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various, found at Ashford, Kent, ii, 186;
Irish, various (9 engrt.J, iv, 408-411 ;
exhibition of, at the Town Hall, Liver-
pool, v, 313 ; found at Springhead, in
Kent (engr.J, v, 3(31 ; discovered on the
held of Cuerdale, viii, 330-335 ; found
at Cuina, ix, 77-79 ; found at White-
haven, ix, 79-80; discovered in a tumu-
lus at Ashey Down (engr.J, x, 164 ;
Anglo-Saxon, found at Caistor, xv, 358;
from the Thames, x vii, 225; exhibition of
fictitious, xviii, 371-378; Koman, found
at Carlisle, xx, 84-5 ; Koman (engr.J,
xxi, 81 ; collected at Ariconium, by W.
C. Palmer, paper on, by G. M. Hills,
xxvii, 2< 13-218 ; of Portland, paper on by
G. E. Eliot, xxviii, 31-39 ; found at
Maiden Castle, Dorset, ib., 39-45 ; vari-
ous, exhibited, ib., 75-76; found in
London, ib., 76 ; various, found at Fink-
ley, specified, ib, 330-336 ; from Queen
Victoria Street, ib., 393-4 ; from Thames
banks, ib., 395-6 ; from Cannon Street,
ib., 398; various, excavated at Etocetum,
xxix, 56-57 ; fraudulent, described, 313-
316 ; various, belonging to J. W. Baily,
exhibited at Wolverhampton, 434; vari-
ous) exhibited, xxx, 200 ; various, ex-
hibited at the Cutlers' Hall, Sheffield,
xxx, 221-223 ; various, v. Cuming, H. S.

v. Forman, W. H.

v. Gibbs, E. M.

v. Gunston, T.

Antoninus, on the tenth iter of, viii, 35 ;
plan of his 9th iter, xxx, 331 ; 1;
roads in the itinerary of, leading to and
from Colchester, xix, 275-285

Antoninus (Pius), large brass coins of,
found at Flint Castle, v, 297; bronze
coin of, found in Portland Island, xxviii,
33 ; coins of, xxix, 350

Antonius, Archpriest of St. Peter's at
l'"l>uletuui, seal of, xxviii, 73

Antrim, la-ads found at, i, 47; Roman
pavement from, vi, 161 ; flint arrow-
heads from, xxii, 316

Antrobus (Sir E., Bart.), hospitable
reception of the Association by, xv,

Antwerp, fossils near, compared with those
of Suti'olk, xxii, 157

Apis, seal of (engr.J, vi, 69

Apodyterium, xxix, 46

Apollo, with nimbus radiated (engr.J, x,
333; objects found in London referring
to the worship of, xxviii, 282-3; worship
of, in Britain, a paper by T. Morgan,
xxviii, 284, 337-345; a bronze, exhibited,
xxx, 72

Apostle-spoons, xii, 164; v. Spoons

Apple-seoop, H. S. Cuming on an, xviii,
274 ; forged, xxix, 315

Appleyard's house, Norwich, remarkable
flint work at, xiv, 81

Applique needlework exhibited and de-
scribed, xvi, 336 ; xxviii, 394-6

Aprons, embroidered, exhibited, xx, 199

Aquablanca (Peter de), Bishop of Hereford,
reconstructs the north transept of the
cathedral, xxvii, 63-65 ; tomb of, in the
cathedral, xxvii, 64-65 ; description of
his monument, xxvii, 194

Aquarius, urns of, xxx, 186

Arabic numerals in Dorsetshire, ii, 283 ;
various, ix, 433

Arbe or Arbor Lowe (engr.J, xvi, 115

Arbor Lowe, plan of, xv, 359 ; note con-
cerning, xxx, 64

Arbury, visited by the members attending
the Congress, hi, 1871-1872; entrench-
ment at, xxix, 38

Arcedeckne v. Owen, Easton river fishery,
xxi, 14

Arch, in Roman foundation, in Thames
Street, (engr.J, i, 45 ; Roman, found in
Little Knightrider Street, (engr.J, i,
253 ; Early English, found in Kent
Street, (engr.J, iii, 349 ; centrally de-
pressed, in Avington Ch. (engr.J, xvi, 58

Archaeological Guide to Remains of An-
tiquity of the Celtic, Roman-British,
and Anglo-Saxon Periods, by J. Y.
Akerman, F.S.A., 8vo. 1S47, iii, 191-193

Publications, notices and antiquarian

intelligence, i, 87-91, 181-183, 272-274,
373; ii. 129-132, 218-220, 294-296, 409;
iii, 82-84, 199-200, 265-268, 366-368;
iv, 192, 415; v, 98, 109, 169, 174, 379,
420, etc, ; see also contents of separate

impostures, xii. 285-287

gleanings at Southwell, viii, 304-

Archeology, on the study of, v, 288 ; Mr.

