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Sterne (Lawrence), poems of, xxi, 12

Stevens (E. T.), on discovery of flint im-
plements at Salisbury, xx, 335-7

Stevens (Dr. Joseph), letter to the trea-
surer, xxviii, 72 ; on Roman and Saxon
remains at Finkley, ib., 304, 327-36

Stevens (Isaac Henry), obituary, xxx, 352

Stevenson (S. W.), exhibits an ivory casket
of the 13th century, hi, 123; exhibits an
ivory casket of the 1 4th century, v, 168

Stewart, v. Stuart

Steyning, Roman building at, iv, 386

Stibbington, co. Hunt., coin from, ii, 192

Stiftsneuhausen, in Bohemia, seal of the
Millers and Bakers at, xxvi, 216

Stigmata, notice of the, xxx, 371

Stiletto, basket-headed, found in the Fleet-
river, xx, 330

Stirrups, of Oriental form discovered in a
bog in Ireland with the body of a knight,
i, 46; of the 16th century, xiv, 347;
Roman, xxix, 86 ; mediaeval, xxx, 74

Stoddone (Adamde), seal of, ix, 93

Stock (Edward), on an ancient drain at
West Ham, i, 328 ; on Roman remains
found at Old Ford, iv, 392; obituary
notice of, ix, 191

Stockton (John), brass of, in Hereford ca-
thedral, xxvii, 93

Stoke- Charity, co. Hants, brass from the
ch., i, 328 ; sculpture in the ch., v, 258

Stoke d'Abernon, co. Surr., rubbings of a
brass at, xi, 264; ch. chest at, xxviii, 225

Stoke-sub-Hamden, description of the ch.,
xiii,44; observations on the ch. by J. R.
Planche", ib., 45; remarkable tympanum
in the ch., ib.; Mr. Godwin's remarks on
the ch., ib., 46,; ancient manor-house at,
ib., v. Planche, J. R.

Stokesleigh, camp of (engr.), xiii, 103

Stokesay, co. Salop, castle examined, xvii,
1 55 ; paper on the castle, by Rev. G. de
la Touche, xxiv, 230-40; account of, in
'•Domesday Book", ib., 230-1; held by
the Says, 1165-1255, ib.; account of the
pictures in the castle, about 1730, ib.,
233-4; account of its various owners,
ib., 237 ; fate of the castle during civil
wars, ib., 238-9; visit of the Association
to the castle, ib., 306-7

Stokewood, co. Dors., dedication of ch.,
xxi, 29

Stone, remains of a cross in the church-
yard, i, 245

Stone (Capt. ), Governor of Eccleshall cas-
tle, xxix, 24

Stune (Mr.), xxix, 28

Stone, co. Staff., priory at, xxix, 326

Slune antiquities : — Celts found in the
Channel Islands, iii, 127-8 ; circles and
monuments in Britain, connected with
Odinism, xxix, 166-9; circles, xxx, 61;
coffin, found at Ash ch., xx, 85-8; found
near Cirencester, iii, 52 ; found at Locks-
brook, Bath, xix, 65; found at Romsey,
i 326; coffins found in St. Ilm t Ind..-

mew Close, vii, 83 ; in the belfry of
Trowbridge ch., iii, 53; discovery of a
coffin, ib., 337; notice of a supposed Ro-
man coffin, x, 3S6 ; cross of an early date
found at Sandwich, i, 243; cross at Lud-
gershall, iv, 157; cross from St. Alban's,
xvii, 328 ; figure exhibited (a Scandina-
vian idol), xxix, 80; remarks on imple-
ments, by H. S. Cuming, x, 106-7; im-
plements and iron spear-heads found at
Maidstone, xiii, 319; implements from
Aberdeenshire, xvii, 74; implements
exhibited, xxix, 77, 79, 304, 305; Roman
inscribed stones at Neath (3 engrs.), ii,
287-8 ; stone with remains of inscription
(engr.), vi, 65; stone with diagonal
lines (engr.), ib., 66 ; fragment of in-
scribed stone from Sea Mills (engr.),
described, xxix, 371-8 ; monumental
stone (engr.), iv, 70; monuments in
stone, of British Odinism, xxix, 145, 166;
mould exhibited, ib., 401; H. S. Cum-
ing's remarks on painting upon stone,
xviii, 285-7 ; reading-desk in Wenlock
Abbey, iii, 119 ; shot found in the Tower-
ditch, i, 248 ; ii, 361 ; iv, 380 ; H. S.
Cuming on stone shot, ix, 440; slab,
found on the heights at Dover, i, 242;
vessels discovered in Suffolk, ii, 345 ; in
London, x, 194

