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matchlock pistols, xxv, 269 ; exhibits a
piece of gold-thread embroidery, and
other articles, xxv, 273 ; an upper mill-
stone and other articles, xxv, 281-282 ;
objects found at the Mansion House,
xxv, 395-396 ; objects found on site of
St. Benet's Church, in Gracechurch
Street, xxvi, 72 ; German stamped
leather book covers, xxvi, 166; objects
exhumed in London, xxvi, 166 ; objects
exhumed at Gun wharf, Wapping, xxvi,
170-71 ; objects found in Finsbury,
xxvi, 239 ; early tetinae, xxvi, 239 ; ob-
jects exhumed at Somerset House and
Wapping, xxvi, 240; a bronze statuette

from Wapping, xxvi, 244 ; fragment of
a Samian bowl, xxvi, 244 ; an engraved
plate of a saint's martyrdom, xxvi, 246;
description of reliquaries belonging to
him, xxvi, 273, 275, 276, 277, 279 ; ex-
hibits objects exhumed in London, xxvi,
371-2 ; Roman vases exhumed at Hol-
born, xxvi, 373 ; coins of Ethelred II,
etc., exhumed at St. Martin's Le-Grand,
xxvi, 379 ; objects exhumed in the City
of London, xxvi, 380 ; a Caistor ware
olla and other articles, xxvii, 157 ; a
British olla and three French chest keys,
xxvii, 160 ; antiquities found in the
City, xxvii, 256 ; pilgrims' signs in pew-
ter, xxvii, 258 ; skull of a bear, xxvii,
258 ; various articles found in London,
xxvii, 373 ; Roman lamps and other
articles, xxvii, 376; several articles from
excavations in London, xxvii, 386-387 ;
glass and bronze objects found in
London, xxvii, 514 ; set of pipeclay
chessmen and other articles, xxvii, 521 ;
antefix of a lion's face, xxvii, 522 ; re-
marks by, on mould exhibited by Rev.
S. M. Mayhew, xxvii, 524 ; exhibits vari-
ous antiquities, chiefly Roman, xxviii,
75-76 ; two jugs, xxviii, 76-77 ; Roman
terra-cottas from London, xxviii, 172 ;
describes discovery of a Norman column
at Corbet Court, xxviii, 172 ; exhibits
various antiquities, xxviii, 176 ; various
objects, xxviii, 281-2 ; sends objects for
exhibition from excavations in Queen
Victoria Street, and from Fenchurch
Street, xxviii, 393, 398-9 ; exhibits city
relics, xxix, 69, 76, 86, 186-188 ; vari-
ous antiquities belonging to, exhibited,
ib., 191; notice of his death, ib., 191 ;
collection of antiquities belonging to
him, exhibited at Wolverhampton, ib.,
434 ; obituary notice of, xxx, 349

Baily (Mrs., widow of J. W. Baily), trans-
mits objects of Roman London for ex-
hibition, xxix, 194-5 ; exhibits London
remains, chiefly Roman, ib., 201-202 ;
weapons, etc., found in London, ib., 204-
206 ; transmits Roman relics, ib., 305-6;
various Roman antiquities from London,
ib., 308-310; exhibits a collection of
knives, xxix, 421-2 ; various London
antiquities, 425-6 ; sends various objects
from London finds for exhibition, xxx,
72-74 ; xxx, 80; miniature iron jousting-
shield, xxx, 87 ; a pike-head, temp. Eliz.,
xxx, 93-94 ; transmits a snuffer-stand
for exhibition, xxx, 192 ; exhibits Irish
pikes, xxx, 197 ; Roman keys, xxx, 200 ;
an alabastron in form of a panther, xxx,
205 ; German keys, xxx, 328-329 ; a
costrel, xxx, 340 ; forwards for exhibi-
tion two costrels, xxx, 431-2 ; forwai'ds
various objects for exhibition, xxx, 440

Bainbridge (Christopher) Cardinal Arch-
bishop of York, account of snuffers be-
longing to him, xxv, 75



Baker (A. St. John), obituary notice of,

si, 160
Baker (Sir H.), on Monkland Ch., xxvii,
365-372; reads jxiper on Monkland Ch.,
xxvii, 394

Baker (Michael), of Sheffield, his token,
1667, xxx, 30

Baker (Thomas), on Roman buildings and
remains at Watercombe House, i, 44; on
a Roman villa discovered at Bisley, ii,
324; obituary notice of, ix, 103

