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250 ; excursion to Nottingham, recep-
tion by the mayor and corporation,
Duke of Newcastle's address, ib., 251 ;
the mayor's reply, ib., 252 ; excursion
to Newstead Abbey, ib., 253 ; reception
by Colonel and Mrs. Wildman, ib.;
T. J. Pettigrew's paper on the Abbey,
ib. ; Mr. Ashpitel's observations on its
architectural peculiarities and beauties,
ib. ; various charters, deeds, etc., ex-
hibited, ib. ; excursion to Worksop, ib. ;
examination of the abbey and church,
ol iservatious on, ib. ; visit to Clumber
House, ib., 254 ; reception by the Duke
of Newcastle, ib.; examination of the
library and antiquities, ib. ; meeting at
the Town Hall, ib.; F. J. Baigent's



paper on recent discoveries made at
Winchester, ih., 192-3; visit to Lin-
coln, ib., 225 ; reception by the mayor
and corporation and by the authorities
of the cathedral, ib. ; visit to the an-
tiquities of Lincoln under the guidance
of the mayor, ib. ; the Jews' house, ib. ;
tradition connected with the Jews of
Lincoln, ib., 256 ; description of the
house, ib. ; inspection of the cathedral
under the direction of Archdeacon
Bonney, ib.; Mr. O'Connor's paper on
the painted glass windows, ib.; Mr.
Ashpitel's observations on the archi-
tecture, ib.; J. R. Plancho" on the
sculptures, ib. ; ruins of the bishop's
palace, ib. ; Newport Gate, ib. ; the
castle, ib. ; John O'Gaunt's house and
stable, ib. ; Mr. Haggard's paper on
siegepieces struck during the civil wars
ib., 257-60 ; exhibition of rubbings
of brasses by the Architectural Society
of Lincolnshire, ib., 260 ; inspection of
Newark Church, ib. ; brass of Alan
Fleming at, ih.; Newark Castle, ib.;
excursion to Southwell, ib.; reception
by Archdeacon Wilkins, ib. ; examina-
tion of the structure, ib.', Mr. Ash-
pitel's discourse, ib., 262 ; visit to All
Saints', Hawton, ib.; description of it,
ib. ; the sculptures, ib.; public enter-
tainment, ib.; breakfast at the Town
Hall by the Mayor and Corporation of
Newark, ib. ; resolution passed at the
meeting, ib., 263 ; Mr. Saull's paper on
an ancient Roman road near Win-
chester, ib. ; visit to Rufford Abbey, ib.,
264 ; reception by the Earl of Scar-
borough, ib. ; Mr. Dimock on the archi-
tectural history of the collegiate church
of Southwell, ib., 265-303 ; Mr. Wickes
on the churches of Lincolnshire and
Nottinghamshire, ib.; brass at, ix, 191
Newbury, co. Berks, celt found at, i, 337;
Congress at, patrons, president, officers
and committees of, xvi, 74-5 ; proceed-
ings at, 76, 100, 226, 251 ; reception at
the Mansion House, 76 ; the Earl of
Carnarvon's address ; the Bishop of
Oxford's address ; Mr. Eyre's, 77 ; in-
spection of Newbury Church ; Mr.
Davis's description ; brass to the me-
mory of Jack of Newbury, 78 ; epitaph
of Rev. T. Penrose ; inspection of the
remains of the house of Jack of New-
bury, 79; Jack of Newbury's house
(engr.), 42 ; visit to the chapel of St.
John, 79 ; the hospital of St. Bar-
tholomew ; houses in the town, 80 ;
T. J. Pettigrew on the history and an-
tiquities of Berkshire ; J. O. Halliwell
on the popular history of Jack of New-
bury ; discussion on, 81; visit to the
battlefields, 85 ; inspection of the
mounds in the Countess of Craven's
park : observations on by Q. Adams

