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xvii, 319
<; Iworth, on paintings in the Ch., vii,


Gor (John), son of Howel, seal of, exhi-
bited, xv. 283

i forham (Mr.), on Roman gold coins found
in Sussex, ii. 198



Gorhainbury, co. Herts, seat of Lord

Verulam at, xxvi, 311
Gorst (G.), exhibits a drawing of a "rere"

cross, vii, 82, 159-161
Gortagowan, bronze sword and spear-head

found at (engr.), i, 255
Gosebroke, grant relating to, xxix, 366
Gosford (Earl of), MSS. in his possession,

xxi, 144 et seq.
Gothic churches, ancient, by W. P. Grif-
fith, iii, 262-264
Gothland, Isle of, notice of the game of

"Kastse Varpse", xxvi, 60
Gough, family of, xxix, 22
Gould (N.), on the seal of the Court _ of
Arches, iii, 337; exhibits Roman coins
found near Brest, vi, 147; report on, by
C. R. Smith, ib., 147-8 ; exhibits curious
Chinese figures, ib., 149 ; drawings of
the fortifications of London erected by
Cromwell, viii, 140; an ivory reliquary
of the 12th century, x, 185; various
Asiatic weapons, xiv, 291 ; a Taheitan
adze, ib., 342; remarks on fictitious an-
tiquities, xx, 197; recollections of New-
castle, xxii, 302
Gourd cup, v, 28

Gourlay (A.), memoir of, xxv, 313
Gourrier (F. B.), on the study of paleo-
graphy, ix, 191-195
Gower (C. F.), articles exhibited by him

at the Museum, Ipswich, xxi, 348
Gowing (T. S.), on Suffolk local etymo-
logy, xxi, 75
Graffiti, notice of, xxx, 461
Grafton (Dukes of), letters of, xxi, 13
Graham (Mrs.), exhibits a coin of Allectus,

vi, 442
Graham (Richard), Cornet, nephew of
Lord Dundee, exhibition of his pistol,
xxvi, 165-166
Grammar Schools of England and Wales,
notes upon the seals of, xii, 55-72, 145-
155, 223-234; xiv, 311 ; xvii, 67 ; xxviii,

v. Seals

Grancurt (Adam de), xxx, 309
Grantchester, co. Camb., Roman sarco-
phagus of white marble taken thence in
a.d. 667 to Ely, xxiv, 370
Grantemesnil, shields of, etc., xiii, 118
Grantham, seal of the Grammar School of,

xii, 153
Graveney, co. Kent, church chest at, xxviii,

Graves, number of Anglo-Saxon, found
near Ramsgate, i, 242; of chalk, at Ber-
mondsey (engr.), ii, 171

v. Burial

v. Sepulchre

v. Tomb, etc.

Gravesend, co. Kent, coin found at, xi,

263; xii, 75
Gray (E.)» exhibits drawings of a font at

Winston, x, 385
Gray (Rev. Hamilton), his kind reception

at Bolsover Castle and Ch., vii, 315 ;
his fine collection of antiquities, ib.,
31 7 ; address of, at Hardwick Hall, ib., 322
Gray (John), Q.C., exhibits a cavalier's
medal, xiv, 346 ; Roman silver coins,
xxvii, 530; tokens, xxix, 195-196
Great Orme's Head, chapel in the cliff at,

xxv, 140-141
Greaves Ash, near Linhope,co.Northumb.,

xxix, 28-29, 33
Gredenton, xxix, 38
Greece, early remains in, xxix, 36
Greek, monastic seal (e ngr .), i, 64; altar
obtained from Athens, vi, 82; diptych
of the Greek Church, vii, 166; ideas of
the Church respecting worship of images,
xxiii, 114; coins from the islands of the
Archipelago, ii, 98; coins found in the
Isle of Wight, xi, 337 ; xxii, 357, 358,
360; coins found in Wales, xii, 158;
inscriptions copied at Budrum (the an-
cient Halicarnassus), iii, 129; vessels,
exhibited, xxii, 338 ; inscriptions of
lead, xxv, 396 ; v. Newtown
Green (Mrs. H.), exhibits a hornstone har-
poon blade, xxiii, 289
Greene ( — ), author of " Farewell to Folly",

