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of Trowbridge Ch., iii, 53
Madden (R. R.), on tumuli at Algiers,
xviii, 377 ; on ancient literary frauds and
forgeries, xix, 65, 66
Maden (Rob.), Sheffield halfpenny of 1670,

xxx, 31
Madonna medal, x, 88 ; medallet, xvi, 323 ;
found at Netley Abbey, xvii, 335

v. Mary, the Blessed Virgin

Maenhir, at Guernsey, observations on the,

ix, 425-428; (engr.), ib., 426
Maentwrog, legend connected with a stone

in the churchyard of, xxvii, 281
Maes- Howe tumulus, Runic inscriptions
found in, with paper on the translation
of the same, by the Rev. Principal Bar-
clay, xviii, 395
Maesysarnedd, Denbigh, barrow at, xxii,

Magician's signet of lead, xix, 140
Magna Castra, v. Kenchester
Magnia Urbica, Empress, bust of, xxiv, 69
Magor, Church at, x, 290
Mahommedan compass and reliquary, xvii,

Maiden Castle, co. Dors., H. S. Cuming on
ancient remains found at, xxviii, 39-45 ;
remains from (engr.), ib., 39 ; visit to,
by the Association, ib., 99-100 ; notices
of, ib., 100-102 ; flints found at, ib., 221-
222 ; plan of (enf/r.), xxx, 406 ; account
of the plan, by G. M. Hills, ib., 313
Maidenhacche (Nicholas de), xxx, 309
Maidenhead, co. Berks, weapon found at,

i, 311
Maidstone, Kent, Roman villa near, ii, 86 ;
plan of villa (engr.), ib., 87 ; coins found
at, ib., 360 ; the history of the College
of All Saints, by Rev. B. Poste, 1847,
flO engrs.), iii. 257-262 ; ancient sepul-

chral interment near (engr.), iv, 65 ;
Collegiate Church of Maidstone restored
by J. Whichcord, vi, 159 ; bronze fibula
from, viii, 369 ; visit to the College by
the Association, ix, 412 ; visit to the
town, ib., 410 ; reception by the Mayor
and Corporation, ib., 411 ; exhibition of
their charters, ib. ; soiree given by, 415;
exhibition of antiquities at, ib., 415 ; an-
tiquities of, x, 32-52 ; various anti-
quities at, x, 32, 177 ; oriental ring and
flint spear-head found at, ib., 177 ; stone
implements, iron spear-heads, etc., found
in, xiii, 319 ; tiles and encaustic anti-
quities from, xx, 82
Maintenon (Madame de), fan of, xxvi, 210
Mainwaring (Sir Thomas), ballad concern-
ing, v, 321
Maiseyhampton, account of the Church,

xxv, 193-195
Maitland (Charles), M.D., the Church in

the Catacombs, ii, 395
Maitland ( W.), F.R.S., extract relating to
Cheapside from his "History and Survey
of London," xxiv, 152-153
Maldon, co. Essex, Ithancester Monastery
near to, famous in Beda's time, xxiv,
Malet (Robert), notice of, xxviii, 120
Malet (William), notice of, ib., 120, 121
Maleverer (Leonius de), witness to an

early Charter, xxx, 162
Mailing, co. Sussex, bulla found at the
Abbey, vi, 439 ; visit to the Abbey by
the Association, ix, 410 ; account of the
manor, xxiii, 334 ; comprised the hun-
dreds of Mailing, Loxfield Dorset, and
Loxfield Camden, ib., 339
Malmesbury, co. Wilts, monastery at, in
Beda's time, xxiv, 367 ; visit of the As-
sociation to the Abbey, xxv, 286-292;
history of the Abbey, ib., 288-291 ; re-
marks on Market Cross, by G. M. Hills,
ib., 291 ; extract from Charters to the
Abbey, ib., 354-355 ; on the succession
of the Abbots of, by W. de G. Birch,
xxvii, 314-342, 446-448 ; precis of official
books belonging to the Abbey, ib., 336-
339; text of a Cottonian MS., giving
the succession of the Abbots, ib., 339-
342; Abbots of; Meidulfus, ib., 316;
Aldhelm I, ib. ; Daniel, ib., 317 ; Aid-
helm II, and his successors, ib., 317-318;
prdcis of the Chartulary, ib., 336-337 ;
Roman bricks found at, compared with
those of Maiden Castle, xxviii, 41
Malmesbury (William of), his account of
the early history of Hereford Cathedral,
xxvii, 49-53
Malta, flint celt from, vi, 156; coins of
the Grand-Masters of, from a.d. 1697 to



a.d. 1798, exhibited, xii, 174; coin of
the Grand-Master, xv, 275; Phoenician
inscription found at, xviii, 38(3-388

