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Jewel of Mary Queen of Scots, viii, 372-3 ;
Dutch jewel-box, exhibited, xxix, 76 ;
Anglo-Saxon jewellery found near Scar-
borough, xx, 65 ; enamelled and jew-
elled ornaments, exhibited, xxi, 184; jew-
ellery, Anglo-Saxon, found at Seamer,
in Yorkshire, by T. Wright, xxi, 323 ;
Anglo-Saxon jewellery (engr.), ib., 332

Jewish Exodus, illustrated by Egyptian
papyri, xi, 238-48 ; work on coinage,
by F. W. Madden, xx, 284

Jewitt (Llewellynn), F.S.A., on St. Giles's,
Shrewsbury, i, 341 ; on a bronze spear-
head found at Heage, ii, 280 ; on
heraldic decorations of tile paving, iv,
216 ; on a Roman villa discovered near
Oxford, v, 159 ; on the ancient customs
of Cheshire, ib., 252-5 ; on Roman re-
mains found at Headington, vi, 52-67 ;
exhibits an enamelled badge, ib., 151 ;
drawings of Roman pottery found at
Alchester, co. Oxf., ib., 154 ; a gypsere
found in Devon, ib., 440 ; on a diptych
of the Greek church, vii, 166 ; bronze
celts and ivory carving, ib., 172; on
the ancient customs and sports of Der-
byshire, ib., 199-210 ; exhibits a carved
ivory knife-handle, ib., 429 ; on en-
caustic tiles found in Derbyshire, ib.,
384-9; exhibits a gold ring, found at
Frithelstoke, ib., 434; bone pin found
at Torbay, ib., 438 ; a silver thumb-
ring found at Exeter, ib., 443 ; on an-
cient customs and sports of the county
of Nottingham, ib., 229-40 ; exhibits an
Oriental hauberk, ix, 74 ; a silver fibula,
found in Berkshire, ib., 330-6 ; on the
traders' tokens of Sheffield, xxx, 25-37 ;
account of prehistoric remains near
Sheffield, ib., 64 ; on the Dragon of
Wantley, ib., 375-86



Jewry Wall, at Leicester, Mr. Thompson
on, vi, 893-402

Jews, treatment of, in ancient deeds, xxii,

Job, Satan tempting (engr.), i, 124;
Satan tempting Jol>, fn>m a MS. of the
9th and LOthcent. (engr-X x , 334

Jobbins (J. R.), exhibits illuminations from
an antiphonary, xi, 79; history and an-
tiquity of spoons, xii, 257; xxi, 333-42

Jokeford, notice of, xxi, 97

John (St.), the Baptist, signs of, i, 203 ;
xxi, 195

John (St.), the Evangelist, painting of,
xxiv, 272

John, King of England, deed of feoff-
ment of the time of, ix, 86-7 ; docu-
ment relating to the death of, xv, 285 ;
charter of, to the Corporation of Wilton
(5th year), xvii, 312 ; charter of, to
St. Giles's Hospital at Wilton (8th
year), ib., 312-3 ; fall of his palace, at
Southampton, xxii, 350; bequest by,
of the Earldom of Gloucester, xxvi, 149

John V, King of Portugal, moidore of,
xxi, 81

John XXII (Pope), bull of, for the resto-
ration of Hereford Cathedral, xxvii,

John, Bp. of Rochester, at Bury, xxi, 46

Johns (Capt.), on Greek, Roman, and By-
zantine coins, from Asia Minor, ii, 336

Johnson (Goddard), on the discovery of
bronze implements at Carlton Rode, i,
51 ; on roundels, i, 329 ; on a discovery
of Roman coins at Beachanwell, co.
Norf., ii, 88 ; on the leaden tokens of
St. Nicholas, found at Bury, ib., 91 :
on a bronze instrument found in a bar-
row at Sporle, ib., 342; on a Roman
dancing faun, ib., 346 ; on a gold
"torques", found at Foxley, ib., 349 ;
exhibits British remains discovered in
various places, iv, 153 ; antiquities found
in Norfolk, ib., 405 ; on various anti-
quities in Norfolk, vi, 157 ; exhibits a
large spear-head, ib., 441 ; " Sigillum
Thomae Piri," vii, 82 ; extracts from
the Norwich corporation records, xiv,

