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Lake dwellings at Southwark, xxii, 446
Lake house visited, xv, 192-193
Lakenbeath, bronze spear from, xxi, 316
Lamb's- conduit and Spring-head, viii,

Lamb (Charles), native of Hertfordshire,

xxvi, 30
Lambsesa, in Numidia, funeral records of,
xxv, 62



Lamberhurst, co. Sussex, iron railings of

St. Paul's Cathedral cast at, xxiv, 342
Lambert (Ed.), memoir of, xxvii, 545
Lambert (G.), remark by, on Roman
lamps exhibited by J. Baily, xxvii,
Lambert (J.), on tke Sarum Tonale MS.,

xv, 302-5
Lambetk, medal found at, vii, 83 ; a rare
token of, presented, xv, 286; account of
a manuscript on the archiepiscopal li-
brary at, xxx, 52
Lammas, on the etymology of the word,

iv, 406
Lamousie, seal from, xxiv, 63
Lamp, found at Caistor, x ; 106; terra-cotta
(2 engrs.),v, 136;hronze(engr.),ib.,l37;
Roman, vii, 176 ; viii, 57 ; xxi, 186 ; xxvii,
75; xxix, 308-310; xxx, 199; bronze
Roman,found in London (engr .), viii, 28;
xxx, 80 ; lamp found at Towcester
(engr.), xxi, 186; fragment of Roman
lamp (engr.), xxvi, 372; noteson lamps,
xxx, 80-1; for two wicks, Roman, ib.,
80 ; various Roman, described, ib.
Lamp-saucer of metal exhibited, xxix, 87
Lampstand, Roman, exhibited, xxiii, 214;

xxx, 338
Lamptrimmer exhibited, ib., 87
Lanark, seals of the Burgh of, xxiv, 83
Lanarkshire, ancient camps in, ix, 87 ; on
ancientcamps of the upper ward, x, 1-32;
map to illustrate situation of camps,
(engr.), ib., 5 ; camps (engr.), ib., 6 ;
antiquities found in camps there (engr .),
ib., 7; antiquities found at, xvi, 311-18;
xvii, 18-21, 110-12, 208-11; xxi, 81 ; re-
cord of the court and township of Dol-
phinton at, exhibited, xvii, 65; antiqui-
ties of, (engr.), xvii, 19, 110-12, 208,
etc. ; history of its antiquities, by G. V.
Irving and A. Murray, xx, 98-9; objects
in jet, found in, ib., 344
Lancashire, antiquities found in exhibited,
xiv, 93, 268, 269, 347; xvii, 322-4;
H. S. Cuming on the antiquities, xiv,
292 ; British antiquities found in, (engr.),
xv, 231-6; pottery, v. Cuming, H. S.
Lancaster, House of, cause of its struggle
with the House of York, xxvi, 28-9 ; on
the red rose of, xii, 165-6 ; Lancaster
badges (3 engrs.), vi, 378 et seq. ; vii,
168; xxiii, 282
Lancaster (Thomas), Earl of, observations

on, by Lord Houghton, xx, 16-18
Lancaster, on ancient, by Dr. W. John-
son, vi, 340-2; rood screen at, ib., 343

v. Harker, J.

v. Manchester

Lancaster Castle, visit to antiquities at,

vi, 342
Lancaster Moor, British interments at,
xxi, 159; funeral urns from (engr.), ib.,
160 ; Dr. Harker on British remains
there, xxviii, 80-2
Lances, early examples of iron heads, xx,

203-4; ancient lances (engr.), ib., 203 ;
holy lances, xxx, 372-4
Lancelot du Lac, on the authorship of the

romance, x, 181
Lancet-shaft, exhibited, xxix, 187
Lanchester, co. Durham, excursion to,
xxii, 86 ; described by Dr. Bruce, ib.,
87 ; church described by E. Roberts,
ib. ; ironworks there, xxix, 123
L'Ancresse Common,. Guernsey, cromlech

at, hi, 342 ; v. Guernsey
Lane, family of, xxix, 24
Lane (Colonel John), monument of, in

