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ib., 186; evening meeting, ib.; excursion
to Tiverton, ib., 232; paper upon the
Ch. by the Rev. J. B. Hughes, ib.. 232-

237; examination of the Ch., ib., 237;
paper by Dr. <i. A. Patterson <>n T
ton Castle, ib., 237-246; examination of
the Castle, ;'/.. 246; and of Blundell's

School, ib., 246-2 17; visit to Collumpton
Ch., E. Ro> scribes the same,

visit to Bradfield House and reception
by Mr. and the Hon. Mrs. Walrond, /'//.,
248; Mr. Hayward'a paper on Bradfield
House, ib., 248-252 ; evening meeting,
ib., -■'>'-: seals of the 13th and 16th cen-
tury, ib., 257-258; seals f 2 engrs.J, ib.,
257, 259 ; pottery (engr.), ib., 259 ;
Roman remains at, ib., 260-261 ; excur-
sion to Totness and Dartmouth, old
buildings at Dartmouth, St. Saviour's
Ch. examined, ib., 333; evening meeting
at Exeter, paper by Col. Harding on a
coin of Ethelwulf, ib.. 334; on the Lust-
leigh stone, by Dr. Thornton, ib.,
papers not read at the Congress, ib.,
proceedings, ib., 337-340; visit to Dart-
moor, ib., 341 ; Museum, ib., 343-i
T. J. Pettigrew on Roman Penates dis-
covered at, xxi, 217-221 ; foundation
charter of Baldwin, Earl of Devon, to
the Priory of St. James, at, xxx, 170-

Exninge, or Ixninge, presentments before
the justices of offences at, A.D., 1285,
1286, 1289, bailiffs and jurors of, temp.
Edw. I, xxi, 9

Eyck (Jan Van), painting by, exhibited by
G. M. Hills, xxvii, 163

" Eye Catechism", exhibited, xx, 327

Eye, co. Suffolk, pottery found at, xx,
361; MSS. relating to, xxi, 15; notice
of, xxviii, 126

Eyre, family notes of, xxx, 401-405

Eyre (C), reception by, of the Associa-
tion, at Welford Park, xvi, 245

Eyre (H. R.), speech of, at Newbury Cross,
xvi, 77; reception by, of the Association,
at Shaw House, ib., 88

Eyre (Roger), of Beauchief, xxx. 428

Eyton (Rev. R. W.), on the castles of
Shropshire, xvii, 50

Eyvill (John de), burns Sheffield, xxx,


FABRONI, line Samian ware iroxn(engr.),
iv, 15

Facilis (Marcus Favonius), Centurion of
the Twentieth Legion, sepulchral tablet
to, x.wi, 240-241

Fagge ,Sir John), tilting helmet of, ix,

Fairburn (John), Mayor of Sheffield, ad-
dress of, to the President of the Shef-
field Con ex, 102-103; speech at
Wharncliffe, ib., 456

Fairfax (John), will of, xxii, 418
Fairfax (Sir T.), commission signed bv,

xiii, 314
Fairford, key found at (engr. . x. 118;
account of painted windows in the Ch.,
xxv, 42-53 ; subjects of windows taken
from the "Biblia Pauperum" and the

■eculum Humanse Salvationis .
12; remains of wall-paintings in, il
lettering of windows in the style of
Dun r's alphabet, ib., 51 : d< Bcription of



the windows by Mr. Holt, ib., 195-207 ;
visit of the Association to, ib., 195-209;
description of, by E. Roberts, ib., 207-
209; discussion upon the propriety of
allowing Mr. Joyce to read an answer
to Mr. Holt, with reference to, ib., 310-
313 ; remarks by H. F. Holt on the
windows, xxvi, 380; notes on theories
respecting the windows and early wood-
engraving, by J. R. Planch^, xxvii, 100-
109; Tames of, paper on, by H. F. Holt,
ib., 110-148; history connected with the
manor of, ib., 115-118; the manor be-
comes the property of Henry VII, ib.,
120-121 ; the Ch. not founded or rebuilt
by John Tame, ib., 123-129; Chapel of
the Virgin Mary at, founded by John
Tame, ib., 129-131; reference to the Ch.
by Anthony a Wood, ib., 136; the win-
dows placed by Edmund Tame, ?'&.,137-
138; visit of Henry VIII to, ib., 139-
140 ; tomb of Edmund Tame at, ib.,

