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Leybourne, co. Kent, heart-burial at, xxi,

Leylaud (F. A.), on Roman roads inter-
secting Halifax, xx, 205-219



Leyston, the abbot of, xxi, 18
Lezden Park, antiquities at, i, 334
Liber Landavensis, W. H. Black on, x,

Library, metlireval ; v. Leofric

Lichfield, seal of the grammar school of,
xii, '233; contained two churches in
Beda's time, xxiv, 867; antiquities from
Etocetum deposited in the Museum
there, xxix, u'O ; descent of the see, 49,
n.; visit to, ib., 115; cathedral de-
Boribed, ib., 1 19-20 ; early pottery works
at, ib., 181 ; cathedral establishment at,
to., 827 ; note concerning,^., 441 ; cathe-
dral, ib., 23

Lightfoot (Peter), monk of Glastonbury,
account of his clock, xxvi, 339

Lillebouue, Roman cemetery at, xxiv, 186 ;
letters descriptive of a Gallo-Roman
Mosaic discovered atfeii'jr.J, xxvi, 340-
350; photograph of a Mosaic pavement
there, exhibited, xxviii, 398

Lilleshall, remarks on the abbey, xvii,
2o.",-271 ; plan of the abbey (engr.J, >>>.,
266 ; doorway and refectory {enyr.J, ib.,
269 ;, notice of the ch., ib., 271-273 ;
statue of Sir R. Leveson removed from
Wolverhampton to the ch., xxix, 51

Limerick, gold ring money found in, iii,
50 ; on urns found in, v, 154

Limoges, enamels of, vhi, 143; xvii, 320 ;
xviii, 395

Lincoln, family of, xxviii, 121

Lincoln (Sir Hugh de), history of, by the
Rev. A. Hume, v, 405

Lincoln (Roger de), a witness in an early
charter, xxx, 160

Lincoln, antiquities discovered in the city
of, i, 258 ; Roman tessellated pavement
discovered at, ii. 186; seals of the city
exhibited, vi, 82 ; archaeological glean-
ings at, viii, 304-309; visit to, ib., 255;
painted glass window in the cathedral,
x, 90 ; halfpenny of, exhibited, ib. ;
on painted glass in the cathedral, xi,
89-94; coins found at, ib., 262; seal
1". lund at, ib. ; dimension of the cathe-
dral, xxi, 41 ; ch. of Paulinus at, in
ruins in Beda's time, xxiv, 368

v. Brooke, W.

Lincolnshire, British swords found in, xi,
203; rapier found in, xiii, 335; Celtic
antiquities found in, xv, 225-230; lea-
thern costrel from, ib., 289; Anglo-
Saxon antiquities found in, xvi, 311;
glaive found in, xvii, 321 ; list of mo-
nasteries and castles iii, x.wiii, 55

Lindisfarne (or Holy Island), St. Cuthbert
at, xxii, 22-24; visited by the Associa-
tion, t6., 304; monastery at, in Beda's
I [me, xxiv, 375
Lindsay (John), on a bell found at Bristol,
ii. 199; on coins found at Clogheen, i_ii.
:'.:;:'.; on a seal found in Clare, v, 87 ;
on an ancient crueitix, vi, 111; on a
penny of King James I of Scotland

found at Trim, xii, 75 ; memoir of,

xxvii, 545 ; biographical memoir of,

xxviii, 307, 308
Lindsell, amphora found at (engr.J, i, 209
Lingen (Sir John), incised slab to, in

Aymestry Church, xxvii, 541
Lingwell Nooke, moulds for casting Ro-

m;m coins, found at, vi, 154
Linhope Burn, xxix, 30
Linley (Timothy), Rotherham token of,

1669, xxx, 32
Linley, the ch. visited by the Association,

xvii, 213; reception at the Hall, ib. ;

Roman villa at, ib.
Linton, Ch. of St. Mary of, xxi, 96
Lion, stone figure of a, found near Chester

(engr.), v, 229 ; of kimmeridgc shale,

xii, 16S ; of mosaic work, xxv, 104 ;

bronze statuette of a lioness, found at

Cirencester, ii, 393
Lisieux (Arnulph), Bishop of, letter from

him and the Archbishop of Rouen, vi,

Literary frauds and forgeries, Dr. Madden

on, xix, 65, 66
Little Ashby, figure of the Empress Helena

on a brass at, xxvii, 312
Littlechester, Roman remains at, xxix,

Little-Dean, co. Glouc, dedication of the

Ch., xxi, 26
Little John, his bow exhibited, xxx, 455
v. Hood, Robiu

Little- Hereford, visit of the Association

to, xxiv, 193
Little-Maplestead, on the condition of the

Ch. of, i, 335
Little-Stonham, example of the tau-cruci-

fix in the Ch., xxvii, 311
Littleton, family notes of, xxix, 298
Littleton (Sir Edw.), autograph of, xxi, 13
Little- Whalley, ancient hall at, i, 314
Liturgies, v. Heywood, J.

v. Levien, Edw.

