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Ridgway (Rev. J.), presents rubbing of a
brass at Liibeck, xvi, 350 ; exhibits com-
potiers of Dutch majolica, xvii. 75j ac-
count of Caversh.ini, ib.. 19S-20S ; ex-
hibits a crucifixion, ib., 320 ; a reliquary



crucifix, ib., 324; the ring given by-
Charles II to R. Pendrell, xviii, 388

Ridley (Bishop), relics of, exhibited by
G. R. Wright, xiii, 252

Rievall, Abbot of, vi, 423 ; subscriptions
of the prior and monks of, ib., 424 ;
photographs of the abbey exhibited,
xix, 322 ; G. M. Hills on the abbey, ib.,

Ring : of silver and gold, enamelled, found
at Truro, i, 48 ; gold Saxon (engr.), ib.,
341 ; metal instrument having a ring
(engr.), ii, 333 ; mediaeval, from Ches-
terford, iii, 56 ; gold Roman, found at
Ilchester (2, engrs.),iv, 315 ; gold Roman
intaglio, found in Shropshire (engr.), ib.,
316; Elizabethan ring, believed to be
Shakespeare's (engr.), ib., 389 ; of jet, v,
77 ; silver ecclesiastical, vi, 88 ; ancient
gold {engr.), ib., 149, etc. ; Saxon silver
ib. ; silver rings of the 13th and 14th
centuries (engrs.), ib., etc. ; bronze rings
from Tonbridge, ib., 450 ; gold, found at
Frithelstoke (engr.), vii, 435 ; of coal,
ix, 79 ; ancient silver and bronze rings
found at Taunton, ix, 188; with rebus,
exhibited, ib., 199; Roman, found at
Gloucester (engr.), xi, 64 ; of silver,
found near Wymondham, Norfolk, ib.,
79 ; Roman and Saxon rings, found in
Norfolk and Suffolk (engr.), ib. ; Saxon,
gold and silver, found at Ixworth, ib.,
80 ; spiral, found in the Isle of Wight
(engr.), ib., 187 ; rings exhibited by
Lady Fellows, ib., 345-6 ; ring con-
nected with Charles I, ib., 361-362 ;
porcelain ring in a Saxon grave (engr.),
xiii, 228 ; various, exhibited by T.
Gunston, ib., 255 ; various, ib., 310-
4 ; African silver (engr.), ib., 312 ; gold,
silver, and bronze rings, found in Nor-
folk and Suffolk (engr.), ib., 313; re-
port on various, by H. S. Cuming, ib.,
310-4; betrothal ring found at Ring-
wood, xx, 67 ; iconographic, in gold, xxi,
80 ; various found, xxvih, 102 ; of
bronze found at Etocetum, xxix, 56 ;
found at Lombard- street, ib., 76 ; Ro-
man, ib., 195 ; of terra cotta, ib., 425 ;
of wire, exhibited, xxx, 440

r. Charles II

v. Clarke, James

v. Gold

v. Warren, J.

Ring money, of Ireland, i, 310 ; new kind
of gold, in the form of a volute, found
near Kilkenny, ib. ; gold, found at
Chiusi and Perugia, and in Ireland, ii,

v. Anthony, R.

Ringfield, advowson of, 1611-1613, xxi,

Ringwood, a betrothal ring found at, xx,

Ripon, co. York, bas-relief on a tomb in
the cathedral (engr.), i, 83 ; custom at,

of blowing a horn, iv, 149; tesselated
pavement in St. Mary Magdalene near,
iii, 246; arms of Ripon (engr.),ib., 151;
excursion to, xx, 238 ; visit to the ca-
thedral, ib., etc. ; effigy in the cathe-
dral (engr.), ib., 295 ; monastery at, of
Scots and of Saxons, in Beda's time,
xxv, 371

Risely, arms and seal of (engr.), vi, 203

Rising Castle, Norfolk, exhibition of views
of, xxvi, 372 ; v. Castle-Rising

Risingham, Roman altar at, xxii, 186

Riston Moss, near Warrington, Roman
colum exhumed from, xxv, 245

Rivenhall, co. Essex

v. Burkitt, A. H.

v. Christmas, Rev. H.