Johnson (Dr. Samuel), poems of, xxi, 12;
verses by, xxx, 70

Johnson (Dr. W.), on ancient Lancaster,
vi, 340-2

Jollyboys, paper on, xxx, 95-8

Jones (Andrew), monument of, in Here-
ford Cathedral, xxvii, 196-7

Jones (Rev. H. L.), suggestions to esta-
blish Archaeological Societies in Salop
and Chester, i, 67

Jones (Rev. John), (Tegid) on a pillar sup-
porting a cross in the churchyard of
Nevern, Eaverfordwest, i, 145 ; on the
inscriptions of the Nevern stone, ib., 320

Jones (John), on Harewood Castle, x\.

Joins (l'ichard), exhibits the money-box
of tli' j Ancient Company of the Stiteli-
mcn of Ludlow, xxiv, 274

Jones (T. R.), on mythological triad, as
represented in the Eumenides of the
Greeks, ii, 315

Jones (Rev. W.), on the merchants of the
staple, xv, 114 ; obituary notice of, xx,

Jones (Rev. W. A.), exhibits a ring found
at Bridgwater, xiii, 248

Jones (Rev. W. H., M.A., F.S.A., Pre-
bendary of Sarum), on Bradford-on-
Avon, and its monastery, xxii, 160

Jonson (Ben), notice of, of W. Kemp's
"Nine Daies Wonder", xxvi, 116

Jordan Hill, Roman cemetery and pave-
ment found there, xxviii, 94

Jorvaux, John (Abbot) of, vi, 424

Joseph of Arimathea, his chapel at Glas-
tonbury, xii, 383

Josselyn (Mrs. Fircnau), poems collected
by, xxi, 12

Joursanvault (Baron), on the MSS. of,
xvii, 79-83

Joy (W. G.), on Roman antiquities found
at York, vi, 156

Joyce (Rev. J. W.), on Abberley Hill,
xxiv, 102 ; on the monuments of Bur-
ford Church, xxiv, 195 ; on the Fair-
ford windows, xxv, 112-207; on the
ruin at Daglingworth, ib., 300-1 ; on
Daglingworth Ch., ib., 303-4 ; on Dun-
tisbourne Rouse Church, ib., 307-8 ;
reply of, concerning the Fairford win-
dows, ib., 310-13 ; on a Roman villa at
Chedworth, ib., 403-6 ; his account of a
Roman eagle, xxix, 183

Juana (Queen of Spain) on her involuntary
visit to Weymouth, by G. R. Wright,
xxviii, 145-54

Jubbe, a vessel, v, 33

Judith, niece of William the Conqueror,
notices concerning, xxx, 237, 387-97

Jug, Roman earthenware (engr.), i, 3 ;
dated 1591, v, 163 ; of cut ruby glass,
exhibited by Mr. Falcke, vi, 154; jugs
exhibited, xxviii, 70 ; Dutch, exhibited,
xxix, 184; of Flanders ware, xxx, 91;
various, ib., 199

Julia, coins of, xxix, 350

Julia Domna, a silver coin of, found in
Suffolk, vi, 445; account of, xxviii,

Julianus, coins of, found at Maiden Castle,
xxviii, 1 \

Julian (St.), near Rouen, drawing of the
church of, xxx, 114

Julius (Cains), prefect of cohors la Bri-
tauniea, sepulchral tablet to, xxvi, 227

Jumieges (Guillaume de), extract from,
relating to the Mortimers, xxiv. 22

Jupiter, Roman bronze bust of, found in
Essex, iv, 81; xxi, 82; a Florentine
statue of, xv, 287