Fairholt (F. W.), on the architectural pe-
culiarities of the town of Galway, i, 93-
104 ; on Roman remains at Silchester,
ib., 147; on the seal and autograph of
Sir Thomas Lucy, ib., 241 ; on Carpen-
ter's Hall and its paintings, ib., 275-
286; on a brooch of the 14th century,
ib., 334 ; on mural paintings in Feering
Ch., ii, 190; observations on table-books,
ib., 193 ; on a carved pew in Blickling
Ch., ib., 266; on ancient fibulpe, ib., 309;
on ancient Irish fibulae, ib., 391 ; on
sculptured capitals and brasses in St.
Lawrence Ch., Kent, iii, 48 ; remarks on
the early history of oil painting, ib., 201-
208; on a grotesque carving in Wendon
Ch., ib., 245; on a monumental slab, ib.,
254 ; on pulpit hour-glasses, ib., 301-
310; on a Norman seal, ib., 330; remarks
on mural painting, iv, 91; on a stone
cross in Hants, ib., 157; on early monu-
mental effigies, ib., 291; on various rub-
bings of monumental brasses, ib., 310 ;
on fibulae in the Museum of the Hon.
R. C. Neville, v, 116; on the drinking-
cup of Queen Elizabeth, ib., 143-146; on
guild processions and observances, ib.,

Fairless (Mr.), on Northumberland stycas,
iv, 382

Fairlight, threatened destruction of the
Ch., i, 56-59; drawings of, ib., 61

Falcke (D.), exhibits a carved ivory comb
of 14th century, vi, 147; jug of cut ruby
glass, ib., 154 ; three remarkable finger
lings, vii, 172

Falcons, names given to, xxii, 419

Falkenham, survey of the Manor, in 1607,
xxi, 14

Falkland (Lord), seat of, at Aldenham,
xxvi, 29

Fane (Rev. A.), on the contents of a bar-
row, xv, 113

Fans, paper on, by IT. F. Holt, xxvi, 200-
213 ; used in the Romish Ch., ib., 208-
206 ; introduced into England, temp.,
Hen. VIII, ib., 207 ; used as whips,
temp. Jas. I, ib., 209; changed from fea-
ther to folding fans, temp. Car. I, ib. ;
censure of, by Shakespeare, ib. ; letter
in Gentleman 's Magazine on fans,?'&., 212

Farleigh, West, co. Kent, notes upon a
crucifix at, by Rev. S. M. Mayhew, xxviii,
77, 183; Roman tile works found near,
ib., 273; remarks on the crucifix (engr. J,
ib., 282

Farley Heath, buildings at, iv, 158

Farmouth, near Warrington, exhibition of
tin case of list of copyhold tenants, xxv,

Farnham, notices concerning the Manor
of, xxx, 169

Farnley Hall, visited by the Association,
xx, 64

Faroe Islands, wooden lock from, xxix, 434

Farrell (John), publisher of school-pieces,
xxix, 74-75

Farrer (J.), letter to Rev. Preb. Scarth on
Chedworth Villa, xxvi, 250-252

Farringdon, British remains there, xxix,

Farringdon Street, knife found in, x, 88
v. London

Farwell, nunnery at, xxix, 326 .

