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( vn'jr.), xviii, 53

Hillah, v. Babylon

Hillier (George), on excavations on Bright-
stone and Bowcombe Downs, xi, 34-40

Hills (Gordon Macdonald, Hon. Treasurer),
describes drawings of Round Towers in
Ireland, xv, 177; on Buildwas Abbey,
xvii, 48 ; on Tong Ch., ib., 147 ; on Chi-
chester Cathedral and other ancient
buildings, ib., 118-138; examination by,
of Ford Abbey, xviii, 157; on Compton
Castle, xix, 1-12; demonstration of the
principal features of the Leicester Guild-
hill, xix, 40 ; on Ulvescroft Priory, ib.,
49 ; on the priories of Ulvescroft and
Charley, ib., 165-183; on Rievaulx and

Fountains Abbeys, ib., 322-4; on sepul-
chral crosses at Ilkley, xx, 65; on Chiches-
ter Cathedral, ib., 155-60; exhibits abone
instrument found at Desmond Castle,
ib., 346; on the antiquities of Bury St.
Edmunds, xxi, 32-56, 104-140;on Crox-
den Abbey and its chronicle, ib., 294-
315 ; exhibits drawings of tombstone
from Helbre Island, xxii, 109 ; on orna-
ments from Ireland, etc., ib., 164; on the
Cathedral and Monastery of St. Cuthbert
at Durham, ib., 197-237 ; on a Roman
congius, ib., 247 ; on the chapel of the
palace at Bishop Auckland, ib., 303 ; on
Finchale Priory, ib., 345; on remains
at Gurnard's Bay, ib., 355 ; on disco-
veries in South wark, ib., 447; exhibits
coins of Edward the Confessor and Ha-
rold II, xxiii, 201; a merchant's mark,
and a drawing of Buttington font, ib.,
204 ; drawings of an Anglo-Saxon
doorway and table, ib., 390 ; on bronze
weapons from Leintwardine, xxiv, 64 ;
on Keane's "Towers and Temples of an-
cient Ireland", ib., 74 ; describes Ludlow
Ch., ib., 107 ; exhibits flint implements
from East Stonham, ib., 183 ; on West
Hampnett Ch., ib. ; reports on the state
of the Association, ib., 189 ; on the re-
painting of monuments in Burford Ch ,
ib., 196 ; on Tenbury Ch., from God-
win's "Archaeologists' Handbook," ib.,
200 ; reads letters relative to bronze
weapons found near Leintwardine, ib.,
201 ; on the Ch. of West Hampnett, in
reference to its Roman remains, ib.,
209-218; exhibits rubbing of an inscrip-
tion on a dish, ib., 273 ; on Wigmore
Ch., castle, and grange, ib., 299-300 ;
on Stanton Lacy Ch., ib., 306 ; on the
ancient Company of Stitchmen of Lud-
low, ib., 327-334 ; on Stanton Lacy Ch.
and Saxon architecture in England, ib.,
360-82; on celts from Coleraine, ib., 400;
on copy of window in Coombs Ch.,xxv,
69 ; reads lines by Bishop Corbet on
Fairford windows, ib., 70 ; reads letter
from Mr. Davis respecting the restora-
tion of St. Mary's, .Shrewsbury, ib., 88 ;
speech of, at Cirencester, on the parish
ch., ib., 100; notes by, of antiquities on
the coast of North Wales, ib., 135-144 ;
exhibits drawings made in North Wales,
ib., 176 ; a flint arrow-head, ib.; frag-
ments of Roman mortar, ib. ; ancient
glass from Shadoxhurst, ib., 268 ; on
the Fairford windows, ib., 271 ; on a
stone at Thames head, ib., 283, 284 ; on
('indwell Ch., ib., 285 ; on Malmesbury
Abbey, ib., 286-292 ; on the market
cross at Malmesbury, ib., 291 ; on ruins
at Dagliugworth, ib., 301 ; on Dagling-
worth Ch., ib., 303; on Duntisbourne
Rouse Ch., 308; on the restoration of
Worth Ch., ib., 389 ; on a Roman villa
at Chedworth, ib., 403, 404 ; exhibits a