and O. V. Irving ; visit to Kintbury
Church, 86 ; inspection of Avingtou
Church ; Rev. Mr. James's paper on ;
remarks on the architecture, 87 ; Wick-
ham Church ; remarks on by Mr.
Robertson and Mr. Nicholson ; visit to
Shaw House, 88 ; reception at by Mr.
Eyre ; inspection of remains at Dod-
dington Castle ; Mr. Wright's paper on
the legendary history of Way! and
Smith, 89 ; discussion on, by the Earl
of Carnarvon, Rev. C. Kingsley, Rev.
Mr. Milton, etc.; T.J. Pettigrew's paper,
an inquiry into the particulars con-
nected with the death of Amy Robsart
at Cumnor Place ; discussion on ; visit
to Greenham Camp and the barrows;
Brimpton Church and Chapel ; excur-
sion to Silchester, 90 ; paper on, by the
Rev. Beale Poste ; description of the
walls, etc, 92 ; antiquities discovered
at, 93 ; T. J. Pettigrew's silver coins
found at, 94 ; Mr. Barton's coins and
other antiquities obtained from ; ex-
amination of Silchester Church, 95 ;
sepulchral slabs in the churchyard ;
visit to Ufton Court ; interesting and
undescribed example of early domestic
architecture ; visit to Aldermaston
House ; elegant reception by Mr. Hig-
ford Burr at ; interesting works of art
at, 96 ; examination of Aldermaston
Church and the monument of Sir
George and Lady Foster ; T. J. Petti-
grew's account of Aldermaston ; in-
spection of Thatcham Church ; E.
Roberts' remarks on ; Rev. Mr. Adams'
paper on the Roman Station of Spina?,
97 ; Mr. Hewett's observations on the
Roman roads of Berkshire; Rev. Mr.
Bragge on antiquities found at Crux
Easton, 99 ; Rev. E. Kell on the disco-
very of a Roman villa at Carisbrooke,
100 ; visit to Grimsbury camp, 226; Mr.
Irving's remarks on, 226 ; also on en-
trenchments at Speen, 227 ; at Silches-
ter, 228; on Perborough Castle ; Beacon
Hill, etc.; Grimsbury Camp, 229; earth-
work at Hampstead Norris ; Mounts at
Grimsbury examined, 230 ; visit to
Aldworth Church ; Mr. Davis's remarks
on ; Mr. Planche" on the remarkable mon-
uments in ; hospitable reception by the
Rev. Mr. Lloyd, 231; visit to LLsley
Church; remarks on, by E. Roberts,
232; papers by Henry Godwin, on
the worthies and celebrities connected
with Newbury and its neighbourhood;
the worthies and celebrities of, 232-4;
W. II. Black's examination of the deed
of the Corporation of Newbury, 23 4; Cor-
poration, deeds of ; excursion to Beacon
Hill, 235; Mr. Irving's remarks oU ;
\i.-it to Highclerc Castle, elegant re-
ception and entertainment of the Asso-
ton by the President ; the Earl of



Carnarvon's reply, 236 ; departure from
Reading, 237 ; reception at the Town-
hall by the Mayor and Corporation ;
visit to the remains of the Abbey ;
George Godwin's remarks ; plan of, 238 ;
examination of St. Laurence's ch. ;
remarks by G. Godwin, and extracts
from register, 239 ; examination of St.
Mary's ch. ; remarks by G. Godwin ;
meeting at the Mansion-house, 240 ;
T. J. Pettigrew's paper on Reading and
its antiquities; W. H. Black's examina-
tion of, and remarks on the Corporation
records, 241 ; Soiree at the Mansion-
house, Newbury, 243 ; Mr. Blundell's
paper on the two battles of Newbury ;
visit to Walford Church; remarks by
the Rev. Mr. Nicholson, E. Roberts, and
C. E. Davis ; elegant reception by Mr.
C. Eyre, 245 ; visit to East, or Little
Shefford Church ; E. Roberts on ; J. R.
Planches paper on the monument of a
supposed Princess of Portugal, in ; visit
to Speen encampment and Speen
Church; monuments at, 246; visit to
Doddington hospital ; Museum and Col-
lection of Antiquities exhibited at the
Congress, 247-51 ; Collection made by
Local Committee, 247 ; Paintings con-
tributed, 248 ; Museum arranged, 249 ;
jet ornament found at, 323 ; a Vicar's
token of, exhibited, 340 ; relics from St.
Nicholas church, xxi, 79 ; Roman Camp
near, xxvi, 238
New Cannon-street, on the excavations in,

x, 110-11, 190-5
Newcastle-under-Lyme, Dominican-house
at, xxix, 326

v. Mayer, J.