Stones engraved with circles, iii, 51

Stones for roofing, iv, 367 ; vi, 67 ; x, 194

Stones, white, in graves, xvi, 325-6

Stones, eye, xxv, 274

Stonehenge, T. J. Pettigrew's remarks on
the circle at, xv, 3-9; excursion to, by
the Association, ib., 189; J. Thurnam
on, ib., 191-2 ; W. H. Black on, ib. ; no-
tices respecting, xxii, 65; xxix, 30, 170;
xxx, 61-6

Stoneleigh Abbey and ch. visited by the
Congress, hi, 156; observations on, by
H. M. Bloxam, ib., 156-8 ; picture-board
dummy at the Abbey, xxx, 68

Stoney-Littleton, barrow at, xxii, 261

Stonham, co. Suffolk, Roman remains
found at, xxiv, 182-5; coins at, ib., 185 ;
tetinaj exhumed at, xxvi, 111; drawings
of Roman flue tiles from, exhibited,
xxvii, 385-6 ; on mural paintings at
the ch., xxx, 434-6; v. Watling, H.

Stonham-Aspel, co. Suft'., church-chest at
(engr.), xxviii, 225, 228

Story (Edward), Bishop of Chichester,
obituary notice of, from a manuscript,
xxx, 60

Stottesdon ch., v. Blashill, T.

r. Purton, Rev. W.

Stour river, notice respecting the, xxi, 11

Stourbridge, glass- workings at, xxix, 179-

Stourton Castle, visited by the Congress,
xxix, 431

Stove, or chimney back, ix, 294

Stow Hundred, taxation temp. Edw. III.
xxi. 18



Stowe, Cross at, i, 245; visit of the Con-
gress to, xxix, 317

Stowe (John), extracts from " Survey of
London", referring to the supposed mo-
nument of Duke Humphrey, xxvii, 227

Stowinarket, MSS. relating to, xxi, 1">

Strabo, mention of his evidence, xxix, 39 ;
extracts from, relating to the Druids,
xxx, 139-40

Stradbroke (Earl of), letters, xxi, 13

Stradbrooke, seal found at, iii, 49; ac-
count of the ch., xxi, 347

Stradling (YV.), obituary notice of, xvi,

Strainer, Roman, xxix, 433; strainer from
the Castellani Collection in the British
Museum, xxx, 184; ancient strainer
(engr.J, ib.

Stramshall, Roman remains at, xxix, 270-1

Strange (Ankeret), daughter of John Lord
Strange, notes concerning, xxx, 168

Strangers' Hall, Norwich, description of,
xiv, 80

Stratford-on-Avon, seal found at, iii, 330 ;
Shakespeare's house at, v. Cuming, H.S.

