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study of Archaeology, and the objects of
the British Archaeological Association,
163-77 ; exhibits a carving in Morse
ivory, 440; a vase with large number
of Roman coins turned up at Cham-
wood Forest, ib., 448 ; vii, 1-5 ; a Lappic
drill-bow of carved ivory, vi, 455; a
penny of Henry III, found at Battle,

vii, 83; contributions towards a History
of the Society of Antiquaries, 143-5o;
on the deities of the Amenti, found in
an Egyptian mummy, 174; on the dis-
covery of the ancient city of Tharros,
239-58 ; remarks on the study of Anti-
quities, 309-14; address at Hardwick
Hall, 321; on ancient Chinese ve
442; account of Grimes's graves, Nor-
folk, viii, 77 ; on the discovery of the
body of Bishop Lyndewod, in the under
chapel of St. Stephen's, 62-3 ; examin-
ation of the body of Bishop Lyndewod,
70-2 ; history of the barber-surgeons of
London, 95-130 ; on the analysis of
bronze, 145; exhibits a portion of wax
obtained from the bandages of Bishop
Lyndewod, ib. ; on a supposed reliquary
of Benedict Biscop, 161 ; exhibits en-
caustic tiles from Thurgarton priory,
367; on Newstead Abbey, ix, 14-30;
on the origin and antiquity of playing
cards, 121-54, 308-29; on leper hospitals
or houses, t'6.,359; xi, 9-34,95-117; exhi-
bits Saxon antiquities found at Roches-
ter, ix, 430 ; a manuscript translation
of the New Testament, supposed to be
by Wycliffe, 435-40 ; drawings of Ro-
man remains found at Sittingboume,
x, 90 ; carvings in jade from New Zea-
land, 108-9 ; on a Roman tesselated
pavement discovered in Broad-street,
112; exhibits a silver reliquary, 113;
on Gualter Mapes' claim to the author-
ship of " Lancelot du Lac" and other
mediaeval romances, 180 ; on a Ch. at
Berlin, 185-9; exhibits an earthen askos,
189 ; discourse at the Chepstow Con-
gress, 197; letter to, from Mrs. Bernal,
374 ; exhibits boxwood comb of Bishop
Godwin, ib. ; rings from Mr. Warren's
collection, xi, 79-80 ; provincial tokens,
151; on a Sassanian gem, 152; on the
antiquities of the Isle of Wight, 177-93;
exhibits Roman coins, 255 ; seals found
in Lincoln and Suffolk, 262 ; notes of,
upon the seals of Endowed Grammar
Schools in England and Wales, xii, 55-
72, 145-55, 223-34; on the antiquities
of Kertch, ib., 162 ; xiii, 299-309 ; on the
seal of the Abbey of Lowth Park, 253 ;
on the antiquities of Somersetshire,
291-311; on Wells Cathedral, 344-69;
on the Vicar's Close at Wells, xiii, : '4-7;
reply to the address of Dr. Markham at
Bath, 135; on the prevalence of yew trees
in the churchyardsof Somersetshire, and
on other funereal emblems derived from
the vegetable kingdom of Nature, 1 4<i-7 ;
on Egyptian glass, 211-22; describes
various rings found in Norfolk and Suf-
folk, 313-4; on a Roman intaglio. S20 ;
on the antiquities of Norfolk. \iv, 1-29 ;
speech at the Norfolk Congress, 62 ;
on the sanctuary knocker of St « Iregory,
70; on Kitt's rebellion, 94; ontheCon-



