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xxviii, 72 ; worship of Diana in Britain,
ib., 142-144 ; worship of Apollo, ib., 337-
345 ; pottery, from Queen Victoria



Street, xxviii, 394 ; dagger, exhibited,
ib., 398-399 ; paper on the uniformity of
design in works and customs of the
earliest settlers, by J. S. Phone", xxix,
27-36 ; ancient remains and earthworks
in the Forest of Arden, a paper by J. T.
Burgess, ib., 37-44 ; historical roll of
events in, ib., 364 ; ironmaking in, ib.,
123 ; Odinism in, ib., 138-172 ; dwel-
lings, ib., 28 ; encampments, discussion
upon, ib., 224, 225 ; Britons in Staf-
fordshire, a paper by T. Morgan, ib., 394-

v. Boyson, A.

- v. Kell, E.
v. Poste, B.

British Museum, MS. collections on Suf-
folk contained in the, xxi, 5 ; Durer's
drawings, preserved in the Print Room,
xxiv, 246 ; sketches of Holbein in, xxvi,
125 ; relic of St. Eustace in, ib., 273 ;
lists of Cistercian Abbeys in the Cotton
MSS., xxvi, 281-298, 356-368

v. Birch, W. de G.

v. Levien, E.

Brittany and Wales, on the communica-
tions between, iv, 229 ; barrows in, xxii,
249-263 , barrow at Kerlescant, Carnac
(engr.), xxiv, 40 ; objects found in the
tumulus (engr.), ib. ; plan of tumulus,
chamber, and entrances (engr.), ib. ;
drawings of Druid remains there, xxviii,
273 ; early remains in, xxix, 36

Britton (John), on the New Inn at Glou-
cester, and on ancient hostels and old
timber houses, ii, 375 ; on architectural
buildings of different ages, ib., 388 ; no-
tice of his antiquarian labours, by Geo.
Godwin, xiii, 241 ; by Mr. Pettigrew,
ib., 242

Brixton Church, on, xi, 315

Brixton and Clatterford, sites of Roman
villas at, xii, 159-162

Brixworth, bronze sword found at, ii, 356;
thurible found at, iv, 142; proposed his-
troy of the Ch., by Mr. Watkins, xx, 99;
visit to the Ch. by the Association, xix,
219 ; account of the Ch., by the Rev.
C. F. Watkins, ib., 219-222 ; paper on
the Ch., by E. Roberts, ib., 285-305 ;
view of the interior of the Ch. (engr.),
ib., 293 ; details of the interior (engr.),
ib., 294

Broadbent (George), of Sheffield, his token,
1670, xxx, 31

Broad Street, jar found in, xxii, 343

v. London

Broadwood Hill, bronze weapons from,
xxiv, 307

Broc (William de), seal of, vi, 449

Brock (E. P. L.), paper by, on Roman re-
mains at Beddington, xxvii, 514-519 ;
notes on the Norman crypt at Grace-
church Street, xxviii, 177-179; exhibits
various objects from London, xxix, 429;
exhibits tiles, xxx. 196 ; notes on an

Anglo-Saxon interment at Beddington,
Surrey, ib., 212-213 ; notes on the Ch.
of St. Martin Outwich, Threadneedle
Street, ib., 335 ; exhibits relics found in
Bucklersbury, 338

Brocket, Herts, residence of Lords Mel-
bourne and Palmerston, xxvi, 30

Brockett (W. H.), exhibits a seal of Will,
de Broc, vi, 449

Broke (Ralph), York Herald, v. Betham,
Sir W.

notices of the family of, xxix, 228-


(Lord Willoughby de), presents com-
munion plate to Wolverhampton, xxix,

(Lord), notice of, xxix, 23

Brome, co. Suffolk, monuments in the Ch.,
xxi, 8

Bromrield, visit of the Association to the
Ch., xxiv, 307

Bromholm, in Norfolk, on the Pilgrimage
to, by the Rev. W. S. Simpson, D.D.,
xxx, 52-61 ; cross of (engr.), ib., 57

Bromwich, Castle, works at, xxix, 39

Bronapona (Simon), seal of (engr.), xiv,
272 et seq.

