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Hutchinson (Robt,), obituary notice of,
xx, 171-2

Hutchinson (W.), historian of Durham,
xxii, 21

Huttoftjco. Lincoln, church chest at, xxviii,

Huxtable (Mr.), collection of British, Ro-
man, and Saxon weapons, ii, 392 ; on
gold British coins found in Surrey, iv,

Hyde, fibula found at, xvii, 322

Hymn to St. Etheldreda, xxix, 421 ; to
the cross of Bromholm, xxx, 58

Hypocaust, Lower Thames Street (enyr.),
iv, 41 ; discovered at Slack (ewjr.), xx,

Hythe, co. Kent, sedilia in the church, i,


IBERIAN monastery on Mount Athos,

xxiii, 115
Ibis, Egyptian bronze of an, exhibited, x,

Ibotson (Richard), Sheffield halfpenny

token of, xxx, 31
Iceni, East Anglia the country of that

British tribe, xxi, 1 ; coins of, xxvi,

Ickleton and Chesterford, on Roman dis-
coveries at, iv, 356 ; on the discoveries

at, v, 54-60
Ickliugham, Roman antiquities of, xxi,

845; flint implements from, xxi. 346 ;

xxii, 156 ; celt from, xxi, 356 ; notices

of tumuli at, xxx, 195-6
Ickniold Roman way in Warwick, xxix,

[cknield Street, xxix, 53, 57, 394
Iconographie Chretienne, Manuel de,

Grecqueet Latin, i, 2<>2
Icons, extracts from Gentleman's Maga-
zine for D>02, relating to, xxiii, 113;

Russo-Greek portable (3 engrs.J, xxiii,
116 ; inscriptions in Greek and Sclavo-
nic upon those brought to England after
the Russian war ; catalogue of those ex-
hibited to the Association, xxiii, 116-8 ;
paper by the Rev. W. S. Simpson on,
xxv, 179-85

Ictis, xxii, 366

Ifield, co. Suss., gold ring found at, ii,

Ignatius Loyola, a medal of, found at
Lambeth, vii, 83 ; medallion of, xi, 158

lies (Rev. J. H.), reads extracts from a
report; his remarks, xxix. 101-5; Bpeech
of. ib., 109-10

Hill' ( W. T. 1, presents various token-; and
medal ease to the Association, xiii. 22."i ;
exhibits three gold rings, ib., 812; dress
of the time of George I, ib., 325 ; trans-
mits for exhibition a knitting sheath,
juriv, 167

Mill' Mr.-. . r. Purses

Ilkl.'v. visit to, by the Association, xx,



65 ; sepulchral remains and crosses at,
ib. ; notice concerning, xxix, 27 ; early
remains in, ib., 36

Illingworth ( W. H.), translation of the
Ipswich "Domesday Book", 1812, xxi,

Ilhxininated letters, exhibited, ix, 197

Illumination, illustrative of mural paint-
ing (engr.), iv, 93 ; illuminations ex-
hibited, xi, 79

Ilmington Hills, xxix, 38

Ilminster, seal of the grammar school of,
xii, 233

Images, injunctions given for the destruc-
tion of, xxv, 336-7

Implements found in Saxon graves, xiii,
227-8; iron, Roman, exhibited, xxx, 72;
implement, exhibited, ib., 339

Incense vessel, terra cotta (engr.), xix, 91

Incised slab in Chippenham Ch., hi, 323 ;
marble slab found at Sudbury, ib., 330 ;
slab in Matlock Ch., iv, 78 ; sculptures,
xxix, 36

India, early remains in, xxix, 36

Indian mythological padlock exhibited,
xxix, 433

Ilsey, church visited by the Association,
xvi, 231

Ingall (F. L.), exhibits various antiquities
exhumed from the mounds of North
America, xviii, 277

Ingall (T. ), exhibits traders' tokens, xv,
351 ; small miniature of Charles I,
xvii, 337; exhibits a painting on ala-
baster, xviii, 285

Ingoldmells, co. Suff., Eoman pottery
from, xxii, 109

Ingots of tin, found near Heme Bay, ii,
342 ; stamped with the royal mark, ib.,
361 ; Roman, exhibited, xxix, 310