saltcellar, temp. George II, xxvi, 69; on
the Roman tomb at Westminster, ib.,
76-80, 89; on St. Alban's Abbey, ib.,
93-11(7 ; on Uedl.ourne Ch., ib., 171 ;
on Dunstable Ch., ib., 177; on a bronze
statuette from Wapping, ib., 244; ex-
hibits photograph of exhumed on
Ipswich racecourse, ib., 245 ; reads let-
ter from J. Farrer to Rev. Preb. Scarth
on Chedworth Villa, ib., 250-252 ; on
stone coffin discovered at Bradford-on-
Avou, ib., '-'54-255 ; reads paper by C.
Roessler on Roman Mosaic at Lille-
bourne, ib., 383 ; on the architectural
history of Hereford Cathedral, xxvii,
46-84 ; exhibits Keltic bronze-spear-
head, ib., 163; painting by Jan Van
Eyck, ib.; on the Dominican Friary at
Hereford, ib., 172; on antiquities col-
lected at Ariconium, byW. C. Palmer,??;.,
203-218 ; on three ancient brooches, ib.,
S258-259 ; on Heririmons,i6., 375 ; reads
paper by Mr. Davis on the Roman roads
of Herefordshire, ib., 380-383 ; on Monk-
land Ch.. ib., 394 ; on Dihvyn Ch., ib.,
396 ; on Weobley Ch., ib., 398 ; report
of examination by, of the Hereford
municipal records, ib., 453-488; exhi-
bits pottery from Kenchester, ib., 5'2l ;
two vases from Spain, ib., 522-523; let-
ter from Dr. Stevens, xxviii, 72 ; de-
scription of Abbotsbury, ib., 104-109 ;
describes St. Alban's shrine, ib., 172 ;
on the position of Wareharn, ib., 295-
296 ; description of Bindon Abbey, ib.,
298-301 ; describes various remains at
Wareham, ib., 301-302 ; speech, <&.,305-
306 ; on the date of Wolverhampton
Ch.. xxix, 105 ; on the Wolverhampton
Cross, ib., 106, 107, 319, 320 ; speech,
ib., 113-114, 440-442; describes Lich-
field Cathedral, ib., 120; exhibits box
of figures, ib., 200; on a tankard, ib.,
203; on Ludstone Hall, ib., 226-227;
speeches, xxx, 104-111 ; describes Beau-
chief Abbey, ib., 112; exhibits draw-
ings of round towers in Ireland, ib., 223;
report by, on ancient earthworks, ib.,
406-413; on Roche Abbey, Yorkshire,
and Beauchief Abbey, Derbyshire, ib.,
421-430 ; remarks respecting Conis-
borough Castle, ib., 449-450 ; speech of
at the conclusion of the Congress, ib.,

Hills (O. L.), exhibits spurious antiquities
from Rosemary Lane, xxvi, 70

Hilton, Abbey at, xxix, 326

Hilum (William de), circ. 1126, witness to
an early charter, xxx, 171

Hincks(J.), rosette belongiugto, exhibited,
xxix, 436

Hinde (J. Hodgson), on the progress of the
Roman arms in Britain, xxii, 166-181,

Hippisley (W.), exhibits a large bombard,
xv, 343

Hirscham, monastery in Upper Bavaria,
painted glass windows at, by Albeit
Durer, xxv, 47

llisleden (W. S.), obituary notice of, xi,

Hist on, co. Cambr., churches of, xxi, 109

Hitcham, keys from, xxiii, 206

r. drover, J. \V.