Malta-stone, xi, 68

Malyns (Gerard), distributes copper tokens,
xxx, 27

Mamertina, v. Chalcos

Man (Island of), on the resignation of the
kingdom to the Pope, vi, 323-329 ;
sculptured crosses in, i, 48 ; ancient
sculptured stones of, xv, 63-80 ; effects
of the evil eye upon cattle in the, xxiii,
99 ; v. Burton, T.

Man of Ross, account of, xxvii, 247-248

Manchester, on the history of the Cathe-
dral, vi, 177-198 ; wooden remains of
the old Collegiate Church of (engr.J, ib.,
189-191 ; ground plan of the cathedral
(engr.), ib., 198 ; congress at, ib., 330-
354 ; officers and committees, ib., 330 ;
address of the President, ib., 332-335 ;
Mr. Ashpitel's discourse on the history
of the Cathedral, ib. ; T. J. Pettigrew
on the study of Archaeology at, ib. ; J. R.
Planche" on the Stanley crest, ib. ; T.
Heywood's remarks on, ib. ; Rev. Bruce
on the Norman fortress in England, ib.;
inspection of antiquities at Whalley and
Ribchester, ib. ; meeting at Lancaster,
ib., 337 ; J. R. Planche on the badges of
the House of Lancaster, ib. ; on the
history of witchcraft at, ib. ; G. Godwin
on the Barbican in connection with our
castles, ib. ; visit to Heysham, its re-
markable tombstones and graves, ib. ;
inspection of Peel's Castle and Furness
Abbey, ib. ; Mr. Sharpe on the remains
of the Abbey, ib. ; meeting at Lancaster,
paper on antiquities by W. D. Haggard,
ib. ; Rev. R. Bannister on the "Vestigia
Vetustade Pilling," ib., 338-340; Dr.
Johnson on ancient Lancaster, ib., 340-
342; visit to Lancaster-Castle, St. Mary's
Church, and Hornby Castle, ib., 342-
344 ; examination of antiquities on re-
turning to Manchester, ib. ; Roman mil-
liarium at Caton, ib. ; J. Just and J.
Harland on Roman Ribchester, ib. ; Dr.
Bell on xEolophiles, ib., 344-346 ; Dr.
Whittaker's paper on local nomencla-
ture, chiefly Celtic, and relating to Great
Britain, ib. ; Mr. Beaumont on the traces
of the Romans along the banks of the
Mersey, ib. ; Rev. B. Poste on ancient
British chariots, ib.', the Bishop of Man-
chester's address, ib., 347 ; visit to Che-
tham College, inspection of the building
and the library ; J. E. Gregau on Hum-
frey Chetham and his foundation, ib. ;
Mr. French on the tippets of the canons
ecclesiastical, ib. ; J. Thompson on the
Jewry wall at Leicester, Mr. Pretty and
Mr. White on Roman discoveries in
Northamptonshire, ib. ; Mr. Repton on
ancient tapestries, ib. ; Mr. Harland on
ancient charters to the burgesses of

Clitheroe, ib. ; J. R. Planche on helmets
in the Museum, ib. ; resolution by M r.
Crossley and Rev. Corser to promote
union of the Association and Archaeolo-
gical Institute, ib., 349 ; medal struck in
commemoration, by Mr. Taylor, museum
arranged at Mechanics' Institute, map
of Roman Mancunium, ib. ; proceedings
by the Council of the Association in
reference to the resolution passed at
Manchester, ib., 350-354

Manchester, v. Ashpitel, A.

Mancunium, Roman, map of, vi, 349

Mander (C. B.), exhibits steelwork, xxix,

Mandevile (William), Rotherham, token of,
1664, xxx, 32

Mandevill (Stephen de), witness to early
charter, circ. 1126, xxx, 171

Mandeville (Geoffrey de), Earl of Glou-
cester, account of, xxvi, 150

Mandeville (Sir John), birth of, at St.
Alban's, xxvi, 30 ; account of his relics,
ib., 272

Manduessedum, site of, xxix, 44

Mang, St., xix, 97

Manille of Augsburg work, xxvii, 258

Manley (Richard), autograph of, xxi, 17

Manners and customs of Nottingham, viii,
229; E. Pretty on the "Dumb Bors-
holder" of Kent, ix, 405 ; in the time of
King Edward I, xviii, 66, 145, 213, 318

v. Halliwell, J. O.

v. Jewitt, LI.

v. Lower, M.A.

v. Milner, G.

v. Wulfstan, Bishop.

