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On Roman remains at Towcester, by E. Pretty, 107

On the coins of Cunobeline, and of the ancient Britons, by Rev. B. Poste, part xii, 115

On the family of Clemence, Countess of Chester, by L. Delisle and J. R. Planehd, 123

On the prehistoric history of Great Britain, by W. Bell, 132

Inaugural discourse at the opening of the Derby Congress, by O. Moseley, 179

On the local laws, courts, and customs of Derbyshire, by .Sir F. Dwarris, 190


On ancient customs and sports of the county of Derby, by L. Jewitt, 199
Remarks upon barrows near Bakewell, byT. Bateman, 210

On the armorial bearings of the families of Ferrers and Peverel, by J. li. Planch**, 220
Historical notes on some of the ancient monastic institutions of Derbyshire, by J.

O. Halliwell, 232
On the discovery of the ancient city of Tharros, by T. J. Pettigrew, 239
On an early mosaic in St. Mark's, Venice, by Sir J. Gardner Wilkinson, 258
On Repton Church and Priory, by A. Ashpitel, 263
On Haddon Hall, by H. Duesbury, 284

On South Wintield Manor and Manor House, by J. R. Errington, 367
On monuments of the Cockayne family, by J. R. Planchd, 374
Notices of some encaustic tiles in Tutbury, by L. Jewitt, 384
On the Priory Church, Tutbury, by C. Baily, 390

On the coins of Cunobeline and of the ancient Britons, by Rev. B. Poste, part xiii, 397
The Pause fable of the Lord Lathom, by A. Woods and J. R. Planche", 71
A certain confession of the Earl of Kent, by J. 0. Halliwell, 140

Contributions towards a history of the Society of Antiquaries, by T. J. Pettigrew, 143
Original deeds relating to Haddon Hall, by W. H. Black, 296
Old church registers and other records, by S. T. Reed, 298
On the price of lead in the reign of Henry VIII, by W. H. Black, 304
Charters of the Monastery of Calke, by J. 0. Halliwell, 414
On documents relating to the family of Lathom, by \V. Langton, 415
A receipt for money by Margaret, Queen of Edward I, by F. H. Davis and W. H.

Black, 4-J1
Charters relating to the Abbey and Town of Burton-on-Trent, by R. Thornewill and

W. H. Black, 421
Proceedings of the Congress held at Derby, 1851, 307


On the Polyeephalic amulets of the Gnostics, by H. Syer Cuming, 1

On early church windows, by J. A. Repton, 6

On the coins of Cunobeline and of the ancient Britons, by Rev. B. Poste, part xiv^ 9

On ancient Chinese vases, by T. J. Pettigrew, 18

On ancient painted glass in Morley Church, by J. G. Waller, 28

On the tenth Iter of Antoninus, by J. Just, 35

On the Guildhall of the city of London, by T. Brewer, 83

History of the barber-surgeons of London, by T. J. Pettigrew, 95

On the Heaume or tilting helmet, by J. R. Planche, 131

Inaugural discourse delivered at the Newark Congress, by Duke of Newcastle, 163

On forest laws, courts, and customs of the Chief Justices in Eyre, by Sir F. Dwarris, 173

On early burial places discovered in Notts., by T. Bateman, 183

On sepulchral urns, etc., found at Newark, by G. Milner, 192

On the family of Peverel of Nottingham, by J. R. Planche", 194

On the veritable existence of Robin Hood, by J. M. Gutch, 208

On the era and character of Robin Hood, by J. O. Halliwell, 223

On ancient customs and sports of the county of Notts., by L. Jewitt, 229

On excavations near the Roman wall on Tower Hill, by A. H. Burkitt, '_' 1')

Architectural history of the Church of the Blessed Mary the Virgin of Southwell, by

J. F. Dimock, 265
Archaeological gleanings at Lincoln and Southwell, by J. R. Planche. 304
On the antiquity of marking and stamping weights and measures, by T. Brewer, 309
An account of coins, etc., found in a marsb contiguous to Newport, [ale of Wight by

the Rev. E. Kell, 323
On the field of Cucrdale, by Rev. T. Hugo, 330
Thomas Berthelet's Bill, as King's Printer for Books Sold and Bound, 1541-3. by

