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ib. ; on representations of minstrels in
early painted glass, xiv, 129-31 ; on Ro-
mano-British antiquities found at Mar-
den, in Kent, ib., 257-62 ; xv, 266 ; re-
marks on the same, by H. S. Cuming,
xiv, 289-91 ; on Old Winchester, xv,
268-71 ; on the date of the battle of
Kdtnu-th, ib., 363; xvi, 218-25; on

Silchestev, ib., 90-1 ; on the coins of
Uriconium, xviii, 75-8 ; memoir of, ib.,

Postling, dedication stone of the church,
ix, 408 ; (engrs.), x, 183 ; xix, 199

Postumus, coins of, found at Maiden Cas-
tle, xxviii, 44

Posy-rings, xvi, 339; xi, 345; xiv, 352;
xv, 272

Pote (Joseph), extract from his " History
of Windsor Castle", referring to Master
Schorn, xxv, 342

Pot-hooks and hangers, account of, viii,

Pottery, remarks on mediaeval pottery, by
Mr. Kirkman, iii, 63 ; fine specimen of
Samian ware, with potter's stamp, from
Mr. Chaffers' collection (engr.J, iv, 16 ;
Roman, found at Colchester (engr.), ib.,
84 ; mediaeval, found in Abingdon, ib.,
382 ; Mr. Chaffers on mediaeval earthen-
ware vessels, v, 22-9 ; found in London,
ix, 74-5 ; found at Mote Hill, Lan-
cashire, and at Wilderspool, ib., 75 ; no-
tice of Mr. Chaffers' work on the marks
and monograms on pottery and por-
celain, xix, 261 ; singularly marked,
found at Eye, xx, 361 ; from the Lago
del Garda (engr.), xxii, 83 ; from an
Anglo-Saxon cemetery (engr.), ib., 84;
Samian potters' marks on, in London,
xxiii, 100 ; found at Maiden Castle,
xxviii, 40 ; Roman bricks found at
Maiden Castle, Malmesbury, and Can-
terbury compared, ib., 41 ; Roman ex-
hibited, ib., 75-6 ; found in London, ib.,
77 ; found, ib., 102 ; Roman, from
Broad Street, London, exhibited, ib.,
171 ; found at Portland, ib., 205 ; Ro-
man and British, found at Verne, ib.,
205 ; Samian and Durobrivian, from
excavations in Queen Victoria Street,
ib., 393 ; Upchurch, Samian, and Ro-
man, xxix, 90-1 ; mediaeval, ib., 72-7-8,
204 ; Roman, found at Etocetum, ib.,
55-7; Roman, ib., 71, 194; drawings of,
ib., 306-7; Samian, ib., 85 ; various, ib.,
79, 193, 311; 433, etc.; manufacture
of, in Staffordshire, ib., 180-1 ; various,
exhibited, xxx, 91-5, 336 ; various me-
diaeval, ib., 91 ; Northamptonshire pocu-
lum, ib. ; glazed, ii, 173 ; v, 340, 372

r. Alchester

v. Cuming, H. S.

v. Kendrick, Dr. J.

v. Roberts, E.

Potter's kiln (engr.), i, 4 ; potters' kilns,
etc., at Castor, ib., 109 ; Roman potter's
kiln discovered at Sibson (engr.), ii, 164
Potters, names of, marked on Samian
ware found at York, iii, 124 ; potters'
names, at Lillebonue and Arezzo, (i
engrs.), iv, 17 ; names of Roman pot-
ters of Exeter, xviii, 261
Potters, stamps of, on Roman ware, iv,
143 ; potters' stamps (2 engrs.), vi, 66



Potter's trivet, xxii, 92

Pottle-pot, iv, '24; v, 36

Pouch of velvet, xv, 267

Poundbury, interesting earthwork at, ii,

Powder-flask, found at the Reculvers, vi,

Powder-horn, of James I, xxv, 325; of
buck's horn, exhibited, xxx, 192

Powder- tryer, exhibited by M. F.Tupper,
i, 319

Powell (E. J.), on some dies for coining
found in Yorkshire, ii, 351 ; presents a
rubbing of the brass of Sir John Rat-
cliff, xix, 307

Powell (W.), exhibits a glazed earthen
vessel found at Deptford, xx, 262 ;
forged coins, in cock-metal, to., 272 ;
specimen of a glazed tile, xxiii, 88 ; a
New Zealand hatchet-blade, xxiv, 182

