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Unguentaria, xvi, 34
Uniform, naval, various specimens of the

earliest of Great Britain, specimens of

buttons, etc. flO engrs.), ii, 80-1
Union Jack, origin of, xxiv, 135
Upchurch, co. Kent, vases found at (24

i in/ vs.), ii, 134-7 ; Upchurch olla, from

King's Sutton, xvii, 70; Roman pottery

from, xxi, 230; urn, xxviii, 272; ware

from excavations in Queen Vietoria-st.,

xxviii, 393-4; ware, xxix, 45-7; pottery

at Uttoxeter, ib., 274-5
Upham, Roman buildings discovered at,

v, 376; (plan), ib., 377
Up-Lyme, Roman pavements discovered

at, vi, 450
Upper Thames-street, antiquities found

in, xviii, 374; shield found at the Steel-
yard there, xxx, 88 ; v. London

Uppingham, seal of the grammar school
of, xii, 230

Upsala, wooden image at, xxix, 80; tu-
muli at, lb., 145

Uriconium, parts of iters XII and XIII of
Antoninus, from Isca Silurum to, and
Glevum, x, 229; T. Wright on, xv, 205-
24, 311-7; inscriptions found at (engr.),
ib., 311 ; antiquities found a.t(engr.), ib.,
316; on the discoveries at, xvi, 158-62,
205-15; site of, at Wroxeter (engr.),
ib., 206; on the pavements of, xvii,
100-10; visited by the Association, ib.,
218; report on recent discoveries in the
cemetery of, ib., 329; on the coins of,
xviii, 75-8; on Roman engraved stones,
found on the site of, xix, 106-11; Ro-
man stones from (engr.), ib., 109; two
Roman candlesticks found at, xxiv, 88;
discoveries at, described by Thomas
Wright, xxii, 302; visit of the Associa-
tion to, xxiv, 308 ; discovery of a Roman
iron candelabrum at, xxv, 55; intag-
lios from, xxviii, 393-4; notices respect-
ing, xxix, 57

Urns: — ornamental Roman urn found at
Bredene (engr.), i, 8; discovered at
Derby by Professor Henslow, ib., 58; dis-
covered at Burleigh, near Minchin-
hampton, ib., 149; Roman urn (engr.),
ib. ; discovered at Chesterford, with
other relics, ib., 155; discovered in Ire-
land (engr.), ib., 244; British cinerary
urns found near Derby, ii, 60; from
Chestersover in Warwickshire (engr.),
ib., 59; cinerary urn from Northamp-
tonshire (engr.), ib.; cinerary, found at
Kingston in Derbyshire (12 engrs.), ib.,
62-3; found at Langton-hill, Essex, ib.,
280; found at Newark (engr.), iii, 194 ;



from a tumulus near Scarborough (engr. ) ,
ib., 196; Anglo-Saxon urns (4 engra.J,
ib., 236-7; Roman urns and other ves-
sels found at Billericay (10 ens/rs.), ib.,
250; Romano 1'. rit ish urns and vases (6
« ir/rs.J, ib., 331; from a barrow in Scar-
borough (engr.), iv, 102; of soft clay,
from a. barrow in Scarborough ('lengrs.),
ib., 106-7; found at Colchester (en, 'jr.),
v, 135; found at Drayton Lodge (eri'jr.),
ib., 154 ; found in the Hoo marshes ( 4
engr 8.), ib., 339; found in barrows, vii,
434 ; found at Newark (engr.), viii, 189;
British and Roman, remarks on (engr.),
ix, 59-62 ; cinerary urns and lamp found
at Caistor, x, 106; British, found on
Beaulieu-common, xi, 337; Chinese ci-
nerary, described by Mr. H. F. Holt,
xxvii, 343-4 ; found on Sudbury com-
mon, ib., 450-2 ; British sepulchral,
found at Lancaster moor, xxviii, 80-2;
British specimens, xxix, 34 ; British se-

pulchral, found at Wolston and aeai

Leicester-grange, ib., 43

Urso de Abitot, sheriff of Worcestershire,
xxviii, 136

Ursula (St.), painting of, vii, 76 ; x,

(Jshaw College visited, xxii, 87

Oak, on the town, castle, and priory of, x,
257-65; carved oak cornice from Priory
(engr.), ib., 263; ch., priory, castle,
cromlech, etc., ib., 310, etc.

