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ii, 29; on Roman remains in the Isle of
Thanet, ib., 85; <>n a gold torques,



found in Derby, ib., 96 ; on a Saxon glass,
goblet or tumbler, found in Essex, ib.,

99; on the torso df a Roman bronze sta-
tuette, found at Barnes, i/i., 100; mi me-
diaeval antiquities, found in the Thames,

id.; on some British and Culic coins,
found at Eastbourne, ib., 187; on an un-
published British brass coin, foundatCol-
chester, ib., 190; on a leaden coffin of the
Roman period, found at Colchester, ib.,
191; on a spearhead and other instru-
ments, found near Strood, ib., 192 ; on
table-books, ib., 194; on Roman gold
coins, found in Sussex, ib., 198; on Ro-
man remains, found in Finch-lane, ib.,
205; on Roman coins, found near Cas-
tor, ib., 265; on Roman remains at Ri-
venhall, in Essex, ib., 281; on Roman
remains near Ramsgate, ib. ; on Roman
tiles, found at York, ib., 282 ; on some
leaden coffins, found at Colchester, ib.,
297; on coins of Carausius, found in
France, ib., 343; on Roman remains,
found at St. Thomas Apostle, ib., 350;
on short-cross pennies of Henry III, and
three pennies of William of Scotland,
found near Maidstone, ib., 366 ; on the
Roman pavement at Barton farm, ib.,
381, 383; on the Roman pavements at
Woodchester, ib., 382 ; on Roman re-
mains at Cirencester, ib., 3S3; on an in-
scription to Bellona, discovered near Old
Carlisle, iii, 42-6 ; on Gaulish coins dis-
covered at Avranches, ib., 62; on Roman
remains discovered at Hod-hill, near
Blandford, Dorset, ib., 94-9; on the
falsification of a gold British coin, ib.,
121; on a leaden pilgrim's sign, found
in the bed of the Thames, ib. ; on an an-
cient building in Essex, ib., 128 ; Anglo-
Saxon remains discovered at Northfleet,
Kent, ib., 235-40; on Romano-British
urns, found at St. Albans, ib., 330; re-
marks on Verulamium, ib., 331-45; on a
Roman pavement discovered in Lad-
lane, ib., 335; on the Roman sculpture
at Chesterford, ib., 348 ; notes on the
red glazed pottery of the Romans, iv, 1 ;
on a Roman building discovered in
Lower Thames-street, ib., 45, 75; on
Roman coins in lead, ib., 57; on Roman
mortaria, ib., 58; on Roman sculpture
in Essex, ib., 63; on excavations made
at Sutton Baron, ib., 68; on a Roman
bronze vessel with ornamental handle.
ib., 154 ; on gold British coins, found at
Steyning, in Essex, ib., 157; on Roman
vessels, found near Chichester, ib., 158 ;
notes on Caerwent and Caerleon, ib..
246 ; on Roman medicine stamps, ib.,
281; on injuries done to ancient monu-
ments, ib., 297; on leaden matrices for
12th century episcopal seals, ib., 316;
on a Roman villa at Stancomb Park, ib.,
320; on Roman discoveries at Ickleton
and Chesterford. ib., 856; on the Roman

wall at Bittern manor, ib., 382; on
Saxon antiquities atGilton, in Olouces-
ti rehire, ib., 385; on some Roman re-
mains found in Suffolk-lane, ib., 888;
on a Roman villa at Hartlip, ib., 398;
on the discoveries at Ickleton and Ches-
terford, v, 54-60; on a Roman tesselated
pavement found at St. Mary Axe, ib.,
90; sculptured figure found in Bevis
Marks, ib. ; on fibula; in the museum of
the Hon. R. C. Neville, ib., 113-6; on
Roman sepulchral remains found at
Colchester, ib., 133-40; on sepulchral
urns found in Norfolk, ib., 154 ; on mu-
ral remains beneath the "Times" office,
ib., 155; exhibits four varieties of British
coins found at Whaddon Chase, ib., 155;
on a British coin in Mr. Rolfe's collec-
tion, ib., 158 ; notes on Roman remains
at Chester, ib., 207-33; catalogue of Ro-
man denarii, ib., 355-8 ; on the Roman
discoveries at Hartlip, ib., 370-2 ; on the
supposed amphitheatre at Richborough,
ib., '674 ; on Saxon graves near Richbo-
rough, ib.; exhibits bronze rings, torques,
and a celt, found in Woolmer forest, vi,
88 ; on the bronze handle of a knife, ib.,
90; on Roman coins found near Brest,
ib., 147; on Roman and British gold
coins found near Kingston, ib., 447; on
recent researches at Caerleon, Ciren-
cester, etc., vii, 61-8
Smith (E.), exhibits antiquities from Lan-
cashire and Cheshire, xiv, 347
Smith (F.), obituary notice of, xvii, 184
Smith (Colonel Hamilton), exhibits trac-
ings from MSS. illustrative of the bar-
bican, vii, 178
Smith (H. E.) on a Roman tesselated
pavement at Aldborough, v, 80; exhi-
bits a powder flask, 15th cent., vi, 448
Smith (James), account of his frauds, by