F. H. Davis and W. H. Black, I I
Letters of Pope Innocent XI, Louis XIV, and the Countess of Montecucoli, by

C. Lynch, 336
Deeds relating to the family of Giffard in the possession of .1. Bay, Esq., by J. R

Planche", 347
Proceedings of the Congress held at Newark, 1852, 243



On the church of St. John, Winchester, and the paintings discovered on the north

wall, by F. J. Baigent, 1
On Newstead Abbey, by T. J. Pettigrew, 14
On the architecture of Newstead Abbey, by A. Ashpitel, 30
On tradesmen's signs of London, by A. H. Burkitt, 40
On British and Roman urns, by J. A. Repton, 59
On celts and their classification, by the Rev. T. Hugo, 63
On the crypt of Gerard's Hall, by A. White, 113

On the origin and antiquity of playing cards, by T. J. Pettigrew, 121, 308
On vincula, by H. Syer Cuming, 155

On the Haydon-square sarcophagus, by the Rev. T. Hugo, 161
Inaugural address at the Rochester Congress, by R. Bernal, 201
Historical sketch of Rochester Castle, by W. Beattie, 215
Memoir of Gundulf, Bishop of Rochester, by the Rev. T. Hugo, 231
On Rochester Cathedral, by A. Ashpitel, 271
Some account of the portions of the original work still remaining at Leeds Castle, by

C. Wykeham Martin, 286
On the Dutch expedition to the Med way in 1667, by the Rev. Beale Poste, 295
Genealogical and heraldic notices of the earls of Kent, by J. R. Planche", 361
On Romney Marsh, by W. Holloway, 376
Notices of Allhallows, Honey -lane, by T. Lott, 167

Notices on the Early History of the Family of Carlyle, by T. Carlyle, 174
Original documents relating to the Spanish Armada and the defences of the Thames

and Medway, by W. Jerdan, 330
Proceedings of the Congress held at Rochester and Maidstone, 1853, 337, 386


On the ancient camps of the Upper Ward of Lanarkshire, by G. V. Irving, 1

On the antiquities of Maidstone, and the Polychromy of the Middle Ages, by J.

Whichcord, 32
On the martyrdom of St. Thomas of Canterbury, and other paintings discovered in

St. John's Church, Winchester, by F. J. Baigent, 53
On English helmets of the 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th centuries, by J. R. Planche, 137
On the Architecture of Pre-Norman England, by H. Duesbury, 142
On some ornaments discovered in Winchester College, by F. J. Baigent, 159
Notes on the opening of the Tumuli on Ashey Down, by B. Barrow, 162
On Irish antiquities, by H. S. Cuming, 165

Introductory discourse delivered at the Chepstow Congress, by T. J. Pettigrew, 197
Territories of the ancient British King Vortigern, on the Wye and in the South of

Wales, by the Rev. B. Poste, 226
On the Chronicle of Tyssilio, Primary Chronicle of the Cambrians, by Rev. B. Poste, 231
On the Llyfr Teilo, or The Book of LlandafF, by W. H. Black, 237
On the Town and Castle of Chepstow, by T. Wakeman, 249
On the Town, Castle, and Priory of Usk, by T. Wakeman, 257
On the Earls of Strigul and Lords of Chepstow, by J. R. Planche", 265
On Raglan Castle, by W. Beattie, 317
On the Nimbus, by G. J. French, 332
On Sudbrook camp and Via Julia, by T. Wakeman, 362

Note on the territories of Vortigern and the Chronicle of Tyssilio, by T. Wakeman, 367
Proceedings of the Congress held at Chepstow, 1854, 275


On the Solleret, by James James, 1

On Leper Houses or Hospitals, by T. J. Pettigrew, part i, 9

Excavations at Brightstone and Bowcombe Downs, by G. Hillier, 34

On the Geography of the Wars between the Saxons of Northumberland and the

Northern Britons, G. V. Irving, part i, 41
Further remarks on Tyssilio and on the territories of Vortigern, by the Rev. B. Poste, 56


