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141; portrait exhibited, xxiii, 101;
mention of sieves in, xxv, 250; J. O.
Halliwell on early editions of Shakes-
peare in Lord Verulam's librar.y at
Gorhambury, xxvi, 186-8 ; mention by
him of fans, ib., 209
Shakespeare, v. Halliwell, J. 0.
Shalfleet, account of the ch., xi, 276 ;
sculptured slabs in the ch., ib., 302-5 ;
slab (engr.J, ib., 304
Shapwyke, list of documents relating to,

xxviii, 248-51
Shardelowe (Lady Ela), will of, xxi, 53
Sharpe (E.), on the ruins of the monastery
of St. Mary, in Furness, vi, 309-17, 359
Sharpening steel, xviii, 386
Sharpening stone, in, 275; iv, 105; ix,

Shaving implements found in London,

xviii, 312; xxix, 69
Shaw (Bentley), hospitality of, to the As-
sociation at Castle- hill, Almondbury,
xxx, 232
Shaw (Samuel), account of Roman coins
found at Andover, xi, 351; exhibits
sketch of piece of tesselated pavement,
with description, xxv, 67-8 ; deciphers
Roman coins found at Finkley, xxviii,
Shaw (Mr.), his account of Etocetum,

xxix, 54-5
Shaw (W.), on a Roman urn, dug up at
Billericay, iii, 120, 249; on a British
gold coin found near Billericay, iv, 74 ;
on a bronze spear-head, found at Hull-
bridge, ib. ; on Roman urns found in
Essex, ib.
Shaw House, visit to, xvi, 88
Shears, ancient (engr.), iii, 195; shears
exhibited, xxviii, 183 ; Roman, xxix,
305 ; xxx, 72
Sheaths of girdle-knives, xvii, 113
Sheffield (Thomas de), xxx, 241
Sheffield, co. York, announcement of the
forthcoming Congress at, xxix, 193 ;
paper on the traders' tokens of, by LI.
Jewitt, xxx, 25-37; remains of the ma-
nor, a paper by J. D. Leader (2> enyrs.),
ib., 42-51; prehistoric remains near, a
paper by Alfred Wallis, ib., 61-66 ; paper
on the town, and old parish ch. of, by
the Rev. Alf. Gatty, ib., 147-52; Rev. J.
Stacye on monuments in the Shrews-
bury chapel in the parish ch., ib., 175-
81; descent of the manor, by S. I.
Tucker, ib., 237-77; documents relating
to the town, manor, and castle, ib., 248-
77 ; original documents relating to,
principally in connection with Mary
Queen of Scots, ib., 308-24 ; earthworks
near, ib., 406-13; proceedings of the
Congress at, ib., 99-120; list of mein-
bers, etc., ib., 99-102; address of the
mayor, ib., 102-3; speech of the Duke