Newcastle (Duke of), his inaugural dis-
course at the Newark Congress, viii, 163
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Guard-room of the
Castle, (engr.), ii, 215; statue of Mer-
cury found at, iv, 144; postern gates of
castle at, (engr.), vi, 212; grand cham-
ber (engr.), ib., 219; great hall (engr.),
ib., 222; mouldings in chapel (engr.),
ib., 226 ; the chapel in the castle, xxii,
86 ; mint of, ib., 270-302 ; antiquities
of, described by Dr. Bruce, the black
gate, the castle, its perfect Norman
keep, birth-place of Lord Collingwood,
St. Nicholas church, the friars, the mu-
seum,ib., 296-301; v. Gould, N.
Newcomen, of Saltfletby, pedigree, ix, 94
Newdigate, co. Surrey, church chest at,

xxviii, 225
New-Forest, Roman antiquities from,

xxx, 199
New Kent Road, terra cotta vessels, coins,

and tradesmen's tokens, xiii, 254, 321
New-inn, Gloucester, Mr. Britton on, ii, 375
Newington, Surrey, church-chestat, xxviii,

229-30; obelisk, xxv, 271
New Grange, xxix, 27 ; early remains there,
ib.. 36

Newman (J.), on a large vase discovered
in the excavations for the New Houses
of Parliament, ii, 102
Newmarket, piscina discovered at St. Mary's
(engr.), xiv, 271 ; notice concerning,
xxi, 9 ; v. Hammond, C. E.
Newminster (Robert), Abbot of, witness

to early charter, vi, 424
Newport, Isle of Wight, discovery of silver
coins at, v, 362; observations on, by
Mr. Barton, ib. ; by Mr. Hearn, ib., 364 ;
inventory of plate, etc., at the church,
ib., 352 ; account of coins, etc., found in
a marsh contiguous to, viii, 323-30;
plan of marsh near (engr.), ib., 323 ;
coins found near, ib., 323-30 ; examin-
ation of St. Woollos, x, 307 ; account of
grammar school, xi, 270 ; plans of, ib. ;
mural paintings in the late St. Thomas's
church, ib.; notice of the museum, ib. ;
seal of the grammar school of, xii, 231 ;
Roman seals from, xxii, 355-7

v. Dennett, J.

v. Hearn, J. H.

Newport, co. Essex, church chest at,

xxviii, 226
Newstead, visit to the abbey, viii, 253 ;
on the history of the abbey, ix, 14-30 ;
seals of (engr.), ib., 18 ; plan of, (engr.),
ib., 30 ; on the architecture of, ib., 30-9
Newstead, charter to the priory of (1341),

exhibited, xix, 132
Newton's "London in the Olden Time",

notice of, xii, 197-8
Newton (Sir Isaac), epigram upon, xiii, 145
Newton (William), on Roman fictile ves-
sels, iv, 72 ; exhibits a bronze socket
from'a pilgrim's staff, viii, 360 ; a gnostic
ring, ib., 371 ; on a brass found at
Newark, ix, 191; obituary notice of,
xviii, 359-60
Newton, old church at, i, 259
Newton- Longueville, priory of, xxix, 62
Newtown, Isle of Wight, Roman coins
from, vi, 4^9 ; charters of, xi, 276 ;
Greek coins from, xxii, 358-60
New Zealand, various implements from,
x, 108 ; hatchet blade from, xxiv, 182 ;
tops from, xxx, 39-40
Niblett (D. G. V.), on Fairford windows,
xxv, 198, 201, 207 ; on Tame's tomb in
Fairford Church, ib., 208 ; on structure
of the church, ib., 209
Niblett (Thomas), on a Roman sepulchral
monument, i, 237 ; on Saxon antiqui-
ties found in Gloucestershire, ii, 96 ; on
encaustic tiles in Gloucester Cathedral,
ib., 387
Nicholas, St., tokens of, i, 207 ; painting

of, ix, 444
Nicholas (St.), Leicester, visited by the

Association, xix, 247
Nicholas V (Pope), leaden bull of, ii, 342 ;

xxiv, 272
Nicholas of Durham, life of St. Godric by,
xxiii, 71



Nicholaus, Abbot of Malmcsbury, xxvii,

Nichole de Aunibedine, brass of, in St.
Nicholas, Taplow, x, 98

Nicholl (J.), on a British gold coin, ii, 347

Nichols (G.), on a gold British coin found
in Hants, iv, 157

Nicholson (R.), restoration of Worksop
Church by, xxx, 284-5

Nicholson (W. A.), on a Roman tesselated
pavement discovered at Lincoln, ii, 186

Nicholson (Rev. Dr.), on St. Alban's Abbey,
xiii, 168-170; on Wickham Church,
xvi, 87-8

