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on the Cathedral, 44-50 ; examination
of the Castle, 65 ; R. Fitch's remarks
on the Castle, 65-9; St. Peter Mancroft's
Baptistery, 69 ; examination and de-
scription of the Churches, 69, 75, 80 ;
examination of the Cathedral, and re-
marks by Mr. Burnell, 73 ; the gate of St.
Ethelbert in the Cathedral, ib.; Erpin^'-
ham Gate in the Cathedral, ib. ; W. H.
Black's report on the Cathedral records,
82-6; Mr. Harrod's remarks on, 87; re-
marks respecting the flying buttresses
of the Cathedral, ib.', plan of the Con-
vent of Black Friars (engr .), 121; ex-
tracts from Corporation records, by Mr.
Qoddard Johnson, 169-75; paper by
T. J. Pettigrew on the walls and gates
of, 215-22; plan of walls and gates in
1500 (engr.), 222; mould found at, re-
presenting the Murder of the Innocents,
12th century, 271; antiquities of, exhi-
bited, xviii, 284 ; Saxon coinage of, xxi,



191; charter to the ch. of Holy Tri-
nity, xxix, 246; drawing of a window
in the ch. of St. Stephen exhibited, xxx,

v. Norfolk

■ v. Warren, T.

Notos, a potter's name, x, 111

Nottingham, ancient customs and sports
of, viii, 229-40 ; excursion to, ib., 251

Nottinghamshire, discoveries of Romano-
British and Saxon remains in, hi, 297-
300 ; pig of lead found in, v,, 79 ; early
burial-places discovered in, viii, 183-92;
rubbings from bells in, ix, 197 ; list of
monasteries and castles in, xxviii, 59-

Notyngham (Sir John), Dean of Tetten-
hall, etc., xxix, 363

Noyes (Messrs.), exhibit photographs of
Wolverhampton, xxix, 434

Noyon, battle of, xxix, 62

Numerals, nine, of mediaeval arithmetic
(engr.), ii, 66 ; arithmetical numerals
from ancient manuscripts, ib., 70 ; an-
cient numerals (many engrs.), ib., 157-
61, 283; observations on, ix, 433-85;

specimens of ancient numerals (9 engrs.),

Numismatist, the, vii, 96

Numismatics ; on ancient British coins, by
J. Evans, 191-9 ; coins not used before
B.C. 700, xxvi, 193

v. Coins

Nummi bracteati, xx, 254

Nun, or top, note descriptive of, xxx, 38-9

Nunburnholm, coins found at, xii, 88, 289

Nunnery at Wareham, xxviii, 166-7

Nuremberg, jetton from, presented, xiii,
226, 237 ; jettons found at Silchester,
exhibited, xv, 289 ; jettons, exhibited
xvii, 75; the great seat of German glass
painting early in the 16th century, xxv,
46; account of the guilds at, xxv, 231-
2; part of our Saviour's manger at,
xxvi, 278 ; lantern from, exhibited,
xxix, 71

Nursling, co. Hants, bronze bust from, i,
288 ; coins from, xxii, 358

Nutcrackers found in Londonderry, xiii,
224 ; paper on, by H. S. Cuming, ib.,
249-52 ; xvi, 349 ; drawing of, exhibited,
xxx, 341


OAK, carving found in Buckingham-
shire, ii, 88; carving at Canterbury, ix,
•65; chests atFilpham, ii, 348; mantle-
tree, exhibited by Mr. Gibbs, xiii, 334 ;
arrow found in a rafter, xx, 325; woods,
near Sheffield, xxx, 299
Oak (Royal), paper on the, by H. S.

Cuming, xxvi, 82-9 1
Oakham, co, Rutl., seal of the Grammar

School of, xii, 230
Oakley (Mrs. William), description and ca-
talogue of Roman coins, xxiii, 395-6
Oakley Park, visit of the Association to,

xxiv, 307
Oakman (John), school-piece by, xxix, 72
Obituary notices of deceased Members of

the Association, see all the volumes
Oaths, antiquity of, xxx, 367
Obelisk, of Izel, M. Poncin Casaquy's in-
tended work on, ii, 199 ; v. Newington
Oberstein, caltrop found at (engr.), xiv,