of Norfolk, president, ib., 103-4; visit
to the parish ch., ib., 104; description
of the ch. by Dr. Sale, ib., 104-5; visit
to the manor, ib., 105; account of, ib.,
105-6 ; visit to Broomhall, ib., 106 ; de-
scribed by Mr. Philipps, ib. ; banquet
in the Cutler's-hall given by the Duke
of Norfolk, ib., 106; speeches of the
President, Lord Houghton, G. Godwin,
G. M. Hills, and others, ib., 107-11 ; visit
to Beauchief Abbey, ib., Ill; Worksop
priory, ib., 112; and Steetley chapel,
ib. ; its description, 112-4 ; remarks by
T. Blashill on the chapel, ib., 114-5;
and by G. Godwin, ib., 115; visit to
Thorpe Salvin ch. and hall, ib. ; descrip-
tion of in a paper by the Rev. J. Stacye,
ib., 115-9; meeting in the Cutlers' -hall,
ib., 119; various papers read, i&., 120;
. and speeches of E. Roberts, Dr. Sale,
and by G. M. Hills, response of the Presi-
dent, ib., 120; visit to Laughton-en-le-
Morthen, ib., 218; description of the
ch. and village by the Rev. J. Stacye,
ib. ; and of the earthworks, by F.Barber,
ib., 218-9; visit to Roche Abbey, lun-
cheon given by the Mayor and Master
Cutler, ib., 219; history of the Abbey
by G. M. Hills, ib., 219-20; account of
Rotherham chapel by Alderman T.
Guest, ib., 220-1; conversazione and ex-
hibition of antiquities and drawings at
the Cutlers' Hall, ib., 221-3; papers at
evening meeting, ib., 223; by R. N.
Philipps on the manufacture of hard-
ware by the Celts and Romans, ib., 223-
4 ; and on the earliest tribes of York-
shire, by T. Morgan, ib., 224-6 ; visit to
Shepley, ib., 226 ; Kirkburton, ib. ; de-
scription and history of the ch., ib., 227;
visit to Woodsome Hall, ib., 228 ; en-
tertainment there by the Earl of Dart-
mouth and Major and Lady K. Robert-
son, ib.; description of the Hall by E.
Roberts, ib., 228-30 ; visit to Almond-
bury, and description of the ch. by the
Rev. Canon Hulbert, ib., 230-2; visit to
the Castle-hill, and description of the
castle by T. Brooke, ib., 232-3; enter-
tainment by T. Brooke at Armitage-
bridge, ib., 233 ; various papers at the
evening meeting, ib., 234 ; discussion
relating to the manor-house, Sheffield,
ib., 234-6 ; visit to Conisborough, inspec-
tion of the castle under guidance of E.
Roberts, ib., 449; remarks by G. M.
Hills, ib. ; visit to the ch., ib., 450; and
to Edlington, ib. ; description of the ch.
and the monuments by the Rev. Mr.
Taylor, ib., 450-2 ; visit to Tickhill ch.
and castle, described by E. Robei-ts, ib.,
452 ; journey to Doncaster, accident ou
the road, ib., 52-3; arrival at Doncaster,
ib., 453; entertainment by the mayor, ib. ;
papers by J. Guest, J.W. Grover, and L.
Jewitt, ib., 454-5; visit to Weutworth



House, ib., 455; Wharncliffo Chase and
the Dragon's Cave, ib. ; exhibition of
Little John's bow, ib. ; speeches by the
mayor of Sheffield, E. Roberts, and Lord
Wliariu-lin'o, ib., 456; paper by G. R.
Wright, ib., 457; visit to Ecclesfield, ib. ;
Dr. Gatty describes the ch., ib. ; and
that at Bradford, ib., 458 ; visit to Ec-
clesfield priory, ib.; exhibition of a va-
luable collection of illuminated MSS. by
W. Bragge, Esq., ib., 458; paper on
them by W. de G. Birch, ib., 458-67;
speeches of G. M. Hills, ib., 466 ; and
of J. A. Roebuck, 467-70
Sheffield, v. Shrewsbury Chapel
Shctford, barrow opened at, xxii, 448
Shekel, silver (engr.), vii, 451 ; xii, 75
Shelford, Great; brass from the church

(engr.), vi, 206
Shell, celts of, from Ascension, xvii, 75 ;
Barbadoes, xxviii, 73 ; adze from Friendly

¥ al cxa f fi 7 .1

Shells, limpet, ii, 173; iv, 336; xviii,384-5;
mussel, v, 77; xviii, 384; operculse of,
xxv, 274; oyster, xviii, 384; xxi, 218;
pecten, on Roman coffins, ii, 297; ix,
161; xiv, 365; sign of St. James, in,

Shelley (Percy Bysshe), account of poems
falsely attributed to, xxv, 122

Shelley (Elizabeth), brass of (engr.), i, 78

Shelston House, portrait from, exhibited,
xi, 346

Shelton (Ralph), xxi, 348

Shelve, lead mines at, visited, xvii, 212 ;
view of a lead mine near, exhibited,
xviii, 283

Shene Priory, co. Surrey, notice of, xxviii,
168 ; Register of the priory, ib., 169

Shepherd (H.), epitaph of, xvi, 78

Shepley, visited by the Association, xxx,

Sheppard (Major E.), exhibits a silver
seal, ix, 85 ; obituary notice of, xv, 171;

Sheppard (P. B.), on the ancient inter-
ment at Bathwick, xiv, 336

Sherborne, co. Dors., ecclesiastical seal
found near (engr.), v, 358 ; will of the
master of the hospital, xxii, 404-5, 415;
notes on the bishopric and bishops of,
by H. Godwin, xxviii, 313-27