Cuming on frauds in, xi, 67-73; of

America, Mr. Pettigrew on, xvi, 298-

310 ; definitions of, xxvi, 22
Archbald (John), memorial of, in Uttoxeter

Church, xxix, 277
Archer (T. C), exhibits a seal found in

Kssex, \ii, 431 ; exhibits a deed of the

Longchamps, xxii, 311 ; exhibits wood

carving of a sacred subject, xxvi. 252
Archer, statue of, in bronze, discovered in
Queen Street, i, 287



Archer's badges, remarks on, xx, 264-267

bracer, xvi, 337

iron ring exhibited, xxviii, 182

Archery in the middle ages, (A engrs.), hi,

79, 80; xxii, 109
Arches, Court of, proceedings in the, in
1678, xiv, 339, 340

Arches, Early English, on the S. side of the
cloisters of St. George's Chapel, Windsor,
condition of, ii, 91

Archipelago, coins found in the islands of
the, ii, 98

Architectural Terms, notice of a new work
upon, xii, 115

Architecture, illustrated medieval, from
illuminated MSS. by T. Wright, i, 20-25

ancient and modern, chronologically

arranged by Jules Gailhabaud, 4to. ii, 121

medieval, and building, Mr. Wright

on, hi, 99-101

and building, from medieval MSS. ib.

, an attempt to discriminate the styles

of, in England, by Thos. Rickman, iv,
185; the ecclesiastical, castellated and
domestic, of England, from the Norman
Era to the Sixteenth Century, by James
Hadfield, v, 106-8 ; pre-Norman, by H.
Duesbury, ix, 446 ; of pre-Norman
England, on, x, 142-159; on Saxon, in
England, by G. M. Hills, xxiv, 360-82 ;
styles of, v. Davis, C.E.

Arden (J.), presents an Egyptian Mummy
to the association, iv, 317

Arden Forest, xxix, 26 ; a paper by J. T.
Burgess on ancient British remains and
earthworks there, ib. 37-44 ; ib. 397

Ardoch, on the camp at, xiv, 279 ; remarks
on, by Vere Irving, xiv, 287

Ardpatrick, Limerick, carved work from,
xxii, 165

Ardquin, coins discovered at, i, 259

Arg', Peverell, William, and Hermel de,
xxx, 173

Argall, surname of, xxi, 6

Arg [entein ?] members of the family, wit-
nesses to an early charter, xxx, 171

Argles (Rev. M), on the tower of Barnack
Church, xxii, 346-49

Argoed, battle of, x, 94

Argyll (Duke of), xxix, 36

Argyllshire, xxix, 27 ; incised sculpture
found in, ib. 36

Ariconium, in Herefordshire, series of an-
tiquities collected at, by W. C. Palmer,
xxvii, 203-218; list of fibuke found at,
xxvii, 205-207 ; British coins found at,
xxvii, 208-209 ; list of Roman coins found
at, xxvii, 210-218 ; visit of the Associa-
tion to, xxvii, 537

Arithmetic, medieval system of, by T.
Wright, ii, 64

Aries, in France, discovery of Roman ear-
rings at, xxiv, 279; council of, xxix, 47

Armenian shoe exhibited, xi, 64

Annillse, three of bronze, found at Col-
chester (engr.), ii, 101 ; of silver, Roman,

found in Buckinghamshire, ii, 352 ; ( 2
engrs.), ii, 353
Armistead (T. F.), obituary notice of, xi,

Armitage Bridge, near Huddersfield, Mr.
T. Brooke entertains the congress at,
xxx, 233
Armitage, early pottery works at, xxix, 181

Armlet, jet, from " La Roche qui sonne "
(engr.J, iii, 344 ; bronze, from "La Roche
qui sonne," (engr.), iii, 344 ; bronze,
enamelled, from Verulam, xxx, 92

