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at, a paper by J. W. Grover, xxviii,
France, arms of Toulouse and (engr.), v,
161 ; coin of king Henry IV, vi, 445 ;
a title of the Normans, xxiii, 136 ; rava-
ges of the French on the English coast
in the 14th cent., xxiv, 354 ; attack of
the French upon Portland, xxviii, 88 ;
reported discovery of Merovingian tombs
in, xxx, 337-8
Francis II, of France, on the great seal of
him and of Mary Queen of Scots, as
king and queen of France, Scotland,
England, and Ireland, xxiv, 343-351
Francis (R. S.), account of Saxon coins

found at Ipswich, xxi, 191
Franks (A. W., M.A., F.R.S., Director of
the Society of Antiquaries), collection
of iron objects belonging to, xxx, 223
Franscham, British remains from, iv, 153
Free companions, account of, xxiv, 353
Freeborough, notices of the, xxviii, 22-27
Freeman (C), memoir of, xxvi, 268
Freeman (Edward), on restorations at St.

Mary's Ch., Leicester, i, 51
Fremling (Arthur), villa remains in his

hop-gardens at Teston, xxix, 45
French (Gilbert J.), on the tippets of
canons ecclesiastical, vi, 272-293 ; on
the nimbus, x, 332-362 ; on rayed ban-
ners and the earliest armorial charges,
xiii, 52 ; on the banners of the Bayeux
tapestry and the earliest heraldic charges,
ib., 113-130 ; on the ancient sculptured
stones of Scotland, Ireland, and the
Isle of Man, xv, 63-89
Fresco, remains of paintings found in Gt.
Trinity Lane, i, 254 ; paintings in Wat-
ford Ch., iv, 71 ; in St. Lawrence's Ch.,
Winchester, iv, 387 ; fragments of, from
Verulam, xxvi, 51

v. Croydon

Freshwill (Anker), owner of property at

Steetlcy in 1391, xxx, 113
Freston, arms of, xxx, 92



Frettenham, co. Norfolk, church chest at,

xxviii, 227
Freville, family notes of, xxix, 298
Friars, popularity of the, xxii, 415
Fridaythorpe Ch., building of, xxii, 408
Friernhaye, Franciscans of, xviii, 86
Frindsbury, co. Kent, seal found near, ii,

Frismore Hill in Radford, entrenchments

at, xxix, 44
Friston, sermon at, xxi, 13
Friswell (J. Haiu), exhibits, and remarks

on, Hampden's sword, xxiv, 396-9
Frithelstoke, gold ring found at, vii, 434
Frog Lane, Wolverhampton, xxix, 24
Frogmore, picture board dummy at, xxx,

Fromond (John), will of, 1348, xvii, 314-5
Fromound (Thomas), brass of, in Cheam

Ch., xxvii, 312
Frowsetoure (Edmund), brass of, in Here-
ford Cathedral, xxvii, 96-7
Frye (Thos.), exhibits a coin of Beorn-

wulf, v, 80
Fryer (R. H.), on the charters of the city

of Gloucester, ii, 392
Fuhchow, Chinese cinerary urns found at,

xxvii, 343-4
Fulbourn, co. Cambr., churches of, xxi,

Fulcher (Mr.), on an antique oak pulpit, iv,

Fuller (Rev. E. A.), remarks on Ched-

worth Ch., xxv, 407 ; remarks by, on

records of the Abbey of Cirencester, ib.,

Funeral banner found at Maidstone, xiii,

Funeral cards, wrapper of, exhibited, xv,

Funeral tablet from Thebes, exhibited,

xviii, 267
Funerals, ancient, xxii, 418
Furca, exhibited, xxviii, 183

Furnace, Roman, with earthen cauldron
(engr.), i, 6

Furnaces, primitive, xxix, 122, etc.