Sheridan (W. B.), poems of, xxi, 12

Shetland, Islands of, antiquities from, ex-
hibited, xix, 312-13

Sherratt (T.), exhibits a pardon to Sir E.
Mountague, vii, 436 ; exhibits a Chinese
porcelain stamp, ix, 93 ; a carved slab,
representing a nimbus, xi, 159; a de-
narius of Aelia, xv, 360; photographs of
portions of Rievaulx Abbey, xix, 322 ;
a gold signet ring from New York State,
xxiv, 66 ; an ectype of the dagger ex-
humed in Southwark in 1865, xxv, 78;
a cock-metal patera, •£&.; ;i (Tew Zealand
idol, ami other objects, ib., 79

Sherrington (Robert de), seal of, xvii, 231

Shield, boss of a, with an instrument
twisted round it, found in Fenchurch
Street, i, 311 ; found in the Thames, ib.,
335 ; enamelled, found at Colchester,
ib. ; boss of a Saxon, found in York-
shire (engr.), ii, 55; bosses of, found in
Gloucestershire^ engrs.), ib., 53 ; An-
glo-Saxon " umbones" (engr.), iii, 236 ;
xxx, 87 ; brass sun from a, iv, 57 ;
keltic, xiv, 330 ; account of the Roman
" pelta", xxvi, 65 ; miniature jousting
shield of iron exhibited, xxx, 87

Shiifnall, visit of the Association to the
church, xvii, 150; paper on the church
by Rev. J. L. Petit, xvii, 150

Ships, a model of the " George" exhibited,
xxiii, 389

Shipton (Mother), engraving of her pro-
phecy presented, xix, 306-8

Shipman (Thomas), lines on the Royal
Oak, xxvi, 88-9

Shipp (Mr. ), on a bronze dagger found in
a barrow near Blandford, ii, 98, 100

Shirebrook ( Cuthbertj, account by of the
demolition of Roche Abbey, xxx, 425-6

Shire-oak, at the convergence of Yorks.,
Notts., and Derby, paper on, by the Rev.
J. Stacye, xxx, 202-4

Shirley, Old ; skeletons and bell found on
the site of, xx, 359

Shoehorn, exhibited by Lord Boston, with
remarks on the same (engr.), xviii, 375-7 ;
Chinese, exhibited, ib., 376 ; xxiv, 73

Shoe, Roman, xiv, 328 ; xxix, 71 ; with
pointed toe, xxx, 87; several exhibited,
ib., 338; Chinese, xxv, 275

Shopland, brass of Thomas Stapel from,
v, 376

Shoreham, dummies at, xxx, 326

Shorne, co. Kent, Roman vases found near,
iv, 406 ; tetina exhumed at, in 184S,
xxvi, 111

Short (Captain W. T. P.), on denarii
found near Tiverton, i, 140 ; on a Ro-
man monument at Caerleon, iv, 397; on
Roman antiquities found at Exeter, v,
164; on the Leper-house at Exeter, ix,
182; exhibits a York groat of Henry
VIII, ib., 182; communicates notes of a
visit to Bury and Sidbury Castles, x,

Short (Bishop), quoted, xxix, 47

Shorthose (Rev. John), memorial of, xxx,

Shorwell, I. of Wight, mural paintings at,
hi, 85; account of the ch., xi, 317; le-
gend of St. Christopher represented in
the church, ib., 318

Shotover Hill, co. Ox., notice of a gigantic
figure, xxviii, 69; mention of, xxix, 31-
2, etc.
Shot, slung, xxiii, 392
Shrewsbury (Earl of), his signet ring ex-
hibited, vi, 440 ; Earls of, connected
with Sheffield Manor, xxx, 42-51 ;
Earls of, hold Steetley, ib., 113 ; inon-



