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Seamer, xxi, 323 ; on the wall of Hadrian,
xxii, 239; on Uriconium, ib., 302; on re-
mains at Gurnard's Bay, ib., 354 ; on
carved pebbles from the East, ib., 445;
deciphers inscriptions, ib., 456 ; on the
early accounts of the churchwardens of
Ludlow, xxiii, 309; exhibits a photo-
graph of a wooden chair in Hereford
Cathedral, ib., 380; a cast of an intaglio
from the Shrewsbury Museum, ib., 383;
specimens of Roman pottery from Alice
Holt Forest, ib., 390; on local museum
at Ludlow, xxiv, 88 ; on the fortifica-
tions on Titterstone-hill, ib., 102; paper
on early churchwardens' account of
Ludlow, ib., 106 ; sketch of the history
of Ludlow castle, ib., 106-7; on crosses
iu Wales, ib., 173; on a Runic epigraph,
ib., 182; exhibits and remarks on photo-
graphs of objects from Roman cemetery
at Lillebonne, ib., 186; on plans of Cad-
bury camp, ib., 187; letter from Rev.
H. Roberts on the ruinous state of Aber-
daron ch., ib., 288 ; on bronze weapons
found at Broadward-hill, and on re-
versed carvings, ib., 307; remarks upon
specimens of iron candlesticks, xxv, 69;
on a collection of shoes found in Fins-
bury, ib., 71 ; remarks on candles, ib., 78;
on antiquities found at Saffron Walden,
ib., 273; on figure of Venus found in
London-wall, ib. ; plan of St. Alban's,
xxvi, 178; on the game of hop-scotch,
ib., 243; on a barrow at Stevenage, ib.,
260 ; letter to, from Ch. Rcessler, ib.,
340-1; account of Corfe castle, xxviii,

Wriothesley (Sir Thos.), picture by Holbein
of his investing the Infante Ferdinand
in 1523 with the Garter, xxvi, 126-31

Writing on Roman pottery and tiles, iv,
364; xxii, 381; on glass, by Charles II,
vii, 357

Writing implements, v. Copybooks

v. Inkhorn and penner

v. Inkstand

v. Stilus

v. Tablebook

Writtle, gold brooch fovind at, iii, 125

Wrotham, concealed coins at, iv, 63

Wrottesley estate, xxix, 24 ; connection of
Tettenhall with the manor, ib., 107

Wrottesley (Lord), documents belonging
to him, exhibited, xxix, 319; described
by W. de G. Birch, discussion, ib.,
321-2; paper on documents in his pos-
session, by W. de G. Birch, ib., 354-71 ;
speech of, 440

Wrottesley (Hon. Charles), xxix, 68 ; de-
scribes Tettenhall ch., ib., 107

Wrottesley (Rev. E.), describes Brewood
ch., xxix, 220-1

Wrottesley (Colonel the Hon. George),
xxix, 22, 67

Wroxeter, north side of old wall (engr.J,
xv, 211; Hypocaustin ruins (engr.J, ib.,

216; remains of buildings opposite the
east end of the old wall (engr.J, ib., 218;
larger entrance to the quadrangular court
( engrs.), ib., 220 ; worn steps and
smaller entrance, enclosure at back of
the court (engrs.), ib., 221 ; antiquities
and drawings of, exhibited, ib., 350, 352,
358 ; plan of the buildings uncovered
June, 1860 (engr.J, xvi, 158; plan of
discoveries in 1855 (engr.J, ib., 205 ;
rental of, in 1350, xvi, 215-7; disco-
veries at, ib., 342-9 ; on the church and
monuments at, xvh, 85-99; pavements
at (engr.J, ib., 102-4 ; church visited, ib.,
218 ; report by T. Wright upon recent
discoveries at, xviii, 398 ; Roman en-
graved stones found in, xix, 106-11 ;
redware colv-m exhumed from, xxv, 246
v . Uriconium

Wroxhall, report by the Rev. E. Kell upon
the barrows on the downs, xii, 84-8

Wulfhere, King of Mercia, xxix, 47-8 ; ac-
count of, ib., 338

Wulfina, Abbess of Wareham, xxviii,

Wulfruna, St., note concerning, xxix, 20-1 ;
account of, ib., 48-9 ; note of, ib., 340

Wulf sinus, Abbot of Malmesbury, xxvii,

Wulfstan, Bishop of Worcester, cuts off
the flowing locks of the Normans, his
hatred of long hair in his diocese, xxiii,
126-7 ; relic of, stolen by St. Alban's
Abbot, xxvi, 324-5

Wyck, Roman tiles discovered at, iii, 62

Wycliffe (John), manuscript of his English
translation of the New Testament, ix,
435-40; results of his preaching, xxvi,