Powell (Dr.), notes on Earls of Gloucester,
xxv, 27, 36

Powell (Rev. W. F.), remarks on town
hall of Cirencester, xxv, 92-94

Powysland and Powys Castle, Rev. H. C.
Hartshorne on, xvii, 22-28

Praefurnium, or stoke-hole, xxix, 45

Pratt (S.), exhibits a German helmet, iii,
59 ; exhibits a sword of the time of
Henry V, vi, 154 ; two sacramental
cruets, ib., 157 ; a wooden casket, ib.,
440 ; an enamel plate of the 15th cen-
tury, ib.; a helmet of the 13th century,
ib., 443; a Chapel de Fer, from Norfolk,
ib., 445 ; armour of the 12th century
from Dresden, ib. ; a painting of the
Massacre of St. Ursula, vii, 76 ; a tilt-
ing helmet of the time of Edward III,
ib., 161 ; a vizored bascinet of the time
of Edward III, viii, 354 ; specimens of
chain mail, x, 190 ; two Celtic swords,
xii, 156

Preaching-Friars, seal of the Prior Pro-
vincial of the English, vi, 452

Pre- Augustine symbols and inscriptions
(2 engrs.J, xxiii, 228

Prehistoric history of Great Britain, vii,
132 ; prehistoric remains near Sheffield,
beyond the Derbyshire border, by A.
Wallis, xxx, 61-66

Pre-Norman Architecture, x, 142

Preschute, co. Wilts, brass from the
church, xxii, 93

Presents to the Association, see all the

Prist (Mrs.) exhibits curious silver box,
x, 3S5 ; a paalstab found in Yorkshire,
xiv, 346

Preston, Dorset, pavement at, (cngr.),
xxviii, 392

Prsemonstratenaian Order, review of the
origin of the. xxx, 421-2

Preston (Thomas), valentine by him, xxix,

Preston, visit to the hall, ix, 4lo

Preston, letter from, during the rebellion,

xv, 289; pavement found at, xxviii, 90,
visited, ib., 94 ; church visited by the As-
sociation, ib., 96

Prestonhury, post bridge at the Castle,
Cengr.J, xviii, 123

Prestwich (Mr.), on flint implements, xxii,

Prestwich (William), brass of, ii, 99

Prestwood (Henry), builds a chantry at
Wolverhampton, xix, 50

Prestwyk (William), brass of, (date 1432)
in Warbleton Church, Sussex, ii, 99

Pretender, miniature, xvii, 337 ; miniature
of Young Pretender exhibited, ib. ; xxvii,
379 ; medal of the, xvii, 377 ; xxi, 352 ;
of the Old Pretender, xxvii, 385

Pretty (Edw.), on paintings in Lenham
Church, i, 60 ; scraps from the sketch-
book of, ib., 213-216 ; on the remains of
a cross in Stone Churchyard, io.,245; on
a i Ionian tesselated pavement found at
Daventry, ib. ; on a refectory at Daven-
try, ib., 246 ; on a doorway of early
English character, ib., 257 ; on Rothers-
thorpe church, ii, 1; on an oak carving,
ib., 88 ; on the discovery of some silver
armillae in Buckinghamshire, ib., 352 ;
on Roman remains at Castlethorpe, ib.,
353 ; on a bronze sword found at Brix-
worth, ib., 356 ; on the discovery^ of a
Roman pavement between Northamp-
ton and Weedon, ib., 364 ; on an an-
cient painting in enamel, ib., 375 ; on
Patteshall Church, Northamptonshire,
iii, 252 ; on Roman coins found at Ash-
furlongs, Bucks, ib., 254 ; on seals of
the 14th century, iv, 60 ; on a thuri-
bulum, iv, 142 ; on Roman remains
between Towcester and Abthorpe, ib.,
396 ; on a Roman tesselated pavement
in Northamptonshire, v, 375; on Roman
remains discovered near Towcester, vi,
73-76; exhibits the drawing of a Roman
pavement, discovered at Harpole, ib., 82 ;
observations on, ib., 126; on Roman re-
mains near Towcester, vii, 107-114; on
discoveries recently made in Northamp-
tonshire, viii, 67; on the dumb borshol-
der, ix, 405; on Roman remains at Hard-
stone, x, 92-94; exhibits coins of Had-
rian found at Northampton, ib., 94 ;
memoir of, xxii, 325