Uttoxeter, early iron-smelting, etc., at,
xxix, 173-5 ; paper on the archecology
of, by F. Redfern, ib., 263-78, 302-3;
additional notes on, ib., 302-3; visit of
the Congress to, ib., 317; ruins de-
scribed by Mr. Redfern, ib., 317-8 ; seal
found at, xxx, 87

Utrecht, seal of the order of St. Victor,
xxi, 235

Uvedale (Harry), xxviii, 161-2

Uvedale (John), royal grant to, xi, 265


VALENCE, or drawing tube, v, 345

Valenciennes lace, exhibited, xv, 351

Valens, gold coin of, found at Cirencester,
xvi, 334-5 ; coins at Maiden Castle,
xxviii, 44

Valentines, paper upon, by H. S. Cuming,
xxix, 91-5 ; Valentine's day, viii, 231

Valentinian, fine gold coin of, found at
Swansea, ii, 346; gold coin of, found
at Cirencester, xvi, 334-5

Valerius Maximus, passage from, relating
to the Druids, xxx, 142 n.

Valle Crucis, visit of the Association to
the abbey, v, 327

Valle (Frederick), exhibits a penny of
Henry VII, found at Swanscombe, xi,
■256 ; exhibits Roman pottery and hu-
man remains from Wyke, xv, 283

Valogues, in Normandy (the Roman Alau-
no), excavations near, i, 341

Valuations of the bishoprics of England,
17th cent., xxi, 150

Van Braam's "Dutch Embassy", mention
in, of cremation in China, xxvii, 348

Vanbrugh (Sir John), receipt of, for ex-
penses at Woodstock Park, ix, 198

Vanderpant (L.), exhibits and remarks on
a bronze .sarcophagus from an Etruscan
cemetery at Perugia, xxiv, 80 ; renin 1. -
upon an Etruscan sarcophagus, ib., 173

Vandyke (Sir Anthony), opinion of, upon
the Fairford windows, x.w, 240-2

Vane, of Southwold ch., exhibition of a
drawing of, xxviii, 184

v. Anemoscopes

Van Hoggey, arms of (engrc), xiii. IP*

Van Mildert (William), bishop of Durham,

xxii, 302
Vases : Roman copper coloured indented
(engr.), i, 7 ; found in Essex Street,
Colchester (engr.), ii, 44 ; double-
handled, found at Colchester (en 'jr. ),
ib. ; found in Kent (i engrs.J, ib., 73 ;
earthen, found in the Thames (engr.),
ib., 102 ; late Roman, or early Saxon,
found in making the excavations for
the new Houses of Parliament, ib. ;
E. T. Artis's remarks on, ib. ; from Al-
derney (engr.), iii, 11 ; found at Ches-
terford (3 engrs.), ib., 212-3 ; Saxon
(engr.), ib., 298 ; Roman, found in Ox-
fordshire (en//r J, ib.,32S; Roman, found
near Chichester (engr.), iv, 158; frag-
ment of a Samian, found at Exeter
(engr.), v, 164; ancient Chinese, viii,
18 ; found in Cannon Street, ib., 68 ;
Etruscan, xii, 30; xxix, 436; Peruvian,
xxii, 21-6; with birds' bones, vii, 363 ;
xix, 150
Vassallo (Dr. Cesare), on the catacombs

of Citta-Vecchia, v, 78
V;ni]t or dungeon, found in Bride Lain",

ii, 341
Vaus (Hubert de), circ. 1126, xxx, 171
Vauxhal] Gardens, picture board dum-
mies at. xxx, 69-70
Vavasor (Robert le), xxx. 112
Vavasour (Sir W.), his will, xxii, 410-19
Veen (Nicholas van), exhibition of his
has relief of the " Last Supper", xxvi. 7".

Vegetius, extracts from bis work, " De Re

Militari", xxvi, 223-31



Vehm, the Holy, ectype of the dagger of,

exhibited, xiv, 281
Velasquez, portrait by, xii, 159
Venantius (St.), medal of, xii, 265
Venator (Richard), xxx, 308
Venetian coin, found in the Isle of Wight,
ii 349 ; enamelled cane, vi, 149; glass, v,
60 ; ix, 200 ; xxi, 361 ; xxx, 91 ; beads, xxiii,
104, 206 ; xxx, 339 ; tazzal, xxix, 43*6
Venice, on an early Mosaic at St. Mark's