O'Callaghan (P.), on the Mace of the bo-
rough of Leeds, xx, 55-7; on historical
autographs, ib., 65, 240-2
O'Connor (M.), exhibits various antiquities
found in Ireland, viii, 143 ; on painted
glass ; exhibits drawings of, from Lin-
coln, etc., x, 90; a dagger of the 1.7th
century, ib., 112; some Irish antiqui-
ties, ib., 178; on painted glass in Lin-
coln Cathedral, xi, 89-94; exhibits silver
cross of the 14th cent., ib., 346
Odell, co. Bedf., hour-glass at, xxix, 133

Odinism in Scandinavia, etc., paper by T.
Morgan, xxix, 79, 138-72; remarks on,
by H. S. Cuming, ib., 79-80

Odo (Bp. of Bayeux), reasons for believ-
ing him to be the author of the Bayeux
tapestry, xxiii, 155

Offa (king of Mercia), coin of, found at
Toddington, i, 341 ; a penny of, found
at Southampton, xvi, 333 ; rare coin
found at Southampton, xx, 71 ; rare
coin of, ib., 353; rare coin (engr. J, xxi,
353; founder of St. Alban's Abbey,
death of, at Offley, xxvi, 29

Offerings, votive, ii, 405

Offertory dishes, remarks upon, and exhi-
bitions of, xii, 259-62 ; xxv, 399

v. Almsgiving

Offices, illuminated books of, exhibited,
vii, 163

v. Manuscripts

Offini (William films Widonis de), his deed
concerning land at Wdeford, xxix, 366;
al. Opheni, notes of the early family of,
ib., 370-1

Offley, co. Herts, death-place of Offa,
xxvi, 29

Ogbury, camp at, visited by the Associa-
tion, xv, 194

Ogham inscriptions, slab with Roman and
(engr.), xvii, 293; remarks on Ogham
inscriptions, ib., 293-310

Ogle shrine in Hexham Abbey Church,
Altar painting of the, exhibited, xix,



Okeford, threatened demolition of the
Church, xx, 362

Oldbury, remains at, xxix, 39 ; flint celt
fouinl at) ib., 43

Oldefalynch (Henry de\xxix, 363

ol<len Times, on the light literature of,
by J. Brent, xiii, 348-51

Old-Fish-Street-Hill, foundations of Ro-
man buildings discovered at, i, 45

Old Ford, Roman coins discovered at, i,
327 ; leaden coffins, urns, etc., found
at, iv, 392

Old Heath Hall, observations on, xx, 260-2

Old Sarum, collection of coins and other
antiquities found at, ii, 99

Oliver (L.), presents medallion of Dr.
Sacheverell, ix, 77 ; exhibits photo-
graphs of various places in Norfolk,
xiv, 95 ; German casket of sixteenth
century, xvi, 329 ; ivory carving of Sir
John Hawkins, xviii, 275 ; a grant of
arms by Charles V, ib., 279 ; Russo-
Greek crucifix, xxvii, 524

Oliver ( Dr.), his account of Wolverhamp-
ton Church, xxix, 52

Oliveira (B.), exhibits specimens of car-
ving, embroidery, and chasing in silver
from Spain and Portugal, viii, 154

Olla, of Upchurch make, found at King's
Sutton, xvii, 70 ; containing bones of a
large song bird, found at Corinium, xix,
150 ; several found at Wilderspool,
xxvii, 433 ; Saxon, exhibited, xxx, 336

Olveston (Thomas), Abbot of Malrnes-
bury, xxvii, 336

Olympia, Plain of, exhibition of an axe-
hammer from the, xvii, 74

Onesimus, tablet to, ix, 91, 199

Onomacritus, extracts from his "Argo-
nautic Expedition", xxx, 136

Ooze, river, enclosures, xxi, 17

Oratory, at Barton, D. Hewett on, i, 260

Orb, coronation (engr.), x, 356 ; with the
tau (engr.), ib., 357; with cross (engr. J,

Ord (Craven), letters of, xxi, 13 ; MSS.

of, in British Museum, ib., 18
Order of St. Victor in Utrecht, seal of,

xxi, 235
Ordericus Vitalis, extract from, relating
to the Mortimers and Warrens, xxiv, 23
Orford, MSS. relating to, xxi, 15 ; sharks
teeth from a bed of coprolites at, xxiv,
167 ; the castle of, compared with
Coningsburgh Castle, xxx, 20
Organistrum (engr.), ii, 228
Orgon (John and Helen, his wife), brass

of, in St. Olave's, i, 58
Oriel window at Cerne Abbey (engr.),

xxxiii, 212
Oriental, weapons, iii, 27 ; xiv, 291 ;
handles of, viii, 156 ; xxi, 355 ; carved
pebble, xxii, 415 ; back-painting, xxix,
Original documents, charters and manu-
scripts, Bee nil volumes