satire by, on fans, xxvi, 209

Greenhalgh (T.), forwards drawings of

bronze paalstab, xxvii, 387; account by,

of Druidical circle at Turton, ib., 524-5

Greenham, visit to camp and barrows at,

xvi, 89
Greenhithe, Roman sepulchral antiquities

at, ii, 363
Greenshields (J. B.), exhibits photographs
of fragments of building stones from
the site of the Priory of Lesmahago, xix,
140 ; on a medallion of Cneius Pom-
peius, ib., 312; and various antiquities,
ib. ; account of Roman antiquities found
at Carlisle, xx, 84 ; exhibits ancient
equipments of the archer, xxii, 109 ;
articles from Egypt and Canada, ib.,
242-243; an ancient bronze sword,
ib., 243; a bulla, of P. Nicholas V, xxiv,
272; pseudo-antiques, xxv, 262, 270;
objects in cockmetal, ib., 270 ; miscel-
laneous antiquities, ib., 273-275
Greenstead, co. Essex, remarks on the

Ch., v, 1-6; xxi, 28

Greenwich, co. Kent, proposals for a tunnel

through the Park, ii, 190; keys, spoons,

etc., found in forming sewer at, x, 106

Gregan (J. E.), on Humfrey Chethamand

his foundation, vi, 294-302
Gregory (St.), of Tours, account by, of
Romano-British Christian sarcophagi,
xxvi, 66
Gregory (St.), notice of, xxx, 343-344
Grene, dioc. Chich., Prebendaries of, xxii,

Gresdel-Flandres pottery exhibited, xxix,

Grey (Henry), Earl of Tankerville, seal of,
ii, 94; xvii, 64, 77-79



Grey (Lady Jane), Queen of England,
the seal of, xxvi, 217

Grey (J.), sends coins for exhibition,
xxviii, 398

Grey (Richard de), arms of (ewjr.), xiii,

Grey (Rev. R.E.), remarks upon an amulet,
xiv, 279-280

Greystock, the Baron of, xxii, 403, 406

Griffith (T. H.), exhibits various brasses,
vii, 165; an ancient painting of Christ,
ix, 190

Griffith (W. P.), on the condition of St.
John's Gate, Clerkenwell, i, 51

Griffiths (C. R.), exhibits a piece of an-
cient sculpture, x, 178

Grimes's grave, Norfolk, account of, viii,

Grimsbury, camp and barrows at, visited
by the Association, xvi, 226 ; remarks
on, ib., 229-230

Grimsby Abbey, seal of (engr.), xxv,

Griffins, specimens of, on early seals, xxjc,

Grindlow, cup and other objects from a
barrow near, xxx, 222

Groom (T.), valentine to A. Jebb, xxix,

Grosmont, visit of the Association to the
Ch. and Castle, xxvii, 391-392

Grotesque carving in Wenden Ch., Essex,
iii, 245

Grover (J. W.), C.E., exhibits the horn of
an elk from the Thames, xxiii, 104 ;
keys from Hitcham, ib., 206 ; a brown
ware jug, ib., 210; specimens of coal
money, ib., 217 ; on pre-Augustine
Christianity in Britain, ib., 221 ; draw-
ings of discoveries at Silchester, ib.,
298; a drawing of a low side window
from Hitcham Ch., xxiv, 80 ; on a Roman
villa at Chedworth, ib., 85, 129-135 ;
xxv, 403; on Roman temples in Britain,
xxiv, 184 ; exhibits plans of Cadbury
Camp, Somerset, ib., 187 ; a Roman
spear-head from Ribchester, ib., 188 ;
remarks on a copy of a window in
Coombs Ch., xxv, 69; on timber and
nails found in Park Street, Southwark,
ib., 81 ; on relics of ancient Cornwall, ib.,
250-259 ; exhibits remains excavated at
Ephesus, ib., 390 ; an ampulla found at
Colchester, ib., 396; Verulam and Pom-
peii compared, xxvi, 45-52 ; on the
Roman tomb at Westminster Abbey, ib.,
167 ; account of excavations at Rich-
borough, ib., 171; on sepulchral remains
from St. Stephen's Ch., at St. Alban's,
ib., 181; on the Roman dyke at Beech
Bottom, ib., 182; on Verulam, ib.. 183-
184; exhibits objects from Verulam, ib.,
239 ; objects from the Thames bed,
drawings of Roman mosaics at Bignor,
and photograph of a Roman sepulchral
tablet, ib., 240-241; on tho gam. of Bop

