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Scott (Sir Walter), extract from the "Lord
of the Isles", relating to the murder of
the Red Comyn, xxiv, 36 ; notice con-
cerning, xxix, 35

Scrapers, found at Test Valley, xxviii, 72

Scratch-back or scalptorium, xxv, 263

Screen, v. St. Mary's, Lancaster

r. Gateley

Scribes and notaries, paper by J. Brent,
xiii, 59-68

Scriptural subjects, on a tobacco box, xxx,

Scriveners' knives, xxi, 350

Scroupe, al. Scrob, al. Fitz Scrob (Richard),
holds Burford manor before the con-
quest, xxiv, 137

Scudamore, family notes of, xxix, 66

Sculpture, representing a bishop, dis-
covered at St. Michael's, Southampton,
i, 52 ; discovered in Crutehed Friars, ib.,
247; Mr. Smith's remarks, ib., 249;
head, found in Finch Lane, ii, 205 ;
stone, by Walton ch., ib., 279 ; figure,
found in Bedford Purlieus, iii, 50 ; in
Stoke Charity ch., Hants (engr.), v,
258 ; Saxon sculpture in Wiltshire, vi,
83-5 ; at Lincoln and Southwell (engr.),
viii, 304 ; sculptured stones at Clausen-
tum, xiii, 210 ; important work on
those in Scotland, ib., 252; Mr. French
on stones of Scotland, Ireland, and the
Isle of Man, xv, 63-80 ; diminutive
figure in Yolgrave churchyard, xvi, 287 ;
sculptured stones, publication on, xx,

Scuse (A.), on urns found at Burleigh, i,

Seaford, co. Sussex, Roman urns found
at, iii, 249; prebendaries of, xxii, 143;
dummy at, xxx, 326

Seals : — of the hundred of Burtford, in
the Rape of Bramber, Sussex (engr.), i,

63-4, 152; of a Greek monk, " Theodo-
sius Hieromonachus" (engr.), ib., 64 ;
of Joanna de Stuteville, 1227, eques-
trian (engr.), ib., 145; leaden, various,
ib., 154-5; of Henry de Perci, knight,
equestrian, from leaden matrix found
in the bed of the Thames (engr.), ib.,
154; leaden, of Martin de Cornhulle,
device, found in London, ib., 154-5 ;
leaden, of William Seler de Derbi, de-
vice, found in London, ib., 155; of Sir
Thomas Lucy, of Charlecote (engr.),
ib., 241; silver, of Richard Pirun, found
in Oxfordshire, ib., 245; of Sir J. Pel-
ham, armorial (engr.), ib., 252 ; Mero-
vingian coin, set as a seal ring (engr.),
ib., 257; silver, device "iEIfciwvinean",
from Chatham, ib., 327; impressions of
several found at Badbury, near Bland-
ford, by J. Purdue, ib., 337; bronze, of
Stephen Rolves, found nearToddington,
Bedf., ib., 341 ; catalogue of porcelain
seals found in Ireland, by J. W. Mur-
phy, ii, 85; Chinese seals of porcelain,
found in Ireland, ib., 85-6; of Henry
Grey, earl of Tankerville, ib., 94; xvii,
64, 77; instrument for casting papa]
bulla) (engr.), ii, 97; leaden, of Avelina,
wife of K. de Winepole, found at Can-
terbury, t'6., 98 ; leaden, found at Strood,
Kent, of " Matthew f. Nive", ib., 101;
bronze, found at Frindsbury, Kent,
" Lege, tege, lite", i&.; leaden, of Petro-
nilla, daughter of Alfreda Parva, found
in the garden of the episcopal palace at
Winchester (engr.), .ib., 189; collection
of monastic and personal seals exhibited
by Hartley Knight, ib., 190 ; of the
masons of Glastonbury Abbey, exhi-
bited, ib. ; silver, of Cornelius O'Ragillie,
or O'Reilly, exhibited, ib., 191; drawings
of the, of Sts. Peter and Paul of Ipswich
(engr.), ib., 268 ; monastic, drawings
of, of Suffolk, ib. ; found at Dunwich,
"Honi seyt qe me' 1 deceyt", ib., 279;
found near Gloucester, " Frater T. de
B. que fando dulcia prome" (Thomas
de Bredon, Abbot of Gloucester), ib.,
340; brass, of Thomas Maunsell, he-
raldic, found near the Reculvers, Kent,
ib., 342 ; mediaeval, oval, silver set with
an antique intaglio of Minerva, found
in Kent, "Angelus Consilii Fortis Gla-
diator", ib., 345; brass, of the fraternity
of the B. Trinity of Cardiff, in Wales,
ib., 346-7; antique intaglio, set as a
gold seal ring, found at Holbrook, il<.,
348; silver, of the Austin hermits of
Ballinrobe, Connaught, ib., 34J> ; of the
coroner of the king's household, in the
possession of W. Delmar, ib., 363-4 ; of
the guardian of the islands of Lower
Normandy (engr.), "Sigillum custodis
insularum inferioris Normanie", iii. 2 ;
brass Love-seal of ordinary type, found
at Stradbroke, " Love me ande I z\vi",



