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Williams (J. L.), on mediaeval Antiquities
in Sussex, ii, 348

Williams (J. M.), on a carved horn at
1 'over, ii, 347

Williams (Rev. T. S.), account of the dis-
covery of peculiar interment at Credival
eh., xvi, 324-27

Willis (Browne), notice of North Marston,
from MS. of, xxv, 343

Willock (Lady) exhibits Persian gems, i,

Willoughby, ch. of, mentioned in a charter,
xxx, 160

Willow cross, xvi, 330

Wills (Thomas) exhibits various antiqui-
ties from Dorsetshire and other places,
xii, 257-8 ; on spurs, ib., 202-4 ; on
Egyptian figures pretended to have been
found in London, xiii, 228-9; exhibits
Somersetshire tokens, xiii, 243-4 ; a spur
of the 15th century found in South-
wark, ib., 249 ; a Cousen Lane token,
ib., 255; various rings, ib., 311; a
child's jacket, temp. Chas. I, ib., 324 ;
a collar of S's, ib., 331 ; various keys,
with remarks on, ib., 335-9 ; a Roman
intaglio found in Kent, xiv, 95 ; a
bronze eagle found in the Thames, ib.,
339; a merchant's seal of the 15th cent.,
ib., 342; lock and key from Hever Castel,
ib., 352 ; a velvet pouch or dole bag, xv,
267 ; two firelocks, temp. Chas. I, ib.,
272; various keys, seals, etc., ib., 288;
various keys, xvi, 329 ; Roman anti-
quities found at Silchester, ib., 336 ;
various antiquities, ib., 349 ; a brass
spur, ib., 358 ; silver matrix of a seal, ib.

Wills, Ipswich, 1438-1532, xxi, 15; spirit-
ual, viii, 365; xvi, 331

v. Durham

v. Ornsby, Rev. G.

Wilmcote, remains near, xxix, 41-2

Wilmington, co. Sussex, dioc. Chick., pre-
bendaries of, xxii, 149-52; notice of a
gigantic figure there, xxviii, 69

Wilson (E.) exhibits various engravings,
xxx, 223

Wilson (Rev. Dr.) Canon of Winchester,
communicates a find of Roman coins
near Swindon, xxiv, 286

Wilson (Professor) on a Mohammedan
coin found at Eastbourne, ii, 187; men-
tion of, xxix, 33

Wilson (D.) on a Roman medicine stamp,
v, 350-1

Wilson (F. R.) exhibits altar painting of
the Ogle shrine, xix, 58; altar pain
ib., 59-60; on Wakefield Wayside
Chapel, xx, 111-19

Wilson (Zachary), Sheffield token of, xxx.

Wilton, notes on, xv, 23; O. Godwin'
paper on, ib., 131-41; risil to the ch.,
ib., 176; visit to house, ib.; municipal

records of, examined, ib., 177; various
original documents connected with the
Corporation, etc., xvii, 311-18; agree-
in. nt of Geoffrey, Prior of St. John's,
with Johu Budel, a priest, 19 Rich. II,
ib., 316; See of, xxviii, 324-5

Wiltshire (Rev. T.), on forged flint instru-
ments, xvii, 225; exhibits flint imple-
ments from Yorkshire, xviii, 377

Wiltshire, British coins found in, ii, 336 ;
spurs and horseshoes from, ix, 87; T.
J. Pettigrew on the antiquities of, xv,
1-26 ; list of monasteries and castles in,
xxviii, 57 ; early remains in, xxix, 34

v. Guest, Dr. A.

Wimble (J.), exhibition of antiquities by,
xxii, 378, 445-6 ; a spindle wheel, ib.,
452 ; objects from the excavation in
Southwark Street, xxiii, 86 ; fragments
of Roman pottery from Southwark
Street, ib., 101 ; bones, etc., from Wal-
brook, ib., 103; a terra-cotta ampulla-
shaped lamp, ib., 197; early earthern
vessels, ib., 381

Wimbourne, co. Dors., account of a bar-
row near, ii, 93 ; brass of Ethelred at
the Minster, viii, 364 ; seal of the gram-
mar school of, xii, 78