Hitchin, pilgrim's staff found at, viii, 360

Hoare (Sir Richard Colt), arrangement of
1 Ionian roads in Wales, xxiv, 114

Hobart (Dr.), Dean of Windsor and Wol-
verhampton, note of his death, xxix, 52

Hobler (F.\ exhibits a deed of feoffment of
the time of John, ix, 86-87

Hobson (S.), token of, xxx, 33

Hoddesdon, Roman vases found at, xviii,

Hodgkin (Dr. Thomas), exhibits a Saxon
glass tumbler and portion of human
skull, found at Feversham, xiii, 313

Hodgson (Rev. J. F.), description of Raby
Castle, xxii, 240 ; sends for exhibition a
photograph of tomb in Monkwearmouth
Ch., xxviii, 396 ; offer of an account of
the church, ib.

Hodhill, near Blandford, various remains
found at, hi, 94-99

Hodnell, earthworks at, xxix, 38

Hollow, arms of fengr.J, xiii, 119

Hog, or Hogge, rebus of thefaniilv('c»</r.,),
v, 391

Hogue, Cape la, v. Gerville, M. de

Hogarth (William), engraving froru a paint-
ing by, exhibited, xxix, 71

Holbarwe (William de), xxix, 362

Holbeach, visit of the Congress to, ib., 431

Holbein (Hans\ paper on, by F. Holt, xxvi,
121-131 ; discovery of his will by W. H.
Black, ib., 121; born in 1494, died in
1543, ib., 122; first visit in 1526 to
England, ib.; resides with Sir T. More
at Chelsea, ib., 122-123 ; patronised by
Sir T. More, ib., 122-129 ; presented
by Sir T. More to Henry VIII, ib.,
123 ; return of in 1529 to Germany. ib„
123; list of historical paintings by, ib.,
124-125 ; not the author of the picture
of Edward IV presenting a charter to
the hospitals of Christ, Bridewell, and
St. Thomas, ib. ; sketches of, in the Bri-
tish Museum, ib., 125 ; notice of two
historical drawings by, ib.. 126-131

Holborn, co. Midd., early buildings in, vi,
82 ; Mr. Bailey's report on, ib., 87; tim-
ber ceiling in ( t i>;/r. ), ib.

Holbroke, accounts referring to, xxi, 19

Holbrook, heart burial at. by K. 11. Phip-
son, xxi, 140

Holcroft, arms of (emjr.), vi, 203 ; crest of
(eiv/r.), ib.

Holderness, Early Lords of, by J. R.
Planche, xxx, 121-129

1 1 oldforth ( J. D.), obituary notice of. xxi. - J."_

Holdone (Thomas), attorney, deed of ap-
pointment, xxix, 3(>7-368



Holdsworth (Gilbert), Sheffield halfpenny
of, 1670, xxx, 31

Holland, paper on the huuebeds in, by A.
Sadler, xxvi, 53-60

Holland (A. H.), Sheffield token of, xxx,

Holland (Rev. J. A.), exhibits signet ring
of Henrietta Maria, xx, 332

Hollar (Wencelaus), print by, represent-
ing the death of James I, xxv, 328; en-
graving by, in 1672, of Holbein's sketches
of the investiture of the Garter, xxvi,

Holliday (Mr.), drawings of tiles from
Hales Owen Abbey, xxix, 435; paper on
them, ib., 437-440

Hollingbourne, Anglo-Saxon glass and clay
beads found at, iii, 323; visit to the Rev.
Mr. Hasted, at, ix, 414 ; interesting
panels and tapestries in the manor
house, ib. ; visit to the church, ib. ; its
monuments, ib.; v. Pryer, A.