Wolverhampton Church, xxix, 51
Lang (R.), exhibits a sack-bottle, xix, 311
Langattock-juxta-Usk, monumental cross

found at, ix, 80
Langford (William), sheriff of Oxford,

seal of, hi, 50
Langford, Little, arch on the south wall

of the church at (engr.), vi, 84
Langham, celt from, xxi, 356
Langley (Dr.), of Wolverhampton, thanks

returned to him, xxix, 441
Langley (Edmond de), Duke of York,
birth of, at King's Langley, xxvi, 29 ;
opposition by, to Henry IV in 1399, at
St. Alban's, ib., 43
Langley (E.), publisher of Christmas

school-pieces, xxix, 75
Langlois (E. H.), quotation from, xxv, 233
Langridge, remarks on the Ch., xiii, 150-1
Langton (Stephen), Archbishop of Can-
terbury, his connection with Wolver-
hampton, xxix, 50
Langton (W), on documents relating to

the family of Lathom, vii, 415-20
Langton Hill, co. Essex, urn found at, ii,

Language, reason of the Anglo-Saxon
surviving the Norman tongue, xxvi,
Lansdowne, visit to, by the Association,

xiii, 153
Lanterns, German, exhibited, xxix, 70-1
Lantern-boss, sides of, in Skelton Church

(engr.), i, 70
Lappic drill-bow, carved in ivory, vi, 455
La Roche qui Sonne, armlets found at,

iii, 344
Lark's Bush, in the hamlet of Frampton,

Roman coins found at, i, 45
Larking (Rev. L. B.), on monuments in

Llanthony Church, ii, 389
Larne, co. Antrim, object found near, ii,

Lasseter (Mr.), on a Roman building dis-
covered at Steyning, iv, M86
Lastingham, monastery at, in Beda's time,

xxiv, 374
Lath, account of the origin, use, and

meaning of the word, xxviii, 399-400
Latham (J. A.), exhibits a silver penny of

Elizabeth, viii, 78
Lathom, family seals and arms, vi, 202;
Lathom and Stanley coats (engr.), vii,



73 ; the Fanse Fable of the Lord
Latin mi, by A. Woods and J. R.,
vii, 71-4; documents relating to the
family of, ib., 415-20; crest of Latin >m
of Irlam (cni/r.J, vi, 203

Latimer (Lord), his will, xxii, 409

Latimer (Bishop), note concerning the
reputed house where he was born, xix,
48-9 ; extract from his sermon relating
to Master John Schorn, xxiii, 259

Latiniacuin, r. Fursey, St.

Latrinsc, account of and exhibition of
domestic utensils, by E. Roberts, xxx, 442

Latten, fibula (ew/r.J, xvii, 320 et seq. ;
repouss^ work reliquary (engr.J, xxvi,
274 ; objects and scraps of, ib., 79, 94-5 ;
ornaments, ib., 193-4; plaques, ih., 339-40

Latymers, visit of the Congress to, xxvi,

Laughton en-le-Morthen, or Morthing, vi-
sit to, by the Association, xxx, 218 ;
description of, by Rev. J. Stacye and F.
Barber, ib., 218-219, 397-405 ; (plan J,
ib., 344 ; account of the earthwork at,
ib., 406-8

Law, paper on the hundred and tithing of
English law, xxviii, 21-7

Lawson (A. S.), on " Isurium", xx, 39-51

Layton (Rev. James), on a bowl-shaped
cist and triangular cover, found in Cha-
ring Ch, Kent, ii, 340

Lazarus and Dives (engr.), vi, 84

Leach (Rev. J.), exhibition by, xxii, 452

Lead, objects in : — seals discovered in Lon-
don, i, 154; tokens found in Aldersgate,
ib., 319; found in the bones of a human
body, ib., 326 ; pig of, with name of
Nero, t'6.,326, 335; seal found at Canter-
bury, ii, 98 ; seal found in the garden
of the episcopal palace at Winchester,
ib., 189 ; coffins found at Arundel, hi,
249; coffin found at Croydon, iv, 383;
coffin at Old Ford, ib., 392; remarks on
the price of lead in the reign of Henry
VIII, by Mr. Black, vii, 304-6'; original
documents on the price of lead, temp.
Hen. VIII, ib., 304-5; Roman coffin, ix,
163 ; token, found at Winchester, ix,
432 ; and near Canterbury, x, 107 ;
water-pipe, found in Old Broad Street,
xi, 73-4 ; xxix, 185 ; on a pig of, v, 225 ;
viii, 55 ; xvi, 350; coffins found, xviii,
265-7; Parisian forgeries of antiquities,
ib., 278; signacula {engr.J, xix, 94; ob-
jects, found in London, xx, 80 ; coffin,
found at Bishopstoke, ib., 88-90 ; Ro-
man bulhe, xxii, 354

v. Bulla;

v. Corner, G. R.