Wimbridge (J.), exhibits rubbings from
brasses in Essex and Bucks, x, 97-8

Winchester, William Giflfard, bishop of,
Lord Chancellor, xviii, 134

Winchester, co. Hants, chalk grave at, i,
141 ; armorial bearings in the Cathe-
dral, ib., 216; medal commemora-
tive of the Congress at, ib., 292; en-
caustic tiles from, ib., 312; arrow-
head found near, ib., 324 ; antiquities
discovered in, ib., 368; coins found
near, ii, 199; coins found at, ib.; seal
found at, hi, 125; on a Roman urn and
cover found at, ib., 334 ; discovery of
mural paintings in the cathedral, ib.,
340; frescoes at, iv, 387; mediaeval
paintings discovered at, vi, 76-80 ; de-
corated pattern from St. Cross (engr.J,
vi, 79; encaustic tile in cathedral li-
brary [engr.J, vii, 70; sepulchral cross
in St. James (engr.J, ib., 437 ; wall
paintings in St. John's Ch., viii, 156;
discoveries at, ib., 193; pilgrim's token
found at (engr.J, ib.. 363 ; paintings dis-
covered at St. John's (4 engrs.J, ix, 1-14;
entrance to rood screen of St. John's
f i ngr.J, ix, 1 ; plan of St. John's t < ngr, ),
ih.. 3; leaden token found at, ib., iZ'2;
ancient painting in St. John's Ch., x,
53; elevation of the south Bide of tin:
north aisle of st. John's (engr.J, ib.,
54; carvings and ornaments discovered
in the college, ib., 159-62; letter from
the mayor of , relating to the quantity
of gunpowder in the castle in 1616, \ii,
89-93; ancient and modern seal of the.
college, xii, l 17-8; on an erroneous in-
scription in the cathedral, xiv, •_



axe-blade found at, ib., 292 ; observa-
tions on, by Rev. B. Poste, xv, 268-71 ;
series of bosses from college, xix, 330 ;
discovery of skeletons and coffins at, xx,
267-8 ; city cross, and proposed resto-
ration of, ib., 382 ; examination and ar-
rangement of records by P. J. Baigent,
ib., 283; dimensions of tbe cathedral,
xxi, 41 ; paintings, etc., discovered at
St. Cross, ib., 76 ; articles from, ib., 235;
coins from, xxii, 358 ; early history of
the diocese, xxviii, 313-27; note of,
xxix, 35 ; reliquary chest at, ib., 313

Winchester, v. Baigent, F.

v. Gaveston, Peter.

v. Pettigrew, T. J.

Windcliff, ascent of, x, 295

Windle (Mr.), on a font in All Saint's ch.,
Claverly, Shropshire, iv, 152

Windmills, origin of, in Normandy and
England, vi, 403-6

Windows, early, of churches, viii, 6 ; win-
dow sash, vii, 105

Window in Long Melford Ch. (engr.),
xxx, 372; of Roman glass, i, 316; ii,
324; iv, 399; xvi, 315; xxiii, 288

Windsor, condition of parts of St. George's
Chapel, ii, 91 ; Italian characters sculp-
tured on blocks of stone at the castle,
ib., 268 ; deanery united to that of
Wolverhampton, xxix, 50, 51, 52

v. Davis, J. E.

v. Hobart, Dr.

v. Marcus Antonius

Wine flasks, vi, 82; xix, 311

Winfield (South), Undercroft in the manor
house (engr.), vii, 373

Winford- Eagle, co. Dors., Roman coins
found at, xx, 273

Wingfield, family, effigies of the, xxx, 76-7

Wingfield Ch., Hants, painting of the Last
Judgment (engr. J, vi, 78-9

Win Hill, mound at, xxx, 407-13

Winkley (W.), exhibits brasses from
Harrow-on-the-Hill, v, 376 ; a jetton
found at Pinner, xvi, 340

Winster, near Matlock, discovery of Saxon
graves at, xiii, 226-8

Winston, font at, x, 385 ; bridge, xxii, 410

Winterbourne Abbas, visit to, xxviii, 212-3

Wintersham, Kent, church chest at,
xxviii, 226-7

Winwick, axe-hammer found at, xxix,

Wire (W.) on Roman sepulchral remains,
i, 2-^8 ; on Roman bracelets and tiles
found at Colchester, ii, 101 ; on an Am-
phora tomb found at Colchester, ii, 275 ;
on a circular brass seal found at Col-
chester, iii, 61 ; on a Roman statuette
found at Colchester, iv, 60; a skeleton
and urns found at Colchester, ib., 79 ;
on a copper coin found at Colchester,
ib., 401 ; on Roman remains found at
Colchester, ib. ; v, 85-7

Wire and metal, exhibited, xxx, 79; va-

rious specimens of ancient bronze, ex-
hibited, xxx, 87, 94, 95, 193, 194

Wirksworth, seal of the grammar school
of, xii, 66

Wisborough, dioc. Chich., Prebendaries of,
xxii, 150

Wistan (St.), vii, 265

Wistow Hall, visit to Sir H. Halford,
Bart., xix, 249; reception a.t,. ib.; ex-
hibition of relics of Charles I at, ib.