Wye (River), legends and memorials of
the, xxvii, 246-54 ; extreme tides of the,
ib., 249 ; ironworks on the banks of the,
xxix, 127

Wyke, Roman remains found at, xv, 2S3 ;
paper on the ch., xix, 184-212 ; plate in
the ch., ib., 205 ; old chest found in, ib.;
registers, ib. ; incumbents, ib., 206

Wykes-Bishoj}, documents of the manor,
xxi, 18

Wykes-Ufford, rental of the manor, 1551,
xxi, 14

Wylynham (Ralph de), xxi, 18

Wymbourne, list of documents relating
to, xxviii, 251-2

Wymondham, co. Norfolk, silver ring found
near, xi, 79 ; extracts relating to the
abbey from its charters, xxiii, 28

Wyndesore (Sir Henry), royal warrant to,
ii, 270

Wyndham, dioc. Chich., Prebendaries of,
xxii, 153

Wyngfield College, xxi, 347

Wynne (W. W. E.), exhibits various seals
relating to the borough of Wenlock, and
the Arundel family, vii, 162

Wynter family, v. Barrow, John


Wynter (Sir W), observations on by J.

Barrow, i, 32]
Wyon (B.), obituary notice of, xv, 171-2

Wyon (John Shepherd , obituarynoti i

xxx, 354-55
Wyon (Thomas), token engraved 1 >y, xx:


XANTHUS, monument at, vi, 95

Xylopyrography, art of, xxix, 85

YARDLEY, entrenchment at, xxix, 33 ;
stone implements from, ib., 304-5

Yarmouth, brass mortar from, v, 163 ; Mr.
Palmer's continuation of Manship's his-
tory of, xiii, 71-5; visit to, by the
Association, xiv, 157; reception by the
Mayor and Corporation, ib. ; examination
of the antiquities of, ib., 157-64 ; Mr.
Palmer's observations on, ib. ; conver-
sazione at, ib., 166

Yates (J. B.), exhibits MSS. relating to
Savoy hospital, vi, 446

Yatman (Rev. Augustus), on the deserted
state of the ch. of Llandanwg, in Meri-
onethshire, ii, 339

Yaxley, figure of St. Cecilia from screen
in the ch., sent by H. Watling, xxv, 262;
tracings from windows in the ch., ib.,
273; exhibition of, and remarks on,
tracing of the fresco from the ch., xxvi,
248-9; notice concerning, xxviii, 125

Yealmpton, brass of J. Crokker at, i, 55

Yeats (Abiell), Sheffield halfpenny of,
1668, xxx, 31

Yeovil, rubbing from a lectern at, ix, 75 ;
history of the ch., xiii, 50 ; Mr. Free-
man on, ib., 51 ; the interior much dis-
figured, ib. ; lectern in the ch., ib. ; W.
H. Black's reading of the inscription on,
ib.; museum of antiquities at, tb., 52

Yewd (W.), on monumental slabs with
crosses, i, 325 ; on Lamb's conduit and
Spring-head, viii, 73

Yew-trees, in the churchyards of Somer-
setshire, viii, 146-7 ; reason of their
plantation in churchyards, xxiv, 196

Ylger (Ralph and Henry), xxx, 309

Yolgrave, vii, 325 ; T. Bateman's Mu-
seum, ib. ; the ch., ib., 326 ; its monu-
ments, ib., 327-8; front and details in
the church, (2engrs.J, ib., 328 ; diminu-
tive sculptured figure in the church-
yard, xvi, 287 ; two sepulchral slabs in
the churchyard, ib., 288

Yorick ( ), a Yorkshire worthy, notes

on sermons by, xxx, 81, etc.

York (Cardinal), relics of, vii, 317

York (Duke of), portrait of, on pottery,
xxix, 434

York (Henry), Archbishop of, vi, 122,

York (Archbishop of), letters to the Earl
of Shrewsbury, xxx, 319

York, house of, cause of its struggle with
the House of Lancaster, xxvi, 28-9 ; on
the badges of the, xx, 18-33

York, coins found at, ii, 189 ; urns found
at, ib., 191 ; early mediaeval sepulchral
stones found at, ib., 362 ; Saxon coins
discovered at, by Mr. Hargrove, ib., 380;
discoveries at, hi, 52-5 ; bronze celts
and other instruments found at, ib., 58 ;
large quantity of stycas discovered at,
ib., 119 ; box from the museum, ib., 123;
Samian pottery, with potters' names,
found at, ib., 124; copper shoes found
at (engr.J, v, 358-9 ; various antiquities
found at, vi, 156; antiquities found at
York, bronze Roman steelyard ; bone
tesserae, comb, pin, and needle, jet orna-
ment, and bronze fibula (engr.), ib.;
Roman antiquities from, vii, 175; bronze
Hercules found at, ix, 88 ; x, 180 ; no-
tice respecting Congress for the West
Riding of, xix, 257-9 ; proceedings of
Congress at, xx, 247 et seq.; dimensions
of the cathedral, xxi, 41 ; Saxon coinage
of, ib., 191 ; leper houses in, .i:.ii, 407-S,
418 ; altar of St. John in the Minster,
ib., 416; Saxon chs. at, in Beda's time,
xxiv, 371 ; portrait of Richard Tunnok,
in bell window in, xxvii, 419 ; timber
houses in, xxx, 298 ; v. Cook, R.