vent at Black Friars at Norwich, 110-
23; on Castle Rising Castle, 150-2; on
Burgh Camp, 165; on Binham Priory,
166-8; on Barsham Hall, 169; on the
walls and gates of Norwich, 215-22; on
Caister Castle, 223-37 ; on the antiqui-
ties of Cuma, 293-305; notes on the seals
of endowed Grammar Schools, 311-26;
on the reputed vision of Henry I, 331-4 ;
on the antiquities of Wiltshire, xv, 1-26;
on Stonehenge, 3-9; on Amesbury, 10;
on Old Sarum, 12; on the Chs. of Salis-
bury, 16-18 ; on the Tower of Salisbury,
18 ; half timber houses in, 19 ; hall of
John Halle, ib. ; hall in Market-place,
21 ; on Clarendon, 22 ; Wilton, 23 ;
Wardour Castle, 25 ; on the monument
in Britford Ch., 201-2 ; notes on the an-
cient palace of Clarendon, 246-64 ; on
pommels of swords found at Silchester,
357-8 ; on the history and antiquities of
Berkshire, xvi, 25-49 ; on Aldermaston,
62, 69: inquiry into the particulars of the
death of Amy Robsart, 89 ; on coins and
other antiquities found at Silchester,
90-5 ; on Reading and its antiquities,
177-200; on Highclere castle, 235-6; on
monumental crosses, 290 ; on the archae-
ology of America, 298-310 ; on Egyptian
papyri, 316; on two remarkable balls,
327-8 ; on a seal of Richard, duke of
Gloucester, 359 ; on a sepulchral slab
in the Abbey Ch., Shrewsbury, xvii, 44 ;
exhibits matrix of the seal of Richard,
duke of Gloucester as Admiral of Eng-
land, 54; on Quarr abbey and its seals,
65-7 ; on a seal of Christopher Sutton,
76-7 ; notice of Dr. Caius and the sweat-
ing sickness, 236-46 ; on medical officers
in the Roman army, 249-51 ; on Lille-
shall Church, 271-73 ; on Ogham in-
scription, 293-310; on Roman penates
found at Exeter, xviii, 166; on the de-
cease of the Prince Consort, 253 ; exhi-
bits a drawing of the leaden coffin of
Dr. W. Harvey, 257 ; on a sepulchral
slab found at Bow, 267 ; on God's Pro-
vidence House at Chester, 267 ; on a
Phoenician inscription found at Malta,
386-8 ; on the tumulus of Maes-Howe
in the Orkneys, 393 ; comparative state-
ment of translations of Runic inscrip-
tions found in tumulus of Maes-Howe,
o95 ; letter to the President of the Lei-
cester Congress, xix, 40 ; on thuribles,
81-94 ; exhibits brass bracteates, 131 ;
charter to the prior and convent of
Newstead, of the manor of Northmusk-
ham, 1341, 132; on bone tubes from
Egypt, 136; notice respecting the Salis-
bury Museum, xx, 93-5; exhibits ulna
and radius of a Roman lady found with
a bronze armilla at Winchester, 268 ;
observations of St. Bernard on the
carving of monstrous forms in churches,
'..'69; on the threatened demolition of

the castle wall at Southampton, 335 ;
on heart-burials, xxi, 142; on Roman
penates discovered at Exeter 217-221 ;
on effigy of Reginald de Aula, in Brad-
ford-on- Avon Ch., 237 ; decease of, 360;
correspondence on his decease, xxii, 107;
on Bradford-on-Avon, 160 ; memoir of,
327-35 ; reprint of his remarks on Pali
MSS., 289-92

Pettigrew (W. Vesalius), M.D., exhibits
moulds for casting Roman coins, vi, 154;
on the analysis of bronze, viii, 145; a
Pan-case, ib., 157-9 ; a dagger found at
Edgehill, ix, 74 ; a dress sword, circa
1700, xh, 179; a 17th century silver
watch, ib. ; mediaeval horseshoe from
Leicestershire, xiv, 276; a portion of
the carved tiller of Queen Elizabeth's
row-boat, xviii, 280 ; on carved pebbles
from the East, xxii, 445 ; exhibits a
model of a matchlock pistol, xxv, 269

Petworth, enamel found at, viii, 143; le-
gacy to the rector of, xxii, 402

Pevensey, Chronicles of, by M. A. Lower, ii,
292; castle (engr.), ib. ; apparent Roman
road from, to Lewes, vi, 91 ; tax for re-
pairs of the castle levied by Henry I,
xxix, 257

Peverel, armorial bearings of the family of,
by J. R. Planche", vii, 220-32

Peverel, of Nottingham, account of the
family of, viii, 194-238

Peverel (William), xxviii, 137

Pew, carved, in Blickling Ch. (engr.), ii,

Pew, derivation and meaning of the word,
xxiii, 320-2

Pewsey, co. Wilts, xxix, 29

Pewter chalice found in South Petherton
Ch., v, 163 ; pot, temp. Ann., exhibited,
ix, 92 ; objects found at the Steelyard,
xx, 343 ; exhibited, xxviii, 184 ; Saxon
brooch, ib., 399