Manners (Lady Gertrude), xxx, 246

Manningtree, coin found at, viii, 360

Manor Lodge, Sheffield, drawings of, ex-
hibited, xxx, 223; discussion concern-
ing, ib., 234-236

Mansfield, Roman coin found at, v, 375 ;
seal of the grammar school of, xii, 229

Mansell Gammage, sepulchral slab from,
xvii, 328

Mansell Street, Roman remains from,ii, 299

Manny (Sir Walter), seat of, at Knebworth,
xxvi, 30

Manton, near Worksop, note concerning,
xxx, 162

Manuals, Architectural, notice of, xii, 114

Manuscripts, drawings of architects' work
from, i, 20-25; relating to Hurstmon-
ceaux, ib., 252 ; important publication
of Mediaeval Documents in the Archives
of the French Empire, xix, 79-80 ; ori-
ginal pardon of alienation of Queen
Elizabeth to Thomas Sutton, founder of
the Charter-house, ii, 347 ; in Glouces-
ter Cathedral, ib., 386 ; collected by M.
Doundieu, ib., 392 ; architecture and
building from mediaeval, iii, 99-101 ;
reprints of rare tracts and imprints of
ancient manuscripts, from the press of
M. A. Richardson, ib., 197; illuminated,




exhibited, vii, 163; tracings from, il-
lustrative of the Barbican, ib., 178 ;
Charters relating to the monastery of
Calke, vii, 414; receipt of money, by
Margaret, queen of Edward I, ib., 421 ;
charters of the abbey of B nrton-on-Trent,
ib., 421-428 ; Mr. Turner's descriptive
Index of manuscripts, ib., 452 ; on the
Sarum " Tonale", xv, 302 ; deeds of the
corporation at Newbury, xvi, 234 ; va-
rious, exhibited by G. Wentworth, xvii,
71-72 ; deeds, charters, inquisitions,
etc., exhibited, ib. ; Latin missal, ib., 234 ;
Pali manuscript, xxiv, 289 ; Roll of ex-
penses of Joan de Valence, Countess of
Pembroke, xviii, 145-152, 213-220 ; pre-
served at the Guildhall, Leicester, xix,
120; Mr. O'Callaghan's exhibition of
historical autographs, xx, 65 ; " Lives of
Henry V", remarks on, ib., 99 ; Mr.
O'Callaghan on autographs, ib., 240-242;
deeds of Edward I, II, and IV, ib., 344 ;
on the municipal archives of Dorsetshire,
by J. 0. Halliwell, xxviii, 28-31 ; three
lists of monasteries compiled in 13th
century, ib., 45-64; description of Cot-
ton MSS. Vespasian, A, xvii, Titus D.
xii, Cleopatra, A. xii, ib., 110-112; at
Weymouth, account of, by W. H. Black,
ib., 200-201 ; household account book
described by W. H. Black, ib., 206-207;
various, exhibited by ditto, ib., 221-222;
destruction of, xxix, 354-355 ; exhi-
bited, ib., 432-433 ; illuminated, exhi-
bited by W. Bragge, xxx, 458-463

Manuscripts, v. Abyssinia.

v. Birch, W. de G.

v. Black, W. H.

v. Bragge, W.

v. Charters

v. Clitheroe

v. Edward I, King

v. Ford, E.

v. Joursauvault, Baron

v. Lee, Dr. John

v. Levien, E.

v. Lynch, C.

v. Mayer, J.

— — v. Savoy Hospital

v . Wright, G. R.

v. Wright, T.

Mapes (Gualter), on his claim to the
authorship of "Launcelot du Lac", and
other mediaeval romances, x, 180-3

Maplestead, Great, probably a Saxon
building, i, 335

Maplestead, Little, V. Repton, J. A.