Furnell (Geoffrey de), witness to an an-
cient charter, circ. 1126, xxx, 171

Furness, on the nuns of the abbev, vi,
309-317, 359-374; plan of the abbey,
(enijr.), ib., 309 ; north doorway (engr.J,
ib., 359 ; base of nave piers (engr.J,
lb., 360; north-west crossing piers
361 ; north side (engr.), ib. ; piers in
transept (engr.J, ib., 362 ; hood mould
of nave arches (engr.), ib. ; mouldings
of pier-arches in transepts (engr.), 363 ;
arch mouldings of north doorway
(engr.), ib., 364; corbel of vaulting,
south aisle (engr.), ib., 364; arcade in
vestibule of chapter house (engr.), ib.,
366 ; string course, diagonal, and trans-
verse rib, etc. (engr.), ib., 367 ; capital
of side shafts in the hospitium (engr.),
ib., 369 ; side windows in infirmary
chapel (engr.), ib., 371 ; vaulting shaft,
capitals (engr.), ib., 372 ; vaulting rib,
base of shafts, and string course (engr.),
ib. ; documents relating to, ib., 419-424 ;
deeds relating to Peter, abbot of, ib.,
421-423 ; deed relating to John, abbot
of, ib., 423 ; monks of, ib., 424 ; observa-
tions relating to the abbey, by M. de
Gerville, vii, 167 ; its struggle for su-
premacy with Waverley Abbey, xxvi,

Furniss (P.), exhibits a bell-collar, xxx,

Furnival (de), family of, in connection
with Sheffield, xxx, 150 ; in connection
with Worksop, ib., 163-170, 239-243,289

Furnival (Thomas de), rebuilds Sheffield
Ch., 1270, xxx, 154 ; seals of, ib., 241-2

Furnival (Lord William de), xxx, 117

Fursey (St.), Beda's account of his death
at Latiniacum, near Paris, xxiv, 369

Fyndyrne, inventory of goods in the house
at, i, 143


GAEL (Raoul de), remarks upon, by
J.R.Planchd.etc, xiv,20, 43, 70 ; xxi, 91

Gaelic lauguages, xxix, 149-50

(iainford, Roman altar found in the
church, xxii, 19, 182 ; Roman road at,
ib., 188 ; altar at Whitecross, near, ib.

Gaisford, coins found at, ii, 344

Galgacus, a British prince, oration of,
xxvi, 224 ; mention of, xxix, 400

Galley found in the river Itchin, iv, 382

Gallibury and Rowborough, I. of Wight,
pit habitations at, xi, 305-313 ; plan of
1 1 ngr.), ib., 306

Gallipots, exhibited, xxix, 203-4

Gaily tiles, xx, 83; xxi, 354

Gallo-Romaine, Description de la Villa et
du Tombeau d'une Femme Artiste, par
ML Fillon, v, 404-5

Galmanho, religious house at, xxx, 387-8

< kdonier, v, 36 ; xx, 262

Galway, architectural peculiarities of the
town of, i, 93-104; hood mouldings in
Lombard Street (engr.), ib.. 97 ; porch
of St. Mary's Ch. (engr.J, ib., 102; re-
cess in St. Mary's Ch. (engr.), ib., 103 ;
spandril of door (engr.), !/■.. lot; war-
axes found in, xiii. 32<i ; a slate imple-
ment found in, xiv, 335 ; family of
Lynch of, xxi, 288

Galway (Viscount), portrait of Hen. VIII,



in 1543, by Holbein, in his collection,
xxvi, 123

Game, box containing an oriental, exhi-
bited, xxix, 200

Games, notice of T 'Kast8evarp8e,"as played
in Gothland, xxvi, 60

Ganton, false antiquity from, xxi, 362

Gardiner (Stephen), Bishop of Winchester,
signet ring of, xx, 346

Gargilius Quintus, Prefect of Cohors, Bri-
tannica, tablet to, xxvi, 226-227

Gariannonum, v. Burgh Castle

Garner (Robert), F.L.S., suggestions of,
for excavating Etocetum, xxix, 55-56

Garnets, exhibited by Miss Barrow, xxix,
426; and remarks upon garnets, by H.
S. Cuming, ib., 427-428

Garneys (Nicholas), xxi, 14

Gar rick (David), seal of, exhibited, xxix,
307; remarks by H. S. Cuming on the
seal of, ib., 312-313

Garter, remarks on successive statutes of
the order of the, by W. H. Black, xiii,
329-330; MS. statutes, xxix, 364

Gart-na-moyagh, knight in chain armour
discovered at, i, 46

Gateley, image of Master John Schorn
found at the ch., xxiii, 263 ; rood screen
at, xxiv, 72

Gates, dioc. Chich., Prebendaries of, xxii,

Gateshead, history and antiquities of New-
castle-upon-Tyne and, by M. A. and G.
B. Richardson, ii, 215