H. S. Cuming, xxix, 313-6
Smith (J. R.), on mural paintings, v, 362
Smith (Richard J. ), obituary, xii, 184
Smithfield, tournaments at, xxiv, 143-4 ;

weapons found in, xxix, 206
Smyrna, inscriptions from, ix, 435 ; xxv,

Smyth (Rev. E.), on a British gold coin,

ii, 189
Smythe (C. E.), obituary, ix, 111-12
Smythe (Sir William), tomb of, xxix, 116
Snake, of terra cotta, xxix, 308
Snape (co. Suff.), sermons at, 1697-1755,
xxi, 13 ; seal of the priory, xxi, 347 ;
example of a tau-crucinx in the ch.,
xxvii, 311
Sneyd < Mr.), xxix, 22
Snipe's skull, exhibited, xxviii, 182
Snoring (Great), visit to the ch., xiv, 166
Snoring (Little), visit to the ch., xiv, 166
Snow-knife, ancient British, xxiv, 125-8
Snuff-box, Jacobite, exhibited by R. Ready,
xxvii, 379; Royalist's, xxvi, 85; various,
xii.:>n ; xiv,27:i: xxiii, 290,392; x\ix.l!>3



Snuffers, pair of brass, temp. Hen. VIII,
found at Hammersmith (engr.), vii,
162 ; history of, xxv, 74-8 ; H. S.
Cuming's remarks on, xxx, 193

Snuffer-stand, exhibited, xxx, 192

Soane (Sir John), canette in the museum
of, described, xxx, 132

Soberton, distemper painting found in the
ch., vi, 442

Sobieski (Clementina Maria), portrait of,
xxi, 350

Society of Antiquaries, T. J. Pettigrew on
the history of the, vii, 143

Solaria, pocket, xix, 71 ; xx, 263

Soles, exhibited, xxix, 421

Solido, or Solidv ; interpretation of the
word as found on British coins, v, 89

Solihull, xxix, 37-42 ; camp at the lodge,
ib., 39

Solleret of the 15th century exhibited, ix,
84 ; Mr. James on the, xi, 1-8 ; long-
toed, of the 15th century (frontisp.),
ib. ; various kinds (engr.), ib., 3

Solly (S. R.), on the excavations at Veru-
lam, iii, 337-341; on the Roman theatre,
at Verulam, iv, 73 ; on Roman anti-
quities near St. Alban's, iv, 405 ; ex-
hibits the deed of sale of the rectory
of Abbot's Langley, v, 10 ; a matrix
of a bone seal found at St. Alban's, vii,
173 ; on Roman remains found at St.
Alban's, viii, 77 ; exhibits mirrors, xiv,
287 ; miniatures of Prince Henry, xvii,
336 ; miniatures of the old Pretender,
ib. ; miniature portraits of Queen Eliza-
beth, xviii, 262 ; and of the Duchess of
Portsmouth, ib., 265

Solway, Roman wall from, to the Tyne,
v, 301

Somerley, dioc. Chick., prebendaries of,
xxii, 145

Somerley ton, a.d. 1770, notice of, xvi, 10

Somerset, on the Earls and Dukes of, xii,

Somersetshire, annual Congress in, com-
mencing at Bridgwater, xii, 370 ; list
of officers aud committees, ib., 370-1 ;
reception by the mayor and corporation
of Bridgwater, ib., 372 ; opening meet-
ing, ib. ; Mr. Pettigrew's address on the
antiquities of Somersetshire, 373; Mr.
Black's remarks on some of the muni-
ments of the corporation, 373-4 ; ex-
amination of the antiquities of the city;
the bridge, ib. ; the market cross, St.
Mary's ch., the Watergate, and Admiral
Blake's House, 375; G. Parker's notice
of ancient Bridgwater, 375-82 ; J. R.
Planchd's paper on the succession of the
Earls and Dukes of Somerset, 382 ; Mr.
Black's further observations upon the
municipal records, ib. ; excursion to
( '• lustonbury, ib. ; visit to W. Stradling's
Museum at Polden Hill, Roman inscrip-
tions there, ib. ; other antiquities, 383 ;
ib. ; inspection of the ruins of Glas-

