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347 ; penny of, found at Rochester
Castle, iv, 75; coin of, vi, 154 ; names
of the authorities for his history, xxiii,
157; the nine months of his reign, by
the Rev. F. H. Arnold, ib. ; sets out for
Northumbria, brings back the Saxon
customs, ib. ; marries Eadgyth, ib., 161 ;
suffers from gout, ib., 164; marches
from Stamford Bridge to Hastings, ib..
166; death of, ib., 167

r. Baily, J. W.

Harold Hardrada, alliance of, with Tostig,
xxiii, 162; stratagem of, ib., ]•>:'• ;
takes Scarborough and York, //;., 163,164

Harold II, com of, xxiii, 201

Harp, on the antiquity and primitive form
of the, by C. Egan, vi, 103-116 ; an-
cient Egyptian, Irish, and Scotch ( engr. ).
ib., 103: sign of the, xxvii, 520

Harpesfelde (Dr. Nicholas), inscribed

stone of, xix, 190 ; inscription (engr.J,
ib. ; will of, ib., 196 ; inventory of his
goods, ib., 197

Barpley (M.), exhibits engravings, by the
French Jesuits, of the wars of the Tar-
tars and Chinese, xviii, 268

Harpole, Roman pavement found at, vi,
81, 126

Harrietsham, Venetian beads found at,
xxiii, 206

Harrington (Lord), licensed to mint far-
thing tokens by King James I, xxx, 27

Harrington (Sir John) quotation from,
xxv, 114

Harrington, manor of, xxiv, 353

Harris (J.), exhibits Norman paving tiles
from Durford, hi, 245 ; on St. Peter's
Church at St. Alban's, xxvi, 182 ; on
the curfew bell in the town tower, St.
Alban's, xxvi, 255-58 ; exhibits an arm-
let from Yerulam, xxx, 92

Harris (Lady) xxix, 435

Harrison (John), makes a survey of Work-
sop, 1636, xxx, 157

Harrison (J.), on a pavement found at
Chester, vi, 156

Harrod (H.), on the Norwich Cathedral
records, xiv, 87 ; on the supposed
monument to the Duke of Buckingham,
in Britford Church, xv, 199-201

Harrow-on-the-Hill, co. Midd., ornamental
doorway at, iv, 395 ; brasses from, v,
376 ; seal of the grammar school at,
xii, 224

HaiTOgate : J. R. Walbran, Pictorial
Pocket Guide to Ripon and Harrogate,
with topographical observations on
Studley Royal, Brimham Rocks, Hack-
fall, and the monastic remains of
Fountains and Bolton, i, 81

Hart (C), exhibits a cross from Ravenna,
xxviii, 398

Hartesmere hundred, taxatio, temp. Edw.
Ill, xxi, 18

Hartlepool, monumental stones found at
(9 engrs.J, i, 185-190 ; nunnery at, in
Beda's time, xxiv, 373

Hartlip, Roman villa discovered at, i, 314 ;
iv, 398 ; v, 88 ; interior of chamber in
Roman villa at (engr.J, i, 315 ; Roman
baths at (2 engrs.J, v, 370-371 ; Roman
glass vase found at (engr.J, ib., 371

r. Bland, W.

Hartshorne (Albert), account of his work
upon recumbent figures in Northamp-
tonshire, xxiii, 401

Ihitslid in ( Rev. C. H.), on Powysland
and Powis Castle, xvii, 22-28; remarks,
during Congress at Shrewsbury, on Tong
Church, xvii, 117 ; illustrations of
domestic manners during the reign of
Edward I, xviii, 66-75, 145-152, 213-
22(1, 318-332; on Ashby ('astir, xix,
117 ; account of Northampton, ib., 222;
on the honour ami Castle of Pontofraet,
xx, 136-155; exhibits signet ring of




Caesar Borgia, xx, 327 ; announces dis-
covery of Roman remains in North-
ampton, ib., 329 ; on Framlingham
Castle, xxi, 179; on the population and
taxation of Colchester in 1301, ib., 208-
216 ; decease of, ib., 230-233 ; notice of,
xxii, 21 ; memoir of, ib., 322
v. Colchester

Hartshorne (Miss), exhibits a signet-ring
of Henrietta Maria, xviii, 277 ; on heart
burials, xxi, 142 ; exhibits rubbings of
Essex brasses, xxii, 350

