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exhibitions by various members, iii,
133, etc. ; opening address by T. J.
Pettigrew, ii., 134-42; visit to the castle,
ib., 143-6; cry] >t of St. Mary's cli.r ( ngr.J,
ib., 182; seal of the Dean and Chapter of
St. Mary's (engr.), ib., 185; recessed
niche, east end of Beauchamp Chapel
(engr.), ib.; compartment from a bow]
in the castle (engr.), ib., '-".'1 ; archives
at the castle, v, lii:!; letters referring
to the conflagration at the castle, xwiii,
71-2; tribes of, xxix, 37; British



mounds and Roman inscribed tablets
at, ib., 44 ; notice of the castle, ib., 23 ;
donjon at, ib., 42
v. Smart, Dr. W.

Warwickshire, notices of the chs. of, iii,
180-7 ; denarii found in, iv, 151 ; list of
monasteries and castles in, xxviii, 59

Wasey (Rev. G. L.), description by, of
Quatford, xxix, 228-30 ; letter from, ib.,

Wassail cup, exhibited, xvi, 248, 350; cus-
toms, viii, 230, 238

Watches, and watch stands, observations
on, xi, 256-60; exhibited, ib. ; of Chas. I,
exhibited, i, 363 ; xi, 317 ; a silver, circ.
1650, xii, 179, chased watch-case, temp.
Anne, exhibited, xv, 288 ; chased watch-
case, temp. Geo. II, exhibited, ib., 288 ;
silver, with translucid enamel dial,
xviii, 398; of Queen Elizabeth, xx,

v. Charles I.

v. Fauss-montre

Watch-seal, temp. Eliz.; exhibited, xx, 327;
found at Southampton, ib., 342

Watercombe House, near Gloucester, ves-
tiges of Roman buildings at, i, 44 ;
Roman remains at, ib.

Waterford Roll, proposed publication of,
xx, 283

Watere (R.), his will, xxii, 409

Waterhouse, arms of (engr.J, xiii, 119

Watering-pot, mediaeval (2 engrs.J, v,
343-6; from an ancient engraving
(engr.), ib., 345 ; mediaeval, exhibited,
ib., 346; found in London (engr.J, ib.;
rose, of earthenware, exhibited, xxviii,
272 ; watering-pots, paper on, by E.
Roberts, xxx, 90-1, 181-90; found in
Moorfields, ib., 91 ; (2 engrs J, ib., 187-9

Water bottle, Egyptian, xxi, 362 ; xxx,

Water coolers, on, vii, 170; xxvii, 522

Water jar, found in the New Kent Road,
xiii, 254

Water jugs, found in Bonner's Fields, vii,

Water pipe, leaden, found in Old Broad-
street, xi, 73-4 ; xxix, 185

v. Pipe

Water pots, exhibited, xxix, 72-9 ; Anglo-
Saxon, xxx, 185 ; of birdcages, xxi, 79

Waters (C. H.) exhibits a portrait of
Queen Elizabeth by Zucchero, xxiii, 293

Watford, fresco paintings in thech., iv, 71

Wattlefield, MSS. relating to, xxi, 15

Watling (H.) forwards drawings of leaden
dumps from Pembroke Coll., Cambr.,
xxiv, 177; on discoveries at Stonhain,
co. Suff., ib., 185 ; exhibits facsimile of a
figure on the screen of Southwold ch,
ib., 271 ; notes on, and drawings of, the
discoveries at Stonham, ib., 286; ex-
hibita drawings of remains exhumed at
Stonham and Stoke Ash, and of a
painted window and an effigy of a king