Bakewell, monumental slabs with crosses
found a£, i, 335 ; Saxon remains found
at, ii, 301 ; Saxon sculptured coped
tomb at (engr.), ii, 304 ; Foljambe
monument in the Ch. (engr.), hi, 355;
description of the Ch. and its monu-
ments, vii, 323, 324 ; incised tiles found
there (2 engrs.), ib., 388 ; curious tile
there (engr.), ib., 389 ; crosses there
(engr.), xx, 313

Balance beam, exhibited, xxx, 72

Baldey (William), Christmas school-piece
by, xxix, 74

Baldock, co. Hertford, lodge of Knights
Templars at, xxvi, 30

Baldred, King, charter of, i, 149

Baldwyn (Thomas), letters to, from the
Earl of Shrewsbury, xxx, 321-323

Ball (T.), bellfounder, 1698, xxix, 104

Ballinrobe, Connaught, silver matrix of
the seal of the Augustine convent of,
ii, 349

Balls, remarkable, exhibited, xvi, 327-328 ;
of brass (engr.), xvii, 20 ; stone (engr.),
ib. ; glass, ib., 59

Balnis (Gulielmus), effigy of (engr.), xii,

Baltinglass, Ireland, carved work from,
xxii, 165

Banastre (William), xxx, 309

Banbury (Sir Thomas C), his letters, xxi, 13

Bangor, remains of a British camp near,
xv, 360-361 ; list of monasteries in the
diocese of, xxviii, 62

monastery at, xxix, 405-406

Bankshead, Cumberland, Roman inscrip-
tion there, xxii, 189

Banowden Ch., xxii, 452 {for Barrowden,
co. Rutland

Banner (Messrs.), paintings belonging to,
exhibited), xxix, 433

Banners, xiii, 113, 319 ; early, ib., 113 ;
and pennons from the Bayeux tapestry,
etc. (engr.), ib., 114 ; English (engr.),
ib., 128 ; Danish, (engr.), ib., 128 ;
French (engr.), ib., 128 ; Spanish (engr. ).
ib., 128 ; Otterburne, xxiv, 37

Bannister (Rev. R), on the " Vestigia Ve-
tusta de Pilling," vi, 338-340

(Saxe), reads a paper on the MS.

lives of Henry V, xix, 332-339

Bannyards Manor, extent of, xxi, 14

Bantry, near Cork, gold ring money found
in, hi, 50

Baptistry at St. Peter, Mancroft, xiv, 69

Bar (De), arms of the family of (engr.), xiii,

Barbadoes, shell celts from, xxviii, 73
Barbeacon Hill, xxix, 398 ; see also Ban-
Barber (Fairless, F.S.A.), account of earth-
works at Laughton, xxx, 218-219 ; con-
ducts the Association to Kirkburton,
and describes the Ch., -ib., 226, 227 ;
account by, of Castle Hill, Almondbury
ib., 232

(Gerard), a noted japanner, xxix,


(W. S.), conducts the Congress over

Kirkburton Church, xxx, 227

Barber's Hall, visit of the Association to,
viii, 53 ; surgeons of London, history
of, ib., 95-130 ; plan of theatre, Barber's
Hall (engr.), ib., 118 ; razors, xviii, 382,
xxix, 69

Barbican, on the, in connection with our
castles (engrs.), vi, 302-309 ; in An-
thony's badge (engr.), ib., 305 ; tracings
from MSS. illustrative of, vii, 178

Barclay (Rev. Dr. Thomas), translation by,
of a Runic inscription found within a
tumulus in the Orkneys, xviii, 395 ;
obituary notice of, xxx, 349

Bardeney, co. Lincoln, monastery at, in
Beda's time, xxiv, 368

Bardolph, Lord and Lady, monumental
effigies of, i, 320 ; monument at Don-
nington Ch., xxi, 178

Bardwell, co. Suffolk, notice of, xxviii, 124

Barfleur, gold coins found near, i, 58

Bar gate of Southampton (engr.), xi, 328 ;
Mr. Elliott's observations on, ib., 329-