Livermore, Celt from, xxi, 356
Liverpool (Earl of), autograph of, xxi, 13
Liverpool, visit to, by the Association, v,
309-21; presentation of a Mazer bowl to
President of the Association at, ib., 317 ;
Mr. Pettigrew's acknowledgment of the
same, ib. ; the Mayor's address at, upou
the presentation of a Mazer bowl, ib. ;
reception of the Association at, ib., 320
Lizard district in Cornwall, account of an-
tiquities there, by Rev. A. H. Cum-
mings, xxix, 341-353
Llanbabr, in Anglesea, account of a sepul-
chral Btone at, xxiii. 227
Llandaff, Dean of, v. Conybeare, Rev.W.D.
Llandaff, notes on the Liber Landavensis,
x, 237 ; visit to the Cathedral, ib., 302 ;
ground plan of thet astle i < mjr.),ib., 303;
list of monasteries in the diocese of,
xxviii, i')2
Llandanwg, deserted state of the Church
of, ii, 339



Llanfihangel-Aber-Cowin, in Carmarthen,
escallop-shells found in pilgrims' tombs
at, xx vi, 278

Llanthony, state of the Abbey, i, 53 ; on
monuments in the Church, ii, 389 ; ob-
servations on the priory, ib., 391 ; visit
of the Association to the priory, xxvii,

Llanvair castle, v. Wentwood castle

Llanvair-Watercline, on the carved rail at
the Ch. of, i, 346

Llewellyn (Prince of Wales), excommuni-
cation of, xvii, 151-155

Lloyd (Rev. F.), reception by, at Aldworth,
xvi, 231

Lloyd (Hugh), pulpit oifengr.), i, 161

Lloyd (J. D.), memoir of, xxviii, 308

Llyn Cwellyn (engr.),\, 161

Lluys, Battle of, xxiii, 59

Lochard (W.), window inserted in nave of
Hereford Cathedral by, xxvii, 77

Lochmaben, iron candlestick discovered
in ruins of Bruce's castle, xxv, 57

Local nomenclature, chiefly Celtic, and
relating to Great Britain, vi, 255-71

Lock, Saxon (engr.), iii, 299 ; bronze
(engr.), v, 139

Lock and Key of the 15th cent., exhibited,
xiv, 288 ; remarks on, by H. S. Cuming,
lb. ; from Hever Castle, exhibited, ib., 352;
lock of a snaphaunce musket, exhibited,
xv, 286 ; temp. Hen. VII, xxv, 73 ; early
manufacture of locks, xxix, 176-7; ex-
hibited, ib., 433 ; v. Padlock

Locksbrook, near Bath, stone coffin found
at, xix, 65

Lodge (Alderman), notice concerning him,
xxx, 26

Logan Rock, its relative position to'Ware-
ham, xxviii, 295-98

Loidis, on the region of, xx, 34-38

Lombard-street, vase found at, xxii, 304 ;
tile found at, xxx, 196 ; alabastron
found in (engr.), ib., 205

Londesborough (Lord), communicates a
report on excavations in barrows in
Yorkshire, vi, 1 ; exhibits an ancient
helmet, ix, 191 ; obituary notice of,
xvii, 171-75

London (Alan de) first Vicar of Worksop,
in 1276, xxx, 170

London, knives found near Islington, i,
147 ; leaden tokens found in (8 engrs.J,
ib., 210 ; Roman remains found in dif-
ferent parts of the City of, ii, 340 ;
brass ring and buckle found at the
Bridge, iii, 54 ; historical account of
the Company of Carpenters flO engrs. ),
v, 101-5 ; inspection of antiquities in
the City, vii, 435 ; donations in aid of
the illustration of, ib., 436 ; objects for
worship of Diana from, viii, 56 ; on the
fortifications of, ib., 147-9 ; on the
marking and stamping weights in, ib.,
309-22 ; Roman antiquities found in,
ix, 74 ; pottery found in, ib., 74-5 ;