Brongersma (Titia), Dutch poetess, exca-
vations by, of hunebeds in 1685, xxvi,

Bronze Objects of Antiquity : ā€” Imple-
ments discovered at Carlton Rode, Nor-
folk, i, 51 ; war club, discovered near
Curradore Castle, ib., 249 ; similar one
found in the Thames, ib. ; sword and
spear head found in Gortagowan, ib.,
255 ; statue of an archer, ib., 287 ; Cupid,
from Colchester, ib., 287, 334 ; two wea-
pons found at Maidenhead (engr.), ib.,
311 ; pin, found in a Saxon grave on the
Breach Downs, Kent, ib., 316 ; crown
and a circular seal found at Toddington,
ib., 341 ; gilt figure found in Standish
(engr.), ii, 96; dagger found in a barrow
in Dorsetshire, ib., 98, 100 ; wand, found
near Castor, ib., 103 ; ornament of a
celt found at Toddington, ib., 271 ;
spear -head found in Derbyshire, ib.,
280 ; instrument found in a barrow at
Sporle, ib., 342 ; sword found at Brix-
worth, ib., 356 ; tools, from Alderney
(2 engrs.), hi, 9 ; celts and other instru-
ments found at York, ib., 58 ; swords
found in the bed of the Thames, ib., 60-
61 ; sword obtained from Rouen, ib.,
251 ; found at Wetheringsell, ib., 254 ;
figure of Sylvanus, found at Newark,
Maidstone (engr.), ib., 261 ; sword
found near Bath, ib., 334 ; armlet
found at " La Roche qui Sonne," ib.,
344 ; figure found on Breach Downs,
ib., 346 ; Roman bust from Essex
(engr.), iv, 74 ; bust of Jupiter found
in Essex (engr.), ib., 81 ; Roman
box found at Colchester (engr.), ib.,
84 ; celt found on Tottenham Com-



mon (engr.), iv, 153 ; seal found at
Old Ford, ib., 3lĀ»3; caducous (engr.), v,
231; spear-head found in Cambridge-
shire, v, 360 ; torques and celtfrom Wool-
mer Forest, vi, 88; Mr.Srnith.on a handle
of a knife, ib., 90 ; seal exhibited by Mr.
Edwards, ib., 149 ; Roman steelyard
(engr.), ib., 156; female bust found at
St. Alban's, ib., 438 ; weight found at
Pakenham, ib., 443; rings found at
Tonbridge, ib., 450 ; on the analysis of
bronze, viii, 145 ; fibula found at Maid-
stone (engr.), ib., 369 ; cup found in
Kent, ix, 75 ; Hercules found at York.
ib., 88 ; observations on celts, ib., 184-
188 ; antiquities found in the City, if).,
144 ; cross found in Ireland (engr.), x,
173 ; snuff-box, exhibited, xiv, 273 ;
Roman key (engr.), ib., 337 ; hand of
statue, exhibited, xv, 337 ; spear-head
found in the Thames, xvi, 322 ; tap,
exhibited, ib., 350 ; pin, exhibited, ib.,
357 ; scabbard found at Dover, xvii, 320
et seq. ; celt in a tumulus near Sidmouth,
exhibited, xviii, 261 ; various, found in
Heathery Burn Cave, ib., 383-385 ;
leopard's head, exhibited, xix, 139 ;
cast of brooch from Shetland, exhi-
bited, ib., 313 ; Roman bronzes (engr .),
xx, 202 ; torques (engr.), xxi, 232 ;
swords (engr.), xxii, 77; fragments of
statues found in London (engr.), xxiv,
76 ; paper by G. G. Adams on the
casting and colouring of bronzes, xxv,
145-148; statuettes of Nero, Tiberius, and
St. Sebastian (Z engrs.), ib., 145; Roman
lamp (engr.), xxvi, 371 ; Roman frag-
ments of, exhibited, xxviii, 76 ; objects
exhibited, xxix, 429 ; objects found in
London, exhibited, xxx, 72, 73, 87, 199;
lamp for two wicks, exhibited, ib., 80 ;
pins, exhibited, ib., 339

antiquities, v. Baily, C.