On painted glass in Lincoln Cathedral, bj M. O'Connor, •'*

On Leper Hospitals or Houses, by T. J. Pettigrew, part ii, 95

Geography of the Wars between the Saxons of Northumberland and the Northern

Britons, by G. V. Irving, part ii, 117
On the antiquities of Trellech, by T Wakeman, 128

On the Chronicle of Tysilio as iries of Vortigt in, by T. Wakeman, 13-4

On early English arrow-heads, by II. S. Cuming, 142
On spectacles, by H. S. Cuming, II I

On the antiquities of the tsle of Wight, by T. J. Pettigrew, 177
On Carisbruok Castle and its ancient Lords, by W. Beattie, 193
Historical sketch of the British Belgae, by the Rev. Beale Poste, 205
On the Lords of the Isle of Wight, by J. R. Blanche, 213
On the relics of Charles I, by H. S. Cuming, 227
On the Jewish Exodus, as illustrated by certain Egyptian Papyri, by the Rev. D. I.

Heath, 238
Data on Tysilio's Chronicle, by the Rev. Beale Poste, 248
On a sculptured Blab in Shalfteet Church, by J. R. Blanche, 302
Investigations into the rude pit-habitations of the Ancient Britons in Gallibury and

Rowborough, Isle of Wight, by the Rev. E. Kell, 303
Proceedings of the Congress held in the I. of Wight and Southampton, 1855, 267, 314


On an Etruscan tomb at Cervetri, the ancient Caere, by Sir J. Gardner Wilkinson, 1

On Canterbury in the olden times, by John Brent, jun., 35

Notes on the seals of the Endowed Grammar Schools of England and Wales, by T. J.

Pettigrew, 55, 145, -IS-',
History of keys, by H. S. Cuming, 117

On the" Tapestry of the Middle Ages, by J. R. Planche", 130
Account of a Romano-British Pottery at Barnes, near Brixton in the Isle of Wight,

by the Rev. E. Kell, 141
On the Pryck-spur, by J. James, 209

On the antiquities of Somersetshire, by T. J. Pettigrew, 291
On the Earls and Dukes of Somerset, by J. R. Planche", 312
On Glastonbury Abbey, by W. Beattie, 328
On Wells Cathedral, by T. J. Pettigrew, 343
Proceedings of the Congress held at Bridgwater and Bath, 1856, 370


On the statuary of the West Front of Wells Cathedral, by J. R. Planche, 1

Notes on the Vicars' Close at Wells, by T. J. Pettigrew, 34

On the History and Antiquities of Bath, by J. H. Markland, SI

On ancient Earthworks in the neighbourhood of Bath, by the Rev. H. M. Scarth, 98

On the banners of the Bayeux tapestry and the earliest Heraldic charges by G. J

French, 113
On mediaeval vessels in the form of equestrian knights, by H. S. Cuming, 130
On the Bishop's Palace at Wells, by C. E. Davis, 177
On the early Rowel, by J. .Tames, 187

On Anglo-Saxon arms found in the Thames, by H. S. Cuming, 2t»2
Observations on the ancient site of Southampton, by the Rev. E. Kell, 207
On Egyptian glass, by T. J. Pettigrew, 211
On Roman antiquities at Bath, by the Rev. H. ML Scarth. 257
On Cissbury and High Down camps, by G. V. Irving, 274
On Ruborough camp, by J. W. Collins, 294
On Kertch antiquities, by T. J. Pettigrew, 299
Proceedings of the Bri and Bath Congress, 1856, 88, 1".')


On the antiquities of Norfolk, by T. J. Pettigrew, 1

On Raoul de Gael, the first Earl of Norfolk, by J, R. Planch


Notes on Norwich Cathedral, by H. H. Burnell, 44

On Sacramental Fonts in Norfolk, by the Rev. F. C. Husenbeth, 51

On the Chancery of Monmouth, by T. Wakeman, 56

On the Privileges of Sanctuary and Abjuration, by Sir F. Dwarris, 97

On the Convent of Black Friars, Norwich, by T. J. Pettigrew, 110

On Caister camp, by R. Fitch, 123

Remarks on some representations of Minstrels in early painted glass, by the Rev. B.

