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St. Edward, sign of, xxi, 195
St. Elizabeth, at Wolvesey, deed of con-
firmation relating to, i, 142
St. Eloy, notice of, i, 204; iii, 286
St. Erasmus, figures of, xxi, 195 ; xxvi,

246; v. Cirencester
St. Etheldreda, legend of, xxix, 423
St. Eustace, silver-gilt head holding the

relics of, iv, 395; xxvi, 273
St. Felicitas, painting of, xxvi, 374
St. Fordham, sign of, i, 206
St. Francis, figure of, xxih, 283
St. Gall, Monastery of, in Switzerland,

relic of St. Januarius, from, xxvi, 273
St. George and the Dragon, carving of, ex-
hibited, xviii, 383; seal of St. George,

from a bottle, xxix, 188 ; shrine, xviii,

153; painting of, xxx, 433, 435
St. Germain, iv, 237
St. Geron, painting of, xxiv, 72
St. Gertrude, painting of, xxx, 436
St. Gildas, iv, 241
St. Giles, Shrewsbury, L. Jewitt on the

Ch. of, i, 341 ; painting of, i, 50 ; on a

seal, iv, 171
St. Gregory, Blomefield's notice of, xiv,

70; T. J. Pettigrew on the sanctuary

knocker at, ib. ; Mr. Harrod on, ib. ;

medal of, xxx, 343
St. Helen's, Alien Cluniac Priory, in the

Isle of Wight, William the prior of,

xxx, 173-4
St. Hilary, iv, 116; Anglesea, description

of the ch. of, xxv, 141-3
Sainthill (Mr.), on coins foundat Drogheda,

iii, 334; on armorial bearings of the

16th century, i, 256
St. Hippolytus, emblem, xxv, 250
St. Hubert, signs of, xix,' 98 ; xxiv, 225 ;

figure of, xvi, 338; xxiv, 392-3; xxvi,

St. Ignatius, medal of, vii, 83 ; xi, 158
St. Iltyd, discovery of the bell of, xxiii,

St. Iltut, iv, 241
St. James the Less, effigy of, exhibited,

xxix, 188
St. James the Great, signs of, i, 202 ; iii,

126; xxvi, 278; paintings of, xxiv, 272 ;

xxviii, 190
St. Januarius, relic of, xxvi, 273
St. Jerome, iv, 120; relics of, xxvi, 325;

medal of, xxx, 343
St. John's, fragment of a wall painting of

a castle in (engr.), ix, 13 ; scroll pattern
border found at (engr.), ib.
St. John the Baptist (engr.), i, 127; sign
of (erujr.), ib., 203; xxi, 195; on a seal,
iv, 60
St. John's, Chester, examination of the

ch., v, 327-30
St. John's Gate, Clerkenwell, condition of,

i, 51 ; proposed restoration of, ib., 150
St. John, Winchester, wall paintings in,

viii, 156; ix, 1-14; x, 53-87
v. Baigent, F. J.

St. John the Evangelist, conventional re-
presentations of, xxiv, 272 ; xxv, 79,
344, 386

St. John (Sir Oliver), MSS. of, xxi, 149

St. Julian, iv, 117

St. Katherine, carving of, xii, 266 ; cha-
pel of, Abbotsbury (engr.), xxviii, 108 ;
paper on St. Katherine, by H. S. Cuming,
ib., 77, 122 ; xxx, 434

St. Kenelm, xxix, 339 ; signum of (engr.),
xix, 98

St. Lawrence, iv, 120; painting of, xxv,

St. Lawrence, Isle of Thanet, sculptured
capitals and brasses in the ch., iii, 48 ;
on the ch. of, xi, 320

v. Fairholt, F. W.