- bust, r. Bacchante
figure, v. Allies, Jabez

Brooch, inscribed, found in Dorsetshire
(engr.), i, 334 ; Mr. Rogers on a brooch-
like ornament, iii, 246 ; enamelled, found
at Killmallock (engr.), ib., 285 ; ancient,
found at Driffield (engr.), iv, 405; ex-
hibited by Mr. Widdowson, v, 78 ; gold,
found in Suffolk (2 engrs.), vii, 432 ;
Anglo-Saxon silver (engr.), xvi, 273 ;
with niello and garnets (engr .). ib., 27 1 :
brooches of pewter, 14th and 15th cen-
tury, exhibited, xxi, 230 ; Saxon, of
pewter, exhibited, xxviii, 399 ; Roman,
exhibited, xxix, 195 ; astrological, exhi-
bited, xxx, 339, v. Fermail. Gold, etc.

Brooke (R.), on the battlefields of Eng-
land, xiii, 171-174

(Thomas), entertains the Association

at Armitage Bridge, xxx, 233 ; account
of Almondbury Castle, ib., 232-233

(W.), on Roman remains at Lincoln,

i, 148

Broom Hall, omnibus ticket in metal, xxx,
36; visited l>y the Association, and de-
scribed by R. N. Philippe, ib., 106; and
its neighbourhood, a paper by R. X.
Philipps (engr.), ib., 296-307

Brough Hall, Yorkshire, Roman inscrip-
tion at, xxii, 189

Broughton (Sir C. Rouse), reception by,
xvii, 158

(Rev. J. C), description of Norbury

Ch. and its monuments, vii, 336-3:',!i

Brounrig (Dr.), Bishop of Exeter, his death,
xxi, 349

Brounsover, near Rugby, remains at, xxix,
39 ; camp at, ib., 40

Brown (Rev. Abner W.), on sepulchral re-
mains at Pytchley, in Northampton-
shire, ii, 202

(J.), on discoveries made at St. Pan-
eras, iv, 151 ; on Roman sepulchral re-
mains found at Colchester, v, 140-143 ;
on Roman brass coins, found at Chester,
ib., 361

(Lancelot), " Capability," landscape

gardener, his doings at Roche Abbey,
xxx, 424-425

(T. C), on discoveries at Cirencester,

iv, 69-71 ; on a Roman tessellated pave-
ment found at Cirencester, v, 360; reads
a paper upon Roman Corinium, xxv,

(Rev. P. U.), remarks on St. Stephen's

Ch., at St. Alban's, xxvi, 179-181

(Rev. W. L.), discovery of, and ob-
servations on, Roman pottery at Al-
chester, vi, 154

Browne (Mr.), his portfolio of antiquarian
drawings of Bristol, etc., ii, 362

(Sir Anthony), account of him and

his descendants, xxiii, 230-250; knighted
in 1523, ib., 234; made Lieutenant of
the Isle of Man, ib., 235 ; Master of the
Horse, in 1539, ib. ; a Knight of the
Garter, in 1540, ib. ; grant of Battle
Abbey to, ib., 236; acted proxy for
Henry VIII with Anne of Cleves, ib. ;
made Justice in Eyre of all forests
beyond Trent, ib., 237 ; informs Henry
VIII of his approaching death, ib. ;
Lloyd's character of, ib., 238 ; account
of his family, ib., 239 ; his tomb at
Battler'".'/''), ib., 238

(Anthony Maria'', Viscount Montague,

contemporary account of his life, at Cow-
dray, xxiii. 241

(Rev, C. H.), on the derivation of the

name of Browne, xxiii, 231

(Sir Thomas), monument to, etc.,

xiv, 69-70
- (Rev. T. B.), his address at Flint


Castle, v, 294-297
Bruce (Dr. C), describes antiquities

Newcastle, xxii, 296-301
(Edward), Lord Kinloss, preservation

of his heart at Culross Abbey, xxiv, 39

(Gile8de), Bishop of Hereford. monu-




ment of, in the Cathedral, xxvii, 62-

(Rev. J. C), on the Roman wall from

Tyne to the Solway, v, 201-206 ; on the
structure of the Norman fortress in
England, vi, 209-228

(Robert), on the tomb of, i, 57; King

of Scotland, last wishes of, xxiv, 36 ; in-
scription on a sword relating to his
heart, ib. ; a candlestick thought to have
belonged to him, xxv, 55

(W. D.), on the tomb of Robert

Bruce, at Guisborough, i, 57

Bruisyard, on the Ch. of, xxi, 176-179

Brandish, co. Suff., on a brass at, i, 340

v. Dunthorne, Mr.