Hartwell, co. Bucks, muniment room at
(engr.), vii, 449 ; glass found at, xi, 262;
on names and surnames used in, during
13th cent., xxvi, 328-335

Hartwell, rebus (2 engrs.), vii, 444

Harty Chapel, co. Kent, church chest at,
xxviii, 227

Harvey (General Sir Robert J.), obituary
notice of, xvii. 186-8

Harvey (Rev. T.), exhibits various relics
belonging to King Charles I, xii, 88 ;
J. R. Planche" on the same, ib., 247-249

Harvey (W.), on a British gold coin and
Cufic coin discovered at Eastbourne, ii,
98 ; on a gold coin, ib., 360 ; on a cu-
rious brass, denoting the trade of the
deceased, in Fletching Church, Sussex,
iii, 56

Harvey (W.), Sheffield token of, xxx, 36

Harwich, rights on the Orwell, xxi, 17;
chapel of, xxi, 96

Haselbroc (Edulf de), xxx, 308

Haselour, visit to, xxix, 115; church and
hall described, ib., 117-119

Haslam (Christopher), chaplain of Beau-
chief, xxx, 429

Haslam (Rev. W.), on rings found on a
skeleton in the cemetery of the convent
of Friars preachers, Kenwyn Street,
Truro, i, 48 ; on an inscribed stone
with a cross, near Truro, ib., 49

Hasps, Roman, exhibited, xxx, 72
Hastings (Lord), exhibits a copper-gilt
crucifix of the thirteenth century, iv,

Hastings, co. Kent, sculptured font in St.
Clement's Ch., ii, 348 ; coin found at,
xi, 263 ; enamelled link from, xxii, 445 ;
antiquities of, ib., 450 ; xxiii, 3, 4 ;
coast line of, ib., 34 ; Priory valley,
harbour, castle rocks, ib., 35-6 ; ships
furnished by, against the Spanish ar-
mada, ib., 37; the cricket ground, ib.,
39; British settlement at, fortified by
Arviragus, ib., 40-3 ; called Othoma by
the Romans, origin of the name, ib.,
44-5; mint at, ib., 46; St. Michael,
patron saint of, ib., 46 ; antiquity of the
port, ib., 48 ; submitted to William the
Conqueror, ib., 49 ; account of the
castle, extract from Domesday relating
to, ib., 50-1 ; not included in Brede
Manor, ib., 52 ; new burgh in Domes-
day, xxiii, 54 ; church dedicated to St.

Clement, ib., 56 ; priory of Austin
Friars at, ib., 57 ; arms and seal of, ib.,
58; petition of the dean and canons,
ib., 60 ; descent of the French upon
the town, ib., 61 ; burnt four times, ib.,
62 ; destruction of the churches, ib.,
63; inundations of the sea, ib., 64; de-
sertion of its port, ib., 65 ; destruction
of the pier, ib., 66 ; made a corporation,
ib., 66 ; history of St. Mary's Collegiate
Ch. in the Castle, ib., 124; founded by
Robert, Earl of Eu, ib., 127 ; extracts
from a chancery record relating to the
same, ib., 128-9 ; removed from its
ancient site, ib., 130 ; destruction of, by
the sea and by the French, ib., 311 ;
becomes a parish church, ib., 132 ; the
present church erected by the Earl of
Chichester, ib., 133 ; battle of, the site
and vicinity visited by the Association,
1866, ib., 176-96; metal flesh-hook
from, xxiv, 72

Hatcher (Mr.), on a Roman tessellated
pavement at West Dean, i, 62

Hatfield, co. Herts, notice of, xxvi, 30 ;
visit of the congress to Hatfield House,
ib., 259 ; conjecture of the site of the
battle at, xxx, 419-20

Hatfield, family notes of, xxx, 401-5

Hathersage, Derbyshire, house in which
Little John, companion of Robin Hood,
was born (engr.), iii, 80 ; grave of
Little John in the churchyard (engr.),
ib. ; font in the church (engr.), ib., 357 ;
prehistoric remains near, xxx, 62-4 ;
earthwork at, ib., 63, 407 ; remarks
concerning, ib., 455-6

Hats, steepled, xix, 309

Hauberk of chain mail, exhibited, ix, 74

v. Chain mail

Haughmond, abbey of, visited by the
Association, xvii, 216-8 ; doorway and
lavatory at (engr.), ib., 216