Poste, 129
History of Purses, by H. S. Cuming, 131
On Earthworks and other ancient Fortifications in the county of Norfolk, by G. V.

Irving, 193, 305
On the Walls and Gates of the City of Norwich, by T. J. Pettigrew, 215
On Caister Castle, by T. J. Pettigrew, 223
On Ely Cathedral, by C. E. Davis, 238

Romano-British antiquities found at Marden, by the Rev. B. Poste, 257
On Aglets, and Aglet-hole Piercers, by H. S. Cuming, 262
On the antiquities of Cuma, by T. J. Pettigrew, 292
Notes on the seals of Endowed Grammar Schools in England and Wales, by T. J.

Pettigrew, 311
On Celtic and Roman remains at Battersea, by H. S. Cuming, 326
On the reputed Vision of Henry I, by T. J. Pettigrew, 331
Proceedings of the Norfolk Congress, 1857, 61, 1-15


On the antiquities of Wiltshire, by T. J. Pettigrew, 1

On the Pedigree of Patrick FitzWalter, first Earl of Salisbury, by J. R. Planche", 26

On Salisbury Cathedral, by C. E. Davis, 46

On the ancient sculptured Stones of Scotland, Ireland, and the I. of Man, by G. J.French, 63

On Treasure Trove, by G. V. Irving, 81

On Treasure Trove, by R. Temple, 100

On the Sepulchral Effigies in Salisbury Cathedral, by J. R. Planche, 115

On early Christian buildings and their decorations, by George Godwin, 131

History of Salisbury bell foundry, by the Rev. W. C. Lukis, 141

On excavations at Gib Hill Tumulus, by T. Bateman, 151

On Pernbridge Castle, by T. Wakeman, 153

On Uriconium, by T. Wright, 205, 311

On Celtic antiquities found in Lincolnshire and Dorsetshire, by H. S. Cuming, 225

On British antiquities found in Lancashire, by H. S. Cuming, 231

On the date of the Battle of Kaltraez, by G. V. Irving, 237

On the ancient Royal Palace of Clarendon, by T. J. Pettigrew, 246

On the earthworks at Old Sarum, by G. V. Irving, 291

On the Sarum Tonale MS., by J. Lambert, 302

On ancient Spindles, by H. S. Cuming, 306

Lease from Philip de Thame, Prior of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, in Eng-
land, to Sir Edward de Bereford, of rents in Wischawe, co. Warr., 14 Edw.
Ill, 204

On the Kitchener's Roll of Tewkesbury Abbey, with transcript of the same, by T.
Wakeman, 318

Proceedings of the Congress held at Salisbury, 1858, 105, 174


On the Archaeology of Berkshire, by the Earl of Caernarvon, 1-24

<>m the History and Antiquities of Berkshire, by T. J. Pettigrew, 25
On the Legendary History of Wayland Smith, by Thomas Wright, 50
Oil Avington Church, by J. James, 58
On Aldermaston, by T. J. Pettigrew, 62
On the Roman Station of Spinffi, by .1. Adams, 70

( in the Rock basins of Dartmoor, and some British remains in England, by Sir J. G.
Wilkinson, 101


On Caesar's passage of the Thames and route through Britain, by Henry .Jenkins, i:: |

On the monument of a supposed Princess of Portugal, by J. R, Planche" I [5

On [Jriconium, by T. Wright, 158, 205

On Reading and its antiquities, by T. J. Pettigrew, 177

1 !oiH-a]<.gic.ul notice of the family of Pettiplace, by J. R. Planche", 201
On the date of the Battle of Kaltraeth, by the Rev. Beale Poste,218
Examination of an Anglo-Saxon barrow on Bowcoinl.e Down, [sle of Wiehl hv E

