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found iii Goodman's Fields, ib., 36] ;
exhibited, remarks on, xi, 83 ; found at
Rochester, xii, 83 ; found in Cannon
Street, xiii, 224 ; and other early drink-
ing vessels, remarks on, x\i, 355; Rhenish,
found in Bishopsgate Street, xxx, 79 ;
from Bishopsgate Street, exhibited and
described, ib, 79-80 ; various, ib., 132

Belle vue, co. Kent, Anglo -Saxon vase
found at, iv, 158

Bellew (Rev. J. M.), exhibits a metal
forgery, xxiii, 91

Bellona, on an inscription to, discovered
near Old Carlisle, Cumberland ; Mr.
Rook's observations on, iii, 42-46 ; C. R.
Smith's observations on an inscription
to, ib.

Bellot's Hospital, remarks on, xiii, 145

Bellows, pair of, of the time of the Com-
monwealth, formerly belonging to the
daughter of Oliver Cromwell, i, 311

Belts, ornaments appended to, iv, 158

Belvoir Castle, rubbings from a vault in,
v, 376 ; sculptured boss at, vi, 87

Bembix, or Greek top, xxx, 37
■ Bembridge Down, near Sandown, antiqui-
ties found at, xix, 129-130

Bemberton, Ch. of, visited by the Asso-
ciation, xv, 177

Benedict (St.), account of a medallion of,
xxx, 342-344

Benedict XIII, Pope, exhibition of, and
remarks on his bull, xxvi, 70-72

Bishop, supposed reliquary of, viii, 161

Benet (St.), Ch. of, in Gracechurch Street,
exhibition of articles found on its site,
xxvi, 72

Sherehog (St.), relics found in Buck-

lersbury on the ancient site of the Ch.
of, xxx, 338

Benetlega (William de), xxix, 362

Benhall, terrier of lands at, xxi, 15

Benn (Edw.), on beads discovered at
Antrim, i, 48 ; on porcelain seals, ii,

Bennaveuta, site of, xxix, 38

Bennett (Rev. W.), obituary notice of, ix,

(W. D.), exhibits a drawing of the

porch of Chalk Ch., Kent, x, 183; com-
municates notices on Beaulieu Abbey,
and on the Priory of St. Dionysius, xi,
82 ; paper on pottery found at Ports-
wood, i/i., .'i37 ; presents coins of Grand
Masters of Malta, from 1697 to 1798,
xii, 174

Benones, site of, xxix, 43

Benot (Jehan), Sieur de Provenchiere, aeal
of, xxvi, 246

Benthall Hall, reception at, by Messrs.
Maw. xvii, 49

Benwell, Roman altar at, xxii. 186



Beorchtric, Saxon penny of, exhibited, xi,

Beorhtric, King of Wessex, notice of, xxviii,

Beornred, notice of, xxix, 43

Beornwulf, King of Mercia, coin of, found
at the Bartlow Hills, v, 80

Berbice Club, ancient, xi, 88

Berenger, Prior of the Hospitallers, seal
of, exhibited, xv, 284

Bere-Regis Ch., co. Dorset, visited and
described, xxviii, 289-294 ; interior
(engr.), ib., 288 ; photographs of figures
there exhibited and discussed, ib., 400-

Bergefel (Thomas de), xxx, 310

Bergefelde (Anchetill de), xxx, 310

Berghefeld (Ansketill de), xxx, 308

(James de), xxx, 309

(Oddo de), xxx, 309

Bergne (J. B.), on coins found in the Isle
of Wight, vi, 152 ; on Belgian coins, xv,
277-278 ; on coins found at South-
ampton, xx, 71-73 ; coins described by,
xxi, 227 ; observations on coins found
at Luton Hoo, xxii, 93 ; on the mints
of Durham, Newcastle, and Carlisle, ib.,
264-272, 302 ; his opinions on Mr. Dray-
son's coins, ib., 358 ; obituary of, xxx,

Berigonium, paper on a British terra-cotta
vase from, by J. S. Phone", xxvii, 355-
364 ; early importance of the town, ib.,
356 ; description of urns found in the
neighbourhood of, ib., 362-364

Berington (Mr.), exhibits a denarius of
Severus, v, 375

Berkeley, co. Gloucester, Roman remains
discovered in the church, xxi, 234 ; cross
at the Ch., ib., 352

— — v. Irvine, J. T.