River, co. Kent, top found at, xxx, 38

Rivington, seal of the Grammar School of,
xii, 151

Rix (S. Wilton), MS. collections of, relat-
ing to Suffolk, xxi, 144

Roads in England, state of, xxx, 19

Robert (St.), painting of, viii, 32

Robert (Earl of Eu), founder of St. Mary's
Ch. in Hastings castle, xxiii, 127

Robert of Gloucester, account of, ii, 380

Robert the Consul (Earl of Gloucester),
account of, xxv, 36-7

Robert, Abbot of Malmesbury, xxvii, 325-

Robert (Duke of Normandy), points of
chronology depending upon his dates,
xxix, 253-4

Robert (Bishop of Exeter), notice con-
cerning, xxx, 171

Roberts (David), R.A., obituary notice of,
xxi, 259

Roberts (Edward), F.S.A., Hon. Sec, ex-
hibits a coin of the duchy of Gueldres,
xvi, 340 ; presents drawing of a pig of
lead, ib., 350 ; on St. Chad's Ch., xvii,
45 ; on St. Mary's Ch., ib. ; on Wenlock
priory, ib., 50 ; exlribits sculptured
groups representing Death, xvii, 69 ; on
St. Lawrence, ib., 156 ; on Linley Ch.,
ib., 212; on Battlefield Ch., ib., 214-6 ;
on Haughmond Abbey, ib., 216-8; on
Wroxeter Ch., ib. ; on Atcham Ch., ib.,
219 ; exhibits impression from a seal of
Robert de Sherrington, ib., 231; on Lil-
leshall Abbey, ib., 265-71; on the Ch. of
Ottery St. Mary, xviii, 158-63 ; on Col-
lumpton Ch., ib., 247-8; exhibits a vel-
lum bound book, stamped with various
figures and mottoes, ib., 398 ; on the
turrets at Bradgate Park, xix, 48 ; on
Bosworth Ch., ib., 112-3; on St. Mar-
tin's Ch., Leicester, ib., 113-7 ; on frag-
ments of stone found on the site of the
priory of Lesmahago, ib., 140-1; on
Queen Eleanor's cross, ib., 331-2; on
the churches of Leicester, ib., 245-9; on
Brixworth Ch., ib., 285-305, 339 ; exhi-
bits a German jug, ib., 311; on Adel
Ch., xx, 60-4 ; on sculptured foundation-



stone of Adel Ch., ib., 347; on mediaeval
discoveries at Guildhall, ib., 347-8; on