Mare (Thomas dela), Abbot of St. Alban's,
notice of his defence of the abbey
against the townsmen, temp. Ric. II,
xxvi, 38-42

Mara (Robert and William de), xxx, 310

Marble crowned head of the time of
Edward II, i, 259 ; Roman heads, xiii,
317; xxiv, 69

Marclay Hill, legend of, xxvii, 254

Marcus Antonius, Archbishop of Spalatro,
made Dean of Windsor and Wolver-
hampton, xxix, 51
Marcus Aurelius, coins of, xxix, 350
Marden, co. Kent, Romano-British anti-
quities found at (engr.J, xiv, '^57-62 ;
antiquities found at, xv, 266 ; notice
concerning, xxi, 25 ; brass of Dame
Margaret Chute at, xxvii, 201-2 ; in-
scription to Henry Wall at, ib., 202
Marden-Newton, sepulchral slab at, xxi, 352
Mardon (Rev. B.) on particulars relating

to the widow of John Milton, v, 322-6
Maresfield, co. Sussex, Samian pottery

found at (Z engrs.J, v, 390
Margaret (Queen of Edward I), receipt

for money by, vii, 421 ; fac-simile of

receipt (coloured enrjr.), ib.
Margaret of Anjou, possession by, of Hert-
ford Castle, xxvi, 28
Margaret (St.), Leicester, visited by the

Association, xix, 245-7
Margate, v. Bullock, Capt.
Market-Bosworth, seal of the grammar

school of, xii, 153
Markland (J. Heywood), D.C.L., on the

history and antiquity of Bath, xiii, 81-

97 ; obituary notice of, xxi, 262
Markyate Cell, co. Herts, visit of Congress

to, xxvi, 174
Marlborough, note concerning, xxix, 30
Marlham, British remains at, iv, 153
Marlstone, co. Berks, Roman discoveries

at, xvi, 290 ; Roman remains found at,

xvii, 336 ; xix, 61
Marmotinto, art of, xxix, 85
Marple (John), copybook of, xxviii, 401-7
Marr (Mr.), exhibits bronze war spear

found in the Thames, xvi, 322
Marrable (Sir Thomas), collection of rub-
bings from monumental brasses by, ii,

Marryck, co. York, grant of the dissolved

nunnery at, to John Uvedale, xi, 265 ;

note concerning the religious house at,

ib., 362
Mars, bronze statuette of, xx, 358 ; xxi,

221 ; xxv, 393
Marshall, family of, xxix, 62
Marshall (William Calder), R.A., exhibits

a brass seal, viii, 154 ; paintings from

Kertch, xii, 162 ; a gold Celtic coin,

xiii, 334 ; matrix of a seal, xvi, 297 ; a

sling-bullet from Scotland, xxiii, 391
Marston, co. Bucks, account of the church

and well, xxiii, 374
Martendyke (Francis Borselen), Lord of,

marries Jacqueline, Duchess of Hainault,

xxvii, 236-7 ; imprisoned by the Duke

of Burgundy, ib., 237
Martial (St.), Bishop of Limoges, paper

by W. de G. Birch on the life of, xxviii,

353-89 ; fac-simile page of MS. life of

(enrjr.), ib., 385
Martin (C. Wykeham), on the portions of

old work remaining at Leeds Castle, ix,



286-95 ; reception by, at Leeds Castle,
ib., 415

Martin (St.) Leicester, visited by the Asso-
ciation, xix, 249

Martin IV (Pope), bulla of, xxv, 83-4

Martin's-le-Grand (St.), money-box found
at, xxx, 111

Martin- Out wich (St.), account of the
church, xxx, 335, 339

Martlesham - cum - Newbourn , court-book
of the manor, 1539-1613, xxi, 14

Martock, visit to the church by the Asso-
ciation, xiii, 43 ; description of, ib., 44 ;
nave (engr.), ib., 44 ; J. 11. Planche" on
the effigies in the churchyard, ib.