St. Lawrence, ecclesiastical seal of, v, 358

St. Lawrence, remarks on the chapel, by
Mr. Jeffreys, xiii, 152-3

St. Lawrence well, account of, xiv, 80

St. Lawrence, Ludlow, illustrated, xvii,

St. Leonard, signs of, i, 204 ; xix, 97 ;
painting of, i, 50 ; xxviii, 190

St. Leonard (Avicia de), c. 1126, xxx, 171

St. Longinus, iv, 117 ; xx, 204 ; xxiii, 120;
figure of, xxiv, 88

St. Louis, painting of, xxiv, 72

St. Lucy, iv, 120

St. Luke, sign of, xix, 99

St. Magloire, iv, 243

St. Mang, sign of, xix, 97

St. Margaret, figures of, i, 50 ; xxiii, 212 ;
xxviii, 190

St. Margaret's, brass in, ix, 408

St. Mark's, Venice, on an early Mosaic in,
representing the removal of the body of
the saint to Venice, by Sir G. Wilkinson,
vii, 258-63

St. Martin's, Salisbury, remarks on, xv,
18 ; visited by the Association, ib., 110

Sancto Martino (Walter de), account of,
xxiv, 21-2

St. Mary Hill, coins found at, vi, 154

St. Mary's Ch., Lancaster, Rood screen in,
i, 334 ; vi, 343

St. Mary's, Leicester, restorations at, i, 51

St. Mary Magdalene, near Ripon, Roman
pavement in, iii, 246

St. Mary Magdalene, Gloucester, threaten-
ed destruction of, i, 56

St. Mary Magdalene's Hospital, condition
of the chapel, ii, 387

St. Mary Magdalene, painting of, xxiv,

St. Mary the Virgin, signs of, xix, 96 ;
xxiv, 219 ; medals of, xvi, 323 ; xvii,
335 ; figure of, xvi, 317 ; xxix, 85 ; of
Boulogne, i, 204; xix, 95; xxiv, 220;
of Loretto, xii, 264 ; of Walsingham,
xix, 95

St. Mary's Ch., Shrewsbury, examination

of, xvii, 45-6
St. Matthew, Friday-street, v. London
St. Matthew, painting of, xxv, 79



St. Matthias, painting of, xxv, 270

St. Michael, brass figure of, iv, 4i ) 4 ; badge
of, exhibited, xx, 331; painting of, ii,
145; xxviii, 131

St. Michael's Mount, not the Ictis of the
ancients, xxii, 366

St. Michael's, Cornhill, extracts relating to
early churchwardens' accounts of, xxiii,

St. Narcissus, sign of, xxiv, 224

St. Nicholas, religious tokens of (engr.),
i, 207; figure of, found at St. Cross, ix,

St. Nicholas, Ipswich, early sculpture in
the western wall of the eh., i, 146

St. Olave, brass at the ch. of, i, 58

St. Omer, v. St. Bertin

St. Oswald, sign of, xxiii, 327 ; threatened
demolition of the ch. of, i, 55

St. Osyth, signs of, xxiii, 328 ; painting of,
xxviii, 191

St. Pancras, Priory of, and Whitefriars
monastery at Lewes, destruction of, by
the Lewes, Brighton, and Hastings rail-
way, i, 157 ; figures of, ii, 98 ; xxx, 334

St. Pancras, J. Brown on discoveries made
at, iv, 151

St. Patera, iv, 240

St. Patrick, iv, 239

St. Patrick's, on an ancient tomb in the
Cathedral, xx, 343-4

St. Paul, figure of, xxv, 386'

St. Paul's Cathedral and its neighbour-
hood in the 16th century, xii, 197; iron
railing of, worth £11,000, xxiv, 342 ;
Beda's account of the Cathedral, ib., 365;
remarks on a MS. account of the Psalms
to be recited by each prebend, by Rev.
W. S. Simpson, xxv, 133-4

v. Coffin

v. Simpson, Rev. W. S.