Barge-boards (2 engrs.), vii, 103

Bargham, dioc. Chich., Prebendaries of,
xxii, 154

Barham, Shilling of James I, found at,
xxi, 346

Barker (Sir John, Bt.), autograph of, xxi, 1 7

Barking, Essex, monastery of, famous in
Beda's time, xxiv, 365

Barlow (H. C), on paintings upon slate,
xviii, 287

(Samuel), of Sheffield, his token,

1664, xxx, 30

Barmoor Wood, xxix, 41

Barnack Ch., tower of, described, xxii,

346-349 ; account of ancient seats in

the tower, ib., 349
Barnard Castle, notice of, xxii, 107 ; builder

of the Brackenbury Tower, ib., 115 ;

visited by the Association, ib., 240
Barnes (Mr.), exhibits anticpaities from

Babylon, xiv, 342

(Rev. William, B.D.), paper on the

origin of the hundred and tithing of
English law, xxviii. 21-27; ancient re-
mains at Maiden Castle transmitted to
the Society, by him, ib., 39 ; his paper
read, ib., 110

Barnes, Roman statuette found at, ii, 100



Barnes, Isle of Wight, Romano-British pot-
tery found at, xii, 141
Barnet, battle of, xxvi, 28
Barnett (John), obituary notice of, xiii, 163
Barning, co. Kent, sarcophagus found

there, xxix, 47
Barnwell (Rev. E. L.), notice of a paper

by him illustrative of the Jollyboy, xxx,

Barons, early names of those attesting

charters of Henry I, Henry II, John,

etc., xvii, 311, etc.
Barr (Richard de la), brass of, in Hereford

Cathedral, xxvii, 89-90

Beacon, camps near, xxix, 39, 142

v. Barbeacon

Barrett (Anne), will of, xxi, 53

(Rev. J. T.), v. Attleborough

Barritt (Rev. N. A.), on a sculptural font

in St. Clement's Ch., Hastings, ii, 348
Barrow (Miss), exhibits a garnet ornament,

xxix, 426-427
(B.), on the opening of a tumulus on

Ashey Down, x, 162-165

(John), on the Wynters, at Dirham,

Gloucestershire, i, 321 ; exhibits a
Chinese coin found at Glenclalough, xi,
347 ; terra-cotta mask from Babylon,
ib., 350 ; paintings from Kertch, xii, 162

Barrow in Dale Park, near Arundel, ac-
count of, i, 50 ; near Cheltenham,
(engr.), ib., 154 ; spear-heads, fibulae,
and beads, found in a barrow, at
Heyford, in Oxfordshire, ib., 339 ; on
Twyford and Chilcomb Downs, ac-
count of the examination of, ib., 359 ;
Saxon antiquities found in, in Oxford-
shire, ii, 89 ; account of, near Wim-
borne, ib., 93 ; on Roke Down, ii,
100 ; at Clifton, iv, 57 ; near Scar-
borough, discoveries in, ib., 101 ; v,
370 ; in Yorkshire, a report on excava-
tions in, by J. Tissiman, vi, 1-5 ; in the
Isle of Wight, ib., 452-4 ; in Derbyshire
(2 engrs.J, vii, 211 ; of Derbyshire, ob-
servations on, by Mr. Bateman, ib., 210-
220 ; and by Mr. Fitzherbert, ib., 363-
365 ; and their contents, viii, 156 ; in
the Isle of Wight, opened, xi, 347 ; in
the Isle of Wight, report upon, xii, 84-
88 ; Anglo-Saxon antiquities found in
a large barrow on Bowcombe Down,
Isle of Wight, with plan of the barrows
(engr.), xvi, 253 ; opened in Salop, con-
tents of, xix, 317-319 ; chambered
barrows (engr.), xxii, 256 ; in Britain,
ib., 261 ; Great Shefford, opening of a
barrow at, ib., 448 ; account of various
monumental chambers in Brittany, xxiv,
40- -14 ; opened in Dorsetshire, by Cap-
tain Darner, xxviii, 27 ; opened at Port-
land, ib., 204-205 ; in England, con-
nected with Odinism, xxix, 168

— — v. Cheltenham.

— v, Fane, Rev. A.

— c. Lukis, Rev. VV. C.

Barrow-upon-Soar, v. North, T.