Haughton, bridge built, xxii, 410

Havell (Mr.) exhibits antiquities from
Silchester, iv, 383

Havergal (Rev. F. T.), remarks by, on the
tomb of Bishop Swinfield, xxvii, 195

Hawes (Robert), pleadings vers. Lionel
Tollemache, xxi, 14

Hawisia de Kevelioc, seal of, vii, 433

Hawking, treatise on, by Dame Juliana
Berners, xxvi, 137-8

Hawkins (Mr.), on the state of Llanthony
Abbey, i, 53

Hawkins (Sir J.), ivory carving of, exhi-
bited, xviii, 275

Hawkins (Walter), exhibits a Roman
Christian lamp, x, 91 ; exhibits an il-
lustration of the vision of Henry I, xiv,
346; obituary notice of, xix, 155

Hawkins, name on a mould for dumps,
xxx, 330

Hawsted, sermons at, 1697 to 1755, xxi,

Hawton, visit to All Saints' Ch., viii, 262



Hay (John), his charters of the GifFard
family, viii. 347-51; exhihits deeds of
the Moretoii family, x, 184

Bayden, antiquities found at, iii, 340

Baydock, axle-tree found at, xx, 358

Haydon Bridge, seal of the grammar-
school of, xii, 228

llaydou Square, sarcophagus and coffin
found in, ix, 161-7

I layman (Francis), notice of, xxix, 73

Ilavton, lands in, given to Worksop, xxx,

Hayward (John), brass of, at Ledbury,
xxvii, 200

Hayward (J.), on Bradfield House, xviii,

Haywood (J), exhibits Roman pottery,
found in London, ix, 75

Head, sculptured, at All Saints' Church,
Maidstone (engr.), iii, 261 ; impression
of a female head (ewjr.), vi, 55 ; mould
of the same (engr.), ib.

Head-dresses, horn-shaped (32 engrs.), v,
64, 65, 67-69, 71, 72

Head burn Worthy, remarks on the church,
by Mr. Haigh, i, 362

Headington, remains from, vi, 52-67 ;
plan of Roman buildings at (engr.), ib.,
54; Key stone belonging to (engr.), ib.

Healy (Mr.), observations on a bronze
British shield, iv, 395

Hearn (J. H.), entries in a table-book re-
lating to the family of, ii, 193 ; on mer-
chants' or trades' marks affixed to a
petition {temp. Hen. VIII), ib., 348; on
the silver matrix of the seal of the
Augustine convent at Ballinrobe, ib.,
349 ; on a small Venetian coin found in
the I. of Wight, ib. ; on an inventory
of the goods of the Countess of Lei-
cester, 1634, ib., 352 ; on an inventory r
of plate, etc., in Newport Ch., v, 352 ;
on silver coins found at Newport, ib.,
364 ; observations on the Princess Eli-
zabeth's illness, death, and burial, xi.

Heart-burial at Holbroke Ch.(engr.), xxi,
141 ; heart-burials, lb., 142; heart of
bronze, xxix, 35; veneration of the
human heart, ib. ; heart brooches, XV, 283

Heath (Rev. Dunbar Isidore), on the
Jewish Exodus, as illustrated by Egypt-
ian papyri, xi. 238-48

Heather iliev. \W, on Dilwyn Ch., xxvii,
149-56, 395

Heathery Burn Cave, bronze and bone
relies from, xviii. 383

Heathneld, dioc. Chich., Prebendaries of,
xxii. 1 35

Ileaume, or tilting helmet, on the, viii,

Ltree, gun money found at, ix. 1 82

1 [i bbedeo (Thomas), his will, xxii. H3

Hebe, Bupposed ancient statue of (engr.),
xx, 281

Sebrew,ancientMS.,xxi.275;8i tie xx, .

Hebrides, early remains in the, xxix, 29

V. Crokcr, T. C.

Hecok, al. Hecocke (Thomas), appoint-
ment of, as chaplain of St. Leonard's
I 'hantry, at Bilston, xxix, 367

Helbre Island, tombstone discovered at,
xxii, 109 ; xxv, 135

Helena, daughter of Constantine, coin of,
vii, 162

Helena (Empress), figure of, on a brass at
Little Ashby, xxvii, 312 ; coins of,
found at Maiden Castle, xxviii, 44