Berkhampstead, co. Herts., encaustic tile
from (engr.), xxv, 388 ; visit of the
Congress to, xxvi, 263-264

Berkshire, Roman roads in, i, 249 ; Roman
and Romano-British antiquities found
in, ib., 309 ; brasses in, viii, 52-62 ;
silver fibula found in, ix, 74 ; spurs and
horseshoes from, ib., 87 ; Egyptian
bottle found in, xiv, 358 ; on the Ar-
chaeology of, xvi, 1-25 ; Roman antiqui-
ties found in (engr.), ib., 34 ; history
and antiquities of, ib., 25-49 ; map of
Roman Berks and Hants, exhibited, ib.,
97 ; Roman roads of, ib., 97-98 ; Celtic
dagger found in, xvii, 334 ; Roman re-
mains, ib., 336 ; round towers of Chs.
in, xxi, 163 ; list of monasteries and
castles in, xxviii, 51
Berlanga (Dr. de), letter of, accompanying

facsimilies, xix, 57
Berlin, on a Ch. at, x, 185-189
Bermuda, sketches of, exhibited, xxx, 196
Bernal (Ralph), address of, at the Ro-
chester Congress, ix, 201-214; obituary
notice of, xi, 174-176

Bernal collection, canettes from the, xxx,

Berners (Dame Juliana), Prioress of Sope-
well, account of her writings, xxvi, 134-
143 ; authoress of the " Book of St.
Alban's," ib., 135

Berry and Sidbury Castles, notes on, x,

" Bersekker", signification of, xxx, 389

Berthelet (Thomas), the king's printer, his
bill, 1541-3, viii, 44-52 ; facsimile sig-
nature of (engr.), viii, 45

Bertilline (St.), note of, xxix, 340

Berwick (Duke of), miniature of, exhibited,
xx, 342

Berwick, co. Northumb., British camp at
(engr.), xvi, 118

Bessemer (H.), his steel process, xxix, 125

Betham (Sir W.), on a Norman arch at
Theberton Ch., i, 317 ; on an extract
from the Commonplace Book of Ralph
Broke, York Herald, relating to W.
Camden, ib., 317 ; on a statute roll of
Ireland, 1 Hen. VI, ib., 366 ; on waxen
table books, found in Ireland, ii, 194 ;
on gold ring money found at Chiusi,
Perugia, and Ireland, ib., 280 ; observa-
tions on the antiquities in the Museum
of the Royal Irish Academy, iii, 148-
155 ; on Etruscan coins, iv, 71 ; on
Palatine Honours in Ireland, v, 195-201 ;
notes and sketches of Suffolk churches,
xxi, 14

v. Warwick

Bethlehem, star of (engr.), xxiv, 224 ;
manger of our Lord in the Ch. of the
Nativity there, xxvi, 278

Bethnal Green, Roman leaden coffin found
at, xviii, 382 ; tiles from, xxx, 335

Bethune (Robert de), Bishop of Hereford,
completion of the Cathedral by, xxvii,

Beton ( — ) Master of the Scottish Queen's
Household, orders to him, xxx, 313

Betrothing rings, observations on, iv, 389

Betts (Edward L.), obituary notice of, xxx,

Betty, an ancient drinking vessel so called,
xvi, 356

Bevis Mount, Southampton, r. Kell, Rev. E.

Bewcastle, Roman altar at, xxii, 186

Bexley (Lord), autograph of, xxi, 13

brasses in the Ch., xvi, 288

Bible, notices of The People's Dictionary,
ii, 128

Bible, New Testament, v. Black, W. H.

Bibliopegy, exhibition of German stamped
leather covers, xxvi, 166

Bibury, visit of the Association to, account
of the manor and Ch., by E. Roberts,
xxv, 209-211

Bicester, gold ring found at, vi, 445 ;
Roman fibula found at, xi, 158

Bigberry Hill, v. Canterbury

Biggleswade, matrix of a seal of one of
the Prebends of, xvii, 76



Bigland (Ralph), quotation from, xxv, 243

Bignor, co. Sussex, exhibition of drawings
of Roman Mosaic pavements at, xxvi,

Bigot, origin of the name, history of the
family, xxi, 'J 2 et seq.