Stratford Abbey, the old gateway of, i, 328

Stratford Langthorne, the Abbey "of, i, 328

Stratonica, in Asia Minor, figure of Venus
found at, ii, 98

Strawberry-leaf as an architectural orna-
ment, xiv, 341

Street (Rev. H.), obituary notice of, xv,

Street, derivation of, xxvi, 25

Strelley (Sir Nicholas), acquires lands, etc.,
at Beauchief, xxx, 429

Strenshall, destroyed monastery at, account
of, xxix, 333

Stretford, visit of the Association to the
ch., xxvii, 394-5

Streye (Henry), or Strawe, memorial of,
xxx, 451

Strickland (Misses), letters of, xxi, 13

Strickland (Agnes), verses by, xxi, 12

Strigil, exhibited, xxix, 71 ; of bone, xi,

Strigul, on the earls of, and lords of Chep-
stow, x, 265-74

Strigulensia, r. Ormerod, G.

Strombos, or Greek top, xxx, 37

Strood, co. Kent, instruments found near,
ii, 192-3 ; coin found near, v, 80

v. Steele, S.

Strutt (Joseph), author of "Queen Hoo
Hall", notice of, xxvi, 31; remarks on
tetotums, quoted, xxx, 41

Stuart period, armour of the, xvi, 294 ;
medals exhibited, xxi, 231; memorials
exhibited, xx, 340-2 ; relics of the royal
house of ; v. Boston

v. Brent, C.

v. Cuming, H. S.

v. Ready, R.

v. Scotland

Stuart (Charles Edward), portraits of, ex-
hibited by H. S. Cuming, xxvii, 379-80

Stuart (James Francis Edward), medali I -
of, exhibited by Rev. S. M. Mayhew,

xxvii, 385

Stuart (.Mary), glove of, i, 269 ; medal* of,
xii, 174 ; portraits of, ix, 76 ; xviii, 263;
xxix, 71; signet, xvii, 22 : i ; xx, 332;
xxiv, 343

Stuart (Mathew), Earl of Lennox and Re-
gent of Scotland, account of a Douglas
heart made in memory of, xxiv, 38

Stubbs (A.), on gold coin discovered at
Boulogne, iii, 125; on thin metal dishes
and other antiquities found at Boulogne,
ib. ; on an oval brass seal found at
Boulogne, ib., 126; on the silver matrix
of a seal of the 15th century, iv, 388 ;
exhibits a gold British coin, v, 154

Studley-Royal, excursion to, by the Asso-
ciation, xx, 238

Stukeley (Dr. W.), extract from his account
of Richard of Cirencester, xxv, 126-7;
description of the Cerne giant, xxviii,
66-7; note of his description of Etoce-
tum, xxix, 54

Sturlason (Snorri), extract from his
"Younger Edda", relating to the glacial
period, xxiv, 125

Stuteville (Joanna de), seal of (engr.J, i,

Stutton Bridge repaired, xxii, 410

Stycas, of Ethelred (engr.), ii, 233; disco-
vered at York, iii, 119

r. Northumberland

v. Yorkshire

StyTap, family of, xxix, 66 ; manor of, ib.,
65; (Gerard de), ib.; ( Ingeram de), ib.

Subterranean chamber discovered between
Bandon and Macroom, i, 259

Suckling (Rev. A.), letters of, xxi, 13

Suckling (Sir John) and his lady, monu-
ment to, xiv, 72

Sudatorium, xxix, 46

Sudbrook, on the camp at, x, 362-7

Sudbury, incised slab found at, iii, 330

v. Walford, Rev. E. G.

Sudeley, visit to the castle, iv, 307

Sudbury, Saxon coinage of, xxi, 191 ; an-
tique pulpit at, iv, 69

Suetonius (Caius S. Tranquillus), extract
from, respecting the Druids, xxx, 145

Suffield Ch., discovery of image of Master
John Schorn at, xxiii, 266

Suffolk (Earl of), catalogue of his collec-
tion of paintings, xxv, 293-7; James,
Earl of Suffolk, his correspondence re-
lating to militia, 1661, xxi, 14; Thomas
de Brotherton, Earl of Suffolk, ib., 92