tonbury Abbey, ib. ; Mr. Davis's remarks
on the Chapel of Joseph of Arimathea,
ib.; ch. of the abbey, 385; the abbot's
barn, the kitchen, ib. ; churches of St.
John the Baptist, and of St. Benedict,
386-7 ; the George Inn, the Hospitium,
387; visit to Wells, ib.; ch. of St. Cuth-
bert, 387-91 ; episcopal palace, and ca-
thedral, with paper on the same by T. J.
Pettigrew, 391; on the antiquities of,
ib., 291-311; tokens, xiii, 225-6; seal
found in, ib., 248 ; bone comb found in,
xx, 329; list of monasteries and castles
in, xxviii, 52; jottings in Mid-Somerset,
by Rev. S . Mayhew, xxix, 207-13

Somery (Roger de), xxix, 415

Sopewell (co. Herts.), paper on the priory,
by A. Sadler, xxvi, 132-43 : origin of
the priory and its name, ib., 132-3 ;
account of the prioress, Dame J. Ber-
ners, ib., 134-43 ; grant of, to Sir R.
Lee, ib., 134 ; pension to J. Pygot,
the last prioress, ib. ; visit of the Con-
gress to, and remarks on, by E. Ro-
berts, ib., 181 ; remarks on the ruins, by
G. Lowe, ib., 188-9

Soresbie (Joseph), Rotherham token of
1669, xxx, 32

Sotheby (S. Leigh), obituary, xviii, 355-9

Southampton, sculpture at St. Michael's
ch., i, 52 ; monument of Jane, Countess
of, iii, 122; Druid's bead found at, ib.,
328; antiquities found at, v, 162; Saxon
tumbler found at, ib. ; charters rela-
ting to the borough of, xi, 322; north-
west wall of town and castle (engr.), ib.,
325 ; arcade in the west wall of (engr.),
ib., 326; visit to various parts of the
town of, fortifications, gates, etc., ib.,
323-3; south gate of (engr.), ib., 326;
threatened demolition of ancient re-
mains at, ib., 348; ancient walls of, saved
from demolition, xii, 207; on the ancient
site of, xiii, 207-10; Saxon bone-pits at,
xvi, 333; coins from, ib., 333-4; Saxon
coins from, xvii, 231; sceatta from, xviii,
386; on the ancient site of, xx, 68-73 ;
coins found at, xx, 69-73 ; the castle
wall, threatened with demolition, ib.,
335; watch seal from, ib., 342; antiqui-
ties of, by Rev. E. Kell, xxi, 188 ; Saxon
coinage of, ib., 191; on the castle and
other ancient remains at Southampton,
by Rev. E. Kell, ib., 197-208; ancient map
oi(engr.), ib., 197; boundary crosses, Cu-
thorne, Myle's, Padwell, and Houndwell
crosses, ib., 198-9; Cane Shote, ib., 199;
ancient suburbs, ib., 200-1 ; Dr. Speed's
account of the liberties of the town, ib.,
201 ; the bargate, the castle, ib., 203-8 ;
the castle and other ancient remains, by
the Rev. E. Kell, ib., 285 ; coin of Offa
ib. ; coins found at, ib., 286 ; of the
Durham mint and other coins ; Roman
sculpture, ib. ; guard-room of the castle,
ancient house in Simnel-street, ib., 287 ;



coat of arms of William Lynch, ib., 288;
armsof the Coopers' Company of South-
ampton, ib., 289; Speed, the antiquary,
his descendants, ib. ; King John's
house, ib., 291-3 ; walls and antiquities
(engr.), ib., 292 ; Rev. E. Kell on the
castle, ib., 285; fall of part of King
John's Palace, at, xxii, 350 ; antiquities
from, ib., 455 ; list of monasteries and
castles in the shire, xxviii, 50-51; seals
of, ife., 348 ; seal of Grammar School at,
ib., 350 ; v. Kell, Rev. E.
Southbrook, Roman encampment at, x,

Southcott (Mr.), exhibits Romano-British

urns found at Dalston, iv, 79
South-Dean, quern found at, vii, 175
South Kensington Museum, relic of St.