Armorial bearings, of the sixteenth cen-
tury, cut on a cocoa-nut shell, i, 256 ;
vii, 166

Arms, of Ripon, iv, 151 ; on a shield,
(engr.), v, 162; early bearings, xiii, 113

Armour, ancient ring-armour, (2 engrs.),
i, 142; of the ancient Sarmatians,
(2 engrs.), iii, 31 ; ring and chain, viii,
354-360 ; on specimens, of the 16th
century, ix, 87-88 ; exhibited by W.
Meyrick, ix, 87-88 ; of the time of
Charles I, xvi, 294 ; found at Portland,
xxviii, 205 ; ancient, stolen from Suffolk
churches, xxx, 74-75 ; various, at Mendle-
sham, xxx, 92 ; ancient, v. Baily, J. W. ;
various, v. Pratt, S.

Arms, weapons, etc., found in the Thames,
vi, 149; Anglo-Saxon, found in the
Thames, observations on by Mr. Cuming,
xiii, 202-206

Arnold (Rev. Z. H.), on the nine months
of Harold's reign, xxiii, 157

Arques (Godefroi), Seigneur d', xxix, 62

Arretium, fine Samian ware from, (engr.),
iv, 16

Arrow, early English one, exhibited, xvi,
323 ; found in an oaken rafter, xx, 325

Arrow-head, found in a rivulet, near Win-
chester, i, 324

Arrow-heads, of flint, from a barrow in
Scarborough, (engr.), iv, 103 ; of iron,
found on the site of Eaton Square,
(engr.), vi, 148 etseq.; paper on Early
English, xi, 142-144; Early English,
(engr.), xi, 143; old English, paper on,
by Mr. Cuming, xvi, 262-268 ; old Eng-
lish, (engr.), xvi, 265 ; iron, from North-
amptonshire ami Oxon, exhibited, xvii,
70 ; and sling bullet, (engr.), xx, 104 ;
mediaeval, xxix, 40 ; exhibited, xxx, 87

" L'Art de Verifier les Dates," notice of
the work so called, xxviii, 113

Art treasures and their preservation, a
paper on, read by G. J. Drew, Esq.,
xxviii, 205

Arthur, King, on a canette, xxx, 134

Artis (E. T.), on Roman potters' kilns
and pottery, at Castor, i, 140; on Ror
man statuary, at Castor, i, 140; on an
enamelled Roman fibula, discovered at
Castor, i, 327 ; on a bronze wand, found
near Castor, ii, 103 ; on discoveries made
in the Bedford Purlieus, iii, 49-50

Artistical receipts, early English, iii, 1 07-1 1 1



Artois (Mahaut d'), fan of, xxvi, 207
Anmdel, en. Sussex, on Leaden coffins
found at, iii, 249; notice of the Castle,
in Saxon times, xxiii, 21 ; frescoes dis-
covered in the church, vi. 140; family,
seals relating to, vii, 162 ; title of Earl
of, xxiii, 22
Arundel Society, drawings, etc. , xii, 206
Arundell, Lord, deed of, xv, 301

of Wardour, Lord, obituary notice

of, xix, 162
- Ear] <>f, xxviii, 117
Margaret, v. Anthony

Arviragus, coins of, (2 engrs.), ii, 16
Ascension, Isles of, exhibition of an adze-
blade from, xvii, 75
Ascoi, note on, x, 375-378
Ascos, an earthen, exhibited, x, 189
Ash, in Kent, Saxon spear-head found at,
xv, 290

■ Church, on discoveries at, by J. R.

Planche\ xx, 85-88

next Sandwich, in Kent, xxix, 58

Ashburne, seal of the grammar school,
(engr.), vii, 343-432 ; xii, 64 ; church,
visit to and description of, vii, 339-343 ;
sedilia and piscina in church, (engr.),
vii, 340 ; triplet window in church,
(engr.), vii, 341 ; dedication plate of
church, xix, 200

Ashby (T.), letter read from, announcing
further discoveries at Ashford, xxvii, 531

Castle, remarks on, xix, 117

Ashdown Forest, length of, xxiii, 35

Ashey Down, plan of tumuli on, (engr.),
x, 162 ; opening of tumuli on, x, 162-165

Ashford, in Kent, Celtic, Roman, and
mediaeval antiquities procured at, ii,
186 ; coins found at, xii, 75 ; font in the
church, xii, 100; exhibition of British
gold coin found at, xxvi, 379-80

Sunbury Common, paper on an

ancient British cemetery there, by E.
Roberts, xxvii, 449-452 ; v. Ashby, T
Court, near Ludlow, co. Salop, visit

of the Association to, xxiv, 108
Ashfurlongs, co. Bucks, coins found at,

iii, 254
Ashingdon,near Rochford, silver seal found

at, v, 359 ; vii, 81
Ashley (Lady), portion of her dress, temp.