Peyton (Sir Henry), letters of, xxi, 13

Phen^ (J. S.), F.S.A., exhibits photographs
of tumuli, xxv, 399 ; a Roman amphora,
xxvi, 246 ; on British terra cotta vase
from Berigonium, xxvii, 355-64; on the
uniformity of design in the works of the
early Britons, xxix, 27-36

Philip (St.), painting of, xxv, 177

Philip II, King of Macedonia, account of
his gold coins, xxvi, 193-4

Philip V, King of Spain, doubloon of, ex-
hibited, xviii, 391

Philip of Austria, on the involuntary visit
of, r to Weymouth, by G. R. Wright,
xxviii, 145-54

Pliilipps (R. N.), LL.D., F.S.A., speech of,
xxix, 111 ; entertains the Congress and
describes Broom Hall to the Association,
xxx, 106 ; exhibits a collection of an-
cient ironware, and reads paper on ma-
nufacture of hardware by the Celts and
Romans, ib., 223-4 ; on Broom Hall and
its neighbourhood, illustrating the tim-



ber-houses of England, ib., 29C-307 ; on
Edlington, its church, circle, and cairn,
ib., ,414-20

Phillips (M.), communicates impression of
a gold ring found in the Thames, xvi,

Thillips (Professor), xxix, 28-32

Phillott (Rev. H. W.), onWeobly Ch. and
Castle, xxvii, 350-54, 397

Phipson (li. M.), on a heart-burial atHol-
brook Ch., Suffolk, xxi, 140

r. Framlingham

Phlebotomy, on the practice of in Monas-
teries, xxiv, 373

Phoenician inscription found at Malta,
xviii, 386-8; relics found in Cornwall,
xxv, '-257 ; vase, xxiii, 381

Phoenix Badge of Queen Elizabeth (engr.J,
xxix, 420

Phonic horns, observations on, by H. S.
Cuming, v, 119-32

Pickering, Hugh Bigot, constable of the
Castle, xxi, 101

Picklescott, near Dorriugton, dummies at,
xxx, 327

Picture-board dummies, account of, by
H. S. Cuming, xxx, 66-71, 194, 325

Piddletown, co. Dorset, visited and de-
scribed, xxviii, 285-8 ; early grant of,
to Quarr Abbey, xxx, 173

Pidgeon (H. C), on Speke Hall, v, 310-3;
exhibits an impression of the seal of
Reading Abbey, xii, 84; an earthern
bar from Captain's Creek, xii, 157 ; an-
tiquities from Chili, xiv, 352 ; masks of
terra cotta found at Silchester, xx, 326 ;
on shields of arms at Dunbar Castle,
xxv, 344-7 ; exhibits drawings of ruins
of Dunbar Castle, xxv, 388 ; glass seal
from a bottle, xxix, 204

Pie (Sir Hugh), Chaplain of Ludney, burns
the Bromholm cross, xxx, 58-9

Piercefield, visit to, x, 295

Piers' Bridge, Roman remains at, xxii, 188

Pig of lead, i, 326, 335; found in Not-
tinghamshire, v, 79 ; found at Chester
(engr.J, ib., 226 ; found near Stock-
bridge (engr.J, ib., 227 ; viii, 55 ; xvi,

Pigot, extracts from the Rhyming Chroni-
cle of, xxx, 161-8

Pigott (J. jun.), exhibits casts of a seal of
Grimsby Abbey, xxv, 386

Pike, head of a, of the period of Q. Eliza-
beth, exhibited and described, xxx, 93-4;
of the time of Charles II, ib. ; Irish pikes
exhibited and described, ib., 196

Pilgrims, signs and leaden tokens of, i,
200-12; leaden signs found in the bed of
the Thames, iii, 121 ; jet sign set in
silver gilt scallop-shell (2 engrs.J, ib.,
126; token of, found in Brickhill-lane
//•J, viii, 160 ; staff of, found at
Hitchin, ib., 360 ; token of, found at
Winchester, ib., 363; v. Sign&cula

Pilgrimage, by proxy, xxii, 417 ; to Brom-

holm, on the, a paper by the Rev. W. S.
Simpson, xxx, 52-61
Pilgrim's Low, tumulus at, xxix, 43
Pilgrims of Canterbury, from the Royal
MS. in the British Museum, 18 D. ii,
(engr.J, ii, 407
Pillars supportinga floor of a Roman room,
Lower Thames-street (engr.J, iv, 41 ; at
Uriconium, xv, 216
Pilling, on the Vestigia Vetusta de, vi,