Scotch, ib., 243 ; exhibits Roman scy-
phus, fibula, and capulus, ib., 250 ; on
remains of the Roman road near St.
Alban's, ib. ; exhibits iron-linked flagel-
lum, xxvii, 157 ; on Heririmons, or
Castell Tomen-y-Mur, ib., 277-282, 375;
on mould exhibited by Rev. S. M. May-
hew, ib., 524 ; exhibits a glass bottle
found in Lombard Street, xxviii, 75 ;
miscellaneous antiquities, ib., 76 ; on
evidences of Christianity in Britain at
Frampton, ib., 217-220 ; on a Roman
villa at Teston, xxviii, 397; xxix, 45-
47; exhibits London relics, ib., 71-85;
on iron and ironworks of Roman Britain,
ib., 121-129; on Roman eagles, ib., 182-
184; on ancient temples, ib., 190; exhi-
bits a sword, ib., 193; on pre-Augustine
Christianity, with reference to the in-
scribed stone found at Seamills, ib., 429 ;
exhibits various London antiquities,
xxx, 338; on modern lessons from an-
cient masters, ib., 454-455
Groves (T. B.), a paper on Agglestone,

xxviii, 222-225
Grundesburgh, titles to land in, xxi, 9

v. Blois, family of

Grylli, on, viii, 1-6

Guarne (Raynald), Knt., seal of arms, ex-
hibited (engr. J, xxx, 200
Guernsey, sepulchral caves at (engr.). i,
305 ; articles found in caves (engr. J, ib.,
306-307 ; seal of the Superior of the
Cordeliers of (engrs.J, iii, 2; cromlech
in, on l'Ancresse Common, ib., 342; se-
pulchral cave at, viii, 64-67
Guest (Dr. A.), on a piece of Saxon sculp-
ture in Wiltshire, vi, 83-85
Guest (John), account of the Chapel on
the Bridge at Rotherham, xxx, 220-221;
paper upon Rotherham Ch. and College,
ib., 453-454
Guesten Hall, drawings of, exhibited, xvi,

Guestling, co. Sussex, church chest at,

xxviii, 227
Guild processions and observances, v, 314-

Guildford, co. Surr., gold objects from, ii,

Guildhall, of the City of London, T.
Brewer's observations on, viii, 83-94 ;
porch (engr.), ib., 88; crypt (engr.), ib.,
92; details of crypt (engr.), ib. ; medie-
val discoveries at, xx, 347; roof of, ib.,

v. Lott, Mr.

Guildhall, Leicester, G. M. Hill's descrip-
tion of, and paper on, xix, 40-46
Guillaume of Juniieges, his account of the

Giffords, xxix, 58
Guipure, H. S. Cuming on a, xiii, 229-

Guisborough, tomb of Robert Bruce at, i,

Gundml,Gundreda,niGundfivd a,remaina



of, found at Lewes, i, 346-357; facsimile
of Guudrada on coffin at Lewes (engr.),
ib., 347