v. Hampstead

v. Popes

r. Waterpipes

Leadenhall, grant of, by Margaret de Ne-
ville, vi, 139

Leadenhall Street, discovery of Roman
pavement at, xix, 307

Leader (J. D.), on the remains of Sin Hi. M
Manor,xxx,42-51 ; statements of respect-
ing the manor, ib., 231-5

Leasingham, enamel found at, hi, 248

Leather, helmet, iii, 59 ; bottle of the
16th cent., iii, 251; vessels exhibited,
xv, 339; xvii, 273 ; xviii, 380-82; water-
pipes of, xxix, 185 ; objects exhibited,
xxx, 87,95 ; leatherware of Stafford-
shire, ib., 180

Leathes (H. M.), presents a drawing of a
Roman vessel from Suffolk, iv, 155

Le Briton, or Bret (Gley), xxx, 112

Lecchinges, ib., 309

Leckhainpton Hill, discovery of instru-
ments near the camp on, i, 43 ; barrow
at opened, ih., 153

Lecointre-Dupont (M.), on the discovery
of some coins of Richard Cceur-de-Lion
at Chef-boutonne, ii, 90; on the proba-
ble date of the cathedrals of Coutanccs
and Seez, ib., 277; on the vitrified walls
of Sainte Suzanne, and of Chateau
Gonthier, ib.

Lectern, rubbing from a, at Yeovil, ix, 75

v. Desk

Ledbury, brasses of William Callowe,
Thomas Caple, and of John Hayward
at ; quaint inscription at, xxvii, 200

Ledsam (J. F.), on antiquities found in
Worcestershire, iv, 291 ; obituary no-
tice of, xix, 164

Le-Duc (Viollet), extracts from, on French
gardening, xxx, 183-4

Lee, family of; brasses of the, xiii, 351

Lee (E. S.), obituary notice of, xviii,

Lee (Dr. John), on the Papyrus, vii, 361 ;
exhibits various antiquities, ix, 188 ;
glass found at Hartwell, xi, 262 ; in-
ventory of the goods and effects of a
Buckinghamshire gentleman in the
reign of Queen Elizabeth, xii, 169-74 ;
rubbings of brasses of the Lee family at
Dintou Bucks, ih., 351-2 ; a Cromwel-
lian relic, xiv, 89 ; a manuscript list of
advocates in the Court of Arches, ib.,
339-40 ; communicates discovery at
Lengerich, xvii, 247-9; president at the
Leicester Congress, xix, 30 ; reply to
the mayor and corporation of Leicester,
ib., 33 ; his inaugural address and dis-
course, ib., 33-9 ; letter of condolence
on his decease, xxii, 248

Lee (J. E.), his catalogue of the Caerlion
Museum, xix, 260-1 ; paper on Roman
coins belonging to, xxv, 158-65 ; cata-
logue of Roman coins, ib., 159-65