Witcherche (Alan de) charters of, xxx,

Witt (Edward), on flint and metal celts
found at Bury, ii, 347

Witham, Roman remains at, v, 94 ; Mr.
Neale on, ib.

Witherne, in Galloway, monastery at, in
Beda's time, xxiv, 378

Wittenham, Roman antiquities found at,
iii, 328

Witville (Hugh de), xxx, 173

Wlsinus, Abbot of Malmesbury, xxvii,

Woodbryge (Gyll), brass of, xi, 264

Wodehouse (John, Lord), autograph, xxi,

Wodehouse at Wombourne, visit of the
Congress to, xxix, 431 ; description of
the alterations made there, ib., 431-2

Wolf erton or Wolverton, near Dorchester,
xxviii, 146-7

Wolsey (Thomas, Cardinal), J. Read on
MSS. concerning, xxi, 222 ; seat of, at
Moor Park, xxvi, 29 ; arrested at Ca-
wood and conveyed to Sheffield, xxx,
45 ; v. Shipton, Mother

Wolston, earthworks, etc., there, xxix, 43

Wolverhampton, Congress at ; proceedings
of, speech of the Mayor, xxix, 98-9 ;
speech of the Ven. Archdeacon Moore,
ib., 99-100: speeches of G. Godwin, the
Earl of Dartmouth, and E. Roberts, ib.,
100-1 ; report by E. Christian on the
Collegiate Ch., ib., 101-3; remarks on
the same by the Rev. J. H. lies, ib.,
103-4; discussion, ib., 105; E. Levien
on the pillar in the churchyard, ib.,
105-6 ; G. M. Hills on the same, ib.,
106-7; visit to Major Thorneycroft's
house at Tettenhall, ib., 107; descrip-
tion of the church there, by E. Roberts,
ib., 107-8; dinner, ib., 108 ; speeches of
the Rev. J. H. lies, ib., 109-10; the
President, 110-11 ; Major Thorneycroft,
ib., Ill j R. N. Philipps, ib., Ill; G.
Godwin, ib., 112-13; H. Fisher, ib.,
113 ; G. M. Hills, ib., 113-14; and E.
Roberts, xxix, 11 4-1 5 ; visit to Etocetum,
Elford, and Haselour, ib., 115-19 ; Rev.
F. C. Paget describes Elford Ch., 116 ;
J. Neville, Esq., describes the chapel
and hall of Haselour, 117-19; visit to
Lichfield, ib., 119-20; description of the
Cathedral by G. M. Hills, ib., 120 ; visit
to Longbireh Farm, ride to Gilford's
Cross; toBrewood; the church described