Martyrdom of St. Thomas of Canterbury,
x, 53-87

Mary (Blessed) of the Valleys ; rectors of
the church of, xix, 207-12

Mary (the Blessed Virgin), signacula of,
found in London, xxiv, 219-21 ; and
Child, wooden figure of, exhibited, xxix,
86 ; medals of, xvi, 323

Mary 1 (Queen of England), description
of office used at the touching for the
Evil in the reign of, xxvii, 285-7 ; re-
stores Wolverhampton Church, xxix, 51

Mary II, medal of, exhibited, xxx, 196

Mary (Queen of Scots), brooch as a me-
mento of, v, 78 ; jewel supposed to have
belonged to (enr/r.J, viii, 372 ; miniature
by Zucchero, ix, 76 ; needlework made
by, ib., 85 ; reputed seal of, xi, 76-9 ;
medalets of, xii, 174-6 ; the reputed
signet ring of, xvii, 223-4 ; miniature
of, ib., 263; and portrait of. exhibited, ib.;
account of a blue enamelled heart be-
longing to, xxiv, 38 ; on her great seal,
as Queen of France, England, Scotland
and Ireland, ib., 343-51 ; engaged to
Edward VI in 1543, ib., 344 ; engaged
in 154S,aud married in 1558, to Francis.
Dauphin of France, ib., 344-5 ; pro-
claimed Queen of England in Paris in
1558, ib., 346 ; her great seal, as Queen
of England, sent to Scotland, in 1559,
in the same ship with John Knox, ib.,
347 ; abandons, by the treaty of Ber-
wick-on-Tweed in 1560, her claim to
the title of Queen of England, ib.,
350-1 ; engraving of, exhibited, xxix,
71 ; at Sheffield Manor, xxx, 46-51 ;
her detention in Sheffield, ib., 46; con-
nection of, with Sheffield Manor, ib.,
105, 179-80 ; letter to Einond Augier,
ib., 311-12; accounts concerning her
stay at Sheffield, ib., 231-6 ; original
documents relating to, ib., 308-24 ; let-
ter of, to Queen Elizabeth, ib., 323

r. Francis II

Mary (Princess), interlude performed be-
fore, viii, 373-7

Mary of Normandy, remarks on, by J.
Brent, xiii. 318-51

Mary-le-Castro St.), Leicester, visited, xix.

Mask, ancient terra-cotta, found at Wil-
derspool, xxvii, 436-7 ; mask (engr.),
ib., 436 ; antiquity of theatrical masks,
xxvii, 437

Masons, marks of, on Caen stone, from
Ledes Priory, Kent, ii, 95 ; of Glaston-
bury, seals of, ib., 190

Masonry, notes on Anglo-Saxon, i, 117-20

Masques, origin and history of, xxiv, 44-5

Massacre of St. Ursula, vii, 77

Massie (Rev. T.), on Roman remains found
at Chester, vi, 156

Massie (W. H.), exhibits a seal of Hawisia
de Kevelioc, vii, 433

Master (Rev. G. S.), on a collection of
rubbings of sepulchral brasses exhibited
at Ludlow, xxiv, 382-7 ; Pali MS., ib.,
289 ; a small Roman bronze bust, and
two metal toys, ib., 292 ; Egyptian
bronze and pottery, lamps, Rom n
bronze bar and English pocket sun-dial,
xxvi, 69

Masters (Robert), monumental slab of, at
Burghill, xxvii, 199

Matherne, visit to the church by the asso-
ciation, x, 283

Matilda (queen of William Conqueror), v.

Matilda of Scotland, xxix, 246

Matlock, co. Derb., incised slab in the
church, iv, 78

Maundy money, exhibited, xiv, 336 ; purse,
xiv, 138

■ r. Wright, G. R.

Maunsell (Thomas), brass seal of, found
at the Reculvers, ii, 342

Maunsell (W. T.), exhibits a gold ring
found near Kettering, iii, 335 ; obituary
notice of, xix, 156

Maurice (Rev. J. P.), on Roman coins dis-
covered at Romsey, iii, 59

Maw (G.), on encaustic tiles, xvii, 48-9 ;
on the pavements of Uriconium, ib.,
100-10 ; exhibits antiquities discovered
at Norwich, xviii, 2S4

Maximilian, Emperor of Germany, sketch
by Holbein of his investment in 1490
with the Garter, xxvi. 126-31

Maxstoke Castle and Priory, xxix, 26

May, customs connected with, xxix. 30

Maya, Hindoo goddess ( i ngr. ). x, 341

Mayer (J.), exhibits ao ancient manuscript
of Sprott's Chronicle, vi, 149 : observa-
tions on by Dr. W. Bell, ib., 150; ou
the mock mayor of I\ewcastle-uuder-
Lyine, vii, 361-2 ; speech of, at Ludlow,
xvii, 158