Orkney, Islands of, antiquities discovered
at, ii, 328 ; Mr. Girdwood's observa-
tions on an ancient burial place in, iv,
143 ; Runic tumulus in the, xviii, 395

v. Croker, T. C.

v. Kirkwall

Orleton (Adam de), Bishop of Hereford,
restoration of the Cathedral in the
time of, xxvii, 69-73
Oi-me (Mr.), mention of, xxix, 25, 26
Ormerod (George, F.R.S.), notice of his
" Strigulensia", xvii, 262 ; obituary no-
tice of, xxx, 354
Ornaments, found in a barrow of the
Romano-British period (engr.), ii, 237 ;
a chart of Anglican church ornament,
by F. Bedford, jun., ib., 126 ; resem-
bling muscle-shells found in Orkney
(3 engrs.), ib., 331 ; broken, from Al-
derney (engr.), iii, 10 ; enamelled cop-
per, found at Middleton Moor, Derby-
shire (2 engrs.), ib., 352 ; gilt bronze
ornamental appendages (2 engrs.), iv,
158 ; enamelled and bone, from a Saxon
barrow in Derbyshire (i engrs.), ib.,
277 ; ornamental doorway at Harrow-
on-the-Hill, ib., 395 ; on sculptured
stones, crosses, etc. (engr.), xv, 63, et
seq. ; paper on ancient ornaments, by
H. S. Cuming, xvi, 269-74 ; bronze, ex-
hibited, xxix, 85
Ornaments, personal, v. Humphreys, H. T.
Ornsby (Rev. George), on Durham Castle,
xxii, 46, 65, 85 ; on ancient wills and
inventories, ib., 303 ; on Durham wills
and inventories, ib., 396-420
Orpheus from Roman pavement at Ciren-
cester (engr.), xxv, 102
Orwell Park, collection of pictures at, xxi,

Orwell river, rights on, 1572-1719, and
later to 1814 ; rights of ballast, xxi,
Osbert, sheriff of Durham, xxix, 237
Osborne, family notes of, xxx, 117
Osborne (Sir Thomas), afterwards Duke

of Leeds, xxx, 117
Osengal, the site of a Saxon cemetery, ii,

276, v. Ozengal
Osmington, co, Dorset, visit to, by the

Association, xxviii, 101
Osmundthorpe Hall, Leeds, painted glass
at, i, 51 ; Northumbrian king, in a
window at, ib.
Ossea tibia exhibited, (engr.), viii, 161
Ostia (Bishop of), at Bury, xxi, 47
Ostorius Scapula, xxix, 38, 397
Oswald (St.), King of Northumbria, ac-
count of miracles performed by him
after death, xxiii, 327
Oswestry, ornamental sword found at, i,

Oswinthorpe, coin found at, i, 51
Osyth (St.), Queen of Fast Anglia, paint-
ings of, xvi, 347; account of her sig-
iiiuii, xxiii, 328



Otford, co. Kent, hour-glass stand in the
ch., xii, 265 ; hour-glass at, xxix, 130

Otho IV (Emperor), denarius of, exhi-
bited, xvii, 231

Otho, gold coin of, found at Etocetum,
xxix, 54

Othoma, v. Hastings

Otterbourne banner, notice of the, xxiv, 37

Ottley, fibula found at, ii, 345

Oundle, co. North., monastery at, in
Beda's time, xxiv, 368

Ousley (Rev. Sir F. Gore), conducts the
Association over St. Michael's College,
Tenbury, xxiv, 200

Overall (Mr.), account of the discovery of
a large jar in Broad Street, xxii, 343

Over-Darwen, v. Gypsire

Oversley, remains at, xxix, 39 ; earth-
works at, ib., 42 ; notes concerning, ib.,

Overton, co. Wilts, note of, xxi, 109

Overton (Alan, son of Walter de), xxix,

Overton (Lord William de), xxix, 362

Ovingdean, co. Suss., plan of the Church
(engr.), xxiv, 216

Ovum anguinum, xvii, 62 ; xxix, 27

Owen (E. W. Smythe), obituary notice of,
xx, 168

Owen (John), presents a collection of an-
cient deeds relating to the history of
Cheshire, v, 321