Geo. II., xx, 199
Ashmole family, deeds relating to, xiii,

Ashmole (Elias), "Windsor Herald, sketch of

Holbein, engraved for him by Hollar,

xxvi, 131
Ashmolean Museum, xxix, 28
Ashmore (William), Rights on the Orwell,

xxi, 18
Ashpitel (A.), on Worcester Cathedral, iv,

302; remarks on Chester Cathedral, v,

177-180 ; on St. John's ( 'hureli, Chester,

v, 328-330 ; on the history of Mam I,

Cathedral, vi, 177-198 ;on Repton Church

and priorj . \ ii. 263-283 ; exhibitsa bronze

fibula from Maidstone, \ iii, 369; on the
architecture of Newstead Abbey, ix, 30-

89; on Roehester Castle, ix, 346-348 ;
on Rochester Cathedral, ix, 271-2S", ; on
All Saints' Church, ix, 411; memoir of,
xxvi, 266
Ash-tree, superstitions connected with the,

v, 353
Ashwell, on a mural inscription in the
ch. tower of, by J. E. Cussans, xxvi, 388
Asia Minor, coins from, ii, 336
Asiatic weapons exhibited, xiv, 291, 432
Asp, enamelled, exhibited, xiv, 358
Asser, the historian, notice of, xxviii, 320
Associates, elections, ejections, and biogra-
phical memoirs of those deceased, see
contents of all the volumes
Assyro-Babylonian tables and cylinders,
notes on, by Edw. Levien, xxv, 266-268
Asteley (Alexander de), seal of, xxi, 235
Astley (Sir Richard), xxix, 25
xxix, 24

Castle and Church, visited by the

members attending the Congress, iii, 171

Aston, visit to the church by Association,

xxiv, 299
Cantlow, xxix, 43

Furnace, near Birmingham, early

mining at, xxix, 173

Hall, xxix, 26

monuments in St. Mary's Church,

Stafford, described by A. E. Cockayne,

xxix, 294-301

manor of, near Sheffield, xxx, 165

Astronomic symbols, carved on a board,
xx, 198

Atcham Church visited, xvii, 219 ; sepul-
chral slabs, and lepers' confessional
window in the (engr.), xvii, 219 ;

Atecotti, a British tribe, mention of (wood-
men), xxvi, 235

Atlielhampton, co. Dorset, Manor House
visited and described, xxviii, 2S7-9 ;
Manor House, (engr.), xxviii, 288

Athelme, Earl of Northampton, xxix, 48

Athelney, historical notes on, xxix, 207-210

Athelstan, King, giants a charter to Wey-
mouth, xxviii, .s7

coin of, found at Beddington, xxx,

212; coins of, xi, 350

Athena; Cantabrigienses, intended work
on, by Mr. Cooper, xii, 288

Athens, altar from, vi, 82; sun-dials of,
xxix, 280

Atherlej 7 (George), on Saxon antiquities
found at Southampton, v. 162 ; exhibits
Beats relating to Hampshire, xi.
obituarj notice of, xiii, 102-163

At hoi i. coin with the legend of, (engr.),
vi, 12

Athos, .Mount, legend of the picture of the
[berian Monastery on, xxiii, 115

Atkinson (Sir W.), will of, xix, 1.^8-9

Attire, on various articles of. remarks by
H. S. Cuming, xiii, 324-326

Atlas : — Notice of the University Atlas.



or Historical Maps of the Middle Ages,
v, 108

Notice of The Compound Historical

and Comparative, folio 1847, iii, 193
Attleborough, co. Norfolk, celts found at,
i, 58

Notice of Memorials of the Parochial

Church, the Collegiate Chantry, and the
Chapel of St. Mary, commonly called
Mortimer's Chapel, in the parish of, by
the Rev. J. T. Barrett, D.D., v, 98-100
— v. Mortimer