Gateshead, Monastery at, in Beda's time,
xxiv, 377

Gatty (Rev. Alfred), D.D., paper on the
town and old Parish Ch. of Sheffield,
xxx, 120, 147-156; account of Eccles-
field, ib., 457-458; description of Brad-
field Ch., ib., 458

Gateway, basement stone of Roman
(engr.), viii, 42

Gaul, silver coin of, found at Castor, ii,
192; coins discovered at Avranches, hi,
62; "Sur un Symbole Gaulois", par
M. Lambert, v, 386-389; gold coin found
at Dover, xviii, 331 ; J. Evans' remarks
on the same, ib. ; British auxiliary
troops in, xxvi, 221; Druidism in, xxx,

Gaunt ( John of), his will, xxii, 418

Gavelkind, observations on, ix, 386-391

Gaveston (Peter), discovery of his name
in Winchester Cathedral, with remarks
on, by J. R. Planche", xii, 94 ; facsimiles
of his name (2 engrs.), ib.

Gavr' Innis, cromlech of, in Brittany, i,
309; description of the remains of, hi,
269-279 ; view of (engr.), ib., 270 ; tu-
mulus in (engr.), ib., 271 ; shaft and
plan of chamber in (engr.), ib. ; en-
graved stones at (2 engrs.), ib., 273 ;
on the stones at, iv, 60

Gaytef (Gilbert de), a witness in an early
charter, xxx, 160

Gelli Bi-idge, near Capel Curig (engr.),
i, 164

Gee (Rev. Canon), remarks on Abbots and
Kings - Langley churches, xxvi, 384-

Gems, ancient, exhibited, ii, 90 ; xiv, 339 ;
xviii, 396

Gem-rings, ii, 352 ; iv, 263, 316; xi, 79

v. Rings

Gem-seals, hi, 190, 330 ; iv, 404 ; v, 241

v. Seals

Gendall ( John), memoir of, xxii, 321

Genialis, Sextus Valerianus, monument of,
found at Cirencester, ii, 343

Gennarelli (Professor Achille), extracts
from a letter of, on an Etruscan urn
from Perugia, xxiv, 81

Geoffrey, abbot of Malmesbury, xxvii, 330

Geographic du Moyen Age, e"tudiee par
Joachim Lelewel, v, 417

Geographical cards presented by T. Wake-
man, ix, 196

Geology, account of the " glacial drift"
period, xxvi, 53

Geological specimens in the Museum at
Dudley inspected, xxix, 430

" George", or "gorge", an ancient drink-
ing vessel, xvi, 356

George I, King of England, description of
office used at the touching for the
King's Evil in the reign of, xxvii, 292-

George II, flounce of a dress in the reign
of, exhibited, xx, 199 ; description of
office used at the touching for the
King's Evil in the reign of, xxvii, 293

George III at Weymouth Theatre, xxviii,

Gerard, Archbishop of York, xxix, 239

Gerard's Hall, on the removal of, viii, 150-
154 ; leaden weights found near, ib.,
366 ; crypt of (engr.), ix, 113 ; re-
marks on the crypt of, ib., 113-120 ;
sections, details, etc., of (engr.), ib.,
117 ; section illustrative of (engr.), ib. ;
window in (engr.), ib., 119; the original
entrance (engr.), ib., 120; spoon found
near, xii, 162

Germanicus, coin of, exhibited, xxx, 339

Germanus ( Bishop of Auxerre), opens the
tomb of St. Alban, xxiv, 366

Germany, history and antiquities of : —
engraved glass from, ix, 83; knife and
sheath, exhibited, xvi, 297 ; jug of the
16th century, xix, 311 ; " needfires",
xxiii, 99; locks and keys exhibited, xxix,
434; canettes of, xxx, 130-133

Secret Tribunal of, v. Vehm, the


Gernons (Raimli), xxviii, 117

Gertrude (St.), of Nivelles, paper on, by
H. S. Cuming, xxx, 436-438

Gervase of Canterbury, a treatise by, xxviii,

Gerville (M. de), on the discovery of
366 French and English gold coins near



Barfleur i, 58 ; on excavations near Ya-
lognes, in Normandy, the site <if the
Roman Alanna, ib., 341; excavations at
the Human Alauna, ii, 88; on mistakes
respecting Cape la Hogue and Cape
la Hague, ib., 195; on Gaulish coins
discovered at Avranches, ii, 360 ; iii,
62 ; on the communication between Brit-
tany and Wales, iv, 229; observations re-
lating to the Abbey at Furness, vii,
Ghent, candelabra at, vi, 155
Giants, paper on the Cerne giant, by Dr.W.
Smart, xxviii, 65-70 ; at Wilmington,
Sussex, ib. ; at Shotover Hill, ib.; on
the American prairies, ib., 69; in Britain,
ib., 70; graves of, ib. ; of Cerne and other
places, contrasted, ib., 234-236
(lib Hill, examination of tumulus, xv, 151-

