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Coins, in the possession of E. Collyer,

of Betsom, Southfleet, i, 156; coins, exhi-
bited, xi, 254-5; specimens of the as,
xi, 254; remarks on the as, ib., 255;
catalogue of coins belonging to the
Duke of Northumberland, xxi, 189; at
Andover, xi, 357 ; at Battersea, xiii,
248-9 ; at Beachanwell in Norfolk, ii, 88 ;
Winchester, ii, 199; from Bittern, xxii,
358; in Gurnard's Bay, ib.; 351-68;
at Boston, v, 89 ; rare, near Brecon, x,
385; near Brest, vi, 147; near Bristol,
ii, 271 ; from Buckland, xxii, 358; in
Bucks, iii, 254 ; and inediseval coins, at
Canterbury, i, 316; at Canterbury, xv,
359; near Carisbrooke, ii, 102; near
Castor, ib., 265; in Cheapside, vi, 155;
at Chester, v, 361; at Chesterford, iv,
59; of Antoninus Pius, at Chester-le-
street, xxii, 189; from Chichester, ib.,
358 ; at Cundall, Yorkshire, xxi, 228 ;
in the forest of Dean, iv, 73; catalogue
of those found at Park End, Forest of
Dean, xxiii, :J96-9 ; at Dorchester, xx,



273; nearDroitwich,vi, 150; atDuuston,
xx, 273; at Easton, x, 388; at Eceles,
iv, 81; at Felixstowe, exhibited by Miss
Westmacott, xiv, 271 ; from Godshill,
xxii, 358 ; coin of Hadrian, in Harding-
sfcreet, x, 93-4; in Hertfordshire, vii,
1 7t> ; in Huntingdonshire, ii, 192; on
the South Downs, near Lancing, i, 149;
gold of Honorius, with ] lottery and tes-
serae, at Leicester, vi, 151; moulds for
coins, at Lingwell Nooke, ib., 154;
in Luton Hoo Park, xxii, 93 ; from
Lymington, ib., 358; silver, near Mans-
field, v, 100 ; in Merionethshire, xx,
273 ; from Midhurst, xxii, 358 ; in cut-
ting the Newcastle and Carlisle rail-
way, iv, 383; at Newtown, vi, 439;
from Nursling, xxii, 358 ; discovered
near Old Ford, i, 327 ; denarii at Ray-
leigh, v, 355 ; catalogue of, by C. R.
Smith, lb., 355-8 ; at Richborough Cas-
tle, i, 154; near Romsey, ib., 257; at
Romsey, iii, 59; gold, at Seaford, ii,
334 ; in Sussex, ib., 198 ; from Sil-
chester, xxii, 358 ; large brass of Ha-
drian, at Southwark, x, 375 ; in the
possession of Mr. Silvester, of Spring-
head, i, 155; near Sudbury, ii, 96; of
Julia Domna, in Suffolk, vi. 145; of Con-
stantinus Tiberius, in Suffolk, x, 180 ;
leaden, in the Thames, iv, 55-7; gold,
in the Thames, vi, 447; at Toddington,
ii, 271 ; and lamp found at Tower-hill,
xiii,235; from Upchurch,xxi, 230; silver,
found in Well-street, ii, 272; at Winches-
ter, ib., 199 ; of Allectus, at West Wit-
tering Ch., vi, 442 ; in the Isle of Wight,
xix, 306; near Winchester, i, 327; from
Winchester, xxii, 358 ; at Winford Eagle,
Dorsetshire, xx, 273; at York, ii, 192
Roman Congius, exhibited, xxvii, 191, 244

Dice (engr.J, v, 361 ; xxx, 73

Fibula enamelled, Mr. Artis on, i,

327; exhibited, xv, 272; xviii, 369;
at Bicester, xi, 158; bronze, in Buck-
lersbury, x, 177; of bronze, at Burlow
castle, i, 138 ; enamelled, at* Chester
camp, iii, 251 ; near Chester, v, 334 ;
discovered at Lewes, i, 238 ; bronze, in
liatcline-highway, x, 91, 99; at Spring-
head, Kent, ii, 96; iv, 74; bronze, in
Sussex, iv, 391; in Suffolk, xx, 358 ; on
Wiltshire downs, iv, 104 ; at York,x,180

Flue-tiles, xxvii, 385

Furnaces described, xxix, 124

(ilass, in Philpot-lane, ix, 190; glass

bottles (2 cn'/r.s.J, xxx, 2<i5 ; window
glass, i, 316; 'ii, 324; iv, 399

Implements, iron, exhibited, xxix.