Ingram (Rev. Hugh), transmits sketches
of iron keys, xxiii, 205

Ingram Hills, xxix, 29

Ingulf (the historian of Croyland ) quota-
tions from, xxx, 387-97

Ink-horn and penner, xv, 351

Inkstand, iron, exhibited, xxviii, 398

Innisfallen Abbey, on the ruins of, i, 61

Innocent III (Pope), seal of, found at
Mailing Abbey, vi, 439 ; account of,
xxix, 21

Innocent XI (Pope), letter to Louis XIV,
viii, 338-9

Inscriptions : Inscribed slab of granite
near Padstow, i, 49 ; inscribed stone,
with cross, near Truro, ib. ; two Roman,
found at Chichester (engr.), ii, 85 ; on
Roman embossed vessels (2 engrs.), iv,
20; on a drinkiug-cup (engr.), ib., 364;
fragment found at Chester (engr.), v,
22 t ; on a leaden plate from Smyrna, ix,
435 ; xxv, 394 ; at Sea Mills, xxix, 872,
Roman, at Bath, ib., 392 ; metrical, on
the nave of Almondbury Ch,, xxx, 231 ;
conjecture respecting the author, ib.,
2:52; on Wharrn liffe crags, ib., 382

Inskij^p (Thomas), on Roman remains dis-
covered in Bedfordshire, i, 52, 340 ;
account of a Roman tessellated pave-
ment, ii, 374 ; on barrows at Clifton, in
Bedfordshire, iv, 57 ; on Roman potters'
stamps, ib., 143

Instruments found in Gloucestershire
(engr.), ii, 54 ; found at York ^9 engrs.),
iii, 58

Insula-Bona (William de\ paper on a re-
liquary given by, to Winchester, xxix,

Intaglio, found at Whitcomb, near a
Roman villa, i, 56 ; intaglios discovered
at Badminton, by the Duchess of Beau-
fort (3 engrs.), ii, 90 ; antique intaglio
set in an oval silver medieval seal, ib.,
345 ; intaglio, from Caerleon (engr.),
iv, 263; intaglios in cornelian, xiv,

Inventory of goods of the Countess of
Leicester, 1634, ii, 352; of church
plate at Newport, v, 352 ; of a Bucking-
hamshire gentleman in the time of
Queen Elizabeth, xii, 169-74; of St.
Peter Cheap, London, xxiv, 150, etc. ;
of goods belonging to the vicars-choral
of Wells Cathedral, xxviii, 275 ; goods
belonging to the Earl of Shrewsbury, at
Sheffield, xxx, 251-63

v. Fyndyrne

v. Ornsby, Rev. G.

Iona, thigh-bone found at, xxvii, 375

Ipswich, Norman font at (engr.), i, 144 ;
early sculptures at (engr.), ib., 146;
crypt and chapel discovered at, ii, 190 ;
monastic seal of St. Peter and St. Paul
at (engr.), ib., 268 ; subterranean build-
ings discovered at, ib., 345 ; coin found
at, ib., 347 ; two rentals of the priory of
the Holy Trinity in Ipswich, Suffolk, iii,
361 ; seal and counterseal of the priory
(engr.), ib., 363; brass plate from, v,
163; coin found at, viii, 360; congress
at Ipswich, inaugural address, xxi, 1 ;
highway from, to Melton, a.d. 1794, ib.,
10 ; poems of Mrs. Cobbold of the Cliff,
ib., 12 ; writs to the bailiffs, 1509-1531,
ib., 14; Hitcham charity, ib., 15; wills,
1438-1532, ib.; " Liber Niger", or origi-
nal Domesday of Ipswich, ib., 16 ;
MS. collections of Wm. Batley, town
clerk, ib. ; boundaries of the town and
perambulations, ib. ; charters and ad-
miralty jurisdiction, 1191-1519, and
1463-1680, ib., 17 ; rights on Orwell river,
ib.; map of the river, 1677, ib. ; actions
at law on river rights, 1736, ib. ; rights
of ballast, ib., 18 ; taxation of the hun-
dred, ib. ; the prior of St. Peter's, ib. ;
inspeximus of Charter, 1316, ib. ; or-
dinances of the burgesses, 2 John and
14 Edward II, ib.; list of burgesses, temp.
Hen. Ill, ib. ; account books of Christ's
hospital, Ipswich, 1569-1572, and 157.^-
1582, ib., 19; accounts and receipts of



HenryTooley's foundation, ib. ; Tooley's
tomb in St. Mary Key's Church, ib. ;
flood in 1576, ib. ; wardens, bailiffs, etc.,