Jura, Roman antiquities from the. xiv, 280



Just (J.), and Harland (J.), on Roman
Ribchester, vi, 229-51 ; on the tenth
iter of Antoninus, viii, 35-43 ; on the
Roman military road within Westmore-

land, ib., 78 ; obituary notice of, ix,

Juste, a vessel, v, 34
Justinian, gold coin of, found at Oswin-

thorpe, i, 51 ; and in the Thames, iv, 39


KABIRI, photographs relating to the

mythology of the, exhibited, xxx, 196
Kalisch's "Translation and Commentary

on the Book of Exodus", xii, 191-4
Kaltraeth or Kaltraez, battle of, x, 94-7 ;
xvi, 277-85 ; the date of the battle, xv,
237-45, 363 ; xvi, 218-25

v. Irving, G. V.

Karnbre coins, Rev. B. Poste on, v, 15
Katharine of Braganza, portrait of, on
Del ft ware, xi, 74 ; (engr.), xiii, 230 ;
medal of, xxi, 231
Katharine (St.) of Sienna, xxx, 371 ; mar-
tyrdom of, ib., 434 ; v. Saints
Kay (Rev. W. H.), reads Mr. Parke's
paper on the Collegiate Ch., Wolver-
hampton, xxix, 101
Kaye, notices respecting the family of, at

Woodsome Hall, xxx, 229
Kean (C. J.), memoir of, xxv, 313-5
Keat (E.), on Roman coins discovered
near Romsey, i, 257 ; on the Roman
remains at Chester, ii, 193; on a Roman
hypocaust at Chester, ib. ; on brasses in
Sefton Ch., ib., 266; on a sculptured
stone by Walton Ch., near Liverpool,
ib., 279 ; on the antiquities of Agrigen-
tum, ib., 359; on an antique head and
bust of a Roman youth, iv, 79 ; on a
Chinese keen or metallic mirror, v, 81 ;
exhibits a bronze spear-head found in
the Thames, ib., 89 ; on some mediaeval
antiquities, ib., 347; on a naumachia at
Verona, ib., 376
Keightley (T. D.), exhibits thigh-bone

found at Iona, xxvii, 375
Kell (Rev. E.), on Saxon antiquities found
in the Isle of Wight, v, 365-9 ; on bar-
rows in the Isle of Wight, vi, 452-4; on
coins, etc., found in a marsh contiguous
to Newport, viii, 323-30; on the tumuli
on Ashey Down, x, 113; exhibits plans
of Newport, xi, 270; on the pit habita-
tions of the ancient Britons in Gallibury
and Rowborough, xi, 305-13; on the tin
trade of the Isle of Wight, ib., 319;
Greek and Roman coins, found in the
Isle of Wight, ib., 337; on the discovery
of Roman coins in the Isle of Wight,
xix, 306; exhibits further Roman coins
from the Isle of Wight, ib., 330; account
of a Romano-British pottery in the Isle
of Wight, xii, 141-5;on the sitesof Roman

