; visit to the
Ch., ib. ; E. Roberts's remarks, ib., 158-
162; discussion, ib., 163-166; description
of effigies, by J. R. Planche, ib., 166 ;
evening meeting at Exeter, ib., 166; re-
port of the Town Clerk's paper, ib., 167-
176; visit to Haccombe Ch., etc., with
the Exeter Diocesan Architectural So-
ciety, ib., 176; Mr. Crabbe's paper on
the Ch. and its monuments, ib., 176-
185; visit to Tor Abbey and Castle, ib.,
185; to Torquay, and to Kent's Cavern,

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