Gundulf, Bishop of Rochester, memoir of,
ix, 231-270

Gungelai, Ch. of, xxx, 160

Gunn (Rev. S.), exhibits antiquities at the
Ipswich Museum, xxi, 346

Gunston (Thomas), exhibits a Dutch to-
bacco-box, viii, 139; encaustic tiles and
rubbings from bells in Oxfordshire, ib.,
151; oak carvings from Oxfordshire,
ib.; and a silver ring, ib. ; a pilgrim's
token found in Brick Hill Lane, ib., 160;
Roman lamps, ib., 372 ; rubbings of
military brasses, ib., 367; rubbings from
bells, ix, 80-82; Roman lamps found in
London, ib., 83; on frauds connected
with the discovery of antiquities in
London, ib., 84-85 ; exhibits various
bronze Hiberno-Celtic antiquities, ib.,
196 ; illuminated letters from church
books of the 15th and 16th centuries,
ib., 197; British coins, ib., 198; a spe-
cimen of Venetian glass, ib., 200 ; brasses,
ib., 401-405; encaustic tiles, x, 105; on
the excavations in New Cannon Street,
ib., 110-111, 190-191; exhibits a rubbing
of the brass of the Abbot de la Mare,
ib., 178; a plate of Delft ware, ib., 382;
a Roman tile from Oxfordshire, xi, 65 ;
a collection of clay tobacco-pipes found
in London, ib., 75; early padlocks, ib.,
83 ; a figure carved in beech wood, ib. ;
a decorative tile found in Shropshire, ib.,
261 ; early gold coins found at Haddon
Chase,*.; Saxon coins,*., 262; rubbings
from brasses, etc., ib., 264; coins found
in Oxfordshire, xii, 75; brass tokens,
ib.; exhibits a collection of keys, xi, 82 ;
xii, 98 ; a clog found in St. Paul's
Churchyard, ib., 159; spoons and por-
ringer found at Shadwell Dock, ib., 179;
tradesmen's tokens found in London,
ib., 239; Greek coin found at Holloway,
ib., 249; decade ring found near Hun-
tingdon, ib., 266; keys found in Ireland,
xiii, 224; nutcrackers found in London-
derry,*.; ancient spurs, *., 242; curious
rings, *., 254,255, 310; iron spear-heads
from the Thames, * , 255 ; war-axes
found in Galway, ib., 320 ; purses, xiv,
271 ; Roman and medieval keys, ib.,
272-273; a finely engraved sword, ib.,
277 ; a hunting sword, temp. Will. Ill,
ib., 281 ; dagger and ball found in the
Thames, *., 291 ; a slate implement,
ib., 335; a medallet of St. Claude, *.,
339; Roman fibuke, xv, 272; a collec-
tion of flint javelin points or arrow-
heads, *., 285; a British hunting spear
found near Lincoln, ib. ; a halfpenny of
Elizabeth, ib., 287; coin of Cunobeline
found in Oxfordshire, ib., 290; Battersea
enamels, *., 354; carved statuette of a
sacred minstrel, xvii, 54; on professed

antiquities from Clerkenwell, xviii, 371;
exhibits bosses found in the river Fleet,
*., 375; antiquities found in the river
Fleet, *., 385-386; exhibits Roman an-
tiquities fcrand in Southwark, xix, 69-
71 ; two bone tubes from Egypt, ib.,
136; remarks on, by Sir G. Wilkinson
and T. J. Pettigrew, ib.; incised bone
haft found with Roman remains at
Southwark, ib., 136; a bronze statuette
of a satyr, *., 138; the check-piece of a
powerful bit found in Southwark, *. ;
two Roman ampullae found at Moor-
fields, *., 322; iron buckler and spike,
*., 329; antiquities found at Dowgate
Dock, xx, 66 ; half-pound weight of
Elizabeth found at Islington, *., 67 ;
antiquities from the site of the Steel-
yard, ib., 197; a perpetual almanack of
lead, *., 198; a broadsword with astro-
nomical symbols, *., 198; badges found
in London, *., 264 ; a merau found in
Moorfields, *., 274; a "misericordia",
*., 330; a basket-headed stiletto found
in the Fleet, *. ; a piece of copper used
as a bookbinder's stamp, ib., 331 ; a to-
bacco-box, 17th cent., *. ; on disco-
very of skeletons and antiquities in
Southwark, ib., 339 ; exhibits a spear-
head, xxii, 91 ; silver seal, ib., 93 ; bone
antiquities, ib., 101 ; London dumps,
xxiii, 98 ; bone forgeries, ib., 104 ; a
"dupondius" of Nero, etc., *., 198;
medals of Queen Elizabeth, ib., 207 ;
a metal matrix of the Commonwealth,
*., 211; Lancastrian pewter badges, *.",
282; portions of a "Balaenoptera boops"
from Fenchurch Street, xxiv, 73; knives
found in Clerkenwell, and a Samian olla
in Cannon Street, ib., 169; a white metal
relic with a Runic epigraph, ib., 178 ;
chain armour, temp. Edw. Ill, found in
the Thames, ib., 187; on further disco-
veries in a Roman villa in Lower
Thames Street, *., 295-297 ; exhibits
an iron axe-head from Custom House
Wharf, ib., 400

Gunwalloe, antiquities from, xxix, 342-

Gurganus, Bishop of Llandaff, xxix, 258-

Gurnard's Bay, I. of Wight, leaden seals
from, xxi, 359 ; on a Roman building
discovered in, xxii, 351-368; seals from
Roman buildings at (engr.), ib., 358 ;
antiquities from Roman building ( engr.),
ib.; plan of a Roman building at (engr.),
ib.; v. Hills, G. M.