by the Rev. E. Wrottesley, ib., 220-1 ;
J. It. Plauehd describes the tombs and
effigies ; drive to Boscobel, ib., 221; H.
Ainsworth reads extracts from his
work "Boscobel", ib., 221-2 ; drive
through West Park to the church, ib.,
222; description, ib.', E. Robert's re-
marks, ib., 223 ; visit to Patshull, recep-
tion bythe President, ib. ; entertainment,
ib.; Rev. H. J. Ward describes the Ro-
man station at Chesterton, ib., 221 ;
discussion, ib. ; return to Wolverhamp-
ton, ib., 225; E. Levien reads a pulsi-
on religious houses in Staffordshire; J. R.
Planche" reads a paper on the family of
the Gitfords, ib., 225 ; discussion, ib.,
225-6 ; T. Morgan reads a paper on the
Briton, Roman, and Saxon, in Stafford-
shire, ib., 226 ; visit to Ludstone Hall,
description, ib., 226-7 ; and to Claverley
ch., which is described by E. Roberts,
ib., 227-8 ; ride to Quatford on the
Severn, paper on the early history of
the village and ch., by the Rev. G. L.
Wasey, ib., 228-30; arrival at Bridg-
north, ib., 230 ; luncheon, ib. ; ch. of
St. Leonards, the Castle, and ch. of St.
Mary, examined, ib., 230-1 ; cells in the
rock inspected, and described by Mr.
Ward, ib., 231 ; Worfield ch., and Ches-
terton visited, ib., 231-2 ; return to Wol-
verhampton ; papers read, by W. Moly-
neux, on the Roman roads of Staffbrd-
sliire ; by J. C. Tildersley, on the early
industries of Staffordshire ; by J. W.
Grover, on iron and iron-works of Ro-
man Britain, ib., 232 ; visit to Stafford ;
St. Mary's ch. described by the Rev. T.
Finch, ib., 317 ; St. Chad's ch., ib. ; Chart-
ley castle, ib. ; Uttoxeter visited, ib., 3 1 7 - 8 ;
Croxden Abbey described by G. M.
Hills, ib., 318 ; documents belonging to
LordWrottesley, ib., 319; discussion, ib.,
321-3; remarks by G. M. Hills and E.
Roberts on the cross, ib., 319-20 ; visit to
Dudley, ib., 430 ; reception by the cor-
poration, U>. ; visit to the Museum, ib. ;
priory ruins inspected, ib., 431 ; descrip-
tion of, by E. Roberts, ib.; the caverns
illuminated and traversed, ib.; visit to
Stourton Castle, ib. ; and Holbeach, ib.;
Wombourne passed, and visit to the
Wodehouse, 431-2; return to Wolver-
hampton, ib., 432; conversazione in the
town hall, ib.; detailed accounts of the
principal objects of interest exhibited,
ib., 432-7 ; paper by Mr. Holliday on
tiles of Hales Owen Abbey, read by
G. M. Hills, ib., 437-40 ; concluding
meeting, speeches of Lord Wrottesley,
ib., 440 ; and I i. M. Bills, 1 10-2; inaugu-
ral address, ib., 19-26; foundation and
growth of the town, its trade, etc., ib.,
21-6; paper on the collegiate church of
St. Peter, by W. Parke, 47-53; earlj

mines at, ib., 173; early Iockmaking at,
176-7; Japan ware of, ib., 1 77 ;
work of steel-toys at, ib., 178; further
remarks upon the cross, ib., 819-20;
etymology of the name, ib., 323; col-
legiate house at, ib., 326; deed relating
to the chaplainry of, ib., 366-7; matrix
of the seal of the collegiate ch. exhi-
bited, ib., 434

Wblvesley, near Winchester

v. Isaacson, Rev. S.

Wolwtoii Bouse, visit to, by the Associa-
tion, xxviii, 212-3

Womburne, id. Wombourne, charter re-
lating to land at, xxix, 361; visit of the
Congress to, ib.,4'31

Wood carving, Mr. Repton on, i, 240 ;
screen at St. Mary's, Lancaster, ib., 334;
cup engraved, temp. James I, hi, 335;
cup exhibited by Miss Creswell, iv, 403;
wooden ch. at Greenstead, Essex, v, 1 ;
xxi, 28; casket of the 14th and 15th
century, vi, 440; restoration of wood
carvings, by Mr. Rogers, xii, 287 ; and
by Mr. Crace, ib., 288 ; H. S. Cuming
on moulded wood, xxvi, 3S0 ; xxvii,
157, 373-5 ; xxx, 341 ; fortification at
Etocetum, xxix, 55 ; Saxon instruments
exhibited, xxx, 199; vessels of, i, 413;
v, 29, 30, 31, 145; rope of, iv, 382

Wood (Anthony a), account of " Dover's
Games", xxv, 118; reference by, to Fair-
ford ch., xxvii, 136