Pillowcase of the time of Charles II, viii,

Pin, Saxon ornamental (engr.J, i, 317
Pins, of metal, from Alderney (engr.J, iii,
11 ; bone (engr.J, ib., 177; bone found
in the Thames (engr.J, ib., 339 ; and
other objects found in Roman building
at Lower Thames-st. (4 engrs.J, iv, 46-7;
of brass, found in a cellar, xx, 252 ;
specimens, xxviii, 396; Roman, xxix,
Pincase exhibited, xxviii, 272
Pinnacles (2 engrs.), vii, 103
Pinner, jetton found at, xvi, 340
Pin-money, remarks on, xx, 253
Pincerna (or Butler), Nicholas, xxx, 309
Pinchenni (Giles de) and Robert, bis son,

xxx, 310
Pipe, near Hereford, bell at, made by

Abraham Rudhall, xxvii, 421
Pipe Hill, xxix, 55

Pipes, leaden, found in Old Broad-street
(engr.J, xi, 73 ; leaden drain, found at
Etocetum, xxix, 57; terracotta, ib.,77;
water, of lead, ib., 91 ; on ancient water,
by H. S. Cuming, ib., 184-6 ; leathern
pipes, ib., 185; tobacco, xi, 75; xix,
Pirates, v. Allectus.
Piri (Thomas), seal of (engr.J, vii, 81-2
Piscinas, of various dates, J. Reptonon, i, 54 ;
in All Saints' Ch., Hastings (engr.J, ii,
267 ; in Goodrich castle (2 engrs.J, vii,
61 ; early English, at St. Mary's, New-
market (engr.J, xiv, 271
Pistol, butt of, exhibited, xvi, 288 ; High-
land, xxvi, 165; model, xxv, 269; tri-
ple-barrelled, xv, 286
Pitcher, Saxon (engr.J, xxx, 185
Pits containing Roman antiquities at
Ewell, hi, 326-46 ; habitations of the
Ancient Britons in, xi, 305-13
Pitcher, Norman, exhibited, xxviii, 281
Pitt (Rev. Charles), on Malmesbury Abbey,

xxv, 286
Pius II (Pope), forging of papal bulla) in

the time of, ii, 97
Place (R.), his will, xxii, 412
l'laish, baronial mansion of, ii, 374

v. Dukes, T. F.

Plaister moulding (engr.J, vi, 65

Planche" (J. Robinson), Somerset Herald,

V. P., on an enamelled tablet supposed

to represent the effigy of Geothvy lian-

tagenet, i, 29-39 ; on a seal relating to



the castle and manor of Brarnber, 63 ;
on a gentleman's wardrobe of the time
of Charles II, 156 ; on an effigy in Win-
chester Cathedral, called that of William
de Foix, 216-23 ; on a brass stud, 336;
on the naval uniform of Great Britain,
ii, 76 ; on the seal of Henry Grey, Earl
Tankerville, 94; on a doublet of the
time of Elizabeth, found in a wreck off
Whitstable, 362; on early armorial
bearings, 391 ; on a German tilting hel-
met of leather, iii, 59 ; on processional
weapons, 128 ; on a leather bottle of the
16th century, 251 ; on early female
head-dresses, iv, 307 ; on the effigy of a
knight in the abbey church of Pershore,
319 ; on a charge in heraldry, called a
rest, or clarion, 349 ; on the horn-
shaped head-dresses of the 13th, 14th,
and 15th centuries, v, 60-73 ; on copper
badges, 180-2 ; on the seals of the earls
of Chester, 235-52; exhibits a tilting
helmet of the 15th century, 337 ; on
the clarions on a tabard of an earl of
Gloucester, 373 ; on rubbings taken
from a vault in Belvoir Castle, 376 ; on
the effigy of a lady in Worcester Cathe-
dral, vi, 5-15 ; on a Confirmation Char-
ter of Ranulf II, Earl of Chester, 131-38,
317-23 ; on the compact between Ra-
nulf de Blondeville, earl of Chester,
and William deFougeres, 131-38; grant
of Leadenhall, by Margaret de Neville,
139-43; on a spur, dagger, and arrow-
heads found in the Thames, 150 ; on
the origin of certain armorial bearings,
155 ; on the Stanley crest, 199-209; on
the badges of the House of Lancaster,
374-93 ; on ancient tapestries, 348 ; on
helmet of the time of Edward I and
John, 443-5 ; monumental figures dis-
covered at Wandsborough, vii, 55 ; on
the Lathom or Stanley legend, 71 ; on
a painting of the Massacre of St. Ur-
sula, 76 ; exhibits a helmet of the time
of Edward III, 83 ; on letters illustrative
of the family of Clemence, Countess of
Chester, 123-32 ; on a tilting helmet of
Edward III, 161 ; exhibits sword and
dagger of Francisco de Padilla, 173 ; on
armorial bearings of the families of Fer-
rers and Peverel, 220-32 ; on the mo-
numents of the Cockayne family in Ash-
burne Ch., 374-83 ; exhibits a silver
seal found in Shropshire, 433 ; on a spur
found in Ireland, 443 ; on the manufac-
ture of tapestry, viii, 72 ; on the
hi'imme or tilting helmet, 131-7; on a
sword found in Kent, 150 ; on the fa-
mily of Peveril, of Nottingham, 194-
208 ; archaeological gleanings at Lincoln
and Southwell, 304-9 ; on charters re-
lating to the family of Giffard, 347-8;
on the earls of Kent, ix, 362-75; exhi-
bits a helmet of a very early period, x,
90 ; on English helmets of the 12th