V. Kell, Rev. E.

Gurney ( Miss Anna), obituary notice of,
xiv, 187-189

Gurney (D.), notes on battle of Cardiff,
xxv, 29-31

Gurney (Hudson), obituary notice of,
xxi, 254

Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden.



exhibition of objects belonging to, xxvi,
80-81 ; relics of, exhibited by 11. F., ib., 1(37-170

Gut eh (J. M.), exhibits an illuminated al-
manack, iii, 121; on Queen Elizabeth's
visit to Worcester in 1575, iv, ;i(i7 ; on
the Clothier's Company at Worcester,
ib., 311 ; on a gold Roman ring, ib.,
316; on the Dineley MSS, ib., 317; on
the veritable existence of Eobin Hood,
viii, 208-222

Guy's Cliff, visited by the Congress, iii,
155; T. Wright's observations on, ib.,

r. Wright, T.

Guy's Tower, inscriptions in, v, 163

Gvvilt (George), on medieval fictile vessels,
v, 343; obituary notice of, xiii, 101-

Gwilt (Joseph), obituary notice of,xx, 178-

Gylvus, legends of, xxix, 142-161

Gypeire, Gypciere, of the 15th century,
found at Lower Halston, i, 251; found
at Over Darwen, near Blackburn, £&.,
252; found in the City, ii, 189; found
in Devonshire, vi, 440; gipciere-beams
(eiu/r.J, xiv, 134 ; from Kent (engr.J,
ib., 136; beam, exhibited, xxx, 72; me-
dieval, ib., 3^8; leathern, ib., 339

Gyssage, list of documents relating to,
xxviii, '-.'57


H ACCOM HE, visit to the Ch. by the As-
sociation, xviii, 176; paper on, and de-
scription of the monuments, by Mr.
Crabbe, ib., 176-185

Hackness, nunnery at, in Beda's time,
xxiv, 374

Haconby, co. Line, church-chest at, xxviii,

Haddenham, co. Bucks., rubbing of a brass
at, xi, 264

Haddon (Sir Richard), brass of, discovered
at St. Olave's, i, 58

Haddon Chase, coins found at, xi, 261

Haddon Hall, Mr. Duesbury's paper on,
vii, 284-295 ; plan of, ib., 291; reception
at, by the Duke of Rutland, ib., 328 ;
address, ib., 329; deeds relating to, by
W. H. Black, vii, 296-298

Hadfield (Mr.), architect to the Duke of
Norfolk, describes plans of, Sheffield
Manor, xxx, 104-105 ; account by, of
the old altar-stone of the Ch., Shef-
field, ib., 105; account of his works at
Sheffield Manor, ib.; exhibits drawings
of Manor Lodge, Sheffield, ib., 223

Hadleigh, co. Suffolk, monumental brass
stolen from the Ch. of, i, 43 ; burial of
a Danish Prince at, xxi, 30

Hadley (Edward), seal of, 1697, exhibited,
xxx, 87

Hadley, beacon on the Ch. at, xxvi, 28

Hadrian, notes on a bronze head of, found
in the river Thames, i, 286-291; head of
(engr.J, i, frontisp., 286; altar found on
the wall of, iii, 124; coin of, found at
Northampton, x, 94; notice of, xxix, 55

v. Brushfield, Dr. T. N.

v. Wright, T.

Haier (Walter de), xxx, 117

Haggard (W. D. ), on ingots of tin found

near Heme Bay, ii, 342
Hague, Cape la, v. Gerville, M. <\<-
Baigh (D. H.), on Deerhurst Ch., i, 9-18;

on monumental stones, ib., 185-196; on
Headburn Worthy Ch., ib., 362

Haigh (Rev. D.), on a stone at Wensley,
vii, 75

Hainault (Jacqueline), Countess of, mar-
ries the Dauphin of France, xxvii, 229;
marries the Duke of Brabant, ib., 229-
230; is defeated by her uncle, John of
Bavaria, ib., 230; divorced from the
Duke of Brabant, ib., 231; marries the
Duke of Gloucester, ib., 231-232 ; im-
prisoned at Ghent, ib., 233; escapes, ib.,
234; again prisoner, ib. ; her divorce
from the Duke of Brabant set aside,
ib. ; compelled to hard terms by the
Duke of Burgundy, ib., 235; marries
Francis Borselen, ib., 236-237 ; at-
tempts to rescue her husband, ib.,
237; is seized by the Duke of Bur-
gundy, ib., 238; compelled to renounce
her sovereign rights, ib. ; manufacture
of porcelain by, ib., 239