Januarius at, xxvi, 273
Southover, marble tomb of Gundreda in
the ch. , i, 349 ; discovery of a flight of
stairs in the wall, ii, 342
South Petherton ch., pewter chalice found
in, v, 163 ; brass of Lady Mary Dau-
beny in, vi, 96
South Walsham, Norf., churches of, xxi,

Southwark, spur found in, xiii, 249; coins,
etc., found at, xiv, 336; Roman flower-
vase found at, ib., 337-8; Roman anti-
quities found in, xix, 69-71 ; discovery
of skeletons and antiquities at, xx, 339;
Roman pottery found at, xxii, 312

v. Gunston, T.

v. Hills, G. M.

Southwark Square, Roman and other an-
tiquities found by Mr. Wimble, xxii, 445
Southwell, co. Nott., account of the col-
legiate church of, viii, 265 ; archieology
of, ib., 304-9 ; architectural plans and
details of the collegiate ch. (3 engrs.),
ib., 270 et seq. ; architectural history of
the collegiate ch. of, ib., 265-303
Southwell, co. Dors., antiquities from,

xxviii, 33
South- Wingfield Manor and Manor House,

description of, vii, 367-74
Southwold, co. SufF.. paintings at, xvi, 351;
MSS. relating to, xxi, 15 ; remarks on
the painting in the ch , by H. S. Cum-
ing, xxv, 261 ; on screen in the ch., by
Mr. Cuming, ib., 269-70 ; drawing of
painted roof of the church, ib., 282 ;
tracing by H. Watling of the figure
of King David on the painted screen in
the ch., xxvii, 519-20 ; example of the
tau on the roof of the ch., ib., 312 ;
drawing of the church vane exhibited,
xxviii, 184 ; church chest at, ib., 227-8
Spade, wooden, from Roman lead mine

(engr.), xiii, 175
Spain : — Spanish-Morisco art, vi, 88-90 ;
objects from, viii, 154 ; documents re-
lating to the armada, ix. 330-6 ; media-
peseta, exhibited, xi, 83; medal struck

Upotl the defeat of the Ailinda. \iv.

281 ; glass plaque, exhibited, xv, 289 ;
Druidical monument in, xxi, 2 ; exhibi-
tion of Spanish colonial coin, evre. 1600,
xxvi, 243 ; early remains in, xxix, 36
Spalding, seal of the grammar school of,

xii, 155 ; notices of, xxviii, 117-120
Spanish- American spurs, xxx, 199
Sparrow (Sir Robert), xxi, 18
Sparrow (Rev. W. C), speech of, at Lud-
low, on the benefits bestowed on the
clergy by archaeologists, xxiv, 97
Spatuke, found in London, xxix, 69 ; Ro-
man, ib., 309, 426 ; bronze, xxx, 87,
Spears, etc., found at Heyford, i, 339 ;
spear-head and other instruments dis-
covered near Strood, ii, 192 ; Mr.
Smith's remarks on, ib., 193 ; bronze,
found at Heage (2 engrs. J, ib., 280 ;
found near Blandfordf? engrs.), hi, 96;
Anglo-Saxon (engr.), ib., 236 ; bronze,
found in the Thames, v, 89 ; a bronze
one from Ely, vi, 441 ; found in a
Saxon grave (engr.), xiii, 227 ; found
in the Thames, ib., 255 ; spear-heads,
ib., 88-9 ; British, exhibited, xxviii,
273 ; various, exhibited, xxix, 206 ;
xxx, 338; of bronze, i, 255, 311 ; iii, 9;
iv, 147; v, 349; viii, 332; of iron, ii,
Spectacles, observations on, xi, 144-50
Speed, the antiquary, his descendants,

xxi, 289
Speen, co. Berks., Roman station, remarks
on, xvi, 227 ; visited by the Associa-
tion, ib., 245 ; church, visited by the
Association, ib. ; monuments in the ch.,
ib., 246
Speke Hall, visit to, v, 310 ; Mr. Pid-

geon's observations on, ib., 310-3
Spence (C), on a sepulchral brass of Sir
John Croker, i, 55 ; exhibits seal of
Milo, ix, 201
Spenser (Henry), Bishop of Norwich,
quarrel of, with St. Alban's Abbey,
xxvi, 37
Spenser (William), the first edition of his
" Faerie Queue", at Ashford Court,
xxiv, 108
Spernal, remains near, xxix, 39
Spes C. Senti, inscription on a stone, xxix,