Wilkins, J-]. Kell, and J. Locke. 'J.",:; b ' J

On old English Arrow-heads, by H. S. Cuming, 262
On ancient Ornaments, by H. 8. Cuming, 269
On the English Stage in 1(538, by G. R. Wright, 275
Remarks on the date of the Battle of Kaltraeth, by Q. V. living, 277
Proceedings of the Newbury Congress, 1859, 74, 226


On ancient British walls, by Sir J. G. Wilkinson, 1

On Roman remains at Bath, by the Rev. H. M. Scarth, 8

Lanarkshire Antiquities, parts i, ii, iii, 18, 110, 208

Powysland, and Powii c . Wythe. Rev. C. H. Hartshorne, 22

On the Shrewsbury Book, by E. Levien, 29

The Church and Monuments of Wroxeter, by the Rev. H. M. Scarth, 85

Pavements of Uriconium, by G. Maw. 100

On the sheaths of Girdle-knives, by H. S. Cuming, 113

Chichester, the Cathedral and other ancient buildings, by G. M. Hills, 118

On the Iters of Richard of Cirencester, by G. V. Irving, 189

A brief account of Caversham, Oxfordshire, by J. Ridgway, 198

On Lilleshall Abbey, by E. Roberts, 265

On Lilleshall Church, by T. J. Pettigrew, 271

On the Borachio, by H. S. Cuming, 274

On Mirrors, by H. S. Cuming, 279

On ancient remains at West Coker, by J. Moore, 2S8

On Roman remains at Stanmore, Berks, by S. Palmer, 290

On Ogham Inscriptions, byT. J. Pettigrew, 293

Wilton Corporation charters, 311

Proceedings of the Shrewsbury Congress, 1860, 38, 139, 212


Inaugural Address delivered at the Exeter Congress, by Sir Stafford II. Nbrthcote 1
On British remains at Dartmoor, parts i and ii, by Sir J. Gardner Wilkinson, 22 111
On the liill Fortresses, Tumuli, etc, of ancient Devon, by P. (». Hutchinson 53
Illustrations of domestic manners during the reign of Edward I, parts i ii' iii and

iv, by the Rev. C. H. Hartshorne, G6, 145, 213, 318
On the coins of Uriconium, by the Rev. Beale Poste, 75
On the coinage of Exeter, by Lieut.-Col. Harding. 97

On unpublished Devonshire MSS. in the British .Museum, by E. Levien 134
On a Shrine in the possession of the Bishop of Ely, by H. s". Cuming
Memoir of Thomas Chard, D.D., last Abbot of Ford Abbey, by J H Pring 187
On nisi, op Leofric's Library, byT. Wright, 220
On ancient Fibulae, by II. S. Cuming, 224
On the Norman Fermail, by H. S. Cuming, 227
On Roman remains at Bath, by the Rev. II. M. Scarth, 289
On the Municipal Archives at Exeter, by T. Wright, 306
Proceedings of the Exeter ( longrei 3, 1861, 7'.'. 157, 282,


Compton castle, Devonshire, bj Gordon M. Hills, i

1 locuments relating to the.captivity of Charles I. by E. Levien, 12

Proc ling of CharleB I, from the storming oi Lei© ter to the battle of Nasebv bv

sir Henry Halford, Bart., 25 ' ' '


On Thuribles, by T. J. Pettigrew, 81
On Signacula found in London, by H. S. Cuming, 94
On antiquities found at Corinium, by T. Wright, 100
On Roman engraved stones found at Uriconium, by T. Wright, 106
On the Priories of Ulvescroft and Charley, by Gordon M. Hills, 165
On the Parish Church of Wyke, near Winchester^by F. J. Baigent, 184
On ancient Nielli, by H. S. Cuming, 213

On unpublished MSS. relating to Meaux Abbey, by E, Levien, 263
On the Roman roads mentioned in Antonine's Itinerary as leading to and from Col-
chester, by H. Jenkins, 275
On Brixworth Church, Northamptonshire, by E. Roberts, 285
Proceedings at the Leicester Congress, 1862, 30, 112, 219