( 2 engrs.), vii, 258
Venius, Otho, xxix, 74
Venta Silurum, excavations at, xiii, 77-80
Venus, bronze figure of, discovered at
Mogla, in Asia Minor, the Ancient
Stratonica, 1841, ii, 98 ; statuette of,
found at Lewes, iv, 404 ; cameo of,
xxiii, 290, bronze, exhibited, xxx, 72
Ver (R. de) subscription of, xvii, 311
Verdun, family of, xxi, 294-315 ; notes on
the early members of the, xxix, 369-70
Verdun (John de), grant of, xxii, 311
Vere, Earl of Oxford, seals of, xxi, 347
Vere (William de), Bishop of Hereford,
additions to the cathedral by, xxvii, 61-2
Vereundus (Titus Flavius), sepulchral

tablet to, xxvi, 229
Vergecio (Angelo), penman, xxviii, 401
Vermillion from a tomb, vii, 252
Verne Citadel, visited, xxviii, 205
Vernicleand St. Veronioa, i, 203; x, 188;

xxvi, 372
Vernon manuscript, account of, iv, 115
Vernon (Admiral), medals of, exhibited,

xv, 363
Vernon (Captain L. V.) obituary notice

of, xvii, 184-6
Vernon (Granville E. Harcourt), obituary

notice of, xviii, 352
Vernon, pedigree of, xxx, 172
Vernun (William de), Sixth Earl of Devon,
charter and seal of, before 1216, xxx,
173; seal (engr.), ib.
Verona, on a Naumachia at, v, 376
Verulam, Earl of, paper on early editions of
Shakespeare in his library, xxvi, 186-8;
remarks on his art-treasures by E.
Roberts, ib., 188
Verulam : remarks on Roman Verulamium,
by C. R. Smith, hi, 331 ; on excavations
at, ib., 337, 341, 345; Roman theatre
at, iv, 73; Roman theatre at, xxvi, 26;
resemblance of, to Pompeii, ib.; a muni-
cipium in the time of Nero, ib. ; com-
parison of, with Pompeii, by J. W.
Grover, ib., 45-52; plan of sections at
(engr. J, ib., 45 ; plan of Ancient (engr. J,
ib.; plan of Modern (engr.), ib.; ac-
count of, under the Britons, ib., 46;
under the Romans, ib., 46-7 ; under the
Saxons, ib., 47 ; destruction committed
by Abbot Aldred, ib.', different names
of, under the Romans, ib., 4S ; Roman
roads through, ib.', shape of, ib.; sites
of heathen temples in, occupied by
Christian churches, ib., 48-9 ; account

of theatre in, ib., 50 ; Roman fosseways
in, ib., 51 ; navigable fishpools in, ib.,
52 ; on British coins of, by J. Evans,
ib., 191-9; exhibition of objects ex-
humed at, ib., 239 ; enamelled armlet
from, xxx, 92 ; v. St. Alban's

Vespasian, coins of, found at Colchester,
v, 85 ; coins of, xxix, 350

Vessel, antique, for sepulchral use, iii,
195; open, of greenish ware, Alderney
(engr. J, iii, 8 ; earthen, from Chester-
ford (engr. J, iv, 375 ; Roman, found at
Old-Ford (7 engrs.), ib., 393 ; of red
ware, etc. (engr.), vi, 61 ; chocolate co-
loured (engr.), ib., 62 ; blue-gray, with
indentedsidesfen<7?\,), ib. ; stonecoloured
(engr.), ib. ; fine black clay (engr.), ib. ;
two of fine red ware (engr.), ib., 63 ; of
coarse red ware (engr.), ib.; coarsestone-
coloured, ib.; wine, of various colours
and shapes (engr.), ib., 64 ; three ele-
gantly ornamented (engrs.), ib., 65 ;
small stone-coloured (engr.), ib. ; por-
tion, with singular neck (engr.), ib. ;
ornamental Roman (engr.), hi, 176; me-
diaeval earthenware, various types f31
engrs.), v, 23-8, 33-5

Vestments, embroidered ecclesiastical,
viii, 143; colours of the vestments of
the ch., xxii, 409