Shirley cemetery, ib., 359 ; on round
towers of churches in East Anglia, xxi,
162 ; on Lanchester Ch., xxii, 87; on
bone implements, ib., 100; exhibits
lamp from Reculver Ch., ib., 105; Ro-
man pottery, ib., 109 ; portrait of Ed-
ward VI, ib., 306 ; on Finchale priory,
ib., 345, xxiii, 67; on carved pebbles
from the East, xxii, 445; on Roman re-
mains at Southwark, ib., 447; exhibits
Zincke's portrait of Shakespeare, xxiii,
lol ; on Mayfield in Sussex, ib., 333; on
flint implements, xxiv, 66 ; on marble
bead from Alexandria, ib., 68 ; on a
metal fleshhook from Hastings, ib., 72 ;
on the hand of a bronze statue found in
Gracechurch-street, ib., 78; on an Etrus-
can urn from Perugia, ib., 82; on
sharks' teeth from a bed of coprolites at
Oxford, ib., 167; on Martin Luther's
wedding-ring, ib., 173 ; on drawings of
West Hampnett Ch., ib., 183 ; on Little
Hereford Ch., ib., 193 ; on Burford Ch.,
ib. ; on candles and snuffers, xxv, 78 ;
on timber and nails found in Pai-k-
street, Southwark, ib., 80-1 ; on Roman
coins, ib., 158-64 ; on specimens of Ro-
man iron found in London, ib., 170;
exhibits pottery exhumed at Cirencester,
ib., 177 ; tesselated pavement from Ched-
worth villa, ib. ; on Ampney Crucis, ib.,
192-3 ; on Maiseyhampton Ch., ib.,
193-5 ; on the structure of Fairford
Ch., ib., 207-9; on the manor of Bibury,
ib., 209-11; on flint implements, ib.,
213 ; exhibits fragments of Roman pot-
tery and other articles, ib., 282 ; on
Malmesbury Abbey, ib., 292 ; on ruin at
Daglingworth, ib., 300 ; on Dagling-
worth Ch., ib., 303 ; on Duntisbourne
Rouse Ch., ib., 307; on the restoration
of Worth Ch., ib., 388-9; exhibits me-
diaeval tile, ib., 390; on a spurious sar-
cophagus, ib., 390-1 ; on a processional
cross, ib., 401 ; on Roman villa at Ched-
worth, ib., 400 ; on Chedworth Ch.,
ib., 400 ; on North Cerney Ch., ib.,
406 ; on the Roman tomb in Westmin-
ster Abbey, xxvi, 89, 167; on St. Al-
ban's, ib., 99-100; on objects exhumed
at Gun-wharf, Wapping, ib., 171 ; on
Redbourn Ch., ib., 174; on Dunstable
Ch., ib., 177; on St. Stephen's Ch., at
St. Alban's, ib., 179-81 ; on Sopwell
nunnery, ib., 181 ; on the Roman dyke
at Beech Bottom, ib., 182 ; on St. Peter's
Ch., St. Alban's, ib. ; on Verulam, ib.,
183-4, 189; on St. Michael's Ch. at St.
Alban's, ib., 185-6; on art treasures
of Lord Verulam, ib., 188; on a frag-
ment of a Samian bowl, ib., 214; on
t racing of fresco from Yaxley Ch., ib.,
249; mi remains of Roman pitching in
Edgeware-road, ib., 250; exhibits con-

tents of a tumulus at Knebworth, xxvi,
252; on the Curfew-bell, ib., 278; on
Abbot's and King's Langley churches,
ib., 384-6 ; on Chenies Ch. ami Manor-
house, ib., 386-7; exhibits sketch of
Roman pavement discovered in Mark-
lane, xxvii, 387; on Kilpeck Ch., ib.,
388; on Leominster Priory Ch., ib.,
392-4; on Leominster Ch., ib., 438-45;
on ancient British cemetery on Sunbury
common, ib., 449-52, 528; account of
the visit of the Association to Wej
mouth, ib., 528; letter to the Earl of
Warwick, xxviii, 71 ; letter from tie-
Earl of Warwick, ib., 72 ; letter from H.
Watling, ib., 72-3; exhibits various an-
tiquities found in London, ib., 76-7,
184, 189, 273, 396, 398-9 ; xxix, 71-2,
79, 90-1 ; xxx, 72, 79, 94, 95, 204 ; on
the Farleigh crucifix, xxviii, 79; exhi-
bits Roman pottery from London, ib.,
171 ; describes buildings at Cerne, ib.,
208-11; exhibits a Norman water-
pitcher, ib., 2S1 ; description of Piddle-
town Ch., ib., 285 ; and Athelhampton
manor-house, ib., 287-8 ; speeches, xxix,
101, 114-5; on the Wolverhampton
bells, ib., 104-5 ; account of Tetteuhall
ch., ib., 107-8 ; exhibits antiquities
found in Queen Victoria-street, ib. 184;
objects from Cannon-st., ib., 193; ob-
jects from Queen Victoria-st., ib., 194 ;
objects found in London, ib., 203; de-
scribes Weston ch., ib., 223; Claverley
ch., ib., 227-8 ; on the Wolverhampton
cross, ib., 319 ; on Dudley castle, ib.,
413-8 ; exhibits hobnailed soles, ib., 421 ;
describes ruins of Dudley priory and
castle, xxix, 431 ; on Coningsburgh cas-
tle, xxx, 19-24; on bronze wire of the
Romano-British period from Blackf riars,
ib., 94-5; on Sheffield Parish ch., ib.,
120; canette from Queen Victoria-st. ,
in his possession, described, ib., 134 ;
on watering pots, ib., 181-90; exhibits
sjiecimens of bro'nze wire and latten
ornaments, ib., 193-4 ; sketches in Ber-
muda and on the Rhine, ib., 196; vari-
ous objects from Blackf riars, ib., 200 ; a
collection of London iron work. ib.. 223;
money-boxes, knives, ami iron work, ib.,
441-2; describes Coningsburgh castle,
ib., 449; and the ch. and castle of Tick-
hill, ib., 452; speech of, at Wharaeliffe,
ib., 156