Hollington Wood, threatened destruction
of the church, i, 56

Hollis (Thomas), founder of Hollis's Hos-
pital and schools, Sheffield, xxx, 30

Hollisley Manor, rental of, 1500 ; and
court books 1338 to 1765, xxi, 15

Holloway (W.), on Romney Marsh, ix,
376-385 ; exhibits glass bottle found at
Silchester, xvii, 70

Holloway, Chaleos of Mamertina found
at, xii, 249

Holme (Randal), quotation from, on tops,
xxx, 39

Holt (Mr.), exhibits British urns, found on
Beaulieu Common, xi, 337

Holt (Henry F.), remarks on a marble
head from Alexandria, xxiv, 69; exhibits
a mahogany carving by Durer, in 1494,
of the visitation of the Virgin, and me-
dallion portraits of Luther and his wife,
ib., 74 ; wood carvings of Hans Spring-
inklee, ib., 83 ; on a wood carving by
Albert Durer, ib., 161-166 ; exhibits a
pass ticket to a bordello, ib., 176 ; an
iron lock from St. Michael's Ch, Beau-
vais, ib., 177; a copper thurible from
St. Bertin's Abbey, St. Omer, France,
ib., 185 ; remarks on Chinese sealsfound
in Ireland, and exhibits a Venetian via-
ticum vessel and a baillon used by San-
son, ib., 187 ; on Hans Springinklee and
his works, ib., 83,240-248; exhibits Ro-
man ear-rings and remarks upon Roman
ornaments found in 1866, at Aries, ib.,
274 ; on Mr. Irving's paper on the Red
Corayn, ib., 285 ; on the great seal of
Francis II of France, and Mary Queen
of Scots as king and queen of France,
England, Scotland, and Ireland,/?)., 343-
351 ; exhibits an abbot's ring from St.
Alban's, ib., 393 ; a cast of the obverse
of the great seal of Mary of Scotland
and Francis II of France, ib., 396 ; a
casket from the Papal palace at Avignon,

ib., 400 ; on painted windows in Fair-
ford Ch., xxv, 42-53 ; describes Fairford
windows, ib., 195-207; xxvi, 380; re-
marks on wall paintings in Fairford Ch.,
xxv, 207 ; on Albert Durer as a painter
on glass, ib., 228-244 ; exhibits a pro-
cessional cross, ib., 400-401 ; on Roman
sarcophagi, xxvi, 61-68; exhibits objects
belonging to Gustavus Adolphus and
Christina of Sweden, ib., 80, 81, 167,
170 ; photographs and sketches of a
Roman tomb at Westminster Abbey, ib.,
89 ; on H. Holbein as an historical
painter, ib., 121-131,243 ; exhibits draw-
ing of a Roman half-pound weight, ib.,
166 ; a grant of arms from Ferdinand
II, a medal and cameo of Ferdinand III,
and a medal and carving of Wallenstein,
ib., 188-270; on fans, ib., 200-213,248;
exhibits a Chinese seal and objects of
Priapic worship, ib., 239 ; a collection of
relics of C. de Medicis, a gold ring, and
a wood carving, ib., 265 ; on royal visit-
ors and benefactors of St. Alban's Ab-
bey, etc., ib., 299-328 ; on the shrine
and relics of St. Alban's Abbey, ib., 313-
328 ; exhibits medals of the Pays Bas,
ib., 373-374 ; on the Tames of Fairford,
xxvii, 110-148, 160; wax impression of
privy seal of Queen Elizabeth, ib., 157 ;
specimens of wood and horn ornamented
by pressure, ib.; dress at the christening
of Anne Boleyn, ib., 256 ; bronze pro-
cessional crucifix, ib., 258 ; two silver
statuettes, ib.; on two fans exhibited
by Mr. Alston, ib., 259 ; exhibits a ma-
nille of the 15th century, ib., 259-260 ;
on a manille exhibited by W. L. Holt,
ib., 260 ; on the iconography of the Black
Virgin, ib., 534 ; memoir of, xxviii, 308-