153 ; antiquities at (engr.), ib., 151
Gibbons ( Griuling), successful restoration

of carvings by, xii, 287-288
Gibbs (E. M.), exhibits a mutilated figure
of an ecclesiastic in state, x, 190 ; a
curious candlestick, ib., 382 ; images of
Chinese philosophers, xi, 74; a gilt brass
spur of the 17th century, found at Wor-
cester, ib., 83; a penny of Canute found
in Cornwall, ib., 261 ; a half shilling of
Elizabeth found at Gravesend, ib., 263 ;
coins found at Ashford and Gravesend,
xii, 75 ; a satirical medal issued in
Germany, ib. ; a bellarmine found at
Rochester, ib., 83; keys of the 17th cen-
tury, ib., 100; a flower bottle found in
Whitechapel, ib. ; coins, spoons, and
jettons found at Rochester, ib., 162 ;
bronze medal of Queen Anne, ib., 250 ;
the centre of an oaken mantle-tree, xiii,
334; London tokens, xv, 336
Gibbs (Miss), exhibits a Danish coin, xvii,

Gibbs (J. V.), memoir of, xxv, 318
Gibraltar, antiquities from, xvi, 329
Gibson (B.), on the monument discovered
at Xanthus, vi, 95; on the discovery of
antiquities at Rome, ib.
Gibson (W. S.), life of Bishop R. de Bury,
xxii, 303 ; on Tynemouth Priory, ib.,
236; on Bishop- Auckland, ib., 303; seal
of the See of Durham, ib., 389
Gidley (John), paper on the Royal visits
to Exeter, xviii, 167-176; exhibits im-
pressions of three Exeter seals of the
13th century, ib., 257
Giffard, family of, charters relating to, viii,
348-351; notice of the family, xxix, 24;
on the family of the, by J. R. Planche",
ib., 58-68 ; discussion respecting the
etymology of the name, ib., 225-226
Giffard (John), xxix, 362
Giffard (William), Lord Chancellor, xxviii,

134; xxix, 237-239
Giffard's Cross, xxix, 23; visit of the Con-
gress to the remains of, ib., 220
Gig, a top bo called (engr.). xxx, 38

Gi rgleswick, ancient canoe found at, xx,
j engr. ). L94-196

Qildas, liis history, xxix, 403

Gilded fictilia, remarks on, xiv, 357

Giles (Dr.), account by, of Richard Ciren-
cester's works, xxv, 125

Gill measure, xv, 345

Oil ling, monastery of, first of Scots, then
of Saxons, in Beda's time, xxiv, 372