Attercliffe, tokens of, xxx, 32

Aubrey (John), brass of, at Burghill, xxvii,


brass, at Clehonger, xxvii, 199

Auchi, Abbey of St. Martin de, foundation

of the, in 1027, xxx, 125
Auckland (Lord), exhibits drawings of a

pastoral staff, found at Wells, xiii, 314;

memoh of, xxvii, 544-545
Audeley (Edmund), Bishop of Hereford,

chapel built by, xxvii, 78-79
Audeley (Sir Thomas), facsimile signature

of (engr.), viii, 52
Auditors, report of the, see all the volumes
Augier (Emond), Jesuit priest, letter to,

from Mary Queen of Scots, xxx, 311-312
Augsburg, relics of saints at, xxvi, 273
Augury, H. S. Cuming upon crystals of, v,

Augustine (H.), his connection with Dorset-
shire discussed, xxviii, 66-67
Aula (Agnes de), notice of, xxii, 163

(Reginald de), v. Pettigrew, T. J.

" Aula" of Earl Waltheof at Sheffield, xxx,

Auld Wives' Lift (engr.), vii, 132
Aumale, Lords of, xxx, 123-129

family of, notes on the, xxx, 124, etc.

Aurelius, coins of, xxix, 350

(Victor), account of the Druids, xxx,

1 46 ; extract from, concerning Druidism,

xxx, 146
Ausonius, extract from one of his epigrams,

xxvi, 226
Austin Canons, review of the history of

the order, xxx, 421-422
Authepsa, exhibited, xxx, 199

Autograph; facsimile of the writing and

seal of Sir Thomas Lucy (engr.), i, 241
Autographs, on historical, xx, 240-242;

Suffolk, xxi, 8-13

v- Audley, Sir Thomas

v. Manuscripts

v. O'Callagan, P.

Autun, account of a tomb at, xxvi, 67
Auverne, Counts of, xxx, 123-125
Avebury, co. Wilts, xxix, 29, see Abury
Aveling (Dr.), notice of his history of

Roche Abbey, xxx, 422, etc.
Avienus, extract from, relating to the

Land's End, xxv, 257
Avignon, casket from the papal palace at,

xxiv, 400
Avington Church, account of, xvi, 58-62

v. Davis, C. E.

v. James, Rev. John

Avo (Robert de), seal of, exhibited, xv, 345
Avon, valley of the, xxix, 37
Avranches, coins found near, ii, 360

Gaulish coins discovered at, hi, 62

Axe, from the bed of the river Shannon

(engr.), iv, 411
Axe-blade, found at Winchester, xiv, 292
Axe-hammer, from the plains of Olympia,

exhibited, xvii, 74 ; from Lancashire,

xvi, 296 "
Axe-head, exhibited, xxviii, 273

Keltic, exhibited, xxix, 204-5

Axe-shaped tool, exhibited, xxviii, 190
Axle-tree, found at Haydock, xx, 358
Axminster, chatelaine found at, xviii, 390
Aylesbury (Marquis of), address at the

Salisbury Congress, xv, 109
Saxon bucket found at, (engr.), xx,

278 ; Saxon pottery found at, (engr.),

xx, 278
Aylesford, visit to the church by the As-
sociation ; monuments in, ix, 410 ; visit

to Holy Trinity hospital there, ix, 410
Aymestry Church, incised slab to Sir

John Lingen in, xxvii, 541
Ayott, St. Lawrence, visit of the Congress

to, xxvi, 261
Aztek antiquities, drawings of, exhibited,

xxx, 196


BAAL, traces of the name of, in local
names of hills in Derbyshire, xxx, 65

Babel, building of, from an Anglo-Saxon
MS. (cnrjr.), i, 21

Baberg, hundred of, xxi, 5

Babylon, head in clay covered with a vitri-
fied k'laze, discovered at, i, 316; terra
cotta mask from, exhibited, xi, 350 ; an-
tiquities from, exhibited, xiv, 342 ; relics
found at, xxv, 177; altars from, xxix,
36 ; early remains at, 36