Barsham Hall (East), visit to, xiv, 166 ;
paper on by Mr. Pettigrew, ib., 169

Barthelemy (M.), on an enclosure near
Peran, ii, 278

Bartholomew Close, stone coffins found in,
vii, 83

(St.), painting of, xxiv, 271

Bartlett (J. P.), on a bronze pin found in
a Saxon grave, i, 316

(W.), exhibits spurs and horse-shoes

obtained in Berks and Wilts, ix, 87

Bartlow Hills, Mexican coin found at, v.
80 ; photographs of, exhibited, xx, 83

Bartolozzi (F.), engraving by, exhibited,
xxix, 71

Barton (J. A.), on a curious fire-place at
Chale Abbey Farm, ii, 201 ; on silver
coins found at Newport, v, 362-364 ;
remarks on by Mr. Bergne, ib., 378 ;
exhibits a variety of coins found in the
Isle of Wight, vi, 151 ; his remarks
thereon, ib. ; Mr. Bergne's observations,
ib., 152

(T.), exhibits British remains found

at various places, iv, 153 ; on Saxon
swords and bosses of shields, ib., 382 ;
exhibits a silver ecclesiastical ring, vi,
88 ; a series of British, Roman, and
Saxon antiquities found in Norfolk and
Suffolk, ib., 157

Barton, oratory at, i, 260 ; two views of,
(engr.), xi, 190

Barton-on-Humber, monastery of St. Chad
at, in Beda's time, xxiv, 368

Barton, visit of the Association to the, in
Earl Bathurst's Park, Cirencester, xxv,

Barwick (Thomas), monumental brass of,
ii, 347

Bascinet of the time of Edward III, viii,
354 ; Mr. Cuming's remarks on it, ib.,
357 ; with camail (engr.), ib., 354 ; vi-
sored, of the 14th century, exhibited,
xi, 75

Basin, Mr. Baily on an ancient, vi, 438 ;
pest basin in St. Giles, Shrewsbury
(engr.), xi, 112

Basing werk, Gilbert, Abbot of, vi, 424 ;
Abbey, description of, xxv, 138-139

Basket of beadwork, i, 311

Basle, relic of St. Eustace, from, xxvi,

Baskcomb (G. H.), exhibits a gimmal ring,
xiv, 346 ; a tobacco-box, with carving,
ib., 347 ; letters relating to calicoes, etc.,
xv, 350 ; antiquities concealed in an old
house at Deptford, xviii, 273 ; antiqui-
ties found at Chislehurst, ib., 397 ; a
plaque of copper, chased, xix, 138 ; a
German tobacco-pipe belonging to the
Emperor Leopold I, ib., 138 ; needle-
work in coloured silks, ib., 330 ; an an-
cient walnut-cracker, found at Tutbury
Castle, ib., 330 ; neckcloth of Charles I,
xx, 332



Basse (W.), on some unpublished works of,
xviii, 280-283

Basset, arms of the family of, xxx, 92

Bassingham, carved stone doorway of, at
the Guild Hall, Norwich, xiv, 81

Bateman (Thomas), on two early Saxon
coins found at York, ii, 189 ; on the dis-
covery of Roman urns, etc., at York in
1845, ib., 191 ; on Saxon remains, from
Bakewell Ch., ib., 301 ; on celts and
other bronze antiquities found at York,
iii, 58 ; on discoveries of Rornano-Britisli
and Saxon remains in Nottinghamshire,
ib., 297-300 ; on a Saxon barrow, iv, 27(3 ;
on a Roman pig of lead found in Not-
tinghamshire, v, 79 ; paper on the bar-
rows of Derbyshire, vii, 210-220 ; his
museum at Yolgreave, ib., 325 ; remarks
in reply to Mr. Fitzgerald, ib., 365 ; on
a large cist, ib., 434 ; exhibits a frag-
ment of chain mail, found in Stafford-
shire, ib., 438 ; on early burial-places
discovered in Notts, viii, 183-192 ; ex-
hibits casts of a fibula, and carved ivory
knife-handle, and a bronze Hercules, ix,
88 ; a horn-book, ib., 72 ; on a Roman
sepulchral inscription, ib., 199 ; exhibits
a bronze Hercules found at York, x, 180 ;
account of Saxon pennies found near
Carlisle, xi, 350 ; notice of the descrip-
tive catalogue of his museum, xii, 201-
202 ; on the discovery of Saxon graves
at Winster, Derbyshire, xiii, 226-228 ;
exhibits Roman finger- ring, xiii, 312 ;
on Celtic weapons found in the Thames,
xiv, 328-330 ; on excavations at Gib Hill
tumulus, xv, 151-153 ; exhibits seal of
Christopher Sutton, an ivory matrix, ib.,
267 ; on Anglo-Saxon antiquities found
at Caistor, ib., 358 ; exhibits Celtic
antiquities found at Chester, xvi, 288-
289 ; Anglo-Saxon antiquities found in
Lancashire, to., 311 ; impression from an
ivory matrix of a seal of a prebend of
Biggleswade, xvii, 75 ; on a bronze
sword and scabbard ornament, ib., 321 ;
obituary notice of, xviii, 362-367