unients of the family of the Earls of,
in Sheffield Ch., ib., 175-81 ; letters
from various members of the earldom,
ib., 310-23; Earls of, v. Talbot
Shrewsbury Chapel, Sheffield, paper on
the monuments there, by the Rev. J.
Stacye, ib., 175, etc.
Shrewsbury, dies found at, iii, 252 ; ix, 82;
seals of the grammar schools of, ancient
and modern, xii, 231-2 ; view of the
school (engr.), ib., 231 ; Edw. Levien on
the Shrewsbury book, xvii, 29-37, 53 ;
proceedings of the Shrewsbury Con-
gress, list of patrons, officers, and com-
mittee, ib., 38-9 ; reception by the
mayor and corporation, ib. ; mayor's ad-
dress, ib., 40; president's reply, ib., 41 ;
various parts of the town inspected, ib.,
41-7 ; president's inaugural discourse,
ib., 42; remarks by Mr. Slaney and the
Hon. and Rev. 0. Bridgeman, ib., 43 ;
visit to Abbey Ch., ib. ; C. E. Davis's
remarks, ib. ; monuments in the Ab-
bey church, ib. ; J. R. Planche" on the
monuments in the abbey, ib., 44 ; T. J.
Pettigrew on a sepulchral slab, ib. ;
C. E. Davis, on the exterior of the ab-
bey ch., ib.; visit to St. Chad's, ib., 45 ;
visit to St. Mary's, E. Roberts' remarks,
ib., 45-6; inspection of Shrewsbury, ib.;
the castle, free grammar school, St. Ni-
cholas chapel, ib. ; Mr. Clement's house,
ib.; the market house, ib., 47 ; J. Ire-
land's mansion, ib.; excursion to Build-
was Abbey, G. M. Hill'sremarks, ib., 48;
visit to the mosaic and encaustic tile
works of Messrs. Maw, ib. ; G. Maw on
encaustic tiles, ib. ; reception at Benthall
Hall, ib., 49 ; view of the ch., ib., 50;
visit to Wenlock Priory, history and
particulars of, by E. Roberts, ib. ; Rev.
R. W. Eyton on the castles of Shrop-
shire, ib. ; Rev. G. Dodd on Boscobel,
the White Ladies, etc., ib. ; visit to the
ch. and inspection of monuments, ifr.,53;
excursion to Albrighton, ib., 139 ; visit
to Tong Castle, ib., 140 ; reception at,
S. I. Tucker's paper, ib., 140-7 ; J. R.
Planche on the monuments, ib., 147 ;
visit to Shiffhal ch., ib., 150 ; examina-
tion by Rev. J. L. Petit, ib. ; visit to
Dekker Hill, reception by the presi-
dent, ib.; visit to Lilleshall Abbey, ib.,
151 ; on Wroxeter ch. and its monu-
ments by the Rev. H. M. Scarth, ib. ;
on Powysland and Powis Castle by Rev.
H. C. Hartshome, ib.; paper by J. Salt
on excommunication against rebels, di-
rected to Llewellyn, prince of Wales,
ib. ; excursion to Stokesay Castle, re-
marks on by C. E. Davis, ib., 155 ; visit
to Ludlow, reception by Sir C. R.
Boughton, examination of ch. of St.
Lawrence, remarks by T. Wright, ib. ;
visit to castle, entertainment by Sir C.
R. Boughton, Bart,., T. Wright's history

of, ib., 157-8; addresses at, by the pre-
sident and others, ib., 158 ; Dr. W.
Beattie on Ludlow Castle, ib., 159 ; ex-
cursion to Roman lead mines at Shelve,
ib., 212; visit to Linley Hall, reception
by Rev. Mr. More, ib., 213; examina-
tion of remains of Roman villa at ; ety-
mology of names of places, by Rev. J.
Humphreys, ib.; remarks on Linley ch.,
by E. Roberts, ib.; G. Maw on the pave-
ments of Uriconium, ib., 214; excursion
to Battlefield ch., E. Roberts on, ib.,
214-15; visit to Haughmond abbey, E.
Roberts' remarks, ib., 216; visit to Uri-
conium, T. Wright's description of, ib.,
218 ; examination of Wroxeter ch. by
Rev. H. M. Scarth; observations on, by
E. Roberts, ib., 218; visit to Atcham
Ch., ib., 219; sepulchral slabs at Atcham
Ch., ib. ; concluding meeting, ib., 220 ;
B. Botfield's summary of the proceed-
ings, ib. ; windows by Albert Durer in
St. Mary's Ch., xxv, 235-6 ; borough
seal of, xxvi, 215

Shrewsbury, v. Jewitt, L.

"Shrewsbury Chapel" in the parish ch.,
Sheffield, monuments in, xxx, 104, 154

Shrine, in the possession of the Bishop of
Ely (engr.), xviii, 154 ; v. Feretrum

Shropshire, silver seal found in, vii, 433 ;
decorative tile found in, xi, 261; con-
tents of a barrow opened in, xix, 317-
19 ; list of monasteries and castles in,
xxviii, 58 ; views in, exhibited, xxix,