Suffolk, shields of the Trinity, Crucifixion,
etc., in various churches, i, 339; mo-
nastic seals, ii, 268; Anglo-Saxon wea-
pons found in, iv, 71; proceedings of the
Bury and West Suffolk Archaeological
Institute, v, 399-40U; antiquities found
in, vi, 157; gold brooch found in, vii,
I:'..!; Saxon cross found in, viii, 139;
Saxon and Roman rings from. ib.. 159j



coins found at, xi, 262 ; monastic seal
found in, ib. ; various coins found in,
xii, 83; xiii, 253; rings found in, xiii,
313-4; coins of Edward III, Henry
VIII, Elizabeth, and Alexander of Scot-
land, found in, ib., 348 ; Celtic antiqui-
ties from, xiv, 268 ; Roman intaglio
found in, ib., 339; proposed Congress
by the Association in 1864, xx, 100;
MS. collections relating to, described by
Edward Levien, xxi, 5; Harleian, Lans-
downe, Sloane, Upcott, Craven Ord, Gib-
bons, Suckling, Jermyn, and Davy MSS.,
xxi, 5, et seq. ; Breviary, ib. ; general his-
tory oi,ib., 7; Sheriffs of, with their arms
down to 1851 ; knights of the shire, with
notices, from 1297-1847, ib., 8 ; Peers,
ib.; dignitaries, jurors, etc., ib.; Acts of
Parliament relating to, ib. ; pamphlets,
ib.; autographs, ib. ; catalogue and no-
tices of authors, a.d. 652-1851, ib., 9;
views and portraits, ib., 8 ; maps and
charts, ib. ; churches, charities, registers,
terriers, brasses, ib. ; extent of manors,76. ;
subsidies in different hundreds, ib. ; lists
of freemen, game licences, elections, ec-
clesiastical affairs, pedigrees, wills, and
legal documents, kalendar of bailiffs and
jurors, temp. Ed. I, ib., 9 ; Villa of
Wheatfield, history and antiquities, ib.,
10; correspondence of eminent persons
connected with, ib., 13-4; autographs,
ib., 13-7; miscellanies, ib., 13 et seq.;
churches, notes, and sketches oi,ib., 14;
manors, ib. ; manorial surveys, militia,
a.d. 1661; books of courts leet, ib. ;
notes of churches, ib. ; seals relating to,
plans of parishes, etc., 1708-1839, writs
1509-31, manorial surveys, ib., 15;
mints, town-pieces, and tokens, ib.;
miscellanies, ib.; Charles Devon's Suf-
folk MSS., ib. ; inquisitiones post mortem,
1272-1467, ib., 18; taxatio nonce garba-
rum, ib. ; papers of Lord Crofts and the
Wentworths, ib., 20; papers of John
Wilson Croker, ib. ; charters relating to
Suffolk ; the Fitch collection now in the
British Museum, ib., 21; on the kings of
East-Anglia by H. S. Cuming; antiqui-
ties of Bury St. Edmunds, by G. M.
Hills, ib., 32; G. V. Irving on the
camps, Roman roads, etc., of the county;
Suffolk etymology, ib., 75 ; coin and
ring from Saxtead-green, ib., 80; fibula?,
ib., 83; antiquities found in Suffolk
(ervgr.), ib.; MS. collections relating to,
by Mr. S.Wilton Rix, ib., 144: chief
constable's accounts, Looes hundred, ib.,
153; 17th century list of churches of
Suffolk, ib. ; levy in the 17th century,
ib., et seq. ; bridges and rates for their
repairs, ib., 155; list of MSS. in the
College of Arms relating to Suffolk, ib.,
158 ; Round Towers of churches (engr .),
ib., 162-3 ; emigrants to New England
in 1634, ib., 180; families, volume con-

cerning, ib., 275 : assessment of several
parishes, temp. Jas. I, ib., 348 ; celts
from, ib., :556; fossils, xxii, 157; pottery
from, ib., 109; brass signet-rings found
at Dennington, xxv, 171; description of
fac-similes from chancel- screen of South-
wold ch., ib., 177-8 ; list of monasteries
and castles in, xxviii, 53-4 ; various
effigies there of St. Etheldreda, xxix,
423-5; various topographical drawings
of, exhibited and described, xxx, 331-3

Suffolk, various objects from, v. Clarke,

v. Norfolk

v. Watling, H.