ib., 49 ; of William Langford, sheriff of
Oxford, ib., 50; of a pelican, "IHC me
smyte smertte dyp imto ye hertte",
found at Wimbourne Minster, ib., 52-3;
brass, of Robert "dictus Lupus", or
Wolf, found at Colchester, ib., 61; of
the Charterhouse, London (engr.J, ib.,
75 ; seal found at Ixworth " Nul ne me
veie, nul ne me creie", ib., 123; brass, of
Andrew the Clerk, found at Winchester,
ib., 125; brass, of a Pelican, " Domine
Deus Miserere mei", found at Boulogne,
(engr.J, ib., 126; three seals of the
Abbey of Wigmore (engr.J, ib., 189-90;
counter-seal of the priory of Leominster
(engr.J, ib., 190; seal of the Prioress of
Iviugho (2 engrs.J, found at Hurston,
co. Dors., ib., 256 ; gem of a bust,
"Christus caput omnium' '(engr .J, found
at Stratford-on-Avon, ib., 330; of Tho-
mas Gate, a merchant's mark, found at
Winchelsea, ib., 334-5; of Jehan Pou-
part, priest, equestrian, found at Win-
chelsea, ib., 335; a lion, " Sum leo for-
tis", found at Winchelsea, ib. ; of John
Scanmieres, a ship, found at Lewes, ib ;
of the Court of Arches, described by N.
Gould, ib., 338 ; brass matrix of a, found
near Belfast, centaur in combat with a
bird and a dog, ib., 328 ; of "Rolanti
Chavvet", found at Irthlingborough, iv,
60; head of St. John Baptist, "Caput
Johannis". found in the Castle-foss,
Northampton, ib. ; lion, " Ie su sel de
arnoiir", in the Calais museum, ib., 78;
brass, merchant's mark, of Hinrik Tribes,
found at Ixworth, ib., 144; of the hos-
pital of St. Giles, or Emanuel, at Nor-
wich, ib., 152 ; of the warden of the
chapel of Mordon Foliot, Worcester-
shire, found at York, ib., 316; arms
from the common seal of Neath Abbey
(engr.J, ib., 355; brass, of a lion, "Crede
ferenti", found in Norfolk, ib., 388;
bell-shaped love seal of usual type,
" Love me and I ye", found at Mes-
singham, ib. ; " S. Secretum Civitatis
Amarswiler", found in Flanders, ib.; of
Peter Tederade, Canonicus Cretensis
(engr.J, found at Old Ford, ib., 393 ;
silver found in Hampshire (engr.J, set
with a gem, "Verba salutis ave", ib.,
404; notice of " Sigilla Antiqua", from
the collection of Sir Thomas Hare, ib.,
413; of William de la Chapel, found at
Southover, near Lewes, v, 89; found in
Clare, a seal of the chapter of Einly,
"S. Capituli Imelacensis,' ib., 87; Ec-
clesiastical, " Ave Marie Gracia Plena",
in mixed metal, found at Timsbury, So-
mersetshire, ib., 163; leaden, of Felipe
Halat, found at Easton, near Wood-
bridge, ib., 167; of " Her Coynraet van
Ilampe", St. Lawrence, found near Sher-
borne,^., 358; J. II. Flanche on the seals
of the earls of Chester (engr .J, ib., 235-52 ;