Gillow Manor, visit of the Association to,
xxvii, 538

Gimmal rings, xiv, 346

Gipciere, v. Gypsire

Girdle-buckle, from an Anglo-Saxon bar-
row, exhibited, xviii, 369

Girdle-knives, on the sheaths of, xiv, 359;
xvii, 113-118

Girdwood (Mr.), v. Orkney

Gisor (Chatelan de),xxix, 61

Gissing Hall, co. Norfolk, family of Kemp,
of, xxi, 9

Giustiani (San Lorenzo), Patriarch of
Venice, portrait of, xxiii, 377

Gladiatorial relics, account of (engr.), xxiv,

Glaive found in Lincolnshire, xvii, 324

Glass, various objects of: — Painted, at Os-
mundthorpe Hall, i, 51 ; bead discovered
near Chipping Warden, ib., 52, 340 ;
ribbed vessel found at Chessell (enrjr.),
ii, 52 ; Saxon tumbler found in Essex
(engr.), ib., 99; vessel from a Romano-
British barrow (engr.), ib., 238 ; Saxon
vessel found in Kent (engr.), ib., 347 ;
vessel found at Bourne Park ( 2 engr 8.),
iii, 48 ; bottle, with the Yilliers' arms,
exhibited by Mr. Jesse, ib., 64; bottle,
deposited under the foundation of
house, ib. ; Anglo-Saxon vase and
green goblet, found at Belle Vue, Kent
( 2 engrs.), iv, 1 58 ; Saxon tumbler found
at Southampton, v, 162; portion of light
green vessel (engr.), vi, 67 ; painted
windows in Morley Ch., viii, 28; in Al-
dermaston Ch., ib., 362 ; objects found
in London, ix, 74-75; painted, with a
rebus,from Canterbury, ii., 75; German,
engraved, ib., 83; painted windows in
Lincoln Cathedral (coloured engr.), xi,
89 ; vessel found in the I. of Wight
(engr.), ib., 187; found at Hartwell, ib.,
262 ; bottles found in Cannon Street,
xiii, 224; ancient, from Tower Street,
ib., 236 ; drinking vessels found in
Cannon Street, ib., 315; Spanish plaque,
xv, 289 ; ancient factory discovered,
xvii, 55-56; remarks on ancient sphe-
roids, ib., 59-63; found in excavating
for the Houses of Parliament, ib., 235 ;
early specimen of, exhibited, xviii, 391;
vessels found in interments of the 15th
cent., xxi, 185; not mentioned in old
wills, xxii, 404; bottle found in Lom-
bard Street, xxviii, 75; various, exhi-
bited, ib., 184, 398 ; vessel, ib., 232 ;
ancient, xxix, 71 ; bottle, ib., 85 ;



drinking cup, ib., 91; early working of,
in Staffordshire, ib., 179-180; Roman,
ib., 310; painted, ib., 312; Venetian, ex-
hibited, ib., 310; xxx, 91; Venetian cup,
exhibited, ib., 200 ; Venetian manufac-
ture in London, ib., 204 ; various, ib.,
204-205; bottles, ib., 339

Glass, v. Bland, W.

v. Buckholt

v. Cramer, Mr.

v. Cuming, H. S.

v. Hollingbourne

r. Jennings, A.

v. Pettigrew, T. J.

v. Pryer, A.

Glastonbury, seal of the Masons of, ii,
190; notes on the Abbey, its legends,
etc., by Dr. W. Beattie, xii, 328-343 ;
visit of the Association to, and notices
of various objects of interest at, ib.,
382-387; Glastonbury thorn in blossom
at Christmas, exhibited, xiv, 269 ; on
the Holy Sepulchre of the Abbey, xix,

v. Moore, J.

Glendalough, Ireland, Chinese coin found
at, xi, 347 ; carved work from, xxii,

Glemsford and Hartest, co. Suffolk, anti-
quities of, xxi, 144-148

v. Ely

Glossary, gatherings for a, communicated
by J. R. Planche, xi, 82

Gloucester (Duke of), xxviii, 88

Gloucester (Earl of), clarions on the tabard
of an, v, 373 ; Norman Earls of, xxv, 26-
41 ; controversy concerning the first
Earl, ib., 27, 28

Gloucester (Humphrey, Duke of), episodes
in the career of, and his first Duchess,
xxvii, 218-241; his friendship for Abbot
Whethamsted, ib., 219-220; he and his
wife become members of the fraternity
of St. Alban's, ib., 220; bequest of books
by, to the University of Oxford, ib.,
221 ; gifts to St. Alban's Abbey by, ib.,
221-222; lines in honour of, by John
Lydgate, ib., 222 ; question as to the
builder of the tomb of, ib., 222-223 ;
discovery of the remains of, ib., 223-224;
description of the tomb of, ib., 224 ;
schedule of expenses of making the
tomb of, etc., ib., 225 ; marries Jacque-
line, Countess of Hainault, ib., 231-232;
fights in his wife's cause, and is de-
feated, ib., 233; marries Eleanor Cob-
ham, ib., 234

Gloucester (John of), employed to found
the bells for Ely Cathedral, xxvii, 416

Gloucester (Richard), Duke of, his seal
as Admiral, exhibited, xvii, 54

Gloucester (William Fitz Eustace of), notes
regarding him, xxv, 27-36

Gloucester (Prince William Henry), Duke
of, 1689-1697, rare biography of, with
four portraits, xxi, 81