Faseby (Captain), warrants to, by Charles
II,*., 143-146

Fasti Cicestrenses, v. Chichester

Fastolfe (Sir John), carving in the house
of, xiv, 153; defence of, ib., 230-237

Father, Almighty, creating the Heavenly
bodies (engr.), i, 123

Faulkner (C.), F.S.A., of Doddington,
Oxon, exhibits three iron arrow-heads,
xvii, 70; Roman pottery and an iron
chopper, ib. ; a dagger found at Dod-
dington, xx, 329; Saxon coins and a
seal of the See of Durham, xxii, 245 ;
mortuary trinket of Charles I, ib., 246;
matrix of a seal cut in a Roman coin,
ib., 342 ; a bullet and a button found in
Cropredy churchyard, xxv, 273; remarks
upon "Jack of the Clock House", ib.,
275; memoir of, xxviii, 310-311

Faun, Roman bronze dancing (engr.), ii,

Fausse-montre, xi, 259 ; exhibited by G.
R. Corner, xiii, 330 ; observations on,
by H. S. Cuming, ib.

Faustina, the Elder, coin of, x, 99

Faversham, co. Kent, seal of the Grammar
School of, xh, 149; Ch. chest at, xxviii,
226 ; account of brasses at, xxx, 330-
331 ; antiquities from, xiii, 313

Fawkham, ancient ruins adjoining the Ch.
pulled down and sold for mending the
road, iii, 54

Feckenham (John), Abbot of Westminster,
account of his connection with Bath,
xxviii, 399



Feejee Islands, stone adze from the, iv,

Feering, co. Essex, mural paintings in the
Ch., ii, 190

Felicitaa (St.), remarks on a painting of,
xx vi, 374

Felixstowe, Roman coins from, xiv, 271;
origin of its name, xxi, 24; antiquities
from, ib., 362

Fellows (Lady), exhibits two ancient rings,
xi, 345; needlework miniature of Charles
I, ib., 346

Fellows (Sir Charles), account of the
opening of a barrow in the Isle of
Wight, xi, 347

Female figure of bronze discovered at
Worcester, i, 48

Fenchurch, ancient bones from, xxiv, 73

Fennell (W.), on a hoard of Northumber-
land stycas, iv, 127; on stycas found in
Yorkshire, ib., 151

Feoffment, deed of, temp. Joh., ix, 86-87

Ferara (Andrea), swords of, i, 365 ; xxi,

Ferdinand II, Emperor of Germany, ex-
hibition of a grant of arms by, xxvi,

Ferdinand III, Emperor of Germany, ex-
hibition of medallion and a cameo of,
xxvi, 168-169

Ferdinand, Infante of Spain, sketch by
Holbein of his investiture, in 1523, with
the Garter, xxvi, 126-131

Fere-en-Tardenois, in France, discovery of
tombs in, xxx, 337-338

Feretory (enyr.), i, 171

Feretrum, an ancient, of latten, exhi-
bited by Rev. F. Bagot, xiii, 230; re-
marks on, by H. S. Cuming, ib., 230-233;
ancient, and inscription (enyr.), ib.,

Fergusson (J.), mention of, xxix, 30

Fergusson (Robert), on Roman anticpiities
found at Carlisle, xx, 84-85

Fermail, paper on the Norman, by H. S.
Cuming, xviii, 227-231

Ferrers, armorial bearings of the family of,
by J. R. Planehe, vii, 220-232

Ferring, dioc. Chich., Prebendaries of, xxii,

Feetiniog, description of the Valley of,
xx vii, 277 ; Id 'man military road near,
»., 278

Fetterlock found at Eaeton, x, 91

v. Vincula

Fettiplace, armorial bearings of (enyr.),
xvi, 150; genealogical notice of the
family, i&., 201-204

Ffolkes (Sir W. J. H. Browne), Bart., on
the confinement of Queen Elizabeth in
Castle Rising Castle, xiv, 152 ; obituary
notice of, xvii, 186