Previte (J. W.), exhibits gold coin found
on a sepoy, xvii, 336

Priapus, exhibition of objects of his wor-
ship, xxvi, 239

Price (E. B.), on sculpture discovered in
Crutched Friars, i, 247; on a Roman
arch discovered in Little Knightrider-
street, ib., 253; on a marble torso dis-
covered in Petticoat-lane, ib., 329; on a
piscina in All Saints' Church, Eastings, ii,
267; on a Roman sepulchral stone, found
in Cloak-lane, ib., 351 ; on an incised
slab in Chippenham Church, hi, 323; on
Roman pavements discovered in I. on, (on.



ib., 335; on an .ancient British sword, iv,
146 ; on the antiquities of the Bath
Museum, ib., 147 ; on fictile vessels
found on the south of the Medway, ib.,
379 ; on a mediaeval watering-pot, v,
346 ; exhibits bosses from St. Bartholo-
mew the Great, vi, 441 ; obituary notice
of, ix, 101-2

Prick-spur, ancient (engr.J, iii, 119 ; Nor-
man (3 engrs.J, ib., 179, 246; Mr. Kirk-
man on, vi, 123 ; Mr. James on, xii,
211-222; (i plates J, xiv, 215, etc.

Pridham (Dr. C. W.), exhibits Canterbury
trader's token, xvii, 335

Prigg (Henry), letter to G. M. Hills, and
notice of his excavations at Icklingham,
xxx, 195-6

Prince Consort, expression of regret for
the decease of, by the Association, xviii,

Prince Rupert, portrait of, exhibited, xx, 333

Pring (D. J. H.), memoir by, of Chard,
last abbot of Ford, xviii, 187-213

Priory-gate, Lenham, doorway belonging
to, i, 339

Prior (Sir James), Deputy Inspector Gene-
ral of Hospitals and Fleets, memoir of,
xxvi, 268

Processional, figures at Montacute House,
iii, 249; weapons, ib., 128; cross from
Ravenna (engr.J, xxviii, 398

Procopius, extract from, relating to Great
Britain, xxvi, 226

Proctor, arms of (engr.J, xiii, 119

Provincial tokens, remarks on, xi, 157

Prussian medal exhibited, xxiii, 199

Pryce (G.), on the Bristol Exchange co-
lumns, xv, 275-6

Pryer (A.), on discoveries at Leeds Priory,
ii, 95 ; on coloured glass and clay
Saxon beads, found at Whiteheath,
Kent, iii, 248 ; exhibits glass and clay
beads from Anglo-Saxon graves at Hol-
lingbourne, ib., 323 ; exhibits a leaden
seal of Pope Innocent III, vi, 439 ; on a
quern stone found at South Dean, vii,

Pryer (Thomas), on a rude arch in the
ruins of Innisfallen Abbey in Ireland,
i, 61; on a Norman font at West Had-
don, in Northamptonshire, ib. ; on a
doorway inside Priory-gate, Lenham, ib.,
339 ; on a vitrified fort in Aberdeen-
shire, ii, 276 ; exhibits a Roman bronze
bust of Jupiter, iv, 81

Psalterium, remarks on, i, 294 ; a man
playing the (engr.J, ib., 295 ; square,
ib. ; in inodutn clypei (engr.J, ib., 296 ;
triangular, ib.

Pseudo-antiques, exhibited, xvi, 358 ; xx,
83 ; remarks on, ib.

Pseudo- Antiques, v. Cock metal
v. Forgeries

Ptolemy, note concerning, xxix, 37
Puukaster Cove, I. of Wight, xxii, 351-7,

Pudsey (Hugh), Bishop of Durham, ac-
count of, xxii, 430

Pulpit hour-glasses, observations on, iii,
301-10 ; xxix, 130

Pulpit, antique oak, at Sudbury, iv, 69

Pulse-glass, xxix, 136

Pump-room in Bath, epigram on the
figure of Beau Nash, and the busts of
Newton and Pope, xiii, 145

Purcell (Geoffrey), charter relating to,
xxix, 260

Purdue (J.), on an alms-ticket of the
parish of Romsey, ii, 190

Purland (T.), exhibits a flint arrow-head
found at Ramsgate, iv, 152 ; a seal of
St. Giles's hospital at Norwich, ib.; Ro-
man antiquities from the Reculver, v,
376 ; brasses from churches in Norfolk,
ib.; warrant of Henry VIII respecting
horse furniture, ii, 270 ; various Roman
antiquities from the collection of Mr.
Fillinham, vi, 82 ; on candelabra at
Ghent, ib., 155