371-8; casts of inscriptions at York, ii,

Roman Intaglios, i, 56; ii, 90, 345; iv,

263; ix, 74; xiii, 320; xiv, 95, 335;

xvi, 324; at Petriana, xx, 355 ; engraved

stones, at Wroxeter, xix, 106-11

r. Gems

Iron manufactures, xxix, 121; xxx,


Keys, iv, 156; at Fairford, x, 113 ;

305-6; iron nails, observations on, vi,

Inscription, sepulchral, ix, 199 ; at

Chichester, ii, 81 ; inscribed stone at
Colchester, \i, 446 ; stones in Northum-
berland, v, 158; inscribed Btone, at Sea
Mill-, a paper by Dr. McCaul, xxix,

bronze, of peculiar shape (engr.), xiv,
337; key exhibited, ib., 352
Kilns, Potter's, and pottery discover-
ed by Mr. Artis in the vicinity of Castor,
i, 1; Roman kiln at Caistor, xxi, 346
- Labarum exhibited, xiii, 316
Lamp and vase, at Colchester, i, 335;

bronze, at HamdonHill, iv, 384 ; bronze,
in London, viii, 57; lamps, in London,
ix, 83; at Tower-hill, xiii, 235; bronze,
exhibited, vii, 176; lamps, exhibited,
viii, 372; Christian, exhibited, observa-
tions on, x, 91; lamp of Christian era
exhibited, xx, 337; lamps, xxiii, 381
Lead, pig, with the name of the em-
peror Nero, near Bossington, i, 326, 335 ;
pig, in Hexgrave-park, viii, 55; mines
and villa, in Shropshire, xiii, 174-5;
mine at Shelve, photograph of, xviii,
283; various, v, 79, 226-7; xvi, 350
Mask of Satyr, with silver eyes,

xx, 201 ; of terra-cotta, xxvii, 436

Milliarium, at Caton, vi, 344: geome-

trical landmarks, explanation by W. H.
Black of his theories respecting, xxvii,
268-73; milestone at Lanchester, xxii, 87

Mirrors, v, 138

■ — ■ Monument at Caerleon, iv, 397 ; mo-
numents, sepulchral, discovered near
Cheltenham, i, 237 ; monument, at
Hearley-wood, ib., 336

Occupation, traces of, at Hardeston,

x, 92-4 : in the vicinity of Northampton,
ib., 93-4 ; people in East Anglia, xxi, 1 ;
conquest of Britain, xxii, 166-81; pro-
gress in Britain, ib., 239; occupation of
Britain, xxii, 71; xxviii, 337-47; in Staf-
fordshire, a paper by T. Morgan, xxix,
394-412; remains, ib., 433

Pavement, tesselated, at Aldborough,

iv, 401: v, 80; pavement, notice of one
from Autun, vi, 161 ; at Barton Farm, ii,
381; in St. Thomas Apostle, ib., :i">0; in
Broad-street, x, 112; remains, and pave-
ment at Chester, vi, 155; at Cirencester,
v, 360;atColchcster, xxi, 231; atDaven-
try, i, 245; at Dorchester, xx, 201; near
Droitwich, iii, 119; in Essex, ii, 347; at
< Houcester, ib., 374: at Harpole, vi, 81;
126; in Lad-lane, i, 24S ; iii, 335; at
Leadenhall-street, xix, 307; at Lenthy-
green, Dorset, i, 57; at Lincoln, ii, 186;
in London, i, 64; sketch of, in Mark-
lane, exhibited by E. Roberts, xxvii,
387; between Northampton and Wee-
ii, 364; in Northamptonshire, v,