Haineford, bronze faun found at, ii, 346

Haines (Rev. H.), on monumental brasses
of the Cathedral and county of Here-
ford, xxvii, 85-99, 198-203, 541

Hairpin, bronze (engr.J, v, 139; exhibited,
xxix, 71, 194

Halat ( Philip), seal of, v, 167

Halbert, processional (engr.J, iii, 128 ;
temp. Eliz., exhibited, xxi, 238

Hales Owen, co. Salop, church chest at,
xxviii, 225 ; tiles from the Abbey at,
drawings of, exhibited, xxix, 435; paper
on by Mr. Holliday, ib., 437-440

Halesworth, medals of Charles I found at,
x, 190; murder at, xxi, 349

Halford (Sir Henry), Bart., on the pro-
ceedings of Charles I, from the storming
of Leicester to the battle of Naseby, xix,
25-29; memoir of, xxv, 315

Halford (Sir Richard), notice of, xix. 28;
monumental epitaph of, //>., 29



Halford (Rev. Thomas), obituary notice of,

xiv, 186-187

Halifax, on the Roman roads intersecting

(engr.), xx, 205-219; excursion to, and

proceedings at, ib., 242-246

Hall (Bishop), satire by, on fans, xxvi, 209

Hall, the family of, at Bradford, Wilts,

xxii, 161
Hall (Rev. Frederick), his account of Wol-
verhampton Ch., xxix, 52
Hall (Joseph), Prebendary of Wolver-
hampton and Bishop of Norwich, his
character, xxix, 51
Hall (J. R.), obituary notice of, xv, 165
Hall (Thomas Lambert), exhibits a deed
of admission to a manor, temp. Eliz.,
xxiv, 273
Hallamshire in the Domesday Book, xxx,
147-156 ; list of trained soldiers, ib., 324
Halle (John), hall of, remarks on, xv, 19 ;

visited, ib., 110
Halliday ( — ), token engraved by, xxx, 33
Halliwell (J. 0.), F.R.S., on an inventory of
goods in the house at Fyndyrne, i, 143 ;
on Robert of Gloucester, ii, 380; on early
English artistical receipts, hi, 107-111;
on an illuminated almanack, ib., 121 ;
contributions to English philology, iv,
20; on the Vernon MSS, ib., 115; on
the Worcestershire custom of cathering,
ib., 307; passages of Shakespeare's first
love, ib., 317; historical notices of Islip,
v, 39-51; on a certain confession of the
Earl of Kent, vii, 140-143; observations
on, ib., 164; on the ancient monastic
institutions of Derbyshire, ib., 232-239;
communicates charters relating to the
Monastery of Calke, ib., 414 ; on the
era and character of Robin Hood, viii,
223-9; on horn-books, ix, 72 ; on provin-
cial tokens, xi, 151; presents a South-
wark token, xiii, 225; extract from an
ancient MS. relating to the death of King
John, xv, 285; presents a rare Lambeth
token, ib., 286 ; on the remains of a
British camp near Bangor, ib., 360-361;
on Jack of Newbury, xvi, 80-85 ; pre-
sents fac-similes of notice-bills of the
Rose Theatre, xvi, 290 ; on some un-
published works of Basse, xviii, 280-
283 ; presents engraving of Mother
Shipton, xix, 308; paper on the early
editions of Shakespeare in Lord Veru-
lam's library at Gorhambury, xxvi, 187-
188; paper on the municipal archives of
Dorset, xxviii, 28-31, 110
Halstow, Lower, gypsere found at (engr.),

i, 251
Halton, Roman votive tablet at, vi, 344
Hambury, religious house at, its site dis-
cussed, xxix, 329-332
Hamden Hill, Roman camp at, ii, 280 ;
bronze lamp found at, iv, 384; visit to,
xiii, 46
Ham-hill, co. Somerset, skulls and bones
from, vi, 442; antiquities found at, xix,

126; remarks on, ib., 127; human re-
mains found at, xxiv, 61
Ham-hill, v. Moore, J.
Hamilton (Dowager Duchess of), exhibits
a tortoiseshell box, with miniature by
Pettitot, xv, 271
Hammer found at Test Valley, xxviii,

72 ; claw, xx, 263
Hammer-head exhibited, xxix, 91 ; of

ivory, xii, 251 ; of horn, xxii, 305
Hammond (C. E. ), exhibits purse with
jettons found at St. Mary, Newmarket,
xiv, 271; sends drawing of an early
English piscina there, ib., 272
Hammond (William), Glover of Lynn, his

tobacco-box exhibited, xxx, 433
Hammoon, co. Dors., hour-glass at, xxix,

Hampden (J.), remarks on his sword, xxiv,

v. Baily, J. W.