Roman lamps found in, ib., 83 ; trades-
men's signs in, ib. ; on frauds con-
nected with the discovery of antiqui-
ties, ib., 84 ; observations on, ib., 84-5,
89-92 ; Mr. Burkitt on tradesmen's
signs, x, 99-105 ; ecclesiastical seal,
found in (engr.), xi, 159 ; various anti-
quities from, exhibited byC. Amslie, xiii,
224, 236, 237, 315, 335 ; various anti-
quities, ib., 236-37 ; spoons, ib., 253-4 ;
tokens, exhibited, xv, 336 ; Roman
antiquities, xvii, 325-28 ; weights, of
the City, xx, 67 ; leaden objects found
in (engr.), ib., 80 ; gally-tiles, ib., 83 ;
badges, ib., 264 ; liberty of, compared
with Ely, xxi, 149 ; Saxon coinage of,
ib., 191 ; leaden shrines of St. Thomas
a Becket, ib., 194 ; figure of St. Eras-
mus, ib., 195 ; equestrian figure of
Edward Conf ., ib. ; figures of the infant
Christ and St. John Baptist, ib. ; for-
merly on a large arm of the sea, xxiii,
254-6 ; signacula found in (engr.), ib.,
332 ; signaculum, xxiv, 219-30 ; mural
candlestick found in Moorfields, xxv,
39 ; iron candlesticks exhumed on the
site of the Steel Yard, Upper Thames
Street, ib., 54 ; iron candlesticks dis-
covered at Brook's Wharf, Upper
Thames Street, ib., 56 ; iron candle-
stick found in Fenchurch Street, ib. ;
mural candlestick found near Worship
Street, ib. ; iron candlestick exhumed
in London Wall, ib. ; beam chandelier
exhumed in Windsor Court, Monkwell
Street, ib., 60 ; collection of shoes found
in Windmill Street, Finsbury, ib., 71 ;
candlesticks exhumed in Smithfield and
Maze Pond, Tooley Street, ib., 73 ;
Roman jetty discovered in Park Street,
Southwark, ib., 79, 81 ; landing place
discovered at Brooks's Wharf, Upper
Thames Street, ib., 80 ; bronze pot and
other articles found in Finsbury, ib.,
166 ; bronze cauldron found at Wood
Street, Cheapside, ib. ; Roman earthen
vessels found in Monkwell Street, ib. ;
and in Lime Street, ib. ; Roman earthen
vessel found at Shoe Lane, ib., 167 ;
Roman knives and other articles found
in the Poultry, ib. ; iron spur and dag-
ger-blade found at Thames Embank-
ment, ib., 171 ; col am exhumed in Up-
per Thames Street, ib., 246 ; Roman
key found in Dowgate, ib., 273 ; gold-
thread embroidery found at Windmill
Street, ib. ; churchwarden's accounts for
parish of St. Matthew, Friday Street,
by Rev. W. S. Simpson, ib., 358-83 ;
objects found near the Mansion House,
lb., 395-96 ; exhibition of articles found
in Suffolk Lane, Thames Street, xxvi,
81 ; tetiiue exhumed from 1864 to 1867
at Smithfield, the Temple, and Upper
Thames Street, lb., 112-13 ; right of
presentation to Islington Vicarage, pos-



sessed by the Nunnery of St. Leonard's
at Stratford-atte-Bowe, xxvi, 162 ; exhi-
bition of objects exhumed in, ib., 166 ;
objects exhumed at Gun Wharf, ib.,