Nielli, ancient, paper upon, xix, 213-18
(cngrs.), ib., 214

Nightcap, xiii, 246

Nightingale (Mr.), exhibits forged matrix
of a seal, xv, 345

Nimbus, observations on the, from the
Iconographie-Chrdtienne of M. Didron,
by T.Wright, i, 121-128; lozenge-formed
nimbus, with the Father (engr.), i, 23 ;
G. J. French on the nimbus, x, 332-
62 ; beast in the Revelations, from an
early MS. (engr.), ib., 334 ; earliest
known nimbus, from the Roman Cata-
combs (engr.), ib., 336 ; the Deity
creating the heavenly bodies (engr.),
ib., 339 ; optical phenomena, illustrative
of the nimbus (engr.), ib. 342 ; various
nimbi (engr.), ib., 344 ; a triangular
nimbus (engr.), ib. ; lozenge-shaped
(engr.), ib., 345 ; on a casquette (engr.),
ib.; various nimbi, ib., 347; three-rayed
nimbus in double lined form (engr.) ib.,
348 ; hand with nimbus, as a cross/ engr. ),
x, 349; hand with nimbus (engr.), ib.;
holy spirit with nimbus (engr.), ib.,
350; descending dove, with triple-
rayed nimbus (engr.), ib., 351; St. John
the Baptist and the Lamb, with nimbus
and aureole (engr.), ib. ; the Saviour,
with triple nimbus (engr.), ib., 352 ;
two examples of nimbus (engr.), ib.,
353 ; Saviour, with Cross (engr.), ib. ;
other examples (engr.),ib., 354; a letter-
ed nimbus (engr.), ib., 356 ; the Saviour
in judgment (engr.), ib. ; three remark-
able nimbi (engr.), ib., 358 ; rayed nim-
bus to Moses (engr.), ib., 359 ; architec-
tural nimbi (engr.),ib., 360; observations
on, by H. S. Cuming, xi, 83-8 ; nimbus,
represented on a carved club, ib., 159

Nineveh, altars from, xxix, 36 ; early re-
mains at, ib., dipping bucket from the
sculptures of, xxx, 185

Nischi-novogorod, near St. Petersburg,
exhibition of objects from the cemetery
at, xxv, 70

Niton, Isle of Wight, notice respecting the
Church, xi, 319; xxii, 351, 357, 366

Nivelles, on St. Gertrude of, xxx, 436-8

Nobility in England, precedency of, and
list of, 17th century, xxi, 150

Nola-ware, fictitious bottle of, exhibited,
xi, 74

Norbury, description of the church and
its monuments, by Rev. J. C. Broughton,
vii, 336-9; architecture in the church
(engr.), ib., 336

Norfolk, Duke of, v. Howard

v. Sheffield.

Norfolk (Dukes of), their works at Fram-
lingham Castle, xxi, 178

Norfolk, twelve celts and other instru-
ments found in (engr.), i, 59 ; the anti-
quities of, a lecture by Rev. R. Hart,
ii, 127; gold torques found in, ib., 343;
Original Papers published by the Nor-
folk and Norwich Archaeological Society,
1848, hi, 359-61; sepulchral urn found
in, v, 154; series of drawings from
churches in, ib. ; white stone jug from,
ib., 163; "Norfolk Archaeology", notice
of, ib., 396-7 ; a series of British, Ro-
man, and Saxon antiquities found in
Norfolk and Suffolk, vi, 157; various
antiquities found in, ib. ; various rings
found in Norfolk and Suffolk, xiii, 313-
14 ; on the antiquities of, by T. J. Pet-