Sphinx, stone, discovered in the garden
of the General Hospital, Colchester
( t ngr. ), ii, 38 ; of bronze, xviii, 383
Spice mill, xxiv, loo
Spice mortar, xii, 8S ; xvii, 54
Spigot pot, xxi, 353
Spikes [iron), exhibited, xxix, 87
Spiua\ on the Roman station of, xvi, 70-3
Spindles, ancient, xiv, 341 ; H. S. Cu-

ming on, xv, 306-10
Spindle-wheel, exhibited, xxvii, 383; xxviii,

278 ; xxix, 71
Spineto (Geoffrey de), -ctrc, 1126, a wit-
■ i charter, xxx. 171



Spiritual will of the time of Edward IV,
viii, 365

Spitalfields, bellarmine and tile found in,
viii, 142 ; triptych found in, ix, 197

v. London

Spofforth, rector of, legacy to, xxii, 402

Spoons, etc., found in the "Ranglet"
(engr.), viii, 365 ; pewter, of the time
of Elizabeth, found in Lancashire, ib, ;
spoon and porringer found at Shadwell
dock, xii, 162, 179 ; history of, by J.
Jobbins, xii, 257 ; found in London,
xiii, 253-4 ; of the time of Elizabeth,
xix, 71, 329, 330 ; on the antiquity
of, by J. It. Jobbins, xxi, 333-42 ; found
in London, xxviii, 76 ; Roman, i, 138;
iv, 46; vi, 149, 451, 457; xix, 68;
xxix, 309 ; pewter spoon, ib., 426 ; Ro-
man bone, xxx, 87 ; plated, ib., 340 ;
from Rotherhithe, ib., 433 ; apostle-
spoons, xii, 164 ; xxiv, 395

Sporle, bronze instrument from a barrow
at, ii, 342

Sports, in churchyards, xxx, 283

Sportsman's companion, found at Tut-
bury Castle, xix, 330

Sprague (A. F.), on a Norman arch at Col-
chester, i, 143; exhibits illuminations
of Paternoster and Credo, ii, 189; Roman
urn and other remains found at Col-
chester, ib., 349 ; on an incised marble
slab in St. Gregory's, Sudbury, hi, 330

Springfield, mural paintings in the church,
iii, 251

Springhead, near Southfleet, fibula3, coins,
etc., discovered at, i, 155 ; Roman an-
tiquities found at, v, 361

Springinklee (Hans), account of his works,
by H. F. Holt, xxiv, 240-8 ; friendship
of, with Albert Durer, ib., 240 ; un-
known as a painter, ib., 242-3 ; left in
charge of Durer's family in 1506, ac-
count of his engravings, ib., 243 ; ac-
count of his wood carvings, ib., 244 ;
monograms used by ; history of two
bas-reliefs of, ib., 244-6

Sprott's Chronicle, an ancient MSS. of,
exhibited by J. Mayer, vi, 149 ; obser-
vations on, ib., 150

Sprott (Wolfric), will of, xxx, 398

Spur, of the 16th cent., found at Lovendon,
Beds., i, 334 ; a silver embossed spur,
found in the Isle of Wight, ii, 197 ;
spurs found near Blandford ( 2 engr/.),
iii, 98 ; found at Pakenham, ib., 119 ;
found at Wexford (engr. J, viii, 55 ;
Norman spur (engr.), vi, 443 ; of
the time of Hen. VI, and dagger of 16th
cent., (engr.), ib., 148 et seq.; of the
time of Philip and Mary, exhibited, vii,
443 ; found in Ireland, ib.; found at
Wexford, viii, 55 ; spurs and keys,
found at Sandwich, ib., 161 ; exhibited,
ix, 87 ; obtained from Berkshire, ib.;
and other antiquities, exhibited, ib.,
200 ; gilt brass, found at Worcester, .\i.