at Combe ch., ib., 394-5, 401-2; sends
copy of a window in Combe Ch., xxv,
68-9 ; exhibits drawings of ch. porches,
etc., in Suffolk, ib., 171 ; facsimiles from
the chancel screen of Southwold Ch., ib.,
177-8; sends drawings of the figure of
St. Cecilia, ib., 262 ; from stained glass
in Combe Ch., i&., 270 ; of painted
roof of Southwold Ch., ib., 282 ; tracing
from effigy, of Master John Schorn, ib.,
334-5 ; series of tracings sent by, ib.,
388, 397-8; drawings of Kelsall Ch.,
Suffolk, ib., 397 ; tracing of fresco from
Yaxley, and copies of painted windows
from Long Melford, xxvi, 248-50 ; stain-
ed glass painting of St. Hubert, ib.,
371 ; coloured drawings by, of painted
glass in Long Melford Ch., exhibited,
xxvii, 255 ; drawing by, of brazen
chandelier at Lowestoft, ib., 376 ; draw-
ings of Roman flue tiles from Stonham,
ib., 385-6 ; tracing of figure of King
David, on the painted screen in South-
wold Ch., ib., 519-20 ; letter on round
towers, xxviii, 72-3 ; forwards drawing
of Druidical remains in Brittany, ib.,
273 ; account of Letheringham Ch.,
xxx, 74-5 ; extracts from a letter of, re-
specting Mendlesham Ch., ib., 92-2 ;
drawings, by, exhibited and described,
ib., 331-3 ; sketch by, of a window in the
ch. at Blythburg, exhibited, ib., 334 ; on
rural paintings at Stonham, ib., 434-6

Watling Street, account of, and derivation
of its name, xxiv, 121-3 ; notices of,
xxix, 23, 39, 43, 53, 55, 57, 394

Watkins (Rev. C. J.), account of Brix-
worth ch., xix, 219-22

Watson ( ), extract from his "History

of the Earls of Warren", xxiv, 22

Watt (James), xxix, 175

Watton, nunnery at, in Beda's time, xxiv,

Watts (Francis), obituary of, xi, 163

Wavere, grant relating to, xxix, 366

Waverley Abbey, struggle for supremacy
with Furuess Abbey, xxvi, 293

Wavermerstone,deed relating to,xxix,367-8

Wax, obtained from the bandages of bishop
Lyndewode, viii, 145; Egyptian figures
of, vii, 174; heads of, xiv, 302; tapers
and candles of, xix, 116, 204; xxiii, 310;
used in painting, x, 43

Way (Albert), mention of, xxix, 35; notice
of his decease, xxx, 198-9

Wayland Smith, on the legendary history
of, xvi, 50-8

Wayside chapels, remarks on, xx, 111-9

Wealden Ridge, xxiii, 34

Weapons, found at Gortagowan, i, 255
collection of, by Mr. Huxtable, ii, 392
from Asia and South Africa, xiv, 276
of Mexico, ib., 345, 35S ; various, exhi-
bited, xxix, 206-7

v. Bell, John

■ v. Bronze



Weapons, v. Gunstou, T.

v. Forrnan, W. H.

Wearmouth, v. Monkwearrnouth

Weatherbury, co. Dorset, Castle visited
and described, xxviii, 288-9

Webb (J.), on an early English arch at Ro-
chester, vi, 447; obituary of, xv, 168

Webster (J. D.), exhibits architectural
specimens, xxx, 223

Webster (W.) and C. Beauchamp, on a
Roman tesselated pavement, i, 53

Webster, Sir T., v. Battle Abbey

Webster (Cajvtain), conducts excavations
at Etocetum, xxix, 56 n.

Wedding knives and embossed sheaths ex-
hibited, xvi, 298; xvii, 116

Wedgwood (Josiah), wares of, xxix, 181

Wedgwood and other pottery, xxx, 204

Wedmore, torques found at, xxi, 232

Wednesbury, enrly mining at, xxix, 173-4;
earlj T iron-casting at, ib., 179; early pot-
tery works at, ib., 181

Weedon, v. Pretty, E.

Weguelan (Rev. W. A.), on leaden coffins
found at Arundel, iii, 249

Weight, of bronze for a steel-yard (engr.),
i, 1 47 ; of the time of Henry VIII, found
at Exeter, iii, 129 ; leaden weight, or
plummet (engr.), vi, 56 ; weight, temp.
Charles I (engr.), viii, 309; on a pound
weight of the time of Elizabeth, 1588,
exhibited, ib., 370; two pound weights
of the City of London exhibited, xx, 67;
weight, of clay, found in London, xxviii,
76, 173; remarks on weights, ib., 80;
fisherman's, exhibited, xxx, 72 ; for
money, i, 131; xix, 312; xxi, 181; xxv,
387; of stone, vii, 112; of lead, xvi, 330;
xxiii, 276 ; with arms of Norwich, vi,
443; Greek, xxv, 390-6; various, vi, 56,
156; xv, 287; xvi, 94; xxix, 192

v. Gunston, T.