May field, co. Sus.-ex. account of, the resi-
dence of St. Dunstan.xxiii, 333; charter
for a fair and market at. ib., 339 ; iron-
works at, ib., 340 ; appears under an-
other name in the Domesday Book, ib.,
341 ; belonged to the Archbishop of Can-
terbury, ib., 342; derivation of the word,
ib., 344 ; names oi the different owners,
ib., 3 1"' ; account >m the Mauoi Hi



ib., 348-59 ; account of the church,
359-62 ; value of the living, ib., 363 ;
penance of the Countess of Kent in
the church, ib., 364 ; list of the vicars,
ib. ; the Place hall (engr.J, ib., 356 ;
plans of Mayfield Place (engr.J, ib.
Mayhew(Rev. S. M.), M.A., F.S.A., exhibits
a war club and pottery, xxii, 92-3, 241 ;
bone antiquities, ib., 101; British remains
from Clerkenwell, ib., 104 ; exhibits an-
tiquities from Antrim, ib., 316 ; Celtic
bronze antiquities, xxiii, 98 ; a 16th
century porringer, xxv, 68 ; two 17th
century candlesticks of brass, ib., 73 ;
remains of Roman pottery, ib., 268 ;
a tetina, tetnvp. Geo. II, xxvi, 113 ; early
tetinse, ib., 239 ; objects exhumed at
Victoria Street, ib., 375 ; series of
Roman antiquities, xxvii, 380 ; series
of articles found at Horsleydown, ib.,
384 ; medallets of the Old Pretender,
ib., 385 ; remarks by, on water-coolers,
ib., 523 ; a mould for a thyrsus and
other articles found in London, ib.,
523-4 ; exhibits drawing of a crucifix,
and gives a description of it, xxviii, 77;
on the Farleigh crucifix, ib., 183, 282 ;
exhibits various objects, ib., 183, 189-
90, 272-3, 282-3 ; on the worship of
Diana in London, ib., 194; exhibits a Ger-
man lantern, xxix, 70 ; jottings in Mid-
Somerset, with an exhibition of relics,
ib., 207-13 ; exhibits a mediaeval sun-
dial, ib., 285-6 ; glass and other objects,
ib., 310-11 ; a Royalist tobacco-box, ib.,
312 ; top in his possession, xxx, 38 ;
exhibits an iron stirrup, ib., 74 ; ex-
hibits a Rhenish bellarmine found in
Bishopsgate Street, ib., 79 ; an incuse
paving-tile from Bishopsgate Street, ib.,
89 ; canette belonging to, exhibited, ib.,
132 ; exhibits various antiquities, ib.,
199-200 ; exhibits glass from ancient
London, ib., 204-5 ; collection of iron
ware belonging to, ib., 223 ; exhibits
tiles from Bethnal Green, ib., 335-6 ;
various Roman and Saxon antiquities,
ib., 336 ; London relics, ib., 339
Mayne (Simon), brasses of the family of,

xi, 265
Mayo (Richard), Bishop of Hereford, ac-
count of his ring, xxiii, 111 ; tomb of,
in the cathedral, xxvii, 79
Mazer-bowl, presented by the Historic
Society of Lancashire and Cheshire,
(engr.J, v, 317
Mazers, paper on, by H. S. Cuming, xi,

Mead (Dr.), miniature portraits from his

collection exhibited, xviii, 262
Meade (Hon. Henry), exhibits a half-crown
siege piece struck at Newark, viii, 64 ;
a Roman brass coin struck to com-
memorate an expedition, ib., 372-3
Mears (T.), a church bell-maker, 1827,
xxix, 10 4

Measure of the Wound in the side of the
Redeemer, worn anciently as a charm,
Rev. W. S. Simpson on the, xxiii, 212 ;
xxx, 357-74; H. S. Cuming on the,
xxiii, 283
Meaux, co. York, unpublished manu-
scripts relating to the abbey of, xix,
Meeke (J. C), on a tumulus at Royston,

viii, 371
Medal, to commemorate the Congress at
Winchester, i, 369 ; Vernon, xv, 363 ;
Culloden, xvi, 288
Medalets of Mary Stuart, xii, 174-6 ; of
John Wilkes, xiii, 226 ; of Jas. Stuart,
xxvii, 385

r. Cuming, H. S.

v. Mayhew, Rev. S. M.