villas at Brixton and Clatterford in the
I. of Wight, ib., 159-62; on the ancient
site of Southampton, xiii, 207-10 ; xx,
68-73, on the remains of the priory of St.
Dionysius, xv, 278-80 ; on a Roman
villa at Carisbrooke, ib., 355 ; xvi, 100,
312-15 ; on Saxon bone pits at South-
ampton, ib., 333 ; on a penny of Offa
and Ceolnoth found at Southampton,
ib., 333-4 ; on the discovery of a glass
factory at Buckholt, xvii, 55 ; exhibits
further specimens of glass from Buck-
holt, ib., 70 ; on Saxon coins found at
Southampton, ib., 231 ; exhibits tiles
found at Netley Abbey, ib., 326 ; a
paper on Netley Abbey, ib., 329 ; on
remains discovered in the Isle of Wight,
ib., 332 ; exhibits a gold coin found
at Dover, ib., 333; brass tobacco-box
inscribed with scriptural subjects, ib.,
335 ; medallet found at Netley Ab-
bey, ib. ; a sceatta found at Southamp-
ton, xviii, 386 ; on antiquities found
at Bembridge Down, near Sandown, xix,
129-30; on barrows opened at Arreton
Down, ib., 130; exhibits three minimi,
found at Clausentum, ib., 149 ; leaden
dump for cock throwing, xx, 26 ; a be-
trothal ring found at Ringwood, ib., 67;
a bonbonniere elegantly chased, ib. ; a
silver medal of Christian Ludovic, Duke
of Brunswick Lunenberg, ib., 68 ; ac-
count of Roman remains found at Bi-
shopstoke,i6., 90; on leaden coffins found
at Biskopstoke and the glass contained
therein, ib., 199-200 ; exhibits a large
flint ceit, ib., 201 ; drawing of a sculp-
tured wolf's head from Netley Abbey,
ib., 269 ; watch seal found at South-
ampton, ib., 342 ; on the discovery of
skeletons on the site of Old Shirley, ib.,
359 ; on the castle and other ancient
remains at Southampton, xxi, 197 ; on
Southampton Castle, etc., ib., 285 ; on
leaden seals, ib., 359; on coins found in
Hampshire, ib. ; on discovery of a Ro-
man building at Gurnard's Bay, xxii,
351 ; exhibits Greek vessels, ib., 338 ;
mediaeval glass, ib., 339 ; on the fall of
a building at Southampton, ib., 350 ;
further particulars on Gurnard's Bay,
453 ; on Southampton antiquities, ib.,
454 ; on cemeteries discovered in the



Isle of Wight, xxiii, 215 ; on the disco-
very of a Roman building at Castlefield,
Tinker's Hill, on Andover Down farm,
xxiii, 268-81 ; letter respecting a Ro-
man villa at Castlefield, il>., 295 ; let-
fcer of, on a find of coins near Park End,
Forest of Dean, ib., 393 ; exhibits spu-
rious antiquities from Portsea, xxiv,
175 ; photographs of a terminal statue,
etc., from Bevis Mount, Southampton,
ib., ;S99-400; paper on Roman coins, xxv,
158-65; on an urn found atClime Down,
Hants, ib., 165-6

Kelly (W.), on the badges of the house of
Lancaster, vh, 168 ; account of excava-
tions and discoveries at Leicester, ib.,

Kelsall, co. Suffolk, exhibition of drawings
of, by H. Watling, xxv, 397

Keltic bead, xxix, 187; v. Celtic

Kemble, co. Wilts, earliest mention of
parish of, xxv, 355

Kemp (Sir Robert), letters of, xxi, 13

Kemp (W.), paper on "Nine Daies Won-
der", by T. F. D. Croker, xxvi, 114-21;
account of, ib., 115-16

Keinps of Gissing, family of, xxi, 9

Kempson (F. R.), description by, of Stret-
ford Ch., xxvii, 394-5

Kenchester, co. Heref., visit of the Asso-
ciation to, xxvii, 173-4 ; remarks on, by
Rev. H. M. Scarth, ib., 173-4 ; collection
of pottery from, ib., 531