monastic, found in theSeine,i&.,359; sil-
ver, on a shield, a snail, S.H.A.R.R.D.,
found at Ashingdon (engr. ),ib.;oi Serapis
{2 engr s.J, vi, 70; ecclesiastical, exhibited
by Mrs. Forster, ib., 81 ; impression of
seal, belonging to Mr. Langton, ib. ;
seals, of the cities of Worcester and
Lincoln, exhibited by G. Milner, ib., 82;
seal-ring of the Colby family (engr.),

ib., 100 ; of Robert in, equestrian

(engr.J, ib., 133; armorial, of Adrian de
Salecourt (engr.J, ib., 134 ; armorial of
William de Filgeriis (engr.J, ib., 137;
personal, of Margaret de Neville (engr.J,
ib., 139 ; seals of the Mayor of the
Staple of Chichester (engr.J, ib., 149;
mediaeval seals, exhibited by W. Lang-
ton, ib., 157; heraldic, of Thomas de
Stanley, Earl of Derby (engr.J, ib., 202;
crest of Sir John de Stanley (engr.J, ib.,
202 ; heraldic, of William Torbok, knt.,
(engr.J, ib. ; of Sir Thomas de Lathom
(engr.J, ib. ; armorial, of Robert de La-
thom (engr.J, ib. ; leaden bulla of Pope
Innocent III, found at Mailing Abbey,
Kent, i&.,439; various impressions, ex-
hibited by W. Edwards, ib., 447; signet,
of Richard III (engr.J, ib.; various im-
pressions of mediaeval, exhibited by P.
Chalmers, ib. ; of William de Broc, an
" Agnus Dei", ib., 449 ; seal, a bird
" crede michi", found in the Thames, ib.,
450 ; common seal of Kyngesthorp, co.
Northt. (engr.J, ib. ; of the Prior Pro-
vincial of England, of the order of
preaching friars, exhibited by J. W.
Paynter, ib., 452 ; silver of R. Snarry,
found at Ashingdon, in Essex, vii, 81;
of Thomas Piri (engr.J, ib., 82 ; seal of
Richard, prior of Frampton, or Frun-
tune, co. Dors. (engr.J, ib., 162; various,
relating to the borough of Wenlock, ex-
hibited by W. W. E. Wynne, ib. ; vari-
ous, relating to the Arundel family, ex-
hibited by W. W. E. Wynne, ib. ; bone,
equestrian, found in St. Alban's Abbey,
of Richard de Vierli, ib., 173; (engr.J,
xhi, 169; of the churchwardens of Rol-
leston, (engr.J, vii, 333; of the free
grammar school at Ashburne, co. Derb.,
(engr.J, ib., 343, 432 ; of the hospital
and free school at Repton, co. Derb.
(engr.J, ib., 358 ; heraldic, of Sir John
Cockayne, knt. (2 engrs.J, ib., 383 ;
seal found in Essex, ecclesiastical, " Sint
Bini Thoma) Christo cum Virgine pro
me" (engr.J, ib., 431 ; leaden seal of
Adrian Fitz- warren (engr.J, ib., 433 ;
personal, of Hawisia domina de Keveoloc
(engr.J, found in Shropshire, ib.: seal,
found at Runwell, viii, 140; of South-
wick Abbey, exhibited, ib., 144; brass,
exhibited by C. Marshall, ib., 154; seal
of Newstead Abbey (2 engrs.J, ix, 18;
ancient brass, of the citizens of Worces-
ter, ib., 82; gem, set in silver, " Eternis