Purleigh, near Minchinhampton, Roman
olla found at, xxv, 247

Purnell (P. B.), on a sealfoundin Glouces-
tershire, ii, 340 ; on the discovery of a
Roman villa near Dursley, Gloucester,
ib., 349 ; on Roman and mediaeval an-
tiquities, ib., 375 ; on Roman archi-
tectural remains at Gloucester, iv, 58

Purses, history of, by H. Syer Cuming,
xiv, 131-44 ; ancient purses (engr.J, ib.,
138 ; of the time of Elizabeth (engr.J,
ib., 140 ; various examples exhibited,
by Mrs. Fitch, Mrs. Iliff, and Mrs. Pretty,
ib., 271 ; silk, exhibited, xiv, 271, 281 ;
xv, 344, 359, 360 ; notes on, by H. S.
Cuming; exhibition of purses of Lord
Boston, xxi, 86-7

Purse-clasp exhibited, xxviii, 396

Pursglove (Robert), Bishop of Hull, xxi,

Purton (Rev. W.), exhibits a brass box for
card-markers from Stottesdon Church-
yard, xxiv, 66 ; reads notes on Stottes-
don Church, ib., 201

Puttock (Mr.), on the etymology of Glou-
cester, ii, 376 ; on pits containing Ro-
man antiquities at Ewell, iii, 326-46

Pygot (Joan), Prioress of Sopwell, pen-
sion to, xxvi, 134

Pykeryng (Ellen de), legacy to, xxii, 404

Pytchley, sepulchral remains at, ii, 202

Pyx, cover and plaque, exhibited, xviii,




QUADRANT, a.d. 1752, xxi, 346

Quakers, inscriptions in their burial
ground, be, 183 ; figure of a quaker on a
card, xiii, 2 1 1

Quarendon, exterior view of the chapel
(engr.), xx, 280 ; interior view (engr.J,
ib.; ruins of the chapel (engr.), ib.

Quarr, Isle of Wight, remarks on the
abbey, and seals exhibited, xvii, 65-7 ;
charter of William de Vernon granting
Pideltona Manor to the abbey of, xxx,

Quatford, visit of the Congress to ; early
history of, by Rev. G. L. Wasey, xxix,
228-30 ; letter from the vicar of, re-
lating to a window there, ib., 306

Quech, a drinking cup, xxv, 326

Queenhithe, Loudon, hour-glass found at,
xxix, 132

Queen Victoria Street, Roman eagle found
at, xxix, 182-3 ; olijuets from, exhibited,
ib., 194, 429 ; various objects from,
xxx, 87 ; canette found in, ib., 134 ;
costrel found at, ib., 432

Quelch (Mr.), on Roman remains found
at Folley Hill, Marlborough, iv, 401

Querns, or hand-mills of Hertfordshire
pudding-stone, i, 155; of wood, hi, 343 ;
various, iv, 337, 373, 394; v, 74, 85;
Roman, at Conway, v, 361 ; quern-stone
found at South Dean, vii, 175 ; querns,
and other various antiquities (engr.), XT,
337 et seq.; found at West Coker, ib.,
339 ; notes on, xxix, 27-8 ; parts of a,
found at Etocetum, ib., 56 ; specimen
exhibited, xxx, 223

v. Moore, J.

Quoit, early example of the, xxix, 345


RABBIT, an ancient drinking vessel, xvi,

Raby Castle noticed, xxii, 20-1 ; visited

by the Association, ib., 240
Raby Castle and the Nevils, xxii, 279,

Radbourne, co. Derbyshire, sepulchral

slab in the church (engr.), hi, 354
Radcliffe (Robert), Earl of Sussex, ac-
count of, xxiii, 33
Radford, v. Worksop
Radmore, abbey at, xxix, 326
Radnor (Elias de), notice concerning,

xxix, 334
Radulph (Archbishop of Canterbury), at

Bury, xxi, 45
Raglan Castle, account of, i, 113-7 ; x,

308, 317-31 ; the gateway towers

(engr.), ib., 321 ; the paved stone

court (engr.), ib., 322 ; the baronial

hall (engr.J, ib., 323
Rahbuo (Alfred), son of Robert, leaden

matrix of seal found at Newbury, xix,

Rahere, the bard of Henry I, vi, 107
Bail, curiously sculptured, in Llanvair

Waterdine Church, i, 338
Raine (Dr.), antiquarian works of, xxii,

21 ; his account of St. Cuthbert, ib.,


Raleigh (Sir Walter), poems of, xxi, 12;