Holt (H. F., Jun.), on Chinese cinerary
urns, xxvii, 343-349

Holt (W. L.), exhibits a bas-relief of the
" Last Supper", by W. van Neen, xxvi,
73; Roman bell found in the Rhone, ib.,
81 ; a Scotch steel pistol, ib., 165-166 ;
silver jettons by S. de Passe, ib., 239 ;
an iron knocker from Ulm Cathedral,
and a German pilgrim's bottle, ib.,
240 ; exhibits medals of Charles I, ib.,
241; fan given to Lady Elgin by Princess
Charlotte, ib., 245 ; German dish and
medals, ib., 372; a French Gothic coffer,
ib., 378-379 ; on stained windows in
Rickmansworth Ch., ib., 388

Holyhead, description of the Ch., xxv,
143, 144

Holy Rood, varieties of the, in heraldry,
xxvii, 313

Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh, sun-dial of
Queen Mary at, xxix, 282-283

Holywell, relics from the ancient priory
of St. John the Baptist, at, xix, 141-

Honduras, antiquities from, exhibited,



xiii, 319 ; flint javelin head found at,
xvii, 63
Uonusworthe, grant relating to, xxix, 3C6
Boneywood (T.), giant of arms to, x, 90
Honorius, gold coin of, found at Leicester,

vi, 151
Honours, Palatine, in Ireland, v, 195
Hoo (Sir T. de), seal of, xxi, 347
Eoo, gold coin found at, viii, 159
Hoo Marshes, discovery of Roman urns in,

v. 339
Hood of mail, mode of lacing the, ii, 1S7
Hood (Robin), a lytell geste of, by J. M.,
Gutch, 12 engrs.J, iii, 77-81 ; excavation
near Paplewick in Nottinghamshire,
termed Robin Hood's stable (2 engrs.J,
ib., 78; Robin Hood's Bay, near Whitby
(engr.), ib., 78; Robin Hood's Penny-
stone, near Halifax (engr.), ib., 79 ;
grave of, at Kirklees (engr.), ib., 81
Hook, Roman, found in London, xxix, 70
Hookah of Lord Byron exhibited, ib., 433
Hooley Bridge, Roman coins found at, xh,

Hope (Rev. W. F.), obituary notice of,

six, 157
Hopper (Clarence), on the guilds of Leices-
ter,xix, 122-125; notice relating to Bogo
de Clare, ib., 136-138; on a petition
from the borough of Leeds to Cromwell
in 1656, xx, 58; accountof an inventory
of a Yorkshire chapman, 1626, ib., 257-
260 ; on two passages in the life of Bogo
de Clare, ib., 270-272 ; exhibits an "eye
catechisrne", ib., 327 ; on clocks and
watches belonging to Queen Elizabeth,
ib., 347-352; exhibits rubbings of a
brass from Prestwich Ch., Wilts, xxii,93;
extract by, from the will of a Ludlow
tradesman, xxiv, 269-270; memoir of,
xxv, 315-316; v. Ipswich
Hop-Scotch, remarks on the game by H.
S. Cuming, T. Wright, and J. W. Grover,
xxvi, 241-243
Horley(W.), on Roman and English coins,

found at Toddington, ii, 271 ; iii, 334
Horman Fisher (R.)» exhibits fictitious
bottle of Nola ware, xi, 74 ; carving in
Kimmeridge shale from Alchester, xii,
168; antiquities from Alchester, ib., 176-
178; a shilling of Edward VI, found in
Hampshire, and a sixpence of James I,
found in ( )xfordshire, ib., 264 ; axe blade
found at Winchester, xiv, 292; on pro-
ceedings against the Recorder of Salis-
bury in the Star Chamber in 1632, xv,
194-198; exhibits silver ring, found in
Suffolk, ib., 272 ; a bronze cascabel found
at Cheshunt, ib., 284 ; on Tong Ch. and
its monuments, xvii, 147-150; speed]
of, xxix, 113 ; exhibits a silver cup, ib.,
Horn, curiously carved, belonging to 1 In-
corporation of Dover, ii, 347; xxvii,
402-403; on weapons and armour formed
of horn, iii, 23 32 : horn-shaped head-

dresses, v, 60-73 ; remarks on horn-
books, ix, 72; books (2 engrs.J, ib., 73 ;
handles, iv, 106, 190 ; phonic horns, v,
119, 125; warder's, i, 36