Hell-stone, near Abbotsbury, visit to the
cromlech at, xxviii, 103

Hellier (Capt. T. R. Shaw), receives the
Congress at the Wodehouse, xxix, 431-2

Helm ( C. A.), obituary notice of, xi, 163

Helmet, bronze, i, 154; 16th cent., orna-
mented, ii, 191 ; helmets (3 engrs.), iii,
29 ; German tilting helmet of leather
(engr.), iii, 59 ; helmet and cross, from a
Derbyshire barrow (5 engrs.), iv, 278 ;
one exhibited bj r Mr. Jesse, v, 78 ; of the
13th cent., found in Kent, vi, 443 ; re-
marks on, vi, 443-5 ; helmets of the time
of Edw. I and King John (engrs.), vi,
443-5; temp. Edw. Ill, vii, 83 ; (engr.),
ib., 161 ; of various periods ('2 engrs.), viii,
131-4, 354; of the 12th cent., ix, 191 ;
temp. Hen. Ill and of the 14th cent., ib. ;
of a very early period, x, 90 ; of the 1 2th,
13th, 14th, and 15th centuries, obser-
vations on, by J. R. Planche", ib., 137-41 ;
from the 12th to the 15th cent. (engr. ),
ib., 137

Helmingham, antiquities from, exhibited,
xx, 329-339; hall and church described,
xxi, 265 ; discovery of ancient cemetery
at, ib., 267 ; sermon at, in 1694, ib., 349

Helstone Church, observations on, ix, 398

Hemenhall (Johnde), xxi, 18

Hempstead, Essex, brass from, i, 328 ;
rings found at, vi, 158

Hendel i Robert), name of, on bell in St.
Nicholas Church, Gloucester, xxvii, 418

Henfield, dioc. Chieh., Prebendaries of,
xxii, 137

Heufrey (H. W.), exhibits a Dutch jewel-
liox, xxix. 76 ; seal, ib., 194; pamphlets
relating to Charles I, and glass from
Hampton Court, ib., 311-2; Cromwell
broadside, xxx, 333-334

Hengist, on the last battle of, xx, 191 ;
note concerning, xxix. 153-155

Hengrave Hall, visit of the Association to,
xxi, 65

v. Ipswich

Henrietta Maria. Queen of Charles I. min-
iature portrait of, xii, 251 : signet ring
of (engr.), xvii, 228; exhibited, xviii,
■_'77: xx. :;:'.^ : rem irks on, ib., 333;
etched drawing of her espousals, ib., 357 ;
portraits of, exhibited, ib. ; xxi, 346

I lenry 1 I King of England I, coin of(< ngr.),
\ i, 143; representation of the reputed
vision (engr.), xiv, 338; illustration of



the vision of, exhibited, ib., 346 ; charter
of, to the corporation of Wilton, xvii,
311 ; great seals of, by W. de G. Birch,
xxix, 233-262 ; date of his accession,
ib., 233 ; points relating to the chro-
nology of his period, ib., 233-262 ; first
great seal of, ib., 235 ; second type, ib.,
240 ; third type, ib., 245 ; fourth type,
ib., 255 (4 engrs.)
Henry II (King of England), large collection
of pennies of, found in Bedfordshire, vi,
150 ; charter of, to Wilton, xvii, 311-
312 ; charters of, to St. Giles Hospital at
Wilton, ib., 312, 313 ; grants of, to Wol-
verhampton, xxix, 49
Henry III (King of England), short cross
pennies, found near Maidstone, ii, 360 ;
pennies found at Frarnlingham Castle,
vi, 452 ; penny found at Battle, vii, 83;
penny, ib., 433 ; charter of, to the Hos-
pital of St. Giles at Wilton, 31st year,
xvii, 313 ; a charter of, dated 1247,xxih,
53 ; silver penny, found at Portland Is-
land, xxviii, 34
Henry V ( King of England), gold coins, i, 58 ;
silver halfjienny, found at Manningtree,
viii, 360 ; MS. lives of, paper on, xix,
331-339 ; xx, 99

Henry VI (King of England), gold coins of,
i, 58 ; sign of, (engrs.), ib., 205 ; angelet,
ix, 73 ; account of his death and burial ;
" signaculum" of, found in the Thames,
xxiv, 228 ; battles of, at St. Alban's,
1455 and 1461, xxvi, 28 ; worship of,
xxx, 362