Sumerville (Robert de, and Robert his
son), witnesses to a charter, xxx, 162

Summer Hill, Canterbury, British urns
from, xxii, 241

Sumpting, discoveries in the ch., vi, 440

Sunbury, ancient British cemetery on the
common, a paper by E. Roberts, xxvii,
449-52, 528 ; urns found on, ib., 450-2

Sun-dials, paper by H. S. Cuming on,
xxix, 279-88; various (engrs. ), ib., 281;
drawing of, xxviii, 282; atTrelleck,xi,129

Sun, worship of the, in Britain, xxviii, 68

Sunning, co. Berks, bishops of, xxviii, 323;
account of the manor, ib., 324-5

Superstition, on popular, v, 353

Surgical instruments : forceps (cranio-
tomy), xxix, 310 ; lancet, ib., 187 ;
phleme, ib., 305 ; pliers, xxx, 72 ; probe,
xxix, 309 ; speculum oris, xxiv, 272 ;
tweezers, xxix, 426

Surnames and their origin, xxi, 6

Surrey, round towers of Tooting ch., xxi,
163; antique candlesticks obtained from
the south of, xxv, 59-60; list of monas-
teries and castles in, xxviii, 50

Surtees (Rev. S. F.), "Waifs and Strays
of North-Humber History", xxi, 153

Surtees (R.), historian of Durham, xxii, 21

Surtees Society, publication by the, of the
charters and documents relating to
Finchale, xxiii, 67

Sussex, andirons of (8 engrs.), v, 391-3;
round towers of churches in, xxi, 163 ;
on the earthworks of, by J. C. Savery,
wooded state, evidence of ironworks in,
during Roman period ; roads in, cut up
by the iron carts, xxiv, 335-8

Sussex, list of monasteries and castles in,
xxviii, 50 ; ironworks in, xxix, 127

Sussex, earls of, xxiii, 21

Sutherland (Duke of) places the statue of
Admiral Leveson in the south transept
of Wolverhampton ch., xxix, 51

Sutton (C), seal of, as prebendary of Big-
glewade, xvii, 75-7

Sutton (Charles Manners\ Archbishop of
Canterbury, his autograph, xxi, 13

Sutton (Christopher), seal of, xv, 267
Sutton (R.), brass of, at Dublin, x, 384

Sutton (Thomas), deed relating to, ii, 347
v. Charterhouse



Sutton, manor, court books, 1338-1765,

xxi, 15

Sutton, dioc. Chich., prebendaries of, xxii,

Sutton-Baron, in Kent, excavations made
in, iv, 68; coins found there, ib. ,69

Sutton Coldfield, earthworks at, xxix, 42

Sutton Place, v. James II

Sutton Wallifl, xxi, 25

Swaft'ham. fibulse found at, ii, 346

Swaffham Prior, co. Camb., chs. of,xxi. 109

Swainswick, remarks on the ch., by H. S.
Cuming, xiii, 326

Swanscombe, coin found at, \i. 255

Swansea, gold coin found at, ii, 346

Swansea Cromwell cup, v. Eaton, G.

Swarkeston, coins found at, vii, 178

Swayne (H. F.), exhibits the mount of a
pommel of a war-saddle, xviii, 383

Sweating-sickness, note on, xvii, 236, etc.