Fibula, Saxon, fromBadby, i, 60; Saxon
I i »:/>:), ib., 61; found at Burlov I
ib., 138; enamelled (2 engrs. ), ib., 1 17 ;
enamelled, with the "Agnus Dei",found

in London, ib., 336; enamelled Roman
(engr.J, ib., 327; Roman, from Castor,
ib. ; found atHeyford, ib., 339; set with
green enamel, found between Lexden
and Colchester (engr.), ii, 42; Saxon,
ornamented bronze (enyr.), ib., 54 ;
found in Yorkshire (2 enyrs.), ib., 56 ;
found at Bide ws (ew/r.),ib.,75; remarks
on ancient ib., 309 ; Saxon (enyr.), ib.,
311; leaden {engr.), ib., 312; leaden,
found in Cloak Lane (enyr.), ib., 313 ;
hracteate, found in a barrow in Norfolk
(2 enyrs.), ib., 314; found at Ottley, ib.,
345; found at Blaudford (8 enyrs.), iii,
97; observations on one of silver gilt,
ib.,120; silver giltf engr.J, ib.; enamelled
(enyr.), ib., 177 ; Roman enamelled,
found at Chester (2 enyrs.), ib., 251 ;
Saxon cruciform (2 enyrs.), ib., 299 ;
Anglo-Saxon gilt bronze (enyr.), ib., 53 ;
Saxon, found between Folkestone and
Dover (enyr.), ib., 159; bronze, from
Kenchester (enyr.), ib., 285 ; Roman,
found near Shorne (5 enyrs.), ib., 406 ;
bronze (engr.), ib., 406; in the Museum
of the Hon. C. R. Neville (enyr.), v,
113; remarks on those in the Museum
of the Hon. R. C. Neville, ib., 113-118 ;
found in Ireland (engr.), ib., 118 ; bronze
(enyr.), ib., 139; bronze (engr.), ib., 231 ;
Roman enamelled, found near Chester
(2 enyrs.), ib., 334; bronze (engr.), vi,
156; silver (engr.), viii, 143; enamelled,
from Ixworth (enyr.), ib., 364; of silver
(engr.J, ix, 74 ; gilded, ib., 88 ; Anglo-
Saxon, ib. ; bronze Roman, x, 91; found
in Bucklersbury, ib., 177; early, found
at Cambridge (enyr.), ib., 179; Roman,
found at Bicester, xi, 15S; silver found
in the Isle of Wight (enyr.), ib., 186; with
stamped ornament, found in the I. of
Wight (enyr.), ib., 188 ; gold, Saxon,
xiv, 276 ; enamelled bronze (enyr.), xvi,
270 ; rare specimen found at Canterbury,
ib., 324 ; Anglo - Saxon, xvii. 232 ; of
latten, found at Hyde, ib., 322 ; H. S.
Cuming on ancient f3 engrs.), xviii,
224-226; found in Suffolk, xxi, S3; an-
cient, and other personal ornaments
(enyr.), ib., 269-274; from Ariconium
( < ngr.J, xxvii, 204 ; from 1 \\\. irth (enyr. ),
ib., 258; found in Portland Island, xxviii,
34 ; various, ib., 2M, 282 ; xxix, 27 ;
Roman, exhibited, ib., 90; xxx, 73

v. Chester

— v. Forman, W. II.
r. Springhead

Fictile \ cssels, discovered at Truxillo, in
Peru, iv, Si ; vessels found in the ^led-
way, ib., 379 ; ivories of the Arundel
Society, xii, 206 ; gilded, xiv, 357

/■. Pottery

[■'let ilia, medieval, V. Guilt, G.