Henry VII (King of England), penny of,
found at Swanscombe, xi, 255 ; forged
seal of, for Duchy of Lancaster, xxvi, 216;
obtains possession of the Countess of
Warwick's estates, xxvii, 120-1 ; descrip-
tion of office used at the touching for
the king's evil, in the reign of, ib., 284 ;
heraldic bearings of, on a costrel, xxx,

Henry VIII (King of England), and Lord
Admiral Howard, deed between, ii, 98 ;
ornamented copper touch powder flask of
the time of, ib., warrant of, to Sir An-
drew Wyndesore, respecting horse fur-
niture, ib., 270; facsimile signature of,
(engr.), viii, 42 ; his printer's bill, 1541-
1543, ih., 44-52 ; halfpenny of, ix, 73 ;
rare gold noble, ib., 85; York groat of,
ib., 182; angel of, xviii, 285; gift of
the Garter to the Infante Ferdinand of
Spain, in 1523, xxvi, 126-131 ; married
in Sopwell Priory, ib.; 133-134 ; visits
Fairford, xxvii, 139-140; description
of office used at the touching for the
King's evil in his reign, ib., 284-285 ;
builds Portland Castle, xxviii, 88; coins
of, ib., 398

Henry (Prince), miniatures of, xvii, 336

Henry IV (King of Fiance), silver coin of,
found in Suffolk, vi, 445

Henry de Bloin, Bishop of Winchester, fac-

simile of a deed concerning him, xi, 282;
seal of, ib., 283
Henshaw (Wm.), brass of, in St. Michael's
Ch., Gloucester, xxvii, 419; arms of, in
window of his house, ib., 420
Henslow (Rev. J. S.), on supposed British

cinerary urns, ii, 60
Hensman (H.), exhibits an angel of Henry
VIII, xviii, 285 ; account of, xxii, 341-5
Heraldry : Three heraldic monsters, (engr),
i, 79; M. A. Lower, the Curiosities of
Heraldry, with illustrations from old
English writers, ib., 75 ; fabulous he-
raldry, in Suffolk churches, ib., 339 ; a
display of heraldry by Wm. Newton, ii,
113; notes on the cathedral, Gloucester,
ib., 392; on the earliest charges, xiii,
113-130; coloured piles, (engr.), ib.,
119 ; H. S. Cuming on badges, xix, 307;
value of the science of, xxv, 37, 38 ;
treatise on, by (?) Dame J. Berners,
xxvi, 139-140 ; origin of devices, xxx,
174; of the Talbots, Earls of Shrews-
bury, ib., 175-181

v. Armorial bearings

v. Badges

v. Sainthill, Mr.

Herbert (Lord), of Cherbury, letter of, on
the threatened invasion by the Pre-
tender in 1745, xxiv, 100-101
Herculaneum, Pompeii, and Stabia, fres-
coes, etc., from, vi, 441
Hercules, carving of, found at Chesterford,
(engrs.), iv, 374 ; bronze statuette of,
ib., 3S8 ; bronze figures of, ix, 88 ; found
in New Cannon Street, x, 180 ; at York,
Hereford, Earls of, paper on, by J. R.
Planche, xxvi, 149-160; on the genea-
logy and armorial bearings of, by J. R.
Planch^, xxvii, 179-191
Hereford : — Helps to Hereford history,
civil and legendary, by J. Dacres Devlin,
iv, 90 ; a brief description of the map of
the ancient world, preserved in the Ca-
thedral, by S. Bannister, v, 172; exhi-
bition of photographs and facsimile of
the Mappa Mundi at, xxvi, 373 ; mat-
rix of a seal found at, (engr.), xiv, 271;
Ethelbert buried at, xxi, 25 ; inaugural
address, byC. W. Hoskyns, xxvii, 21-45;
paper on the architectural history of the
Cathedral, by G. M. Hills, ib., 46-84,
496-513 ; accountof the published trea-
tises, ib., 46-48 ; description of Dr. Raw-
linson's book on, ib., 46, 47 ; examina-
tion of the archives of, ib., 48, 49 ; ear-
liest account of the foundation, ib., 49,
50; story of the foundation by Milfrid,
ib., 52 ; destruction of Athelstan's Ch.,
ib., 53 ; rebuilding of, commenced by
Robertof Lorraine, ib., 54,55 ; foundation
incorrectly attributed to Reynelm, ib.,
56 ; completion of, by Robert de Beth-
uno, ib., 56-58; verses on the tomb
erected l>y Cuthbert, ib., 58; decrease