1560-1595, ib. ; account book of St.
Peter's, 1563-1564, ib. ; will-books at
Ipswich, 1437-1530, ib., 20; on the
kings of East Anglia, ib., 22 ; list of
officers, ib., 57; meeting at the Town
Ball, Ipswich, ib., 59 ; reception by the
mayor and corporation, inspection of
the town library, ib., 60; Sparrow's
house, Wolsey's gate, the Quay church,
carved houses, ib., 61 ; J. R. Blanche, on
the Earls of East Anglia, and discussion
on his paper, ib., 63; visit to Bury St.
Edmunds, ib. ; Ipswich castle, ib., 62 ;
Tudor Hall of Mr. Fonnerau at Christ-
church ; chapel in his garden, St. Mar-
garet's Ch. ; St. Mary Tower Church,
ib., 62 and 182; reception by the Mayor
and corporation and members of the
Suffolk Archaeological institute: de-
scription of antiquities by Q-. M. Hills,
visit to Hengrave Hall, ib., 64; Smarte's
MSS. and books, ib., 65; G. Vere
Irving on the camps, Roman roads,
etc., of Suffolk : S. Westhorp on the
town library of Ipswich, its contents
described, ib., 65-75 ; Dominican Friars:
the Grammar School: Christ's Hospital
School: remarkable books, " Pantheolo-
gia," printed 1474, ib.,66; othersprinted
1177-1498: Bibles 1540-1617:" works
from Stephen's and other early presses,
ib., 67-8 ; list of valuable works, ib.,
69-71 ; history of printingat Ipswich, ib.,
72; curious entries in catalogue, list of
MSS.,i6., 74; preservation of thelibrary,
ib., 75 ; J. S. Cowing, on Suffolk local
etymology, ib. ; assessment of the town
in 1649, ib., 154; T. Wright on Ipswich
minstrelsy of the 15th cent., ib., 175;
excursion to Framlingham, ib., 176;
emigrants from, to New England in
1634, ib., 180 ; E. Roberts on the
round towers of East Anglia : Clarence
Hopper on Suffolk emigrants to New
England, 1634, ib., 180; Ipswich in
Massachusetts, founded, ib., 183 ; Saxon
coins found, ib., 190; supposed Roman
patera found at, ib., 191 ; Cardinal Wol-
sey, ib., 222-7 ; excursion to Helming-
ham, ib., 265; visit to Orwell Park, ib.,
273; temporary museum, ib., 275;
churches visited by the Association, ib.,
278; museum of Natural History, etc.,
ib.; catalogue of temporary museum.
ib., 343 ; antiquities from, ib., 362 ; early
mints of (a.d. 959), ii., 15

Ipthorue, dioc. Chich., prebendaries of,
xxii, 141

Ireland (W. H.), account of his forgei i
xxv, 121-2

Ireland: ancient stirrup of oriental form,
found in fengr.J, i. 46; monumental
stones found in f6 engrs.J, ib. s 192-5;

ring money, 6 specimens of, ib., 810 ;
statute roll of Henry III, ib., 366; iron
coffer found in, ii, 305; antiquities of,
compared with those found at Orkney
and the Hebrides, ib., 328 ; Anglo-
Saxon weapons in, iv, 71 ; gold ring
money exhibited by T. C. Croker, ib.,
816; antiquities of, ib., 401; Archaeo-
logica Hibernica, a handbook of Irish
antiquities, by W. F. Wakeman, ib.,
407 ; on Palatine honours in, by Sir
W. Betham, v, 195-201; celt from,
viii, 370; various antiquities found in
femjr.J, viii, 143; x, 170-8 ; celts from
Ireland, exhibited, viii, 370 ; ix, 94 ;
flint arrow-heads from, x, 108; obser-
vations on antiquities of, by H. S. Cu-
ming, x, 165-76; rubbings from brasses
in, exhibited, x, 384; tokens, xiii, 225-6;
beheading sword found in, xiii, 321 ;
various gold and silver antiquities ex-
hibited, from, xiii, 339-41 ; notice re-
specting antiquities of, xiv, 96; ancient
sculptured stones of, xv, 63; inscrip-
tion in Irish characters, from Duni-
frieshire, xx, 358 ; round towers of, by
G. M. Hills, xxi, 276-7 ; xxix, 31, 223 ;
ornaments from, xxii, 164; list of Cis-
tertian Abbeys in, xxvi, 368-9; round
towers of, xxix, 31 ; Odinism in, ib.,
158; copper coinage of, xxx, 27; pikes
from, exhibited and described, ib., 196 ;
coloured drawings of round towers of,
exhibited, ib., 223
— v. Betham, Sir W.
— v. China

r. Croker, T. C.