Sweden, antiquities from, ix, 189

r. Christina

r. Qustavus Adolphus

Swift (Jonathan), dean of St. Patrick's,
Dublin, letters of, xxi, 21; silver chal-
ice given by, to Goodrich ch., xxvii, 247

Swinburne (Thomas:, bis will, xxii, 416

Swindon, Roman coins found at, xxiv,

Swinfield (Richard), bishop of Hereford,
description of his tomb, by Rev. F. T.
Havergal, xxvii, 195

Swithin (St.), xxi, 296

Switzerland, weapons from, xxii, 91

Sword, elaborately ornamented, discovered
at Oswestry, i, 237; an ancient Irish,
and helmet, found in a sepulchral de-
posit at Kilrnainham, i, 336; Norman,
discovered in the Thames, (engr.), ib.;
of bronze, in its scabbard, found in
Gloucestershire (engr.), ii, 53; bronze,

from the Thames (3 engr 8.), iii, 60 ;
found near Bath, ib., 334; ornamental,
of Danish type, from [reland (engr.),
iv, 411; ancient British, found at Tiver-
ton (engr.), ib., 147; of the time of
Henry V, vi, 154; of Frani isco de Pa-
dilla, vii, 173; of the 15th century,
found in Kent, viii, 150; pommel of a
steel sword, of the time of Elizabeth,
xi, 255; of the time of William III, xiv,
281; bronze, and scabbard ornament,
xvii, 321 ; elaborately engraved, xiv, 277;
G. V. Irving on Andrea Ferara swords,
xxi, 316; from Lillebonne, xxix, 134;
blade, ib., 193; hilt, ib., 188; small blade,
xxx, 440

Swords and daggers of bronze, various, i,
255, 311 ; ii, 98, 235 ; iii, 9, 58 ; v, 349 ;
vii, 217; xiv, 328; xv, 229; xvi, 332,
357; xvii, 210, 334; xxii, 77; behead-
ing, xiii, 321 ; Chinese, xiv, 291 ; cor-
poration of Dover, xxvi, 337 ; city of
Exeter, xviii, 83; Ferara, i, 365; xx, 345;
xxi, 316 ; forged, of bronze, iii, 251 ;
xi, 69 ; xii, 157 ; of J. Hampden, xxvi,
396-9 ; hunting, viii, 64 ; xiv, 281 ;
Persian, xiii, 320 ; xiv, 291 ; silver, iii,

Swyllington (Sir R.), his will, xxii, 417

Sydlesham, dioc. Chich., Prebendaries of,
xxii, 157

Sydnall Bank, xxix, 38

Symbols, Christian, in Britain, xxiii, 222

Symonds (Mr.), describes Weatherbury
castle, xxviii, 2S9

Sydenham (Mr.), on an interesting earth-
work at Poundbury, ii, 342

Sylvayne, family notes of, xxx, 117

Symson (John), poem of Skelton, written
by, xxx, 464

Sysonby, antiquities at. xvi, 311

TABARD, of an earl of Gloucester (en;/):),
v, 373

Tabberer (B.), exhibits earthenware cru-
cibles and other articles, xxvii, 531

Table, Arthur's round, xi, 135, 243 ; of
silver, xxi, 107

Tablebook, of the 16th century, ii, 193-4 ;
tablebooks, found in Ireland, ib.

Tablets, Roman, at Warwick, xxix, 44

Tabram (F.), exhibits Roman silver spoons,
vi, 451

Tabram (J. A.), on a Roman monument
at Hearsley Wood, i, 336 ; on Anglo-
Saxon remains, iv, 74

Tacitus (Publius Cornelius), exl I ■< t - from,
relating to Britain, xxvi, 222-4, 22S-30 ;
extract from, relating to British forts,
xxvi, 236-7; notice from, xxix, 38 ; ex-

tracts from, relating to the Druids,

xxx, 144-5
Tadmarton camp, xxix, 38
Taffetas, painted, an example by H. S.