annis meraoresto Maria Joliannis", exhi-
bited, ib., 85; of Adam dc Stoddone,
found at Martock, Somersetshire, ib., 93;
armorial, of Hubert de Burgh (engr.J,
ib., 371 ; seal and counterseal, of ^\ al-
ter Reynolds, archbishop of Canter-
bury (2 engrs.J, x, 74; of St. Thomas a
Becket, archbishop of Canterbury (engr. ) ,
ib., 76; seal, crest of the Mowbray fa-
mily, found at Kettleborough Hall, ib.,
99 ; ecpiestrian, of Richard, son of Gil-
bert de Clare, Earl of Pembroke (engr.J,
ib., 269 ; equestrian, of Gilbert de Clare,
Earl of Pembroke (engr.), ib. ; of Mary,
Queen of Scots, heraldic (engr.J, xi, 76-
9 ; notice of the Leper-house at Pilton,
near Barnstaple, ib., 100 ; seal of Burton
Lazar's Leper-house, noticed, ib., 105;
of St. Mary Magdalen's Leper-house at
Lynn; ib., 107; of Magdalen Hospital,
Norwich, ib., 108 ; of the Leper- house of
St. James, at Bridgnorth, i b., 112 ; of the
Leper-house of St. James, at Dunwich, ib.,
114; of Cristina de Wertincg, co. Hants.,
found in Cloak-lane (engr.J, ib., 159 ;
of Richard de Redvers, a griffin (engr.J,
xi, 219; of Isabella de Fortibus, heraldic
"Non caret effectu quod voluere duo"
(engr.J, ib., 219; of a priest, "Crede
michi et est satis", found at Lincoln, ib.,
262; monastic, found at Somerleyton,
ib., 262 ; of Henry de Blois, Bishop of
Winchester (engr.J, ib., 283 ; of Roger
de Tichebourne, equestrian (engr.J, ib.,
291 ; of John de Tycheburn or Tiche-
bourne, heraldic (Z engrs.J, ib., 291 ; of
John de Ticheborne, heraldic (engr.J,
ib., 291 ; large collection of, chiefly
monastic and municipal, relating to
Hampshire, exhibited, ib., 335 ; seals
of the Grammar Schools of England and
Wales (many engrs .J, xii, 55-72, 145-55,
223-34 ; of Reading Abbey, ib., 84; of
William, son of Geoffrey Plantagenet,
equestrian (engr.), ib., 100-2; of Wil-
liam of Wykeham (engr.J, ib., 148; of
the grammar school of Grantham (engr. J,
ib., 153; of Horncastle grammar school
(engr.J, ib., 154 ; of the grammar school
of Spalding (engr.J, ib., 155 ; of the
Abbey of Parco Lude, or Louth Park
(engr.J, ib., 250 ; of Simon and John
de Hertford, abbots of St. Alban's and
the common seal of the abbey (4 engrs.J,
xiii, 168; of Richard de Vierle, eques-
trian (engr.J, ib., 169; of Adam de
Stondone, a fleur-de-lis, found in a
house in Martock, co. Somers., ib., 248 ;
ring seals found in Norfolk and Suffolk
(engr.J, ib., 313; leaden, found in Chel-
sea, exhibited, by H. H. Burnell, ib.,
315; of the Chancery of Monmouth,
for King Edward IV (2 engrs.J, xiv,
57 ; of the Chancery of Abergavenny
(2 engrs.J, ib.; of Simon Bronaponae,
found in the Chapter House. Hereford