v. Pakenham

Weights and measures, on the antiquity
of marking and stamping them, viii,
309-22; in Scotland, observations on,
ib., 366; Lx, 202; Roman, xxix, 191-2

Welcome, visit to earthworks at, iii, 167

Welford, examination of the eh., xvi, 243;
remarks on the ch., xvi, 243; reception
at the park, ib., 245

Well, St. Chad's, xxix, 338 ; Sir John
Schorn's, xxiii, 372; Richard Ill's, xix,
54; Queen Elizabeth's, xxiii, 186

Well Vale, near Alford, picture-board dum-
mies at, xxx, 326

Wellbeloved (Rev. C), on Saxon antiqui-
ties found in Yorkshire, ii, 55, 96; on a
box, in cuir-bouilli, iii, 123; on a Ro-
man altar found at York, lb., 124; on
the names of potters on Saurian ware
found at York, ib.; on the discovery of
some Roman coins found at Boston, v,
89; obituary notice of, xv, 168-70
Well-dressing, origin of custom of, xxv,
356; in Derbyshire, vii, 205; xxx, 61

Wullesbourne, earthworks at, xxix, 38

Wullhouse, co. Berks, Roman villa at, xix,

Welling, Norman font in the ch., viii, 77

Wellingborough, co. Northt., glass vessel
found in an interment at, xxi, 185

Wellington (Duke of), makes excavations
at Silchester, and forms a museum of
antiquities, xx, 360

Wellow, on paintings found in the ch.,
vi, 442 ; on some decorations in the ch.,
vii, 69-70; window in the ch. (engr.),

Wells, episcopal palace at, xiii, 177; head
of pastoral staff found at, ib., 314; re-
marks upon the cathedral, xii, 344-69 ;
plan of the cathedral (engr.), ib., 353;
statuary from west front of the (engr. ),
xiii, 1 ; shields, fire-dogs, etc., from Vi-
car's-close (engr .), ib., 36; architectural
illustrations of (engr.), ib., 39 ; speci-
mens of domestic architecture in, ib.,
40-1; plan of bishop's palace, ib., 177;
on the bishop's palace at, by C. E. Davis,
ib., 177-86; examination of the cathe-
dral, ib., 38; remarks upon the cathe-
dral, by T. J. Pettigrew, J. R. Planchc",
and C. E. Davis, ib.; remarkable clock
in the cathedral, ib., 39; illustrations of
early English decorated and perpendi-
cular rocks, ib. ; deanery of, ib., 40 ;
corporation records, xvi, 318-21 ; ex-
cerpta relating to vicars choral of, from
a MS., xxviii, 275, etc.; list of the occu-
pants of the stalls, ib., 279-80; notice of
the see, ib., 322

Wehvyn, co. Herts, massacre of the Danes
at, xxvi, 27; seals of E. Young and F.
Clinton at, ib., 30

Wendon, co. Essex, grotesque carving in
the ch., iii, 245 ; v. Fairholt, F. W.

Wendover (Roger de), his " Life of St.
Godric", xxiii, 68; Legend of the Holy
Cross of Bromholm, from his " Flowers
of History", xxx, 54-5

Wenlock, report on the ruins of the Priory,
i, 58; stone reading-desk in the Abbey,
iii, 119; seals relating to the borough
of, vii, 162; Priory visited, xvii, 50;
bells from the Abbey placed at Wolver-
hampton, xxix, 52, 104

Wensley, monumental stone in the ch.
( i ngr.J, i, 196; stones foundatf 2engrt.J,
vii, 75-6

Weutwood castle, Trogy and Llanvair cas-
tle, notice of, by 0. Morgan and T.
Wakeman, xx, 99-100

Wentworth, papers of, xxi, 20

Wentworth (G.), sends transcript of letter
concerning the civil war in 1715, xv,
289 ; sends transcripts of an Arundel
deed, /ft., 361; orders of Gen. Lambert
at the siege of Knaresborough castle,
ib., 361-3; exhibits order .luring the

plague, 1665, xvi, 810; exhibits docu-
mented the 17th century, ib., 340; va-



rious MSS., charters, inquisitions, etc.,
xvii, 71-2 ; a pleading, 31st Edw. Ill,
xix, 133-5; exhibits an inquis. post
mort. of J. Voy, 1369, ib., 135 ; on the
town and manor of Wakefield and
Sandal castle, xx, 120-36 ; on Old
Heath Hall, ib., 260-2; exhibits deed
of Earl of Warren, ib., 329; obituary
notice of, xxi, 247