Gloucester, Congress at, ii, 369 ; pro-
ceedings, ib., 369-394; on the etymology
oi,ib., 376; remarks on the Cathedral by
Mr. Cresy, ib., 376-378 ; Mr. Niblet, ib.,
376; Mr. Repton, ib., 377; Mr. Godwin,
ib.; Mr. Pettigrew, ib., 378 ; Mr. White,
ib. ; Mr. Wright, ib., 379 ; account of the
MSS. in the cathedral, ib., 386; encaustic
tiles in the, ib., 287 ; coining die found
at, ib., 389 ; charters of the city, ib., 392 ;
heraldic notices of the cathedral, ib. ;
discoveries in progress at,x, 313 ; Roman
keys found at, xi, 64 ; remarks on, by
Sir S. Carey, xxv, 297-298; text of the
commission for collecting the subsidy
of, xxvii, 142-143 ; bell foundry of,
paper on, by Rev. W. C. Lukis, ib., 416-
423; name of Robert Hendlel on bell in
St. Nicholas Ch., ib., 418; brass of Wil-
liam Henshaw in St. Michael's Ch., ib.,
419; St. Peter's Abbey, xxix, 64

v. Britton, J.

v. Purnell, Mr.

v. Turner, J.

Gloucestershire, leaden font in, ii, 336 ;
T. J. Pettigrew on the peg tankard of, ib.,
380; Anglo-Saxon remains in, iv, 74 ;
tokens of, xiii, 225-226 ; antiquities
found in (engr.), xix, 100-105 ; list of
monasteries and castles in, xxviii, 57

v. Gomonde, W. H.

Glove, leather, of Mary, Queen of Scots
(engr.), i, 269 ; of James I, xxv, 325 ;
of Charles I, xii, 253

Glover (F. K.), exhibits a box of English
coins, xxix, 76

Glover, monumental brass of a, in Flet-
ching Ch., iii, 56

Gnoshall, collegiate foundation at, xxix,

Gnostic, ring, vi, 447; on the polycephalic
amulets of the Gnostics (engr. J, viii, 1 ;
ring, exhibited, ib., 371 ; seals, xx, 355 ;
prevalence of Gnosticism in Britain,
xxiii, 228

Gobelin tapestry, xiii, 329

Gobions, co. Herts, seat of Sir T. More at,
xx vi, 30

Goblet, rare crystal, of the 11th century,
iv, 395

Goddard (Mr.), on Richard Ill's house at
Leicester, xix, 118-120

Godet, a cup, v, 32

Godiva of Mercia, notice of, xxviii, 120

Godmanchester, Roman antiquities found
at, ii, 360; seal of the Grammar School,
xii, 149

Godric (St.), notice of, xxiii, 68-71 ; his
hymn, ib., 70 ; life of, ib., 71

Godshill, co. Hants, coins from, xxii, 358

Godwin (Bishop), comb of, x, 286

Godwin (Earl), plunders Portland, xxviii,

Godwin (George), F.R.S., F.S.A., etc., on
the Barbican in connection with our
castles, vi, 302-309; on Martock Ch.,



xiii, 44; on a tympanum at Stoke-sub-

Hamdon, ib., 46 ; on early Christian

buildings and their decorations, xv, 131-

141; on the antiquities of Heading, xvi,

237-240; communicates a discovery at

Worcester Cathedral, xviii, 254 ; on

Wimble's discoveries in South wark, xxii,

447; on the numberof remainsof Roman

cities in Britain, xxiv, 85; observations

on Cirencester, xxv, 91-92; speech, xxvii,

168-169 ; on Kilpeck Ch., ib., 388 ;