375; in St. Mary-axe, v, 90; at Up
Lyme, vi, 450 ; at West Deans, Hants,
i, 53, 62 ; at Winchester, ib., 361

Roman Penates, T. J. Pettigrew on, disco-
vered at Exeter, xxi, 219-21

Pottery, Roman rough-cast (engr.),

xxvii, 434 ; on red glazed pottery, iv, 1;
on fictile vessels, ib., 72 ; at Alchester,
xi, 154; urn, near Aldermaston, xvi,
324; vase, near Andover, ii, 97; urn,
near Banbury, ib., 352; Basilicatan ware,
xxi, 361; vases, at Bermondsey, i, 312;
pottery and coins, in New Cannon-street,
vii, 436 ; two vessels, at Canterbury, xi,
255; vase with Roman coins, in Charn-
wood forest, vi, 448 ; at Chesterford, iv,
387; vessels, in dark clay, near Chiches-
ter, ib., 158; at Colchester, ib., 82 ; dis-
covered at Deal, iii, 329; urns in Essex,
iv, 74 ; vases from Fenchurch-street and
Gracechurch-street, xxii, 316; urn dis-
covered at Findon, in Sussex, i, 149;
urns discovered at Foulness, iii, 245;
vessels, in Goodman's-fields, vii, 163;
in Gracechurch-street, xxii, 109; urn,
and other sepulchral relics, at Green-
hithe, ii, 363; vases, at Hoddesdon,
xviii, 268 ; various, at Hoddesdon, ib.,
369 ; from Ingoldmells, Suffolk, xxii,
109; supposed Roman patera, at Ipswich,
xxi, 191; ware, at Lexden, i, 334; two
vessels, in Lincolnshire, xi, 263 ; urn
dug up at London Bridge, viii, 54 ; pa-
terae from Pan-pudding-rock, ii. 281 ;
vase with inscription, at Penlowe Park,
Hants, i, 340; vessel at Prickwillow,
with observations by H. Rogers, iv, 153 ;
pottery in Philpot-lane, ix, 190 ; pottery
from Ribchester, viii, 363; vases, near
Shorne, iv, 406 ; flower vase, in South-
wark (engr.), xiv, 337; pottery from
Southwark, xxii, 312; vessel from Suf-
folk, iv, 155; pottery from Upchurch,
xxi, 230; at Uttoxeter, xxix, 274-5;
poculum, at Widcombe, xiii, 236 ;
earthen basin, at St. Thomas's, South-
gate, Winchester, i, 341 ; pottery and
human remains at Wyke, xv, 283; urns
at York, in 1845, ii, 191

Querns, at Conway, v, 361; at Spring-
head, ib.

Roads, measurement of miles, xxiv,

123; ways, xxix, 266-9, 302; at Banks-
head, xxii, 189 ; in Berkshire, W. Hewitt
on, i, 249; road at Brough Hall, ib., 189;
roads in Essex, iii, 317-23; road at
Gainford, xxii, 188; roads intersecting
Halifax (engr.), xx, 205-19; Mr. Davies
on the roads of Herefordshire, xxvii,
380-3 ; road at Lanchester camp, xxii,
86 ; from Pevensey to Lewes, vi, 91 ;
at Piersbridge, Durham, xxii, 18; at
Rue-street, Isle of Wight, ib., 357 ;
roads of Staffordshire, a paper by W.
Molyneux, xxix, 288-94; in Suffolk,
xxi, 65 ; description of roads in Wales,

xxiv, 109-24 ; iter xi, 109-10 ; iter ii,
110-11; iter xii, 111-3; iter xiii, 113-4;
via Julia Maritima, xxiv, 114-5; Julia
Montana, ib., 115-7 ; Occidentalis, ib.,
117-8; Media, aut Derana, ib., 118-9;
Orientalis, ib., 119; North Watling- street,
ib., 120 ; South Watling-street, ib. ;
military road within Westmoreland, viii,