St. Peter's, isle of Thanet, capitals in,
(2 engrs.J, hi, 49

St. Peter, figure of, i, 178

St. Peter's Cheap, inventory of vestments,
etc., belonging to the ch. of, in 1431,
xxiv, 150-60; parish united to St. Mat-
thew, Friday-street, after the fire of
1066, ib., 150; destroyed by fire, 1666,
and not rebuilt, ib. ; dedication of three
altars, in 1434, in, ib., 153; account of
vestments used in, ib., 153-60; on the
parish of, 1392-1633, by Rev. W. S.
Simpson, ib., 248-68 ; account of chan-
tries in, ib., 250-1 ; account of the ch.
fabric, ib. 251-2; wills of the benefac-
tors to, ib., 252-4 : payments of priests,
ib., 254; account of the font at, ib.,
255 ; pews in, rood loft and light, at,
ib., 255-6; pulpit, sermons, rani lectures
at, ib., 257; history of the organ at, ib.,
257-8; church bells at, ib., 259; vest-
ments and church ornaments of, ib.,
259-61; floral decorations of, ib., 261-2 ;
religious rites in, ib., 262-5; foundlings
belonging to, ib., 265 ; feasts, parochial

and ecclesiastical, ib., 265-6; church
books of, ib., 266-8

St. Peter's, Sandwich, Bepulchral monu-
ment in the ch. (engr.), ii, 334

St. Peter- Mancroft, baptistery and font at,
xiv, 69; monument of Sir Thomas
Browne in, ib. ; his portrait, ib. ; ala-
baster carving at, ib.

St. Petronilla, iv, 118

St. Philibert's abbey at Tournus, Bur-
gundy, fan belonging to, xxvi, 204-6

St. Philip, painting of, xxv, 177

St. Quintin (Sir Herbert), his will, xxii,

St. Richard of Chichester, sign of, xxiv,

St. Robert, painting of, viii, 32

St. Roch, medal of, xii, 264

St. Samson, iv, 243

St. Sebastian, bronze of (engr. J, xxv, 1 45

St. Sid's Well, plan of, exhibited, xviii, 88

St. Sitha, v. St. Osyth

St. Stephen, carving of the martyrdom of,
ii, 189

Sainte-Suzanne, vitrified walls of, ii, 277

St. Swithin, notice concerning, xxi, 296

St. Swithin, Winchester, on discoveries at,
ix, 198

St. Thomas, paintings of, i, 318; ii, 146;

^ xxv, 177

St. Thomas, Winchester, threatened with
destruction, i, 368

St. Thomas Aquinas, medal of, xii, 264

St. Thomas of Canterbury, on the mar-
tyrdom of, x, 53-87 ; a painting of, at
Winchester, x, 53; v. Pilgrims' signs

St. Tychon, on Russian altar, xxiii, 122

St. Ursula, picture representing the mas-
sacre of, vii, 76-9

St. Valentine, iv, 117

St. Venantius, medal of, xii, 265

St. Veronica and the Vernicle, i, 203 ; x,
1SS ; xxvi, 372

St. Victor-en-Caux, castle of, seat of the
Mortimers, xxiv, 23

St. Vincent, iv, 116

St. Vitus, xxi, 230

St. Wandrille's abbey, endowed with lands
at Ecclesfield, near Sheffield, xxx, 161

Saints of Staffordshire, xxix, 337-11

Sale (Rev. Thomas), D.D., Vicar of Shef-
field, describes Shrewsbury chapel, and
monuments in the parish ch., xxx,
104-5; remarks on the parish ch., ib.,
120 ; tribute to the memory of, ib., 175 ;
obituary notice of, ib., 355