Veteriponte (Idonea de), grant of Sand-
bee to Roche by her, xxx, 424

Via Julia, on the, x, 362-7

Viaticum vessels, xxiv, 187

Vicar's Close, at Wells, T. J. Pettigrew
on, xiii, 34-7

Victoria (H. M. Queen), her visit to Wol-
verhampton, xxix, 20

Vieil (Pierre Le), quotations from, xxv,

Vienna, relic of St. Ursula at, xxvi, 273

Vierli (Richard de), seal of, vii, 173; (engr.),
xiii, 169

Viles (E.), exhibits views from the vicinity
of Wolverhampton, xxix, 436

Villa, Roman ; foundation of, at Ickleton,
with apartments and portions of walls
in the same (3 engrs.), iv, 358-60 ; paint-
ings from Ickleton (5 engrs.), ib., 361 ;
plan of, and temple at Ickleton, with
foundations of the building (2 engrs.),
ib., 365-6 ; plan of, at Chesterford
(engr.), ib., 369 ; discovered at Hartlip
(engr.), ib., 398 ; plan of, at Chipping-
Warden (engr.), v, 168 ; at Teston, xxix,

v. Grover, J. W.

Villiers, arms of, on a bottle, iii, 64

Vincent (St.), iv, 116

Vincent (Augustine), note respecting the
Mortimers, xxiv, 22

Vincula, remarks on, ix, 74, 155-60

Vindomis, the site of, xxviii, 327-S, 335-6

Vindunum, position of, xxiii, 268-70

Vine-pegs, bone, xxii, 99

Vines (Mr.), sub-sacrist of Wells, drawing



of a nutcracker in his possession, xxx,

Vint (H.), on Roman remains found at
Colchester, iii, 57; obituary notice of,ix,

Virgil, quoted, on the top, xxx, 37-8

Virgin Mary, the Blessed, embroidery of,
exhibited* xvi, 317; medallets of, ex-
hibited, ib., 323 ; v. Mary ; St. Mary

Virgin, Iconography of the Black, paper
on, by H. F. Holt, xxvii, 534

Virtue (John), on the documents and
papers at Cowdry House, Sussex, i,

Vischer (Alexander), exhibition of grants

of anas, in 1593, to his sons, xxvi,

Vitalis (Ordericus), notice of the Kccle.-ias-

tical History of, xii, 106-12
Vitrified fort, Abordccnsh., ii, 276 ; xxiii,

92, 392
Volkenmark, in Cariuthia, chapter seal of,

xxvi, 217
Ycrtigern, on the territories of, x, 226-31 ;

ib., 367-72; xi, 62-3, 137-42,251-3, his-
tory of, xxix, 152-1
Votive offerings, ii, 405
Voy (J.), of Pontefraet, pleading in the case

of, 1357-8, xix, 133-5; Inquisitio post

mortem of, xix, 135


WACE (the historian), silence of, regarding
the Bayeux tapestry, xxiii, 135-7; pas-
sages from his historical " Roman de
Rou," commented on, xxx, 123-9

Wada, Saxon tenant of Corfe, xxviii, 114

Waddington (G.), Dean of Durham, me-
moir of, xxvi, 267

"Wade (Rev. W. S.) on Redbourn ch., xxvi,

Wadhurst, co. Suss., account of the ch.,
and list of the vicars, xxiii, 366-9

Wadsley (Ralph de), xxx, 241

Wadsley (Robert de), xxx, 241

Wail, arms of (engr.J, xiii, 119

Waite (F. A.), M.A., exhibits an engraved
tobacco box from Ireland, xxiv, 69

Wake (Baldwin de), arms of (engr.J, xiii,

Wake (H. T.), letter on Roman remains
at Papcastle, near Cockermouth, xxiv,

Wakefield, on the town and manor of, xx,
120-36; wayside chapel of, ib., 111-9;
excursion to, ib., 192

Wakeman (Thomas), on a monumental
cross, ix, 80; on an inscription in a
Quakers' burial ground, ib., 183; pre-
sents a pack of geographical cards, ib.,
196; on the town and castle of Chep-
stow, x, 249-57; on the town, castle,
and priory of Usk, ib., 257-65; on the
Sudbrook cainp and the Via Julia, ib.,
362-7 ; note on the territories of Vorti-
gern, and the chronicle of Tyssilio, ib.,
367-72 ; notice of a supposed Roman
coffin, ib., 386 ; on the antiquities of
Trelleeh, xi, 128-34; on the chronicle of
Tysilio, and territories of Vortigeru, ib.,
134-42; on the red rose of Lancaster, xii,
165-6 ; presents tokens to the Associa-
tion, xiii, 225-6 ; on the chancery of
Monmouth, xiv, 56-60; exhibits an amu-
let of St. Benedict, ib., 272 ; explanation
of, ib., 279-80 ; ou a lease relating to the

