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Tetiiue, paper on, by H. S. Cuming, xxvi,
109-14 ; mention of, from 1688 to 1799,
as sucking-bottles, ib., 113
Tetotum, remarks on the, xxx, 11
Tettenhall, visit to, xxix, 1(17-8: collegi-
ate house at, ib., 326 ; charter relating
to, ib., 363-4
Teulet (A.), on medireval documents in
the archives of the French empire, xix,
Teutonic race, v. Bayeux
Tewkesbury, co. Gloucester, visit to the
Abbey and Tower, ii, 390 ; 14th cent.
Kitchener's account for the Ahhey, xv.
285-318; seal exhibited of the grammar
school, xvii, 67-8
Textus Roffensis and Ougtumale Roffense,
examination of, ix, 358; observations
on, by W. II. Black, ix, 358
Thalia, alabaster figure of, exhibited, x,

Thame I Philip de), seal and counterseal of

( i ngr. ). xv, 154
Thame.- Riv< i . antiquitiei from ; !
i. 24 I ; bronze chili, i. 2 I'.'; vari< u
tiquities, ii, 100; gold rings, ib., 199;
swords, iii, 60-1; pilgrim's sign, found
in the river-bed, ib., 121; signet ring,
\. 359; spur, vi, 452; hieroglyphica] re-
presentation on a gold plate (,

vii, 2.V2; fetterlock (engr.), ix, 156j
knife, x, 89; stone celt, ib., 105; Anglo-
Saxon arms (engr.), x iii, 203; dagger
and ball, xiv, 291; Celtic weapons, ib.,
:;-_'N-:tO; bronze eagle, ib., 339; passage
..I', by Caesar, xv, 358; xvi, 133-44;
gold ring, ib., 318; bronze spear-head,
ib., 322; various antiquities, xvii, 225;
pins found near the north hank, xx,
252; claw-hammer, ib., 263; brass pen-
dants, ib., 264; metal implements
(engr.), xxiv, 181; G. R. Wright on the
source and nomenclature, xxv, 348-57;
antiquities found on the hanks, xxviii,
396; canette found in the, xxx, 130

Thames and Isis, marriage of, extract from
poem on, xxv, 357

Thames-head, remarks on stone at, by G.M.
Hills, xxv, 283-4

Thames-street, flue-tiles found in.(engr*.),
iv. 47-8

Thames-street (Lower), ground plan of a
Roman building discovered in (engr.),
xxiv, 296

Thanet, Isle of, Anglo-Saxon cemetery in
the, i, 360; Saxon and Roman fibulas
found in, iv, 144; tetinte exhumed in,
xxvi, 111

Tharros, on the discovery of the ancient
city of, vii, 239-58 ; Egyptian antiquity
found at, ib., 432

Thatcham, remarks on the ch., xvi, 96

Theatres, Roman, at Verulam, xxvi, 26

r. I Irama

Thebes, Mr. Buckingham on the mummies
at, iv, 317; Chinese bottle from, ib., 321;
funeral tablet from, xviii. 267

Thehertin ch., v. Betham, Sir W.

Theobald, Archbishop of Canterbury,
charter of, vi, 323

Theodoliude, Queen of the Lombards, fans
of, xxvi. 203

Theodore. Archbishop of Canterbury, xxix,

Theodoret, xxix, 47

Theodosius, seal of, i, 64; coin of, xxiii, 42

Thedwastre hundred, taxation, temp. Ed.
Ill, xxi, 18

Thetford, co. Norf., silver ring found at,
ix, 73; Roman remains found at, ib., 76;
seal of the grammar school of, xii. 227;
notices concerning. x\i. 27. lOl; SaxOD
coinage of, ib., 191; bronze spear from,
ib., 346

Thing-hoe, origin of the name, xxi, 33;
hundred, taxation. /, ,n r . Ed. Ill, /6.,18