83 ; remarks on Mr. Wills' collection of,
xii, 262-4 ; on the early rowel, by Mr.
James, xiii, 187-202 ; illustrations of
the early rowel spurs (engr.), ib., 193 ;
of Sir John Raven (engr.), ib., 198 ;
of Sir T. Cheyne (engr.), ib., 198 ; of
Sir E. Cerne (engr.), ib.; of Sir J.
Wingfield (engr .), ib. ; of Sir J. Curson
(engr.), ib., 199 ; of Sir Robert Bom-
stead (engr.), ib.; of Sir N. Dagworth
(engr.), lb., 200; of Sir T. de St. Quintin
(engr.), ib.; of a knight of d'Eresby
family (engr.), ib., 201 ; found at
Southwark, ib., 249 ; rowel in iron,
temp. Rich. II, exhibited, xiv, 279 ;
spurs and stirrups of the 15th and
16th centuries, exhibited, ib., 347 ;
Mauro-Spanish, exhibited, xvi, 290 ;
of brass, exhibited, ib., 358 ; iron, of
the time of Henry V, exhibited, xviii,
392 ; three-rowelled (engr.), xxvi, 379 ;
exhibited, xxviii, 282-399 ; xxx, 71-86 ;
iron, exhibited, xxix, 85, 434; bronze
and iron, exhibited, xxx, 87 ; silver ex-
hibited, ib., 199

Spurr (Henry), memoir of, xxii, 325

Squier (Hon. E. G.), of New York, on
aboriginal monuments of the United
States, iv, 383 ; exhibits plans of Inca
monuments, xxvi, 373

Squirrel-hunting, vii, 208

S's, buckle of the collar of, and observa-
tions by H. S. Cuming, xiii, 331-3 ;
collar, exhibited, ib., 331

Stabia, frescoes from, vi, 441

Stacye (Rev. John), M.A., description by,
of Steetley chapel, xxx, 112-4; paper
by, on Thorpe Salvin ch. and hall, ib.,
115-9; on the priory and parish ch. of
Workso}} or Radford, ib., 156-70; on
monuments in the Shrewsbury chapel,
parish ch., Sheffield, ib., 175-81; paper
on the Shire-oak, ib., 202-4; account of
the village and ch. of Laughton-en-le-
Morthen, ib., 218; on the priory and
parish ch. of Worksop, or Radford, ib.,
277-96 ; on Laughton-en-le-Morthen,
ib., 397-405

Staff, pastoral, found at Wells, xiii, 314;
pastoral, exhibited, xxviii, 183 ; head of,
in form of a crown, viii, 327; pilgrim's,
ib., 360 ; beadle's, xxiv, 272

Stafford (Robert de), notes on his biogra-
phy, charters, etc., xxix, 357, 368, 369

Stafford, seal of the grammar school of,
xii, 234 ; visit of Congress to St. Mary's
ch, xxix, 317; and to St. Chad's, ib.,
317-8 ; on the Ashton monuments in St.
Mary's ch., by A. E. Cockayne, ib., 294-
301 ; collegiate and other houses at, ib.,

Stafford -lodge, observations on, iv, 3S9

Staffordshire, chain-mail found in, vii,
438 ; list of monasteries and castles in,
xxviii, 59; J. C. Tildesley on the early
industries of, xxix, 173-81 ; W. Mo-



lyneux, on the Roman roads of, ib., 288-
94; E. Levien, on early religious houses
in, ib., 325-37; H. S. Cuming on early
saints of, ib., 337-41; appointment of
Walter Wrottesley, high sheriff, ib., 3G5;
the Briton, Roman, and Saxon in, by
T. Morgan, ib., 394-112; ware, ib., 443;
views in, exhibited, ib., 435
Stag's horns, i, 44, 50 ; iii, 51, 351 ; iv,

147; v, 83
Stage, G. R. Wright on the English, in

1638, xvi, 275-6 ; v. Drama
Stainbauk (R.), volumes of legends and
inscriptions on ancient bells exhibited
by, xxviii, 397; silver tankard belong-
ing to, exhibited, xxix, 189
Staindrop, the ch. visited by the Associa-
tion, xxii, 24(1
Staines, siver ring found at, viii, 143; de-
mi-lance found at, xv, 345
Stall, carvings on a, at Stratford-on-Avon
(engr.), iv, 206; at Great Malvern
( 2 engrs.), ib., 207-9 ; at Worcester,
(engr.), ib. ,20S ; atGloucesterf2e»#rs.^,
ib., 209-12 ; Ludlow (2 engrs.), ib., 210-
11; Hereford (engr.),ib., 212; in Win-
chester, and school (2 engrs.), ib., 213-4;
carving on warden's stall in Manchester
cathedral (engr.), vi, 206
Stamford, Saxon coinage of, xxi, 191
Stamford-bridge, account of the battle of,

xxiii, 165
Stamp, Roman medicine (engr.), v, 351;
Roman, xxi, 228 ; bookbinders, xx,
Stanbury (John), Bishop of Hereford,
chapel built by, in the cathedral, xxvii,
77-8; altar tomb of, ib.
Standard of Sir John Gilford of Chilling-
ton (engr.), xxix, 67
Standard, Roman, xiii, 316 ; xxix, 182,