Kendrick (James), M.D., exhibits curious
chessmen in jet, found at Warring-
ton, viii, 162 ; pottery found at Mote
Hill, Lancashire, ix, 75 ; at Wilderspool,
ib., 75 ; a mediaeval vessel in form of an
equestrian knight, xii, 265 ; on the
equestrian vessel, xiii, 131 ; exhibits a
mediaeval vessel, xiv, 91 ; various anti-
quities found in Lancashire, ib., 268-9;
on a paalstab and ring found in Lan-
cashire, xv, 235 ; exhibits terra cotta
censers, ib., 280; leaden medal of seven
bishops, ib., 351 ; Porto Bello medals,
ib., 363 ; British antiquities, xvi, 295 ;
hilt of a page's sword, ib., 296; an Egyp-
tian papyrus, ib., 316 ; portion of a
small cross discovered in a beam at
Shakespeare's house, Stratford, i6.,330;
seal of Stephen Payn, ib., 343 ; seal of
Lord High Almoner, xiv, 344 ; bronze
tap and wassail cup, xvi, 350; spheroids
of ancient glass, xvii, 60 ; various anti-
quities from Lancashire, ib., 322-4; the
seal of Roger, porter of Exeter Castle,
xviii, 257; seal of Prince Charles, ib.,
2* (J ; antiquities found at Wilderspool,
if/., 391-2; an iron spur of the period of
Henry V, ib., 392 ; four medallion
plaques of classical subjects, xix, 58; on
a Roman brand-iron, ib., 127 ; exhibits
an axle-tree found at Ha3'dock, xx, 358;
on Roman brine pans found at Nant-

w idi, /&., 859; exhibits an ampulla-shaped

jar and a portion of chain armour, xxiii,
87-8; an impressed oval plaque of horn,
of Charles I, ib., 90; a slag from Fingal
Castle, ib., 92 ; a seal of the Mortimer
family, xxiv, 288; an apostle spoon, ib.,
395; an ancient spice, or snuff-mill, ib.,
400-1 ; description of candlestick exhi-
bited by, xxv, 57; tin case for holding
a rental, ib., 167; pair of money-scales,
ib. 389; German offertory dish, ib., 399;
a deed of John de Verdun, xxii, 311 ;
Oriental articles, ib., 453 ; British pot-
tery, ib., 448 ; early tetinae, xxvi, 239 ;
letter respecting Wilderspool, xxviii,
75; exhibits needle-work, ib., 394 ; an
engraving of Mary Queen of Scots, xxix,
71 ; a school-piece by J. Eckersley, ib.,
75; glass paintings, ib., 82-4; a reel in a
bottle, ib., 87; hieroglyphic and play-
cards, ib., 89-90; mirrors, ib., 188

Kenelm (St.), sign of, xix, 98 ; notes con-
cerning, xxix, 339-40

Kenilworth, the castle visited by the Con-
gress, hi, 158-60 ; the ch. visited, ib.,
159; observations on the monumental
tablets, with crosses discovered on the
site of the monastery of Kenilworth, by
J. G. Jackson and F. W. Fairholt, ib., 161

Kenrick's Phoenicia, notice of, xii, 188-91

Kent, a certain e confession of the Earle
of, by J. 0. Halliwell, vii, 140-43 ; ob-
servations on, ib., 160

Kent (Elzbth.), Countess of, her penance
in Mayfield Ch., a.d. 1361, xxih, 364

Kent ( Thomas), on an incribed slab of
granite, near Padstow, i, 49; on Anglo-
Saxon weapons in Ireland, iv, 71 ; on
Roman remains at Padstow, ib., 394; on
Roman pottery found at Carteia, ib.,

Kent, Roman burial-place at, v, 79 ; Ro-
man sepulture in, vi, 448 ; bronze cup
found in, ix, 75; on ancestral houses in,
ib., 348; on the earls of, ib., 362-75; on
the sea margins of, x, 111; Leper-
houses in, xi, 28-34; Roman antiquities
found in, xii, 235 ; pretended discove-
ries of British remains in, xiv, 94-5 ;
Roman intaglio found in, ib., 95 ; Celtic
spear-head found in, xvii, 334; on an-
tiquities discovered in, xviii, 396 ; list
of monasteries and castles in, xxviii,
49-50; early remains in, xxix, 34

Kent Street, an early English arch found
in, iii, 348

Kent's Hill farm, accounts, xxi, 19

Kerby's "Suffolk Traveller", ib., 15

Kerdell, arms of (tnijr.), xiii, 119

Kerlescant, near Carnae, in Brittany, ac-
count of a chambered long barrow at,
xxiv, 40

Kennenlin (Adam de), monument of at
Heath (engr.), ii, 285

Kerr (Mrs. t, exhibits Roman antiquities
from the Jura, xiv, 280 : silver l>rac-
teates, xix, 131 : \x. •J.V;



Kerry, county of ; v. Croker, T. C.