Lee (James Prince), Bishop of Manchester,
memoir of, xxvi, 269

Lee (Sir 11.), grant to, of Sopwell Priory,
xxvi, 134

Lee penny, its true description, xxii, 305

Leeds, co. Kent, account of discoveries at
tin' Priory, ii, 95

Leeds Castle, co. Kent, on the portions of



old work, still remaining at, ix, 286-95 ;
visit to, and examination of, ib., 414
Leeds, co. York, inaugural address by-
Lord Houghton at the Congress, xx, 1-
15; proceedings, ib., 52-65, 189-96,238-
51 ; patrons, officers, and committees,
ib., 52-3; mayor's address to the Associ-
ation, ib., 54 ; Lord Houghton's reply,
ib. ; conversazione, ib., 55 ; Mr. O'Cal-
laghan's paper on the mace of the
borough, ib., 55; petition from, to Oliver
Cromwell, 1656, ib., 58 ; E. Robert's
description of, ib., 60-4 ; visit to Farn-
ley Hall, ib., 64 ; reception by Mr.
Foulkes, ib., 65 ; crosses at Ilkley, ib. ;
G. M. Hill's remarks, ib.; T. Wright
on Anglo-Saxon jewellery found near
Scarborough, ib. ; evening at Leeds,
ib., 189 ; letter from the treasurer and
resolution thereupon, ib., 191 ; Mr.
Hartshorne's paper on the Honour and
Castle of Pontefract, ib. ; remarks by
the President ; Lord Houghton's paper
on Thomas Earl of Lancaster, ib. ; Rev.
Surtees on the locality of Hengist's last
battle and burial place read, ib. ; excur-
sion to Wakefield, ib., 192; reception by
Dr. Holdsworth, inspection of Wayside
Chapel on the bridge, ib. ; the castle
and church, ib., 193 ; plans of Foun-
tains Abbey, exhibited and described
by G. M. Hills, ib. ; H. S. Cuming on
the weapons of the ancient tribes of
Yorkshire, ib., 196; inspection of the
chapel of St. Mary Magdalene, visit to
Ripon Cathedral, and reception by the
dean, ib., 238 ; excursion to Ripon and
Studley Royal, ib. ; St. Wilfrid's needle,
ib., 239 ; Fountain's Hall inspected, ib.,
240 ; reception by Earl de Grey and
Ripon, ib. ; G. M. Hill's explanations, ib. ;
Mr. James on the little British kingdom
of Elmet, and the region of Loidis, ib.,
243; excursion to Kirkstall and inspec-
tion of the abbey, ib. ; remarks by E.
Roberts, meeting at Philosophical Hall;
Lord Houghton's address, ib., 243-4 ;
proceedings, ib., 245-6 ; on the Roman
roads intersecting Halifax, by F. A.
Leyland, ib., 246 ; examination of the
Halifax gibbet, ib.; visit to the People's
Park and the parish church, ib., 247;
return to Leeds, departure for York,
arrangement of objects to be visited, ib.,
248; examination of antiquities in the
Yorkshire Philosophical Society's Mu-
seum, ib.; visit to St. Leonard's Hospi-
tal, ib.; the old city wall, ib. ; the mul-
tangular tower, ib. ; the hospitium, ex-
hibition of Roman pottery, and pave-
ment, ib., 249 ; the Castle, Clifford's
tower, description by the governor, ib.;
visit to the Guildhall, ib. ; reception by
the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress at
the Mansion House, ib., 250; entertain-
ment, ib.; regalia and plate of the city,

ib. ; visit to the crypt of the cathedral,
observations by the Dean, Mr. Brown,
and others, ib. ; conclusion, ib., 251

Legee (H. W.), letter from, enclosing lock
of hah of Edward IV, xxv, 84

Legends of the Wye, xxvii, 249-51 ; of
Tintern, ib., 253 ; of Marclay Hill, ib.;
254 ; connected with a stone in the
churchyard of Maentwrog, ib., 281

Legh (Peter), exhibits two deeds of ap-
pointment of sheriff of the county of
Chester, xii, 163-4

Legrice (C. V.), .verses by, xxi, 12

Leicester (Countess of), inventory of the
goods of, ii, 352; v. Levien, E.

Leicester (Robert, Earl of) visit to his
hospital by the Congress, hi, 146; Rev.
H. B. S. Harris's account of, ib., 146-8

Leicester (Robert le Bossu), Earl of, grant
of the county of Hereford to, by King
Stephen, xxvii, 179-80