13th, 14th, and 15th centuries, 137-41,
on the earls of Strigul and lords of
Chepstow, 265-74; exhibits letters pa-
tent of Henry, duke of Exeter, xi, 65;
a visored bascinet of the 14th century,
75 ; gatherings for a glossary, 82 ; on
lords of the Isle of Wight, 213-27 ; on
a sculptured slab, of the 11th or 12th
century, 302-5 ; on the tapestry of the
Middle Ages, xii, 130-41 ; on a disco-
very in Winchester Cathedral, in rela-
tion to the so-called effigy of William de
Foix, 93-6 ; on a drawing of a seal of
William, son of Geoffrey Plantagenet,
100-2 ; exhibits two bronze swords, 156 ;
on presumed relics of Charles I, 247-9 ;
on the earls and dukes of Somerset,
312-28; on the statuary of the west
front of Wells Cathedral, xiii, 1-33 ; on
an incised slab in Clevedon Ch., 54 ;
on the effigies in Marstock Ch., 44 ; on
the tympanum in Stoke-sub-Hamden
Ch., 45 ; on the effigies in Twickenham
Ch., 57-8 ; on effigies in Langridge
churchyard, 152 ; on the Bodiam brasses,
241 ; on Raoul de Gael, first earl of Nor-
folk, xiv, 30-43 ; on the seals of Hubert
de Burgh and his son John, 282-4 ; on
an erroneous inscription in Winchester
Cathedral, 284-7 ; on the pedigree of
Patrick Fitz-Walter, first earl of Salis-
bury, xv, 26-46 ; on sepulchral effigies
in Salisbury Cathedral, 115-30 ; exhibits
the head of a Saxon spear, found at Ash,
in Kent, 290 ; on the monument of a
supposed princess of Portugal, xvi, 145-
57; on the family of Fettiplace, 201-4;
on armour of the time of Charles I,
294 ; on the Cap of Estate, 347 ; on the
monuments in the Abbey Ch., Shrews-
bury, xvh, 43; on Tong Ch., 147; on
the seal of Henry Grey, earl of Tanker-
ville, etc., 179 ; on the earls of Devon,
xviii, 96 ; on a tomb at Albrighton, 267 ;
on the badges of the house of York, xx,
18-33 ; on a stone coffin found at Ash
Ch., 85-8 ; on the earls of East Anglia,
xxi, 62-91 ; on the pictures at Lumley
Castle, etc., 362 ; on the portraits of
the Lumley family, etc., xxii, 31-37 ;
on the Lumley effigies, Chester-le-street,
37-44 ; on the monuments of the Ne-
villes, 240 ; on their Norman ancestry,
241 ; on the Norman ancestry of the
Nevils, and the armorial bearings of the
line of Raby, 279 ; on the earls of Sus-
sex, xxiii, 21 ; on the Bayeux tapestry,
134 ; exhibits a drawing of a sepulchral
slab, 199 ; on the genealogy of the Mor-
timers, xxiv, 21-5 ; on the burgh seals
of Lanark, xxiv, 85 ; on a seal of one of
the Mortimer family, 288-9; on the
Norman earls of Gloucester, xxv, 26-41,
298 ; on the cross in Ampney-Crucis
churchyard, 190-1 ; on ruin at Dagling-
worth, 300 ; on Daglingworth Ch. 3 303 ;