speeches of, xxix, 100-101, 112 ; xxx,

110 ; notice respecting Shrewsbury

Chapel monuments, ib., 104

Godwin (Henry), F.S.A., on the worthies

and celebrities of Newbury, xvi, 232-

234; exhibits a silver watch of the 17th

century, xix, 330; notes on the West

Saxon bishoprics, particularly of Sher-

bourne, xxviii, 305, 313—327

Gogmagog Hills, co. Cambr., tumulus on,

xxvii, 359
Gogmagog, Geoffrey of Monmouth's de-
scription of, xxviii, 70
Gold, objects in : — French and English
coins discovered near Barfleur, i, 58 ;
ring, 15th century, discovered near
Canterbury, ib., 245; found near Chute,
Hants, ib., 337; Saxonring found atBos-
sington, ib., 341 ; rings found at Ifield,
Sussex, ii, 193 ; in the Thames, ib., 199 ;
at Roscommon, ib. ; in the ruins of Great
Torrington Priory, ib., 90 ; antique in-
taglio, set in medieval ring, found in
Suffolk, ib., 348; torques found in the
county of Derby, ib., 96; in Norfolk, ib.,
343; at Foxley, ib., 349; near Carrick-
fergus, ib., 357; British coin and orna-
ments found near Guildford, ib., 359 ;
British coins found at Eastbourne, ib.,
360; ring money found in Limerick and
in Bantry, in, 50 ; Celtic coin from
Bracklesham Bay, Hants, ib., 61; on
the falsification of a British coin, ib., j
121; ring with emerald, enamelled, ib., \
125 ; brooch, found at Writtle, ib. ;
ring found near Kettering, ib., 335 ; |
ring found at Ipswich, iv, 76; British
coin found near Romsey,t'6.,157; British j
coin found at Steyning, Sussex, ib. ;
British coin found near Grantley, ib.,
158; ring found at Ilchester, ib., 315;
ring found at Wroxeter, ib., 316; ring
found at Wigmore, ib., 391 ; pocket
compass of 1572, ib., 403; British or
Celtic coin found at Boulogne-sur-Mer,
v, 154; British coins found at Whaddon
Chase, v, 155 ; specimens of, exhibited
by \V. Edwards, ib., 337; observations
on, ib.; torques exhibited at Chester, v.
333; observations on, by the Marquis of
Westminster, ib.; ancient rwgfengr.J,
vi, 149 et seq.; ancient rings found at
Bicester and Longcote, vi, 445; Roman
and British coins found in the Thames,
ib., 447; brooch found in Suffolk, vii,

432; Egyptian plate, ib. ; Saxon ring,
ib., 433; ring found at Frithelfltoke
(engr.), ib., 434-435; coin found at
Hoo, viii, 159; betrothal ring, exhi-
bited, x, 177; coins found at Haddoa
Chase, xi, 261 ; florin found at Hastings,
ib., 263; ring of the 15th century, ex-
hibited, xiv, 342; ring with motto, ex-
hibited, ib., 352; delicate ring, exhibited,
xviii, 284; British coin from Ashford,
xxvi, 378-380 ; Roman figure found in
London, xxx, 80

— v. Brooch

— V. Coin
v. Ring, etc.

Golding (Robert), exhibits a British gold

coin from Ashford, xxvi, 378-380
Goldsmid (Augustus), F.S.A., exhibits a
" misericordia", xx, 345; a Highland
claymore, ib. ; on the brasses in Tides-
well Ch., Derbyshire, xxi, 238; on re-
versed heraldic shields, xxiv, 308; on
the sculpture at Daglingworth, xxv,
306; on St. Alban's Abbey, xxvi, 106-
107; paper on the municipal institu-
tions of Transylvania and Hungary,
xxviii, 215-216 ; biography of, xxx,
Gomonde (W. H.), on the discovery of
interments near the camp on Leck-
hampton Hill, i, 43; on an intaglio, ib.,
56; on an old font in Deerhurst Ch.,
ib., 65 ; on barrows near Cheltenham,
ib., 152-154 ; on a Roman sepulchral
monument, ib., 237; on Saxon antiqui-
ties in Gloucestershire, ii, 96; on British
and Roman pottery found in Glouces-
tershire, ib., 195; on a distemper paint-
ing in St. Mary's Crypt, Gloucester, ib.,
275 ; on brasses in Gloucestershire
churches, ib., 391; on flint heads and
a knife from the bogs in Ireland, iv,
Good (Henry), exhibits Roman antiquities

found at Canterbury, xii, 73
Goodhurst, co. Kent, brasses in the Ch.,

xiii, 241
Goodman's Fields, Roman vessels found at

vii, 163; bellarmine found in, viii, 361
Goodrich Castle, marks found in the, vi,
438 ; on an inscription and figures at,
vii, 56-61; markings and inscriptions in
(enyr.),xu, 56; figure of falconerfewi/rj,
ib., 59; inscription in (engr.), ib.; Good-
rich Court, visit to, by the Associa-
tion, ii, 391 ; inlaid slab at, xxvii, 202 ;
silver chalice in the Ch., given by Dean
Swift, ib., 217
Goodwin sands, Roman remains at the,

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