Kershaw (S. W), on an ancient tomb in
St. Patrick's Cathedral, xx, 343-4 ; ex-
hibits four ancient deeds, ib., 344

Kertch, vases from, xi, 336 ; paintings
from, xii, 162 ; T. J. Pettigrew on the
antiquity of, xiii, 299-309

Keswick, notices of the deeds of the ma-
nor, v, 379-80

Kett's rebellion, T. J. Pettigrew on, xiv, 94

Kettering, gold ring found near, hi, 335

Kettle (H.), exhibits a key bearing a mo-
nogram, xxiii, 206 ; a panel from Lose-
ley Hall, -ib., 218; an implement of horn-
stone, xxiv, 65 ; a shoehorn, ib., 73 ;
a circular bronze box, xxvii, 380 ; steel
corkscrew, ib., 531; notice of a jollyboy
in the possession of, xxx, 97-8

Kettleborough Hall, seal found at, x, 99

Kettleburgh, Roman urn found at, xiii,

Kevelioc, seal of Hawisia, daughter of
Owen de (engr.J, vii, 433

Keys, nutcrackers, etc., found opposite the
archiepiscopal palace at Lambeth, i, 244;
Roman (engr.J, iii, 179 ; Roman, found
near White Notting (i engrs.J, iv, 156;
iron (2 engrs.J, v, 140; mediasval found
at St. Gregory, vi, 450 ; found in the
Seine at Paris, ib., 82; found at Canter-
bury, ix, 440 ; Roman, found at Fair-
ford (engr.J, x, 113 ; chased steel, ib.,
190 ; found in forming the sewer at
Greenwich, ib., 106 ; Roman, found at
Gloucester, xi, 64 ; history of keys, by
H. S. Cuming, xii, 117-29 ; Egyptian,
Roman, etc. (2 engrs.J, ib., 118, etc. ;
found in Ireland, xiii, 224 ; found in
the Thames, ib., 335; seals, etc., exhib-
ited by T. Wills, ib., 335-9 ; xv, 288 ;
Roman and mediaeval, xiv, 272-3; Ger-
man of the 15th century, ib., 273; iron
found in Victoria St., xvii, 75 ; leaden,
xxvii, 383; found in London, xxviii,
76 ; Roman, exhibited, ib., 182 ; xxx,
87, 199-200 ; mediaeval, xxviii, 189 ;
exhibited, xxix, 85, 429, 433; Roman,
exhibited, ib., 201-2 ; notes on, by H. S.
Cuming, ib., 202-3; rnedi?eval, exhibited,
xxx, 72 ; German, exhibited and des-
cribed, ib., 328-9 ; forged, ib., 338 ;
various exhibited, ib., 339, 442

v. Thames

v. Wills, T.

Khandjars, or double-edged wavy daggers
(Z ewjrs.J, iii, 27 ; ivory hilt of one, xxi,

Killing a calf, an interlude performed be-
fore the Princess Mary, viii, 373-7

Killucken, co. Tyrone, cairn at, i, 243

Kilpeck, visit of the Association to the
cli., xxvii, 388 ; description of the ch.,
ib., 489-93; paper on the church, by T.
Blaflhill, ib., 489-95; drawing of the ch.
exhibited, xxx, 114

Kiuibolton, co. Huntingdon, formerly be-

longed to the Warrens and Mortimers,
xxiv, 30

Kininieridge, coal money, observations on
by Mr. Medhurst, i, 325 ; coal money
(engr.J, ib. ; ii, 213 ; xxiii, 207 ; articles
formed of the shale, ii, 213 ; xii, 166-9 ;
bracelet, iv, 401 ; lion carved from the
shale (engr.J, xii, 168