v. Wellbeloved, Rev. C.

York Gate, letter to the Board of Works
respecting its preservation, xxix, 219

York House, Watergate of, notes on, by
G. R.Wright, xxix, 196-9

Yorkshire, Churches of, i, 68 ; coining dies
found in, ii, 351 ; Saxon antiquities
of, ib., 55, 96 ; tumuli in, v, 369 ; re-
mains found in tumuli ( cii'/rs.), vi, 1-5;
excavations in harrows in, ih.; sacrificial
tumulus on the wolds. ix, 431-2; tokens,
xiii. 2-J."i-<; ; paaletab found in, xiv. 846;
flint implements found in. xviii. :;77-> ;
notices of antiquities, xx, 28; weapons of
ancient tribes, ii., 101-11; antiquities

"J, ib., 105; a chapm u
257; tetinae exhumed in, xx vi,l 11; li I •■
monasteries and castles in. xxviii.




sheriffs of, ib., 135-6 ; T. Morgan on the
earliest tribes of, xxx, 224-6 ; West Ri-
ding poll-tax, ib., 248-51 ; Hearth-tax,
ib., 263-6 ; Castle Hill, at Almondbury
Cengr.J, ib., 344
Youdan (T.), Sheffield token of, xxx, 35
Youens (H.), on an ancient brick arch, vii,

Young (Edward), Author of " Night
Thoughts", seat of, at Welwyn, xxvi, 30

Young (John), arms of (engr.), xhi, 121
Young (Dr. Thomas), notice of his works,

xii, 202 ; letters, xxi, 21
Younge, Wilson, and Younge, gold token

of, xxx, 34-5
Younge and Deakin, Sheffield tokens of,

xxx, 35
Yoxford, titles to lands in, xxi, 9 ; title to,

of S. Countess of Huntingdon and Hon.

Mrs. Clutterbtick, a.d. 1768, ib.


ZAHN (Chevalier), exhibits coloured
plates of various frescoes and mosaics
from Herculaneum, Pompeii, and Sta-
bia, vi, 441

Zanzi (A.), commuDicates discoveries made
at Bosisio, xiv, 89 ; exhibits a tortoise-
shell box with a miniature, by Petitot,
xv, 271

Zecchino, a Venetian coin, found on a
sepoy, xvii, 336

Zigzag moulding, vi, 226 ; viii, 270 ; xxx,

Zinc, amount of, in bronze, xxv, 110 ; for-
geries, xxiii, 208

Zincke (C. F.), portrait of Shakspeare by,
exhibited, xxiii, 101

Zodiac, Chinese, viii, 22 ; brooch, xx, 80 ;
rings, xiii, 254, 310, 311

Zoroaster, xxix, 141 ; xxx, 144

Zostera marina, xxiii, 255

Zucchero, miniature of Mary, Queen of
Scots by him, ix, 76 ; portrait by him of
Queen Elizabeth exhibited, xxiii, 293

Zunte stone, xxv, 284

Page 8, col. 2, line 55, for patterns, read pottery.




last, for xxviii, read xviii.
30, for Burgess, read Burford.
18, for Coombs, read Combe.
12, for Kettle, read Kettel.
6, for Warren, T., read Warren, J.
21, for Marstock, read Martock.
1, for 1752, read 1572.
35, for Keats, read Keat.





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by A. C. Kirkmann, 123
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by J. R. Planche", 317
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On the traces of the Romans along the banks of the Mersey, by W. Beamont, 5

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On carvings in Morse ivory, by H. S. Cuming, 31

On the sculptured font in Kirkburn Church, by G. Milner, J.G.Waller, and W.Bell, 38

On monumental figures at Wansborough, by F. A. Carrington, 52

On an inscription and figures at Goodrich Castle, by C. Baily, 56

On two piscinas at Goodrich Castle, by A. W. H. Meyrick, 61

Recent researches at Caerleon, Cirencester, etc., by C. R. Smith, 61

On decorations in Wellow Church, by J. G. Waller, 69

On ancient timber houses in England, by J. A. Repton, 97

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