Thing- wald, in the Isle of Man, xxi, 34

Thirsk, stained glass at. i, 19

Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury, xxviii,

13 l
Thomas, Archbishop of Vork, charter ad-
dressed to. XXX. 1 60

Tii imline William I, memorial of. xxx, I'd
Thompseii (Counsellor . on the Museum of

Antiquiti< s at Copenhagen, i. 319
Thompson Alfred), exhibits an Egyptian



bronze of the sacred ibis, x, 180; on a
leaden water-pipe, found in Old Broad-
street, xi, 73-4 ; on the portraits of the
Queen of Bohemia, xii, 214-7; exhibits
miniature of Henrietta Maria, ib., 251;
a pair of bronze nutcrackers, xiii, 251; a
brass mortar, 1630, xv, 268; a chased
watchcase, temp. Geo. II, ib., 2S8; Bat-
tersea enamels, ib., 354; a silk purse, ib.,
360 ; cannon-ball found at Culloden
Moor, xvi, 288 ; obituary, xxi, 245
Thompson (H.), on a leaden coffin, iv, 383
Thompson (James), on excavations at
Leicester Abbey, i, 245; on Leicester Ab-
bey and its ancient remains, vi, 116-22;
on a gold coin of Honorius, found at
Leicester, ib., 151; on the Jewry-wall at
Leicester, ib., 393-402; exhibits a Ro-
man pig of lead, viii, 55; on Bradgate,
xix, 48-9; on the bedstead of Richard
III, xix, 56; on the history of the coun-
ty of Leicester before the Conquest,
xix, 120
Thornburgh (Robert), brass of, xxx, 364
Thornewall (R.), communicates charters
relating to the Abbey and town of Bur-
ton-on-Trent, vii, 421-8
Thorney, dioc. Chich., Prebendaries of,

xxii, 148
Thorneycroft (Major), entertains the Con-
gress at Tettenhall, xxix, 107; speech of,
ib., 110-1
Thornford, v. Savory, J.
Thornhill (Sir James), the altar-piece at

Weymouth ch., painted by, xxviii, 88
Thornton (Rev. Dr.), on the Lustleigh

Stone, xviii, 335
Thorold, Sheriff of Lincolnshire, xxviii,

Thorpes, or Danish settlements, in various

parts of England, xxx, 115
Thorpe-Salvin, ch. and hall visited by the
Association, and description of, by the
Rev. J. Stacye, xxx, 115-9; font at, ib'.,
Thredling hundred, taxation temp. Ed. Ill,

xxi, 18
Throckmorton (Sir M.), English Ambas-
sador at Paris, extract from his letter
relative to Mary Queen of Scots assum-
ing the title, in 1559, of Queen of Eng-
land, xxiv, 348
Thumb-pot, from the New Forest, exhi-
bited, xxx, 199
Thumb-ring, found at Exeter, vii, 443
Thunder charm, xxiv, 226
Thurgarton, encaustic tiles from the priory,
(engr.), viii, 249 ; encaustic tiles de-
scribed, ib., 367
Thurible, discovered in making repairs in
the walls of the ch. at Dymchurch, i,
47 ; specimen found at Brix worth, iv,
1 12; of the 13th century, xv, 282; paper
on thuribles, xix, 81-91; various (engrs.),
ib., SS-9; upper portion of a (engr.),

ib., 90 ; various, found in Wilderspool,
xxvii, 431-2
Thurlow (Lord), obituary of, xiv, 186
Thurnam (J.), M.D., on Roman antiquities
found at York, vi, 156 ; obituary notice,
xxx, 355
Thurston (Thomas), exhibits tilting hel-
met of Sir John Fogge, ix, 408 ; cast of
dedication stone of Postling ch., ib. ;
presents the cast, x, 183
Thurston, celt from, xxi, 356
Thyrsus and mould (engr.), xxvii, 523
Tiberius (Emperor), bronze of, xxv, 145
Tichbourne family, pedigree of, vii, 443 ;
on the foundation of the Tichbourne
dole, xi, 283-90
Tichbourne font at the ch., v, 80
Tichbourne (Sir Benjamin), on the monu-
ment of, xii, 92
Ticket of the physic garden, Amsterdam,

