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Castle, by G. R. Wright, 313
On the Ancient Company of Stitchmen of Ludlow, their Account Book and Money

Box, by G. M. Hills; 327
On the Ironworks of Sussex, by J. C. Savery, 335
On the Great Seal of Francis VL of France, and Mary Queen of Scots, as King and

Queen of France, Scotland, England, and Ireland, by H. F. Holt, 343
On Bodiam Manor and Castle, by 1 J. C. Savery, 352

On Stanton Lacy Church and Saxon Architecture in England, by G. M. Hills, 360
Sepulchral brasses exhibited at Ludlow, by the Rev. G. S. Master, 382
Note on the Douglas Heart, by H. S. Cuming, 387
Proceedings of the Ludlow Congress, 1867, 86, 193, 298


Inaugural Address at the Congress held at Cirencester, by Earl Bathurst, 21

The Norman Earls of Gloucester, by J. R. Planche, 26

Notes on theNorinan Earlsof Gloucester, by Sir P. Stafford Carey and J. R. Planche, 39

On the Painted Glass Windows in Fairford Church, by H. F. Holt, 42

On some early candlesticks of iron, byH. S. Cuming, 54

Longevity in Ancient Africa, by the Rev. J. M'Caul, 61

Cotswold and its Popular Customs, by T. F. D. Croker, 113

Richard of Cirencester and his writings, by Edw. Levien, 120

On a manuscript in St. Paul's Cathedral, by the Rev. W. S. Simpson, 133

Notes of some antiquities on the coast of North Wales, by Gordon M. Hills, 135

On bronzes, their casting and colouring, by G. G. Adams, 145

Incidents at Cirencester during the Civil War, by G. F. Townsend, 149

< In the Roman Villa at Chedworth, by the Rev. H. M. Scarth, 215

On Albert Durer as a .painter on glass, by H. F. Holt, 228

Ancient sieves and colanders, by H. S. Cuming, 244

On some of the relics of Ancient Cornwall, by J. W. Grover, 250

On the Relics and Mementos of James I, by H. S. Cuming, 321

Master John Schorn, his effigy in painted glass, by the Rev. W. S. Simpson, 334

Notes on some shields of arms at Dunbar Castle, by H. C. Pidgeon, 342

On the Source and Nomenclature of the River Thames, by G. R. Wright, 346

Churchwardens' Accounts for the Parish of St. Matthew, Friday-street, in the City oi

London, 1547-1603, by the Rev. W. S. Simpson, 356
Proceedings of the Cirencester Congress, 1868, 91, 190, 283, 400


Inaugural Address delivered at the St. Alban's Congress, by Lord Lytton, 21
on popular tumults at St. Alban's in the reign of Richard II, by Edw. Levien,
Verulain and Pompeii compared, by .1. W. Grover, 45
On the Hunebeds or Cromlechs of Holland, by Alfred Sadler, 53


On Roman Sarcophagi, by Henry F. Holt, 61

On early Tetime, l>y H. S. Cuming, 109

William Kemp and hie "Nine Daiee Wonder", by T. F. Dillon Croker, 11 i

On Hans Holbein as an historical painter, by Henry P. Holt, L21

On Sopewell Priory and the " Book of St. Alban's", bj A. Sadli r, 132

On the Town Records of St. Alban's, by W. H. Black, 14:3

The Earls of Glou© st< r and Hertford, bj J. R. Planche", 149

(in ancient British cans, more es] bhose of Verulam, by .i. I

On Fans, their antiquities and uses, by Henry F. Holt, i- :i "

On dated Seals, by H. S. Cuming, "21:3

The Gnat Seals of James I, by \V. de G. Birch, 218

British auxiliary troops in the Roman service, by A. Sadler, 221

Notes on ('amps and Earthworks near St. Alban's, by < 1. V. Irving, 23G

Notes on a group of Reliquaries, by H. S. Cuming, 271

On the date of foundation ascribed to the Cistertian Abbeys of Great Britain by W

de G. Birch, 281, 352
On royal visitors and benefactors of St. Alban's Abbey, and on the shrine of St. Alban's

and the Abbey relies, by Henry F. Holt, 299
On the ! names and surnames used in England in the 13th century by

YV. H. Black, 328
On some ancient relics preserved in the Keep at Doyer castle, by H. S. Cuming, 335
Lettres sur une Mosaique Gallo-Romaine decouverte en 1870 a Lillebonne, par .M. Ch.