Bath, bronze sword found near, iii, 334 ;
museum at, iv, 147 ; antiquities in the
museum, ib. ; history of, by J. H.
Markland, xiii, 81-97 ; on ancient earth-
works in the neighbourhood, by Rev. H.
M. Scarth, ib., 98-113; churches of, ib.,
135 ; on the churches of, by C. E. Davis,
ib., 135-143 ; maps and plans of, collected
by C. P. Russell, ib., 147 ; tokens, ib.,
225-6 ; Roman remains at, ib, 257-273 ;
sculptured head on tympanum at (engr. ),
ib., 259 ; on Roman remains at, xvii, 8-
18 ; stone coffins found at, ib., 232 ;
Roman remains at, xviii. 289-305 ;
coinage of, xxi, 191 ; tessellated pave-
ment found at, xxi, 354 ; connection of
the last Abbot of Westminster with
Thomas Yarner, Mayor of, xxviii, 399 ;
ironworks at, xxix, 128 ; remains of

Roman temple and baths there, a paper
by .1. T. Irvine, ib., 879-394 ; Roman
temple at (2 cvjrs.), ib., 379 ; ditto, ib. ;
canette found at, xxx, 132 ; seals of
Reginald and Savaric, Bishops of Bath
and Wells, ib., 329, 330
— v. Davis, C. E.
- v. Scarth, Rev. H. M.
v. Somersetshire Congress

Bathampton Ch., observations on, by Mr.
Jeffrey, xiii, 148-149

Batheaston Ch., paper on, xiii, 148-149 ;
visit to, ib., 149 ; sepulchral slabs from
the Ch., xxi, 352

Baths, notes on the entrance-hall to the
Roman baths at Bath, xxix, 389-394

Bathurst (Earl), inaugural address of, as
President of the Congress, at Cirencester,
xxv, 21-25 ; remarks of, upon Tame's
tomb in Fairford Ch., xxv, 208

Bathwick, antiquities found in an ancient
interment at, xiv, 336

Bathwick Hill, visit to, xiii, 148

Batley (Wm.), his MS. collections for his-
tory of Ipswich, xxi, 16

Battersea, earthen bottle found near, ix,
74 ; Celtic and Roman remains found
at (engr.), xiv, 326 ; paper on Battersea
enamels, xv, 352-355

v. London

Battle Ch., Sussex, paintings discovered
on the walls of, i, 318 ; interior of the
nave of Ch., looking towards the chancel
(engr.), ii, 141 ; wall paintings at, ii,
1 48 ; coin found at, vii, 83 ; key from
the Abbey, xxiii, 205 ; Abbey sold in
1719 to Sir T. Webster, ib., 242

Abbey, v. Browne, Sir Anthony

Battlefields, of England, by R. Brooke,
notice of, xiii, 171-174 ; at Newbury,
xvi, 85

Battlefield Ch., visited, xvii, 214-216

Batty (Mr.), notice of his collection of
traders' shop tickets, xxx, 35

Baudeseye Manor, survey of, 1438, xxi, 15

Bavaria, canettes of, xxx, 134

Bayeux tapestry, on the banners of, xiii,
113-130 ; tapestry of, paper by J. R.
Blanche" on, xxiii, 134 ; did not belong
to William the Conqueror, ib., 138; not
the work of Queen Matilda, ib. ; order
of the subjects on the, ib., 1 39-153 ; notice
of the dresses and armour in the, ib.,

Bayeux, account of the treasures belonging
to the Ch. of Notre Dame at, xxiii, 139 ;
inhabitants of, spoke a Teutonic dialect,
ib., 155

Bayeux (Jean de). notice of, xxx, 125, et seq.