Saleby abbev, charter relating to, xxix,

Salecourt (Adrian de), seal of (engr.), vi,

Salisbury, contemplated destruction near
to, vi, 87 ; J. \\. Planche" on the first earl
of, xv, 26-46, 110; half-timber houses
at (engr.), ib., 19; ancient hall in mar-
ket place (engr.), ib., 21; C. E. Davis
on the cathedral, £6., 46-62; officers for



the congress at, ib., 105-6 ; proceedings
at, xv, 107-114, 174-203 ; Mayor's ad-
dress at the congress, ib., 107 ; recep-
tion in the council chamber by Mayor
and corporation, ib., 107 ; the Mayor's
address, ib. ; welcome of the bishop and
dean to the association, ib., 109 ; the
Marquis of Ailesbury's address, ib. ;
T. J. Pettigrew's introductory address,
ib., ; visit to the hall of John Halle,
ib., 110; the poultry cross, churches of
St. Thomas, St. Edward, and St. Mar-
tin, ib. ; the cathedral porch, George
Inn hostelry, ib. ; municipal archives
examined, ib., 111-12 ; excursion to
Old Sarum, ib., 113; examination of
the cathedral, description, by C. E.
Davis, ib. ; reception at the palace
by the Bishop of Salisbury, ib. ; con-
versazione at, ib.; Prebendary Fane, on
a barrow, at, ib. ; Rev. W. H. Jones on
the merchants of the staples, xv, 114 ;
effigies in, ib., 115-20; Rev. W. C.
Lukis on the bell foundry, ib., 141-50 ;
examination of MSS. in the library of
the cathedral, ib., 174; W. H. Black's
description, ib., 174-6; MSS. in the
library, examined, ib., 174-6, 180; ex-
cursion to Wilton, ib., 176 ; G. God-
win on Wilton ch., ib., 176 ; Wilton
house, ib.; municipal records, ib., 177;
Bemerton ch., ib., 177 ; G. M. Hills, on
round towers, ib.; G. V. Irving, on Old
Sarum, ib. ; excursion to Burcombe ch.,
ib.; to Telfont Ewyas rectory, ib., 178 ;
carvings at, ib. ; visit to Wardour Castle,
ib.; reception by Lord Arundell, ib. ;
examination of, and description by C. E.
Davis, ib., 179 ; conversazione, at the
deanery, ib., ISO; visit to Tissbury ch.,
ib.; W. H. Black's further examination
of the cathedral MSS., ib.; H. Syer Cu-
ming's paper on some memorials of
Charles II, as connected with Wilts., ib.,
180-9 ; excursion to Stonehenge, ib.,
189; Dr. Thurman's paper, ib. ; re-
marks, by T. J. Pettigrew and W. H.
Black, ib., 191-2 ; reception by Sir An-
trobus, bart., ib. ; visit to Amesbury,i6. ;
Mr. Davis on Amesbury ch., ib. ;
Lake House, reception by Rev. E. Duke,
collection of antiquities at, ib., 192-4 ;
Great Durnford ch., ib., 194; Ogbury
carnp, ib.; conversazione at the Council
chamber, ib. ; the mayor's reception, ib. ;
Mr. French on ancient sculptured stones,
ib. ; Mr. Horman Fisher on proceed-
ings at the Council-chamber against the
recorder of Salisbury, in 1632, ib., 194-8;
documents relating to Trinity hospital,
by Mr. Black, ib., 198; closing meeting
the Council-chamber, resolutions, ib.,
199; visit to St. Nicholas' hospital and
to Britford ch, ib. ; Mr. Harrod on the
supposed monument to the Duke of
Buckingham, ib., 199-201; Mr. Petti-

grew's further remarks on, ib., 201-2;
visit to the remains of the ancient pa-
lace of Clarendon, ib., 203 ; visit to Sir
F. H. Bathurst, Bart. ; reception at
Clarendon-park, ib. ; notice respecting
the Salisbury and South Wilts museum,
xx, 93-5; dimensions of the cathedral,
xxi, 41; see of, xxviii, 313-27

Salley Abbey, xxii, 407

Salmstone, near Margate, discovery of
graves at, iii, 345

Salomons (Alderman Sir David), Bart.,
obituary notice of, xxx, 352- 3

Salona, account of the excavations carried
on at, iii, 214-26; walls of the city
(engr.), iii, 219

v. Carrara, Professor

Salt (T.), on excommunication of Prince
Llewellyn and others, recorded in the
registers of Hereford, xvii, 151-5