on the earls of Worcester and Hereford
xxvi, 149-60; notes on theories respect-
ing the Fairford windows and early w<>ud-
engraving, xxvii, 100-9; notes on New
Theories with regard to Fairford Win-
dows, etc., 163; on the genealogy and*
armorial bearings of earls of Hereford,
179-91 ; on the family of Robert Fitz
Gerald, xxviii, 113-22, 295; describes
monuments at St. Peter's Ch., Cerne,
213-4 ; describes monuments at Piddle-
to wn, 285-6; describes various articles
at Athelhampton, 288 ; remarks relative
to the report of Weymouth Congress,
390-1 ; on the family of the Giffords,
xxix, 58-68 ; describes tombs at Bre-
wood, 221 ; and at Weston, 222-3 ; on
the early lords of Holderness, xxx,

Plantagenet (Geoffrey), supposed effigy
of, i, 29

Plantagenet (Humphrey), duke of Glou-
cester, account of his tomb at St. Alban's,
xxvi. 103-4

Plantagenet (Richard), earl of Cornwall,
ballad upon, xxiv, 139-40

Plantagenet (William, son of Geoffrey),
seal of (enyr.), xii, 100-2

Plaque of copper, ix, 200 ; chased, xix, 138

Plastering (Roman), at Etocetum, xxix,

Plate, notice of Chaffers' list of hall marks
on, xix, 262

Flatten, arms of (engr.J, xiii, 119

Playce (Robt.), rector of Brampton, his
will, xxii, 407

Playing Cards, on the origin and antiquity
of, ix, 121-54, 308-29; of the time of
the Commonwealth, ib., 129-54, 308-29;
H. S. Cuming on, xiii, 244-5 ; xxix, 89

v. Cards

Pleshey, co. Essex, marble slab in the
church, ii, 102

Pliers, surgical, exhibited, xxx, 72

Pliny, statement of, concerning Roman
iron, xxix, 121

Pliny (Secundus). extracts from his " Nat.
Hist." relating to the Druids, xxx, 143-4

Plomesgate hundred, extent of manors in
1575-1600, xxi, 14

Plonharnel, discoveries in the Bay of, xxiii,

Plot (Dr.), notice of his History of Staf-
fordshire, xxix, 21-2, etc.; note of his
account of Etocetum, ib., 54-6

Plug, bayonet, xviii, 273 ; xxx, 72

Pluquet (Frederick), extract from his
essay on the Bayeux tapestry, xxiii,

Poem, on Edward IV, vi, 127; poetical
pieces of the time of Charles II, xxviii,

Poictou, rare variety of the penny of, ii, 91

Pole (E. S. Chandos), obituary notice of,
xx, 167

Pole (Sir R.\ will of. xxii. 410

Pole (Cardinal), paper on, by G. R.Wright,

lend, xxix, 423
Polish coins exhibited, xvii, 324
Pollexfen (Rev. J. H.), exhibits Roman
antiquities found at Colchester, xx,
Polycephalic amulets, vii, 164; viii, 1

Polychromy, mediaeval, ix, 415; of the

Middle Ages, x, 32-52
Polynesian and Asiatic weapons, xiv, 291,

Polyplasiasmos, art of, xxix, 85

Pompeii, frescoes from, vi, 441 ; plan of,
xxvi, 45 ; bronze trua discovered in
Pansa's house at, xxv, 247 ; lachryma-
tory from, xxix, 86

Pomponius Mela, extracts from, respect-
ing Druids, xxx, 141-2

Poncon (Robert), xxx, 308

Pont (W. de), attestation of, xvii, 311

Pontefract, co. Yorks., on the Honour and
Castle of, xx, 136-55 ; excursion to, ib.,

Ponthieu (Hugh), Comte de, family notes,
xxx, 125

Poole (Gabriel), on the reign of Alfred,
xiii, 42-3

Poole, co. Dorset, notice of the monuments
belonging to, xxviii, 28

Pope (Alexander), epigram upon, xiii, 145;
letters of, xxi, 21

" Pope-Joan", H. S. Cuming on the game
of, xxx, 336-7

Populetum, or Poblet, seal of Antoninus,
archpriest of St. Peter's at, xxviii, 73