Horns and bones found at Teston, xxix, 46

Hornby Castle, visit to; antiquities in ;
hospitable reception by P. Dawson, vi,

Horncastle, co. Lincoln, seal of the gram-
mar school of, xii, 154 ; account of the
rising at, xxx, 366

Horner (W. S.), exhibits objects found in
Coleman Street, xxix, 421 ; notes by
H. S. Cuming on a tile exhibited by,
xxx, 84-86; exhibits tiles and other ob-
jects, ib., 196

Horse furniture, ii, 270; xiv, 93; xix, 127;
badges belonging to, vi, 82

Horse-muzzle, with German inscriptions,
1561, ix, 87

Horse-shoes, on, by H. S. Cuming, vi, 406-
418; xiv, 273-275; ancient horse-shoes
(engr.), vi, 406; Roman, vii, 135 ; found
in Berkshire and Wiltshire, ix, 87 ; in
Oxfordshire, xii, 240 ; mediaeval horse-
shoe from Leicestershire, xiv, 276; from
Staffordshire, xv, 289 ; peculiar iron,
xvi, 344 ; ancient shoes (engr. J, xxiii,
105 ; account of Roman horse-shoes,
ib., 107 ; xxix, 187 ; Roman horse- shoe
exhibited, xxx, 72

Hosa (John de), xxx, 309

Hoskyns (Chandos Wren), President, in-
augural address by, at Hereford, xxvii,
21-45; speech, ib., 168; on the tomb of
Sergeant Hoskyns, ib., 389-391 ; paper
" A walk through Rome", ib., 533

Hoskyns (Sergeant), tomb of, at Dore Ab-
bey, xxvii, 389

Hospitallers, lease relating to the Knights,
xv, 158, 204 ; seal of the prior, v, 275

Hoton (John de), legacy to, xxii, 402

Hotten (J. C), extract from his " History
of Signboards", xxvi, 87

Houghley, MSS. relating to, xxi, 15

Houghton (Lord), President, inaugural ad-
dress at the Leeds Congress, xx, 1-15 ;
on the history of Thos. Earl of Lancaster,
ib., 16-18; reply to the Mayor of Leeds,
ib., 54 ; speech of, at Sheffield Congress,
xxx, 107-109

Hour-glasses, on, iii, 301-310; pulpit stand
in Sallowes Ch. (engr.), ib., 303; stand
in St. Alban's Ch., Wood Street (emir.),
ib., 304 ; stand in St. Michael's Ch. at
St. Alban's (encjr.), ib., 306; in Leigh
Ch., Kent (engr. ), ib.,307 ; in Cliffe I 'h..
Kent (engr.). ib., 309; ix, 400 ; in Flix-
ton Ch. (aigr.J, iii, 304; at Otford Ch.,
Kent, xii, 265; paper on hour-gli
by II. S. Cuming, xxix, 130-137; \ ww
of ch. and hour-glass stand, Dorsetshire
(engr.), ib., 133 ; hour-glasses (,,
ib., 133

House (.].), exhibits a photographic history
of bookbinding, xxx. 223




Hova, Ecclesia et Villa, dioc. Chich., Pre-
bendaries of, xxii, 138-139
Howard, family notices of, xxx, 246-247
Howard (Lord Admiral), deed concerning,

