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Mexico, heart-worship in, xxix, 35-6
Meyer (Herman J.), quotation from, xxv.

Meyers (Rev. William), of Walton, "His-
tory of Wheatfield", xxi, 10-12

Meyrick (Sir Samuel Rush), on a piece of
chain mail, i, 139-141 ; on the curved
rail in Llanvair Waterdine Church, ib.,
346 ; presents a drawing of the monu-
ment of Sextus Valerius Genialis, found
near Cirencester, ii, 343 ; on Pagan reli-
gion in this country, ib., 390 ; on a spur
found at Fakenham, iii, 126

Meyrick (W.), on an ancient burial-place ; n
Orkney, iv, 143 ; on a Saxon sword, ib.,
385 ; exhibits specimens of ancient ar-
mour, ix, 87-88 ; a finely chased steel
key, x, 190 ; a Roman fibula found at
Bicester, xi, 158; a dagger of the 13th
century, ib. ; a steel pommel of a sword,
ib., 255 ; early English arrow-heads, ib.,
262 ; a series of black-jacks, xv, 343

Michigan, Lake, xxix, 33

Middle Ages, Mr. Tite on the gradual im-
provement of the people of England
during the, xiii, 154

Middlesex, list of monasteries and castles
in, xxviii, 53

Middleton, dioc. Chich., Prebendaries of,
xxii, 142; church of, xxi, 96-97

Middleton, visit of the Association to,'xxiv,

Middleton Abbas, v. Blashill, T.

Middleton chapel, v. Irvine, J. T.

Midhurst, coins from, xxii, 358

Mildenhall, MSS. relating to, xxi, 15;
Roman ring found at, ib., 243

Milfrid, (king of Mercia), foundation of
Hereford Cathedral by, xxvii, 52-53

Military brasses, a.D. 1306 — 1530, viii,

Mills (Mrs.), collection of antiquities at
Lexden Park, i, 334

Mills (Rev. T.), exhibits antiquities at the
temporary museum at Ipswicb, xxi, 346

Millstone, v, 85

Millward (William), tomb of, xxix, 277

Milner (George), on the ancient company
of merchant adventurers of Kingston-
upon-Hull, iii, 252-254 ; on the custom
of blowing a horn, iv, 1 49 ; on a brooch
of the fifteenth century, ib., 405; on
Roman silver coins found near Mares-
field, v, 160 ; exhibits seals of the cities
of Worcester and Lincoln, vi, 82; ex-
hibits the drawing of a Saxon font at
Kirklmrn, ib., 147-148; on the sculp-
tured font in Kirkburn Church, vii, 3S-
42 ; on sepulchral urns found at Newark,
ib., l'.»2-196; obituary notice of, ix,

Mflo (of Gloucester), facsimile of the ma-
trix of the seal of, ix, 201 ; subscription
of, to a charter of Henry 1. wii. 311

Milton (John), particulars concerning the
widow of, v, 322-326 ; old engraving of,
ib., 326; first wife of, ib., 418; paper
on his " Comus," xxiv, 44-51 ; simi-
larity of his "Comus'' to other writings,



ib., 46; account of the first edition of
" Comus", ib., 47 ; the Masque acted
for his grand-daughter's henefitin 1750.
ib., 48 ; quotations from "II Penseroso,"
xxv, 24

Milton, co. Dorset, Athelstan grants Wey-
mouth to the Abbey, xxviii, 87

Milward (R.), exhibits a rare Lincoln half-
penny, x, 90

Mincing-lane, remains found at, vi, 442 ;
Roman remains found in (engr.), ib., 443

Miner's dish (engr.), vii, 330

Mining, account of, in Staffordshire, xxix,

Minories, stone sarcophagus and leaden
coffin in Haydon-square (5 engrs.), ix,

Minster, in the Isle of Sheppy, brass of
the North wood family in the ch., i, 310

Minstrels, on representations of, in early
painted glass, xiv, 129-131 ; on painted
glass (engr.), ib., 130; statuette of a
minstrel exhibited, xvii, 54 ; xxi, 235

Minstrelsy, fifteenth century, xxi, 175

Mints at Ipswich, xxi, 1 4 ; at Suffolk, ib.,

Mirror, and fragment of another (2 engrs.),
v, 138; remarks on, byH. S. Cuming, xiv,
287 ; exhibited, xvii, 279 ; ivory, temp.
Edw. I, ib., 323 ; and case exhibited,
xxviii, 182 ; various, exhibited, xxix. 189