170-71 : seal of St. Mary-le-Bow Church,
ib., 217 ; objects exhumed at Finsbury,

ib., 239 ; objects from the Than*
ib., 240 ; objects exhumed at Somerset
House and Wapping, ib.', reliquaries,
ib., 371-2; Roman vases from Holborn,
ib., 373 ; objects found in Victoria
Street, City, ib., 375 ; coins of Ethel-
red II, &c., exhumed at St. Martin's-le-
Grand, ib., 379 ; objects from the City,
ib., 380 ; figure of Venus and other
articles found in London Wall, xxvii,
273 ; antiquities found in, xxviii, 76-7 ;
various antiquities from, ib., 182-3 ;
objects from, exhibited, ib., 189-90 ;
localities connected with the worship of
A} olio, ib., 340-2; relics from, xxix,
69, 76, 77 : various antiquities found
in, ib., 69, 85, 91, 186-88, 203, 425-26 ;
weapons, &c., from, ib., 204-6 ; remains,
chiefly Roman, ib., 191, 201-2, 305-6,
308-10 ; hour glass at St. Alban's
Church, Cheapside, ib., 132 ; descrip-
tion of sun-dials in various parts of, ib.,
281-88 ; tax laid by Henry I for re; airs
of the Bridge, ib., 257 ; picture board
dummies in various suburbs, xxx, til 1 -
71 ; various objects from, exhibited, ib.,
72, 73, 80, 91-2, 339 ; Mrs. Badly sends
objects found in, for exhibition, ib.,
72-4 ; watering pots found in various
parts of, i'j., 187-90 ; tiles found in,
ib., 196; collection of iron ware belong-
ing to the Corporation, ib., 223 ; notes
by E. P. L. Brock on the church of
St. Martin Outwich, Threadneedle
Street, ib., 335 ; costrel from London
Wall, ib., 340

London, v. Chaffers, W.

v. Culluin, J.

v. Cuming, H. S.

v. Gunston, T.

c. Hugo, Rev. T.

v. Mayhew, Rev. S. M.

v. Price, E. B.

v. Queen Victoria Street

r. Turner, J.

■ v. Wimble, J.

Londonderry, nut-crackers found in, xiii,
22 1

Long (Caesar), on the discovery of re
of the ancient priory of St. John the
Baptist, at Holywell, xix, 141-5

Long (H. L.), on the foundations of
Poinan buildings, &c, at Farley Heath,
iv, 158 ; exhibits some badges belong-
ing to horse furniture, vi, 82

\ of Wraxall, family of, xxi, 193

Longbirch, xxix, 23; visit of the Con-
gress to the farm at, ib., 220
Qgchamps, deeds, etc., of the family,

Long-Compton, in Warwickshire, Roman

remaius at, xvii, 75

i." igcote, gold ring found at, vi, 445

Longevity in ancient Africa, xxv, 61-6

Long-Meg, near Penrith, and marks on
rocks at Rowton, Lynn, and Old Bewick
(en'jr.), xvi, 118

Long-Melford, Suffolk, exhibition of, and
remarks on, copies of painted windows
from the church, xxvi, 249-50 ; draw-
ings of painted glass in the church,
xxvii, 255 ; v. Simpson, Rev. W. S.

Longperier (M. de), correspondence with
Ch. Rcessler on a Gallo-Roman Mosaic
pavement at Lillebonne, xxvi, 344-50

Longstaff, (W. H.), onstained glass in the
church of Thirsk, i, 49

Longstone, and the barrows of Wroxhall
Downs, report upon, by the Rev. E.
Kell, xii, 84-8

Longstone Edge, co. Derby, antiquities
from mines at, xxx, 222

Longueville, Comtes de, xxix, 63

Looes hundred, chief constable's accounts,
xxi, 144-53

Loretto, Our Lady of, v. Cuming, H. S.

Lorica, Roman (engr.), i, 148; viii, 355

Lorraine (Christina de), xxx, 432

Lorraine (Robert of), Bishop of Hereford,
commences the rebuilding of the ca-
thedral, xxvii, 54-5 ; monument of, ib.,

Loryng (Walter), Abbot of Malmesbury,
xxvii, 329

Loseley Hall, v. Kettle, H.

Lothian, list of monasteries in, xxviii, 61

Lothing hundred, taxation temp. Ed. Ill,
xxi, 18

Lott (Thomas), exhibits a carved shield
from Guildhall, iv, 401 ; on a Norman
or early English font found near the
Mansion House, v, 163 ; exhibits some
Roman coins found in Cheapside, vi,
155 ; on stone-coffins found at Bartho-
lomew Close, vii, 83 ; Roman remains
in Little St. Thomas Apostle, ib., 170 ;
exhibits leaden weights of the time of
Charles I, viii, 366 ; notice of Allhal-
lows, Honey Lane, ix, 167-74 ; exhibits
various antiquities, ib., 200