ii, 98
Howard (Lady Alethea), xxx, 246
Howard (Henrietta), Countess of Suffolk,

correspondence of, xxi, 20
Howard (Thomas), Earl of Arundel, in

connection with Sheffield, xxx, 151
Howard (Thomas), fourth Duke of Nor-
folk, causes relating to his imprison-
ment, by G. R. Wright, xxx, 457
Howard (Henry Fitz-Alan), Duke of Nor-
folk and Earl Marshal, President of the
Sheffield Congress, xxx, 99 ; restoration
by, at Sheffield Manor, ib., 50 ; speech
of, ib., 103-104 ; gives a banquet to the
Congress in the Cutlers' Hall, ib., 106-
111 ; speech of, at the President's ban-
quet, ib., 109-110
Howell Gor (John, son of), seal exhib-
ited, xv, 283
Howes (Rev. Dr.), remarks on Dunstable,

xxvi, 175-177
Hoxne, co. Suffi, flint implements at, xxi,
2, 343-347; xxii, 155-156; hundred of,
xxi, 14; hundred assessment, 1663, ib.,
14; account of, ib., 27; stone imple-
ments from, ib., 276; Danish idols at,
xxix, 80
Hubert (St.), figure of, xvi, 338 ; xxiv,
392 ; signaculum of, found in London,
xix, 98 ; xxiv, 225; exhibition of stained
glass painting of, xxiv, 393 ; xxvi,
Hubetone (Michael de), charter grant to,

xx, 344
Hucklow, Great ; coins and mining tools

found in a mine at, xxx, 222
Hugall (Mr.), on a leaden font of the

twelfth century, ii, 184
Huggins (Mr.), on Sefton Ch., Liverpool,

ii, 359
Hugh, Earl of Chester, xxviii, 139
Hughes (Rev. J. B.), on St. Peter's Ch.,

Tiverton, xviii, 232-237
Hugo (Rev. T.), F.S.A., on the field of
Cuerdale, viii, 330-335 ; exhibits Roman
2>ottery from Ribchester, ib., 363 ; on a
com of Elizabeth and four pewter
spoons, foundin Lancashire,^., 365; on
celts and their classification, ix, 63-71 ;
exhibits tessellated pavement tiles, pot-
tery, etc., found at Tiverton, ib., 74 ;
Roman remains found at Thetford, ib.,
76 ; on frauds connected with the dis-
covery of antiquities in London, ib., 84;
exhibits an Etruscan mirror, ib., 85 ;
various Irish Celts, ib., 94 ; a sarcopha-
gus and coffin found in Haydon Square,
ib., 161-167 ; two ancient rings found at
Taunton, ib., 188 ; a portion of a Bri-
tish gold corslet, ib., 191 ; a triptych
found in Spitalfields, ib., 197 ; an en-
caustic tile from Haydon Square, ib.,

202; memoir of Bishop Gundulf, ib.,
231-270 ; exhibits a rose noble of Ed-
ward II, ib., 430 ; bronze antiquities
found in the city, ib., 444; a Roman
bronze fibula, x, 91 ; fibulae found in
Ratclitfe Highway, ib., 99 ; a stone celt
found in the Thames, ib., 105; flint ar-
row heads found in Ireland, ib., 108 ;
presents fragments of pottery, etc., found
in Loudon, ib., 112 ; on a bronze fibula
found in Bucklersbury, ib., 177 ; Her-
cules found in Cannon Street, ib., 180 ;
portion of an ivory triptych of the 1 4th
century, ib., 189 ; large brass coin of
Hadrian, ib., 375 ; statements of, re-
garding the treasurer, general meeting
held to consider the same, ib., 379 ; re-
moved from the office of secretary, and
proceedings connected with the same,
ib., 380-382
Huish (Marcus), his reception of the Con-
gress at Castle Donington, xix, 118
Hulbert (Canon), xxx, 230
Hulbert (Rev. D. M.), on the word Lam-
mas, iv, 406
Hull, Robert Pursglove, bishop of, xxi,239
Hume (Rev. Dr.), on the Chester mystery

plays, v, 317-20
Humet, notes on the early family of, xxix,

Humphreys (H. T.), exhibits an African
fetish necklace, xxiv, 273 ; remarks on
nose-rings and ear-rings, ib., 281-2; re-
marks on Mr. Holt's paper on ear-rings,
ib., 297
Humphreys (Rev. J.), on the etymology

of places, xvii, 213
Hundred, paper by Rev. W. Barnes on the

origin of the, xxviii, 21-7
Hunebeds of Holland, paper by A. Sadler,
xxvi, 53-60 ; form of, ib., 54'; geogra-
phical position of, ib. ; conjectural foun-
ders, ib., 56; etymology of the word, ib.,