Wood (J.), Memoir of, xxviii, 310

Wood (S.), exhibits a die for the reverse
of a half-crown of Charles I, found at
Shrewsbury, hi, 252; a silver coin of
Eric XIV, king of Sweden, xii, 83; a
brass spoon of the time of Charles 1,
found near Gerard' s-hall, ib., 162 ; a
wooden cup, ib., 163; a stone grey- beard
and glass bottle, found in Cannon-street,
xiii, 224; weapons from Asia and South
Africa, xiv, 276; the wrapper of funeral
cards, xv, 276; a dish of old tortoise-
shell ware, ib., 285; Valenciennes lace,
ib., 351; various coins, xvi, 324-9; point
lace, ib., 358; a Chinese casket, xviii,
276; spoons of the time of Elizabeth,
xix, 330; antiquities from Maidstone,
xx, 82; gaily tiles, found in London,
U>., 83; embroidered aprons, ib., 199;
Roman coins found in Merionethshire,
ib., 273; seal of purity, ib., :>37; Roman
lamps of Christian sera, ib. ; a Shakes-
peare badge, ib., 344; tokens, wii. :', I I ;
a trader's token of 1658, xxiii, 381 ; a tsor-
toiseshell comb of a rannee, from Bom-
bay, xxiv, 177

Wood bridge, medal found at, xi. :'. 17:

count of parishes in tin' Onion, x\i. 7;

seal of the priory, ib., '■'■ 17
Woodcheat er, Roman pa \ i menl at, ii. ■
( '. I!. Smith on, ib., 38'-J; silver Roman

spoon from ( tnyr. ). \ i. 1 13, 151



Woodford, Wdeforde, al. Wdeford, charter
of land at, xxix, 361 ; grant of land at,
ib., 366

Woodgate, barrow at, xxix, 265-6

Woodhouse ( S. ), exhibits a glass plaque of
Spanish work, xv, 289

Woodhouse, on the stained glass windows
and armorial bearings in the chapel, xix,

Woodhouse, dioc. Chich., Prebendaries of,
xxii, 151

Woodruff (Rev. J.), on the framework of
a gypsere, or pouch, of the 15th cen-
tury, i, 251

Woodstock, v. Vanburgh, Sir John

Woods (Sir Albert), Garter king of arms,
on the fable of the Lord Lathorn, vii, 71 ;
exhibits a collection of Roman and Bri-
tish coins, ix, 94

Woodsome Hall, visited by the Associa-
tion, xxx, 228 ; reception by Lord Dart-
mouth and Major and Lady Robertson,

Woodward (B. B.), Queen's librarian, ex-
hibits map of Roman, Berkshire and
Hampshire, xvi, 97; exposure by, of
Richard of Cirencester forgeries, xxv,

Woolhampton, on the ch. of, x, 114; se-
pulchral slab in, ib.

Woolley (Anthony and Agnes), incised
slab of, iv, 78; observations upon it, by
the Rev. S. Isaacson, ib., 145

Woolley (Mrs. Hannah), directions of, for
glass-painting, xxix, 82

Woolley (T. ), obituary notice of, xv, 165

Woolmer Forest, bronze rings, torques
and celt, found in, vi, 88

Wootton (John), tomb of, ix, 412

Wootton, co. Bedf ., floreated coffin-lid found
at (cngr. J, v, 338

Worcester (Dean of ), communicates account
of the discovery of a coffin and remains
at Worcester Cathedral, xvii, 331-2

Worcester (Earls of), paper on, by J. R.
Planche", xxvi, 149-60

Worcester, bronze figure discovered there,
i, 48; sculpture disfigured by whitewash
in the cathedral, ii, 195; on the state of
the walls of, in 1768, iv, 270; Congress
at, address of the Mayor, and of the
President, various exhibitions of anti-
quities, etc., ib., 288-322 ; antiquities
found at, in Mr. Eaton's collection, ib.,
291; early monumental effigy of King
John in the cathedral, ib., 292; Lecture
on the cathedral by Mr. Ashpitel, ib.,
302; Queen Elizabeth's visit to, in 1575,
ib., 307; Mr. Gutch on the Clothier's
Company of, ib., 311 ; J. R. Planche" on
the effigy of a lady in the cathedral, vi,
5-15; tomb and effigy (cngr. J, ib., 8;
effigy in the cathedral (cngr), ib., 9;
seals of the cities of Worcester and Lin-
coln, ib., 82; ancient brass seal of, ix,
82; Roman altar found at, xi, 81; spur

found at, ib., 83; helmet from the bat-
tle-field of, xii, 97 ; discoveries at the ca-
thedral, xvii, 331-2; xviii, 254; Mr.
Bloxam on the cathedral, ib., 255-7; H.
S. Cuming on the cathedral, ib., 265 ;
Saxon coinage of, xxi, 191; battle of,
xxix, 24; St. Mary's, ib., 49; copper
tokens of, xxx, 27