Wentworth (Sir Thomas), notice of, xxx,

Wentworth House, visited by the Associa-
tion, xxx, 455

Weobley, paper on the ch. and castle, by
Eev. H. W. Phillott, xxvii, 350-4; early
history of the ch., ib., 350; dedicated to
SS. Peter and Paul, ib.; granted to
Bishop Scory, ib. ; history of the cha-
pels in the nave of the ch., ib., 350-1;
extracts from the history of the ch., ib.,
351-2; story connected with the monu-
ment of Colonel Birch in the ch., ib.,
352; account of the monument in the
ch., ib., 352-3; early history of the cas-
tle, ib., 354; visit of the Association to
the ch., ib., 397-8

Werburga (St.), notes on, xxix, 338-9

Wertincg (Christina de), seal oi(engr.),
xi, 159

Wessex, few Saxon churches of, in Beda's
time, xxiv, 367 ; comprised nine coun-
ties, xxviii, 49

Wessington (John), prior of Durham, his
will, xxii, 403

West Bromwich, xxix, 26 ; early iron-
making at, ib., 175; early iron-casting
at, ib., 179; mediaeval stone work, etc.,
from, exhibited, ib., 433

West Coker, quern found at, xv, 339;
plan of Fubarrow, and remains found at
(enr/r.J, xvii, 288; antiquities found at,
ib., 321; Roman villa at, xviii, 392-5;
antiquities from a Roman villa at (engr .),
ib., 394; v. Moore, John

West-Dean, v. Pavement

Westerfield, unjust taxation of, xxi, 17

West-Farleigh, Kent, crucifix found there,
xxviii, 77-9

Westhall, co. Suff., titles to lands in, xxi, 9 ;
H.S. Cuming on effigies there, xxviii, 190

Westham, traces of the foundation of the
Abbey, i, 260

West-Hampnett, on Roman remains in
the ch., xxiv, 209-18 ; hollow tiles in
the ch., ib., 214; Saxon chancel of, ib.,
215 ; ancient mention of a ch. at, ib.,
216; dedication of the ch., ib., 217

Westhorpe (Stirling), on the town library
of Ipswich, xxi, 65

Westhorpe, co. Suff'., xxi, 152

Westmacott (Miss), exhibits Roman coins
found in Suffolk, xiv, 271

Westminster (Marquis of), gold torques
exhibited at Chester by, v, 333

Westminster, report concerning several
monument-; in the Abbey, iv, 402; seal

of the grammar school of, xii, 233; iron
key found in, xvii, 75; various antiqui-
ties found at, xix, 329-30; dimensions
of the Abbey, xxi, 41; paper on the
Roman tomb found in the Abbey, xxvi,
61-8; characteristics of Roman tomb at,
ib., 65; note on the inscription on the
Roman sarcophagus in, ib., 68; on the
Roman tomb in, by G. M. Hills, ib., 76-
80; account of John Feckenham, abbot
of, xxviii, 399
Westmoreland, Roman road of, viii, 78
Weston-in-Gordano ch., description of,

xiii, 55
Weston, visit of the Congress to, xxix,
222; description of the ch. and tombs,
ib., 222-3 ; v. Irvine, J. T.
Weston (Lady Mary), xxix, 300
Westow, antiquities from (engr.), xx, 107
West-Saxon bishoprics, paper on, by H.

Godwin, xxviii, 313-27
West-Stow-Heath, co. Suff., Saxon anti-
quities of, xxi, 345
West-Wickham, co. Kent, xxviii, 127
West-Wittering, coin from, vi, 442; dioc. •

Chich., Prebendaries of, xxii, 150
Westwood (J. 0.), on ancient crosses, i,
249; on spear-heads, etc., found in a
barrow, ib., 339 ; on monumental stones,
ib., 342; on various antiquities found
in a Saxon barrow at Lower Heywood,
in Oxfordshire, ii, 89 ; v. Deerhurst
Wetherby Bridge repaired, xxii, 410
Wetheringsell, bronze sword from, hi, 254
Weyhill, on the restoration of the ch., xx,