(engr.J, ib., 271-2; equestrian and he-
raldic of Hubert and John de Burgh,
by J. R. Planche" (engr.J, lb., 282-4;
seals of endowed grammar schools
(engrs.J, ib., 311-26; three curious, ex-
hibited by J. Clarke, of Easton, ib., 337 ;
on seals of merchants, ib., 342-3 ; on
the chancellor's seal-bag (engr.J, ib.,
343-4 ; forged matrices of mediaeval
seals, account of, by H. S. Cuming, ib.,
348-50, 353-5; of Oswald de Astune,
ib., 354; of Alliums de Heyden, ib. ;
of Richard II (a forgery), ib. ; of Osbert
de Hiltune, ib. ; of the prior of St. John's
Hospital (engr.J, xv, 154; of Philip de
Thame, gem counterseal to St. John's
priory seal (engr.J, ib. ; of a hawk,
"crede innenhi", exhibited, ib., 267;
impression of ivory matrix, of Christo-
pher Sutton, prebendary of Biggles-
wade, co. Bedf., exhibited, ib., 267-8 ;
of John, son of Howel Gor, ib., 283 ;
bulla of Pope Innocent VI, found in
the Thames, ib., 288; forged jet matrix
of a seal of "Roberto de Avo", ex-
hibited, ib., 345; bronze matrix of a
seal, a gryllus, "S' Mikiel de Rivire le
Ronci", xvi, 297; of Stephen Payn,
almoner, of the almonry of Henry V,
used by the hospital at Greatham, ib.,
343 ; of the almonry of Queen Victoria,
xvi, 343-4 ; forgeries described, ib.,
358 ; fictitious jet matrix of seal of
Richard de Rytone, ib.; silver matrix
of an oval seal of a castle, believed to
represent Windsor Castle, ib.; T. J.
Pettigrew on the seal of Richard, Duke
of Gloucester, as Admiral of England,
ib., 359 ; xvii, 54 ; of Thomas Curteis
of Tendring, Essex (engr.J, ib., 64 ; of
Quarr Abbey (engr.J, ib., 64-7 ; of the
Tewkesbury Grammar School (engr.J,
ib., 64, 67-68 ; of the peculiar jurisdic-
tion of Corfe Castle, 1668, ib., 64, 69-
70 ; impression from the ivory matrix
of seal of Christopher Sutton, Pre-
bendary of Biggleswade (engr.J, ib.,
64, 75-7 ; armorial, of Henry Grey,
Earl of Tankerville (engr.J, ib., 64, 77-
9 ; on the reputed signet of Mary
Stuart, conjectured to be that of Hen-
rietta Maria, ib., 223-5 ; armorial, of
Robert de Sherringtoneof Buckingham-
shire, ib., 231 ; reverse of great seal of
Edward III exhibited, ib., 324 ; of
Thomas, Bishop of Man, on a bracelet,
ib., 335 ; seal of Ford Abbey, xviii, 19S;
impressions of three belonging to the
corporation of Exeter — 1. The City
Beal. 2. The Mayor's. 3. Edward II,
for recognisance of debts ( 3 engrs.J, ib.,
257 ; of Roger, porter of Exeter Castle,
exhibited (engr.J, ib., 257-8; of the
College of Vicars- Choral of Exeter, ex-
hibited (engr.J, ib.; seal of Thomas
Dene, Prior of St. James's Al>l>e\