(Hugh) r. Pickering

(Roger), marriage of, xxi, 101

Bigsby's " History of Repton," notice of,
xii, 194-197

Billericay, co. Essex, Roman urns dug up
at, hi, 120, 249 ; gold coin found near,
iv. 74

Billesford, MSS. relating to, xxi, 15

Billesley, remains near, xxix, 41-42

Billinghurst, stone implement from, xxiv,

Billingsgate, antiquities from, xxx, 338

v. London

Bilsby Hall, picture-board dummies at,
xxx, 326

Bilston, Japan ware of, xxix, 177 ; iron-
casting at, ib., 179 ; charter concerning
the foundation of St. Leonard's chantry
there, ib., 367-368

Bilton, discovery of bronze Celtic weapons
at, v, 349-350 ; antiquities from Bilton
and Westow (engr.), xx, 107

Binding of silver, from a leathern cup,
discovered in a Saxon barrow in Derby-
shire (engr.), iv, 276

Bindon, Abbey visited and described,
xxviii, 298-301 ; plan of the Abbey,
(engr.), xxviii, 392

Bingham (Rev. C. W.), on Arabic numerals,
ii, 283 ; exhibits a seal of Richard, Prior
of Frampton, vh, 162

Bingham Priory, a visit to, by the Asso-
ciation, xiv, 166 ; paper on, by Mr. Pet-
tigrew, ib., 166-168

Biographical memoirs of deceased Asso-
ciates, see all the volumes

Birch (Colonel), story connected with the
monument of, in Weobley Ch., xxvii,

Birch (Samuel, LL.D.), letter of, con-
cerning an Egyptian bronze war axe,
xxiii, 294

v. China

Birch (Walter de Gray, F.R.S.L., Honorary
Secretary and Palaeographer to the As-
sociation), remark> by, on casts of seals
of St. Augustine's Abbey, at Grimesby,
and St. Stephen's Collegiate Chapel, at
Westminster, xw, 384-5; remarks by,
on the first great seal of Charles I,
xxvi, 164-165 ; paper on the first great
seal of James I. ib., 218-221 ; two papers
by, on the dates ascribed to the founda-
tion of Cistercian abbeys in England, ib.,
281-299, 352-369 ; remarks by, upon an
unpublished list of Scottish religious
houses, xxvii, 241-245 ; on the succession
of the Abbots of Malmesbury, with an
inedited fragmentary chronicle of the
Abbey, ib., 314-342, 446-448 ; paper on

three unpublished lists of monasteries,
compiled in the 13th century, ascribed
to of Canterbury, xxviii. 4'j-f, \ •
paper by, on seals of William II. ib.,
129-141, 275 ; paper on the life of St.
Martial of Limoges, ib., 353-387, 4<U ;
paper by, on the great seals of Henry I,
xxix, 233-262 ; reads notes upon Lord
Wrottesley's documents, ib., 321 ; paper
by, on documents in the possession of
Lord Wrottesley, ib., 354-371 ; exhibits
and describes photographs of seals, ib.,
435 ; on two curious seals of the an-
cient Earls of Devon, xxx, 170-174 ; ori-
ginal documents relating to Sheffield,
principally in connection with Mary,
Queen of Scots, arranged by, ib., 308-
324 ; paper on MSS. in possession of W.
Bragge, Esq, ib., 458-463

Birchall (John), valentine written by him
in 1684, xxix, 92

Biriuus (St.), account of, xxviii, 313-314

Birmingham, penny token of, xxx, 34

Bisehoff (C), on brasses in Cobham Ch.,
ix, 400-401

Bishop, stone effigy of a, in Abbey Dore
Ch., Herefordshire, ii, 361

Bishop's Palace, Norwich, description of,
xiv, 73

Bishops, medals of the acquittal of the
seven, exhibited, xv, 351

Bishop - Auckland, the antiquities of,
pointed out by the Bishop of Durham,
xxii, 303

Bishophurst, dioc. Chich., Prebendaries
of, xxii, 140

Bishopsgate Street, Rhenish bellarmine,
found in, xxx, 79 ; incuse paving tile
from, ib., 88, 89

v. London

Bishopstoke, leaden coffin found at, xx,

v. Kell, Rev. E.