xx, 331
Tickhill, Castle and Honour of, xxx, 157,
etc.; notice of, ib., 399-401; siege of,
W6., 401; note concerning the chantry of
St. Helen at, ib., 451, n.; visited by the
Association, ib., 452 ; ch. and castle de-
scribed by E. Roberts, ib.
Tideswell, co. Derb., A. Goldsmid on

brasses in the ch., xxi, 238
Tiki, New Zealand idol, x, 108; xxv, 79
Tilbury, co. Essex, monastery at, in Beda's

time, xxiv, 366
Tildesley (J. C), on the early industries of

Staffordshire, xxix, 173-81
Tiles, encaustic, from Winchester, i, 312 ;
from Shrewsbury and Haughmond
(engr. J, ii, 261; on heraldic decorations
of tile-paving, iv, 216 ; from Worcester
cathedral (engr.), ib., 226 ; heraldic
(engr.), ib.; encaustic tile from Neath
abbey (engr.), ib., 349; tiled tomb con-
taining vases (engr.), v, 134 ; stamped
tile at Chester (engr.), ib., 223; of the
Twentieth Legion (engr.), ib.; carved
tile found in a chamber (engr.), vi, 55;
flue-tile found in a chamber (engr.), ib.;
tiles found in Monkwell-street, ib., 147;
Roman, found in Oxfordshire, xi, 65;
a decorative one, found in Shropshire,
ib., 261 ; inscribed, of the eighth Legion,
found at Leicester, xix, 46-7; tiles and
tracings of, from various places, exhi-
bited, ib., 329-30; embossed, from S.
Wales, xx, 81; found in London, xxviii,
76 ; Roman floor-tile exhibited, ib., 273;
Roman, with inscription, exhibited, ib.,
28 ; I; embossed, of mediseval work, ex-
hibited, xxix, 78 ; exhibited, ib., 421 ;
encaustic, from West Bromwich,i'6., 433;
from Hales Owen, drawings exhibited,
and paper by Mr. Holliday on them, ib.,
435, 437, 440; encaustic paving, exhi-
bited, xxx, 72; encaustic paving, from
Clerkenwell, ib.; various exhibited, ib.,
79 ; notes on a polychrome, belonging to



Mr. Horner, by H. S. Cuming, ib., S4-6;
polychromatic specimen, ib., 84; re-
marka on one coloured of the l(ith cen-
tury (engr.), ib., 84-6 ; incuse paving,
from Bishopsgate-street, exhibited, with
remarks by 11. S. Cuming, ib., 89; in-
cuse tiles, account of , ib., 89-90; poly-
chromatic tile exhibited, ib., 91; various
encaustic exhibited, ib., 79, 95, 196; of
the Chapter-house, works of (engr.),
ib., 293 ; ] >< >lychr< >mie tiles from Bethnal
I ireen, exhibited and described, ib., 335,
336 ; Roman, impressed with the feet of
animals, vii, 113; xi, 65; xv, 358; xix,
62; xx, 49, 361 ; flue, iv, 47-8; vi, 55;
xvi, 341; xxvii, 385; perforated, xvii,
323; manufactory at Benthall, xvii, 48;
tine of, xvi. 243; gaily, xviii, 375; xx,
83; xxi. Si 54; v. Dukes, T. F.