Exeter, exhibited (engr.), ib.; of the
Free Grammar School of Crediton, 1674
(engr.), 259 ; of the Hospital of St.
John the Baptist at Exeter, and of the
Free Grammar School within the hos-
pital, exhibited (2 engrsj, ib. ; leaden
seals for cloth, of Devon and Exeter,
used by the Mayor of the Staple and
King's Alnager, ib., 278-9 ; of Prince
Charles, exhibited, ib., 280 ; paper on
seals bearing dates, by H. S. Cuming,
ib., 288 ; various exhibited by J. Clarke,
v, 167 ; x, 99 ; xiv, 337 ; xvi, 267 ;
xviii, 367-8 ; magician's signet of lead,
xix, 140; leaden, of Alfred, son of Robert
Rahbuo, ib., 149; armorial, of Edward,
D. of York (engr.), xx, 21 ; seal of the
last Earl of Warren, xx, 328-9 ; Jewish
seals of purity, ib., 337-8 ; great seal
of Charles I, exhibited, ib., 340 ; brass
seal for a watch, found at Southampton,
ib., 342 ; brass, of Thomas de Clirn-
pinge, "Sacerdos", found at Amberley,
co. Suss., xxi, 235 ; of the Order of the
Sisters of St. Victor at Utrecht, ib.; of
Alexander de Asteleya, clerk, ib.; col-
lection of, belonging to the Rev. G. A.
Carthew, of Helmingham, ib., 347 ; of
Mendham Priory, and of the Prior,
John de Tomeston, 1385, ib.; Norwich
seals, ib.; Roman leaden seals from
Gurnard's Bay, ib., 359 ; Silver, agnus
dei, " sigillum amoris", xxii, 93 ; of

W , a late Bishop of Durham, ib.,

245 ; a Roman coin set as a seal of
Constantine, son of Martin, ib., 342 ;
on sword-handles, ib.; Roman leaden
seals from the Isle of Wight (engr.) ib.,
355-8 ; of Richard de Bury, Bishop of
Durham (engr.), ib., 389-96 ; of Peter
Tederade, Canon of Chalk, xxiii, 103 ;
matrix of a seal of the Commonwealth,
exhibited by T. Gunston,^., 211 ; mer-
chant's seal, of lead, exhibited by Dr.
Brushfield, found at Chester, ib., 213 ;
seal of the municipality of Lamousie,
in Perigord, France, xxiv, 63 ; four im-
pressions of seals of the burgh of
Lanark, ib., 83-4 ; brass cast of a seal
of the city of Tournay in the Hautes
Pyrenees, ib., 186-7 ; Chinese seal,
found in Ireland, ib., 187 ; leaden bulla
of Pope Nicholas V, found near Glas-
gow Cath., ib., 272 ; on the great seal of
Francis II of France, and Mary, Queen
of Scots, as King and Queen of France,
Scotland, England and Ireland, by H.
F. Holt, ib., 343-51 ; account of a bulla
of Innocent IV, found at Hampstead,
with notices of a series also exhibited
by J. Cato, xxv, 82-4 ; bulla of Martin
IV, exhibited by H. S. Cuming, xxv,
83-4 ; of the abbey of Great Grimsby,
co. Lincoln, exhibited by J. Pigott, and
described by W. de G. Birch (engrs.),
ib., 384; of St. Stephen's Chapel, West-