Iron, sword from the Thames, near West-
minster Bridge, i, 311 ; armlet, ii, 236;
on the manufacture of, by the Nor-
mans, iv, 265; nails (Roman), vi, 449;
instrument in a Saxon grave fengr.J,
xiii, 237 ; padlock, found at Corinium,
exhibited, xix, 150 ; invention of making
iron with coal in 1620, xxiv, 338 ; method
of making, ib., 338-9 ; on iron and
ironworks of Roman Britain, by J. W.
Grover. xxix, 121-9 ; ironmaking, early,
in Staffordshire, ///., 17 4-6; notes on
casting, ib., 179, 200-1 ; implement ex-
hibited, ib., 204, etc.; implements and
tools from various parts of London, ib.,
72; exhibited and described, by E.
I Joi 'eits and by R. N. Philippe, ib.,

Irvine, (J. L.), presents casts from Shet-
land, xix. 312-13

Irvine (J. T.), exhibits keys, spoons, and
a weight found at Westminster, xix,
329 ; tiles and tracings of, from various
places, ib., 880; iron keys, Bpoons,
weights, etc., found in digging for foun-
dations of the Foreign Office, ib., 07; an
embossed tile from South Wales, ib.,
81 : prints of pavemi nt a1 Aldborough,
''<., 201 ; photograph of Roman pave-



rnent at Dorchester, ib. ; an iron claw
hammer, ib., 263 ; a pocket solarium,
ib. ; a Roman coin found at Winford
Eagle, ib., 273 ; Roman coins found in
Dorchester, ib. ; Roman coins found
in Dunston, ib. ; curious bone combs
found in Somersetshire, ib., 329 ; por-
trait of Prince Rupert, ib., 333 ; spe-
cimens of bookbinding, ib., 338-40 ; on
the threatened demolition of Okeford
Ch., ib., 362 ; on Bradford-on-Avon and
Steeple Ashton, xxi, 129; on Bradford-
on-Avon Ch., xxii, 180 ; on altar slabs
at St. David's, ib., 307 ; on the Brough
of Chckimin, ib., 312; onCerne Abbas,
ib., 349; letter respecting leaden seals
from the Isle of Wight, xxiii, 96 ; exhi-
bits sketches of Roman remains, ib.,
102; a drawing of Diddlebury Ch., ib.,
204 ; on bronze spoons from Weston,
ib., 212 ; exhibits drawings of Roman
flue-tiles from Cirencester Museum, ib.,
291 ; on a low side window in Berkeley
Ch.,xxiv, 78 ; forwards plan of Berkeley
Ch., ib., 80; on Middleton Chapel, ib.,
104; on Leinthall Starkes Ch., ib., 298-
9 ; account of Diddlebury Ch., ib., 306;
letter and enclosure relating to the vi-
cars-choral of Wells Cathedral, xxviii,
275; account of John Feckenham, ab-
bot of Westminster, ib., 399 ; notes on
the Roman temple and hall to baths
found at Bath in 1790, xxix, 379-94;
exhibits dra wings of episcopal seals, xxx,
329-30; drawings of moulds, ib., 330;
account by, of brasses at Faversham, ib. ;
drawing of an ancient nutcracker, ib.,
Irving (George Vere), on the fortifications
of London, viii, 147; on standard and
other weights and measures in Scot-
land, ib., 366 ; ix, 202 ; on an interlude,
" Killing a calf", performed before the
Princess Mary, at Windsor, viii, 373-
77 ; on ancient camps in Lanarkshire,
ix, 87 ; x, 1-32 ; on the chronology and
geography of wars between Anglo-Saxons
of Northumberland and Northern Bri-
tons, from the battle of Argoec to that
of Kaltraez, x, 94-7 ; on the geography
of the wars between the Saxons of Nor-
thumberland and the Northern Britons,
xi, 41-56, 117-28, 386; exhibits a plate
of Delft ware, with portrait of Catherine
of Braganza, ib., 74; impression of seal
of Queen Mary, xi, 76-9 ; on the Ciss-
bury group of camps, xiii, 52, 234 ; on
the camps at Cissbury and High Down,
ib., 274-94; on Norfolk earthworks and
ancient fortifications, xiv, 193-215, 305-
310; on the Iters of Richard of Ciren-
cester, ib., 275; xvii, 189-97; exhibits
olltc from Cissbury, xiv, 351 ; on trea-
sure trove, xv, 81-99, 273, 274; on Old
Sarum, ib., 177; on the battle of Kalt-
raez or Kaltracth,ift., 237-245 ; xvi,277-