Standlake, co. Oxon, xxix, 28, 29, 33
Standon, co. Herts, seat of Sir W. Sadler

at. xxvi, 30
Stanford (William de), xxx, 309
Stanhope, notices relating to the family of,

xxx, 450-2
Stanhope (W. S.), M.P., exhibits the bow

of Little John, xxx, i'>->
Stanley, remarks on the crest of the fa-
mily, by J. R. Blanche, vi, 199-209;
crest (engrs.), ib., 199, 202; the badge
of Stanley and eagle in neat (engr.), ib.,
207; legend of, vii, 71; motto (engr.),
ib., 74
Stanley (Rev. Arthur Penrhyn), D.D., dean
of Westminster, on the origin of the
touching for the king's evil, xxvii, 298- 1
Stanley (Hon. H.), on Roman anthology,

xiii, 75-7
Stanley (Sir John de), seal of (engr.), vi,

Stanley (Sir Th. de), seal of (engr.), vi,

Stanley (Thomas), author of "Lives of

the Philosophers", <c-;it of, at Cumber-
low, xxvi, 30
Stanmore, Roman remains, found at,
(engr.), xvii, 290; remains found at, ib.,
Stanton- Drew, Somersetshire, Avenue at

(engr.), xvi, 114
Stanton-Lacy, co. Salop, description of
the ch., xxiii, 287; visit of the Associa-
tion to the ch., xxiv, 306; G. M. Hills
on its ch., ib., 360-82 ; Stanton-Lacy
and North churches, plans oi(cngr.J, ib.,
380 ; v. Hills, G. M.
Stanton-Moor, stone at, xxx, 65
Stanway, Roman villa at, ii, 245
Star-chamber, proceedings, 1632, xv, 194
Stapel (Thomas), brass of, from Shopland,

v, 376
Stapleford Tawney, co. Essex, sepulchral

antiquities in the ch., xix, 64
Stapleton ( ), notes from his "Nor-
man Roll", xxx, 122, etc.
Statuette, head of a Roman (engr.), xiii,

317 ; v. Roman
Statute-roll of Ireland, on a, i, 366
Statutes relating to the Marches of Wales
and the Border Counties, paper on, by
J. Davies, xxvii, 404-15
Staunton- Harold, visit to, by the Associa-
tion, xix, 117
Staunton (Sir George), his slaves, xxii, 407
Stebbing (J. R.), exhibits vases from Kertch,

xi, 336
Steel for sharpening, xviii, 386
Steel for striking a light, xx, 339
Steel plaque of the 16th cent., xvi, 317
Steel ornaments exhibited, xxix, 434 ;

early work in steel toys, ib., 178
Steele (Mr.), on a bronze seal found in

Kent, ii, 101
Steele (S.), on a Roman burial-ground at

Strood, ix, 359-60
Steelyard, antiquities from the site of, ex-
hibited, xx, 197, 257-263; shield found
in the, xxx, 88

v. Brent, Cecil

Steeple-Ashton, palimpsest brass, and

stained glass in the ch., xxi, 192-3
Steetley, co. Derby, chapel visited by the
Association, and described by the Rev.
J. Stacye, xxx, 112; historical descrip-
tion of the parish, ib., 112-3; and of
the ch., ib., 113-4; T. Blashill's re-
marks (engr.), ib., 114
Stencilled panel from Dorsetshire, ix, 94
Stephen (St.), carving of, ii, 189
Stephen, king of England, charter of, re-
lating to the Abbey of Furness, vi. 420j
coins of, xi, 347; penny of, found at
Framlingham, ib.
Stephens (J.), discovery of Roman remains

at Finkley by, xxvii, 520-1
Stephenson (Robert), obituary, xvi. 173

Stepney, co. Middx., rood over south d

in the eh., vii, 8(i; a sculpture in the
south aisle, ib.. 81


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