Bishopstone, co. Sussex, ancient slab in the
Ch. (engr.), v, 395 ; sundial at the Ch.,
xxix, 281

Bisley, co. Glouc., Roman villa discovered
at (-with <i I'litit ). ii. 321-325

Bissop (Hugo), tomb of, in Weobley Ch.,
xxvii. 353

Bits, bridle, of brass, iii, 154 ; (engr.), xv,
227; xix.127, 138; iron.i, i%;(engr.),x\u,
210; Roman, exhibited, xxix, 86

Bitterley, visit of the Congress to, xxiv,
98-101 ; account of the churchyard
cross, the Ch., and old houses at. ib.,
98-99 ; extract from the parish register
of, ib., 103-104

Court, inspection of its curiosities by

the Congress, xxiv, 100-101

Bittern, near Southampton, the site of
Roman Clausentum, threatened with
Miction, i, 341 ; coins from, xxii,
358 : v. < ilausentum

Bitton, spear-heads and celts found near
(5 engra.), v, 349



Bixe (Peter de), xxx, 309
Biack-jack and bombard, paper on, xv,
339-344 ; exhibitions of, by Messrs.
Meyrick, Adams, Gibbs, and Hippisley,
ib., 343-344, 352 ; xviii, 381
Black (William Henry), F.S.A., etc., on
the ancient treasures of the Exchequer,
i, 128-137 ; on a discovery near the
Spur Gate of the Tower of London, ii,
349 ; on a seal of the Prioress of Ivingho,
hi, 256 ; on the state of the walls of
Worcester, iv, 270 ; on an ancient
building in the Minories, ib., 395 ; on
the Records of the County Palatine of
Chester, v, 187-195 ; on an old ballad
relating to Sir Peter Leycester and Sir
Thos. Mainwaring, about the legitimacy
of Amicia, daughter of Hugh Lupus, ib.,
321 ; exhibits Roman denarii, ib., 355 ;
brass snuffers, temp. Henry VIII, vii,
162 ; Roman vessels found in Good-
man's Fields, ib., 163 ; on deeds from
the archives of the Duke of Rutland,
ib., 296-298 ; on the price of lead in
the reign of Henry VIII, ib., 304-306 ;
on the deeds of the Abbey and town of
Burton-on-Trent, ib., 421-428 ; exhibits
a fine piece of tapestry, viii, 72 ; a bel-
larmine found in Goodman's Fields, ib.,
361 ; charters of the 1st and 2nd
Humphrey de Bohun, ix, 75 ; on the
"Textus Roffensis" and " Custumale
Roffense," ib., 358 ; on a manuscript
translation of the New Testament, ib.,
439-440 ; on the "Liber Landavensis",
x, 237-248 ; on the Records and other
documents of the Corporation of New-
port, xi, 270-271 ; on an account of the
remedies proposed for the Princess
Elizabeth, ib., 275 ; on Newtown char-
ters, ib., 276 ; on accounts of the Ex-
chequer, ib., 321 ; on charters of the
borough of Southampton, ib., 322 ; on
the archives of Bridgwater, xiii, 68-70 ;
on the records of St. Michael, xiii, 145-
1 46 ; on the ancient husbandry of Dor-
setshire and Somersetshire, ib., 147 ;
on the municipal records of Wells, ib.,
326 ; on the successive statutes of the
Order of the Garter, ib., 329-330 ; re-
marks on Raoul de Gael, xiv, 71 ; on
the Norwich Cathedral records, ib., 82-
86 ; on the Corporation records of Lym,
ib., 153-155 ; examination by, of muni-
cipal archives at Salisbury, xv, 111-112 ;
examination of MSS. at the Cathedral
Library, Salisbury, ib., 174-176, 180 ;
examination of documents relating to
Trinity Hospital, Salisbury, ib., 198 ;
on Stonehenge, ib., 192 ; on the Corpo-
ration deeds of Newbury, xvi, 234 ; on
the Corporation of Reading, ib., 240-
243 ; remarks on Stephen Payn, ib., 343;
remarks on Roman Corinium, xxv, 103;
on a tin case for holding a rental, ib.,
167 ; on reversed inscriptions, ib., 167 ;