85 ; on earthworks at Old Sarum, xv,
291-302 ; exhibits antiquities from Lan-
cashire, xvi, 318 ; on districts of Scot-
land occupied by the earlier and later
branches of the Celtic races, ib., 353 ;
exhibits records of the court and town-
ship of Dolphinton, xvii, 65 ; on the
signet ring of Mary Stuart, ib., 224-25;
on the earthworks of Leicestershire, xix,
47-8 ; on Beacon Hill, ib., 49 ; on early
Celtic poetry, ib., 73-9 ; on the Iters of
Antonine to and from Colchester and
London, ib., 325-28 ; remarks on Rev.
Mr. Jenkin's paper on the same, ib. ; ex-
hibits objects in jet found in Lanark-
shire, xx, 344 ; on Andrea Ferara
swords, xxi, 306 ; on camps, Roman
roads, etc., of Suffolk, ib., 65; exhibits a
modern leaf-shaped sword, xxii, 244 ;
remarks on a Roman congius, ib., 247 ; ex-
hibits coinsfrom Lesmahago, xxiii, 203;
a photograph of the Prentice Pillar at
Rosslyn, ib., 384 ; on spiral columns in
churches, ib., 384; exhibits and remarks
on seals of the burgh of Lanark, xxiv,
83 ; on the death of Red Comyn, ib.,
282-5 ; notes on British and Romano-
British camps and earthworks near St.
Alban's, xxvi, 236-38 ; memoir of, ib.,
Isaacs (George), ancient reliquary in the
possession of, iii, 16-18 ; on an enam-
elled plate of the 12th cent., ib., 102-5;
on a silver gilt fibula, ib., 120; on a gold
ring with large emerald of the early part
of the 16th cent., ib., 125; on pilgrims'
signs, in jet, set in silver and gilt scal-
lop shells, ib., 126 ; on a bronze sword
from Rouen, ib., 251 ; on a silver-gilt
head of the 12th cent., iv, 395 ; on a
crystal goblet of the 11th cent.,?'6. ; on the
toadstone, v, 340-3; exhibits a cane of
Venetian enamel, vi, 149; an enamelled
cover of a book of the 12th cent., ib.,
154; carved ivory book cover, of the
11th cent., ib.
Isaacson (Rev. Stephen), on Roman re-
mains at Dymchurch, i, 40-42 ; on a
thurible discovered at Dymchurch, ib.,
47 ; ontwosmallenamelledshield-shaped
badges, found in Dymchurch, ib., 138;
on an original deed of confirmation by
Walter Reynolds, Archbishop of Can-
terbury, for the government of the Cha-
pel of St. Elizabeth at Wolvesey, near
Winchester, ib.,lA2; on a seal of Joanna
de Stuteville, ib., 145 ; on encaustic
tiles found at Winchester, ib., 312 ; on
the statute for the extermination of
foxes, badgers, etc., ii, 102 ; on a gold
ring found in Sussex, ib., 193 ; on a
funeral urn found in Essex, ib., 280; on
antiquities at Amwell, iii, 324 ; on a
hunting knife found at Amwell, ib., 329;
on the incised slab of Anthonie and
Agnes Woolley, iv, 143; on Roman re-



mains at Colville manor, ib., 156; on an

adze of stone from the Feejee islands,

/A., 157
Isle of Man, r. Man, Isle of
Isle of Wight, r. Wight, Isle of
[sleborn, co. Cainbr., monuments in the

church, xxi, 10
[slip, historical notices of, v, 39-51
"Isuriuin Brigantium", remarks on, v,73-

77; xx, 39-51
Italian carving of St. Katherine, xii, 266
Italian pottery, xxii, 305
It. ■hen, ancient galley found in the, iv,