Salt (Wm.), obituary notice of, xx, 186-8

Salt Library, xxix, 22-3

Saltcellar exhibited, xxix, 421 ; pewter,
exhibited, xxx, 340

Saltwood, co. Kent, church-chest at,
xxviii, 225 ; castle, xxix, 28

Salvin, family of, xxx, 116

Samford-hundred, taxation, temp. Ed. Ill,
xxi, 18

Samian bowl (engr.J, iii, 176-8 ; orna-
mental scrolls found in London (engr.),
iv, frontispiece; names of potters (6
engrs.), ib., 3 ; various types of pottery
fl4 engrs.), ib. 4 ; variety of borders on
pottery (7 engrs.), ib., 5 ; goddess of for-
tune on a vase (engr.), ib. 6 ; combats
on pottery (7 engrs.), ib., 7-8 ; winged
figure (engr.), ib., 9; scroll of foliage on
the pottery (engr), ib.; warriors on
the pottery (2 engrs.), ib., 10; yellow-
ware (engr.), ib., 12 ; deep overlapping-
rim (engr.), ib., 13 ; specimens of high
relief on the ware ( 2 engrs.), ib., 42-3 ;
observations on the ware, ix, 190; ware
from Tower-street, xiii, 236 ; ware ex-
hibited, xvi, 332; Greek ware, from
Tarsus, xx, 355 ; pottery in London,
xxiii, 100; vessels from Queen Victoria-
street, xxviii, 393 ; pottery at Etocetum,
xxix, 57; ware from London exhibited,
ib., 429 ; Samian bowl (engr.), xxx, 205;
Samian pottery exhibited, ib., 338

v. Pottery

Sampson (Bp. of Worcester), his connec-
tion with Wolverhampton, xxix, 49

Sancroft (Archbishop), and his suffragans,
silver medal of, viii, 64; xv, 351 ; print
of, xxix, 83

Sanctuary and abjuration, on the privileges
of, xiv, 97-110

Sandal Castle, remarks on, xx, 120-36

Sandals, Roman, found at Bowness Flow
( 2 engrs.), v, 334

Saudbec, manor of, xxx, 424

Sandford, family notes of, xxx, 116-7; arms
of, ib., 118


Sandford (Sir William), xxx, 119

Sandford, co. Devon, note regarding the
manor of, xxx, 158

Sandwell Hall, xxix, 26; priory at, de-
scription of, ib., 334 ; its seal (cnyr.).
ib., 335

Sandwich, co. Kent, sepulchral monument
in St. Peter's ch., ii, 334 ; coin of Cari-
nus found at, ib., 336 ; coins found near,
iv, 382 ; spurs and keys found at, viii,
161; seal of the grammar school of, xii,

Sandy-Bedford, Roman camp near, xxvi,

Sandys (C), on a brass seal, probably of
the time of Edward III, ii, 363 ; on the
gateway discovered in the ancient wall
of Canterbury, iii, 56-7

Santa Casa, remarks on the, by H. S.
Cuming, xii, 264-5

Santon-Downham, celt from, xxi, 356

Sapperton, skeleton and Roman coins dis-
covered in the tunnel at, i, 45

Sarcophagus, containing a vase (cnyr.),
iv, 70 ; and coffin, found in Hay-
don-square, ix, 161-7 ; H. F. Holt on
Roman sarcophagi, xxvi, 61-8 ; Roman
(engr.), xxvi, 61 ; divided into three
classes, ib., 62 ; constructed for one,
two, three, or four bodies, ib. ; earliest
use of the word, ib. ; marks used on, to
distinguish various professions, ib., 65 ;
Roman, and plan of part of the North-
green, Westminster Abbey (engr.), ib.,
77; Roman, found at Etocetum, xxix,

Sards, Bulletino Archsoologico, notice of
the, xii, 203

Sardinia, early remains in, xxix, 36

Saronitae, or Druids, xxx, 140

Sarum, Old, remarks on, xv, 12; visited
by the Association, ib., 113 ; on the
earthworks at, ib., 291-302

Sarum " Tonale", account of the, xv,

Sassanian gem, exhibited, xi, 152; T. J.
Pettigrew, remarks by, ib. ; and by Lieut.
Morrison, ib.