" tigrew, xiv, 1-29; on Sacramental Fonts
in, by Rev. Dr. Husenbeth, ib., 51-6 ;
Proceedings of the Congress held at
Norwich, ib., 61, 87, 145, 176 ; Officers
and Committees at, 61-2; Opening
Meeting at the Guild Hall, 63; recep-
tion by the Mayor and Corporation, ib. ;
the Earl of Albemarle's Address, 63-4 ;
Sir John Boileau's welcome to the Asso-
ciation on part of the Norfolk Archaeo-
logical Society, 64-5 ; the Treasurer's
paper on the Antiquities of Norfolk, 65;
examination of the Castle of Norwich,
ib. ; R. Fitch's observations on, 65-9 ;
visit to St. Peter Mancroft, 69 ; descrip-
tion of, ib. ; on its Baptistery, ib. ; mo-
nument to Sir Thomas Browne, ib. ; his
Portrait, ib. ; alabaster carving at, 70 ;
adjournment, ib. ; Sir F. Dwarris reads
a paper on the Privileges of Sanctuary
and Abjuration, ib. ; remarks on the
Sanctuary knocker at St. Gregory, 70-1;
notice respecting it, by Mr. Blomfielil, 7 1 ;
J. R. Planchd on Raoul de Gael, the 1st
Earl of Norfolk, ib. ; Mr. Black's re-
marks, ib. ; meeting at St. Andrew's
Hall, 72; T. J. Pettigrew's paper on
the Convent of Black Friars, #>. ; ex-
amination of the Remains, ib. ; visit to
the Church of St. Andrew the Apostle,
ib. ; description of, ib. ; monument of
Sir John and Lady Suckling, ib. ; visit
to Norwich Cathedral, ib. ; Brasses in,
ib.; Mr. Burnell's notes on, ib. ; examin-
ation of the Cathedral, 73 ; visit to the
Bishop's Palace, ib. ; description of, ib. ;
the gates of St. Ethelbert and Erpirtg-
ham, ib. ; meaning of the word "Yenk" on
the latter, ib. ; remarks and description



of the Churches, 74-80; visits to the
Churches of All Saints', St. Clementthe
Martyr, St. Edmund King and Martyr,
St. Ethelred, St. George, Colegate, 74 ;
St. Giles, St. Gregory, St. Helen, 75 ;
St. James, St. John the Baptist, 76 ; St.
John the Baptist (Timber Hill), St.
John's Sepulchre, St. Julian, St. Law-
rence, St. Martin' s-at- Oak, 77; St. Mar-
tin-at-Palace, St. Mary Coslany, St.
Peter of Hungate, 78 ; St. Peter Moun-
tergate, St. Simon and St. Jude, St.
Stephen, 79; St. Swithin, 80; Eliza-
bethan building, the Stranger's Hall,
80 ; St. Lawrence Well, ib. ; carved oak
panelling at Prior Lowth's house, 81;
Appleyard's house with remarkable flint-
work, ib. ; stone doorway, now at the
Guild Hall, ib.; excursion to Caister
Camp, ib.; discussion respecting, ib.;
Sir John Boileau's remarks, 82 ; ex-
amination of the foundation remains,
ib. ; paper by the Rev. Dr. Husenbeth,
ib. ; Rev. B. Poste on the representation
of minstrels in early painted glass, for-
merly in St. James's Church, ib. ; Mr.
Black's examination of, and report upon,
the records of the Cathedral, 82-6 ;
Mr. Hansard's remarks on, 87; Mr.
Burnell on the flying ^buttresses of the
Cathedral, ib. ; photographs of various
places in, visited by the Association,95;
excursion to Lynn and Castle Rising,
145 ; visit to the Chapel of our Lady on
the Mount, ib. ; description of, 145-7;
visit to Grey Friars, 147; description of,
147-8; meeting at the Town Hall, 148;
description of the records, regalia, ib. ;
extracts from the Corporation Records
exhibited by D. Gurney, ib. ; visit to
St. Nicholas Chapel, 148-9; to the
Church of St. Margaret, 149-50; re-
markable brasses at, ib. ; Castle Rising,
150; account of, 150-2; meetings at
Norwich, 152; T. J. Pettigrew on the
walls and gates of Norwich, ib. ; W.
Euing on a carving from Sir J. Fas-
tolfe's house, 153 ; W. H. Black on the
Corporation Records of Lynn, 153-5 ;
Mr. Davis's Report on Castle Rising and
Church, 156; visit to Great Yarmouth,
Caister Castle, and Burgh Camp, 157;
reception at the Town Hall at Yarmouth
by the Mayor and Corporation, ib. ; Mr.
Palmer's remarks upon the Antiquities
of Yarmouth, 157-61 ; visit to St. Ni-
cholas ; old houses on the South Quay,
161; Mr. Palmer's House and its Col-
lections, 162 ; the site of the Grey Friars
Monastery, #>.; the Black Friars, 163;
remains of the old town wall, ib. ; the
Toll-house, ib. ; the hutch and its con-
tents, ib. ; charter of King John, ib. ;
Cluster Castle, 164 ; paper on, by T. J.
Pettigrcw, ib. ; examination of the re-
mains of the Church, ib. ; visit to Burgh