Roberts (W. T.), description of a copy of
'"11 Decamerone", x\iii. 398

Robertson (Major, and Lady Katherine),
reception of the As ociation by, at Wood-
some Hall, xxx, 228

Robin-Hood, veritable existence of, viii,
208-22 ; era and character of, ib.,

v. Hood, Robin

Robinson (Mr.), on an altar piece found
in Ludlow Ch., v, 166




Robinson (R.), mezzo-tinto probably by
bim, xxix, 84

Robsart (Amy), paper respecting death of,
xvi, 89 ; discussion upon, ib.

Rocester, Roman remains at, xxix, 273-4 ;
priory at, ib., 326

Rocb (St.), medal of, xii, 264

Roche Abbey, visited by the Association,
xxx, 219 ; described by G. M. Hills, ib.,
219-20 ; a paper on, by G. M. Hills, ib.,
421-30 ; (2 engrs.), ib., 425

Rochester (Lord), key of, as Lord Cham-
berlain to Charles II, xiii, 352; xxx, 329

Rochester, co. Kent, ancient city walls, iv,
30 ; plan of the original walls (engr. J,
ib., 31 ; coin of Elagabalus found at the
castle, ib., 75 ; early English arch dis-
covered at, vi, 447; view of the castle
(engr.), ix, 215 ; historical sketch of
the castle, ib., 215-30; effigy of Bishop
Gundulf in the cathedral (engr.), ib.,
231 ; plan of crypt in the cathedral
(engr. J, ib., 271 ; plan of cathedral
(cngr.J, ib. ; Norman buildings in the
cathedral (engr. J, ib. ; observations
on the castle, ib., 339-48; history of
the bridge, ib., 348-57 ; remarks on the
cathedral, ib., 271-85; visit to, ib., 358 ;
proceedings of the Congress, ib., 337-
88 ; meeting of the general committee,
ib., 339; opening meeting, inaugural
speech of the President, ib. ; Dr. W.
Beattie on the history of Rochester
Castle, ib.; examination of the ruins of
the castle, ib. ; Mr. Duesbury's observa-
tions, ib.; Rev. T. Hugo on Bishop Gun-
dulf, with notices of other ecclesiastical
founders of Rochester cathedral, ib., 231,
348; Mr. Bailyon the houses of our an-
cestors in Kent, ib. ; Mr. Adams on Ro-
chester bridge, ib., 348-57 ; Rev. Beale
Poste on the attack of the Dutch on the
defences of the Medway,i&., 358; meet-
ing at the cathedral, ib. ; meeting in
the Chapter House, ib. ; examination,
by W. H. Black, of the Textus Roffen-
sis and the Custumale Roffense, ib. ;
T. J. Pettigrew on the leper houses of
Kent, and their establishment in Eng-
land, ib., 359 ; Mr. Jerdan on docu-
ments relating to the Spanish Armada
and defence of the Medway, ib. ; Mr.
Steele on discovery of a Roman burial
ground at Strood, ib., 359-60; Mr.
Monckton on gavelkind, ib., 386-91 ;
notices of the Reculver, by Captain
Curling and G. Wright, ib., 391-8; ex-
cursions to Helstone, and inspection of
the ch., ib., 398 ; visit to Cowling Castle,
ib., 399 ; discoveries there by Mr. Mus-
ton ; Cowling Ch., ib. ; Cliffe Ch., its
condition, ib. ; its paintings, ib., 400 ;
hour-glass stand in the ch., ib., 400 ;
CobhamHall, inspection of the pictures;
conversazione at Rochester, ib. ; C. Bis-
choff's rubbings of some of the Cobham