Iters: (tenth) of Antoninus, viii, 35; of

Richard of Cirencester, (plan), xiv, 275;

xvii, 189-97 ; v. Jenkins, Rev. H.
Ithancester, Monastery at, near Maldon,

co. Essex, xxiv, 366
Ives (J.), on Dover harbour, ix, 407
Ivingho, seal of the prioress of, iii, 256
Ivory objects: armlet, ii, 54; caskets of

the 13th cent., exhibited by S. W. Ste-

venson, iii, 123, 168; remarks by T.
Wright, v, 266-82; carving, exhibited
by Mr. Lynch, ib., 85 ; A. C. Kirk-
mum on a carving of the 13th century,
Hi.. 12:5 ; comb, 14th cent., ib., 1 17 ;
I look (over with carving of the 11th
cent., ib., 154; drinking horn, viii, 367 ;
knife handle, carved, temp. Car. II,
ix, 88; reliquary of the 12th cent., x,
185; triptych, found in Haydon Square,
ih.. 189; knife-case of the 17th century,
xii, 156; carving, xxi, 350 ; ivories, ex-
hibited, xxviii, 183-4; carving exhibited,
xxix, 203 ; v. Albury

v. Jewitt, L.

v. Morse

Ixning hundred, taxation, temp. Edw. Ill,

xxi, 18 ; v. Esning, Exninge
Ixworth, seal found at, iii, 123 ; rings

found at, xi, 80 ; Roman bronze key

and Saxon ornament, found at, xxi, 345;

various objects from, v. Warren, J.
Izel, obelisk of, ii, 99


JACK, an ancient drinking vessel, xv, 339;
xvi, 357 ;

Jack of Newbury, brass of, xvi, 78 ; account
of, ib., 79 ; on the popular history of,
ib., 80-5

Jack of the Clock House, paper on, by H. S.
Cuming, xxv, 277-81 ; of the clock,
(enrjr.), ib., 278

Jack Ketch, derivation of the name, xxiv,
317 ,

Jackson (Stephen), obituary notice of, xii,

Jackson (Mrs.), exhibits articles at the
Ipswich Temporary Museum, xxi, 346

Jackson (Rev. E.), exhibits a remarkable
hour-glass, xxii, 107

Jackson (Thomas), shop ticket of, xxx, 36

Jackson (Win.), Sheffield token of, xxx, 36

Jaegerspriis, mounds at, xxix, 143-44

Jamaica, implements from, xxiv, 403-4

James (St.) the Great, figure of, xxiv, 271 ;
the Less, xxix, 188

James I, King of England, "faciam" unit
of, exhibited, xi, 350; penny of, found
at Trim, xii, 75; coin of, found in Ox-
fordshire, ib., 264; Britain crown of, ex-
hibited, xiv, 352 ; a crown piece of, ex-
hibited, xviii, 280; coin of, exhibited,
xxi, 81 ; description of his signet by H.
S. Cuming, xxv, 275-7 ; paper on relics
and mementoes of, by H. S. Cuming,
xxv, 321-4; earliest memorials of, ib.,
321-2; present to him of a font from
his godmother, Queen Elizabeth, 1566,
ft., 821; fust coins struck in his reign.

ib., 321-2; relics of his nursery in Stir-
ling Castle, ib., 322 ; marriage of, ib.,
322-3 ; medal struck to commemorate
his marriage, ib., 323; medals and coins
struck at his accession to the English
throne, i6.,324; signets of, 324-5; books,
gloves, watch, etc., belonging to, ib.,
326; account of two beds occupied by,
ib., 327 ; description of an oak press
which belonged to, ib., 327-8; death of,
ib., 328 ; print by Hollar representing
his death, ib. ; epitaph upon, portraits
and statues of, description of, by Dalzel,
329-33; literary productions of , i'6.,333;
on his first great seal of England, by W.
de G. Birch, xxvi, 218-21 ; first and se-
cond states of the obverse of the great
seal of (2 ewjrs.), ib., 218; letters from,
to C.Anthony, 1603, ib., 220-21 ; coins of,
exhibited, xxviii, 398

James II, a gun-money piece of, found at
Heavitree, ix, 182; three inedited let-
ters relating to him and his family, viii,
336-47; portrait and lockets of, xxi,
351; preservation of his pericardium at
Sutton Place, xxiv, 39 ; description of
office used at the touching for the king's
evil in the reign of, xxxii, 289-90