Satirical medal, of 1688, vii, 169; on the
Reformation, viii, 6 ; xii, 75 ; xvi, 349 ;
xxvi, 372

"Saturday Review", extract from, on the
growth of English legislation, xxvi, 33

Saull (W. D.), on Roman tiles found at
York, ii, 281 ; on Roman antiquities
found at Godmanchestor, ib., 360 ; on
early British villages, or locations, ib.,
390 ; on excavations in the I. of Wight,
xi, 66-7; obituary notice of, xii, 186

Saultcot (John), leaden token of (engr.),
ix, 432

Saunders (J.), exhibits Roman coins from
Luton-Hoo, xxii, 93

Sauuders (Thomas), obituary notice of, xi,

Savery (J. C), on the ironworks of Sussex,

xxiv, 335-42; on Bodiam castle and
main n% ib., 352-6

Savigny (Richard), Abbot of, deed relating
to him, vi, 123; monks of, ib., 424

v. Cistercian

Savile (Lady), widow of the governor of
Sheffield castle, anecdote concerning,
xxx, 151

Saviour, figure of the, found in Sussex,
xii, 178 ; bone carving of the 12th cen-
tury, of the, exhibited, xvi, 289; signs
of, xix, 97; xxi, 195; xxiii, 332

v. Christ, Jesus

Savory (John), exhibits Roman coin found
in Tower-ditch, xv, 274 ; exhibits a
glass bottle from Thornford, xxiii, 292 ;
memoir of, xxviii, 311-2

Savoy, knot of, on a jetton, xx, 326

Savoy, MSS. relating to the hospital, vi,

Saxham, Lord Crofts of, xxi, 20

Saxmundhani, carving of the martyrdom
of St. Stephen, and some monastic seals
from, ii, 189 ; token of, found at Bran-
deston, xi, 347

Saxon antiquities found at Lower Hey-
wood, in Oxfordshire, ii, 89; Mr. Kil-
mer's remarks on, ib. ; at Driffield, in
Yorkshire, ib., 96 ; in Gloucestershire,
ib. ; remains found near Strood in Kent,
ib., 193; in Derbyshire, ib., 301; re-
mains discovered in Northfleet, Kent,
iii, 235-40 ; remarks on remains in
Gloucestershire, iv, 50, 74 ; antiquities
found at Northwold, ib., 382 ; in Glou-
cestershire, ib., 385 ; at Southampton,
v, 162 ; in the I. of Wight, ib., 365-9 ; in
Wiltshire, Dr. Guest's remarks, vi, 83-5 ;
at Mitcham, vii, 442 ; at Eastgate, ix,
407-8; various articles, xxi, 343-5; at
remains at Finkley, xxviii, 327-36 ; at
Uttoxeter, xxix, 275 ; objects exhibited,
xxx, 194 ; on the contents of a barrow,
iv, 276 ; beads found at Whiteheath,
Kent,iii,248 ; bone-pits at Southampton,
xvi, 333 ; cemetery in the Isle of Tha-
net, i, 360; coins found in the Isle of
Thanet, ib., 149; coins found at York,
ii, 189; silver corns found at Egersund,
iii, 246; coins exhibited, xi, 261 ; xxiii,
245; pennies found near Carlisle, xi,
350; coins found at Southampton, xvi,
231 ; gold crosses found in Sufiblk,
viii, 139; customs of Tholla, Theam,
lnfangthefe, Homesokne, Grithbrice,
Fighwyt, and Fyrdwytt, xxi, 146 ; door-
way in the tower of Trinity ch., Colches-
ter, ii, 349; fibuhr, found at Swaffham,
ii, 346; fibula), found between Fnlk-
stone and Dover, iv, 159; gold fibula:,
exhibited, xiv, 276; fibula), exhibited,
xvii, 232; font at Kirkburn, vi, 147;
glass vessel found at ChesseU (engr.), ii,
52 ; glass goblet, found in Essex, ib.,
'.''J; glass tumbler, and portion of hu-
man skull, found at Feversham, xiii,