Camp, ib. ; description of, and remarks
by several members, 165-6 ; addresses
by the Mayor and others, 166; conver-
sazione at Mr. Palmer's, ib. ; excursion
to Biuham and Walsingham Priories and
East Barsham Hall, ib. ; visit to Little
Snoring, and Great Snoring, with de-
scriptions of the churches, ib. ; paper
on Benham Priory, by T. J. Pettigrew,
166-8 ; examination of the ruins, ib. ;
departure for Walsingham, ib. ; recep-
tion at the Priory by the Rev. H. D.
Lee Warner, ib. ; examination of the
ruins, and remarks on, by Mr. Davis,
Mr. Pettigrew, and Mr. Warner, ib. ;
visit to East Barsham Hall, ib. ; re-
marks on, by Mr. Pettigrew, 169 ; ex-
tracts from the Corporation Records,
169-75; excursion to Ely, 175; visit to
and examination of the Cathedral and
the conventual buildings, ib. ; conclud-
ing meeting in the Cathedral library,
ib. ; observations on Mr. Fitch's col-
lection of antiquities, 176; on earth-
works and ancient fortifications in, by
G.Vere Irving, 193-215, 305-10; Sheriffs
of, with arms down tol840,xxi, 7; seals
relating to, ib., 14 ; plans of parishes,
writs, 1509-31, ib. ; miscellanies, ib., 15 ;
notice of, as forming a part of East An-
glia, ib. , 2 1 - 2 ; on r ound to wer s of churches
in, ib., 163 ; list of churches in the 17th
century, ib., 153 ; monuments, ib., 174;
list of monasteries and castles in, xxviii,
54; various effigies of St. Etheldreda
in, xxix, 423-5

Norman font, sculptured, at West Haddon,
i, 61; arch at Colchester, i, 143; font
in St. Peter's, Ipswich, i, 144; font in
Bromfield Church, i, 151 ; font in
Springfield Church, ib. ; capitals at Bury
St. Edmunds, i, 244; arch at Thebertin
Church, Suffolk, i, 317 ; tower, of Bury
St. Edmonds, ii, 91 ; font in Mary
Church, near Torquay, ib., 271 ; door-
way of the time of Henry I (see frontis-
piece), ib., 357; on the general size of
stones in Norman architecture, iii, 105-6;
prick spurs, found at Pakenham, ib.,
246 ; seal found at Stratford-upon-
Avon, ib., 330 ; manufacture of iron by
the Normans, iv, 265 ; font, iv, 63 ;
on the structure of the fortress, vi, 209-
28 ; spur, found in the Thames, ib., 452;
key (engr.J, xii, 123; fermails (enyr.),
xviii, 227 ; on the history of the county
of Leicester before the Norman Con-
quest, xix, 120; column at Corbet Court,
xxviii, 172; jug and pitcher, and tilo
(ewjr.), xxix, 78; carving at Thorpe
Salvin Church, xxx, 118; architecture,
Norman, v. Repton, J. A.

Norman pedigrees, v. Planchd, J. R.