Loughor, Roman antiquities from, xii, 239

Louis (Dauphin of France), siege by, of
Hertford, xxvi, 27

Louis X (King of France), fan of his
Queen Clemence, xxvi. 206

Louis XIV (King of France), letter to
Pope Innocent XI, viii, ."539-41

Louis XVI (King of France), fan given to
Marie Antoinette by the market- women
of Paris, xxvi. 212

Louth, seal of the grammar school of,
xii, 15 1

Louth Park, seal of the abbey at. xii, 250
Bliss), transmits drawing of Anglo-
8 ixon chatelaine, xxv. 2<;2

Lovell Sir Thomas), buried at the Pi:



of St. John the Baptist, at Holywell,
xix, 141-5

Lovell (Sir Richard) and Dame Elizabeth,
memorial in Preston Church, xxviii, 98

Lovendon, spear found at, i, 335

Love-seals exhibited : — " Je su sel
d'amour," iv, 78 ; xiii, 248 ; set with
gem : — "Verba salutis ave," iv, 401

Lovetot, family of, in connection with
Sheffield, xxx, 148-56, 159-65, 238-9 ;
in connection withWorksop,i&.,158, etc.

Lovetot (Henry and Ralph de), witnesses
to an early charter, xxx, 162

Lovetot (William de), probable builder of
Sheffield Church about 1103, xxx, 153;
arms of, ib., 279

Lowe (R. Grove), on the discovery of
Roman foundation at St. Alban's, v,
360 ; on excavations going on at St.
Alban's, vi, 91 ; exhibits a bronze female
bust found at St. Alban's, ib., 438 ;
on Roman coins found in Hertford-
shire, vii, 176 ; exhibits a stone cross
from St. Alban's, xvii, 328 ; on Veru-
lam, xxvi, 183-9 ; on the ruins of Sop-
well, ib., 188-9 ; exhibits and describes
plans of dykes, ib., 263; obituary notice
of, xxix, 324

Lower (M. A.), on an earthen vase found
at Lewes, i, 257 ; inquiry concerning
an ancient statute, enjoining church-
wardens to exterminate foxes, badgers,
etc., ib., 312 ; on the antiquities found
at Lewes, ib., 346-57 ; further report
on the discoveries at Lewes Priory, ii,
104 ; on the discovery of a flight of
stairs in the wall of Southover Church,
ib., 342 ; on a curious clay vessel, found
in excavating at Lewes, ib., 343 ; on
seals found at Winchelsea and Lewes,
iii, 334 ; on the manufacture of iron
by the Normans, iv, 265 ; on a brass
figure of St. Michael, ib., 404 ; on an
car-pick, tooth-pick, etc., found at Al-
f riston, v, 359 ; exhibits a bronze handle
of a knife, vi, 90 ; exhibits a drawing
of the Rhine cup of Archbishop Laud,
vii, 436 ; exhibition by, xxii, 448

Lowestoft, co. Suffolk, ancient pottery
from, xxi, 276 ; drawing of brazen
chaudelier at, exhibited by Mr. Cuming,
xxvii, 376

Lowsley, near Eyam, pottery from a bar-
row at, xxx, 222

Lowth (Prior), oak panelling in the house
of, xiv, 81

Loxfield hundreds, v. Mailing

Lubbock (Sir J.), note of petition of the
Association in support of his Bill for
preservation of national monuments,
xxix, 218
Lubeck, remarks on a brass at, xvi, 350

Lucauus (Marcus Annaeus), extracts from,
respecting the Druids, xxx, 142-3

Lucas (Margret), of Limehouse, token of,
xxx, 433

Lucius ^Elius, large brass coin of, v, 80

Luctou, seal of the grammar school of,
xii, 148

Lucy (Sir Thomas), of Charlecote, fac-
simile of the seal and autograph of, i,

Ludford, near Ludlow, visit of the Asso-
ciation to the church and house, and
account of their curiosities, xxiv, 107 ;
brass of William Foxe at, xxvii, 200-