313 ; report on the examination of
graves at Ozengal Down, in Thanet, iii,
123; graves and sepulchral remains
found in Suffolk, v, 360 ; graves disco-
vered near Richborough, ib., 374; T.
Bateman on the discovery of graves at
Winston, xiii, 226-8 ; iron implements,
porcelain-ring, and quern stones, found
in Winston, xiii, 227-8 ; keys found in
a grave, at Ozengal, iii, 216; locks and
keys exhibited, xxix, 434 ; reason of the
language surviving the Norman tongue,
xxvi, 26-7 ; notice of a Guide to the
Anglo-Saxon tongue, by E. J. Vernon,
ii, 214; notes on masonry, i, 117-20;
occupation of Hertfordshire, xxvi, 26;
occupation of Staffordshire, by T. Mor-
gan, xxix, 394-412 ; religion of the Sax-
. ons, ib., 156-70 ; Saxon and Roman
rings, found in Suffolk, viii, 159; silver
ring, vi, 153 ; sculptured remains (A
engrs.J, ii, 303 ; sculptures found at
Ipswich, iv, 397; standards (engr.J, xiii,
122; vessels, found in Kent, ii, 347;
wars of, in Northumberland with the
Northern Britons, x, 386 ; wars be-
tween the Saxons of Northumber-
land and the Northern Britons, xi, 41-56,
117-28 ; weapons found in the Isle of
Thanet, ii, 338 ; at Bardwell, ib., 345 ;
weapon and remains found at Osengal,
ib., 352 ; weapons in iron, iv, 71 ; on
a sword, ib., 385 ; weapons, xiii, 202 ;
spearhead found at Ash, xv, 290; umbo
of a shield exhibited, xxx, 87 ; and for ob-
jects not here specified, see throughout
the Index

Sayendale (Roger de), a witness in an early
charter, xxx, 160

Sayer (John), of Worsall, his property, xxii,

Scaliot (Mark), an early lockmaker, xxix,

, 176

Scalptorium, H. S. Cuming, on the, xxv,

Scandinavia, paper by T. Morgan upon
Odinism in, xxix, 79, 138-72 ; amulet, i,

Scapula (Publius Ostorius), xxix, 38, 397

Scarborough, discoveries in barrows near,
iv, 101 ; urn, flint arrow-heads, etc.,
from a barrow (engr.J, iv, 103 ; barrows
in Bevis Marks, v, 90 ; Anglo-Saxon
jewellery found near, xx, 65; antiqui-
ties from (engr.J, ib., 104

Scarth (Rev. H. M.), M.A., F.S.A., Preben-
dary of Wells ; on Roman remains at
Bath, xvii, 8-18 ; on the ch. and monu-
ments of Wroxeter, ib., 85-99 ; on dis-
covery of stone coffins at Bath, ib., 232 ;
Roman remains at Bath, xviii, 289-305 ;
on a stone coffin found at Locksbrooke,
near Bath, xix, 65 ; on a Roman villa
at Combe Down, Bath, ib., 66-7 ; on a
Roman altar at Gainford ch., xxii, 182-
239 ; on Roman itinera connected with

the principality of Wales, xxiv, 109-24;
on Roman villa at Chedworth, xxv,
215-27, 402-6 ; on window in Dag-
lingworth ch., ib., 304-5; on Duntis-
bourne Rouse ch., ib., 307 ; letter to,
from J. Farrer, on Chedworth villa,
xxvi, 250-2; on the town of Kenches-
ter, xxvii, 173-4; on W. H. Black's
theories respecting geometrical land-
marks, ib., 273 ; description of a Roman
inscribed stone, xxix, 371-2