Roman Sandals on the feet of horse-skele-
tons, xxi, 188; cattle-shoes, ib., 187;
horse-shoes, vii, 135

Sarcophagus from Haydon Square,

ix, 161 ; at Ely, xxiv, 370 : at Portland,
xxviii, 204

Sculpture, statuary at Castor in

Northamptonshire, i, 140; sculpture
from Clausentum, xxi, 286 ; bronze sta-
tuette, torso of, at Barnes, ii, 100 ; sta-
tuette at Colchester, iv, 60 ; sculpture
in Essex, iv, 63 ; statuette of Venus
from Herculaneum ; discoveries at Tow-
cester, 1859, xxi, 186; figure of Mer-
cury, xxii, 356; head of a statuette, in
the Thames, xiii, 317; supposed Roman
statuette, xxi, 234

■ Seals, leaden, from Newport, Isle of

Wight, xxii, 355 ; leaden seals, ib., 453
Spoons, silver cochleare, at Richbo-

rough, vi, 149; silver, at Cirencester,
ib., 451-2; silver, atWoodchester, ib., 451

— Stamps, remarks on, for medicine,
iv, 281; medicine stamp, at Tranent, v,
350-1; a portion of a stamp exhibited,
vii, 164

Stations fortified with walls, observ-
ations on, by Mr. Brittain and Mr.
Wright, ii, 338; remarks on the station
at Bannium, by Major Davis, i, 254;
station at Chester-le-street, xxii, 87
— Steelyard at York, vi, 156

Stone, described by the Rev. E. M.

Rudd, iv, 312
Swords (engr.), xxii, 76

— Tablet votive at Halton, vi, 344

— Temple at Bath described, xxix, 379
Theatre at Verulam, iv, 73 ; descrip-
tion, by R. G. Lowe, ib., 187

Tiles, at Colchester, ii, 101; tombs

of tiles, at York, ib., 191-2
— Towns : Alauna, near Valognes, ex-
cavations made at, by M. de Gerville, ii,
88 ; Clausentum threatened with de-
struction, i, 341 ; notice of Clausentum,
xxii, 455; settlement at Etocetum, xxix,
53-7; Ribchester, observations on, by
Mr. Just and Mr. Harland, vi, 229-51 ;
Southampton, xxii, 455

Villas, at Bisley, ii, 324 ; near Durs-

ley, Gloucester, ib., 349; Maidstone, ib..
86 ; at Rivenhall, ib., 339; Stanway, in
Essex, Rev. H. Jenkins on, ib., 45 ;
sites of villas at Brixton and Clatter-
ford, xii, 159-62; at Hartlip, Kent, i,
314; iv, 398; v, 88, 370-72; near Ox-
ford, v, 159; discovered at Stancombe

1 N I )EX.


Park, iv, 320 ; at West Coker, xviii,392-
5; at Whittlel mry Forest, vi, 157

Roman Wall at Bittern Manor, iv, 382 ;
walls at Colchester, xxi, 169; the walls
of Severue and of Hadrian, xxii, 2S9;
excaval i< ins near the wall on Tower-hill,
viii, 240-2; from Tyne to the Solway,
remarks on, by Rev. J. C. Bruce, v, 201 -»>

Weapons, gladiator's, found, xxii, 305

Weights, clay, xxviii, 172-3

And for Roman objects generally, see
throughout the Index

Romano-British antiquities found in Berk-
shire, i, 309; urn found in the Ch. of
Astoubury, Wells, i, 337; urns found at
St. Alban's, iii, 330; urns found at
Dalstou, iv, 79; coins found at Har-
low e, iv, 156; pottery in the Isle of
Wight, xii, 141-5; remains found at
Bredon, xv, 337-8

Romano-Egyptian lamp, found on Tower-
liill, xiii, 235

Rome, discovery of Roman antiquities at,
vi, 95 ; Roman remains at, xvii, 70 ;
relics of SS. Peter and Paul in St. John
Lateran's Ch., xxvi, 272

Romney Marsh, history of, v, 169; ob-
servations on, ix, 376-85

Romsey, co. Hants, stone coffin in the
Abbey Ch., i, 326; bronze figure found
near, ib., 369; descriptive essay of the
Abbey Ch. of, by C. Spence, ii, 116;
parochial alms ticket, ib., 190 ; Roman
coins found at, iii, 59

v. Keats, E.