Weyland, arms of, xxx, 92
Weymouth, Roman antiquities from, i,
324; remarks on Weymouth House, xiii,
144; proceedings of the Congress at,
xxviii, 85-112,199, 285-306; historical,
archaeological, and topographical de-
scription of, ib., 87-112; account of some
of its Members of Parliament, ib., 88;
defensive power of, ib., 89; on the visit
of Philip of Austria and Juana of Spain,
by G. R. Wright, ib., 145-54; theatre at,
ib., 179-82; seals, documents, and an-
tiquities examined, ib., 199-202; visit to
Piddletown, ib., 285; remarks by E. Ro-
berts, description of monuments by J.
R. Planchd, ib., 285-6; documents re-
lating to the ch., ib., 286-7 ; visit to
Athelhampton manor house, ib., 287;
description of it, by E. Roberts, ib., 287-
8 ; articles described by J. R. Planche,
ib., 288 ; visit to Weatherbury castle,
ib,, 288-9; description by Mr. Symonds,
ib., 289; visit to Bere Regis ch., ib.; ac-
count by Rev. F. Warre, ib., 2S9-94; re-
marks on, by various members, ib., 294-
5; papers read, ib., 295; statements of
the relative position of Wareharn and
other landmarks, ib., 295-8 ; visit to
Bindon, description by G. M. Hills, ib.,
293-301; visit to Wareham, description



by Q. M. Hills, E. Roberts, and T.
Wright, ib., 301-2; various papers read,
ib., 304-5; remarks by G. M. Hills at
the close of Congress, ib., 305-6 ; cor-
rection of report, by J. It. Blanche, ib.,

Whaddon Chase, gold British coins found
at, v, 155; remarks on, by J. Y. Aker-
iiian, ib., 156

Whales, discovery of cetacean remains in
London, xxiii, 251-6, 289; xxiv, 72

Whalley, on the antiquities of, vi, 335

AYhamclifte (Lord), speech of, xxx, 456-7

Wharncliffe, legends of, xxx, 374-86

Wharncliffe Chase, visited by the Associ-
ation, xxx, 455

Wharton (Lady), memorial of, xxx, 452

What-not, in bead-work, i, 311

Whatton (W. L. ), memoir of, xxv, 313

Wheatfield, Villa of, co. Sufi ., history and
antiquities, xxi, 10

Wheathanipstead, visit of the Congress to,
xxvi, 261-3

Whethamsted (John of), Abbot of St. Al-
ban's, friendship of, with Humphrey
duke of Gloucester, xxvii, 219-20

Wheel, bone washer of, found in the
Thames, xx, 358; horn, with cogs, xxviii,
273; leather, ib., 282; cross, xxiii, 207

Whelan (W. C. ), exhibits two pairs of an-
cient spectacles, xi, 148-9; the lock of a
tricker fire-lock, ib., 255; ancient silver
watch, ib., 258

Whetstones, iii, 275; iv, 105; ix, 189; x,
194; xv, 193; xix, 68; xxiii, 301; found
at Test-valley, xxviii, 72

Whiehcord (J.), on the antiquities of Maid-
stone, and the polychroniy of the middle
ages, ix, 415 ; x, 32-52 ; exhibits va-
rious implements from New Zealand,
ib., 108 ; an Oriental ring and a flint
spear-head found at Maidstone, ib., 177

Whincopp (W.), his articles at the Ipswich
temporary museum, xxi, 343; exhibits
antiquities, ib., 362; on deposit of flint
implements, etc., xxii, 155; on flint im-
plements, //;., 343; exhibits early wea-
pons, ih., 448; observations on true an-
tiquity of weapons and implements
ascribed to a geological era, xxiii, 299 ;
sends for exhibition the architectural
drawings of II. Watling, xxiv, 183

Whipping-post, xxvi, 161

Whirligig, or top, paper on the, by H. S.
Cuming, xxx, 37-42

Whistles, ix, 334 ; xix, 139 ; xxv, 167 ;
boatswain's, xxi, 360

Whiston (Rev. It.), on a chancellor's seal-
hag in Rochester Cathedral, xiv, 348-4

Whiston, near Sheffield, xxx, 165

Whitby, nunnery at, in Beda's time, xxiv,

Whitcomb, intaglio found at, i, 56

White (A.), report of an archaeological vi-at
to Colchester, ii, 364-S; on the Saxon
tower of Trinity ch., Colchester, iii. 22;

on a carved boss from St. Bartholomew
the Great, vi, 441; exhibits a seal of
Kyngesthorpe, ib., 450; presents a draw-
ing of an old timber lion -<-, ib., ■[',■>; on
the analysis of bronze, viii, 145; on the
fortifications of London, ib., 149; on
the crypt of Gerard's-hall, ix, 113-20