Shurdington Hill, Gloucestershire, tumu-
lus on, iii, 64

Shuttle, Roman, exhibited, xxix, 187

Shuttleworth (J. S. A.), exhibits various
objects, xxx, 222

Sidbury Castle, notes on, x, 185

Sidmouth (Lord), letters of, xxi, 17

Sidmouth, bronze celt found in a tumulus
near, xviii, 261

Sidney, family of, origin of the, xxiv,

Sidney (Sir Henry), account of his life,
xxiv, 314-21

Sidney (Mary), Countess of Pembroke,
account and epitaph of, xxiv, 322

Sidney (Sir Philip), letter to, from his
father, xxiv, 320 ; history of his death,
323-27; account of his career, 326

Sienna, fresco at the chapel of St. Cathe-
rine, xxx, 371

Sienna marble, xxiii, 90

Sieves and colanders, account of, by H.
S. Cuming, xxv, 244-50 ; their use for
divination and witchcraft, ib., 249; used
as shop signs in 17th century, ib., 250

Sigeric, Archbishop of Canterbury, notice
concerning, xxix, 48

Sigibriht, abbot of Malmesbury, xxvii,

Sign of St. Katherine, xxviii, 128

Signacula, various leaden, found in Lou-



don (enf/rs.J, xix, 94-100 ; xx, 81; xxi,
194 ; xxiii, 327; xxiv, 224

Signacula, v. Cuming, H. S.

Signet ring, found in the Thames, v, 359 ;
15th century examples of, xxi, 78, 89

v. Rings

Signs, traders' ix, 40-59, 92; x, 99-105

Sillmrn (J.), obituary notice of, ix, 111

Silbury hill, xxix, 30

Silchester, Roman remains and antiquities
at (engrs.J, i, 147 ; xv, 357-8; xvi, 90-5,
336; xxiii, 288; coins found at, i, 360;
xxii, 358-9; mediaeval rings, and other
objects found in, iv, 383 ; on sword-
ponirnels found at,xv, 357; visit to, xvi,
90; paper on, xvi, 90-1; sepulchral-slabs
at, ib., 95 ; inspection of, ib., 96 ; re-
marks on, ib., 228; glass bottle found
at, xvii, 70; mask of terra-cotta from,
xx, 326; formation of a museum of the
antiquities of, by the Duke of Welling-
ton, xx, 360; excavations at, ib.; Roman
eagle found at, xxix, 183

■ v. Newbury

Silver objects : — coins found at Bilston, i,
138 ; oval seal, found in Oxfordshire,
ib., 245; cast of a circular seal, ib., 327;
coins, found at Silchester, ib., 360 ;
ring found in Yorkshire, ii, 97 ; ring-
money, found in the south of Ireland,
ib., 193 ; rings found in Suffolk, ib.,
200 ; coins, discovered at Annesgrove,
in Cork, ii, 268 ; armillee, ii, 358 ; beads,
hi, 126; objects in Ireland, iii, 151;
seal of 15th cent., found in Flanders, iv,
388 ; gilt ring found at Stratford-upon-
Avon, ib., 389 ; seal found in Hampshire,
ib., 404 ; ring found at Minster, v, 337;
seal found at Abingdon, ib., 359 ; Ro-
man dice, ib., 361 ; cochleare found at
Richborough, rings of various periods
and sacramental cruet (engrs.), vi, 149
ct seq.; ring, found at Staines, viii, 143;
fibula, found at Lewisham, ib.; ring,
exhibited, ib., 151 ; penny, found at
Ipswich, ib., 360 ; ring, found at Thet-
ford, ix, 73 ; fibula, found in Berk-
shire, ib., 74 ; gilt ring, exhibited, ib.,
79 ; seal, exhibited, ib., 85 ; box, with
portrait of Edward VI, exhibited, x,
385 ; ring, found in Suffolk, exhibited,
xv, 272 ; bracelet, from Rathmines,
xix, 314-7 ; watch of the 17th cent.,
exhibited, ib., 330 ; water-pipe of, xxix,
185; work, exhibited, ib., 435-6

Silverdale, CO. Lane, modern pottery
found at, xxi, 85 ; antiquities from,
ib., 352 ; pottery from, xxii, 304 ; stone
implements from, xxix, 304-5 ; notice
of the buck-stone near, xxx, 200-2

Silvester (Mr.), on Roman antiquities
found at Springhead, ii, 96; exhibits
Roman fibula 1 , iv, 74

Sim (A.), exhibits antiquities found in
Lanarkshire, xvi, 311 ; memoir of, xxv,

Simon (M.), letter from, referring to the
town of Dax, xxvii, 528

Simonides, account of his forgeries, xxv,

Simpson (Professor J. Y.), extract from
his notes on Scottish magical charm-
stones, xxiii, 99