Leicester (Sir Peter), ballad concerning
him, v, 321

Leicester, Restorations at St. Mary's Ch.,
i, 51 ; excavations made at the abbey,
ib., 245 ; Mr. Thompson on its ancient
remains, vi, 116-22 ; plan of the abbey
and encaustic tiles (engr.), ib. ; gold
coin of Honorius found at, ib., 151 ;
Jewry wall at, ib., 393-402 ; plan of
(engr.), ib., 393; Jewry wall at (engr.),
ib., 395 ; account of excavations and
discoveries at, vii, 439-42; patrons, offi-
cers, and committees at the Congress,
xix, 30, 31 ; proceedings, ib., 30-56, 112-
25, 219-56; reception by the mayor and
corporation, ib., 32 ; the mayor's ad-
dress, ib. ; address of the corporation,
ib., 33; the president's acknowledgment,
ib. ; his inaugural discourse, ib., 33-39 ;
letter from the treasurer, ib., 40 ; de-
monstration by G. M. Hills of the prin-
cipal features of interest in Leicester
Guildhall, ib., 40; visit to several places
at Leicester, ib. ; Mr. Hill's paper on
the Guildhall, ib., 41-46 ; Mr. Thomp-
son's remarks on an old building in
High Cross Street, ib., 46 ; T. Wright
on an inscribed tile of the 8th Legion
found in Leicester, ib. ; G. V. Irving on
the earthworks of Leicestershire, ib.,
47-8; excursion to Groby Castle, Brad-
gate ruins, Ulvescroft Priory, Beacon
Hill, Woodhouse Chapel, Latimer's
house, and Thurcaston Ch., ib., 48 ; E.
Roberts' remarks on the turrets of Brad-
gate Park, ib. ; Mr. Thompson's observa-
tions on Bradgate, ib., 48-9 ; on the
chapel, ib., 49; Mr. Hills on Ulvescroft
Priory, ib. ; reception at, ib. ; acknow-
ledgments to Mr. Herrick, ib. ; visit to
Beacon Hill, Mr. Irving' s remarks upon,
ib. ; visit to Woodhouse Chapel, exami-
nation of stained glass windows and
armorial bearings at, by J. R. Planch',
ib.; visit to Thurcaston, reputed house



where Latimer was born, 3>. ; account
of Leicester Abbey, ib. ; reception 1 > y
the Literary and Philosophical Society,
ib.; the president's address, ib., 50; Dr.
Li e's reply, ib. ; J. R. PlanchJ on the
Earls of Leicester, ib. ; Rev. C. C. Coeon
a slab in the museum obtained from
Carthage, ib. ; 11. S. Cuming on the
memorials of Richard III, ib., 51-5 ; vi-
sit to Bosworth Field in company with
the Leicestershire Agricultural Society,
xix, 112; visit to Kirby Maxloe, ib.; E.
Roberts' remarks on Bosworth Ch., ib.,
Sir A. Dixie exhibit.- antiquities found
in Bosworth Field, $.,113; Rev.Canon
Trollope on the battle of Bosworth, ib.;
E. Roberts on St. Martin's Ch., Leices-
ter, ib., 113-17 ; E. Levien on the life
and times of Letitia, Countess of Lei-
cester, ib., 117; excursion to Ashby,
Rev. C. H. Hartshorne's remarks on the
castle, ib.; visit to Staunton Harold,
reception, and remarks on the ch., ib.,
118; visit to Breedon, received by Mr.
Bostock, Mr. Phillip's remarks on, ib. ;
visit to Castle Donington, portraits at,
Mr. Goddard on King Richard's house,
ib., 118-20; house of Richard Illfengr.),
ib., 119 ; T. Wright on an early MS.
preserved at the Guildhall, ib., 120;
Mr. Thompson's paper on the history of
the county of Leicester before the Nor-
man Concpiest, ib., 120 ; T. Wright's
remarks on the abandonment of the
Roman name Rata3 for Leicester, ib.,
121 ; Clarence Hopper's paper on the
guilds of Leicester, ib., 122-5 ; T.
Wright on the guilds, £6., 125 ; excur-
sion to Brixworthand Northampton, ib.,
219; reception at Brix worth by Rev. C.
P. Watkins, account of the ch., discus-
sion, E. Roberts' remarks on, ib., 222-3;
reception by the mayor and corporation
of Northampton, Rev. C. H. Hartshorne's
remarks on Northampton, his paper on
Queen Eleanor's Cross, ib., 224-9; visit
to St. Sepulchre's Ch., E. Robertson
the ch., ib., 229 : visit to All Saint's
Ch., ib., 230; visit to the Town Hall, ad-
dresses of the it. mayor and cor-
poration and Sir C. Boughton, ib. ; visit
to Queen's Cross, ib., 231; discussion,
ih.. 231-233; meeting, at Leicester, ib.,
233; Mr. Drake on some of the advan-
tages of antiquarian research, ib., 233-
237 ; Dr. Wilson Pearson, on the me-
dieval history and antiquities of Castle
Donington, ib., 237-245; examination
of the churches of Leicester, ib., 245 ;
examination of All Saint's, St. Nicholas,
St. Mary le Castro, and St. Martin, ib.,
247; visit to Sir H. Halford, Bart., at
Wistow Hall, ib., 249; reception at,
Wistow Hall, ib. ; relies of Charles I.
exhibited, ib., 250 ; concluding meeting,
at Leicester, the president's address, ib.;