Tilting helmet, German, exhibited by S.
Pratt, iii, 59; of the 15th century, v,
337; of the time of Edward III, found
in Kent, vii, 161

Timber-house, ancient, at Islington, vi,
452 ; timber-houses, ancient, in Eng-
land, vii, 97-107; (2 engrs.), ib.; of
England, xxx, 296-307

"Times" Office, remarks on some mural
remains beneath the, v, 155

Timsbury, seal of an ecclesiastic found at,
v, 163

Tin-plate, early work in, xxix, 177-8

Tin-trade of the Isle of Wight, by Rev. E.
Kell, xi, 319; ancient, in the Isle of
Wight, xxii, 361-6

Tin, ingot of, ii, 342, 361; xxv, 2.57; wea-
pons tipped with, ii, 173; Greek in-
scription on, xx, 45

"Tin" on British coins, i, 303; iv, 157;
vi, 22, 23, 25; vii, 121, 405

Tinia, Etruscan Jupiter, xii, 16

Tiutern (Johannes de), abbot of Malmes-
bury, xxvii, 332-3

Tintern, effigy at the abbey (engr.), x,
268 ; visit to the abbey, ib., 293-4 ; ac-
count of, xxvii, 251-2 ; mutilated statue
discovered at, io.,252

Tippets of the canons ecclesiastical (engr.),
vi, 272-93

Tipton, nail-making and iron-casting at,
xxix, 179

Tironian notes, xxx. 461

Tissbury, the ch. visited, xv, 180

Tissimaa (J.), on excavations in barrows in
Yorkshire, vi, 1-5

Tissington, well-dressings at, xxx, 61

Tite (Sir William), C.B., F.R.S., on tin-
gradual improvement in the social man-
ners ami condition of the people of
England during the middle ages, xiii.
154; obituary memoir of, xxx, .'551

Tithing, origin of, paper by the [lev. W.
I James, x xviii, 21-7

Titterstone Clee Hill, visit of the Con-
gress to, xxiv, 101-2; fortifications on
the hill at, /'-.. 102

Tiverton, denarii found at, i, 140; Roman
remains found at, ix, 74; excursion to,
xviii, 232; papers read at the Town-
hall, ib.; paper on the ch., by the l'ev.
.1. 15. Hughes, ib., 232-7; examination
of the ch., ib., 232; paper upon the cas-
tle, by Dr. G. A. Paterson, ib., 237-46;
examination of the castle, /'//., 246

Tizard (John), obituary notice of, xxx, 335

Tivoli, model of the Temple, xxix, 436

Toadstone, observations on, by G. Isaacs,
v, 340-3

Tobacco box, Dutch, viii, 139; xi, 25.";
xvii, 335; xix, 138; xx, 331; xxix, 429;
xxx, 433; German, xviii, 392; Royalists,
xxvi, 85; xxix, 312; wood, xiv, 347;
xviii, 274

Tobacco pipes, xi, 75; xviii, 278; of Leo-
pold I, xix, 138

Tobacco stoppers, i, 245; iv, 404; xi, 76;
xvi, 349; xix, 139, 149, 330; xxii, 451;
xxiv, 168 ; xxvi, 252 ; xxvii, 256

Todd (J. R.), obituary notice of, ix, 105

Toddington, coin of Ofi'a, and a seal found
at, i, 341 ; bronze ornament from a belt,
found at, ii, 271; Roman coins and re-
mains found at. iii, 334

Todwick, manor of, xxx, 165

Toeni, baronial house of, xxix, 368

v. Toni

Toga, Roman, xii, 26

Tokens : — Examples of coffee-house, ta-
vern, and tradesmen's tokens, current
in London in the 17th century, by J.
Y. .Akerman, ii, 288; tradesmen's, cur-
rent in London and vicinity between the
years 1648 and 1672, by J. Y. Akerman,
v, 173; leaden token of John Saultcot,
ix, 432 ; of tradesmen exhibited, from
Bridgwater, Bath, Y r ork, Dorsetshire,
Gloucestershire, Hertfordshire, Mon-
mouthshire, Somersetshire, Wales, and
Ireland, xiii, 225-6; of "boar's head", in
Southwark, ib., 225 ; from Somerset-
shire, exhibited by Mr. Wills, xiii. 243-4;
from Cousen-lane, exhibited, ib., 225;
Mr. Cuming remarks on, ib., 255-6;
found in New Kent-road, ib., 321; va-
rious, exhibited, xxix, 196; of Sheffield
traders, by LI. Jewitt, xxx. 25-37; va-
rious, exhibited, ib., 433 ; heart-shaped,
vii, 432
— v. Dunthorne, E.