White (J. C), obituary notice of, xxi, 249
White (John), on sepulchral remains at
Abergavenny, iv, 313

White (Mrs.), exhibits some Roman coins,
xi, 255; bone carving of the 12th cen-
tury, xvi, 289; brass jetton, patera of
Samian ware, and other antiquities, ib.,
332; bone, various antiquities in metal,
ivory, and wood, ib., 337-8

White (W.), memoir of, xxviii, 312

White stone jug of 1591, from Norfolk;
v, 163

Whitehaven, antiquities found at, ix, 79-80

Whiteheath, co. Kent, Saxon beads found
at, iii, 248

White Horse (The), Berks, representation
of, xvi, 30

White Ladies, paper on, xvii, 50-3; notice
of, xxix, 24

Whitgreave, family of, xxix, 24

Whitley (C), exhibits Roman vases found
at Hoddesdon, xviii, 268-9

Whitstable, Roman pottery, found off,
xvii, 328 ; v. Wreck

Whitsun ale, represented in the sculpture
of the porch of Chalk ch., x, 183 ; Whit-
sun ales, vii, 206; viii, 235; xxv, 115-6

Whittaker (Rev. Dr.), on local nomencla-
ture, chiefly Celtic, and relating to
Great Britain, vi, 255-71

Whittaker (John), obituary notice of, xi,

Whittlebury Forest, Roman villa dis-
covered at, vi, 157

Whitton, accounts referring to, xxi, 19

Whitton Court, near Ludlow, visit of the
Association to, xxiv, 108

Whittyngton, (Richard), death of (engr.),
xii, 283

Whorl, of a Saxon spindle (engr.), xv,
309; v. Spindles

Whvtcway, list of documents relating to,
xxviii, 253-4

Whyting House, Bury St. Edmonds, de-
scription and drawing of (engr.), xxx,

Wick, meaning of, vi, 262

Wickens (Miss), exhibits a drawing of the
belfry tower of Salisbury Cath., xv, 28 I

Wickham (H.), on a leaden Beal found in
Cent, ii, 101; on the discovery of a
spear-head, etc., near Strood, ib., 192 ;
exhibits a denarius of BlagabaluS and a
penny of Harold, found at Rochester
castle, iv, 75; exhibits a large brass
coin of Lucius jElius, found near Strood,
v, iS<>; on the discovi rj of urns, etc., in
the lloo marshes, ib., 339

Wickham, remarks on the eh., xvi, S7




Widcombe, visit to the ch., xiii, 148; Ro-
man cup found at, ib., 23G

Widdowson (Mr.), exhibits a brooch, v,

Wigan, seal of the grammar school of, xii,

Wigborough House, dial at, iii, 249

AVighenholt, John, clerk of, xxx, 309

Wight, Isle of, Saxon antiquities found in,
v, 365-9 ; coins found in, vi, 151 ; ex-
amination of barrows in, ib., 452-4; an-
cient remains found in (engr.), viii,
324 ; excavations on Brightstone and
Bowcombe Downs, xi, 34-40 ; antiqui-
ties from the barrows in (coloured engr.),
ib., 36 ; antiquities found in (engr.), ib.,
187; a ribbed vessel, found in (engr.),
ib. ; on the antiquities of, ib., 177-93 ;
ib., 187; on the Lords of, ib., 213-27 ;
barrow in, opened by Sir Charles Fel-
lows, ib., 347 ; Romano-British pottery
at Barnes in the, xii, 141-5 ; Roman
pottery found in (engr.), ib., 142 ; bar-
row on Bowcombe Down at, opened,
xvi, 254-61 ; remains discovered in the,
xvii, 332; Roman remains, coins, etc.,
discovered at, ib., 333 ; xix, 307 ; a
large find of Roman coins in, ib., 330 ;
the ancient "Ictis", xxii, 366

Wiglaf, king of the Mercians, charter of,
xxix, 330

Wigmore, village of, near Ludlow (engr. ),
iii, 191 ; college, xxiv, 26 ; visit of the
Association to the church, castle, and
grange, ib., 299

v. Hills, G. M.