Sceatta found at Southampton, xviii, 386

Schot (Master Robert), abbot, a rubbing
of, from I x worth ch., iii, 324

Schinkey, arms of (engr.J, xiii, 119

Schools, seals of endowed grammar schools
(full-jilate engrs.J, xii, 55, etc., 145, etc.,
223, etc., 233; xiv, 311; xvii, 67;
xxviii, 350

Schoolpieces, H. S. Cuming on, xxix, 72-6

Schorn (Master John), history of, xxiii,
256-68 ; image of, found at Cawston
ch., ib., 265 ; will of, ib., 267-8 ; his
siguum, ib., 331 ; his church and well
at North Marston, ib., 370 ; (engr.J,
370 ; painted effigy of, ib., 375 ; ac-
count of his paintings, ib., 377 ; figure
of in painted glass, exhibited, xxv, 260-1 ;
tracing from figure of, exhibited, ib.,
268 ; on his effigy in painted glass, by
Rev. W. S. Simpson, ib., 334-44 ; Master
John Schorn (engr.J, ib., 334 ; tracing
by H. Watling, from effigy of, ib., 334-5;
description of his effigy, ib., 335 ; ex-
tracts from Foxe's "Acts and Monu-
ments" referring to, ib., 338; passage
from the "Reliquite Antiqua3",referring
to, ib., 340 ; extract from Nares's
"Glossary", referring to, ib., 341; ex-
tract from Pole's " History of Windsor
Castle", referring to, ib., 342

v. Gateley

Schove (Edith), manslaughter of, by C.
Passavant, temp. Hen. HI, xxvi, 144-5,

Schulz (Mr.), exhibits Hungarian and
Polish coins, xvii, 324

Scissors, pair of, found in Yorkshire
(engr.J, ii, 56; Spanish, exhibited, xxix,

Scold's bridle, v. Branks

Scoop, exhibited, xxix, 203

v. Apple-scoop

Scot (John le), Earl of Chester, seal of,
(engr.J, v, 251

Scotland: Scottish coins, vi, 150; Mackie's
" Castles, Palaces, and Prisons of Scot-
land," vii, 94 ; ancient standard weights
and measures of, ix, 202 ; coins of Scot-
tish kings found in Suffolk, xiii, 348 ;
coins of, exhibited, xiv, 336 ; ancient
sculptured stones of, xv, 63 ; brooches,
exhibited, ib., 283-4 ; ancient buildings
in, xvi, 294 ; earlier and later branches
of the Celtic race in, ib., 353 ; the
Roman Catholic religion proclaimed in



1589, aB the established church of, xxiv,
348 ; W. de Gray Birch, upon an un-
published list of religious houses, xxvii,
241-5 ; bone implements found there,
compared with thoso of Maiden Castle,
xxviii, 43 ; bishoprics and abbeys in,
ib., 61-2; customs of, xxix, 30-2; H. S.
Cuming, on " Why is the nine of dia-
monds called the curse of Scotland", ib.,

Scott (Sir G. G.), mention of, xxx, 285,
289 ; restores Laughton ch., ib., 404

Scott (J. B.), exhibits a floriated slab
from Merton ch., vii, 163 ; Roman re-
mains, pottery, and coins found in New
Cannon Street, ib., 176, 436 ; on a vase
found in Cannon Street, viii, 68 ; on
an enamel dug up at Petworth, ib., 143;
exhibits two handles of Oriental wea-
pons, ib., 156; drawings of sepulchral
slabs found in Threadneedle Street, x,

Scott (Rev. E. D.), obituary notice of,
xiv, 192

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