!' ssler 340
Addenda to Fasti Cicestrenses. by the Rev. M. E. C. Walcott, 350
Proceedings of St. Alban's Congress, 1869, 90, 174. 259, 384


Inaugural Address delivered at the Congress held at Hereford, by C. "Wren Hoskyns, 21

The Architectural History of Hereford Cathedral, by G. M. Hills, 46

Monumental Brasses of the Cathedral and county of Hereford, by the Rev. H Haines

85, 198, 541
Notes on new theories respecting the Fairford windows and early wood engraving by

J. R. Planche, 100
The Tames of Fairford, by Henry F. Holt, 110
On Dilwyn Church, by the Rev. W. Heather, 149

The genealogy and armorial Bearings of the earls of Hereford, by J. R. Planche, 179
The tombs and monumental sculpture in Hereford Cathedral, by the Rev. C.Boutell, 191
On a series of antiquities collected at Ariconiurn, near Ross, Herefordshire, by W C

Palmer and G. M. Hills, 203

odes in the career of Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, and his first Duchess, an

their connection with the Abbey of St. Alban's, by G. R. Wright. 218
Remarks upon an unpublished list of Scottish religious houses, by YV. de G. Birch, 24j.
Legends and memorials of the Wye, byT. F. Dillon Croker, -4'i

irimons, or Castell Tomen-y-Mur, by J. W. Grover, "277
On the Forms of Prayer recited " at the Healing" or " Touching for the Bong's Evil"

by the Rev. W.S. Simpson, 282
On the Tau, or Emblem of Life, by H. S. Cuming. 307
On the succession of the Abbots of Malmesbury, by W. de < r. Birch, 31 1. 1 16
On Chinese cinerary urns, by Henry F. Holt, jun.. 343
On Weobley Church and Castle, by the Rev. H. W. Phillott, 350

On a British terra-cotta vase, from Beri lium, etc., bj J. S. I'l.

Monkland Church, by the Rev. sir II. Baker, bart., 365

On some antiquitii - in the possession of the ( iorporation of 1 >ov« r. by H. s. Cuming 399

On ancient statutes relating to the Marches of Wales and the Border Counti

sidered in connection with the political geography of Wales, by J. l>.i\ie-. 104
The bell foundry of Gloucester, by the Rev. W. C. Lukis, H6
On the Hereford Missal, by Edw. Levien, 124

On some Recent Discoveries of Roman remains by H. Cumii

On Leominster Church, by E. Rob
On an ancient British Cemetery on Sunbury Common, at Ashford, Middlesex by E

Roberts, I 19
Proceedings of the Hereford Congress 1 870, 16 b -



On the origin of the Hundred and Tithing of English Law, by the Rev. W.

Barnes, 21
On the Municipal archives of Dorset, by J. 0. Halliwell, 28
On the antiquities of Portland, by G. Eliot, 31

Report on ancient remains found at Maiden Castle, Dorsetshire, by H. S. Cuming, 39
On three lists of monasteries, compiled in the thirteenth century, by W. de G.

Birch, 45
The Cerne giant, by Dr. W. Smart, 65

On the family and connections of Robert FitzGerald, by J. R. Planche, 11$
St. Katherine, by H. S. Cuming, 122

The great seals of King William II, by W. de G. Birch, 129
On the worship of Diana in Britain, by Thomas Morgan, 142, 237
On the involuntary visit of Philip of Austria and Juana of Spain to Weymouth, in

1506, by G. R. Wright, 145
Wareham and its Religious Houses, by E. Levien, 154, 244
On church chests, by H. S. Cuming, 225

Notes on Wareham and on early customs and monuments of Dorset, by W. H. Black, 230
On Hungarian Political and County Institutions and their analogy to our own, by

Aug. Goldsmid, 241
On Corfe Castle, by T. Blashill, 258
Notes on the West Saxon Bishoprics, more particularly that of Sherborne, by H.

Godwin, 313
On newly discovered Roman and Saxon Remains at Finkley, near Andover, by J.