Rood-screen at St. Mary's, Lancaster, vi,

Rooke (John), observations on an inscrip-
tion to Bellona discovered near Old
Carlisle, iii, 42-6; on an intrenchment
near Bowness, communicated by him
and the Rev. W. Pattinson, vi, 149; on an-
tiquities found at Whitehaven, ix, 79-80

Rosary, xii, 265

beads, xxiii, 206 ; xxiv, 167

rings, viii, 370; xii, 266; xiv, 277;

xxiii, 104

Roscommon, gold ring found at, ii, 199

Rose Theatre, notice bills of, xvi, 290

Rosellis (Robert de), witness to an early
charter, xxx, 171, 173

Rose's-pit, Roman vault at, viii, 159

Rosette, French revolutionary, xxix, 436

Ross (F. W. L.), on a weight of the time of
Henry VII, iii, 129; exhibits a drawing
of armorial bearings on a cocoa-nut
shell, vii, 166; a pair of brass snuffers
and tongs, ib., 438

Ross (T.), exhibits enamelled link from
Hastings, xxii, 445

Ross, visit of the Association to the Ch.,
xxvii, 536, 537

Rosslyn, r. Irving, G. V.

Rotherfield, v. Domesday Book

Rotherham, tokens of, xxx, 32; accounts,
by Alderman Guest, of the Chapel on

the Bridge, ib., 220-1; the Ch. and
College, ib., 453-4

Rothersthorpe Church, Northamptonshire
(copper-plate), i, 213-5; notice con-
cerning ch., ib. ; E. Pretty on the ch.,
ii, 1 ; views of the S.E., font, interior,
locker, decorated window, section of the
same, screen of the chantry chapel, cor-
bel head, keel moulding, and plan of
the ch. (10 en;/m.J, ii, 1-9

Rouelles in Normandy, sketch of a sun-
dial there, exhibited, xxviii, 282

Rouen, Letters from H , Archbishop

of, vi, 420-1

Rouen (Hugh), Abp. of, vi, 422

Rouen, bronze sword from, iii, 251 ; coins
of Carausius from, iv, 79; monastery of
the Holy Trinity, xxix, 62 n.

Rough cast ware, description of, xxvii,
433-4 ; specimens of, ib., 434-5

"Rouruan Anthology", by Hon. H. Stan-
ley, notice of, xiii, 75-7

Roumare (Roger and William de), xxviii,

Roumwood, Forest of, xxx, 282

Round Towers of Ireland, xxix, 31

Roundels, observations on, i, 329 ; Mr.
Croker's remarks on, ib., 329-34 ; (engr.),
ii, 358 ; specimens of, ib.

Rous, Lord (Earl of Stradbroke), letters of,
xxi, 13

Rouse (Sir John), Letters of, xxi, 13

Roverelle (Laurentius), Bishop of Ferrara,
seal of, xxix, 436

Rowborough, pit habitations at, xi, 305- 13

Rowborough, v. Galliborough

Rowdich Farm, xxx, 66

Rowland's Castle, Greek remains from,
xxii, 339

Rowlstone, visit of the Association to the
church, xxvii, 391; description of the
church, by T. Blashill, ib., 493-5