Normandy, Dukes of, family notes of the,
xxx, 124-9

Normandy, Avelina or Duvelina, sister of



Conor, wife of Richard, Duke of, xxix,

Normandy, the ducal family of, xxx, 123,

Normandy, windmills in, vi, 463

Normauton, notice of the ch. in a charter,
xxx, 160 ; lauds in, given to Worksop,
xxx, 162

Norris (F. J.), exhibits two Exeter seals,
xviii, 258

Norris (Henry), on a Roman camp on
Hamden Hill, ii, 280 ; on roundels,
ib., 358; on a fragment of sculpture
found near Ilchester, iv, 159 ; on a
bronze lamp found at Hamdon Hill, St.,
384 ; on a mixed metal seal found at
Tiinsbury,v, 163; exhibits silver Roman
dice, ib., 361 ; the sketch of an old stone
near the river Parrett, vi, 96 ; a coin of
Helena, daughter of Constantine, vii,

North (T.),on discovery of Roman remains
at Barrow-upon-Soar, xxiii, 213

Northall, MSS. relating to, xxi, 15

North America, antiquities exhumed from
the ancient mounds of, xviii, 277

North Wales, notes of antiquities on the
coast of, by G. M. Hills, xxv, 135-44

Northampton, early English doorway at
(engr.), i, 257; Wetton's Guide Book to,
v, 381-5; City wall of (engr.),\, 382;
Conduit at All Saints' Churchyard,
(engr.), ib., 383; enumeration of Roman
remains found in the vicinity of, x,
93-4; coin of Hadrian found at, x, 94;
excursion to, reception by the Mayor,
xix, 222 ; remarks on, by Rev. C. H.
Hartshorne, ib. ; Cross of Queen Eleanor
at, ib., 224-9 ; St. Sepulchre's Church
visited, ib., 229; Danish brooch found at,
xx, 262 ; Roman coins found at Dun-
ston, ib., 273; notice of the discovery of
Roman antiquities in, ib., 329

v. Pretty, E.

Northamptonshire, Roman pavement in,
v, 375 ; on recent discoveries in, viii,
67 ; ancient remains found in (engr.),
ib. ; iron arrow-heads from, xvii, 70 ;
Roman remains in, ib. ; list of monaste-
ries and castles in, xxviii, 55-6

V. Hartshorne, A.

North- Cerney, visit of the Association to
the Church, xxv, 438

Northcote (Sir Stafford H.), Bart., inau-
gural address delivered by, at the Exeter
Congress, xviii, 1-21; remarks of, upon
Exeter Cathedral, ib., 87; address of, at
Ottery St. Mary, ib., 157; address of, at
the conclusion of the Exeter Congress,
ib., 337-40

Northfleet, monumental brass of Peter de
Lacy, 1375, in the Church, i, 158; pa-
riah register of 1538-1653, ib. ; disap-
pearance of brasses, ib.; brasses in the
Church, St., 337; Anglo-Saxon remains
discovered at, iii, 235-40

North- Foreland Lighthouse, its relative
position to Wareham, xxviii, 295-8

North Leach, seal of the grammar school
of, xii, 146

North-Marston, notice of, from Browne
Willis's MSS., xxv, 343

North-Moreton Church, painted glass at,
xii, 289

North Muskham, charter relating to, a.d.
1341, xix, 132

Northumbria, supposed king of, in a win-
dow at Osmundthorpe Hall, i, 51

Northumberland, on human remains found
in, ii, 275 ; Northumbrian stycas, on a
hoard of, iv, 127 ; descriptive catalogue
of stycas, ib., 382 ; Roman inscribed
stones found in, v, 158; Anglo-Saxons
of, x, 94; orthography of, xxiv, 182 ;
notice concerning, xxix, 27; early re-
mains in, ib., 34-6

Northumberland (John Duke of), dese-
crates the Church of Wolverhampton,
xxix, 50

Northumberland (the Duke of), decease of,
xxi. 189 ; Duke of, xxii, 21; Duchess
of, will of, xxiv, 315

Northwold, Saxon antiquities found at,
iv, 382

North wood, mural paintings in the Church,
v, 362

Norton, spear blade of flint, found at, xx,

Norway, Runic stones in, xxix, 145

Norwich, picturesque portion of the Ca-
thedral in danger, i, 57 ; J. A. Repton
on the Cathedral, ib., 319; seal of the
Hospital of St. Giles, iv, 152; letter to
Dr. Turner on Norwich and the Venta
Icenorum, by H. Gurney, v, 402-4; plan
of the earthworks of the Castle, by Mr.
Wilkins (engr.), xiv, 12 ; by Mr. Harrod
(engr.), 13 ; upper part of the choir of
the Cathedral (engr.), 20; the Choir
(engr.), 21 ; H. H. Burnell's Notes

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