seal of, as Governor of Virginia, xxvi,

217 ; extract from his poems, ib., 278 ;

entry relating, from a MS., xxviii, 30
Ralph 111 (Comte de Montdidier , takes

refuge in Mortimer I !asi le, xxiv, 23

Ralph Fitz Godric, charter relating to

xxix, 246
Ramsbolt, stone coffin from the church, i,

Ramsbury, co. Wilts, notice of the see
and bishops of, xxviii, 322

Ramsden (Sir John William), patron of
Almondbury, xxx, 230

Ramsgate, antiquities found near, i, 212,
217 ; flint arrow-head found at, iv, 152

Ramsker (John), of Sheffield, his token,
a.d. 1655, xxx, 30

Ranbury Rings, visit of the Associati'mi
to, xxv, 193 ; remarks on, by Professor
Buckman, ib., 212

Rankin (Rev. Thomas), examination of
tumuli in Yorkshire, v, 369 ; on a sa-
crificial tumulus on the Yorkshire
Wolds, ix, 431-2 ; on coins discovered
at Nun-Burnholm, xii, 88 ; report on
the same by C. R. Smith, ib., 289

Ranter, an ancient drinking vessel, xvi,

Ranulf de Blondeville, compact of, with
William de Fougeres, vi, 131-8

Ranulf II (Karl of Chester), confirmation
charter of, vi, 318-23 ; observations
on, ib., 131-8

Rapier, mentioned, x, 382; found in Lin-
colnshire, xiii, 335

Ratte, Roman name of Leicester, aban-
doned, xix, 121 ; v. Leicester

Ratcliff (Sir John), rubbing from the
brass of, xix, 308

Etatcliffe, antiquities discovered in the
highway (engr. ). x. '.">



Rathmines, silver bracelet found at, xvii,
335 ; bracelet of Bishop Burton from,
xix, 314-7

Ravenna, processional cross from, exhib-
ited (engr.), xxviii, 398

Rawlence (G. C), on a silver seal, iv, 404;
obituary notice of, ix, 102-3

Rawlinson (Dr. R.), description of his
work on Hereford Cathedral, xxvii, 46-7

Rawlyns (William), xxviii, 161-2

Raymond-Barker (Rev. H.), remarks on
window in Daglingworth Church, xxv,

Rayson (S.), exhibits a Chinese brick,
xxx, 196

Razor, singular, xviii,382 ; Roman, xxix, 69

Read (Dr. T.), decease of, xxii, 335

Reading, co. Berks, Sir J. G. Wilkinson on
the ruinous state of the abbey, ii, 339 ;
seal of the abbey, xii, 84 ; Norman
gateway of the abbey in great decay,
ib.; account of the town and its anti-
cpiities, xvi, 177-200 ; visit to, by the
Association, ib., 237 ; reception by the
Corporation, ib. ; examination of
churches, etc, ib., 237-43

Ready (Robert), exhibits cast of a seal of
St. Stephen's Chapel, Westminster, xxv,
3S6 ; exhibits the first great seal of
Chas. I, xxvi, 164-5 ; exhibits a Jaco-
bite snuff-box, xxvii, 379

Reavely hills, xxix, 29

Rebus on painted glass, ix, 75 ; on a ring,
ib., 199 ; pictorial, on a tobacco-box,
xxix, 429

Records, various

v. Birch, W. de G.

v. Black, W. H.

i\ Levien, E.

■ v. Manuscripts

v. Reed, S. T.

Rectory of Abbots Langley, deed of sale
of, v, 80

Reculvers, co. Kent, brass seal found near
the, ii, 342 ; sketch of the old church
of, ib., 360 ; Roman antiquities from
the, v, 376 ; priming powder-flask of
the 15th century found at, vi, 448 ;
observations on, ix, 391-8 ; ancient
lamp from the church, xxii, 104 ; castle,
xxiii, S8 ; monastery at, mentioned by
Beda, xxiv, 364

Red earth, iii, 351

Red Hill, near Wellesborne, entrench-
ments at, xxix, 44

Red Rose of Lancaster, remarks upon
the, xii, 165-6

Redbourne, co. Herts, visit of the Con-
gress to, and remarks on the church,
xxvi, 174