Rowton, priory at, xxix, 326

Royal Exchange, antiquities found in dig-
ging for the foundation of, vii, 82

Roy 7 al Household, 17th century, xxi, 151

Roj T al Navy, 17th century, list of, xxi, 152

Royal visits made to Exeter, Mr. Gidley on,
xviii, 107-76

Roystou, tumulus examined at, viii, 371

Rubbings of brasses, in Berkshire, viii, 58-
62 ; of brasses belonging to Mr. Baker,
of Northampton, viii, 154; of a priest
at Haddenham, Bucks, xi, 264; exhi-
bited, of Gyll Wodbryge and his wife,
ib. ; from Stoke D'Aubernou, of the
daughter of Sir Edmund Bray, ib. ;
from Denton, Bucks, of a knight anil
his lady, ib. ; of Simon Mayne and his
wife, his son and daughter, ib., 265

V. Brasses

Ruborough Camp described, xiii, 234 ;
Mr. Collins on the camp, ib., 296;
plan of fche camp (eng r. ), ib., 'l'M<
Rudd (Rev. E. M.), on a Roman stone, iv,



Rudder's "History of Gloucestershire",
extract from, with reference to the
Source of the Thames, xxv, 349-51

Rudder, votive, exliibited, xxix, 429

Rudhall (Abraham), bell at Pipe, made by,
xxvii, 421 ; legends used by the family
of, on their bells, ib., 421-3 ; notice
concerning, 1698, xxix, 104

Rudhall (John), brass of, at Brampton
Abbots, xxvii, 198

Rudhall (Richard), brass of, in Hereford
Cathedral, xxvii, 92-3

Rudimentary Architecture, notice of, xii,

Ruell-bones, xx, 67

Rufford, Helias, Abbot of, vi, 424 ; visit to
the Abbey, viii, 264

Ruffus (Roger), xxx, 309

Ruishale (Osbert de), xxx, 309

Ruinboldswyke, plan of ch. (e?^r.),xxiv, 216

Rummelli (Alice de), notice concerning,
xxviii, 119

Runic inscription on a dish, Ad, 157; cross,
in Dover Museum, x, 99; characters,
observations on, by Dr. W. Bell, xxiii,
385-7; epigraph, xxiv, 178-9; inscrip-
tions, rarity of, ib., 179; Runes, xxix,
143; v. Barclay, Rev. Dr.

v. Wright, Th.

Runwell, co. Essex, antiquities in the Ch.
of, viii, 68 ; sepulchral slab in the Ch.
(cngr.), ib. ; seal found at, ib., 140

Rupert (Prince), portrait of, exhibited, xx,

333 ; medal of, xxv, 172
Rupton, notice of, xxi, 97
Rushmere, unjust taxation of, xxi, 17
Russel (Lord Walter), chaplain, xxix, 362
Russell (Mr.), exhibits a seal found in

the Thames, vi, 450
Russell (C. P.) maps and plans of Bath,

xiii, 147-8
Russell (H. H.), exhibits antiquities found

in digging for the foundation of Royal

Exchange, vii, 82
Russell (John), xxviii, 151-3
Russia, work on the ethnology of, xx, 284;

icons worn by the sailors of, xxiii, 114;

locks and keys, xxix, 434
Rustat (Sir Tobias), Memoirs of, by W.

Hewett, v, 417
Rutland (Duke of), deeds relating to Had-

don Hall, vii, 296-8 ; obituary notice of,

xiv, 182-4
Ryall (Edmund), brass of, in Hereford

Cathedral, xxvii, 91
Rye, harbour at, stopped up, xxiii, 38
Rykenild-street, xxix, 266, 302
Rymer's Fcedera, account in, of the de-
struction of Queen Elizabeth's great

seal, and the production of one of James

I, xxvi, 219
Rytone (Richard de), seal of, xvi, 358
Ryvett, brass of one of the family of, at

Mendlesham, xxx, 92 ; arms of, ib.