minster, exhibited by R. Ready, and
described by W. de G. Birch (engr.), ib.,
384-5 ; on an unpublished great seal of
Charles I, only used during the year
1626-7, by W. de G. Birch (2 engrs.),
xxvi, 164-5 ; paper on dated seals, by
H. S. Cuming, ib., 213-8 ; of St. Augus-
tine's Abbey, Canterbury, ib., 213 ;
dated English and foreign (6 engrs.), ib.,
214 ; of Cottingham Priory, co. York
(2 engrs.), ib., 214-5 ; borough seal of
Shrewsbury, ib., 215 ; of the millers
and bakers of Stiftsneuhausen (engr.),
ib., 216 ; forged, of the city of Krentce,
(engr.), ib.; forged, of the Duchy of
Lancaster for Henry VII (engr.), ib.;
of Durham Chapter, ib., 217 ; of Louth
and Halifax Grammar Schools, ib.; of
Lady J. Grey as Queen, ib.; of St.
Mary-le-bow Church, London, ib.; of
Sir Walter Raleigh, as Governor of
Virginia, ib.; capitular seal of Volk en-
mark in Carinthia (engr.), ib.; of gram-
mar schools at Atherstone, Hemsworth,
Crediton, Lichfield, Luton, Shrewsbury
and Wigan, ib., 218 ; on an unpub-
lished great seal of James I, only used
during 1603-4, by W. de G. Birch (2
engrs.), ib., 218-21 ; account by Rymer
of the destruction of Queen Elizabeth's
second great seal, and production of
that for James I, ib., 219 ; Chinese seal
exhibited by H. T. Holt, ib., 239 ; of
Jehan Brenot, Sieur de Provenchiere in
Franche Comte, ib., 246 ; ecclesiastical
seal " S. Jansin f. meus unicus", ib.; seal
of Malmesbury Abbey, " Hoc Aldelmus
ago quod presens signat imago," xxvii,
333, note ; seals of the corporation of
Dover, description of ( 6 engrs.), ib., 400-
402 ; of Sandre de Gloucester, bell
founder, found in the Thames, ib., 418 ;
of Antoninus, Archpriest of St. Peter's
at Populetum, xxviii, 73 ; paper on the
seals of William II, by W. de G. Birch,
ib., 129-41 ; great seal of William II
(2 engrs.), ib., 135 ; of William Alne-
wick, Bishop of Norwich, ib., 165 ; of
Richard de Beauchamp, Earl of War-
wick, ib.; account of the Weymouth
municipal seals, by W. H. Black, ib.,
199-200; of Weymouth charters ex-
plained, ib., 221-2 ; exhibited, by J.
Warren of Ixworth, ib., 282 ; H. S.
Cuming on seals of the Corporation of
Canterbury, and of the free grammar
schools of Southampton and Crewkerne
(engr.), ib., 347-52; heraldic, of Jehan
Dumont, exhibited, xxix, 90 ; of Wil-
liam Cokhefd, exhibited (engr.), ib.;
seal of " St. Catherine", exhibited, ib.,
194 ; glass seals from bottles, ib., 204 ;
paper by W. de G. Birch on the four
great seals of Henry I, (i engrs.), ib.,
233-62 ; of David Garrick, exhibited by
S. I. Tucker, ib., 307, 313; of Sandwcll



Triory (engr.), ib., 335 ; found in Corn-
wall, "Jhcsus vangies toi" (engr.), ib.,
352; various early and medieval, English
and foreign, described and exhibited,
ib., 352, 362, 434, 436 ; of William de
Perfcon, ib., 362 ; of members of the
Wrottesley family, ib., 362, etc.; Royal
seals of English sovereigns, ib., 365 ;
photographs of seals exhibited at Wol-
verhampton, and described by W. de
G. Birch, ib., 435 ; of E. Hadley, found
at Uttoxeter, exhibited, xxx, 87 ; seals
of Baldwin de Redvers and William de
Vernun, Earls of Devon, by W. de G.
Birch (2 engr s. J, ib., 170-4 ; bronze,
heraldic, of R. Guarne, exhibited
(engr.), ib., 200 ; seals of early Bishops
of Bath and Wells, drawings of, exhib-
ited and described by J. T. Irvine,
ib., 329-30 ; seal and gem counterseal of
John de Builli, founder of Roche Ab-
bey (2 cngrs.), ib., 423 ; flcur-de-lys,
from the seal of Alice de Muni by, ib.,

Seals v. Birch, W. de G.

V. Bulla

v. Clarke, James

v. Cuming, H. S.

— v. Exeter
Fitch, R.
Fitch, W. S.
Kendrick, J.
Sandys, C.
Smith, C. R.
Stuteville, Joanna de,

v. Tewkesbury

v. Toddington

v. Wills, T.