Redbridge, co. Hants, monastery at, in
Beda's time, xxiv, 867

Redbrook, ironworks at, xxix, 127
Redfern (F.j, on the archaeology of Ut-
toxeter and the neighbourhood, xxix,
263-78, 302-3 : describes remains at

Uttoxeter, ib., 317-8 ; exhibits a
builder's seal, xxx, 87

Redfern (S.), exhibits three Roman coins
found near Droitwich, vi, 150

Redisham, Little, chapel of, xxi, 14

Redvers, pedigree of, by W. de G. Birch,
xxx, 172

Redvers (Baldwin de), Earl of Devon,
woodblock of his seal exhibited, with
remarks by W. de G. Birch ; his
pedigree ; his foundation charter of St.
James's, Exeter, xxx, 170-2, 196

Redvers (Richard), seal of (engr.), xi, 219

Redwald, king of E. Anglia, xxi, 23 ; xxix.

Reed (S. T.), on old church registers and
other records, vii, 298-303 ; on brasses,
vii, 345-8

Reel in a bottle, xxix, 87

Reeve, account of the officers so called,
xxviii, 35

Reeve-pole, explanation of the term,
xxviii, 96

Refectory discovered at Daventry, i, 246

Reformation medals, viii, 6 ; xii, 75 ; xvi,

Reginald Fitz Josceline, Bishop of Bath
and Wells, rebuilds churches at Bath,
xxix, 380

Registers, church, vii, 298 ; old church
registers and other records by S. T.
Reed, ib., 298-303 ; v. Kirkburton

Relics bequeathed to the Association, xxii,

Religious medals exhibited, xxi, 80

Religious orders, influence of, on the lay
element of the middle ages, xxviii, 45-6

Reliquary, remarks on an ancient, iii, 16-S;
iii, frontisp. (engr.); abstracted from
the coffin of Benedict Biscop, viii, 161 ;
exhibited by Mr. Pettigrew, x, 113 ;
and by the Rev. D. Haigh, ib. ; one of
same description as that found at Monk-
wearmouth (engr.), ib. ; ivory, of the
12th century (engr.), ib., 185 ; of silver,
xii, 239 ; St. Alban's (engr.), xiii, 168 ; of
glass, xv, 350 ; crucifix, xvii, 324 ; silver
reliquary of Agnus Dei, xviii, 396 ; ac-
count of reliquaries and cordiformed
relics, xxiv, 39; notes on a group of
reliquaries, by H. S. Cuming, xxvi, 271-
80; miscellaneous (engr.), ib., 27b;
reliquaries, xxx, 405

"Reliquary", a work so called, edited by
LI. Jewitt, notice of, xvii, 263

" Reliquisc Antique", extract from, refer-
ring to Master Schorn, xxv, 340

Rendlesham (Lord), obituary notice of,
ix, 101 -

Rendlesham, co. Suffolk, notice concern-
ing, xxi, -ii

Renier (Leon), on Roman inscriptions in
Northern Africa, xxv, 61

Reopham-with-Whitwell, and Hackney,
notice concerning the churches, xxi, 108

Repton (.1. Adey), on piscinas, i, 54: <>n



early fonts in churches in Essex, ib.,
151 ; on ornamental wood engravings,

ib., 240 ; <>n Norman capitals in the old
monastery of limy St. Edmunds, ib.,
2 11 ; on the chronological dates of ca-
pitals, windows, etc., ib., 254; on Nor-
wich cathedral, ib., 319; on the state of
the Ch. of Little Maplestead, ib., 335 ;
on a marble slab in the Ch. of Fleshy in
Essex, ii, 102 ; on the employment of
whitewash in disfiguring sculpture, ib.,
195; on the general size of stones in
Norman architecture, hi, 105-6 ; on
mural paintings in Springfield Ch., ib.,
221 ; on a map of Roman roads in Es-
sex, ib., 317-23; on the representations
of St. Christopher, ib., 324 ; on ancient
timber houses in England, vii, 97-107;
on ancient tapestries, vi, 317-8 ; on urns
found in barrows, vii, 431 ; on early Ch.
windows, ib., 413 ; viii, 6-8 ; on barrows
and their contents, ib., 156 ; on British
and Roman urns, ix, 59-62 ; on the
strawberry-leaf as an ornament in archi-
tecture, xiv, 341 ; account of picture-
board dummies, xxx, 67-8 ; obituary
notice of, xvii, 175-80
Repton, on the ch. and priory of, by Mr.
Ashpitel, vii, 263-83 ; plan and illustra-
tions of the ch. and priory (5 ewjrs.),
ib., 275 ; seal of the hospital and school
( i "'jr.), ib., 358 ; excavations at priory,