Worcestershire, antiquities found in, iv,
291; tokens of, xiii, 225-6; list of mo-
nasteries and castles in, xxviii, 57-8

Worfield, visit of the Congress to the ch.,
xxix, 232

Worksop, excursion to, viii, 253; prioiy
ch. and gate-house visited by the Asso-
ciation, and described by the Rev. J.
Stacy e, *6., 112; monks of, serve the ch.
of Sheffield, ib., 153; note of, ib., 153-5;
Priory and parish ch. of Worksop, or
Radford, a paper by Rev. J. Stacy e, ib.,
156-70, 277-96; Shire- oak, near, ib., 202;
ch. (cngr.), ib., 278; plan of the priory
(engr.J, ib., 288

Worlingham Hall, co. Suff., xxi, 18, 149

Worm for a gun, xix, 330

Wornum (Ralph), keeper and secretary of
the National Gallery, notice of the "Life
and Works of Holbein", xxvi, 122

Worsley Family, needlework executed by
the, i, 54

Worsley (Miss), exhibits a watch of Charles
I, xi, 317

Worsted stockings, xiii, 315

Worth, co. Suss., plan of the ch., xxiv,
380; furnace for casting ordnance at,
xxiv, 337; the ch. of Saxon work, ib.,
381; on the restoration of, xxv, 388-9

Wortley, family of, memoirs and notes of
the, xxx, 379-86

Wortley (Lady), her will, xxii, 417

Wortley (Sir Thomas), knt., account of,
and inscription concerning hini, xxx,

Wotton, I. of Wight, coin found at, iii,

Wotton Wawen, co. Warwick, interior of
the tower (cwjr.), iii, 181

Wounds, on the Five, of our Saviour, by
Rev. W. Simpson (3engrs.J, xxx, 357-74

Wrechen (Johannes, Dominus de), Senes-
callus de Haynau, safe conduct granted
to, xxiv, 143

Wreck, ingots of tin and other articles
found in a, off Whitstable, ii, 361

Wren (Sir Christopher), xxviii, 91

Wrentham, view and account of the Hall,
xxx, 332

Wrexham, spurs found at, viii, 55

Wright (G. R.), F.S.A., Hon. Curator and
Librarian, exhibits rubbings from a vault
in Bel voir castle, v, 376; on a sculp-
tured boss in Belvoir castle, vi, 87; on
the Reculver, ix, 391-8; exhibits a re-
puted portrait of Shakespeare, from the
Limiley collection, xi, 264; a helmet
from the field at Worcester, xii, 97; a



Romano- Egyptian lamp and coins found
ou Tower-hill, xiii, 235; exhibits Caxton
and Ridley relics, il>., 252; on an as-
sumed portrait of James, Lord R.eau-
clerk, ib., 323; exhibits coins found in
the Crimea, xiv, 208; silver coin of a
grand master of the knights of Malta.
xv, 275; on the English stage in 1638,
xvi, 275-6 ; silver lace belonging to
a bearing cloth, ib., 339; exhibits ma-
nager of a theatre's book, 1638, ib., 344;
Roman coins and Nuremberg jettons
found at Long Compton, Warwick, xvii,
75; iron key found in Westminster, ib.;
a bone die found in the Old Kent-road,
ib., 334; an ivory miniature of Queen
Elizabeth, xviii, 262; an early edition
of the "Secretes of Alexis", ib., 268;
silver-gilt clasp of a cope, xx, 346 ; a
bone implement, xxii, 94 ; an ancient
lamp from Reculver ch., ib., 104; a
javelin knife, ib., 345; an inscribed ring,
and other articles, ib., 452; pedigree of
the Irish family of Montague, xxiii, S6;
London forgeries, ib. ; on Sir A. Browne
and his descendants, ib., 230-50; exhi-
bits a marble head, ib., 295; on a sculp-
tured marble head from Alexandria,
xxiv, 67, 69; on an Etruscan sarcopha-
gus, ib., 176; on Sir P. Sidney and his
family in relation to Ludlow castle, ib.,
305; on Sirs H. and P. Sidney in con-
nection with Ludlow castle, ib., 313-26;
on the duke of Beaufort, lord-president
of the Marches of Wales, xxv, 85, 88;
on " Watermoorin Chesterton Tything",
ib., 105-6; on the source and nomencla-
ture of the river Thames, ib., 348-357 ;
exhibits an attic drachma, xxvi, 161; a
Mint die of James I's shilling, ib., 240 ; on
episodes in the career of Humphrey,
duke of Gloucester, and his first duch-
ess, xxvii, 218-41 ; on discoveries at Sun-
bury common, ib., 528-9 ; on the urns
of Sunbury, xxviii, 74; on the visit of
Philip of Austria and Juana of Spain to
Weymouth, ib., 145-54; exhibits Etrus-
can amphora, ib., 182; on the water-
gate of York-house, xxix, 196-9; letter
of, addressed to the Board of Works,
relating to York-gate, ib., 219; exhibits
Flemish tobacco-box, ib., 429; on "Car-
dinal Pole and his birth", ib., 431; on
the causes which led to the imprison-
ment of Thomas Howard, fourth duke
of Norfolk, in the Tower of London,
xxx, 457