57 ; built by giants or spirits, and in-
habited by witches, ib., ; human sa-
crifices on, ib., 58 ; custom of creeping
through the "Demonis Cunnus" in, ib.,

58 ; laws for their destruction, ib. ; ob-
jects buried in, ib., 58-60

Hungarian and Polish coins, exhibited,
xvii, 324 ; Hungarian political institu-
tions considered in relation to our own,
a paper by A. Goldsmid, xxviii, 241-44

Huugerford (Sir Anthony), erects brass
tablets to the memory of Edmund Tame,
xxvii, 147]

Hunt (Mr.), on an antique intaglio set in
a medieval gold ring, ii, 348 ; exhibits
a gold ring found at Ipswich, iv, 76

Hunt (W. P.), his books exhibited at the
temporary museum at Ipswich, xxi, 348;
obituary notice of, xxx, 352

Huntbach (John), portrait of, and his
manuscripts, inspected by the Congress,
xxix, 432

Hunte (Richard), xxx, 809



Hunting, treatise on, by Dame J. Homers,
xxvi, 138-39

Huntingdon (Lady S.), Countess of Hunt-
ingdon, xxi, 9

Huntingdon (Karl of), letter to, from
Queen Elizabeth, xxx, 312

Huntingdon, brass decade ring found near,
xii, 266; Canons from the priory of,
placed at Worksop, xxx, 161

Huntingdonshire, coin of Constantino
found in, xvii, 75 ; Roman remains in,
ib.; list of monasteries in, xxviii, 56

Huntingheld (Sir R. de), seal of, xxi, 347

Hunting-knife, found at Amwell, hi, 329 ;
sword, xiv, 281

Huntley (Sir William), banners taken by,
v. 265

Huntley (Marquis of), autograph, xxi, 13

Hurst, dioc. Chich., Prebendaries of, xxii,

Hurstmonceaux, deeds relating to the ma-
nor of, i, 252

Huse (Simon de la), xxx, 309-10

Husenbeth (Rev. F. C), on sacramental
fonts in Norfolk, xiv, 51-6 ; on au amu-
let of St. Benedict, ib., 279-80

Hussey (Rev. A.), on a fragment of sculp-
ture discovered at St. Michael's Ch.,
Southampton, i, 52

Hut circles above Merivale Bridge (a/[/r. J,
xviii, 119

Hutchins (A. B.), on paintings on the
ceilingof Chichester Cathedral, executed
in 1520, i, 257 ; on a Roman pig of lead,
inscribed with the name of the Em\ o-

ror Nero, ib., 326-35 ; on a gold ring
found at Chute, Hants, ib., 337 ; on a
gold Saxon ring found at Bussington,
near Stockbridge, ib., 341; on a sliver
ring found in Yorkshire, ii, 97 ; on a
Roman vase found near Andovcr, lb.;
on a little bell used in the services of the
church of the 16th century, ib., 1S4 ;
description of theCerne giant by, xxviii,
66 ; his history of Dorsetshire criticised,
ib., 93

Hutchinson (Rev. B.), remarks on St. Mi-
chael's Ch., at St. Alban's, xxvi, 185

Hutchinson (P. 0.), paper on the hill for-
tresses, tumuh, etc., of Eastern Devon,
xviii, 53-66; exhibits a bronze celt
found in a tumulus, ib., 261

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