brasses, ix, 400-1 ; T. Gunston's brasses,
ib., 401 ; E. Pretty on the dumb bors-
holder, ib., 405; letter from J. Ives,
concerning Dover harbour, ib., 407; Mr.
Naylor exhibits Saxon antiquities found
atEastgate, ib. ; Mr. Thurston's drawing
of the tilting helmet of Sir John Fogge,
ib., 408 ; Saxon antiquities found at,
(engr. J, ib.; a cast of the dedication
stone of Postling Ch., ib. ; Mr. Carlos on
the brass of Thomas Cod, of St. Marga-
ret's Ch., ib., 409 ; visit to Kit's Coity
house and the Cromlechs, ib. ; visit to
Allington castle, ib., 410; Aylesford Ch.
and Holy Trinity Hospital, ib. ; Pres-
ton-park ; S. I. Tucker on the history
of the Colepepers, ib. ; West-Mailing
Abbey, ib.; visit to Boxley Abbey and
Ch., ib. ; reception by the Mayor and
Corporation of Maidstone, ib., 411 ; Mr.
Ashpitel and Mr. Whichcord on All
Saints' Ch., ib.; the tomb of Wootton,
ib., 412; the college; museum of Natu-
ral History, ib. ; Mr. Charles's museum,
its valuable contents, ib., 413; visit to the
Ch. and manor house of Hollingbourne,
ib., 414 ; Saxon fortifications, ib. ; visit to
Leeds castle, ib., 415; reception by Mr.
and Mrs. Martin, ib. ; description of the
Castle, ib. ; soiree at Maidstone, ib. ; ex-
hibition of antiquities and drawings, ib. ;
J. R. Planche on the earls of Kent, ib. ;
Mr. Whichcord, jun., on the antiquities
of Maidstone ; and on the polychromy
of the middle ages, ib. ; Mr. Brent, jun.,
on the ancient guilds and fraternities of
Canterbury, ib., 415-23 ; concluding
meeting, ib., 424 ; north-east tower of the
wall (engr.), ib. ; examination of north-
east tower of the city wall, ib., 424-5 ;
plan of north-east tower (engr. J, ib., 425 ;
Mr. Lukis onthemaenhir,i6., 425-8 ; bel-
larmine found at, xii, 83 ; various anti-
quities found at, ib., 162; representation
of a chancellor's seal-bag on a monument
in the Cathedral, xiv, 343-4 ; alms-bag in
the Cathedral (engr.), ib., 344; Saxon
coinage of, xxi, 191; church at, men-
tioned by Beda, xxiv, 364 ; v. Harold

Rock of Cashel going to decay, efforts for
its restoration, iv, 144

Rock (Rev. J. O.), on contents of a bar-
row in Salop, xix, 317-9

Rock-basins at Dartmoor, xv, 355

Rock-crystal, cup of, iv, 395

Rocking-stone, near Monmouth, account
of, xxvii, 253 ; near Lancaster, xxx, 201

Rodestone, grant relating to, xxix, 366

Rodulf (Archbishop of Canterbury), seal
of, iv, 316

Rodwell (Joshua), articles of, at the Ips-
wich temporary museum, xxi, 346

Roebuck (J. A.), speech of, xxx, 467-70

Roessler (Charles), letter from, to T.
Wright, xxvi, 340-1 ; forwards a sketch
of a sundial from Normandy, xxviii,