Brunswick, Lunenburg, silver medal of,
exhibited, xx, 68

Brushfield (Dr. T. N.), exhibits drawing of
an amulet of bone found at Driffield,
vii, 439 ; exhibits a Roman camp-pot,
viii, 54 ; on jet beads and figure of a
bear found at Bootham, ib., 160 ; exhi-
bits ossea tibia, ib., 161 ; sends drawing
of a font at Ashford Ch., xii, 100 ; pre-
sents plan of Arbor Lowe, xv, 359 ; on
a diminutive sculptured figure in Youl-
grave churchyard, xvi, 287 ; on two
sepulchral slabs, ib., 288 ; on Roman
intaglios found at Petriana, on the Great
Wall of Hadrian, xx, 355 ; exhibits
Roman remains from Chester, xxii, 306 ;
on Roman antiquities of Chester, ib.,
376-388 ; exhibits a merchant's leaden
seal, xxiii, 213 ; a Spanish colonial coin,
a satirical medal on Sir R. Walpole, and
a badge of a Jesuit convent, xxvi, 243

Bruton, seal of the Grammar School of,
xii, 232

Bryant, arms of, xxx, 92

Brympton, Ch. described, xiii, 50 ; effigies
in, ib. ; account of the House, ib.

Bubbenhall, xxix, 41

Buccleugh (Duke of), canette in his pos-
session described, xxx, 131

Buckenham, co. Norf., St. Erasmus revered
at, xxi, 195

Bucket, Assyrian (engr.), xxx, 185

Buckholt, discovery of a glass factory at,
xvii, 55-56 ; factory there (engr.), ib.,

Buckingham (Duke of), monument of, in
Britford Ch., proved not to pertain to
him, xv, 199-201

Earldom of, xxix, 61-63

Buckingham (J. S.), on the mummies of
Thebes, iv, 317

Buckinghamshire, silver armilla? found in,
ii, 352 ; inventory of goods belonging
to a gentleman in, temp. Elizabeth, xii,
169-174 ; list of monasteries and castles
in, xxviii, 57

Buckland Rings, ancient glass from, xxii,
339 ; coins from, ib., 358

Buckle, brass ring and, found at Loudon
Bridge, iii, 54 ; of a collar of S.'s (engr.),

xiii, 332 ; fotmd, xxviii, 102 ; and chain
of a pry eke spur, exhibited, ib., 399 ;
Roman, exhibited, xxix, 205-206 ; exhi-
bited, ib., 71 ; xxx, 72 ; bronze, exhi-
bited, ib., 91
v. Fibula

Buckler, iron one, found at Dowgate Hill,
xix, 329

Bucklersbury, various relics found in, xxx,

Buckman (Prof. J.), exhibits gold coins of
Valentinianus and Valens, found at
Cirencester, xvi, 334 ; remarks on the
same objects, ib., 335 ; on flint instru-
ments found in drift, etc., xvii, 73-74 ;
exhibits flint arrow-heads and knife from
India, ib., 74 ; sculpture found at Cori-
nium, xviii, 271 ; antiquities recently
found in Gloucestershire, xix, 100-105;
axe blades of flint found at Crudwell, in
Wilts, ib., 149 ; an olla found at Ciren-
cester, containing the bones of a large
song bird, ib., 150 ; notice of testimo-
nial to him, ib., 262 ; remarks upon
Roman antiquities found near Ciren-
cester, xxv, 212-213 ; on a Roman villa
at Chedworth, ib., 404-407 ; paper by,
on flint weapons of Dorset, xxviii, 220-

Budel (John), agreement of, with the Prior
of St. John's, Wilton, 19 Rich. II, xvii,

Buffoon or Jester, in ivory, found at Al-
bury (engr.), i, 245

Builder and masons, from a window of
Chartres Cathedral (engr.), i, 22

Builders, from a MS. of the 15th century
(engr.), i, 23 ; at work on a tower, 15th
century (engr.), ib., 25