Hayham Abbey Ch., account of, xxx, 427

Bayleham, co. Suffolk, discovery in 1869
of a Roman road there, xxv. 389

Bay lis (Mr.), his exhibition of a peg tankard,
from Gloucestershire, ii, 205

Bayning, Lord, xxi, 8

Bayonet, plug, exhibited, xxviii. 273; xxx, 72



Bayreutk, manufacture of canettes at, xxx,

Beachanwell, co. Norfolk, coins found at,

ii, 88
Beach Downs, bronze figure found on (2

engrs.) hi, 346
Beacon Hill, remarks on, xvi, 228 ; visited,

ib., 233 ; remarks on, xix, 49
Bead, Bishop of Chichester, xxix, 258-259
Beads, discovered at Antrim, by Edward
Burn, i, 47 ; work, ib., 311 ; found at
Heyford, ib., 339 ; grooved clay bead
from Alderney (engr.), hi, 11 ; Anglo-
Saxon glass and clay beads, found at
Hollingbourne, ib., 323 ; large Roman
bead (engr. J, ib., 328 ; large glass bead
found at Southampton, ib., 328 ; Saxon
beads found in Gloucestershire (engr.),
iv, 51 ; of jet, from Kenchester (2
engrs.), iv, 285 ; bead and bear, in jet
( 3 engrs.), viii, 160 ; Roman, exhibited,
xxviii, 76 ; Druid or British, exhibited,
ib., 398 ; xxix, 27 ; exhibited, ib., 69 ;
of blue glass, exhibited, ib., 186-187 ; of
many colours, ib., 350 ; spurious, xxx,
91 ; remarks on forged, ib., 92 ; of
coloured glass, exhibited, ib., 440

v. Hollingbourne

Beale (Robert), letters to Sir F. Walsing-

ham, xxx, 320, 321
Beale (Rev. S. C. Tress), exhibits rubbings
of brasses in Goodhurst Ch., Kent, xiii,
241 ; and from Bodiam Ch., ib.
Beamont (W.), on the origin, history, and
existing remains at Eddisbury, v, 289-
292 ; on the traces of the Romans along
the banks of the Mersey, vii, 5-19
Beast with seven heads (engr.), i, 125
Bearing cloth, silver lace belonging to, ex-
hibited, xvi, 339
Beaton (Cardinal), chair of, xxi, 354
Beattie (Dr. William), historical sketch by,
of Rochester Castle, ix, 215-230 ; on
Raglan Castle, x, 317-331 ; on Caris-
brooke Castle and its ancient lords, xi,
193-205 ; on Glastonbury, its legends,
etc., xii, 328-343 ; on Ludlow Castle,
xvii, 159-165
Beauchamp (C), exhibits the wedding-
ring of Martin Luther, x, 375 ; a bel-
larmine, xi, 82

(Henry), as King of the Isle of

Wight (engr.), xi, 225

(Richard), Earl of Warwick, seal of,

Beaufort (Rear- Admiral Sir Francis), obi-
tuary notice of, xiv, 192

(Henry Somerset), Duke of, account

of his entry into Ludlow, xxv, 86-87
(Thomas), supposed embalmed body

xxviii, 165
Beauchamp Chapel, Warwick, visited by the

members attending the Congress, hi,

148; observations on, by G. Goodwin,

ib., 168
Beauchief Abbey, co. Derby, visit of the

Association to, xxx, 111-112 ; described

by G. M. Hills, 112 ; paper on by G. M.

Hills (engr.), ib., 421-430
Beau clerk (Lord James), assumed portrait

of, exhibited, xiii, 323
Beaudesert, castle and mound at, xxix, )1

of, in, 247

Duchess of, v. Badminton

Beaulieu Abbey, notices of, xi, 82
Beaulieu Common, British urns found on

the, xi, 337
Beausal Common, camp at, xxix, 39-41
Beauvais, iron lock from the Ch. of St.

Michel, at, xxiv, 177
Beccles races, 1765, xxi, 9
Becheberie v. Bibury
Beck (Anthony), Bishop of Durham, xxii,


(Thomas) Bishop of Lincoln, his

funeral expenses, xxii, 418
Becke (G.), exhibits a bone haft of the

16th century, xix, 131
Becket (Thomas a), sign of (engr.), i, 205 ;
remains of (engr.), x, 68 ; shrine of
(engr.), ib., 70 ; seal of (engr.), ib., 76 ;
his chapel, Norwich (engr.), xiv, 123 ;
account of his gloves, xxiii, 329 ; signum,
of ib., 330 ; signacula of, found in
London, xxiv, 225-226
Beda, tomb of, at Durham, xxii, 431 ; ex-
tract from his Ecclesiastical History,
relative to stone built churches and Saxon
ecclesiastical foundations in England,
xxiv, 361-379 ; his history, xxix, 403 ;
his hymn to St. Etheldrida, ib., 425