Fictitious antiquities, on (he making of,

xx, 83; remarks on, ib., 197
Figure of Sir YV. Molyneux ( • ngr. ). \ . 263



Filby, co. Norf., note concerning, xxviii,

Filgeriis (William de), seal of (engr.), vi,

Fillinham (Mr.), objects from his collec-
tion of antiquities, vi, 82

Filpham" oak chests at, ii, 348

Finiber, flint implements at, xxii, 156

Finch (Rev. T.), describes St. Mary's Ch.,
Stafford, xxix, 317

Finchale Priory, Durham, described, xxii,
238; drawings of, ib., 311-345; de-
scribed by E. Roberts, xxiii, 67; synods
at, ib. ; dedication of, ib., 68 ; Priors of,
ib., 72; extracts from the monastic rolls,
ib., 73-81 ; accounts of the Ch., ib.;
plan and view of (engr.), ib., 80-81 ; sites
of various buildings, ib., 82-85

v. Hills, G. M.

Fingal, slag from the Castle, xxiii, 92

Finger-rings, exhibited, i, 341 ; ii, 90, 352 ;
hi, 98; iv, 53, 315, 389; vi, 88, 158,
440; vii, 172, 435, 443; xi, 79, 235;
xiii, 254, 310 ; found at Maiden Castle,
xxviii, 44
v. Rings

Finkley, near Andover, discovery of Roman
remains at, xxvh, 520-521 ; paper on, by
J. Stevens, xxviii, 327-336

Firbolgs, hi, 154

Fireplace in the Hall of Chale, I. of
Wight (engr.), ii, 201

Firle, dioc. Chich., Prebendaries of, xxii,

Fisher (R. H.), v. Horman Fisher, R.

Fish-hooks, xxviii, 184 ; Roman, xxix, 305

Fishmongers' Company, pall of the (2
engrs.), i, 177-178

Fitch, Mrs., v. Purses

Fitch (R.), exhibits a Gnostic ring, vi, 447 ;
on Norwich Castle, xiv, 65-69 ; on
Caister Camp, ib., 123-129 ; his collec-
tion of antiquities, ib., 176 ; exhibits
Celtic antiquities from Suffolk, ib., 268;
on part of a mould representing the
Murder of the Innocents, ib., 270-271 ;
on a matrix of a seal found at Hereford,
ib., 272; exhibits mirrors, ib., 287; on
a Roman intaglio found in Suffolk, ib.,
339 ; account of flint arrow-heads be-
longing to, xxii, 157

Fitch (W. S.),on a Merovingian coin found
at Aldeburgh, i, 257 ; on the discovery
of a crypt and chapel at Ipswich, ii, 190;
on monastic seals relating to Suffolk,//}.,
268 ; on a seal and ring found at Dun-
wich, ib., 279 ; on stone vessels disco-
vered in Suffolk, ib., 345; on a fibula,
found in a barrow at Ottley, ib. ; on a
coin of Harold I, found near Ipswich,
ib., 347; on a bronze sword, iii, 254; on
Mints at Ipswich, xxi, 14; collections
relating to Suffolk Mints, town pieces,
and tokens, his addition to the " Snf-
Garland", collections of Ipswich
wills, 1438-1532, ib., 15

Fittleworth, dioc. Chich. Prebendaries of,
xxii, 134

Fitton (Anne), Maid of Honour to Queen
Elizabeth, dedication to, of W. Kemp's
"Nine Daies' Wonder", xxvi, 116

Fitz Duncan (William), xxvhi, 119

Fitzalans, Earls of Sussex, account of,
xxiii, 31

Fitzgerald (Lord Edward), weapons used
in his rebellion, xxx, 197

Fitzgerald t, Gerald), Earl of Kildare, ac-
count of, xxiii, 244-247

Fitzgerald (Robert), paper on family of,
by J. R. Planche", xxviii, 113-122

Fitz-Gilbert (William), witness to an early
charter, xxx, 173

Fitz-Haenild v Peter), xxx, 309

Fitz-Hamon (Robert), xxviii, 134

Fitzherbert (A), on the barrows in Derby-
shire, vh, 363-365

Fitzherbert (Nicholas), arms of (engr.),
vh, 336

Fitz-Hugh (Geoffrey, son of John), xxx,

Fitz-James (Captain), on a head in clay,
found at Babylon, i, 316

Fitz-Marmaduke of Harden, inventory of,
xxii, 401-405

Fitz-Marmaduke (Sir John), seal of, xv, 267

Fitz-Nicholas (Simon), xxx, 309

Fitz-Nigel (Johel), witness to an early
charter, circ. 1126, xxx, 171

Fitzpatrick (William), pedigree of, i, 39

Fitz-Ralph (Richard and William) wit-
nesses to an early charter, circ. 1126,
xxx, 171