Building a city, 15th century (engr.), i, 24

discovered in Lower Thames Street

(engr.), iv, 38

plan of a Roman, in Lower Thames

Street (engr.), iv, 39
Buildings, appeals for restoration of, i, 91
Buildwas, Abbey of, remarks on, xvii, 48
Builli (John de), seals of (engrs.), xxx, 423
Bull (Rev. A. H.), Vicar of St. Mary, at
Cerne, reception of the Association by,
xxviii, 207
Bull ring, plan of a (engr.), xxv, 106
Bull's Ringle, work at, 1676, xxi, 17
Bulla, Roman, xiii, 321 ; of Pius II (engr.),
ii, 97 ; leaden bulla of Nicholas V, ib.,
342 ; xxiv, 272 ; of John XXII, xxi, 81 ;
Roman leaden bullae, xxii, 354 ; Papal,
exhibited, xxv, 82-84 ; iron instrument
for forging Papal Bullte (engr.), ii, 97
Bullayne (Henry), monumental brass of,

remarks on, by Mr. Combs, v, 372
Bullet-mould, on an early one, found in

Dorsetshire, iii, 65 ; (engr.), ib.
Bullock (Captain), on Samian patera from
the Pan-pudding Rock, ofFMargate, ii, 281
Bulwich, co. Northt., picture-board dum-
mies at, xxx, 326



Banbury, Ch. visited by the Association,
v, 327 ; seal of the Grammar School of,
xii, 60

Bunbury (H. M.), exhibits Roman re-
mains found in Berks, xvii, 336 ; exa-
mination of Roman remains on the
Marlstone estate, Berks, xix, 61

Bungay (Friar), fog raised by his incan-
tations at the battle of Barnet, xxvi,

Bungay, MSS. relating to, xxi, 15; priory,
seal of the, ib., 347

Bunny (E. B.), exhibits Celtic weapons
found at Speen, xvi, 322 ; exhibits early
English war arrow, ib., 323 ; two re-
markable balls, ib., 327

Burcombe, Ch. visited by the Association,
xv, 177

Bures, view of the Chapel of St. Mary at,
exhibited, xxx, 331

Burford, Salop, account of the barony of,
xxiv, 136-150 ; description of, in Domes-
day Book, ib., 137 ; a market granted
in 1266, ib., 138 ; descended to the
Cornwalls in 1307, ib. ; visit of the As-
sociation to, ib., 195 ; monuments of the
Ch., ib. ; chancel (engr.), ib., 197 ; visit
of the Association to the House, on ac-
count of its curiosities, ib., 198

Burgess, v. Roberts, E.

Burgess (H.), exhibits engraved silver box,
xx, 347

Burgess (J. T.), paper by, on ancient British
remains and earthworks in the Forest
of Arden, xxix, 37-44 ; his paper read,
ib., 120 ; exhibits moulds of various
foreign seals, ib., 436

Burgess (Rev. W. R.), exhibitions by, xxii,
45 ; remarks on Latymer's Ch., xxvi,

Burgh, family of, seals of the, v. Planche,
J. R.

(Hubert de), seal of (engr.), ix, 371 ;

and his son John, Mr. Planche" on the
seals of, xiv, 282-284 ; seals and counter-
seals of (engrs.), ib., 282 ; imprisonment
of, xxiii, 58

Burgh Camp, visit to, xiv, 157; description
by Mr. Pettigrew, ib., 165; remarks on,
by Sir J. P. Boileau, Sir Thomas Beevor,
Mr. Planche^ Mr. Vere Irving, etc., ib.