282 ; and photograph of a Mosaic pave-
ment at Lillebonne, xxviii, 39S
Roger, porter of Exeter Castle, his seal,

xviii, 257
Roger, Abbot of Malrnesbury, xxvii, 325
Roger, of Poictou, xxviii, 139
Roger (Bishop of Salisbury), his connec-
tion with Wolverhampton, xxix, 49 ;
points of chronology depending upon
the dates of, ib., 247-8
Rogers (Miss Mary Eliza), letter relating
to bone implements used for ornament-
ing pottery, xxx, 191-2; exhibits draw-
ings of tiles and of a crucifix, ib., 196
Rogers (Robert), of Everton, xxx, 117
Rogers (W. H.), on an oval brass seal,
found at Winchester, iii, 125; on a
brooch-like ornament, ib., 246 ; on the
history of enamelling, ib., 280-96 ; on
an engraved wood cup, ib., 335 ; on an
enamelled crucifix, iv, 58 ; drawings ex-
ecuted by him, exhibited, xxx, 196

v. Woodcarvings

Roke-Dowu, barrows on, ii, 100
Rokeby (Sir Thomas), legacy to, xxii, 402
Rolfe (Rev. E. M.), obituary, ix, 105
Rolfe (W. Henry), on Roman antiquities
found near Margate, i, 146; on Saxon
coins found in the Isle of Thanet, so.,
149 ; on Roman antiquities in the
Isle of Thanet, ii, 85 ; on a leaden seal
found at Canterbury, ib., 98 ; on some
Celtic, Roman, and rnedkeval antiqui-
ties, ib., 186 ; excavations by, in the
Isle of Thanet, ib., 275 ; on an aureus
of Carinus, ib., 336 ; on Saxon weapons
and a skeleton found at Osengal, ib.,
352; on Saxon keys found at Ozengal,
iii, 246 ; on the discovery of a grave with
skeletons at Salmstone, near Margate, ib.,
345 ; on enamelled Roman fibulae, iv,
57 ; on Saxon and Roman fibulaJ, ib.,
144; on coins found between Sandwich
and Eastry, ib., 382 ; account of his
collection of British coins, v, 158; ex-
hibits a denarius of Caligula, ib., 337;
on excavations at Richborough, ib., 374;
exhibits a silver cochleare found at
Richborough castle, vi, 149; a Norman
spur, found in the Thames, ib., 452; a
satirical medal of 1688, vii, 169; silver
medals of Archbishop Sancroft and
seven of his suffragans, viii, 64 ; a pil-
lowcase, ib., 139 ; on carvings on ivory
and wood, exhibited by, ib. ; exhibits a
bellarmine and tile found in Spitalfields,
ib., 142; on tradesmen's tokens, ib. ',
exhibits an iron spur and keys found at
Sandwich, ib., 161 ; an ivory drinking
horn, ib., 367; an embossed brick, pound
weight of Elizabeth, and carvings in
wood and ivory, ib., 370 ; silver decade
lings, ib. ; a bonze cup, found in Cent,
ix, 75; obituary notice of, xvi, 174-5
Rolleston (John and Margaret), slab of
(engr.), vii, 331

Rolleston (Professor), xxix, 34

Rolleston, co. Stall'., description of Ch. and
monuments, vii, 331-3 ; reception at the
hall, ib., 331 ; grammar school, ib., 333;
its seals, ib. ; xii, 67 ; seal of the church-
wardens of, (engr.), vii, 333 ; effigy of a
priest in the Ch. (engr.), ib. ; ancient
cross at the hall (engr.), ib., 334