Bacchante, bronze bust of a, discovered at
Nursling, Hants, i, 288

Bacchus, bronze heads of, xx, 202 ; mys-
teries of, xxix, 35

Back-painting, paper upon, by H. S. Cu-
ming, xxix, 81-85

Bacon (Sir Edmund) letters of, xxi, 13;
extracts from MSS., xxi, 18

(Francis), Lord Verulam, seat of, at

Gorhambury, xxvi, 31

Badbury tumulus, account of, ii, 93



Barlby, in Northamptonshire, Saxon fibula)
discovered in, i, 60

Badges, enamelled, at Dymchurch, i, 138 ;
on copper, v, 160 ; enamelled badge
(engr.J, vi, 149, etc. ; enamelled, ex-
hibited, vi, 151 ; x, 179 ; enamelled
badge, found at Cambridge (at;/r.), x,
179 ; J. R. Planches paper on the
badges of the houses of York, xx, 18 ;
of the House of York (engr.), xx, 21 ;
found in London, xx, 264; exhibited,
xxviii, 183; mould Eor badge of the
Holy Cross of Waltham (engr.), xxix,

v. Planche", J. R.

Badminton, excavations on the site of a
Roman building, made at, by the
Duchess of Beaufort and Lord A. D.
Conyngham, ii. 190; extracts from the
manuscripts at, xxv, 87-8

Bagge (Rev. James), on Roman antiquities
found at Crux Easton, xvi, 99-100

Baginton, xxix, 41

Bagnall (Colonel John), conducts excava-
tions at Etocetum, xxix, 56 note ; ex-
hibits Roman remains from Wall, ib., 433

Bagot (Rev. F.), exhibits a fardram, xiii,

(Henry), and Millicent his wife, ac-
count of, xxix, 359-360, 368

Bagott (Sir Win.), and Margaret, his wife,
rubbings from the brasses of, ii, 189

Bagshawe (Benjamin), exhibits skulls, pot-
tery, and various ancient objects, at
Sheffield, xxx, 221-223

Baigent (Francis J.), on a Roman urn and
cover, found at Winchester, iii, 334 ; his
account of mural paintings in Winchester
Cathedral, iii, 340 ; on a Norman font,
iv, 63 ; on a fresco in St. Lawrence's
Church in Winchester, iv, 387 ; presents
drawings of a font at Tichbourne
Church, Hants, v, 80 ; mentioned in re-
gard to antiquities of Winchester, v, 167,
258, 338 ; communicates an account of
medieval paintings, etc., discovered at
Winchester, vi, 76-80 ; Mr. Waller's re-
marks on, ib. ; on a painting discovered
in Soberton Church, vi, 442 ; on paint-
ings in Wellow Church, ib. ; exhibits an
illuminated MS., vii, 163; on distemper
paintings in Goodworth Church, vii, 431 ;
exhibits drawing of a sepulchral cross,
found at St. James's, Westminster, vii,
437; exhibits an illuminated pedigree
of the Tichbourne family, vii, 443; on
wall paintings in Bramdean, Hants, viii,
155; on painted glass in Alderm;»
Church, viii, 362 ; exhibits a drinking
bowl of the time of Henry VII, viii, 370;
on paintings discovered at St. John's,
Winchester, ix, 1-14; on discoveries at '
St. Swithin's, Winchester, ix, 198 ; ex-
hibits a leaden token, found at Win-
chester, ix, 432 ; on ancient numerals,
ix, 433-435 ; on a painting, discovered

at St. Cross, ix, 444-446; on the martyr-
dom of St. Thomas of Canterbury, and
other paintings, discovered in 1853, at
St. John's Church, Winchester, x, 53-87;
on the church at Woolhampton, x, 114;
on ornaments discovered in Winchester
Ci '1 lege, x, 1 59-162 ; exhibits a daguerreo-
type of a Roman altar found at Win-
chester, xi, 81 ; remarks on the same,
xi, 82; on the family of De Lymerston
and its heiress, the founder of the Tich-
bourne Dole, xi, 277-302 ; on encaustic
tiles, with a notice of Cheriton Church,
xii, 75-80 ; on a letter from the Mayor
of Winchester, in a.d. 1616, relating to
the quality of gunpowder in the Castle,
xii, 89-93; remarks on a monument to
Sir Benjamin Tichbourne, xii, 92 ; ex-
hibits deed executed by Hugh Curteis,
c. 1260, xvii, 63-5; on a latten fibula,
xvii, 322; on the parish church of Wyke,
xix, 184-212; exhibits a series of draw-
ings of bosses in the vaulting of Win-

- Chester College, xix, 330 ; on a leaden
coffin found at Bishopstoke, xx, 88-90 ;
examination of Winchester Records, xx,
283 ; on the discovery of skeletons at
Winchester, xx, 267-8 ; on discoveries
at St. Cross, Winchester, xxi, 76-356 ;
paper by, on a reliquary chest at Win-
chester, xxix, 313