Porcelain seals found in Ireland, catalogue
of, ii, 85 ; observations on, ib. ; v. China

Porcelain, v, 34 ; derivation of the word
discussed, xxvii, 239; bottles from Egypt,
iv, 321 ; viii, 156 ; tower of, xxi, 236 ;
objects exhibited, xxviii, 284, 398

Porch of Whyting House, Bury (enyr.),
xxx, 304

Porringers, v, 34; xii, 179; xxv, 68

Port Erin, Isle of Man, burial at, xxii, 231

Porter (Stephen), token of, xxx, 433

Porter (William), brass of, in Hereford
Cathedral, xxvii, 95-6

Portington, Sir Roger, xxx, 117

Portisham, visit to, xxviii, 103

Portland, on the antiquities of, by G. E.
Eliot, xxviii, 31-9, 205 ; historical facts
connected with, ib., ss.'j ; uses of the
stone, ib., 89 ; visit of the Association to
the island, ib., 203 ; inspection of the
Ch. at Portland Island, ib. ; and of the
convict establishment, ib., 204 ; various
antiquities and objects of Natural His-
tory exhibited, ib.. 204-5

Porto Bello medals, xv, 363

Porto Rico, stone ring from, xxii, 102

Portrait found in Shelstou-house, xi, 346;
portraits of Wm. Henry, Duke of Glou-
cester, 1GS9-97, by Kneller and others,
xxi, 81

v. Cuming, H. S.




Portrait, v. Planche", J. R.

r. Roberts, E.

Portscuit, or Portskewet, ch., of visited,
x, 288 ; v. Chepstow

Portsea, antiquities from, xxiv, 175 ; spu-
rious antiquities from, ib.

Portsmouth, observations on the Parish
ch., iii, 243-5

Portsmouth (Lucy), Duchess of, miniature
portrait of, exhibited, xviii, 265

Portsmouth (John), Earl of, autograph of,
xxi, 13

Portswood, pottery found at, xi, 337 ; Ro-
man pottery found at (engr.), xi, 337-8

Portugal, objects from, viii, 154 ; x, 376 ;
on the monument of a supposed prin-
cess of, xvi, 145-57; armorial bearings
to illustrate pedigree of King Alfonso
III (enrjr.), ib., 204 ; pottery exhibited,
x, 376 ; xxviii, 176

Posnet, xiv, 269

Posset cup, xxviii, 272

Poste (Rev.W. Beale), on the transmission
of objects of antiquity to our times, i,
105-11 ; on the coins of Cunobeliue and
the Ancient Britons, ib., 224-36, 298-
395 ; ii,ll ; iii, 33-42,226-35,250, 310-6;
iv, 107; v, 7-22, 146-53; vi, 16-29; vii,
20-31, 115-23, 397-414; viii. 9-17; on
Roman antiquities found at East Far-
leigh, Kent, ii, 73 ; on an ancient se-
pulchral interment, iv, 65-8 ; on the
ancient walls of Rochester city, ib., 30 ;
on Roman coins and sepulchral remains
found at Eccles, ib., 81 ; on a small gold
coin found in Kent, v, 82 ; on a denarius
of the Alburia family, ib. ; on the Ro-
man villa found at Hartlip, ib., 88 ; on
the British coins reading solidv or so-
Udo, ih., 89 ; on unpublished British
coins, ib., 157 ; on coins ascribed to Ca-
ractacus, ib., 374-5 ; on ancient British
chariots, vi, 252-5 ; on the Dutch expe-
dition to the Medway in 1667, ix, 295-
307 ; on the sea margins of Kent, and
the formation of levels, and the later
alluvial tracts, x, 111 ; on the territo-
ries of Vortigern, ib., 226-31 ; on the
chronicle of Tyssilio, ib., 231-36 ; on the
chronicle of Tyssilio, and on the territo-
ries of Vortigern, xi, 56-63, 248-53 ; on
the ancient British Belgae, ib., 205-13;
on antiquities found in Kent, xii, 235 ;
notice of his " Britannia Antiqua", xiii,
105-7 ; exhibits stone implements, iron
spear-heads, etc., found at Maidstone,
■ib., 319; a funeral banner, ib. ; a Per-
sian sword, ib., 320 ; an antique intaglio,

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