in the possessions of the bishop, xxvii, 59-
60; seized by the Empress Maud, ib.,
60; besieged by Stephen, ib. ; alter-
ations, ih., 60, 61; north-west view,
(engr.J, ib., « » 1 ; Norman work in nave,
(engr.J, ib.; and in south transept,
(engr.J, ib.; additions to the east
hi I, by William de Vere, ib., 61-62 ;
monument of Giles de Bruce, ib., 62-63;
reconstruction of north transept, by
Bishop Peter de Aquablanca, ib., 63-65;
tomb of Peter de Aquablanca, (engr.J,
ib., 65 ; additions to, by John le Breton,
and Thomas de Cantilupe, ib., 66, 67 ;
restoration by Bishop Orleton, ib., 69-
73 ; Bull of Pope John, for the restora-
tion, ih., 69-70 ; series of monuments of
early bishops, ib., 70-72 ; removal of
the shrine of Thomas de Cantilupe, ib.,
73-75; Bishop Trevant's tomb, ib., 76;
window inserted in the nave by William
Lochard, ib., 77 ; chapel and altar-tomb
of Bishop Stanbury, ib., 77-78 ; chapel
built by Bishop Audeley, ib., 78-79 ;
tomb of Bishop Mayew in, ib., 79; outer
porch added by Bishop Booth, ib., 79-
80 ; not affected by the spoliation of the
monasteries, ib., 81 ; proofs that it never
belonged to a monastery, ib. ; the
Chapter house, ib., S2-83 ; ancient
building adjoining, ib., 83 ; description
of the cloister, ib., 83-84 ; monumental
brasses of the Cathedral and county of,
a paper by Rev. H. Haines, ib., 85-89,
198-203, and 541 ; destruction of brasses,
ii.,86, 87 ; fragment of the brass of Tho-
mas de Cantilupe in, ib., 88-89 ; early
brass memorial of Bishop Trellick, ib.,
89; brass of Richard de la Barr, ib., 89-
90; brass of a civilian, ib., 90-91 ; of
Edmund Ryall, ib., 91 ; of an ecclesias-
tic, ib. ; brasses of Richard Delamare and
his wife, (engr.J, ib., 92; of RichardDela-
mare, ib.; of Richard Rudhale,/6., 92-93;
of John Stocton, ib., 93 ; of Thomas
Downe, ib., 93-94 ; of Dean Chawn-
deler, ib., 94 ; of Richard Burghehyll,
ib., 94; of Sir Richard Delabere, ib.,
95-96 ; of William Porter, ib., 95-96 ;
of Edmund Erowestowre, ib., SM5-97 ;
ancient inscriptions in, ib., 97-99 ; ad-
dress from the city of , to the Associa-
tion, ib., 166-167; speeches by the
Mayor of, ib., 167-168; visit of the As-
sociation, to site of the Barton Gate, ib.,
169 ; to site of west gate and other re-
mains, ib., 170; to Coningsby's Hospi-
tal, ib., 170-171; to the Dominican
Friary at, ib., 17 1-172; St. Peter's Ch.,
ib., 178; All Saints Ch., ib. ; Milo of
Gloucester, Karl of, accidentally shot,
ib., 1*1 ; stoiv of a miracle connected
with, ib., L81-182; Roger, Earl of, ib.,
182; Henry de Bohun, Earl of, account
of, ib., 186; Humphrey de Bohun,
Earl of, account of, ib., 186; Humphrey

2nd Earl, xxvii, 187; Humphrey, 3rd
Earl, slain at Borough Bridge, ib., 187;
issue of, ib.', Humphry de Bohun IV,
Earl of, marriage of his daughters, ib.,
188 ; arms attributed to Wm. Eitz-Os-
borne, Earl of Hereford, ib.. 189 ; tombs
and monumental sculpture in, Rev. C.
Boutell on, ib., 191-198 ; shrine of Tho-
mas de Cantilupe, ib., 192-194 ; monu-
ment of Dean Aquablanca, ib., 194 ;
tomb of Bishop Swinfield, ib., 195 ;
nameless effigy in the Lady Chapel, ib.,
195-196 ; monument of Johanna de Bo-
hun, ib., 196 ; effigy of Dean Borieu, ib.,
196; monument of Andrew Jones in,
ib., 196-197 ; effigy of Richard de Pern-
bridge in, ib., 197, 198 ; old bell in, ib.,
420 ; missal, paper on, by E. Levien,
ib., 424-429 ; report of examination of
municipal records, by W. H. Black and
G. M. Hills, ib., 453-488 ; charters of
the city, ib., 453-455 ; a MS. describ-
ing the customs of, ib., 457-488; ground
plan of the cathedral (engr.J, ib., 496 ;
destination of the several parts of, ib.,
496-500; altars in, ib., 499; on the mo-
nument ascribed to Thomas de Canti-
lupe, ib., 500-503; architectural and
descriptive observations on, ib., 503-511 ;
the Chapter House, ib., 511-512; the
cloisters leading to the Chapter House,
ib., 512 ; the chapels of St. Margaret
and St. Catherine, ib., 513