Kimmerling, derivation of the term, xxviii,

"King- Jemmy's- Well", account of, xxv,

King (H. W.), on a rood over the south
door of Stepney Ch., vii, 80 ; on a sculp-
ture in the south aisle, ib., 81 ; on a
silver seal found at Ashington, ib. ;
exhibits a frontal in needlework, ib.,
164; on antiquities in Run well Ch.,
Essex, viii, 68 ; on a seal found at Run-
well, ib., 140; exhibits an illuminated
breviary of the 14th century, ib., 141 ;
embroidered ecclesiastical vestments,
ib., 143

King (Jesse), on Roman pottery found in
co. Oxon, hi, 328

King (Mr.), on perforated baked clay
weights, iv, 404 ; exhibits two gold
rings, vi, 445

King (P.), remarks on Roman villa at
Chedworth, xxv, 405

King (Robert), metal shop-ticket of 1S60,
xxx, 35

King (Rev. S. W.), exhibits stone imple-
ments from Aberdeenshire, xvii, 74;
adze blade from Ascension Isles, ib., 75

King (Thomas), account of a barrow in
Dale Park, near Arundel, i, 50 ; on the
frequent spoliation of sepulchral brasses,
ib., 55 ; some account of, by T. J. Petti-
grew, ii, 373

King (T. W. ), York Herald, list of MSS. in
College of Arms relating to Suffolk,
xxi, 158

King (W. W.), exhibits various rubbings
from interesting brasses, x, 184-185,

King, Persian, head of, (engr.J, ib., 333

Kingesthorpe, seal of (engr.J, vi, 450

King's evil, touching for the, forms of
prayer recited at, xxvii, 282-307 ; works
published on, ib., 282-283 ; description
of the different offices used at the, ib.,
284-293 ; Dean Stanley on the origin of,
ib., 293-294 ; list of the different offices
used at the, ib., 294-307

King's Head Inn, intended demolition of,
ii, 91

King's Langley, co. Herts, birthplace of
Edinond, Duke of York, xxvi, 29 ; visit
of Congress to, ib., 386

King's Newnham, remains at, xxix, 39-40

King's Standing, camps near, xxix, 39

King's Sutton, co. North., Roman olla
discovered at, xxv, 247

Kingston-upon-Hull, Merchant Adventu-
rers Company at, iii, 252-254



Kine;.4on-upon-Soar,urnsfoundat (engr. ),

\iii, 189
Kington Grange, xxix. 30; camp at, ib.,41
Kinnersley. brass of William Derinot in

the eh., xxvii, 541
Kinnersley', monuments of the family at

Uttoxeter, xxix, 276-77
Kintbury, remarks on the ch., xvi, 86
Kirkburn, Saxon font in the ch., vi, 147;

papers on by G. Milner, J. G. Waller

and W. Bell, vii, 38-52
Kirk 1 mrton, visited by the Association, xxx,

226; description of ch., by F. Barber, ib.,

226-7; description of the ch., ib., 228 ;

ruinous condition of the register-book, ib.
Kirkdale, sun-dial at, xxix, 281
Kirkmann (A. C), on bronze swords found

in the bed of the Thames, near Vaux-

hall, iii, 60-61 ; on mediaeval pottery,

ib., 63 ; on Roman coins in lead, iv, 55-

57 ; on an ivory carving of the 13th

century, vi, 123
Kirkstall, Alexander (Abbot) of, vi, 424 ;

stone jug found at the abbey, xviii,375;

excursion to, ami visit to the abbey, xx,

Kirkup ( S.), on Gualter Mapes' claim to

the authorship of " Lauucelot du Lac"

and other mediffiva] romances, x, 181-3;