Misericorde, found in the Steelyard, xx,
330; specimens, ib., 345; xxiii, 289

Missal, Latin MS., exhibited, xvii, 234 ;
Hereford missal, paper on, by E. Levien,
xxvii, 424-429

Mississipi, singular earthworks in the Val-
ley of, ii, 93

Misterton, Church of, xxx, 160

Mitcham, co. Surrey, Saxon remains
found at, vii, 442

Mitford (Rev. J.), verses by, xxi, 12

Mithraic monuments, xxix, 373

Mittens, pair of, exhibited by Miss M.
Cooper, xxvii, 157-15S; remarks on, by
Mr. Cuming, ib., 158-160

Moat-gardens in Flintshire, ix, 199

Moccas, co. Heref., drawing of the church
exhibited, xxx, 114

Mocha stone, xxi, 361

Mock mayor of Newcastle-under-Lyme,
observations on, by Mr. Mayer, vii, 361

Moelycci, British camp at, xv, 360-361

Mogg (J. F. Y.), obituary notice of, xxi,

Mogla, bronze figure of Venus found at,
ii, 98

Mole (John), verses by, xxi, 12

Molesey, West, co. Surrey, ancient stone
font at, ii, 336

Molyneux (Hon. R. G.), formerly possessed
a rare specimen of the Jollyboy, xxx, 97

Molyneux (Sir W.), brass of, in Sefton
Church, ii, 266 ; family chapels belong-
ing to, ib., 360 ; effigy of (engr.), v, 363

Molyneux (W.), paper by, on Etoeetum,

xxix, 53-57 ; exhibits Roman remains,
ib., 433

Monasteries, W. de G. Birch on three lists
of, compiled in the 13th century, xxviii,
45-64 ; in Staffordshire, xxix, 325-337 ;
destroyed in the ninth century, ib., 409
J. O. Halliwell, on monastic institutions
of Derbyshire, vii, 232-9; monastic seals
relating to the county of Suffolk, ii, 268 ;
seal found near Lewes, v, 89 ; seal found
in Suffolk, xi, 262

Monckton (J.), on gavelkind, ix, 386-391

Money, box of weights, xix, 313 ; scales,
xxv, 387 ; iron rings used in Ctesar's time
for, xxiv, 336 ; boxes for, fictile (2
engrs.), xxx, 441-4

Monk (William), forgery by, xxvii, 254

Monkey chained to a rock on the battle-
ments of Bramford church, near Ips-
wich (engr .), i, 144

Monkish miracles, T. Wright on, ii, 375

Monkland granted to Ralph de Toni,
xxvii, 365 ; granted by de Toni to the
Benedictine monks, ib., 365-366 ; paper
on the Church, by Sir H. Baker, ib.,
365-372 ; arms of the De Toni family in
the east window of the ch., ib., 366 ; tufa
stone used in the construction of the ch.,
ib. ; early history of the ch., ib., 367-8 ;
descri'ition of the ch., ib., 368-372 ;
visit of the Association to the ch., ib., 394

Monk's-bay, site of Roman encampment,
xi, 320

Monk-Soham, court books of the manor,
1306-1597, xxi, 14; manor court books,
1562-1736, ib., 15

Monkwearmouth, reliquary found at (engr.)
x, 113 ; monastery at, in Beda's time,
and in which he lived, xxiv, 376; church
of Saxon work, ib., 379 ; photograph of
a tomb at, xxviii, 396; history of the
antiquities of the church offered to the
Association, ib.

Monkwell-street, tiles found in, vi, 147

Monmouth (James, duke of), letter to the
vice-chancellor of Cambridge, xx, 341-
342 ; portrait of, xxi, 355 ; seat of, at
Moor Park, xvi, 29; historical account
concerning the duke at Sedgemoor,
xxix, 210-211

Monmouth, seal of the grammar-school of,
xii, 226 ; T. Wakeman on the Chancery
of, xiv, 56-60 ; seal and counter-seal of
the Chancery (engr.), ib., 57 ; encaustic
tiles found at the priory, xv, 363 ; paper
on the ancient priory of, xviii, 271 ;
rocking-stone near, xxvii, 253

Monmouthshire, tokens of, xiii, 225-226 ;
statute constituting the English county,
xxvii, 410-411

Monochord (engr.), ii, 224

Monogram on a screen at Maidstone (engr.),
hi, 260

Monoliths, account of, xxix, 36

Monstrance (engr.), i, 169; cover of a,
xxv, 271

in i >!•:>:.