Medallions of Italian workmanship, xiii,

Medhurst (Mr.), on Kimmeridge coal-
money, i, 325
Medical officers in the Roman army, xvii,

Medici (Ferdinand de), xxx, 432
Medicine-stamps, Roman f3 engrs.), iv,

Medicis (Catherine de), exhibition of relics

of, xxvi, 265
Medlycott (Sir W., Bart.), inaugural ad-
dress at the Weymouth Congress, xxviii,
Medway, plan of the, from Gillingham to
the Isle of Sheppey (engr.J, ii, 140 ;
Dutch expedition to the, in 1667, ix,
295-307 ; v. Price, Mr.
Meildulf, Megildulphus, Abbots of Mal-

mesbury, xxvii, 316-18
Meilnil (Robert de), note concerning, xxix,

Melbourne, co. Derb., views of, and in the
church (i engrs.), ii, 208-11 ; Rev. J.
Deans on the ch., ii, 207 ; history and
antiquities of, by J. Briggs, vii, 178 ;
examination of the ch., and obser-
vations by Rev. J. Deans, ib., 348-54 ;
N.E. view of the ch. (engr.J, ib., 351 ;
plan of the ch. (engr.J, ib., 352 ; fe-
male figure in the ch. (engr.J, ib., 353 ;
Mr. Briggs on antiquities of Melbourne
and the gardens, ib., 354-58 ; stone ves-
sel found at, xv, 339 ; mural painting
discovered in the ch., xvi, 286
Melbourne (Lord), seat of, at Brocket,

xxvi, 30
Melcombe, co. Dorset, enfranchisement of,

xxviii, 87
Mellish (P.), exhibits Roman coin found at

Shadwell, xiv, 356
Melrose, monastery at, in Beda's time,

xxiv, 378 ; v. Cistercian Abbeys
Melsa, Adam (Abbot) of, vi, 424
Melton, highway from, to Ipswich, a.d.

1794, xxi, 10
Melun (Robert de), Abbot of Malmesbury,
xxvii, 328



Memento-mori, medals exhibited, xvi, 3-1") ;
head, xxi, 350

Memnun, the vocal, remarks on, xxii, 242

Memnonium, note concerning the, xxix,

Mendham, land at, xxi, 347 ; deeds of the
priory, ib. t 347-8

Meudlesham, co. Suff., destruction of
brasses at, xxx, 74-5, n. ; church de-
Bpoiled of armour, ib. ; letter respect-
ing, and remarks on objects found in
the church, ib., 92-3 ; notice of a com-
munication respecting the MSS. at, ib.,

Menel (Robert de), etc., xxix, 65

Mentmore (Michael de), Abbot of St.
Albnn's, rules by, for Sopwell Nunnery,
xx vi, 133

Merau, found at Moorfields, xx, 274

Merchant Adventurers, Ancient Company
of, at Kingston-upon-Hull, iii, 252-4

Merchants' marks, on seals and shields
( 14 emjrs.), ii, 114-15 ; marks affixed to a
petition, temp. Hen. VIII, ii, 348 ; mer-
chant's mark exhibited, xiv, 352

v. Hearn, J. H.

Merchant's seal, of the 15th cent., ex-
hibited, xiv, 342

Mercia, kingdom of, comprised nine coun-
ties, xxviii, 49 ; notice concerning, xxix,

Mercury, bronze figure of, found near Rom-
sey, i, 257; at Exeter, xxi, 219; statue
of, in stone, found atNewcastle-on-Tyne,
iv, 144 ; worship of, in Britain, xxx, 136

Meri, of New Zealand, observations on a,
x, 109-10

Merionethshire, Roman coins found in, xx,

Merkes (Thomas), Bishop of Carlisle, im-
prisonment of, in 1399, at St. Alban's
Abbey, xxvi, 33

Merlawe (Drogo de), xxx, 400

Merovingian, coin set as a seal, discovered
at Aldeburgh, i, 257 ; asserted discovery
of a cemetery, xii, 285-7 ; ear-rings
exhibited, xviii, 370 ; tombs, xxx, 337

Merrye (Thomas), autograph of, xxi, 17

Mersey, Roman remains along the banks
of the, vi, 346 ; on the traces of the
Romans along the banks of the, vii,

Merton, floriated slab in the church, vii,

Meschine, La ; meaning of the appellation,
xxiv, 29

Mesnill (Robert de), witness to an early
charter, xxx, 162

Metallic objects found at Maiden Castle,
xxviii, 44-5

Mewys family, rubbing of a brass of the,
v, 346-7

Mexican javelin, xiv, 345-58

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