SABRE, German, described by H. S.
Cuming, xxi, 321

Sacheverell (Dr.), medallion of, ix, 77

Sack bottle, exhibited, xix, 311

Sackville's manor-accounts, xxi, 19

Sacramental cruets of the 16th century,
vi, 157 ; v. Cruet

Sadd (R.), exhibits a fibula and enamelled
badge, x, 179; aglet-hole piercers, xiv,
279 ; Celtic spear-head found at Cam-
bridge, xiv, 351

Sadler (A.), on the hunebeds of Holland,
xxvi, 58-60 ; exhibits a brass alms-dish,
ib., 69 ; photographs and sketches of
hunebeds and their contents, ib., 82 ;
on Sopwell Priory and the " Book of St.
Alban's", ib., 132-43; exhibits drawings
of whipping-post of St. Margaret's,
Westminster, ib., 161; on British auxi-
liary troops in the Roman service, ib.,
221-36; on auxiliary troops in Britain,
ib., 375

Sadler (John), of Liverpool, makes trans-
fer printed tiles, xxx, 84-6

Sadler (Sir Ralph), seat of, at Standon,
xxvi, 30; grant by Henry VIII to, to

alienate a messuage in Bucklersburv,
ib., 163

Saffron- Walden, abridged catalogue of the
Museum, 1845, noticed, i, 267; antiqui-
ties found at, xxv, 272-3

Saints, effigies of, xxviii, 190 ; of Stafford-
shire, xxix, 327-41; figure of a saint
exhibited on frame of silver, ib., 436

St. Acheul, flint implements at, xxii, 155-

St. Alban's, discovery of mural paintings
at, i, 318 ; Romano- British urns found
at, iii, 330 ; Roman antiquities near,
iv, 405 ; discovery of Roman founda-
tions at, v, 360 ; excavations going on
at, vi, 91; bronze female bust found at,
ib., 438; bone seal from, vii, 173; Ro-
man remains at, viii, 77; brass of the
Abbot de la Mare, x, 178; account of
the Abbey, by the Rev. Dr. Nicholson,
xiii, 168-70 ; seals of the abbots (engr.),
ib., 168; ancient doorway (engr.), il>.,
1 69 ; arms of the Abbey fetu/r.J, xiv,
166; stone cross from, xvii, 328; di-
mensions of the Abbey, xxi, 41 ; lives
of the Abbots, ib., 174; Roman mate-



rials at the Al>bey, xxi, 174 ; an Abbot's
ring from, xxiv, 393; inaugural address
in the Congress at, by Lord Lytton, xxvi,
21-32; battle of, in 1455, ib., 28; the
birthplace of Sir J. Mandeville, ib., 30;
on popular tumults at, temp. Rich. II,
by E. Levien, ib., 32-44 ; proceedings of
the Congress at, ib., 92-108, 174-90,
259-65; A. Sadler on the "Book of St.
Alban's", ib., 132-43; W. H. Black on
the town and records of, ib., 143-9; pe-
tition of the burgesses to Parliament,
timp. Edw. II, ib., 145-6; charters of
the borough, temp. Edw. VI to James

II, ib., 146-7; royal grants to grammar
school, 147; bye-laws of the Corporation,
147-8; chronicle of the Corporation
from 1586 to 1640, 148; dispute for
precedency between the mayor's wife
and the steward's wife, 148-9; G. V.
Irving on British and Romano-British
camps and earthworks near, 236-8 ; on
the curfew-bell in the town tower, 255-
8 ; quarrel with the Bishop of Norwich,
temp. Kich. II, 37; remarks on the Ab-
bey, by G. M. Hills, E. Roberts, and A.
Goldsmid, 93-107 ; imprisonment of C.
Passavant by the Abbot, temp. Henry

III, 144-5, 149; H. F. Holt on royal
visitors and benefactors of the Abbey,
299-328; H. F. Holt on the Abbey
shrine and relics, 313-28 ; sale of the
Abbey, in 1553, for £400, 313 ; pillage
of, in 950 and 1041, by the Danes, 318;
gifts to the Abbey by Humphrey, Duke
of Gloucester, xxvii, 221-2

San Clemente, plan of (ewjr.), xv, 131
Sancto Albino (Wigerus de), witness in an

early charter, xxx, 160
St. Alpinian, relics of, iii, 289
St. Amand (Hughde), Arms of Yc»orr J, xiii,