Hospitallers, xv, 158-204; onPembridge
castle, ib., 153-9; on a kitchener's account
relating to Tewkesbury abbey, 14th cen-
tury, ib., 285-318; on a reliquary of glass;
ib., 337; on a glass etui of Italian work-
manship, ib., 350 ; on the priory of
Monmouth, xviii, 271 ; exhibits an im-
pression of a coin of Carausius, ib., 285;
on Bogo de Clare, ib., 372-4; memoir of,
xxv, 315

Walbaneke (Matthew), "Epistle" by, to
Robert Dover, on his "Olympic Games,"
xxv, 116

Walbrook, alleged discoveries in, ix, 89 ;
watering pots found in, xxx, 91

Walburge (St.), and consecration cross,
x, 79

Walchergham, ch. of, xxx, 160

Walcheline, Bishop of Winchester, xxviii,
136 ; v. Walkelyn

Walcott (Rev. M. E. C), B.D., Precentor
of Chichester: Fasti Cicestrenses, xxii,
110-54, 463; xxvi, 350 ; on undercrofts
of refectories, xxii, 346 ; on peculiarities
in Barnack church tower, ib., 349

Walderswick, titles to lauds in, xxi, 9

Waldri (James), xxx, 309

Walensis (Johannes), Abbot of Malmesbury ,
xxvii, 329-30

Wales, token from, xiii, 225-6; the Roman
Itinera connected with, and traces of
Roman roads rem lining in, xxiv, 109-24;
arrangement of Roman road in, ib.,
114; list of the Lords Presidents of the
Marches, xxv, 88; statutes relating to
the Marches of, and the border counties,
xxvii, 40 4-15 ; ceremonies used in con-
nection with Odinism in, xxix, 160-4

v. Llewellyn, Prince of Wales

Wales, North, the falls, lakes, and moun-
tains of, by L. C. Costello, i, 159

Wales, South, coins from, exhibited, xii,
239 ; xxix, 71

Walford (Rev. E. (.5.;, on a glass Lead



discovered at Chipping Warden, i, 52 ;
on the remains at Chipping Warden, ib.,
56 ; on a Roman tesselated pavement,
ib., 57; on four remarkable Saxon fibulae
discovered at Badby, ib., 60 ; on a
Romano-British urn found in the ch. of
Aston-le- Wells, ib., 337 ; on Roman coins
and a Roman glass vase, found near Sud-
bury, ii, 96 ; on British and Saxon coins
found at Chipping Warden, ib., 100 ; on
coins found near Chipping Warden, ib.,
346; on a Roman urn found near Banbury,
ib., 352 ; on the discovery of Roman urns
near Chipping Warden, v, 82-5

Walkelyn, Bishop of Winchester, at Bury,
xxi, 43 ; v. Walcheline

Walkebrigg Bridge built, xxii, 410

Walker (J. S.), gives account of detached
belfries in Herefordshire, xxvii, 533

Walking-sticks, heads of, xxi, 236; xxiii,
290 ; xxiv, 177 ; xxix, 203

Wall (Henry), inscription to, at Maiden,
xxvii, 202

Wall paintings at Bramdean ch., Hants,
viii, 155 ; at St. John, Winchester, viii,

Wall, or Etocetum, account of, xxix, 53-7;
visit to, ib., 115-6; Roman remains from,
exhibited, ib., 433

Wallenstein (General), exhibition of a
medal and carving of, and remarks on
his death, xxvi, 169-70

Waller (Messrs.), monumental brasses ex-
ecuted by, i, 43

Waller (J. G.), on Anglo-Saxon masonry,
i, 117-20; on a Norman font at Ipswich,
ib., 144 ; on mural paintings at St. Al-
ban's, ib., 318 ; on a brass from Stoke
charity, ib., 328 ; on a brass from Hemp-
stead, Essex, ib. ; on a hood of mail and
the mode of lacing it, ii, 182 ; on a
bronze ornament found at Toddington,
ib., 271; on painting formerly used in
churches, ib., 391 ; on an ancient reli-
quary, iii, 16-18 ; on the brass of Sir
John de Lisle, ib., 240-2; on the study
of monumental brasses, iv, 227 ; on
church brasses in Cheshire and Lanca-
shire, v, 256-65 ; on the font in Kirkburn
church, vii, 43-5; on some decoration in
Wellow church, ib., 69 ; on an encaustic
tile in the library of Winchester cathe-
dral, ib., 70 ; on mediajval paintings,
discovered at Winchester, vi, 76-80 ; on
a painted glass in Morley church, viii,