Monstrous carved figure, conjectured to
be Nebuchadnezzar, found in Denning-
fcon church, i. 249; forms carved in
churches, xx, 269

Montacute, group of processional figures at
the House, iii, "249; description of the
ch., xii. 46; remarks on the priory,
ib., 47; observations on the appearance
of the village, ib. ; description of the
House, ib., 48-50

Montague family, pedigree of, xxii, 452; de-
struction of, by fire and water, for usurp-
ing church property, xxiii. 248-250

Montague (Sir E.), pardon to, vii, 436

Montecucoli (Lady Anna Vittoria), letter
of, viii, 341-347

Montfort (Almeric de), Earl of Gloucester,
account of, xxvi, 149-150

Montfort (Hugh de), note concerning,
xx\ iii, 139

Montgomery i Hugh de), Earl of Arundel,
account of, xxiii, 25

Montgomery (Roger de), Earl of Arundel,
account of, xxiii, 23 ; notice concerning
him, xxviii, 139

Monuments : brasses stolen from the
churches of Brightlingsea, Essex, and
Hadleigh, Sussex, i, 324 ; monumental
slab in Bridlington ch. (engr.), ib. ; monu-
mental slabs, with crosses, discovered at
Bakewell, ib., 335 ; monumental brass
picked up on the Brighton Downs, ib.,
337 ; monumental stones, discovered at
Hartlepool, ib., 185-196 ; monumental
brasses, restoration of, to churches in
Norwich, byMr. Warren, ii, 348 ; monu-
mental brasses, on the study of, iv, 227;
monumental effigy of King John in
Worcester Cathedral, iv, 292 ; monu-
mental brasses, rubbings of, from Col-
chester, etc., ib., 310 ; monumental
figures at Wansborough, vii, 52-56 ;
monumental slabs, in Christchurch, and
in Guildhall museum, ib., 163 ; monu-
ment of Sir Godfrey and Lady A vena
Foljambe (engr.), ib., 325; monumental
cross, found at Langattock-juxta-1'sk.
ix, 80 ; monumental crosses, etc., paper
on, by T. J. Pettigrew, xvi, 290 ; monu-
ments in Piddletown ch. (engr.), xxviii,
285 ; monuments at I'ttoxeter, xxix,
276-7 ; of the family of Aston, ib., 294-

— — - v. Bardolph, Lord

v. Brass

v. Fairholt, F. W.

v. Slab, etc., etc.

Moody (H.), on Roman coins found near
Winchester, ii, 199

Moore (Rev. G.), extract from his Diary
in 1658, relative to iron plates used in
kitchen chimneys, xxiv, 341

Moore (J.), on a gold Roman ring found
at Ilchester, iv, 315; exhibits skull and
bones found at Ham-hill, vi, 442; a
rubbing from a lectern at Yeovil, ix, 75 ;

abra-s Mai found in Somersetshire, ib.,
93, xiii, 248; on a quern found al West
Coker, xv, 339; on antiquities found at
V ■ < loker, xvii, :;2l ; exhibits a chate-
laine found at Axminster, xviii, 390 ;
on a Roman villa at West Coker, ib.,
392 395; on antiquities found at Ham-
hill, Somersetshire, xix, 126-127; ex-
hibits drawing of a portion of an Bast* r
.-M'j'ulchre from Glastonbury Abbey, ib.,
145; remarks on, ib., 145-148 ; exhibits
Celtic and Roman remains from Ches-
sells, ib., 321-322 ; portion of a British
skull, xxiii, 390; a flint-flake and a sling
bullet from Comb-Pyne, ib., 391 ; ac-
count of discovery of human remains at
Ham-hill, xxiv, 61; transmits frontal
bonis of skulls from Ham-hill, ib., 63

Moore (J. A.), obituary notice of, xvii,

Moore (Archdeacon), speech of, xxix, 99-
100 ; objects belonging to, exhibited,
ib.. 436