Ludlow, Heath Chapel (engr.J, iii, 18S ;
history of Ludlow and neighbourhood,
by T. Wright, ib., 187-91 ; interior of
barn, Wigmore Grange, (engr. J, ib.,
190 ; altar-piece in the ch., v, 166 ;
the castle visited by the Association,
xvii, 159 ; discoveries at the Friars at,
ib., 328 ; notes on the early church-
wardens' accounts of, xxiii, 309 ; plan
of Priory of Austin Friars, (engr.),
xxiv, 50 ; on the remains of St. Austin's
Friary, ib., 51-6 ; remains of the Anglo-
Norman ch., ib., 57 ; paper on St.
Lawrence's ch., ib., 57-60 ; account
of the early English decorated and per-
pendicular parts of St. Lawrence's
ch., ih., 58-60 ; visit of the Associa-
tion to it and the neighbourhood, ib.,
88-108, 193-204 ; account of the Gram-
mar School, Monastic Chapel, Lane's
Asylum, and the Reader's House at, ib.,
89 ; extract from a will of a Ludlow
tradesman, ib., 269-70 ; on the ancient
Company of Stitchmen of, ib., 327-34 ;
castle, inhabited by Sir H. Sydney as
Lord President of the Marches of Wales,
ib., 320 ; inscription by Sir Sydney over
the archway of the castle, ib., 323 ;
entry, in 1684, of Duke of Beaufort in-
to, xxv, S6-7 ; description of the castle
in 1684, ib., 87-8 ; destruction of brasses
at, xxx, 74-5, n.; armour abstracted
from the church of St. Lawrence, ib.,
75, n.

v. Pen son, R. K.

Ludstone Hail, visit of the Congress to,
xxix, 226

Luke (Rev. F. V.), letter respecting Wey-
mouth, xxviii, 87

Lukis (F. C), on the Cromlech du Tus, i,
25-9 ; on the discovery of a cromlech
in Guernsey containing two skeletons
in a kneeling position, ib., 59 ; on a
stone grave, ib., 67 ; on the sepulchral
caves in Guernsey, ib., 305-8 ; cromlech
of Gavr' Iunis, in the Morbihan, in
Brittany, ib., 309 ; on an iron coffer at
Caumartin, ii, 305 ; on the antiquities
of Alderney, iii, 1-15 ; on stone celts
found in the Channel Islands, ib.,
127-8 ; on the cromlech on L'Ancresse
Common, Guernsey, ib., 342; on the
discovery of Roman coins in Jersey,
iv, 272 ; on cromlechs in the Channel
Islands, ib., 307-23 ; sepulchral cave



examined by, vii, 435 ; on a sepulchral
cave at Guernsey, viii, 64-7; on the

Macular, ix, 422-8

Lukis (F. W.\ on the stones at Gavr'
Iimis, iv, 60

Lukis (J. W.), on the contents of a bar-
row in the forest of Carnoet, near
Quimperle, iii, 126 ; on the remains at
Gavr' Innis, ib., 269-79

Lukis (Rev. W. C), F.S.A.,on the Salisbury
Bell Foundry, xv, 141-50; on cromlechs,
xx, 228-37 ; on some peculiarities in
the construction of chambered barrows,
xxii, 246-9, 263 ; on vitrified forts,
xxiii, 392 ; discoveries in the Bay of
PlonharneL, ib., 400 ; on a chambered
long barrow at Kerlescant, Carnac, Brit-
tany, xxiv, 40 ; on the bell-foundry at
Gloucester, xxvii, 416-23, 540

Lullingstone, Kent, St. Erasmus revered
at, xxi, 195 ; picture-board dummy at
the castle, xxx, 68

Lumley (Lord John), interred at Cheam,
xxi, 231

Lumley (Sir John), note concerning, xxii,

Lumley, '. pictures at the castle, xxi, 362 ;
paintings in, (engr.J, xxii, 40 ; J. R.
Planche", on the portraits at, ib., 31-37 ;
description of Castle, by Rev. J. Dodd,
ib., 45 ; excursion to, ib., 86

v. Planche", J. R.

Lumley family monuments at Chester-le-
street, xxii, 29 ; J. R. Planche on, ib.,
31-46, 86-87

Lumley Portrait of Shakespeare, xi, 264

Lupton (W.), on some particulars relating
to Milton's first wife, v, 418

Lusignan (Geoffrey de) , xxx, 400

Lustleigh-stone, explanation of the inscrip-
tion upon, xviii, 335

Luther (Martin), gold wedding-ring of,
exhibited, x, 375 ; medallion portrait of,
and of his wife, exhibited, xxiv, 74 ;
his wedding-ring, ib., 173; his hour-
glass, xxix, 135