Tokenhouse-yard, notice of, xxx, 28

Toki (Hugh>, xxx, 309

Tolford, xxix. 30; Hill, ft., 28-9

Tollemach (Lionel), xxi, 14
?■. Eawes, Etoberi

Tomb, canopy from a,in Brampton church-
yard, xiii. 50; ancient, tomb, found in
St. Patrick's cathedral, xx. 343-4

Tomline (Q.), inaugural address at the
[pswich ' longress, xxi, 1

Tomline Dr. <■-. Bishop of Winchester,
letters, \\i. 13

Tonbridge, bronze rings found .it, vi, 150



Tong Castle, visited by the Association,
xvii, 140; remarks on, ib., 140-7; exami-
nation of the ch., lb., 147-50; cup from
the ch., xxix, 435

Tongue scraper, xvi, 340

Toni, family arms of, in east window of
Monkland ch., xxvii, 366

Toni (Ralph De), grant of Monkland to,
xxvii, 365; grants of Monkland to the
Benedictine monks, ib., 365-6

Toot Hill, near Uttoxeter, Roman remains
at, xxix, 264-6

Toothpick, xvi, 340; xx, 257

Tooting, round tower in the ch., xxi, 163

Top, paper on the whirligig or, by H. S.
Cuming, xxx, 37-42 ; v. Whirligig

Toppesham, fishery, etc., at, xxx, 171

Tor, visit to the abbey and castle, xviii, 185

Torbay, bone pin from, vii, 438

Torbock, crest of (engr.), vi, 203

Torbuck (William), seal of (engr.), vi, 202

Toreutic work, xx, 202

Torques found in a barrow in Brighton, i,
148; gold, found near Carrickfergus
(engr.), ii, 357; gold, found near Holy-
well (2 engrs.), v, 333; found in Ire-
land, exhibited, xiii, 333-4; found at
Wedmore, xxi, 232 ; H. S. Cuming and
J. Bateman on, ib., 232-3 ; exhibited,
xxviii, 182; gold, found at Pattingham,
ib., 25; Torque field-house, ib., 25

Torrington, gold ring found in the priory
ruins, ii, 90

Tortesmains (Ralph de\ witness to an
early charter, xxx, 162

Tortoiseshell-ware, dish of, exhibited, xv,
285 ; tortoiseshell object, xxx, 199

Tostig, Earl of Northumberland, opposes
his brother Harold, xxiii, 161

v. Harold

Totnes, visit to, xviii, 333

Tottenham, sword from the Lea at, xxiv,

Touche (Rev. G. de la), on Stokesay castle,
xxiv, 230-40

Tournois discovered at Exeter, ix, 182

Towcester, Roman remains at or near, iv,
396; vi, 73; vii, 107-14; urn disco-
vered at (engr.), ib., 108 ; terra-cotta
column at (2 engrs.), ib. ; patera found
at (engr.), ib., 109; section of glass pa-
tera (engr.), ib., 112; tiles (2 engrs.),
ib., 113

Tower of London, discovery of the Deco-
rated window of a building near the
Spur-gate, ii, 349 ; v. Black, W. H.