Votes of thanks to the mayor and cor-
poration of Leicester, ib., 251 ; to the
mayor and corporation of Northampton,
ih., 252 ; to the president and members
of the Literary and Philosophical So-
ciety,//;. ; to the secretary of the Leicester-
shire Archaeological Association, $.,253;
to Sir H. Halford, Bt., Marcus Huish, etc.,
for their hospitality, ib., 254 ; to the au-
thors of papers read during Congress, and
exhibitors of antiquities, ib., 224 ; to the
clergy, ib., 255 ; to the President of the
Congress, ib. ; Dr. Lee's farewell address,
and acknowledgment of address from
the Leicestershire Agricultural and
Archaeological Society, ib., 256

Leicester Grange, tumulus at, xxix, 43

Leicestershire, coins found in, vii, 178;
medieval horse shoe found in, xiv, 276;
antiquities discovered at, xvi, 311;
earthworks of, xix, 47-48 ; list of monas-
teries and castles in, xxviii, 55

Leinthall Starkes, visit of the Association
to the ch., xxiv, 298

v. Irvine, J. T.

Leintwardine, weapon in bronze, found
near, xxiv, 2nl

Le Keux (J. W.), exhibits drawings of
crosses, xi, 337 ; remarks at Bishop
Auckland, xxii, 303

Leland (John), account by, of a treatise
by Gervaise of Canterbury, xxviii, 63

Le Meschin (Ranulf), notice of, xxviii,

Lengerich, discovery of antiquities at, xvii,

Lenham, painting in the church (en jr. J,
i, 60

v. Pretty, E.

v. Pryer, Th.

Lenoir (Alexander), reference to, xxv, 253

Leofric, Bishop of Exeter, paper upon the
library of, xviii, 320-324

Leominster, counter-seal of the priory, a
gem, iii, 190 ; paper on the Priory
Church, by E. Roberts, xxvii, 438-445 ;
visit of the Association to the Priory
Church, ib., 392-394; sections of the
Priory Church (engr.), ib., 438 ; Priory
Church (engr.), ift. ; ancient revenues
of, ib., 443; founded by Leofric, ib., 439 ;
sequestrated by Edward I, ib., 444

Leonard (St.), signs of, i, 204 ; xix, 97

Leonard (Avicia de St.), xxx, 171

Leonard (Mr.), presents urns found on
Sunbury Common, to the Association,
xxvii. 528

Leontius, sepulchral inscription to, at
Cologne, xxix, 429

Leopard and lion, from St. John's Hos-
pital. I Hrencester, xxv, 10 1

Leopold. I (Emperor), tobacco pi rag-

ing to. xix, 13S

Leopold (Archduke of Austria 1 ', charm
found in a dollar of, xxx, 369

Lepard (S. . exhibits drawii g of brazen




columns before the Exchange at Bristol,
xiv, 340-341

Leper house, at Exeter, ix, 182; leper
houses in Kent, and their establishment
in England, ix, 359, xi, 28, 34 ; leper
hospitals, or houses, history of, xi, 9-34,
95-117; in York, xxii, 407, 408-18

Lesmahago (Co. Lanark), fragments of
stones from the priory of, xix, 140;
snuffers found in the church at, xxv,

v. Irving, G. V.

Lessons from ancient masters, modern ; by
J. W. Grover, xxx, 454-455

Le Sueur (Hubert), a celebrated sculptor,
executes the statue of Charles I, xi,
236 ; and of Admiral Leveson, xxix, 31

Letcombe Castle, Berkshire, xxix, 36;
monolith found at, ib.

Lethbridge (P.), on an enamelled stud, ii,
191 ; on a palimpsest brass, from Cob-
ham Church, ib., 200

Letheriugham, co. Suff., coins found at, x,
90 ; H. S. Cuming, on the Church of
St. Mary at, xxx, 74-78 ; poem on, by
J. Clarke, ib., 77, 78

Letronne (M.), death of, x, 80

Letters, inedited, relating to James II and
his family, viii, 336-337; v. Manuscripts

Leuchars (W.), exhibits various Scottish
coins, xiv, 336

Leveson (Lady Katherine), saves the statue
of Admiral Leveson, and replaces it in
Wolverhampton Church, xxix, 51