Moorfields, iron key found at f engr. J, xii,
122; ampullae found at, xix, 322; Ro-
man remains found in, ib. ; Roman
bronze statuette found at, xx, 273; an-
tiquities from, xxviii, 182; various ob-
jects from, exhibited, xxx, 72 ; rose of
watering-pot found in, ib., 91 ; canettes
from, ib., 130-132; various objects
from, ib., 200 ; r. London

Moor Pai-k, Herts, seat of Cardinal Wolsey
'and the Duke of Monmouth at, xxvi, 29

Moore, of Moore Hall, legend of, xxx,

More (Adam and Helias de la), note of,
xxx, 309

More (Rev. T. R.), reception by, at Linley
Hall, xvii, 213

More (Sir Thomas), notice respecting him,
xxii, 313; seat of, at Gobions, xxvi, 30;
patron of Holbein, ib., 122-129; pre-
sent from, to Erasmus of the sketch of
his family, by Holbein, ib., 123; de-
struction of his house at Chelsea by
fire, ii., 129

Morgan ( Octavius), on a supposed Roman
coffin, x, 386

Morgan (Thomas), F.S.A., Hon. Treas., on
weights exhibited, xxviii, 80 ; on the
worship of Diana in Britain, ib., 142-144,
179, 2:i7-212 ; on worship of Apollo in
Britain, ib., 337-345, 284; on Odinism
in Scandinavia and Denmark, xxix. 79,
138-172; exhibits scissors from Spain,
ib., 199; discussion on his paper upon
Odinism, ib., 213; on the Briton, Ro-
man, and Saxon, in Staffordshire, ib.,
394-412 ; notes on earthworks at Castle
Hill, ib., 420; on the Druids according
to Greek and Roman writers, xxx. 72,
136-1 16 ; on the earliest tribes of York-
shire, ib.. 224-226; summary of pro-
ceedings of the Bristol Congress, ib.,



Morgan's Memoirs of Owain Glyndwr, vii,

Morion, of the time of Queen Elizabeth,

exhibited, xii, 266
Morisco-Spanish art, [H. S. Cuming on,

vi, 88-90
Morley, visit to the ch., its stained glass
vii, 366 ; painted glass in the ch. (engr.),
viii, 28 ; observations on the ch., ib., 34
Morocco, purse from, exhibited, xiv, 281
Morrice Dance, notice of, xxvi, 115
Morris (Henry), on a bronze sword, found

near Bath, iii, 334
Morrison (R. J.), observations on a Sassa-

nian gem, xi, 152-153
Morse, remains of a, exhumed in London,
xxiv, 292-295; ivory, carvings in, vi,
440 ; (engr.), vii, 31-7, 429-31
Mortar, i, 144; v, 162; vii, 83; for spice,
with Tudor badges exhibited, xvii, 54 ;
Roman, exhibited, xxix, 184
Mortar, building, ii, 35; iv, 254, 304
Mortarium, Roman, from C. R. Smith's
collection (engr.), ii, 167; Mortaria, on,
iv, 58 ; three, (engr.), vi, 58 ; Mortarium
and dish, exhibited, xxviii, 398
"Morte d' Arthur", observations by S.

Kirkup, x, 181-183 _
Mortimer, seals of, xxi, 347
Mortimer, site of the castle, xxiv, 23
Mortimer, genealogy, arms of, xxiv, 33-35
Mortimers of Attleborough, family of,
connection with Mortimers of Wigmore,
xxiv, 28
Mortimers of Chelmarsh, origin of, xxiv,

Mortimer (Bartholomew de), account of,

xxiv, 31
Mortimer (Guy de), account of his family,

xxiv, 30-31
Mortimer (Hadewisa de), wife of Roger de
Mortimer, inherits the Vill of Mees,
xxiv, 24
Mortimer (Hugh de), account of his wife,

Matilda la Meschine, xxiv, 28-30
Mortimer (Isabella de), Donina de Homme
Castel, description of her seal (engr.),
xxiv, 288-289
Mortimer (Ralph de), founds a college at
Wigmore in 1190, account of his de-
scendants, xxiv, 26-27
Mortimer (Roger de), defeats Eudo, brother
of the French king, near Mortimer Cas-
tle, in 1042, xxiv, 23 ; banished from
Normandy for sheltering the Comte de
Montdidier, ib. ; account of his descend-
ants, ib., 25
Mortlake, key found at, xii, 239
Morton, deeds relating to the family, x, 184
Morton (Rev. T.), remarks on Fairford