Owen (L. W), on the Saxon Tower of
Trinity Church, Colchester, iii, 19-22

Owen versus Arcedeckne, note of the law-
suit, xxi, 17

Oxford (Bishop of), address of, at New-
bury Congress, xvi, 76-7

Oxford (City of), a Roman villa found
near, v, 159 ; Danish fibula found at,
xiii, 347 ; bequest of books to the uni-
versity of, by Humphrey, Duke of Glou-
cester, xxvii, 221 ; church-chest at St.
Mary Magdalene's, xxviii, 226 ; church-
chest in the Chapter House, ib., 227 ;
notices concerning the city, xxix, 31, 32,
34 ; tokens of, xxx, 27

Oxfordshire, barrow remains in, ii, 89 ;
historical notices of Islip in, v, 39-51 ;
various objects from, viii, 151 ; en-
caustic tiles in (engr.), ib. ; rubbings
from bells in, ib.; tile found in, xi, 65
various coins found in, xii, 75, 264
coin of Cunobeline found in, xv, 290
iron arrow-heads from, xvii, 70 ; list of
monasteries and castles in, xxviii, 57

Ozengal, Saxon keys found at, iii, 246

v. Osengal


PAALSTAB, ix, 186 ; from Normandy,
exhibited, x, 107 ; and flint arrow-
heads discovered at Bosisio, xiv, 89 ;
and ring found in Lancashire (engr.),
xv, 236

Padilla (Francisco de), sword and dagger
of, vii, 173

Padlocks, Chinese, xxix, 433 ; Egyptian
(engr.), xii, 118 ; mediaeval, xi, 83 ; xiii,
224; xxx, 442; Roman (engr .), xii, 119 ;
xix, 103; exhibited, xxix, 201

Padstow, inscribed slab near, i, 49 ; Ro-
man remains at, iv, 394

v. Kent, Thomas

Pagan religion in tins country, on, ii, 390

" Pagan Saxondom",Akerman's; notice of,
xii, 103-6

Paganel, family notes, xxix, 414-6

Page (Augustine), his additions to " Suf-
folk Garland", xxi, 15

Page (Stephen), will of, xix, 204

Page's sword, hilt of a, exhibited, xvi, 296

Page Hall, token, xxx, 35

Paget (Rev. F. C), describes Elford
ch., xxix, 116-7

Pagnell (Gervais), deed attested by, xxix,

Pagnell (Ralph), note concerning, xxviii,

Pail, Anglo-Saxon wooden (engr.), iii, 236

Paint-box, ix, 200

Painted-glass, formerly belonging to Os-
mundthorpe Hall, i, 51 ; at Worcester,
by G. Rogers, iv, 301 ; in Morley
Church, viii, 28 ; in Aldermaston Church,
viii, 362 ; from Canterbury, ix, 75 ; in
Lincoln Cathedral, x, 90 ; xi, 89-94 ;
window in North Moreton ch., xii, 289;
window in old Chelsea ch., exhibited,
xvi, 347; from Hampton Court, xxix, 312

v. Durer, A.

v. Glass

v. Paris

v. Passy

v. Window

Paintings, in Lenham Church, described
by E. Pretty, i, 60 ; discovered in Bat-
tle Church (10 col. illus.), ii, 149 ; Ro-
man mural, in Salisbury (engr.), iv, 93 ;
mediaeval paintings, etc., discovered at
Winchester, vi, 76-SO ; in Goodworth
Church, vii, 431 ; at St. John's, Win-
chester, ix, 1-14 ; x, 53-87 ; various, at
Winchester, ix, 444-6 ; in Easton ch., x,
180 ; at Southwold ch., Suffolk, xvi, 351 ;
On stone, xviii, 285

v. Chichester

Painting in oil, remarks on the early his-
tory of, iii, 201-8

Pakenham, co. Suff., Roman antiquities



found at, i, 138; xxi, 346; spur found
at, iii, 126 ; bronze weight from, vi, 443

Palaeography, on the study of, ix, 191-5 ;
outlines of, by W. de G. Birch, xxx,

Palestine, pottery works in, xxx, 191-2

Palettes, painters' (engr.), xv, 316

Palgrave (Sir Francis), owner of Ipswich
Domesday, xxi, 16

Palimpsest brass from Cobham Church,
Surrey, ii, 200; at Steeple-Ashtou, xxi,

Palin (W. H.), exhibits various keys,
spoons, etc., found at Greenwich, x, 106

Palissy ware, exhibited, xxviii, 283 ; note
by H. S. Cuming respecting it, ib., 283-