Tower-hill, excavation near the Roman
wall on, viii, 240-2; Roman remains
found at (engr.), ib., 241

Tower, porcelain, vi, 89; xxi, 236

Townsend (Rev. G. T.), on the mediaeval
instruments of popular punishment pre-
served in Ludlow and Leominster, xxiv,
301; paper by, on incidents .at Ciren-
cester during the civil war, 1642-46,
xxv, 149-57

Townshend (Hon. Arabella), xxi, 8

Towyn, co. Merioneth, St. Cadvan's stone
at, xxiv, 170-1

Toys, leaden, xvi, 330 ; xvii, 225 ; whiz-
zing balls, xxiv, 292; cut-water, xxiii,

Tractate of Britain, its authenticity dis-
cussed, xxv, 126-33

Tradesman's tokens in the possession of Mr.
Dunthorne, vii, 432; exhibited, viii,
142; tradesmen's signs, viii, 162; in
London, ix, 40-59, 92, 173; x, 99-105;
found in the City of London, xii,
239; exhibited, xv, 351; token found at
Canterbury, xvii, 335 ; v Tokens

Traitona (Fulco de), witness to an early
charter, xxx, 162

Transylvanian antiquities, paper on, by
A. Goldsmid, xxviii, 215-6

Trappes (Rev. F.), on decade rings, xiv,
271-2 ; memoir of, xxviii, 308

Tratton, lords of, xxx, 60

Treasure trove, G. V. Irving on, xv, 81-
99, 273-4 ; R. Temple on, xiii, 352 ; xv

Tree of life in pewter, xx, 81

Treen or wooden trenchers, v, 29

Treeton, manor of, xxx, 165

Tregear, remains at, xxix, 349-50

Trelleck, on the antiquities of, xi, 128-34

Trellick (John), Bishop of Hereford, brass
of, in Hereford cathedral, xxvii, 89

Trembras (John), of Penkevil, brass of,
viii, 72

Trenchard (Sir Thomas), xxviii, 147, 151-2

Trendle-hill, description of ancient British
earthworks at, xxviii, 65-6

Trentham, priory at, xxix, 326

Tresel (Bernard), xxix, 361

Tressel, grant of lands at, xxix, 362

Tressingfield, brass in the ch. of, ii, 205

Tretire, ancient basin found in the ch.,
vi, 438 ; Roman altar from, xviii, 275

Trevelyan (Sir Walter C), Bt., on a monu-
mental slab in Bridlington ch., ii, 98

Trevenant (John), bishop of Hereford, his
tomb in Hereford cathedral, xxvii, 76

Treves, Roman tile and crucible found at,
i, 155; C. R. Smith's notes on the anti-
quities of Treves, vii, 178

Tribes (Hinrik), seal of, iv, 144

Tricker firedock, xi, 255

Trident, xii, 276; xxiv, 310

Trim, penny of James 1 found'at, xii, 75

Trimley, co. Suffolk, churches at, xxi, 109

v. Walton

Trinity, symbols of, etc. (engr.), xiii, 119

Trinity ch., Colchester, discoveries at
(2 engrs.), ii, 348 ; on the Saxon tower
of, iii, 19

Trinity ch., London, charter to, xxix, 260

Trinity hospital, Salisbury, documents re-
lating to, xv, 198
Trinket (fermail), 14th century, xxi, 230
Triple barrel of fire-lock pistol, xv, 286
Triple-knots (B engrs.), iv, 390



Triple-tie, in heraldry, remarks on, iv, 390

Tripod, Roman, of iron, xviii, 272; bronze
exhibited, xxx. 199

Tripontium, site of, xxix, 39, 43

Triptych (engr .), i, 174; found in Spital-
Belds, exhibited, ix, 197

Triptychon in D'Agincourt's " History of
Art by its Monuments", showing Tau-
formed rood, xxvii, 311

Tristram and Isoult, legend of, on en-
caustic tiles, xxix, 435, 437-40

Trivet, potter's, xxii, 92

Trogy, v. Wentwood Castle

Trollope (Rev. Canon Edward), exhibits
drawing of an enamel on copper of the
12th century, iii, 248; remarks on Bos-
worth Field, xix, 113

Trophimus (St.), legend of, xxvi, 63

Troston, celt from, xxi, 356

Troughs, grinding, iii, 31-3

Troumpour, monumental slab of, in Guild -
hall Museum, vii, 163

Trowbridge, stone coffins found in belfry
of the ch., iii, 53

True Lovers' Knot, remarks on, iv, 389 ;
the Stafford Badge (engr.), il>. ; of Henry
VIII and Anne Boleyn, ib., 390 ; ex-
amples, x, 177; xiv, 346; xv, 272

Trumpet, curious, exhibited, xvi, 344

Truro, inscribed stone with cross near, i,
49 ; r. Haslam, Rev. YV.