Wright (Rev. J. H. C), memoir of, xxviii,

Wright (Thomas), F. S. A., etc., illustra-
tions of mediaeval architecture from il-
luminated manuscripts, i, 20-5; on the
nimbus, from Didron's " Iconographie
Chrt5tienne", ib., 121-8; mediaeval bridge
builders, ib., 197-9; on musical instru-

ments of the Middle Ages, ib., 291-7; on
sedilia in My the ch., ib., 316; on Ru-
nic letters, ib., 345; mi barrows, ib., 361;
on recent discoveries of Anglo-Saxon
antiquities, ii, 50; on the Abacus or
mediaeval system of arithmetic, ib., 64;
on the mythological triad, ft., 315; on
monkish miracles, ib., 375; on a Btone
effigy of a bishop in Abbey Dore ch., ib.,
361; on the manuscripts in Gloucester
cathedral, ib., 386; on St. Mary Magda-
lene's Hospital chapel, ib., 387, 392; on
the Booth Hall, Gloucester, ib., 387; on
Roman stations, ib., 388; on Llanthony
Priory, ib., 391 ; on a tumulus at Shurd-
ington-hill, hi, 64; on architecture and
building from mediaeval MSS., ib., 99-
101; on the Coventry mysteries, ib.,
111-8; on a stone reading-desk in Wen-
lock Abbey, «'&., 119; on Guy's-cliff, ib.,
156; on Saxon remains in Gloucester-
shire, iv, 50 ; on the carvings of the
stalls in cathedral and collegiate churches,
ib., 203; on the autobiography of Ecg-
win, bishop of Worcester, ib., 297; on
an ivory casket of the 14th cent., v, 266-
82; discoveries at Wroxeter,xv, 350, etc.;
xvi, 342 ; further discoveries, ib., 349 ;
exhibits coin of Constantine the Great,
found in Huntingdonshire, xvii, 75; re-
marks on St. Lawrence, Shrewsbury, ib.,
155; on Ludlow castle, ib., 159; on
Shelve lead mines, ib., 212; on Roman
villa at Linley, ib., 213; on Wroxeter
excavations, ib., 218-329; on a Latin
missal, ib., 234 ; notice of essays on
archaeological subjects, ib., 253-61; on
discoveries at the Friars, Ludlow,' ib.,
328; on recent discoveries at Uriconiuni,
ib., 329; on Bishop Leofric's library,
xviii, 220-3; on the municipal archives
of Exeter, ib., 306-17; on a Roman altar
found at Tretire, ib., 275 ; exhibits a
photograph of a Roman lead mine at
Shelve, ib., 283; a stone jug found near
Kirkstall Abbey, ib., 375; report upon
recent discoveries at Wroxeter, ib., 393;
on an inscribed tile of the 8th legion,
found in Leicester, xix, 46-7; on a Ro-
man tesselated pavement, found on the
site of the late East India House, ib.,
63-4 ; on antiquities recently found at
Cirencester, ib., 100-5; on Roman en-
graved stones found on the site of
Uriconiuni, ib., 106-11; on an early MS.
preserved at the Guildhall, Leicester,
ib., 120; on the abandonment of the Ro-
man name Ratae, i' Li beater, ib., 121;
remarks on guilds, ib., 125; on Anglo-
Saxon barrows in the I. of Wight, ib.,
131 ; the prophecies of Mother Shipton,
ib., 308; on glass in a coffin at Bishop-
stoke, xx, 200 ; on Greek Samian ware
to in TaiMis, ib., 355; on Saxon jewel-
lery found at Scarborough, xx, 05; at

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