Bedder (J.), exhibits a bronze statuette
of Mars found in London, xx, 358

Beddington, co. Surrey, paper on the
Roman remains at, by E. P. L. Brock,
xxvii, 514-519 ; plan of Roman building,
ib., 419 ; paper by E. P. L. Brock on an
Anglo-Saxon interment there, xxx, 212-

Bedfield, coigning at (engr.), i, 119

Bedford, seal of the grammar school at,
xii, 58 ; a part of East Anglia, xxi, 22 ;
Saxon coinage of, ib., 191 ; flint imple-
ments from, xxii, 156 ; motto, xxviii,

purlieus, on a sculptured figure and

other remains found in, iii, 50

Bedfordshire, collection of the pennies of
Henry II found in, vi, 150 ; also of
William and Alexander of Scotland, tft. ;
list of monasteries and castles in, xxviii,

v. Inskip, T.

Bedricsworth v. Bury St. Edmunds

Bedsteads, Elizabethan, at the Wode-
house, xxix, 432 ; of Rich. Ill, xix, 53

Beach Bottom, co. Herts, visit of the
Congress to a Roman dyke at, and
various remarks thereon, xxvi, 182

Beehive-hut and hut-circle (engr.), xviii,

Beeston Castle visited by the Association,
v, 327



Beevor (Sir Thomas) v. Burgh Camp

Bfhaira (Martin), account of his life, xxiv,
1(34-165 ; friendship of with C. Co-
lumbus, ib., 164 ; receives a piece of
mahogany from C. Columbus, and gives
it to A. Durer, ib., 165

Beheading sword, found in Ireland, xiii,

Behemoth and Leviathan, the Trinity
combating them (engr.), i, 127

Belchamp Otton, Essex, dedication of the
Ch., xxi, 26

Belemnites found in a barrow, ii, 100

Belesme (Robert de), Earl of Shrewsbury,
notices of, xxiii, 25 ; xxx, 400

Belfast, seal found at, iii, 328

Belfries, detached ; account of, by Mr.
Walker, xxvii, 533

Belfry tower of Salisbury Cathedral,
drawing exhibited, xv, 284

Belgte, on the ancient British, iii, 154 ;
xi, 205-213

Belgian coins, described, xv, 277-278

Bell i Captain) v. Cubberley

■ (John), on the contents of a cairn at

Killucken, co. Clare, i, 243 ; on a brass
sword and spear-head found in Gorta-
gowan, ib., 255 ; on Roman coins found
in cutting the Newcastle and Carlisle
Railway, iv, 383 ; on fragments of
Roman inscribed stones, v, 158 ; sends
rubbings of a bell and mortar, vi, 446
(M.), on Roman antiquities found at

Bourne Park, iii, 47

(Dr. William), on the head of James

found on a British coin, vi, 30-51 ; on
yEolophiles, ib., 344-346 ; on the font
in Kirkburu Ch., vii, 45-52 ; on the pre-
historic history of Great Britain, ib.,
132-140 ; exhibits engravings of iron
spear-heads with Runic characters, xxiii,
385 ; on the discoveries of Runic cha-
racters upon spears, etc., ib., 385-387 ;
notice of, xxix, 80

(Rev. W. L.), exhibits a bronze seal

with legend, xxiii, 103
Bells used in the services of the church in
the 16th century, ii, 184 ; found at
Bristol, (7)., 199 ; (engr.), vi, 56 ; rub-
bings from, ix, 76-77, 80-82 ; rubbings
from, in co. Notts, ib., 197 ; inscriptions
on bells in WykeCh.,xix,204 ; castingof,
at Croxden, xxi, 301 ; Roman, xix, 68 ; at
Trinquetaille (engr.), xxvi, 81 ; foundry
of Gloucester, paper on, by Rev. W. C.
Lukis, xxvii, 416-423 ; founder's seal,
found in the Thames, ib., 418 ; legends
and descriptions on, collected by H. Stain-
drop, xxviii, 397 ; church bells, history
of those at Wolverhampton, xxix, 52 ;
account of those at Wolverhampton
discussed, ib., 104 ; v. Hutchins, Rev.
A. B.
Bells, Cattle, iv, 78 ; v, 159 ; vi, 56
Bell-metal, Romau instrument in (engr. I,
i, 149

Bellamy (J. V.), Sheffield, token of, xxx,

Bellarmine, on the jug so called, v, 35 ;
and tile, found in Spitalfields, viii, 142;

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