•hiines, Prince of Wales, medals of, xxvii,

James (Sir Henry), on the British tin
trade, xxii, 361

James (Rev. John), on a solleret of the
15th cent., ix, 84 ; exhibits a collection
of spurs, (7i., 87 : a horse muzzle with



German inscriptions, 1561, ib. ; on the
solleret, xi, 1-8; on the pryck-spur, xii,
211-22 ; on the early rowel, xiii, 187-
202; on Avington Ch., xvi, 58-62; on
the kingdom of Elmet and the region of
Loidis, xx, 34-38

Jane, Queen of England, seal of, in 1553;
xxvi, 217

Janus, head of, on a British coin, vi, 30-

Janvey (W.), on a stone coffin found in the
Abbey Ch., Romsey, i, 326

Japanning, early work in, xxix, 177-8

Jarrow, dedication stone of the church,
xix, 199 ; monastery at, where Beda
lived, xxiv, 376; the church of Saxon
work, ib., 379

Javelin head in flint, found at Honduras,
xvii, 63; knives, xiv, 345, 358

Jebb (Ann), valentines written to her,
xxix, 94

Jebb (Rev. Canon J.), address on palaeo-
graphy, xxvii, 398 ; description of Pe-
terston Ch., ib., 537-8

Jeffrey (J.), on Bathampton Ch., xiii,
148-9 ; on Batheaston Ch., ib., 150-1 ;
on Swainswick Ch., ib. ; on St. Laurence's
chapel, ib., 152-3

Jehovah as the god of combats (engr.), x,

Jenkins (Rev. Henry), on a Roman villa
at Stan way, ii, 45 ; on Roman antiqui-
ties at Colchester, vi, 451 ; on Caesar's
passage of the Thames, xv, 358; xvi,
133-44; on the Roman roads, mentioned
in Antonine's Itinerary, leading to and
from Colchester, xix, 275-85 ; on the
iters of Antonine to and from Col-
chester and London road, ib., 325

Jenkyns (Walter), inscription on, ix, 183

Jenner (Dr. Edward), autograph of, xxi,

Jennings (A.), exhibits fragments of Ro-
man glass, xvii, 70

Jerdan (W.), exhibits the impression of a
monastic seal found at Lewes, v, 89; on
documents relating to the Spanish Ar-
mada, etc., ix, 330-6

Jermyn (Letitia), verses by, xxi, 12

Jeroboam, an ancient drinking vessel, xvi,

Jerome (St.), relics of, at St. Alban's Ab-
bey, xxvi, 325-6 ; notices concerning,
xxx, 343-4

Jersey, on the discovery of 400 Roman
coins in, iv, 272

Jerusalem, xxix, 31

Jervaux, Chronicle of; account of martyr-
dom of St. Ethelbert in, xxvii, 51

Jervis (S.), exhibits a horse shoe found in
Staffordshire, xv, 289

Jervoise (Mr.), exhibits portrait on oak
panel, xi, 346

Jesse (Mr.), exhibits helmet of the time of
James I, also an Etruscan tripod, v, 78

Jfssop, family notes of, xxx, 303-6

Jessop (Rev. Dr. C. M.), exhibits drawings
of sepulchral stones of an early mediae-
val character, found at York, ii, 362 ; a
coin of Carausius, iii, 248; on Alclbo-
rough the " Isurium Brigantium" of the
Romans, v, 73-7; presents a lithograph
of a tessellated pavement found at Aid-
borough, ib., 80 ; on the discovery of
bronze Celtic weapons in Yorkshire, ib.,
349; on the symbolical character of
Aleph and Tau, vi, 68-72; on a Greek
altar obtained from Athens, ib. 82 ; ex-
hibits a carved ivory knife-handle, vii,

Jesuits of France, drawings by, xviii,
268 ; exhibition of a badge of a Jesuit
convent, xxvi, 243

Jet objects : — amulet found at "La Roche
qui Sonne," iii, 344; rings, v, 77; orna-
ment (engr.), vi, 156; beads and figure
of a bear found at Bootham, viii, 160 ;
ancient chessmen, found at Warrington
(2engrs.), viii, 162; seal, xv, 345

Jettons, French, having the " Agnus
Dei", xx, 274; exhibited, xxx, 433

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