Bailey (Henry), bellfounder, 1740, xxix,

Baily (C), on a variety of bronze antiqui-
ties, preserved by Mr. Warner, ii, 189 ;
on a richly ornamented helmet of the
sixteenth century, ii, 191 ; on the Priest's
door of Hanslope Church, ii, 356 ; on a
carved doorway of the fifteenth century,
ii, 359 ; on the church at Cirencester, ii,
384 ; on a monument of encaustic tiles,
ii, 387 ; on Deerhurst Church, ii, 390 ;
on the Saxon tower of Trinity Church,
Colchester, iii, 22 ; on early buildings in
Holborn, vi, 85-87; on a leaden ampulla,
vi, 125; exhibits a copper dish with a
supposed Runic inscription, vi, 157; on
marks found in Goodrich Castle, vi, 438;
on an ancient basin, vi, 438; on remains
found in Mincing Lane, vi, 442 ; on an
inscription and figure at Goodrich Castle,
vii. 56-61; exhibits a dagger of the time
of Elizabeth, found in the Thames, vii,
162 ; on the houses of our ancestors in
Kent, ix, 348

Baily (J. W.), exhibits bone implements,
xxii, 101 ; ancient equipments of the
archer, xxii, 109; exhibits vase from
Lombard Street, xxii, 304; a hammer,
3<i5;ironi ind gladiator's weapon,

305 ; Roman pottery from Southwark,
312 ; a rare vase, 316 ; bone spear-blades
and a bronze ferule, 841 ; exhibition
of various antiquities by, 453; exhibits a
Roman flower vase, xxiii, J'l ; two vessels
of Roman pottery, xxiii, 91 ; mortaria



of terra cotta, xxiii, 101 ; on a seal's
tusk, discovered at London Wall, xxiii,
102 ; exhibits a series of daggers, xxiii,
199 ; fragments of the crock which
contained coins of Harold, xxiii, 204 ;
specimens of Roman bronzes, xxiii, 283 ;
spurs and a purse-beam, xxiii, 288 ;
Saxon knives and a glass costrel, xxiv,
61 ; remarks of, on broad arrows of
bronze, xxiv, 64 ; exhibits a forged
bronze arrow-head, xxiv, 67 ; a hand
from a bronze statue from Fenchurch
Street, xxiv, 78; a mould for pilgrims'
signs, a gipsire, and a metal flesh-hook,
xxiv, 72 ; a disc-shaped bead from a
rosary, xxiv, 167 ; a dress sword of
the eighteenth century, xxiv, 169; re-
marks by, on an Etruscan sarcophagus,
xxiv, 174; exhibits articles excavated in
Lombard Street, xxiv, 178 ; fibulae from
Walbrook Buildings, and a Saxon dagger,
xxiv, 186; the head of a pastoral staff,
of brass, from Smithfield, xxiv, 273; re-
marks upon a casque or morion, with
triple comb, and embossed with the
Florentine fleur-de-lys on each side,
xxiv, 289 ; exhibits a Milanese casque,
a painted shoe, two small Roman sandals,
a Saxon and a Roman axe, and two flat
caps, temp. Henry VII, xxiv, 289; an an-
cient iron key, and a terra cotta vessel,
xxiv, 393 ; remarks on J. Hampden's
sword, xxiv, 399 ; exhibits celts from
Coleraine, xxiv, 400 ; collection of shoes,
found in Windmill Street, Finsbury, xxv,
71 ; remarks on photograph of a key
found at Ixworth, xxv, 71 ; exhibits
timber and nails, discovered in South-
wark, xxv, 78-80 ; specimens of clogs
and shoes, found in the city, xxv, 79 ;
remarks on a platform, discovered in
Park Street, South wark, xxv, 79-80; ex-
hibits bronze pot and other articles,
found in Finsbury, xxv, 166 ; a bronze
cauldron, found at Wood Street, Cheap-
side, xxv, 166 ; three Roman earthen
vessels, xxv, 166-167 ; an iron spur and
dagger-blade, xxv, 171 ; objects found
at Hillah, Babylon, xxv, 177 ; an iron
solleret and other articles, xxv, 260; an
English armlet, xxv, 269 ; remarks on

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