Sea-margins, ancient, as memorials of
changes in the level of sea and land, by
R. Chambers, iv, 189

Seamer, co. York, Anglo-Saxon jewellery
from, xxi, 323

Sea-mills, near Bristol, an inscribed stone
found at (engr.), xxix, 371-8

Seasons, Roman emblems of the, at Bath,
xxix, 392

Seax, Saxon, ii, 337 ; xiii, 204

Sebastian (St.), figure of, xxv, 145; box-
wood carving of his martyrdom, xxvi,

Scbastopol, chandelier from, xii, 157

Seckington, remains at, xxix, 39; British
work at, ib., 42

Sedgemoor, historical notes concerning,
xxix, 210-3

Sedilia, and Piscina in Patrington ch.
(engr.), i, 71; in Nythe ch. (engr. ), ib.,
316; at Sheffield, xxx, 155

Sdez, date of the cathedral, ii, 277

Sefton, co. Lane, brasses in the ch., ii,
266; (2 engrs.), v, 265; account of the
ch., ii, 359; visit to the ch., v, 309
ley, nailmaking at, xxix, 178
max, coins of (2 cngrs.), ii, 14





Segar (Sir William), extract from his pe-
digree of Mortimer of Wiguiore, xxiv,

Seine River: — Rapport sur les ddcouvertes
archeologiques faites aux sources de la
Seine, par M. Henri Baudot, ii, 404 ;
two keys found in the river, vi, 82

Selsey, co. Sussex, see of, xxii, 111; pre-
bendaries of, ib., 144; monastery at,
founded in Beda's time, xxiv, 366

Selvester (Sir Thomas), priest of Shrews-
bury, letter of, xxx, 310

Semicircular arch in the old city of Can-
terbury, ii, 338

Sen-Fetell, arms of (engr.), xiii, 119

Sentius, Caius, xxix, 333

Sepulchral caves at Guernsey, i, 259, 305,
308 ; urns, found in Nicholas-lane, ii,
341; sepulchral relics found at Green-
hithe, ib., 363; interment, ancient, near
Maidstone, iv, 65-8 ; slabs at Caerwent
(2 engrs.), ib., 256 ; cave examined by
Mr. Lukis, vii, 435; cross found at Win-
chester, ib., 437; cave, at Guernsey,
vhi, 64-7; urns, found at Newark, ib.,
192-3; slabs, found in Threadneedle-
street, x, 107; slabs, in Woolhampton
ch., ib., 114; tablet exhibited, ib., 178;
slabs in Yolgrave churchyard, xvi, 288 ;
slab discovered at Mansell Gammage,
xvii, 328 ; sepulchral urn in the British
Museum, xxvii, 361 ; v. Niblet, Thomas

Sepulchre, Holy, at Glastonbury, xix, 145

Serell (T.), exhibits corporation records of
Wells, xvi, 318-21

Serjeant-at-arms, a brass representing a,
viii, 360

Sermons of Suffolk, 1697-1755, xxi, 13

Serpent-worship in Britain, xxviii, 67-8

Serpent's egg, xvii, 62 ; xxix, 27

Severus, denarius of, found with others
near Mansfield, v, 375 ; coin of, found
at Edlington (engr.), xxx, 47

Shadwell, objects from the dock at, xii,
179; Roman coffin found at, xiv, 355-7

Shakespeare (Peter), deed witnessed by,
xiv, 90

Shakespeare (William), baptismal font of,
i, 152, 241; house of, visited by the
Congress, at Stratford-upon-Avon, T. J.
Pettigrew's address, iii, 162-4 ; J. 0.
Halliwell on the credibility of tra-
ditional anecdotes respecting Shakes-
peare, more especially regarding the
story of his stealing dear from Sir Tho-
mas Lucy's park, iii, 164-7; the home of
Shakespeare, illustrated and described,
by W. I\ Fairholt, ib., 198; Life of, by
J. O. Halliwell, ib., 357-9; presumed be-
trothing ring of, iv, 389; notices of the
Shakespeare family in the archives of
Warwick castle, v, 163; portrait of,
from the Lumley collection, xi, 264;
remarks on the portrait of, ib. ; dis-
covery of a cross in a beam of Sliakes-
peare'a house at Stratford, xvi. 330;



badge exhibited, xx, 326 ; extract from,
relating to the Duke of Exeter, xxiv,

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