Luton-Hoo, coins found at, xxii, 93

Luxmoore (C. H.), exhibits a glazed jug
found in the Fleet-ditch, xiv, 95 ; ex-
hibits a medal, struck on the defeat of
the Spanish Armada, ib., 281; wed-
ding knives and embossed sheath, ex-
hibited by, xvi, 298; a curious razor,
xviii, 382; an enamelled Bcent-box,
ib., 397; an amphora, xx, 272; a lady's
watch, temp. Elizabeth, ib., 327 ; lea-
ther pouch of Oriental character, ib.,

Luyton, deed concerning land at, exhi-
bited, xx, 344

Luyton, or Luton ; charter to Michai I de
Bubetone of land at, xx, 344

I.ydekker (G. W. ), remarks on a Roman

glass in Lord Verulam's collection, xxvi,

Lydgate (John), verses of, inscribed h
chapel in Suffolk, ii, 187; lines by, in
honour of Humphrey, Duke of Glou-
cester, xxvii, 222

Lyell (Sir Charles), on flint implements,
xxii, 155-159

Lym, St. Margaret, xiv, 149

Lymerston, on the family of, xi, 277-302 ;
armorial bearings of the (engr.J, xi, 287

Lymington, co. Hants, coins from, xxii,

Lymne, in Kent, Roman remains at, vi,
346 ; Saxon coinage of, xxi, 191

Lynch, family of, xxi, 288

Lynch (C), on remains of early buildings
in Holborn, vi, 82 ; exhibits two ivory
carvings, ib., 85 ; exhibits a tile from
Alhambra, ib., 88 ; pennies of Edward
the Confessor, Harold II, and William I,
ib., 154; observations on a painting of
the Massacre of St. Ursula, vii, 77 ; on
letters relating to James II, viii, 335-
337 ; exhibits an illuminated book of
offices, with armorial bearings and curi-
ous spiritual wills, ib., 364 ; on a jewel,
supposed to have belonged to Mary,
Queen of Scots, ib., 372, 373 ; exhibits a
rare gold noble of Henry VIII, ix, 85 ;
some needlework, said to be done by
Mary, Queen of Scots, ib. ; purses, xiv,
271 ; fragments of Roman flower vases,
ib., 338 ; obituary notice of, xvii, 183

Lynch (Nicholas), tomb of, (engr.), i, 103

Lynch (William), arms of, xxi, 28S

Lynch Castle, Galway, (engr.), i. 93; door-
way opposite the Castle, (engr.J, ib., 96

Lyndewode (Bishop), discovery of the body
of, in the under chapel of St. Stephen,
viii, 62-63 ; body of (engr.), ib., 62 ; ex-
amination of, ib., 70-72 ; etching from
cast of the face, ib., 70

Lynn, co. Norfolk, excursion to, by the
Association, xiv, 145 ct scq. ; chapel of
ourLady on the Mount, ib. ; description of,
ib., 145-147 ; the Grey Friars at, ib., 147;
the records and regalia of the corpora-
tion, remarks on, ib., 148; St. Nicholas
chapel, ib. ; on the records of the Corpo-
ration of, ib., 153-155; v. Norfolk

Lyra, docquets of the abbey charters,
"xxviii, 245-248

Lyre, remarks on the, i, 292; as played
upon (2 engrs.J, ii, 226, 227

Lysuns (Samuel), the antiquary, account
of, xxv, 21

Lyster (Sir R.), his monument in St. Mi-
chael's Church, xi, 323

Lyttleton (Lord), on taxation, xxi, 215

Lytton (Lord), inaugural address at St.
Alban's as President, xxvi, 21-32;
obituary notice of, xxx, 345-349




McALL (Rev. E.), remarks on Brixton or

Brightstone Church, xi, 316
M'Caul (Rev. John), on tesseraj consulares,
xx, 95-97; on longevity in Ancient
Africa, xxv, 61-66 ; on an inscribed
stone found at Sea Mills, xxix, 371-
Macclesfield, seal of the grammar school,

xii, 61
Macdonald (Flora), account of the ring
given to her by the Pretender, xxiv, 37
Macintyre (J.), on the camp at Ardock,

xiv, 279
Mackie (S. J.), exhibits bronze and bone
relics from Heathery Burn Cave, Dur-
ham, with remarks upon the same,xviii,
383-385 ; remarks on Stone at Thames
Head, xxv, 284-285
Macnaghten (Mrs. A. S.), obituary notice

of, xx, 168, 169
Macneil (J.), on stone coffins in the belfry

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