Palmer (E. H.), xxix, 33

Palmer (J. C), notice of the "History of
Great Yarmouth", xiii, 71-5

Palmer (Sir Roger), autograph of, xxi, 17

Palmer (Silas), M.D., of Newbury, exhi-
bits an Egyptian bottle found in Berk-
shire, xiv, 358 ; on restorations at St.
Nicholas, Newbury, xxi, 79 ; on Roman
discoveries at Marlstone, xvi, 290 ; ex-
hibits jet ornament found at Newbury,
ib., 323 ; on the token of a vicar of
Newbury, ib., 340 ; on remains found
at Stanmore, xvii, 334 ; exhibits Ro-
man remains found at Marlstone, ib.,
336 ; antiquities obtained at Well House,
Berks, xix, 60 ; on a Roman villa at
Well House, ib., 60-3 ; on the discovery
of a Roman villa at Ealing Farm,
Bucks, ib., 148-9 ; exhibits a vesica-
shaped matrix of lead of the 13th cent,
found at Newbury, ib., 149 ; inspection
by, of excavations making at Silchester,
xx, 360 ; exhibits objects found at
Newbury, xxvi, 252-4

Palmer (W. C), series of antiquities col-
lected at Ariconium by, xxvii, 203-18

Palmerston (Lord), autograph of, xxi, 13 ;
seat of, at Brocket, xxvi, 30

Pan-cases, of India, observations on, viii,

Pancon (Robert), xxx, 309

Pancras (St.), history, xxx, 334-5

Panshanger, co. Herts., associated with
the name of the poet Cowper, xxvi,

Papcastle, near Cockermouth, Roman re-
mains at, xxiv, 178

Papyrus, paper on the, vii, 361 ; Egyptian,
exhibited, xxix, 436

Parham Hall, notice concerning, xxi, 176-9

Paris (Matthew), monk of St. Alban's,
account of royal visitors and benefactors
to St. Alban's Abbey, xxvi, 299-313 ;
origin of Sopwell Priory, ib., 132

Paris, painted glass windows in the
Temple Church of, by A. Durer, xxv, 47

Parish registers and church records, ob-
servations on, by Mr. Reed, vii, 298-303

Park (Louth), Ralph, Abbot of, vi, 124

Park- End, Forest of Dean, account of a
find of coins at, xxiii, 393-5

Parke (W.), on the collegiate church at
Wolverhampton, xxix, 47-53

Parker (J. H.), xxix, 88

Parliament, petition to, from the bur-
gesses of St. Alban's, xxvi, 1 45-6

Parliamentarians, pillage of Wolverhamp-
ton Church by the, xxix, 51

Parrett (River), old stone near the, vi, 96

v. NorrLs, H.

Paschal eggs, vii, 205

Passavant (Catherine), imprisonment of,
for manslaughter, by the Abbot of St.
Alban's, xxvi, 144-5, 149

Passe (Simon de), engravings on silver by,
xii, 240-4 ; silver jettons executed by,
xxvi, 239

Passy, painted glass windows by A. Durer
at, xxv, 47

Pastoral staff, head of, found at Wells,
xiii, 314

Patens, exhibited, xxi, 231 ; xxviii, 183 ;
xxix, 184

Patera (Roman"), fragment of an engine-
turned (ervjr.), i, 5 ; vases found at
East Farleigh (5 engrs.J, ii, 74 ; bronze,
found at Chesterford (cmjr.), iii, 211 ;
found at Portland, xxviii, 205 ; Roman,
exhibited, xxix, 72

Paterson (Dr. G. A.), paper of, upon
Tiverton Castle, xviii, 237-46

Pathlow, tumulus at, xxix, 43

Paton (Thomas), and two wives, monu-
mental brasses of, ii, 347

Patrick (G.), exhibits brasses in Bexley.
Church, xvi, 288

Patrick (J. G.), exhibits a pax of the 15th
cent., vii, 83 ; a medal of Ignatius
Loyola, ib.; a gold betrothal ring, x,
177 ; presents a medal of Loyola, xi,
158 ; exhibits a knife of Sir Francis
Drake, xii, 265 ; a fine Italian carving
of St. Catherine, xii, 266 ; obituary no-
tice of, xvi, 168

Patrick (Ralph), witness to a charter,
tire. 1126, xxx, 171

PatshuU, notice concerning, xxix, 24 ; re-
ception of the Congress by the presi-
dent there, ib., 223 ; the church visited,
ib., 223-4 ; the Rev. H. J. Ward de-
scribes Roman Chesterton, 224

Patteshall, E. Pretty's observations on
the church, iii, 252

Pattiugham, account of the church, xxix,
25 ; torque of gold found at, ib.