Church, xxv, 208
Morton Bagot, remains near, xxix, 39
Mortuarium, found at Wilderspool, xxvii,

Mosaics, account of a Roman Mosaic pave-
ment at Chedworth, xxiv, 130; letter

on a Gallo-Roman Mosaic, discovered at
Lillebonne, xxvi, 340-353 ; pavement
at Lillebonne (engr.), ib., 340 ; photo-
graph of a pavement exhibited, xxviii,
398 ; at Venice, vii, 258
Mosaics, v. Pavement
Moseley (Mrs.), her collection of rub-
bings, xiii, 150
Moseley (Sir Edward), monument of (engr. ),

vii, 332
Moseley (Sir Oswald), inaugural discourse,
vii, 179-190 ; address at Hardwick Hall,
ib., 321 ; at Haddon Hall, ib., 329 ; re-
ception of the Association by, at Rol-
leston Hall, ib., 331 ; description of
Tutbury Castle, ib., 334-336; presides
at the public dinner, ib., 359-360; me-
moir of, xxviii, 309-310
Moses, notice of, xxix, 34 ; figure of, xxiv,

Moss (J. J.), obituary notice of, xv, 170
Mote Hill, co. Lane, pottery found at,

ix, 75
Mother Shipton (engr.), represented, xix,
308 ; remarks on the prophecies of, ib.;
costume of, ib., 308-310
Motslow, tumulus at, xxix, 43
Moulds and stamps for Roman glazed pot-
tery (i engrs.), iv, 19
Mould for casting exhibited, xiv, 270 ;
xix, 99; xxviii, 272; Roman, xxix, 308-9;
for a religious badge, ib., 421 ; drawings,
exhibited, xxx, 330 ; for coins, v. Ling-
Moulsey (W. E.), on the local laws of
Derbyshire, vii, 314; on the Miner's
standard dish, ib., 330; on antiquities
found at Brassington, ib. ; obituary no-
tice of, ix, 111
Moulton, seal of the grammar school of,

xii, 155
Mounds in Lady Craven's Park, xvi, 85
Mounteney (Thomas de), notice of, xxx,

Mourning- ring of Sir W. Colepeper, ix, 74 ;

of Charles I, xi, 235
Mowbray, crest of, on a seal, x, 99
Mowbray (John de), Lord, besieges Tick-
hill and Laughton, xxx, 401
Mowbray (Robert de), notice of, xxx, 127
Mullers found at Test- valley, xxviii, 72 ;

exhibited, xxix, 196
Mullings (R.), on Roman remains at Ciren-
cester, ii, 380 ; on Maiseyhampton
Church, xxv, 195; on the " Bull-ring"
at Cirencester, ib., 213-214 ; exhibits
documents relating to lands in Dagling-
worth and Brimpsfield, ib., 412-413
Mum and Mum-glasses, account of, xxx,

Mumby (Alice, daughter of Ralph de), her

seal (engr.), xxx, 432
Mundy (John), Burgess of Wilton; letters
patent respecting him, 4 Hen. V, xvii,
Municipalities, origin of, xxvi, 25



Mimt (Edwin J.), exhibits drawing of
Rising Castle, xxvi, 372

Mural paintings in Childerditch ch., i,
313; in St. Alban's, ib., 318; disco-
vered in Feering ch., Essex, ii, 190;
in Edstaston Chapel, ib., 389; disco-
vered at Shorwell, I. Wight, iii, 85-93 ;
at Great Waltham, ib., 90-93 ; remarks
on mural paintings, iv, 91 ; found in
Suffolk-lane, ib., 388 ; at St. Cross, v,
338 ; in Northwood ch., ib., 362 ; in
Shorwell ch. (enyr.), xi, 317; in Mel-
bourne ch. (engr.J, xvi, 286-7; at Ston-
ham ch., xxx, 434-6

v. Baigent, F. J.

v. Battle

v. Wall

v. Winchester

Murray (A.), v. Lanarkshire

Murray (Peter ), M.D., obituary notice of,
xxi, 246

Murton (James), on Silverdale pottery,
xxi, 85, 353; xxii, 304; transmits for
exhibition, beads, etc., xxiii, 103-4 ;
exhibits various stone antiquities, xxix,
304-5; notice of theBuck-stone atSilver-
dale, xxx, 200-2