Simpson (Rev. W. Sparrow), D.D., F.S.A.,
V.I\, exhibits gally-tiles, xxi, ::."/! ;
bone spear-heads, xxii, 90 ; bone im-
plements, ib., 97-100 ; antiquities from
Chesterford, ib., 451 ; inscribed ring,
ib., 452 ; on the need-fires of Germany,
xxiii, 99 ; exhibits Roman drinking
cups from Cologne, ib., 100 ; a cross-
tau, ib., 110 ; on Russo- Greek portable
icons of brass, ib., 113; exhibits a
document from the archives of St.
Paul's Cathedral, ib., 199 ; books from
St. Paul's Cathedral Library, ib., 211 ;
on Master John Schorn, ib., 256-68,
370 ; on the " Charm of the measure
of the Wound " in our Saviour's side,
ib., 283 ; exhibits an abbot's dole-bag
and a stone celt, ib., 288 ; an Egyptian
bronze war axe, ib., 293 ; paintings of
Master John Schorn, ib., 383 ; bronze
steelyard weights, a model of the
George, a modern Russo-Greek icon,
and a panel of the cabinet of Oliver
Cromwell, ib., 389 ; a garter-ring from
Tavistock, xxiv, 64 ; reads Dr. Husen-
beth's letter on the Gately rood screen,
xxiv, 72 ; exhibits fragments of an
Anglo-Saxon or Danish sword from
River Lea at Tottenham, ib., 83 ; on
the inventory of the vestments, etc.,
belonging to the ch. of St. Peter's
Cheap, in 1431, ib., 150-61 ; exhibits
and remarks on Handel's tuning fork,
ib., 169 ; a portion of a monumental
brass, and remarks on palimpsest
brasses, ib., 176-7 ; exhibits a forged
flint arrow-head, a circular brass seal,
and a Chinese seal from Ireland, ib.,
187 ; on St. Peter's Cheap parish in
the City of London, 1392-1633, ib.,
248-68 ; exhibits three drawings of effi-
gies on screens in Suffolk churches, ib.,
272 ; drawings of flint implements
from Stonham, ib., 286 ; a series of
Abyssinian relics, xxv, 71-3 ; tracings
from rood-screen at Bramfield, ib., 79;
exhibits and remarks upon a charm
from Cologne, ib., 81-2 ; MSS. from St.
Paul's Cathedral, ib., 133-4 ; on reversed
inscriptions, ib., 167 ; exhibits Russo-
Greek portable icons, ib., 179-85 ; trac-
ing of a figure of Master Schorn. ib.,
260-1 ; tracing from illuminated MSS.,
ib., 268; tracings from windows in
Yaxley Church, Suffolk, ib., 278 : an
effigy of Master Schorn in painted
glass, ib., 334-44 ; paper on church-
wardens' accounts for parish of St.
Matthew, Friday Street, ib., 35S-S3;



exhibits two rings, ib., 387 ; tracings
sent by H. Watling, ib., 388, 397-8 ; on
a mediaeval tile, ib., 390 ; exhibits tablet
of block slate, ib., 394-5 ;• forgeries and
fraudulent ectypes, ib., 398-9 ; exhibits
and remarks on a bull of Benedict XIII,
xxvi, 70-2 ; on Roman geometrical
measures, ib., 82 ; on Roman tomb at
Westminster Abbey, ib., 166 ; on a
fragment of a Samian bowl, ib., 244 ;
on a bronze statuette at Wapping, ib. ;
exhibits a leathern bottle, Samian pot-
tery, an optician's tool, and French
seals, ib., 245-6 ; flagella, xxvii, 160 ;
coloured drawings of painted glass in
Long Melford Church, ib., 255 ; on
forms of prayer recited at the healing
or touching for the king's evil, ib., 282-
307 ; exhibits Russo-Greek cross, ib.,
530 ; a medueval seal, xxviii, 73 ; pa-
per on the pilgrimage to Bromholm, in
Norfolk, xxx, 52-61 ; paper on " The
measure of the wound in the side of
the Redeemer, worn anciently as a
charm, and on the five wounds as re-
presented in art", ib., 357-74
Sindon, or holy sheet, v, 258
Sinai, St. Katherine's Convent, xxviii, 123
Sinodun bill, British camp at, xxix, 30
Sittingbourne, co. Kent, Roman building
found near, ii, 346 ; Roman remains
found at, x, 90
Situla, handle of a, exhibited, xxviii,