Pattinson, Rev. W., v. Rooke, John

Paul (St.), exhibition of his snuffers, xxv,
75 ; chasing of, xix, 138

Pavement, Roman tesselated, at West
Dean, i, 62 ; near Northampton, ii,
364 ; lithographs of Romano-Biiti>'n
tesselated pavements, v, 401-2 ; dis-
covered at Harpole (engr.J, vi, 126 ;
lithographic coloured prints of Romano-
British tesselated pavements, by H. E.



Smith, vi, 160 ; diagram of geometric
pavement (engr.), vii, 389 ; tesselated,
at Uriconium (engr.), xvii, 100 ; found
at Preston, xxviii, 90 ; at Jordan Hill,
ib., 94 ; visited, ib.; photograph of a
mosaic, ib., 398
Pavement, v. Cirencester

v. Irvine, J. T.

v. Lincoln

Pax, of the 15th century, vii, 83

Payn (Stephen), seal of, xvi, 343 ; Mr.

Black's remarks on, ib.
Payne (J. H.), exhibits a portion of the
Glastonbury thorn in blossom at
Christmas, xiv, 269
Payne (Sampson), exhibits needlework of
the time of Elizabeth, and carving of
the 17th century, xi, 337; obituary
notice of, xiii, 163
Paynet (Emma), her will, xxii, 407
Paynter (J. W.), exhibits an ecclesiastical

seal, vi, 452
Peacock (E.), on a circular bell-shaped
seal, iv, 388 ; on a bronze British
shield, ib., 395
Peacock (John and Maude, his wife), brass

of, vi, 92
Pears (Dr. S. A.), notice concerning, xxii,
450 ; description of an ancient tile-
kiln at Bepton, ib., 456
Pearson (Dr. Wilson), on the media?val
history and antiquities of Castle Do-
nington, xix, 237-45
Peat, jet ornament found at Newbury in,

xvi, 323
Pebbles from Alderney (engr.), iii, 8
Peckham (Sir Bobert), preservation of

his heart in Denham Church, xxiv, 39
Peckham, East, co. Kent, heart-burial at,

xxi, 143
Pecock (Bobert), brasses of 1512 to, at

Bedbourn, xxvi, 174
Peel (E.), on a gold ring found at Bos-
common, ii, 199
Peel (Sir Bobert), autograph of, xxi, 13
Peet (Thomas), obituary notice of, xix, 155
Peg-tankard, from Gloucestershire, ii, 205
Pegge (Dr. Samuel), notice of his history

of Beauchief, xxx, 422, etc.
Peletot (Amis de), xxx, 309
Pelham (Sir John), deed executed by, 10

Hen. VI, i, 252 ; seal of (engr.), ib.
Pelican, favourite device of, on seals, iii,
52, 126; on its occurrence in symbolical
representations, iii, 52-3
Pemble (Bev. Henry), on a sepulchral mo-
nument in St. Peter's, Sandwich, ii, 334
Pembridge, T. Wakeman on the Castle, xv,
153-9; plan of the Castle (engr.), ib.,
154; entrance gateway of (engr.), ib.
Pembridge (Bichard de), description of his
effigy in Hereford Cathedral, xxvii,
Pembroke, Joanna de Valentia, Countess
of, her expense roll, xviii, 145-52, 213-20
Pembroke, seal found in, vi, 452

Penalt, quaint custom observed at, "xxvii,

Penates, Boman, found at Exeter, xviii,
166; notes on, xxi, 217-21; discovered
at Exeter (engr.), ib., 220 ; of bronze,
exhibited, xxviii, 283 ; xxx, 72

Pencase, Boman, xv, 351 ; exhibited, xxix,

Pendril (or Pendrel), notices relating to
the family of, xxix, 222 ; deed contain-
ing signatures of the family, ib., 363

Pendrell (B.), ring given by Charles I to
him, exhibited, xviii, 383

Penfold (Bev. James), on a leaden coffin,
iv, 383

Penknife, shaft of, exhibited, xxix, 187

v. Knife.