Fitz-Rauulf (Robert), of Alfreton, founds
Beauchief Abbey, xxx, 429

Fitzroy (Lord Charles) letters of, xxi, 13

Fitz-Turgis (Richard), founder of Roche
Abbey, xxx, 422

Fitz- Walter (Patrick), first Earl of Salis-
bury, J. R. Planche" on, xv, 26-46

Fitzwarren (Adrian) leaden seal of, (engr.),
vh, 433

Flagellum, iron, exhibited by Mr. Grover,
(engr.), xxvh, 157

Flagella, exhibited by Rev. W. S. Simp-
son, xxvii, 160 ; remarks on, by H. S.
Cuming, ib., 160-163

Flaitel (Gerard), xxix, 60, 64

Flambard (Ranulf), Bishop of Durham,
xxviii, 137

Flasques (engr.), i, 78

Fleet river, dial found in the, xix, 71 ;
glazed jug found in the ditch, xiv, 95 ;
antiquities found in the bed, xviii,

v. Gunston, T.

Fleetwood cabinet, collection of bijouterie
from the, ii, 99

Fleming (Alan), brass of, viii, 260

Fletching, co. Sussex, curious monu-
mental brass in the ch„ iii, 56

Fleurs-de-lys, seeded, account of (2
engrs.), xxx, 431-2



Flint, observations on the castle, v, 294-
297 ; antiquities exhibited at, ib., 297-8

Flint, anow-heads found in Argyleshire,
i\, 891 ; and in Ireland, x, 108 ; meet-
ing with the Ethnological Society to
consider flint implements, xvii, 72-74 ;
arrow-head and knit'e from India, ex-
hibited, ib., 74 ; T. Wright on, imple-
ments, xvii, 214; forged implements, ib.,
225 ; implements found in Yorkshire,
with remarks upon the same, ib., ".77-
378; celt found at Botley, xx, 201 ;
discovery of implements in the drift, xx,
335-337 ; various implements, xxi, 2 ;
implements in France and England, by
W. Whincopp, xxii, 155 ; v. Buckman, J.