St. Ambrose, relics of, iii, 288
St. Andrew the Apostle, description of the

ch., xiv, 72 ; brasses in the ch., ib. ;

monument there, to Sir John and Lady

Suckling, ib. ; figures of, xxv, 177;

xxiv, 395
St. Andrew's Hall, examination of, xiv,

72 ; T. J. Pettigrew on, ib.
St. Anthony, cross tau, the emblem of,

xxiii, 110; legend of, ib., Ill ; painting

of, xxviii, 190
St. Apollonia, painting of, xxviii, 192
St. Asaph, Godfrey, Bishop of, at Bury,

xxi, 48 ; list of monasteries in the dio-
cese of, xxviii, 62
St. Augustine's Abbey, at Canterbury, seal

of, xxvi, 213
St. Bartholomew, seal bearing a figure of,

t. Henry VI (engr.), ii, 179 ; painting of,

xxiv, 271
St. Bartholomew's priory, co. Middlesex,

almshouses of, xvi, 80
St. Bee's, seal of the grammar school of,

xii, 63 ; painting of, xxviii, 191

St. Benedict, amulet of, exhibited, xiv, 272;
remarks on, by Rev. Dr. Husenbeth
and Rev. R. E. Grey, xiv, 279-80 : xxx,

St. Burt in, at St. Omer, copper thurible
from the Abbey of, exhibited, xxiv, 185;
relic of St. James the Great, at, xxvi,

St. Boris, on Russian altar, xxiii, 122

St. Bride's, Derbyshire, notes on, viii, 152

St. Bridget of Sweden, xxviii, 192

St. Brieuc, iv, 240

St. Cadoc, iv, 241

St. Cadvan's stone at Towyn, co. Merio-
neth, description of, xxiv, 170-1

v. Towyn

St. Cadwan, iv, 240

St. Cathaldus, xix, 66

St. Cecilia, drawing of her effigy, xxv, 262

St. Chad's, examination of the Ch., xvii,
44 ; well, xxix, 338

St. Charles Borromeo, medal of, xxiii, 284

St. Christopher, legend of (engr.), iii, 85 ;
remark on the representations of, ib.,
324; ii, 144, 190; x, 80; xi, 318; sign
of, i, 204

St. Claude, a brass medallet of, exhibited,
xiv, 339

St. Clement, painting of, xxviii, 190

St. Cross, Winchester, mural paintings of
St. Nicholas, found in (engr.), ix, 444 ;
numerals and inscriptions from (engr.),
ib., 432 ; ancient numerals at the hos-
pital of, ib., 433-5; paintings discovered
at, ib., 444-6; notice concerning, xxi,

St. Cross, alien priory in the Isle of Wight,
Girald, Prior of, xxx, 173-4

St. Cuthbert, life of, xxii, 22-6; Rev. J.
H. Blunt on, ib., 420-42 ; list of monas-
teries in St. Cuthbert's land, xxviii,

v. Durham

v. Hexham

v. Lindisfarne

St. Cyril, on Russian altar, xxiii, 119

St. David's, restoration of the Cathedral
of, xx, 284 ; altar slabs at, xxii, 307 ;
list of monasteries in the diocese of,
xxviii, 62

St. Dionysius' Priory, notices of, xi, 82 ;
on remains of the priory of, xv, 278-80

St. Dorothy, painting of, xxviii, 190

St. Duustan, notice of, xxviii, 156

St. Dunstan's, rood over south door of
Ch. of, Stepney (engrs.), vii, 80; sculp-
ture in south aisle [engr.), ib., 81

St. Dunstau's Hill, Roman remains at
(engr.), xx, 299

St. Edmund, K. M., remains of the shrine
of, v, 1 ; churches dedicated to him,
xxi, 29; oak of, xx, 325; sign of, xxiv,
228; painting of, xxvi, - II'

St. Edmund's, Salisbury, remarks on. xv,
17; visited by the Association, xv, llu

St. Edmundsbury, <•. Bury




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