Stevens, 327
On the worship of Apollo in Britain, by T. Morgan, 337

On seals in the possession of the Corporation of Canterbury, etc., by H. S. Cuming, 347
Vita Sanctissimi Martialis Apostoli: the Life of St. Martial, by Aurelianus, with

introduction by W. de G. Birch, 353
Note in correction of the Report of the Proceedings of the Weymouth Congress, on

Friday, August 25th, 1871, 390
Proceedings of the Weymouth Congress, 1871, 85, 199, 2S5


Inaugural address delivered at the Congress held at Wolverhampton, by the Earl of

Dartmouth, 19
On the uniformity of design and purpose m the works and customs of the earliest

settlers in Britain, by John S. Phene\ 27
Ancient British remains and earthworks in the Forest of Arden, by J. T. Bur-

Notes 'on the foundations of a Roman Villa at Teston, Kent, by J. W. Grover, 45

On the Collegiate Church of St. Peter, Wolverhampton, by W. Parke, 47

On Etocetum, by W. Molyneux, 53

The family of the Giffords, by J. R. Planche, 58

On iron and the ironworks of Roman Britain, by J. W. Grover, 121

On hour-glasses, by H. S. Cuming, 130

On Odinism in Scandinavia, Denmark, and Britain, by Thos. Morgan, 138

On the early industries of Staffordshire, by J. C. Tildesley, 173

The great seals of King Henry I, by W. de G. Birch, 233 , w . . , , , ,

On Uttoxeter and the Archaeological Remains of the Parish and Neighbourhood, by

F. Redfern, 263
On sun-dials, by H. S. Cuming, 279
The Roman roads of Staffordshire, by W. Molyneux, 288

On the Aston monuments in St. Mary's Church, Stafford, by A. E. Cockayne, 294
Additional observations on Uttoxeter, by F. Redfern, 302
On early religious houses in Staffordshire, by E. Levien, 325
A glance at the Saints of Staffordshire, by H. S. Cuming, 337
On a few antiquities from the Lizard District, Cornwall, by the Rev. A. H. Cum-

On documents in the possession af Lord Wrottesley, of Wrottesley Hall, Stafford-
re, by W. de G. Birch, 354


On an inscribed atone of the Roman period, found at Sea-Mills, neai Bristol, by the

Rev. .1. M'Caul, 371
Notes en the remains of the Roman Temple, and entrance hall to Roman Bath . found

.ii Bath in L790, by J. T. Irvine, 37*.»
On the Briton, Roman, and Saxon in Staffordshire, by T. Morgan, ■','■> I
Dudley Castle, Staffordshire, by EL Roberts, 413
Proceedings of the Wolverhampton Congress, 1872, 06, 220, 317, 1>


Coningsburgli Castle, by E. Roberts, 19

The traders' tokens of Sheffield, by L. Jewitt, 25

On the whirligig or top, by H. S. Cuming, 37

The remains of Sheffield Manor, by J. D. Leader, 42

On the pilgrimage to Bromholm iu Norfolk, by the Rev. W. S. Simpson, . r >2

On some prehistoric remains near Sheffield, beyond the Derbyshire Border, by A.

Wallis, 61
On picture board dummies, by H. S. Cuming, 66, 325
The early Lords of Holderness, by J. R. Planche*, 121
On Canettes, by H. S. Cuming, 130

The Druids, according to Greek and Roman writers, by T. Morgan, 136
The town ami old parish church of Sheffield, by the Rev. A. Gatty, 147
The priory and parish church of Worksop or Radford, in Nottinghamshire, by the

Rev. J. Stacye, 156, 277
On two seals of the ancient Earls of Devon, by W. de G. Birch, 170
On the monuments in the Shrewsbury Chapel, in the Parish Church, Sheffield, by

the Rev. J. Stacye, 176
On watering pots, by E. Roberts, 181
Descent of the Manor of Sheffield, by S. I. Tucker, 237
Broom Hall, Sheffield, and its neighbourhood, as illustrating the timber houses of

England, by R. N. Philipps, 297
Original documents relating to Sheffield, principally in connection with Mary Queen

of Scots, by W. de G. Birch, 308
The measure of the wound in the side of the Redeemer, worn anciently as a charm,

and on the five wounds as represented in art, by the Rev. W. S. Simpson, 357
The Dragon of Wantley, by L. Jewitt, 375
The Life and Times of Earl Waltheof, by E. Levien, 387
Laughton-en-le-Morthen (or en-le-Morthing), by the Rev. J. Stacye, 397
Examples of ancient earthworks — Report by G. M. Hills, 406
Edlington, its church and cairn, by R. N. Philipps, 414
Roche Abbey, Yorkshire, and Beauchief Abbey, Derbyshire, by G. M. Hills. 421

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