Leveson (Nicholas), his gifts to the altar
of Wolverhampton Church, xxix, 51

Leveson (Admiral Sir Richard), his tomb
destroyed, his statue saved and replaced,
xxix, 51 »

Leveson (Richard), xxix, 362

Leveson (Sir Walter), places stalls from
Lilleshall Monastery in Wolverhampton
Church, xxix, 52

Levien (Edward), M.A., F.S.A., &c., on
the Shrewsbury book, xvii, 29-37 ; on
the MSS. of Baron Joursan vault, ib., 79-
83; on unpublished Devonshire MSS.,
in the British Museum, xviii, 134-145 ;
ou unpublished documents relating to
the captivity of Charles I, ib., 283 ; xix,
12-24 ; on unpublished MSS., relating
to Meaux Abbey, ib., 263-275, 324; on
the Life and Times of Letitia, Countess
of Leicester, xix, 117 ; on MS. collec-
tions relating to Suffolk in the British
Museum, xxi, 5; exhibits a Florentine
MS., ib., 358; on a Roman cowjius,
xxii, 191, 245, 246; on deeds of the
Ford family, ib., 307-311 ; on St.
Mary's Collegiate Church in Hastings
Castle, xxiii, 124 ; letter from the Rev.
E. Kell, ib., 393 ; on the barony of Bur-
ford, xxiv, 136-150; on an Etruscan
sarcophagus, ib., 174 ; exhibits the head
of a walking stick in perforated iron,
and an iron forcer, ib., 177 ; letters from

Mr. Kell, on remains from Bevis Mount,
Southampton, and Andover Down Farm,
Hants, ib., 400, 402; letter on ancient
implements of stone found in Jamaica,
ib., 403-4 ; on Richard of Cirencester
and his writings, xxv, 120, 133 ; on Ro-
man coins, ib., 158-165 ; on relics found
at Hillah, ib., 177; notes on Assyro-
Babylonian tablets and cylinders, ib.,
226-268 ; reads a communication from
Mr. Clarke, ib., 272-73 ; on popular
tumults, temp. Rich. II, at St. Alban's,
xxvi, 32-44; remarks on Dr. Stukely,
ib., 183 ; exhibits head of a walking
cane, xxvii, 163 ; celts made by the
Carib Indians, ib., 375 ; on the Hereford
Missal, ib., 424-429,540 ; exhibits small
book of French Hymns, ib., 521 ; letter
from Sir T. G. Briggs, xxviii, 73 ; ex-
hibits shell celts from Barbadoes, ib.,
73 ; paper on Wareham and its reli-
gious houses, ib., 154-170, 244-258 ; re-
marks on the Wolverhampton Cross,
xxix, 105,106; paper on early religious
houses in Staffordshire, ib., 325-37 ; ex-
hibits woodblock of an early seal,
xxx, 196 ; account of the woodblock ex-
hibited by, ib., 170-172; the Life and
Times of Earl Waltheof, ib., 387-397 _

Levy (Rev. T. B.) obituary notice of, xxix,

Lewes, co. Sussex, earthen vase found at,
i, 257 ; report on the antiquities found
at, ib., 346-357 ; further report on the
discoveries at the Priory, ii, 104; plan
of discoveries at the Priory (engr.J, ib.,
105 ; A Hand-book for Lewes, historical
and descriptive, by M. A. Lower, ib.,
127; A Day's Ramble in and about the
ancient town of Lewes, by G. A. Man-
tell, LL.D., F.R.S., ib., 290 ; clay vessel
found in excavating at Lewes, ib., 343 ;
seals found at, iii, 334 ; statuette of
Venus, found at, iv, 404 ; seal found at,
v, 89 ; Roman road to, vi, 91 ; arch-
deacons of, xxii, 126, 127 ; ironworks at,
in 1266, xxiv, 337; v. Gundred

Lewis (Jenkin), rare book of, described,
xxi, 81

Lewis (Rev. T. T.), on the tympanum of
a doorway in Fownhope church, Here-
ford, ii, 267

Lewisham, co. Kent, fibula found at, viii,

Lewkenor (E.), sermons on the death of, at
Ipswich, xxi, 349

Lewknor, family of, possessed Bodiam
Castle, temp. Rich. Ill, to Chas. I, xxiv,
356-360; family of, of Tratton and
Tangmere, near Chichester, obits ami
family memorauda, from a manuscript,
xxx, 50-61 ; v. Bodiam

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