Hereford, Little, v. Delamere

Herefordshire, sepulchral slab in, xvii,
328 ; Early English coffin slabs from,
xx, 362 ; incised slabs found in, xxvii,
202-203 ; J. Davies on Roman roads,
ib., 380-383 ; monasteries and castles,
xxviii, 58

Herelupe, Abbess of Shaftesbury, notice
of, xxviii, 156

Herennius, coins of, xxix, 350

Heririmons, or Castell Tomen-y-mur, pa-
per on, by J. W. Grover, xxvii. 277-282,
375 ; plan and sections (engrs.J, ib.,
277; handmill and inscribed stones
(engr.J, ib.; description of, ib., 279-281;
antiquities found at, ib., 279-280

Hearkywood, Roman monument at, i, 336

Heme Bay. v. Haggard, W. D.

Heme, brasses in the church, xii, 80-83

Heron (Lev. GL), sends for exhibition a
collar of Charles 1. xxviii, 395-396

IkrringHeet, co. Sull*., notice of in 1770,
xxi, 10; drawing of a window in the
church, xxx, 436-7

Herse ( < ngr.J, i, 172

Hertford, siege of by the Dauphin Louis,
xxvi, 27 ; possession of the castle by
Margaret of Anjou, ib., 28; v. Danes
Hertfordshire, gold coin found in, ii, 347;
coins found, vii, 176; tokens, xiii, 225-
226; traces of Anglo-Saxons, xxvi. 26;
archaeological history of, to., 27-31; list
of monasteries and castles in, xxviii. 56



Hertha, temples of the goddess, xxviii, 114

Hetkered, abbot of Malruesbury, xxvii, 319

Hetling House, remarks on, xiii, 145

Hetteswell, co. Sussex, embossed brick-
work in the church, ii, 350

v. Burkitt, A. H.

Hever Castle, lock and key from, xiv, 352

Hever Church, brass at, v, 372

Hewett (D.), on the oratory at Barton, i,
260 ; on the old church of Reculvers in
Kent, ii, 360

Hewett (W.), on the Roman roads in Berk-
shire, i, 249; xvi, 97, 98

Hewitt's " Ancient Armour and Weapons
of Europe," notice of, xii, 198-201

Hexgrave, Roman lead pig found in the
park, viii, 55

Hexham, seal of the grammar school of,
xii, 228 ; altar painting at the Abbey
Ch., exhibited, xix, 59 ; St. Cuthbert,
bishop of, xxii, 23 ; ancient inscription
at the Castle, ib., 241 ; visited by the
Association, ib., 304 ; monastery at, in
Beda's time, xxiv, 377

Heyford, co. Oxon; v. Barrow

Heysham, ancient tombstones and graves
at, vi, 337

Hey wood (Sir B.), memoir of, xxii, 326

Heywood (J.), addresses of at the Man-
chester Congress at, vi, 332-335 ; on
the Stanley crest, ib., 335 ; account of
the royal commission of 1689 to propose
alterations of the book of Common
Prayer, vii, 343-345

Hiberno-Celtic, antiquities, ix, 196; relics,
xiii, 333, 334

Hicklin (J.), on Conway Castle, v, 298-

Hida (Roger de), xxx, 309

Higham, Roman remains at, iv, 393 ; no-
tice of, xxi, 11

Highclere Castle visited by the Associa-
tion, xvi, 235 ; Earl of Carnarvon's re-
ception at, ib.

High Down, v. Cissbury

Highland claymore, exhibited, xx, 345

Highley, dioc. Chich., Prebendaries of,
xxii, 137

Highways, bequest for repairs of, xxii, 410

Hill fortresses, map of, in East Devon

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