Siward, Earl of Northumberland, notice

of, xxx, 387-90
Skargell (George), letter to the Earl of

Shrewsbury, xxx, 320
Skates of bone, found in London, xxviii,
76-7 ; bone, exhibited, xxx, 72, 79, 91,
Skeleton, a sitting, i, 59; two_ kneeling, in
a cromlech in Guernsey, ib.; of white
metal, xx, 343
Skelton (John), the poet, metrical inscrip-
tion — perhaps of his composition, xxx,
232 ; biographical notes and poems of,
ib., 464-6
Skelton, piscina in the ch. (engr.), i, 69 ;
early English font in the ch. (engr.),
ib., 70
Skerne Bridge built, xxii, 410
Skull and bones, human, from Ham Hill,
vi, 442 ; xxiv, 61 ; from the Thames,
xiv, 329 ; of a bear, xxvii, 258
Slab, incised at East Horndon, i, 314 ; in
Cliffe ch., Kent, Hi, 254 ; monumental
slabs (engr.), vii, 163 ; of Peter de
Creone, x, 99 ; early sculptured, in
Shalfleet Church, xi, 302-5
Slack, position of the town of, compared

with that of Dorchester, xxx, 413
Slade (G. P.), exhibits impression from a

ring relating to Charles II, xiii, 248
Slaney (R. A.), speech at Shrewsbury
Congress, xvii, 42

Slaney (W. H.), obituary notice of, xix,

Slate, remarks on paintings upon, by Dr.
Barlow, xvui, 287 ; Roman, exhibited,
xxix, 433 ; implement, xiv, 335

Slaves born, legacy to, xxn, 407

Slings, history of, xx, 73-80

Sloswick, near Worksop, xxx, 162

Smalwode (John), effigy of, xvi, 81

Smart (T.), observations on the antiquities
of Weymouth, i, 324

Smart (Dr. Wake) on a tumulus in Dor-
setshire, ii, 93 ; on a Norman font near
Torquay, ib., 271 ; exhibits a Roman
enamelled fibula, in, 251 ; on inscrip-
tions in Guy's Tower, Warwick Castle,
v, 163 ; on the Cerne giant, xxvHi, 65-
70, 110 ; notice of, xxix, 32-3

Smeton (Robert), Rector of Steetley, 42
Edw. Ill, xxx, 113

Smith (C. Roach), F.S.A., on Roman
potters' kilns and pottery discovered,
by Mr. Artis, at Caston, i, 1 ; on Roman
coins discovered at Gloucestershire, ib.,
44 ; foundations of Roman buildings at
Old Fish-street-hill, ib., 45; on beads
discovered at Antrim, ib., 47; on celts
with gauges discovered near Sitting-
bourne, ib., 51, 59 ; on Roman remains
near Colchester, ib., 53 ; on a Roman
tesselated pavement at West Dean,
Hants, ib., 57 ; on a Roman pavement
in London, ib., 64 ; on silver coins of
Elizabeth, James, and Charles I, found
at Bilston in Suffolk, ib., 138; on anti-
quities found in dredging the river at
Blackfriars- bridge, ib., 147; on knives
in excavating for the new road from
Farringdon-street to Islington, ib.; on
coins found at Silchester, ib. ; on torques
found in a barrow near Brighton, ib.,
148 ; on leaden seals discovered in
London, ib., 154 ; on pilgrims' signs and
leaden tokens, ib., 200-12 ; on a cross,
with a Runic inscription, and a stone
slab found at Dover, ib., 242 ; on
Anglo-Saxon antiquities found at Rams-
gate, ib., 242 ; on an early stone cross
found at Sandwich, ib., 243; on sculp-
ture discovered in Crutched-friars, ib.,
249; on a bronze head of Hadrian found
in the Thames, ib., 286-91; on the boss
of a shield with an instrument like a
spur twisted round it, ib., 311; on Ro-
man vases in Bermondsey, ib., 312 ; on
human bones, found with lead in them,
ib., 326 ; on Roman coins found at
Winchester, ib., 327; on a Roman Cupid
riding a sea monster, found at Colches-
ter, tb., 334 ; on Roman vases with in-
scriptions, ib., 341; on the Roman
Clauaentum, ib.; on Roman tesselated
pavements in the south of England, ib.,
364; on Roman remains near Colchester,

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