Musard ( Isabel de), xxix, 6Q

Musard (Ralph), xxix, 66

Museum at Chester, list of contributors to,

v, 335; at the Exeter Congress, xviii,

Museum, v. Copenhagen

v. Ipswich

v. Wolverhampton

Musical instruments of the Middle Ages,

i, 291-7; xvii, 54; xxi, 235

v. Flute

v. Horn

v. Nabulum

v. Trumpet

Musket-rest, xiii, 255

Mussell (A.), exhibits a British crown of

James I, xiv, 352
Musters of forces in the 17th century,

xxi, 152
Muston (Mr.), discoveries of, in Cowling

Castle, ix, 399 ; presents a stone shot

found at Cowling Castle, ib., 440
Mutford hundred, taxatio temp. Ed. Ill,

xxi, 18
Myers (Sir Francis), on a deed between

King Henry VIII, and the Lord Admi-
ral Howard, ii, 98
Myldmay f Sir Walter ), xxx, 322
Mystery plays, at Chester, v, 317
Mythological triad, as represented in the

Eumenides of the Greeks, ii, 315
Mythology, British, xxviii, 68


NABULUM, remarks on the, i, 297 ;
nabulum (enyrs.), ib. ; xiv, 130

Nadbury, camp at, xxix, 38

Nag's head, prevalence of the sign of the,
xxx, 433

Nails and spikes from Alderney (enyr.), iii,
10 ; manufacture of, in Staffordshire,
xxix, 178-9 ; Roman, exhibited, ib., 187,

- 306 ; large, iii, 48 ; iv, 79 ; vi, 448 ; viii,
112 ; in a skull, xxiii, 214

Nantwich, Roman brine-pans found at,
xx, 359

Narcissus (St.), signaculum of, found in
Loudon, xxiv, 224

Nares's " Glossary", extract from, refer-
ring to Master Schorn, xxv, 341

Nash-House, co. Herts, visit of the Con-
gress to, xxvi, 264-5

Nash (Beau), epigram on the figure of, at
Bath, xiii, 145

Nashe (Thos.) dedication of his work en-
titled "An Almond for a Parrot", to
W. Kemp, xxvi, 115

Naumachia, at Verona, v, 376

Naumberg Abbey, in Germany, removal
of St. Alban's scapula in 1129 from, to
St. Alban's Abbey, xxvi, 323

Naunton, family of, monuments of the,
xxx, 77

Naunton (Sir Robert), shield of, xxx, 76-7

Naval uniform of Great Britain, J. R.
Planche" on the, ii, 70

Navy, decay of the, in 1371, xxiii, 62

Nayler (Benjamin D.), memoir of, xxv,

Nayler (G.), exhibits Saxon antiquities
and remains found at Eastgate, ix,

Naylor (Joseph), token of, xxx, 30

Neale (Mr.), on a circular gold brooch,
found at Writtle, iii, 125 ; on a Roman
bronze bust, iv, 74 ; on Roman urns
and coins found at Witham, v, 163

Neath, original charters aud materials for
a history of, and the abbey, by G. G.
Francis, ii, 284 ; common seal of the
abbey (enyr.), iv, 355 ; encaustic tiles
from the abbey, v, 370 ; remarks on, by
L. Jewitt, v, 372

Necklaces of kimmeridge coal (2 engrs.),
ii, 234-5 ; of jet, vi, 4 ; v. Garnets

Needle, of bone, vi, 157 ; Roman, xxix,

Needles exhibited, xxx, 72, 87

Needlework, piece of, said to have been
executed by the Worsley family in
1616, i, 54 ; church needlework, witli
practical remarks on its arrangement
and preparation, by Miss Lambert, "''.,
175 ; needlework of the 1 Jth century




(cngr.), ib., 177 ; The Book of Symbols
for Church Needlework, ii, 291 ; said
to be the work of Mary Queen of
Scots, ix, 85 ; of the time of Elizabeth,
exhibited, xi, 337 ; in coloured silks
exhibited, xix, 330 ; applique", exhibited
aud described, xxviii, 394-6 ; portrait of
Charles I exhibited, xxix, 85
Neen-Sollers, alms-box from the church,

xxii, 448-51 ; xxiii, 106
Neilson (J. B.), his invention of the hot

blast, xxix, 125
Neirmut or Neirnut (Richerus), xxx,

Nelond (Thomas), prior of Lewes, monu-
mental brass of, ii, 98
Nelson (Major-General R. J.), sketches by,