Hampe ( Coynraet van), seal of, v, 358
Hampnett Ch., West, chancel arch and
Roman tile from (engr.), xxiv, 21 6 ; Rum-
boldswyke and Ovingdean Churches,
plans of (engr.), ib.
Hampshire, early names of personages in,
from charters relating to Tichbourne,
xi, 282 et seq. ; exhibition of seals re-
lating to, ib., 335 ; coins found in, xii,
264; xxi, 359 ; Roman, map of, exhi-
bited, xvi, 97 ; urn found at Clime
Down in, xxv, 165-166; various anti-
quities of, v. Kell, Rev. E.
Hampstead, dioc. Chich., Prebendaries of,

xxii, 135
Hampstead, co. Midd., bulla of P. Inno-
cent IV, found at, xxv, 82
Hampstead-Norris, encampment at, xvi,

229 ; Ch. visited, xvi, 230
Hampton, deed relating to, xxix, 367-

Hampton Court, glass from, exhibited,

xxix, 312
Hampton-in-Arden, note of, xxix, 37
Hancock (Lady), medallion belonging to

her exhibited, xxix, 420
Hand (John), tokens issued by him, xxx,

Hand, the Divine (engr.), i, 128 ; colossal
bronze, found in Thames Street, ib., 872 ;
in Italy, xv, 337 ; in London, xxiv, 76 ;
hand-amulet, xxii, 291
Hand-bell belonging to the Corporation of

Dover, xxvii, 403-4
Hand-mill, from a Saxon grave (engr.),

xiii, 228 ; Roman, xv, 338
Handel (George Frederick), account of his

life, and tuning fork, xxiv, 169-70
Handkerchief of Charles I, xi, 233
Handles, of horn, iv, 105, 109 ; Roman,

exhibited, xxix, 192
Hannay, Hume, etc., on taxation, xxi,

Hanslope, on the priests' door of the ch.,
ii, 356



llantune, Hill of, Druid temple at, xxix,

Harbledown, near Canterbury, mazer at,
xi, 353; alms-box from, xxii, 448, 451 ;
xxiii, 105, 106

Harding (Stephen), monk of Sherborne in
lu'.is, fniiiidi-d the Cistercian order of
monks, xxvi, 353-355

Harding (Colonel), points out the antiqui-
ties of Exeter, xviii, 83-86, 88, 89 ;
paper ou the coinage of Exeter, xviii,

Harding (Sir Thomas), tomb of, xxix, 116

Hardingstone, pottery found at (engr.J,
x, 93 ; weight (engr.J. ib.

Hardstoue, traces of Roman occupation in,
x, 92-94

Hardwick Hall, visit to, and reception
by the Duke of Devonshire, vii, 319 ;
description of the ball, ib.

Hardwick, or Herthewick, lands at, given
to Worksop Priory, xxx, 161

Hardwicke bridge, xxii, 410

Harehunting on a Roman vessel (engr.J,
i, 8

Harewood castle, Mr. Jones on, xx, 220-7

Harford (Anthony), brass of, at Colwall,
xxvii, 199

Hargrove (Mr.), on copper shoes found at
York, v, 358-359

Harker (J., M.D. ), on British interments
at Lancaster, xxi, 86, 159 ; on further
discoveries of British remains at Lan-
caster Moor, xxviii, 80-82

Harland (J.), on Roman Ribehester, vi,
229-251 ; on ancient charters and grants
to the burgesses of Clitheroe, ib., 425 ;
exhibits an inscription from Smyrna,
ix, 435 ; on Roman coins found at
Hooley Bridge, xii, 236-239

Harlowe (S. H.), exhibits pottery from
Suffolk, xxii, 109

Harlton, co. Cambr., matchlock pistol and
other objects found at, xxv, 269

Harness boss, xxx, 336

Harold I, coin of, found near Ipswich, ii,

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