Rollinson (Abell), of Sheffield, his token,
1667, xxx, 31

Rollright stones, xxix, 38

Roman antiquities and miscellaneous


Various objects, xxi, 343-5; remains
found with flint implements, xxii, 156 ;
antiquities, xxx, 199 ; antiquities found
near Abingdon, iv, 404 ; at Alchester,
xii, 176-8; Amiens, iv, 391 ; from An-
glesea, xxii, 314; at Badminton, with
remarks by T. C. Croker, ii, 90 ; at
Bath, xiii, 257-73 ; xvii, 8-18 ; in Berk-
ley Ch., xxi, 234 ; at Bishopstoke, xx,
88-90 ; at Bonchurch, xii, 88 ; at Brad-
ford, co. Wilts, xxii, 160; in Cannon-
street, vii, 176; at Canterbury, xii, 73;
xvii, 59; xviii, 272; at Carlisle (engr.},
xx, 84-5; at Castlethorpe, ii, 353; at
Chelmsford, vi, 81; at Chester, xxii,
306, 376-88 ; from Chesterford, ib.,
453 ; at Chipping Warden, v, 82-5 ; in
Church Field, Bedfordshire, i, 52 ; at
Cirencester, ii, 380-1 ; discoveries at
Cirencester, iv, 69-71 ; Mr. Smith upon
Colchester, i, 53 ; various remains at
Colchester, ii, 29, 268 ; iv, 400-401 ;
v, 85; vi, 451; xx, 344-5; atCoiville ma-
nor, iv, 156; at Long Compton, War-
wickshire, xvii, 75; in Dorsetshire, xii,
257; near Dover, viii, 361; at Dym-
church, co. Kent, i, 40-2; in Essex
(engr.), iv, 76; at Exeter, v, 164; at
Exeter, described by H. S. Cuming,
xviii, 260-1 ; at East Farleigh, co. Kent,
ii, 73; at Farley Heath, in Surrey, iv,
158; at Finkley, xxviii, 327-36; atFol-
ley Hill, iv, 401; in the suburbs of
Gloucester, ii, 375; at Gloucester, xi, 64;
at the Goodwin Sands, xvii, 319; at
Gurnard's Bay, Isle of Wight, xxi, 228;
at Harpole, vi, 81-126 ; near Oxford (i
i n'jrx.), ib., 52-67 ; at Highani, iv, 393 ;
at Hooley Bridge, xii, 236-9 ; in co. Hunt,
xvii, 75 ; from Jura, xiv, 280 ; in Kent,
xii, 235-6; xviii, 396; in Kent Road,
xiii, 321; in Lanarkshire, xvii, 18-21,
110-2, 208-11; at Lanchcster Ch., xxii,
87; at Leicester, vii, 439-42; at Lin-
coln, i, 148; at Linky, xvii, 213; in
London, ii, 205, 340, 345; ix, 74; xvii,
325; xxix, 186-8, 191, 201-2, 308-10;
xxx, 87 ; at Loughor, xii, 239; discove-
ries at Marlstone, co. Berks, xvi, 290 ;
x\ii, 336; in Mincing Lane ( engr.), vi,
■I 12-3; in Norfolk and Suffolk, ib.. 157;
in Northamptonshire, xvii, 70 ; in Ox-
fordshire, xi, 65; at Padstow, iv, 394;



at Pakenhani, i, 138 ; at Penlowe Park,
co. Hertf., ib., 340 ; at Piers Bridge,
xxii, 188-9; near Rainsgate, ii, 281; at
Rawreth, iv, 156 ; frotn the Reculver, v,
376; at Ribchester, vi, 337; Mr. Smith's
observations on, at Rivenhall, Essex, ii,
281; at St. Alban's, viii, 77; at St. Dun-
stan's Hill, xix, 63; at Silchester, i, 147;
xvii, 70 ; at Sittingbourne, x, 90 ; at
Sou thwark-square, xxii, 445; at Spring-
head, v, 361; at Stanmore, co. Berks.,
xvii, 290-2; in Suffolk, vi, 157; in Suf-
folk-lane, iv, 388; found by Mr. Rolfe
in an early Saxon burial-place in the
Isle of Thanet, ii, 85; at Thetford, ix,
76: at Tiverton, ib., 74: near Towces-
ter, iv, 396: vi, 73-6; (6 eugrs.), vii,
107; near Wallingford, iii, 328; on
Westgate shore, near Margate, i, 146;
off Whitstable, xvii, 328 ; in the Isle of
Wight, ib., 332-3; paper on, at Wil-
derspool, by H. S. Cuming, xxvii, 430-
7; in Winchester-street, xxi, 360; near
Wittenham, iii, 328; at York, vi, 156,
vii, 175