xxx, 196
Nennius, his history, xxix, 403
Nero, dupondius of, xxiii, 198 ; bronze
of, xxv, 145; coins of, found at Eto-
cetum, xxix, 54-6
Netherhall, co. Suff., Saxon clay-ball from,

xxii, 341
Netherlands, exhibition of medals of the

Pays Bas, xxvi, 373-4
Netley, wanton mischief done to the
abbey, i, 52 ; Mr. Hunt's endeavours to
preserve the abbey, ib. ; visit to and
examination of the abbey, xi, 340 ; de-
scription by Mr. Brannon, ib. ; tiles
found at the abbey, exhibited, xvii, 326;
paper on the abbey read, ib., 329; me-
dalet found at the abbey, ib., 335; sculp-
tured wolf's head from the abbey, xx,
269 ; catalogue of Roman coins found
at the hospital, xxiii, 168-74 ; account
of Roman coins found at the hospital,
ib., 200-1

v. Kell, Rev. E.

Netting-needle exhibited, xxx, 87
Neuton, charter relating to land there,

xxix, 246
Neverne, Haverfordwest, pillar supporting
a cross in the churchyard of, i, 145 ;
cross at (engr.), ib.; xx, 313 ; on the
inscriptions of, i, 320 ; inscriptions on
the stone (2 engrs.), ib.
Nevilles, at Brancepeth, xxii, 272 ; the
Norman ancestry of the Nevils, by
J. R. Planch^, ib., 279-90 ; Neville
arms (engr. J, ib., 288 ; family notes of
Neville, xxx, 117
Nevile (Henry), of Chevet, co. Ebor, xxx,

Neville (J.), entertains the Congress at
Haselour ; describes the church and
hall, xxix, 117-19
Neville (Margaret de), grant of Leaden-
hall by her, vi, 139 ; seal of (engr.), ib.
Neville (Ralph, Lord), his will, xxii, 403-

Neville (Hon. R. C), exhibits some pro-
cessional weapons of the time of
Henry VIII, iii, 128; on the Roman
station at Chesterford, Essex, ib., 208-

13 ; on the foundations of a small
Roman building near Chesterford, ib.,
328 ; on the discovery of a Roman
chamber and antiquities at Hayden, ib.,
340 ; on Roman discoveries at Chester-
ford, ib., 345 ; on Roman coins found
at Chesterford, iv, 59 ; on Roman
sculpture in Essex, ib., 63 ; on discovery
of Roman pottery at Chesterford, ib.,
386 ; on eight funereal urns found at
Chesterford, ib., 401
Neville (Sir Thomas), marries the heiress
of the Lovetot family, xxx, 167 ; ac-
count of his life and connection with
Worksop, ib., 168-9 ; notice of, ib., 243
Newark, co. Notts, half-crown siegepiece
struck at, viii, 64 ; Congress at, in-
augural discourse by the Duke of New-
castle, ib., 163-72 ; T. Bateman's paper
on the early burial places discovered in
the county of Notts, ib., 183-92 ; on
discoveries of urns and other antiquities
at Newark, in 1836, by Mr. Milner, ib.,
192-3 ; sepulchral urns found at (engr.),
ib. ; J. R. Planch^ on the family of the
Peverils of Nottingham, ib., 194-208 ;
visit to the subterranean passage, ib.,
visit to St. Mary's, ib.; to the castle,
ib. ; Mr. Glitch's paper on the veritable
existence of Robin Hood, ib., 208-22 ;
on the era and character of Robin
Hood, ib., 223-9 ; L. Jewitt on the
sports and customs of Nottinghamshire,
ib., 229-40 ; Sir F. Dwarris on the
forest laws, courts and customs, and
the chief justices in Eyre, north and
south of the waters of Trent, ib., 173-
82 ; list of officers and committee, ib.,
243-4 ; j)roceeclings, ib., 245-64 ; recep-
tion of the Association by the mayor
and aldermen, ib., 245 ; address of the
corporation, ib. ; reply by the pre-
sident, ib., 246 ; J. R. Planche's re-
marks on, ib., 247 ; excursion to Thur-
garton Priory, reception by Mr. and
Mrs. Mil ward; observations on the
Priory, ib., 248 ; encaustic tiles ob-
tained from, ib., 24S-50 ; remarks on
the church, its intended restoration, ib.,

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