Cuming, xiii, 326
Tafi (Andrew), mosaic by, introducing

the tau, xxvii, 310
Taheitan adze, exhibited, xiv, 312
Taillebois (Lucie), widow of ho, notice of,

xxviii, 114 et seq.
Tailor's travels, 1648, xi, 341
Talbot, family notes of, xxix, 301; xxx,

Ii!'. 1 ; monuments of various members

at Sheffield, ib., 175-8]
Talbot, carls •^f Shrewsbury, family of. in

connection with Sheffield, xxx. 12, 150,

2 I! : ring, with arms of. \ i, 1 M
Talbot (George 1 , sixth earl of Shrewsbury,

v \



arms of, xxx, 51 ; sepulchral inscription
of, ib., 176
Talbot (Gilbert), family arms of the earl
of Shrewsbury at Sheffield Manor, xxx,
51 ; supposed discovery of his skull at
Whitchurch, ib., 169
Talbot papers, in the College of arms, ex-
tracts from, xxx, 308-24
Talbot (Mr.), exhibits two bronze rings

found at Tonbridge, vi, 450
Tallboy, an ancient drinking vessel, xvi,

Tally, bone, exhibited, xxx, 87
Tames, of Fairford, paper on, by H. F.
Holt, xxvii, 110-48 ; sketch pedigree of,
ib., 112
Tame (Edmund), erects the chantry and
tomb for his father, xxvii, 135-6; ex-
tracts from the will of, referring to
Fairford ch., ib., 137 ; places the painted
windows in Fairford ch., ib., 137-8
knighted by Henry VIII, ib., 138-9
coat of arms granted to, ib., 140-1
tomb of, at Fairford, ib., 143; brass
tablets to the memory of, ib., 147
Tame (Edmund), the younger, knighted
by Henry VIII, xxvii, 141 ; becomes a
Protestant, ib., 144; extract from the
will of, ib., 145 ; the successors to the
estates of, ib., 146; no tomb to the
memory of, ib.
Tame (John), story of, in connection with
Fairford windows, xxv, 48-9 ; Fairford
ch. rebuilt by, ib., 208; bequests by,
to the town of Cirencester, xxvii, 113 ;
history of, ib., 114-33
Tame (Lady Katheriue), extract from

will of, xxvii, 147
Tamworth, British mounds at, xxix, 44 ;

collegiate church at, ib., 327
Tancarville (Maud), wife of Guillaume de,

xxix, 62
Tangham, manor court books (1562-1736),

xxi, 15
Tangmere, notices of the Lewknors of,

xxx, 60-1
Tankard, with pegs, exhibited, ii, 205 ;
tankard exhibited, xxix, 189; notes on
the, ib., 203
Tankerville (Earl of), v. Grey, Henry
Tannington, co. Suff., dedication of the

ch., xxi, 26
Tantalus, cup of, xxvi, 73 ; xxx, 98
Tapers, bequest for, xix, 204
Tapestry, ancient, vi, 347 ; vii, 320 ;
xiii, 113, 329 ; xiv, 227 ; fine piece of,
exhibited, viii, 72 ; on the manufac-
ture of, ib.; at Hollingbourne manor-
house, ix, 414; J. R. Planche on tapes-
try of the middle ages (engr.), xii,
130-41; panel exhibited, xvii, 327; at
Athelhampton, xxviii, 288
Taplow, brass at, x, 98
Taps, xiv, 269 ; xvi, 350
Target, Asiatic, xiv, 276 ; Highland, xiii,
314; xviii, 375; spike of a. six, 329

Tarsus, Greek Samian ware, found in, xx,

Tartars, v. China
Tasburg, co. Norfolk, Roman camp at,

xxvi, 238
Tasciovanus, King of Verulam, account

of, xxvi, 197-9; v. Iceni, coins of
Tate (George), xxix, 28
Tau, v, 260 ; on the symbolism of the, vi,
68-72; mystic symbol of, xxiii, 109; xxv,
251 ; paper by H. S. Cuming, xxvii,
307-14; example of, in Blithburgh ch.,
ib., 308-9 ; example, on roof of South-
wold ch., ib., 312; of St. Anthony, ex-
ample of, in Blithburg ch., ib., 369 ; ex-
ample of tau-crucifix, in Little Stonham
ch., ib., 311 ; in Snape ch., ib., 311 ; on a
brass in Cheam ch., Surrey, ib., 312
Taunton, co. Devon, ancient rings, found