Roman iEquipondiurn, xv, 287

Altar found near Dykesfield, vi, 149 ;

discovered at Gainford Ch. (engr.), xxii,
19, 182, 190; on the line of Hadrian's
wall, iii, 124: altars of Jupiter Dolyche-
nus, xxii, 186; in Oxfordshire, iii, 328;
altar at Ribchester (engr.), vi, 244;
at Tretire, xviii, 275; in Jewry-street,
Winchester, xi, 81

Amphitheatre at Dorchester, threat'

Roman Bones, from Ham Hill, vi, 442;

bone antiquities, xxii, 101
Bracelets and tiles, found at Col-
chester, ii, 101 ; bracelet encircling the
arm, in Ipswich Museum, xxi, 278

Bricks, ii, 34, 324

- Brine-pans, at Nantwich, xx, 359
Bronze, Hercules, in Cannon street,

x, 180; bust, in Essex, iv, 74; dancing
faun, at Haineford, ii, 346 ; figure from
Herculaneum, xxi, 89; priestess, in
Moorfields, xx, 273; eagle, near Rich-
borough, x, 375; of a female, at St.
Alban's, vi, 43S; statues, ii, 100 ; xxiv,

— Bulla, in gold, exhibited, xiii, 321 ;
bulla, near Newbury, xxi, 78

Burial ; sepulchral remains, at Eccles,

ened destruction of, ii, 101; its pre-
servation promised by Mr. Brunei, ib.,
102; amphitheatre at St. Alban's, vi, 91

Amphora, found at Stan way in Essex,

iv, 391

Ampulla? found in Moorfields, xix,

iv, 81 ; supposed Roman cemetery, etc.,
discovered at Heliningham, xxi, 269 ;
sepulchral stone in Cloak-lane, ii, 351 ;
sepulchral remains at Colchester, i, 238;
Roman burial-place in Kent, vi, 448 ;
sepulchral interment, near St. Alban's,
iv, 405 ; burial-place near Shorne, in
Kent, v, 79 ; burial-ground at Strood,
ix, 359-60

— Bust of Julius Cajsar, xxii, 337; of
Jupiter, xxi, 82; of Pompey, and of
Trajan, xxii, 336; miniature bust of the
Colossal Jupiter in British Museum, xxi,
184; of Vesta, and of Jupiter, ib.; head
and bust of a youth, iv, 79 ; of Magnia
Urbica, xxiv, 69

Camp, on Hamden-hill, ii, 80; en-


Architecture, building at Castlefield,

co. Hants, remains of (engr.), xxiii, 268;
plan of, at Chester-le-street, referred to,
xxii, 87; remarks on supposed Roman
work at Colchester castle, xxi, 279-84 ;
architectural remains at Gloucester, iv,
58 ; buildings and coins discovered in
Gurnard's Bay, xxii, 351-68 ; chamber
and antiquities discovered at Haydon,
Essex, iii, 340; arch discovered in Little
Knightrider-st., i, 253; vault, at Rose's
Pit, viii, 159; foundations discovered
at St. Alban's, v, 360 ; building disco-
vered near Sittingbourne, ii, 346 ; build-
ing found at Steyning, iv, 386; remarks
on a building in Lower Thames-street,
iv, 38-45; buildings discovered at Up-
bam, co. Hants, v, 376; building disco-
vered at Weymouth, i, 324

Army, British auxiliary troops, in

campment at Monk's Bay, xi, 320 ;
camp-pot, at Walton, viii, 54

Coffin, exhibited, x, 90; leaden, found

the Roman service, by A. Sadler, xxvi,
221-6; medical officers in the army,
xvii, 249-51
— Baths, at Bath, remarks on, xiii, 144

at Bethnal-green, xviii, 382 ; stone,
near Caerwent, x, 385-6 ; leaden, disco-
vered at Colchester, ii, 191 ; leaden, at
Shadwell (engr.), xiv, 337, 355

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