Penkridge, College at, account of, xxix,

Pen Machno, co. Caernarvon, account of
Christian symbol on a stone at, xxiii,

Penmen and penmanship, on, xxviii, 401-7

Pens, Boman, exhibited, xxix, 309

Pennies of Edward the Confessor, Harold
II, and William I, found in 1774, vi, 154

v. Coins, etc.

Pennylong-lane, near Derby, notice con-
cerning, xxx, 66

Penshurst, co. Kent, belonged to the Sid-
neys, xxiv, 316

Penson (B. K.), on the Ch. of St. Law-
rence, Ludlow, xxiv, 57-60; on proposed
removal of rood-screen from Ludlow
parish Ch., ib., 204

Pepys (Samuel), facsimile of autograph of,
vi, 144

Peran, in the commune of Cle"dran, ac-
count of an enclosure near (engr.), ii,

Perborough, remarks on the castle, xvi,
228 ; visited by the Association, ib.,

Percehay (Walter), of Kigton, his will,
xxii, 406

Percival (Ann), obituary notice of, xvi,

Percy (Henry de), seal of (engr.), i, 154

Percy (Thomas de), Bishop of Norwich,
seal of, xxi, 347

Percy (Lord Henry), his will, xxii, 402,
407, 416

Percy (William de), notice concerning,
xxviii, 139

Perkins (Mr.), on the discovery of the
coffin at Worcester Cathedral, xviii, 254

Perrot (Penelope), daughter of Sir Thomas,
xxx, 77

Pershore (Bogerus), Abbot of Malmesbury,

xxvii, 334
Persian gems, exhibited by Lady Willock,
i, 327 ; Persian king, with nimbus,
(engr.), ib., 121 ; sword, exhibited by
Bev. B. Poste, xiii, K20
Persius, quotation from, on the top, xxx,



Perthes (M. J. B. de C. C. de), notice of
his death, xxviii, 312

Perton (William), Lord of, xxix, 362

Peru, vase from, xxii, 246 ; pottery from,
exhibited, ib., 305 ; exhibition^ plans
of Inca monuments in, xxvi, 373

Perugia, ring-money found at, ii, 280 ;
Etruscan urn from, xxiv, 81-2

"Pessoner", remarks on the word, x, 98

Pestle and Mortar, i, 114; observations on
the, vii, 83-90

Pestle (Roman), exhibited, xxx, 199

Peter (Bishop of Chester), notes on, xxix,

Peterara, or swivel gun, of the 15th cen-
tury, found in the I. of Wight, ii, 346

Peterborough (Lord), Letters of, xxi, 21

Peterborough, dimensions of Cathedral,
xxi, 41 ; monasteries in, in Beda's time,
xxiv, 368

Peterston, visit of the Association to the
Ch., xxvii, 537-8

Petherton (South), brass there described,
vi, 96

Petit (Rev. J. L.), on Tong Ch. and Shiff-
nal Ch., xvti, 147-50; memoir of, xxv,

Petition for release of some prisoners in
the King's Bench, 19 Henry VII, xvii,
317-8; to Cromwell, xx, 58

v. Parliament.

Petitot, a miniature by, on a tortoise-shell
box, xv, 271

Peto (Sir Samuel Morton), exhibits three
specimens of British swords found in
Lincolnshire, xi, 263 ; Roman vessels
found in Lincolnshire, ib.

Petriana, on the Great Wall of Hadrian,
v. Brushfield, Dr.

Petrie (Dr.), quotation of his opinions re-
specting Coningsborough Castle, xxx,

Petrus, Abbot of Malmesbury, xxvii, 326

Petrus Blesensis (Dean of Wolverhamp-
ton), account of, xxix, 50

Petticoat-lane, marble tosso found in, i, 329

Pettigrew (T. J.) F.R.S., F.S.A., Address at
the Gloucestershire Congress, ii, 370; on
the Gloucestershire peg tankard, Sb., 380 ;
on Egyptian embalmings, iv, 337; ad-
dress at the Chester Congress, v, 294 ;
at Liverpool, SIS; upon the presenta-
tion of a mazer bowl to the President.
317; at the conclusion of the Congress,
330 ; on the toadstone, 340 ; on the
cross-bow, 348 ; on superstitions, 354 ;
communicates warrants signed by Chas.
II to Capt. Fasby, vi, 143-6; on the

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