Walling (Dr.), on Silverdale pottery, xxii,

Wallingford, co. Berks., Roman antiquities
found near, iii, 328

Wallington, arms of (engr.), xiii, 119

Wallis (Alfred), on pre-historic remains
near Sheffield, beyond the Derbyshire
border, xxix, 425; xxx, 61-6

Wallow Banks, entrenchment at, xxix, 38

Wallworth (Tho.s.), his will, xxii, 411

Walnut cracker, found at Tutbury castle,
xix, 330; purse, xxi, 89; tree at Glas-
tonbury, xii, 333

Walpole (Horace), letters, xxi, 21

Walpole (Sir Rbt.), preservation of his hair
and his wife's in jewelled hearts, xxiv,
39; exhibition of a satirical medal on
his Excise Bill, xxvi, 243

Walrond (J. W.), elegant reception of the
Association by him at Bradfield House,
xviii, 248

Walsall, seal of the grammar school of, xii,
234; early mining at, xxix, 173; leather
ware of, ib., ISO

Walsham, co. Suffolk, paintings discovered
in the ch., i, 339 ; Rentale Manerii de,
MSS. temp. Edw. Ill, Hen. VII, xxi,

Walsingham, visit to the priory, xiv, 166 ;
reception by Mr. Warner, ib.; examina-
tion of, and remarks, ib.; shriue of our
Lady of, xxv, 337

Walsingham' s account of royal visitors
and benefactors to St. Alban's Abbey,
xxvi, 299-313

Walsingham (Sir Francis), letter to, from
Lord Leicester about Sir P. Sidney's
death, xxiv, 325; letter of, to the Earl
of Shrewsbury, xxx, 317; letters to, from
R. Beale, ib., 320-1

Walter (Hubert), Archbishop of Canter-
bury, founds a Cistercian Abbey at Wol-
verhampton, xxix, 50

Waltham, dioc. Chich., prebendaries of,
xxii, 148

Waltham, co. Essex, Mr. Chaffer's report
on the mural paintings in the abbey, ii,
196; curious carvings at, ib. ; mural
paintings at, iii, 90-3; representation of
the Redeemer over the arch in Great
Waltham church (engr.), ib., 91; mould
for a badge of the Holy Cross of (engr.),
xxix, 421; xxx, 52; pilgrimage to, ib.;
arms of the abbey, ib., n.

Waltheof, Earl, and his connection with
Sheffield, xxx, 148, etc.; the life and
times of, by E. Levien, ib., 387-97

Walton (Frederick), exhibits early ja-
panned ware, xxix, 177

Walton-cum-Trimley, court book of the
manor, 1620-2, xxi, 14

Walton, near Liverpool, sculpture in the
ch., ii, 279; camp pot found at, viii, 54

Wand, bronze, found near Castor (engr.),
ii, 103

Wangford, Rectory customs and extent of,
1532-80, xxi, 15

Wansborough, monumental figures at
(engr.), vii, 52-6

Wansey (W.), on excavations at Cuma, ix,
77-9; memoir of, xxvi, 267

Wantage, seal of the grammar school of,
xii, 59

Wautley, the Dragon of, a paper by L.

Jewitt, xxx, 375-86
War axes, found in Galway, xiii, 320



Warbleton, co. Suss., brass in the ch. of, ii,

Ward (Lord), xxix, 25

Ward (Rev. H. J.), describes Chesterton
and Roman remains there, xxix, 224

Ward (Mr.), describes churches and castle
at Bridgnorth, xxix, 230-1

Warden, bed ford shire ; on the materials
of two sepulchral vessels found at, by
the Rev. J. S. Henslow, M.A., ii, 213

Warder's horn, i, 36

Wardour, castle visited, xv, 178; reception
by Lord Arundel, ib.; description of the
castle, ib., 179; the House visited, its
pictures and other antiquities examined,
ib., 180

Wardrobe, r. Charles II

Ware (Rev. F.), describes Bere Regis ch.,
xxviii, 289-94

Ware, co. Herts, anchorage of the Danes,
xx vi, 27

Ware, specimens of Roman ornamented
glazed, dipt after the ornaments were
laid on, and fired in the kiln (engr.), i, 6