Truxillo, fictile vessels found at, iv, 81

Tucker (Stephen Isaacson), Rouge Croix,
exliibits a Roman urn, viii, 54 ; a silver
mourning ring of Sir W. Colepeper, ix,
74 ; a pack of political cards, ib., 76 ; a
silver gilt ring, ib. ; various charters, ib.,
85-6 ; a pewter pot found at the re-
moval of London-bridge, ib., 92 ; the
pedigree of Newcomen of Salt-fletby,
ib., 94 ; Roman pottery and glass found
in Philpot-lane, ib.. 190 ; a receipt signed
by Sir J. Vanbrugh, for expenses at
Woodstock Park, ib., 198; on the Cole-
peper family, ib., 410; on Tong Castle,
xvii, 140-7; exhibits seal of D. Garrick,
xxix, 3<>7; a medallion relating to Queen
Elizabeth, ib., 420; on the descent of
the manor of Sheffield, xxx, 237-77

Tuekctt (John), on Crediton, xviii, 91-6

Tudor badge ; v. Davies, H.

Tula, in Russia, manufactory of coins at,
xxiii, 117

Tumulus, near Dorchester, Mr. Warne's
observations on, iii, 50-2 ; near Dorches-
ter (engr. ). ib., 51; on Shurdington Hill,
Gloucestershire engr.), ib., 64 ; in York-
shire, opened, v, 369 ; at Royston,
opened, viii, 371 ; sacrificial one on
the Yorkshire Wolds, ix, 431-432; on
Ashey Down, notes on the opening of,
x, 162-5; in the Isle of Wight (engr.),
xi, 348; in Cornwall, xii, 201!; Celtic
tumuli of Dorsetshire, xvii. 264; of
Maes Howe, description of. l,yT. .1. Pet-
tigrew. xviii. 395: at the Cumbne, xxvii,

358 ; description of tumulufi on < .

magog Hills, ib., :;:">.>; a1 [cknngham,
xxx, 195-6; v. Hutchinson, I'. O.

Tunnok (Richard), portrait of , in tie- bell-
window in York- Minster, xxvii, 419

Tun stall, extent of the manor of, xxi. 14

Tunstede (Hughde), his will, xxii, 407

Tupper (Captain A. C), exhibits a paal-
Btab of bronze from Normandy, x. lo7;
a Roman key found at Fairford, ib.,
113; a grant of Henry VIII to John
Uvedale, of the priory of Marryck, xi,
265-7; a collection of locks and keys,
xii, 97-8 ; an ivory knife-case, ib., 156;
exhibits and remarks on Apostle-
spoons, ib., 164; exhibits a morion, of
the time of Queen Elizabeth, ib., 266;
exhibits a Roman poculum, found at
Widcombe, xiii, 236 ; exhibits various
keys, xvi, 329; pseudo-antiques, xx, 83

Tupper (Martin Farquhar), on a Greek
monastic seal, i, 64; on an ivory buf-
foon or jester, ib., 245; on a gold Bri-
tish coin, and some other ornaments
found near Guildford, ii, 359; exhibits
a bronze spear-head found in Cam-
bridgeshire, v, 360

Turbo, or Roman top (engr.), xxx, 38

Turbo shell bowl, xiv, 344

Turkish tombstone of Parian marble exhi-
bited, xii, 157 ; purse, xxi, 87, 88 ;
khandjar exhibited, xxi, 355

v. Khandjars

Turner (Dawson), Roman vessels from Suf-
folk, exhibited by, iv, 155 ; series of
drawings from churches in Norfolk, ex-
hibited at Chester, v, 335; obituary no-
tice of, xv, 166-8