359 ; incised tile found at (engr.),

, 385 ; seal of the grammar school of,

xii, 66; tile-kiln discovered near the

priory, xxii, 456
Rere-cross, exhibited by Mr. Gorst, vii,

81, 159-61 ; drawings, ib., 82, 159 ;

(engr.), ib., 160
Restoration of buildings, etc., appeals for,

hi, 84
Revel (Lionel), Sheffield token of, xxx, 31
Revenell (Jordan de), witness to an early

charter, xxx, 162
Revesby, Alan, monk of, vi, 424
Revett (Nicholas), architect, letters of,

from Greece, xxi, 9
Reynelm (Bishop of Hereford), foundation

of the Cathedral incorrectly attributed

to, xxvii, 56
Reynolds (Walter), Archbishop of Canter-
bury, seal of (engr.), x, 74
Rhind (Austin Henry), notice of, xx, 98
Rhine-cup of Archbishop Laud, vii, 364
Rhine Pottery, account of, xvii, 292

v. Roberts, E.

" Rhombus", or Greek top, xxx, 37
Rhone, Roman bell found in the river.

xxvi, 81
Rial of Queen Mary, specimen of the

forgery of, iii, 251
Ribeaummit (Agnes de), xxix, 61
llilie.aumont (Anselm de), xxix, 61
Ribchester, co. Lane, on he Romans

at, vi, 229 ; Roman altar at (engr, >. ib.,

233; Roman pottery from, viii. 363;

Roman spear-head from, xxiv, 188;
altar of Apollo found at, xxviii, 342

Ricard (Thomas), prior of St.. Ann's Char-
terhouse, near Coventry, xxx, 458

Rich (A.), Illustrated Companion to the
Latin Dictionary and Greek Lexicon,
iv, 412

Rich (Lady Penelope), punning verses on
her name, by Sir P. Sidney, xxiv, 325

Richard I, king of England (Cocur-de-
Liou), coins of, found at Chef-boutonne,
ii, 90

Richard II, (king of England), record of,
relating to a farm at Newport, Isle of
Might, ii, 197; popular tumults in his
reign at St. Alban's, xxvi, 32-49 ; no-
tice of his reign, ib., 32-44

Richard III (king of England), angel of
(engr. J, i, 268; seal oi(en/jr), vi, 117;
signet ring of, ib. ; on the memorials of,
xix, 51-6 ; remarks on his life, ib., 56 ;
house of, at Leicester, ib., 118-20

Richard de Bury (Bishop of Durham), me-
moir of, by W. S. Gibson, xxii, 303

Richard of Chichester (St.), sif/naculum
of, found in London, and life of, xxiv,

Richard of Cirencester, G. Vere Irving on
the Iters of, xiv, 275 ; on his writings,
by E. Levien, xxv, 120-33

Richard (Duke of Gloucester), on a seal of,
xvi, 359

Richard (Bishop of Hereford), Charter of
appointment, xxix, 258

Richardson ( C), exhibits a carved knife-
handle, xiv, 358

Richardson (G. B.), on some human re-
mains found in Northumberland, ii, 275

Richardson (H.S.), on a monumental brass
of Thomas Neland, prior of Lewes, of
the date of 1438, ii, 98; exhibits rub-
bings from the brasses of Sir Win. and
Lady Bagott, ib., 189

Richborough, co. Kent, silver coin of Ca-
rausius found near, iv, 144 ; excavations
on the site of the supposed amphithea-
tre at, v, 374 ; a silver cochleare found
at the castle, vi, 149; bronze Roman
eagle found near, x, 375 ; account of ex-
cavations at, xxvi, 171; relative posi-
tion of, to Wareham, xxviii, 295-8

Riche (Sir Richard), Lord- Chancellor, ac-
count of, xxvi, 162-3

Riche (Robert), grant to alienate a mes-
suage in Bucklersbury to, in 153S-9,
xxvi, 163

Richmondshire, list of monasteries in,
xxviii, 6(1-1

Rickmansworth, visit of the Congress to,
xxvi, 372

RideU (Thomas), his will, xxii, 416

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