Inaugural Address delivered at Leeds Congress, by Lord Houghton, 1

On the History of Thomas, Earl of Lancaster, by Lord Houghton, 16

On the Badges of the House of York, by J. R. Plancbi, 18

On the little British kingdom of Elmet and the Region of Loidis, by J. James, 34

Isurium, by A. S. Lawson, 39

On the Weapons of the ancient tribes of Yorkshire, by H. S. Cuming, 101

On the Wayside Chapels and Chapel of the Bridge of Wakefield, by F. R. Wilson, 111

On the Town and Manor of Wakefield and Sandal Castle, by G. Wentworth, 120

The Honour and Castle of Pontefract, by the Rev. C. H. Hartshorne, 136

Chichester Cathedral, by G. M. Hills, 155

On the Roman Roads intersecting the Parish of Halifax, by F. A. Leyland, 205

Harewood Castle, by J. Jones, 220

On Cromlechs, by the Rev. W. C. Lukis, 228

On an effigy of the Markenfield family in the Cathedral of Ripon,by J. R.Planehe", 285

On Roman remains in London, by T. Blashill, 297

On hut circles on the Eastern side of Dartmoor, by G. W. Ormerod, 299

On Ilkley and Collingham Crosses, by T. J. Pettigrew, 308

On the Nine Worthies of the World, by J. R. Planche, 315

Proceedings of the Leeds Congress, 1863, 52, 189, 238


Inaugural address delivered at the Suffolk Congress held at Ipswich, 1

On MS. collections relating to Suffolk in the British Museum, by Edvv. Levien, 5

On the Kings of East Anglia, by H. S. Cuming, 22

The antiquities of Bury St. Edmunds, by G. M. Hills, 32, 104

On the Earls of East Anglia, by J. R. Planche", 91

On a heart burial at Holbrook Church, by R. M. Phipson, 140

MS. collections relating to Suffolk, by S. W. Rix, 144

MS. antiquities of Glemsford and Hartest, by S. W. Rix, 145

MSS. of officers and fees, temp. James I, by S. W. Rix, 149

Chief Constables' accounts in Looes Hundred, Suffolk, by S. AT. Rix, 153

Moated enclosures at Brampton Old Hall, by S. W. Kix, 156

Suffolk MSS. in the college of Arms, by T. W. King, 158

British interments at Lancaster Moor, by J. Harker, 159

On round tower churches in East Anglia, by E. Roberts, 162

On the Castle and Ancient Remains at Southampton, by the Rev. E. Kell, 197, 285

On the population and taxation of Colchester, by the Rev. C. H. Hartshorne, 208

On Roma?i penates discovered at Exeter, by T. J. Pettigrew, 222

On Croxden Abbey and its chronicle, by G. M. Hills, 294

On Andrea Ferara swords, by G. Vere Irving, 316

On a German sabre of the sixteenth century, by H. S. Cuming, 321

On charms employed in cattle disease, by H. S. Cuming, 323

On Anglo-Saxon jewellery found at Seamer, by T. Wright, 329

On the antiquity of spoons, by J. R. Jobbins, 333

Temporary Museum ;it Ipswich during the Congress, 3 13

Proceedings of the Ipswich Congress, 1864, 57, 168, 265, 343



Inaugural address at Durham, by the Duke of Cleveland, 1 7

On Chesterde-street, by the Hew H. Blane, 22

On the portraits of the Lumley family at Lumley Castle, and their effigies at Chester-

le-street, by J. R. Planche", 31
Lumley Castle, by the Rev. J. Dodd, 45
Durham Castle, by the Rev. G. Ornsby, 46

On the progress and present condition of Archaeological science, by T. Wright, 64
Fasti Cicestrenses, by Rev. M. E. C. Walcott, with an introduction, by CM. Bills, 1 10-55
On the deposit of Hint implements in France and England, by W. Whincopp, 155
On antiquities in the parish church of Bradford-on-Avon, by T. .). Pettigrew, 170
On the progress of the Roman arms in Britain, by J. H. Hinde, 166
On a Roman altar discovered in restoring the parish church of Gainford, in 1861, bv

the Rev. H. M. Scarth, 182
The Cathedra] and Monastery of St. Cuthbert, at Durham, by G. M. Hills, 197
On some peculiarities in the construction of chambered barrows bv the Rev W C