" Flint Jack", account of, in the " Malum
Messenger", xxiii, 88, 92 ; xxv, 392

Flixtun, co. Sufi'., hour-glass at, xxix,

Flora, customs in connection with, xxix,

Florence of Worcester, extracts from, re-
lating to Harold, xxiii, 157-158

Florentine work, xxi, 350

Floreated colhn-lid, found at Wootton, v,

Floreated slab in Merton Church, vii, 163

Florentine lily, notice concerning the,
xxx, 431

Florian (St.), monastery of, near Lintz,
picture board dummies at, xxx, 326

Flower vase (engr.), xiv, 337

Flute, Roman (engr.), viii, 161 ; double
(<>> i;/ rJ, iv, 213

Foley (Richard), early ironmonger, xxix,

Foliot (Osbert and Robert), abbots of
Malmesbury, xxvii, 327, 328

Foliot -Sir Edmund), xxx, 241

Foljambe (Sir Godfrey and lady Avena),
monument of, vii, 325

Folley Hill, Marlborough, Roman remains

at, IV, 401

Font at Broomfield (engr.), i, 151 ; at
Springtield (engr.), ib. ; various in Es-
sex, ib. ; in which it is supposed Shake-
speare was luptised, neglect of, i,
241 ; of the Tudor period in the church
of Childerditch, £6., 314; leaden, of the
12th century, in the church of Framp-
ton-on-Severn (engr.), ii, 184; sewn
medallions on a, in .Mary Church, De-
von (engr.), ib.. 272; at Lantwitt, Neath
jr.), ib., 286 ; of ancient stone, at
Molesey, Surrey (engr.), id., 336; sculp-
tured, in St. Clement's, Eastings, ib..
348; in All Saint.-' Ch.. Claverley, iv,
152; at Tichboume Ch., v, .so; found
near the Mansion Bouse, ib., 163 ; Si
at Kirkburn, vi, 147; (engr.) vii, 38 ;
in Kirkburn Ch., remarks on. by Mr.
Milner, -Mr. Waller, and Dr. Bell, vii,
38-52; discovered in St. John's Win-
chester, (enqr.), x, 86 ; drawings of, a1
Winston, t6.. 385; on fo its in Norfolk,

xiv, 51-56 ; at Compiegne, drawing of,
xviii, 273
— v. Deerhurst

r. Hastings

Fonthill, co. Wilts, xxix, 63-64

Forbes (Dr.), exhibits a fine gold coin of
Valentinian, found at Swansea, ii, 346

Forceps, Roman, exhibited, xxix, 310

Ford, visit to the Abbey, and reception by
Mr. Miles, xviii, 157; memoir of Dr.
Chard, the last Abbot, ib., 187-213;
tapestry at, ii, 193 ; seal of, xviii, 198

Ford (Edward), exhibits family deeds,
xxii, 307-311

Ford (Rev. Jas.), author of the "Suffolk
Garland," xxi, 15

Ford (Joseph, Mayor of Wolverhampton)
receives the Association, xxix, 98-101 ;
gives an entertainment, ib., 432

Fordham, Bishop of Durham, sign of
(engr.), i, 206

Fordington, St. George's Ch. at, visited,
xxviii, 212-213

Forest, of Clarendon, probably anterior to
the Conquest, i, 62 ; of Dean, antiqui-
ties of, ii, 362; Roman coins found in,
iv, 73

Forest laws, customs, and courts, Sir F.
Dwarris on, viii, 173-182

Forgeries, account of, xiv, 94 ; xx, 83,
272, 355 ; xxiii, 208-209 ; paper on, by
H. S. Cuming, xxv, 390-394 ; exhibited
by the Rev. W. S. Simpson, ib., 398-
399 ; xxix, 313 ; seals, xiv, 348, 353

Fork, Roman, xxix, 187

Forman (W. H.), exhibits a large statuette
of an Etruscan warrior, xiii, 315; the
bead of a Roman labarum, ib., 316 ;
observations on, ib., 316-317 ; exhibits a
Roman bulla, ib., 321 ; remarks on, ib. ;
exhibits a Chinese coverlet, ib., 326 : an
example of Gobelin tapestry, ib., 329 ;
Hiberno-Celtic relics, ib., 333-334 ; vari-
ous gold and silver antiquities, Celtic
and Danish, ib., 339-341 ; a Danish fibula,
347 ; Roman epistomium, xiv, 26!) ;
remarks on, ib., 269-70; exhibits Ger-
man key of the 15th cent., ib., 273 ;
a beautiful Saxon gold fibula, ib., ij 7 • > ;
mirrors, ib., 287 ; spurs and stirrn
the 16th and 16th cents., ib., '■'< 17;
curious Roman key, ib., 352 ; an en-
amelled asp, ib., 358; a casket from
Lincolnshire, xv, 281 ; a thurible I'mm
Cologne, ib., 282 ; seal of John, son of
Howe! (lor, ib., 283; three Scotch
l rooches, ib.. 283-4; a highly wrought
steel key, ib., 286; lock of a -
haunce musket, ib. ; a triple-barrelled
pistol, ib. ; bronze hand of a st
ib., 837; two bombards, ib., 842; a
cordiformed purse, ib., 344 ; an ink-
horn and penner, ib., :::>] ■ knife, fork,
and sheath of the 16th century, xvi,
297; knife and sheath of German work,
ib. ; a ■ • ■ I ib., 317 ; various