Wareham, co. Dors., and its religious
houses, a paper by E. Levien, xxviii,
154-70, 244-58; alien priory at, ib., 167;
churches at St. Martin, St. Mary, St.
Michael, St. Peter, ib., 168-9; and cus-
toms and monuments of Dorset, paper
on, by W. H. Black, ib., 230-7; its geo-
metrical position in relation to other
Roman stations, ib., 232, etc. ; list of
documents relating to the religious
houses, ib., 244-58

Warinus, Abbot of Malmesbury, xxvii,

Warne (Miss), on the tapestry at Ford
Abbey, ii, 193

Warne (C), on the Roman amphitheatre
at Dorchester, ii, 101; on tumuli, near
Dorchester, hi, 50-52 ; on an ecclesias-
tical seal, v, 358; on frescoes in Arundel
ch., vi, 440 ; on discoveries in Sumpting
ch., %b. ; on the discovery of Roman pave-
ments at Up-Lyme, ib., 450; on a
stencilled panel from Dorsetshire, ix,
94; proposed work on Celtic tumuli in
Dorset, notice of, xvii, 264

Warre (Rev. F.), sends photographs of
figures on the roof of Bere Regis ch.,
xxviii, 400

Wan-en, Earls of Sussex, account of the,
xxiii, 32; genealogy, xxiv, 21

r. Kimbolton

Warren (Earl of ), deed and seal exhibited,
xx, 328-9; bequeaths a Bible, xxii, 412

Warren versus Trennings, rights on the
Orwell, xxi, 17

Warren (Boaz), Sheffield halfpenny of,
xxx, 31

Warren (Isabel de), daughter of William
de Warren, builds Couingsburgh Castle,
xxx. 21

Warren (Joseph , liberal restoration of
monumental brasses to chs. in Norwich,

ii, 848; on a prick-spur, found at Paken-

ham,iii, 119; on a seal found at [x worth,
ib., 123; on Norman prick-spurs found
at Ixworth, ib., 246; on a rubbing from
[xworth ch., of Master Kobert Scliat
Al>ot, ib., 324; on the burial place of
Sir Simoiids 1 >' Iv.ves, iv, 387; on a eir-
cular brass seal, ib., 388 ; Saxon sepul-
chral remains found at Suffolk, v, 360 ;
a Saxon silver ring, vi, 153; a bronze
weight, ib., 443; a silver coin of Julia
Domna, ib., 445; a leaden seal of Adrian
Fitzwarren, vii, 433; on a penny of Ed-
ward III, ib.; exhibits various Saxon
Roman rings found in Suffolk, viii, 159;
an enamelled brooch, found at Ixworth,
ib., 364; a surer ring found atThetford,
ix. 73; various rings from Norfolk and
Suffolk, xi, 79-80 ; rings found in Nor-
folk and Suffolk, xiii, 313-4; enamelled
pyx, cover and plaque, xviii, 395; various
gems, ib. ; Roman and Saxon fibula?,
found in Suffolk, xx, 358; his articles
at the Ipswich Temporary Museum, xxi,
345; exhibits celts, ib., 356; exhibitions
by, xxii, 341 ; exhibits photograph of key
found at Ixworth, xxv, 71; a photograph
of a bronze fibula, xxvi, 243 ; three an-
cient brooches, xxvii, 258-9 ; seals and
Reman fibula?, xxviii, 2S2; sends a cameo
and beads for exhibition, ib., 398; exhi-
bits a Roman fibula and mediaeval seals,
xxix, 90 ; buck-horn powder horn ex-
hibited by him through G. M. Hills,
xxx, 192

Warrenne (William de), remains of, found
at Lewes, i, 346-57

Warrington (Mr.), quotation from his "His-
tory of Stained Glass", xxv, 235

Warrington, chessmen found at, viii, 162;
antiquities from the museum of, de-
scribed by H. S. Cuming, xv, 231-6; an-
tiquities found at, exhibited, xvi, 295

War- saddle, metal mount of the pommel
of a, exhibited, xvih, 383

Warwick (Countess of), division of the
estates of, xxvii, 117-18; her estates
taken possession of by Henry VII, xxvii,

Warwick (Earl of), correspondence with
E. Roberts, xxviii, 71-2 ; letter of con-
dolence forwarded to, xxvii, 531

Warwick (Henry), Earl of, xxviii, 138

Warwick, Annual Congress, papers and

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