at, ix, 188
Tavern tokens (2 engrs.), ii, 289-90
Tavistock, garter ring from, exhibited,

xxiv, 64
Tawdry, derivation and meaning of the

word, xxiv, 223
Tawke (Robert), arms of, xxiv, 216
Taxations in Suffolk, xxi, 18, etc.
Taylor (W. J.), exhibition of a copper
touch-powder flask, of the time of
Henry VIII, ii, 98
Taylor (Mr.), on Roman remains at Col-
chester, iv, 400
Taylor (J.), on an inscribed stone at Col-
chester, vi, 446
Taylor (James), Sheffield halfpenny, 1668,

xxx, 31
Taylor (John), exhibits a Danish brooch
of the 10th cent., xx, 262; a badge of
St. Michael, ib., 331 ; a spear blade of
grey flint, found at Norton, ib., 343
Taylor (John), the " Water Poet", wan-
derings of, x, 308 ; particulars relating
to Charles I, by, xi, 340
Taylor (Thomas), exhibits deed and seal

of Earl of Warren, xx, 328
Taylor (Rev. Mr.), description of Elling-
ton ch. and its monuments, xxx, 450-2
Tazza, Venetian, exhibited, xxix, 436
Teapots, xviii, 398 ; xix, 138 ; xxx, 196 ;

of Bottcher ware, xxi, 229
Tecla (St.), curious ceremony at the

spring of, xxvii, 248-9
Tederade (Peter), "Canonicus Creteusis",

seal of, iv, 393 ; xxiii, 103
Teeth of a giant, iii, 7
Teilo (St.), x,_241
Telescope, xxi, 351
Telfont-Ewyas, Rectory visited, xv, 178 ;

description of carvings at, ib.
Telson, on the Medway, Roman dwelling

•excavated at, xxviii, 282
Temple (Robert), exhibits antiquities
from Honduras, xiii, 319; on treasure
trove, ib., 352 ; xv, 100-4 ; exhibits
Hint javelin heads found at Honduras,
xvii, 63


Temple oh., Christmas box Found near,

xxx, lit; pyx, found in, .xix, 147
Temple Dynsley, co. Herts, Lodge of

Knights Templars at, xxvi, 30
Temple Gardens, stirrup from, xxx. 7 I
Temple. Roman, at Bath, xxix. 379-94
Tenby, correspondence relative to the de-
molition of the town walls, xxiii, 94-5
Teniswood (G. C.), exhibits a Romano-
British lamp, xxiii, 197
Tennant (Sir James Emerson), on the
body of a knight in complete chain
armour, discovered in a hog at Gart-
na-Moyah, in the co. of Deny, i, 46
Terebra, Roman, exhibited, xxviii, 272
Terra-cotta, Roman, from London, xxviii,
172; vessel, ib., 183; head from Greece,
Hi., 189; cup, ib.; various objects, ib.,
Terry (G.), designer, xxix, 75
Tertullian. quotation from, xxix, 17
Tesserae, found at Ledes Priory, Kent

(enyr.), ii, 95
Tessera) Consulares, remarks on, xx, 95-7
Test Valley, pits excavated at, xxviii, 72
Teston, co. Kent, J. W. Grover on a Ro-
man villa at, xxviii, 397; xxix, 45-7;
glass from the Roman villa there exhi-
bited, ib., 71
Testoon, of Edward VI, found at Frani-
lingham, viii, 159; specimen from Es-
sex, ix, 73
Tetbury, visit of the Association to the
ch., with remarks of E. Roberts on,
xxiv, 199
Tetina, Roman, exhibited, xxix, 310

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