on the cross in the churchyard of Amp-
ney Crucis, ib., 191 ; upon Richard of
Cirencester, ib., 212 ; on the windows
of Fairford, ib., 271 ; on the preserva-
tion of ancient relics, ib., 271 ; on the
stone at Thames Head, ib., 284-285 ;
exhibits ancient documents concerning
Daglingworth, ib., 305-306 ; report of
examination by, of the Hereford muni-
cipal records, lb., 453, 488 ; remarks by,
on Roman geometrical measures, xxvi,
82 ; on the Roman tomb at Westminster
Abbey, ib., 89, 166-167 ; discovery by, of
H. Holbein's will, ib., 121, 243 ; on the
municipal records of St. Alban's, ib.,
143-149; on St. Alban's, ib., 178; on
Roman dyke at Beech Bottom, ib., 182 ;
on Verularn, ib., 184-189 ; on a statuette
exhumed at Wapping, ib., 240-244 ; on
English names of the 13th century, ac-
cording to the Hartwell Evidences, ib.,
328-335; remarks on the term "Bri-
tones", ib., 375 ; remarks by, on Creden
Hill Camp, xxvii, 177-178 ; exhibits a
bronze figure of Egyptian type, ib., 258 ;
explanation by, of his theories respecting
Roman geometrical landmarks, ib., 268-
273 ; remarks by, on Kilpeck Ch., ib.,
388 ; on Stretford Ch., ib., 395 ; reads
paper on the archives of Hereford, ib.,
398 ; exhibits volumes from the Library
of Hereford Cathedral, ib., 534-536 ; re-
marks on St. Catherine's Chapel, Abbots-
bury, xxviii, 109-110 ; description of
municipal archives of Weymouth, ib.,
110-112 ; account of the Weymouth
seals and documents, ib., 199-201 ; de-
scribes a manuscript book of household
accounts, ib., 206-207 ; explains passages
from Ch. registers at Cerne, ib., 209-
210 ; exhibits flints found at Maiden
Castle, ib., 221-222 ; account of MSS.
and seals, ib. ; notes by, on Wareham,
and early customs and monuments of
Dorset, ib., 230-237 ; reads a paper on
Wareham, etc., ib., 295 ; remarks of, on
Dr. Stevens's paper, ib., 304-305 ; notice
of his death, ib., 196-197 ; obituary no-
tice of, xxix, 323-324 ; account of a
valuable book lately belonging to him,
xxx, 412
Blackbourne Hundred, taxation, temp.
Edw. Ill, xxi, 18 ; subsidy in 1661, ib.,
Blackburn, seal of the Grammar School of,

xii, 150
Blackburne (E. L.), on paintings at South-
wold, xxi, 351
Blackfriars, antiquities found in dredging
the river at the bridge, i, 147 ; various
objects from, exhibited, xxx, 72, 79, 87,
200, 204 ; various objects found in the
excavations there, exhibited, ib., 79 ;
wire from, exhibited, ib., 94 ; wire and
latten from, ib., 94, 95
v. London


Black Friars, Mr. Pettigrew on the Con-
vent of, at Norwich, xiv, 110-123

Blacklow, tumulus at, xxix, 43

Blade of iron, exhibited, xxviii, 190

Blakeley (E.), exhibits bronze snuff-box,
xiv, 273 ; aglet-hole piercers, ib., 279

Bland (W.), observations on a Roman villa
at Hartlip, i, 314 ; on a Roman building
found near Sittingbourne, ii, 346 ; on
Saxon glass vessels, ib., 347 ; on a Roman
villa, iv, 398 ; discoveries of, at Hartlip,
v, 370 ; observations on, by C. R. Smith,
ib., 370-372

Blandford, co. Dorset, Roman remains
discovered on Hod Hill, near, hi, 94-99 ;
Roman remains fll engrs.J, ib., 96 ; list
of documents relating to, xviii, 257

Blane (Rev. Henry), on Chester-le-Street,
xxii, 22-30 ; moves thanks of the Asso-
ciation to officers, xxiv, 192