observations on the " Morte d' Arthur", ib.
Kirkwall, Orkney, hour-glass at, xxix, 131
Kit's- Coty-house and cromlechs, visit to,

ix, 409
Kitty, an ancient drinking vessel, xvi, 357
Kiveton, xxx, 119
Knaresborough, orders relating to the

siege of the castle, xv, 361-3
Knebworth, co. Herts, seat of Sir W. Manny

at, xxvi, 30 ; visit of Congress to, ib.,

Kneller (Sir Godfrey), portraits by, xxi, 81
Knevet, arms of, xxx, 92
Knighthood, trinket belonging to some

order of, xx, 338
Knightlow, tumulus at, xxix, 39-43
Knight in chain armour, discovered in a

bog, at Gart-na-Moyagh, i, 46

Knights, equestrian, as drinking vessels,
xii, 265 ; (engr.), xiii, 130

Knights, of St. Katherine, xxviii, 128

Knights Templars, vi, 86 ; lodge of, at
1'., i Mock, and Temple Dinsley, xxvi, 30

Knives found in excavating the new road
from Farringdon Street to Islington, i,
147 ; flint, ii, 173 ; found near Bland-
ford (5 engrs.), iii, 97 ; handle of a knife,
found at Kenchester (2 engrs.), iv, 285 ;
knife, ivory handle of, exhibited, vii, 83,
429 ; two carved ivory knife handles
(engr.), ib., 429 ; hunting, viii, 64; knife,
found in Farringdon St., x, 88 ; me-
diaeval, found in London (engr.), ib., 89 ;
knife, pumped up from the Thames at
Billingsgate, ib. ; knife-handle, carved,
found in Fleet ditch, xiv, 358 ; H. S.
Cuming's remarks on, ib., 345 ; knife
handle of brass, xv, 346; knife handles,
etc. (engr.), ib., 346 et seq. ; knife, fork,
and sheath of German work, exhibited,
xvi, 297 ; and sheaths of girdle-knives
(engr.), xvii, 113-17; ancient snow-
knives (engr.), xxiv, 125 ; Saxon, found
at Maiden Castle, xxviii, 44 ; found in
London, ib., 76 ; knife, Saxon, exhi-
bited, ib., 183 ; cooper's knife and
others exhibited, ib., 189 ; various, ib.,
273 ; from banks of the Thames, ib.,
396 ; silver gilt covering of a knife,
ib., 398 ; exhibited, xxix, 85, 194 ; Ro-
man, ib., 191 ; various, ib., 421-22, 434;
Wallachian, ib., 196 ; specimens, xxx,
72, 87, 442 ; knife -sheaths, found iii
London, xxviii, 76-77 ; Anglo-Saxon
knives, xxx, 194 ; clasp-knives, xv, 34S;
xxix, 196 ; javelin-knives, xiv, 345, 358 ;
Roman, xxi, 368

Knole, rental of, xii, 100

Knole, co. Kent, picture-board dummy at,
xxx, 68

Knot of Savoy, xx, 326

Krentce, in Germany, forged seal of, xxvi,

Kynipton, co. Hants, brass at, xxx, 364

Kyngesthorp, seal of, vi, 450


LABARUM, Etonian ( engrs .), xiii, 316

Lace, specimen of, xii, 251 ; wi, 858 : lace-
maker's bone implement, xxviii, 272

Lachrymatory found at Colehesterfengr. ),
i, 239; from Pompeii exhibited, xxix,

Lackford, hundred of, xxi, 9 ; taxation,
temp. Ed 111, ib., 18

Lacroix (Paul), quotation from, xxv, 234
family, a member of the, founds
AJmondbury eh., xxx, 230

Lacy (Peter de), v. Northfleel

Laidamis (Sir Robert), parson of St. Mar-

tin's Wareham, original letter of, xxviii,
Laing (G. E.), on the Saxon tower of Tri-
nity Ch.. Colchester, iii, 19-22

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