keys, ib., 329; a "memento mori" me-
dal, ib., 345 ; a Celtic sword, ib., 357 ; a
bronze pin, ib. ; a large axe-hammer
from tbe plains of Olympia, xvii, 74;
cylindrical copper vessel found in the
Thames, ib.; an Anglo-Saxon fibula,
ib., 232; silver bracelet found at Rath-
mines, ib., 335; Roman fibula;, xviii,
369; a girdle buckle from an Anglo-
Saxon barrow, ib. ; Merovingian ear-
rings, ib., 370; a collection of early
buttons, ib. ; remarks of, upon ancient
fibulae, ib., 378 ; exhibits various an-
cient fibulae, ib.; bronze leopard's head
of Greek work, xix, 139 ; a magician's
signet of lead, ib., 140 ; a Roman bronze
mask of a satyr, xx, 201 ; memoir of,
xxvi, 267

Formanshaw, arms of (engr.), xiii, 119

Forster (H.), exhibits an Italian Book of
Hours, 15th century, xxiv, 169

Forthere, abbot of Malmesbury, xxvii, 318

Fortibus (Isabella de), seal of (engr.), xi,

Fortifications, of London, erected by
Cromwell, viii, 140 ; on ancient fortifi-
cation, x, 296-302

Fortresses of England and officers of them,
seventeenth century, xxi, 151-2; notes
on British and Romano-British camps
and earthworks near St. Alban's, by
G. V. Irving, xxv, 236-8

v. Camp

■;,. Earthwork

Fosbrooke, extract from his "Encyclo-
pedia of Antiquities", xxvi, 109

Fossil remains, found at Maiden Castle,
xxviii, 41 ; at Portland, ib., 204

Foster (Mrs.), exhibits an ecclesiastical
seal, vi, 81

Fothergill (R.), memoir of, xxviii, 311

Foulness, Roman urns discovered at, iii,


Foundation of Roman Villa at Teston,
Kent (engr.), xxix, 45

Fountains Abbey, co. York, view (engr.),
i, 84; Richard, abbot of, witnesses a
charter, vi, 424 ; plan of, exhibited, xx,
194; inspection of the hall, xx,_ 240,
etc. ; dimensions of the abbey, xxi, 41 ;
the nine altars at, compared with those
at Durham, xxii, 209

v. Hills, G. M.

Fourness (Thomas de), xxx, 241

Fowler (C. H.), on Brancepeth Ch., xxn,

Fownhope Ch., co. Hereford, tympanum
of a doorway in (engr.), ii, 268

v. Lewis, Rev. I. T.

Fox (D.), Mayor of Derby, elegant enter-
tainment by, vii, 360

Foxe's "Acts and Monuments", extracts
from in reference to Master John Schorn,
xxv, :;:'.S-40

Foxe (William), brass of, at Ludford, xxvn,

Foxes, badgers, etc., inquiry concerning
ancient statute for then extermination,
i, 312 ; the statute, ii, 102
Foxley, gold torques found at, ii, 349
Framfield, v. Domesday Book
Framlingham, pennies of Henry III, found
at the Castle, vi, 452; coins found at,
vii, 75 ; viii, 159 ; xi, 347 ; notice con-
cerning the castle, xxi, 2 ; account of, ib.,
27 ; curious window-frame from the
church, ib., 89 ; account of the castle, ib.,
152 ; account of the parish, ib., 153 ;
castle described by Mr. Phipson, ib.,
176 ; medieval silver ring, found at, ib.,
344 ; view of the castle exhibited, xxx,

v. Hartshorne, Rev. C. H.

Frampton (Richard and Robert), abbots

of Malmesbury, xxvii, 336
Frampton, the seal of the prior of, vii,
162; evidences of Roman Christianity

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