Wigton, seal of the grammar school of,
xii, 64

Wilberforce (Samuel), Bishop of Winches-
ter, obituary memoir of, xxx, 353-4

Wilde (G. de), on the Bristol Exchange
columns, xv, 268

Wilde (G. J.), memoir of, xxviii, 311

Wilderspool, co. Lane, pottery found at,
ix, 75 ; antiquities from, exhibited, xviii,
391-2; tetinas exhumed at, xxvi, 111 ;
sand from, xxviii, 74-5 : Roman re-
mains at, paper on, by H. S. Cuming,
xxvii, 430-7 ; cola found at, ib., 430-1 ;
thuribles found at, ib., 431-2 ; ollse
found at, ib., 433; mortuarium found
at, ib., 435-6 ; terra-cotta mask found
at, ib., 436-7
Vilding (W.), of Montgomery, describes
tombs at Claverley, xxix, 227-8

Wildman (Thos.), obituary notice of, xvi,

'Vilford, hundred of, xxi, 5 ; taxatio,
temp. Edw. Ill, ib., 18

Wilkes (Miss), on a silver bracelet from
Rathmines, xix, 314-7

Wilkins (E. P.), M.D., exhibits rubbing of a
brass in Kingston ch., v, 346 ; on an
antique brass cannon at Carisbrooke,
vi, 439 ; on a gold Roman coin found
at Newtown, ib., 461 ; examination of

an Anglo-Saxon barrow at Bowcombe
Down, xvi, 254-61 ; exhibits ancient
British coin, xvii, 324

Wilkes (John), medal of, xiii, 226

Wilkinson (Rev. F. H.), obituary notice of,
xviii, 355

Wilkinson (Sir J. G), F.R.S., F.S.A., on
the ruins of Reading Abbey, ii, 339 ; on
ancient Egyptian fortifications, v, 168;
on an early mosaic in St. Mark's, at
Venice, vii, 258-63 ; paper on Etruscan
tombs, read, xi, 349-56 ; on an Etrus-
can tomb at Cervetri, the ancient Caere,
xii, 1-35; on rock basins, etc., xv, 355;
on the rock-basins at Dartmoor, and
some British remains in England, xvi,
101-32 ; on ancient British walls, xvii,
1-8 ; on British remains upon Dart-
moor, xviii, 23-53, 111-33 ; on bone
tubes from Egypt, xix, 136 ; extract
from his "Ancient Egyptians", xxiii,
112 ; his account of prehistoric remains
near Sheffield, xxx, 62, etc.

Wilkes (John), medal of, xiii, 226

Wilkinson (John), an early ironmaker,
xxix, 175

Willelmus, fac-simile of, on coffin at Lewis
(engr.), i, 344

Willenhall, early lockmaking at, xxix, 177

William the Conqueror (King of England),
pennies of, discovered at York, i, 319 ;
prepares to invade England, xxiii, 160-1 ;
notice of, xxix, 49 ; events in the reign
of, xxx, 387-97

William II (King of England), dress and
manners in the time of, xxiii, 125 ;
paper on the great seals of, by W. de G.
Birch, xxviii, 129-41

William III (King of England), panegy-
ric on, xx, 362 ; telescope of, xxi, 351

William and Mary, medallion of, exhi-
bited, xxx, 341-2

William (King of Scotland), coins of, ii,

William Consul, Earl of Gloucester, ac-
count of, xxv, 37-8

William de Corboyl, Archbishop of Can-
terbury, note of a charter of appoint-
ment, xxix, 259

William, Bishop of Durham, seal of, iv,
316; notice of, xxviii, 134, etc.; xxix,

William Fitz Ansculph, holds Dudley in
the Domesday time, xxix, 413

William de Foix, observations on an ef-
figy called that of, i, 216-23

William de Fougeres, compact with Ra-
nulf de Blondeville, vi, 131-5

William (Duke of Normandy), supposed
banner of (engr.), xiii, 117

William of Wykeham, episcopal and
lesser seal of, xii, 148

Williams (Evan), on the old ch. at New-
town, Montgomeryshire, i, 259 ; on a
sculptured rail in Llanvair ch., ib., 338 ;
on ancient chisels found in excavating



the ruins of the Cistercian Abbey of
Cwnihir, Radnorshire, ii, 346

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