Bhshill (Thomas), exhibits Roman anti-
quities found in London, xvii, 325, 328 ;
sepulchral slabs in Herefordshire, ib.,
328 ; a drawing of a font at Compiegne,
xviii, 273 ; drawing of a Roman pave-
ment discovered at Leadenhall, xix, 307 ;
brass pendants found in the Thames,
xx, 264 ; a flight arrow found in an
oaken rafter of the 15th century, ib.,
325 ; a portion of a "lavatorium" from
the Steel-yard, ib., 326 ; on four early
English coffin-slabs from Herefordshire
and the border, ib., 362 ; on an ancient
lamp, xxii, 105 ; on an ancient brass
from Burgill Ch., ib., 107 ; exhibits
drawing of screen at Christchurch,
Hants, ib., 306 ; drawing of a large jar
discovered in Broad Street, ib., 343 ; re-
marks on antiquities exhibited by Mr.
Wimble, ib., 447 ; exhibits a costrel,
xxiii, 91 ; photographs of a screen of
Christchurch Priory Ch., ib., 93 ; a
German counter and a Prussian medal,
ib., 199 ; rubbings from a sepulchral
slab at Middleton Abbas, xxiv, 65 ;
handle of an amphora found near St.
Sepulchre's Ch., ib., 288 ; remarks by,
upon reversed carvings in Stottesden
Ch. and elsewhere, ib., 306-307 ; on the
"half-timbered" houses in Ludlow, ib.,
307 ; remarks on the cross in Ampney
Crucis churchyard, xxv, 191 ; on Maisey-
hampton Ch., ib., 195 ; description of a
ruin at Daglingworth, ib., 299-301 ;
reads extracts from a MS. concerning
the advowson of Daglingworth Ch., ib.,
301 ; remarks on Daglingworth Ch., ib.,
305 ; describes Duntisbourne-Rouse Ch.,
ib., 306-307 ; description by, of Elkstone
Ch., ib., 308-309 ; on a processional cross,
ib., 401 ; exhibits Roman amphora and
gula, and English spur, temp. Edw. IV,
xxvi, 81 ; photographs and facsimile of
the Hereford "Mappa Mundi," xxvi, 373;
remarks by, on Leominster Priory Ch.,
xxvii. "9 1 ; paper by, on Kilpeok and

Rowlstone Chs., ib., 489-495 ; exhibits
collection of potteiy from Kenchester,
ib., 521 ; remarks by, on mould exhi-
bited by the Rev. S. M. Mayhevv, ib.,
524 ; on Leominster Priory Ch., i'6.,532;
on the Ch. of Ross, ib., 536, 537 ; paper
by, on Corfe Castle, xxviii, 258-271 ;
describes St. Martin's Ch., Wareham,
ib., 301 ; reads a paper on Corfe Castle,
ib., 303 ; comparison by, of Steetley
Chapel with other Chs., xxx, 114, 115 ;
exhibits drawings of Chs. resembling
the Chapel at Steetley, ib., 114 ; jettons,-
ib., 433 ; London tokens, ib.
Blaxall, extent of the Manor, xxi, 14
Blesensis (Petrus), Dean of Wolver-
hampton, xxix, 21
Blestium, near Monmouth, xxix, 127
Blewstone ( — ), an early ironmaker, xxix,

Blickling, carved pew in the Ch., ii, 266
Blight (J. T.), exhibits rubbings of grave-
stones from Abergele, xxiii, 218
Blithborough, titles to lands in, xxi, 9
Blithburgh Ch., money-box in, xxiv, 286 ;
effigy of Egyptian hermit in a window
in, xxvii, 308-309 ; carved effigy of St.
Philip in, ib., 309 ; figure of Constan-
tiue the Great on painted glass in, ib.,
Blithbury, nunnery at, xxix, 326
Blois (Henry de), Bishop of Winchester,
facsimile of deed between, and Sir Roger
de Tichborne (engr.), xi, 282 ; seal of,
12th century (engr. J, xi, 283

of Grundesburgh and Coxfield, family

of, xxi, 9
Blount (Mrs.), letters of, xxi, 21
Bloxam (Mr.), paper on sepulchral remains
from St. Stephen's churchyard and at
St. Alban's, xxvi, 180-181

(Dr.), xxix, 31

(Mr. Matthew), xxix, 40

Blundell (B.), on the battlefields of New-
bury, xvi, 243
Blundell's School, visit to, xviii, 246-7
Blunt (Rev. J. H.), on Durham and its
Palatinate, xxii, 303 ; on Chelsea, ib.,
312-317 ; on St. Cuthbert and his pat-
rimony, ib., 420-442 ; foundation of
Durham, ib., 421 ; St. Cuthbert's story,
ib., 422 ; migrations of the relics of St.
Cuthbert, ib., 423 ; demolition of Dur-
ham Chapter House, ib., 429 ; on Bishop
Pudsey, ib., 430 ; on the meaning of the
cross on the Cathedral floor, Durham,
ib., 431 ; on the tomb of Beda, ib. ; on
the Galilee at Durham which escaped
destruction, ib., 432 ; on the Palatinate
of Durham, ib., 433-442
Blurton (John), printer, of Sheffield, token

issued by, xxx, 35
Blyth (Mr.), on a popular superstition, v.