Lukis, 249
On three northern mints, Durham, Newcastle, and Carlisle, by J. B. Bergne, 264
On Brancepeth Church, Durham, by C. H. Fowler, 272
On the Norman ancestry of the Nevils and the origin of the armorial bearings of the

line of Raby, by J. R. Blanche", 279
On the hand amulet, by H. S. Cuming, 291
An account of the discovery of a Roman building in Gurnard's Bay, Isle of Wight,

and its relation to the Roman tin trade, by the Rev. E. Kell, 351
On the Brough of Clickimin, in Shetland, by T. J. Irvine, 369

Remarks upon some antiquities found in the city of Chester, by T. X. Brushfield, 376
Account of the Seal of Richard de Bury, Bishop of Durham, 389
On Durham wills and inventories, by the Rev. G. Ornsby, 396
St. Cuthbert and his patrimony, by the Rev. J. H. Blunt, 420
Proceedings of the Durham Congress, 1865, 85, 238,296


The Earls of Sussex, by J. R. Planche", 21

Antiquities of Hastings, by T. H. Cole, 34

On Fiuehale Priory, by Edw. Roberts, 67

On the cross Tau of St. Anthony, by H. S. Cuming, 109

Russo-Greek portable icons of brass, by the Rev. W. S. Simpson. 11:]

On the History of St. Mary's Church in Hastings Castle, by Edward Levien, 124

The Bayeux tapestry, by J. R. Planche, 134

The nine mouths of Harold's reign, by the Rev. F. H. Arnold, 157

Roman coins found at Netley, by F. tie Chaumont, 168

Pre-Augustine Christianity in Britain, by J. \Y. Grover, 221

On Sir Anthony Browne and his descendants, by G. R. Wright, 230

Discovery of Cetacean remains in London, by H. S. Cuming, 251

On Master John Schorn, by thqjlev. W. S. Simpson, 256

Account of a discovery of a [Ionian building at Castlefield, by the Rev. E. Kell. 263

A few notes of the early churchwarden's accounts of the Town of Ludlow' bv T

Wright, 309 ' J

Signacula found in London, by H. S. Cuming, 327
On Mayfield, co. Sussex, by Edward I: '.'53

Master John Schorn, his church and well at North Marston, Buckinghamshire bv the

Rev. W. S. Simpson, 370 ' '

Catalogues of Roman coins found at Netley and in the forest of Dean, 168.896
Proceedings of the Hastings Congress, 1866, 174


On the genealogy and armorial of the family of Mortimer, by J. R. Planche\21

On a Douglas heart, by H. S. Cuming, 35

On a remarkable chambered long barrow al Kerle cant, Carnac, Brittany by the Rev
W. C. Lukis. I"


On Milton's "Masque of Comus", by T. F. Dillon Croker, 44

On the remains of the Austin Friary at St. Lawrence, Ludlow, by G. Cocking, 51

On the church of St. Ludlow, by R. K. Penson, 57

The Roman itinera connected with Wales, by the Rev. Prebendary Scarth, 109

On an ancient British snow knife, by H. Syer Cuming, 125

On a Roman villa at Chedworth, by J. W. Grover, Lz9

On the Barony of Burford, by Edw. Levien, 136

Inventory of the vestments, plate, and books, belonging to the ch. of St. Peter Cheap,

London, by the Rev. W. S. Simpson, 150
On a wood carving by Albert Durer, by H. F. Holt, 161
On West Hampnett Church, by G. M. Hills, 209
On Signacula found in London, by H. S. Cuming, 219
On Stokesay Castle, by the Rev. J. La Touche, 203
Hans Springinklee and his works, by H. F. Holt, 240

On the Parish of St. Peter Cheap, London, by the Rev. W. S. Simpson, 248
Extract from the will of a Ludlow tradesman, by C. Hopper, 269
On Gladiatorial remains, by H. S. Cuming, 309
On Sir Philip Sidney and his father, Sir Henry Sidney, in connection with Ludlow

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