Turner (F.), communicates letter of J.
Ives on Dover harbour, ix, 407

Turner (Rev. George), verses by, xxi, 12

Turner (John), exhibits Roman antiquities
found at Gloucester, xi, 64; an Arme-
nian shoe, ib.; coins, etc., found in
Southwark, xiv, 336; antiquities found
in Upper Thames-street, xviii, 374; on
sepulchral antiquities at Stapleford
Tawney ch., xix, 64-5

Turoldus, abbot of Malmesbury, xxv, 11,

Turton, co. Lane., account of Druidieal
circle at, xxvii, 524-5

Tussaud (F. R.), obituary notice, xv, 165

Tutbury, description of the castle, by Sir
O. Moseley, vii, 334-6; excavations in
the eh., il>., 334; C. Daily's paper on,
ib., 390; visit to the ch. ib.. 884; plan
of the ch. ( engr. ), ib., 391; ancient nut-
cracker found in the castle, xix, 330;
priory at, xxix, 326

Tutbury -lane, British covered way there,
xxix, 40

Tutbury horn. v. 123

Tuxfora, land in, given to Worksop, xxx.

Tweezers, curiously shaped, found in York-



shire (engr.), ii, 56; tweezers, rings, etc.,
found near Blandford (15engrs.J, iii, 98;
bronze with earpiek attached (engr.),
ib., 177 ; bronze (2 engrs.), ib., 195 ;
lloman found in Kent (engr.), xii, 236;
Roman (engr. J, xvii, 227 ; xxix, 85, 426;
xxx, 87; found in London, xix, 69; va-
rious, viii, 189, 193; xi, 187; xviii,
394; xx, 257

Twickenham, description of the ch., xiii,
56-7; effigies in, ib., 57; remarks on, by
J. R. Planche, ib., 57-8

Twyford, v. Barrow

Tyburn Manor, belonged to the Sidneys,
xxiv, 216

Tycheborne (Anne), brass of, xii, 79

Tyler (Watt), notice of his rebellion, temp.
Rich. II, xxvi, 32-44 ; xxix, 206

Tyrnpanurn of a doorway in Fownhope ch.
(engr.), ii, 267; at St. Bride's, with ca-
pital from the same ( 2 engrs.), viii, 153

Tyne, Roman wall from the, to the Solway,
v, 201

Tynemouth, monastery at, plundered,
xxii, 24; remains of the priory, ib., 296;
monastery at, in Beda's time, xxiv, 377

Tynmore (Henry de), parson of Elleford,
xxix, 363

Tyreswell, ch. of, mentioned in a char-
ter, xxx, 160

Tyssillio, on the Chronicle of, x, 231-6;
xi, 56-62, 134-7, 248-51; notes on the
same, x, 367-72


UBBESTON, titles to lands in, xxi, 9
Ubsdell (R. H. C), on Roman tiles disco-
vered at Wyck, iii, 62; on an Eliza-
bethan monument of Jane, Countess of
Southampton, iii, 122; on Portsmouth

parish ch., iii, 243-5
Uffintone (William de), xxx, 308-10
Ufford (Earl of Suffolk), seals of, xxi, 347
Ufton Court, remarks on, xvi, 95
Ufton, entrenchments at, xxix, 44
Ulfredus, abbot of Malmesbury, xxvii,319
Ullenhall, chapel at, near Henley-in-Ar-

den, and window in the same (2 engrs.),

iii, 184
Ulvescroft, co. Leic, and Charley, priories,

paper on (engr.), xix, 165-83; plan of

the priory (engr.), ib., 165
Ulverston Hall, farm accounts and court

kept at, xxi, 19
Umbo of a shield (engr.), vi, 56 ; of a

Highland target found in the Thames,

xiii, 314; of a Saxon shield, exhibited,

xxx, 87
Underwood (Cecilia), her will, xxii, 410
Unguent pots of delftware, xix, 71

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