Blyth, Castle and Honour 157-160;
Honour rind Manor of, ib., 309-405 ;




farm at, ib., 161 ; monastery at, ib.,

Blythburg, sketch of a window in the
Ch, exhibited, xxx, 334

v. Cuming, H. S.

Boadicea, coins of (2 engrs.J, h, 12-13 ;
notice of, xxix, 399

Boatswain's whistle, antiquity of, xxi, 361

Bockinge (Ralphe de), notice of, xxi, 18

Bodiam, co. Sussex, on the brasses at, xiii,
241 ; on the Manor and Castle, xxiv,
352-360 ; situated on the river Rother,
ib., 355 ; first example of a regular plan
in constructing English castles, ib., 355 ;
plan of the Castle and sketch of the
postern from the south-east (engr.J, ib.,
356 ; belonged to the Lewknors, temp.
Ric. Ill, ib., 359 ; besieged by Lord
Surrey, temp. Ric. Ill, and by Waller,
temp. Car. I, ib., 359-360

v. Dalyngrudge, Sir John

Bodleian Library, Oxford, contains the ori-
ginal tract of W. Kemp's " Nine Daies'
Wonder," xxvi, 116 ; list of English
Cistercian Abbeys, from a MS. in, ib.,

Bodman (J. B.), on a Roman Consular
silver coin, found at Stibbington, Hunts,
ii, 192

Boggle, an ancient drinking vessel, xvi,

Bogo de Clare, expenditure of, in the reign
of Edw. I, xviii, 66-75 ; notice of, xix,
136-138 ; on two passages in his life,
xx, 270-272 ; identity of, xxii, 114

Bohemia, on the portraits of Elizabeth,
Queen of, xii, 244-247

Bohn's Antiquarian Library, notice of, hi,

Bohn (H. G.), exhibits miniatures of
Queen Elizabeth, Mary Queen of Scots,
portrait of Mary Stuart in silver, and
fine miniatures by Cooper, xviii, 263 ; a
funeral tablet from Thebes, ib., 267 ; a
miniature of Edw. VI, ib., 269

Bohun, origin of the family of, xxvii,
182-185 ; arms of the family, ib., 189-

(Humphrey de), charters of the 1st

and 2nd of that name, ix, 75

(Johanna de), description of monu-

ment of, xxvii, 196

see Hereford, Earl of

Boileau (Sir J. P.), his welcome to the As-
sociation, xiv, 64-65

v. Burgh Camp

v. Caister Castle

Bolbec, Priory of Saint Michel de, xxix, 60

(Hugh de), xxix, 63

(Osbern de), and Avelina his wife,

xxix, 58

(Osbern), Siegneur de, xxix, 62

Boleyn (Anne), dress used at the christening
of, exhibited by Mr. Holt, xxvii, 256

Bolingbroke (Lord), notice of, xxi, 1 ; on
taxation, ib., 215 ; letters of, ib., 347

Bolsover, visit to the Castle, vii, 315 ; ac-
count of, ib., 316 ; collection of anti-
quities in, ib., 317 ; ancient sculpture
over the chancel door of the Ch., ib.,
317-318 ; ancient sculpture (engr.J, ib.,

Bolton (Rev. E. D.), exhibits two pieces
of singularly marked pottery, xx, 361

(Duchess of), v. Crofts, Henrietta

Bombards, xv, 339 ; exhibited, xviii,

Bombay, comb from, xxiv, 177

Bonbonniere, chased, exhibited, xx, 67

Bonchurch, account of, xii, 88 ; Roman an-
tiquities from, ib. ; urns found at, ib.

Bone objects of antiquity : — Button, found
in the Isle of Wight (engr.J, ii, 54 ; im-
plements found near Blandford (\0
engrs.J, hi, 97 ; pin, from the bed of the
Thames, ib., 337 ; objects (engr.J, vi,
156 ; seal, found at St. Alban's, vii, 173 ;
pin, found at Torbay (en(/r. J, ib., 438 ;
button, found in the Isle of Wight
(engr.J, xi, 188 ; relics, xviii, 383-385 ;
haft of a knife of the 16th century, ex-
hibited, xix, 131 ; haft, found in South-
wark, ib., 136 ; tubes, from Egypt, ex-

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