Castle, the Gariannonum of the

Romans, its threatened demolition, i,
46-49 ; account of, xxi, 24

Burghehyll (Richard), brass of, in Hereford
Cathedral, xxvii, 94

Burghill, brass in the Ch., xxii, 107; brass
of John Aubrey at, xxvii, 198-199 ;
monumental slab of Robert Masters at,
xxvii, 199

Burial : ā€” On Cemetery Burial ; or, Sepul-
ture Ancient and Modern, by (ieorge
Milner, 8vo, 1846, hi, 194-196 ; Vestiges
of the Antiquities of Derbyshire, and
the Sepulchral Usages of its Inhabitants,
from the most Remote Ages to the Re-

formation, by Thos. Bateman, 8vo, 1848,
hi, 350-357 ; Nottinghamshire, early
burial places discovered in, viii, 183-192;
interment at Beddington, xxx, 212-
213 ; v. Cemetery

Burkett, life of, xxi, 349

Burkitt (A. H.), on keys, etc., found in the
river Thames, i, 244 ; on deeds relating
to the manor of Hurstmonceaux,z6., 252;
on a pair of bellows, ib. ,811 ; on a spear
found at Lovendon, ib., 335 ; on bijou-
terie from the Fleetwood Cabinet, ii, 99;
on a Roman villa at Rivenhall, ib., 339 ;
on a sepulchral urn found in Nicholas
Lane, ib., 341 ; on embossed brickwork
in Hetteswell Ch., Sussex, ib., 350 ; on
a stone coffin, hi, 337 ; observations on
Roman remains at Higham, iv, 393 ; on
an ornamental doorway at the Ch. of
Harrow-on-the-Hill, ib., 395 ; on the
wooden Ch. at Chipping Ongar, ib. ; on
Greenstead Ch., Essex, v, 1-6 ; on a
floreated coffin-lid, ib., 338 ; exhibits
Roman antiquities found at Springhead,
ib., 361 ; two keys found in the Seine,
at Paris, vi, 82 ; a coffret of the 15th
century, ib., 448 ; drawings of monu-
mental slabs in Christ Ch. and in
Guildhall Museum, vii, 163 ; a portion
of a Roman stamp, ib., 164 ; a bronze
Roman lamp, ib., 176 ; on objects
ascribed to the worship of Diana, found
in London, viii, 56 ; exhibits drawing of
the discovery of the body of Bishop Lynd-
wode, ib., 63 ; on two diminutive coffin-
lids found in Cannon Street, ib., 68 ; ex-
hibits and describes a Saxon gold cross, ib.,
139; on tradesmen's signs, ib., 162; on ex-
cavations near the Roman wall on Tower
Hill, ib., 240-242; on a brass of King
Ethelred, ib., 364 ; on tradesmen's signs
in London, ix, 40-59 ; on London signs,
x, 99-105

Burmese or Chinese figures, exhibited by
N. Gould, vi, 149

Burn Bridge, 1644, xxi, 17

Burnell (H. H.), exhibits a leaden seal or
clothmark found in Chelsea, xiii, 315 ;
notes on Norwich Cathedral, xiv, 44-50;
exhibits remains of a painted glass
window in Old Chelsea Ch., xvi, 347 ;
exhibits various brass pins found in a
cellar on the north bank of the Thames,
xx, 252 ; on the old Ch. of Chelsea, xxii,

Buruhain Abbey, Bucks, the ruins of,
threatened with demolition, i, 339

Burr (D. Higford), reception by, at Alder-
maston House, xvi, 95

Burringham Common, British shield found
at, iv, 395

Burrough (John), autograph of, xxi. 1 7

Buralem, early pottery works at, xxix, 181

Burt i^F. A.), exhibits various objects found
in London, xxx, 91 et seq. ; antiquities
found in the City. ib.



Burtford, seal of the Hundred of (engr.J,
i, 63

Burton (Thomas), Bishop of Man, seal of,
on silver bracelet, xvii, 335; memoranda
relating to, xviii, 287 ; bracelet of, from
Rathmines, xix, 314-317

Burton-on-Trent, deeds relating to the
Abbey and Town, vii, 421 ; ancient
charters relating to the Abbey of, by R.
Thornewill, ib., 421-428 ; early brewing
at, xxix, 180 ; monastery at, ib., 326 ;
order from King Edward I to the
Abbot, ib., 364

Burton Dassett, beacon at, xxix, 38

Burwash Ch., co. Sussex, early monumental
slab of iron, circ. 1330, xxiv, 341

Bury St. Edmunds, Norman capital from
the old monastery of (2 engrs.J, i, 244 ;
state of the fine Norman gateway
tower of, ib., 260 ; (engr.J, ib., 261 ; Nor-
man tower of, ii, 91 ; leaden tokens of
St. Nicholas found at, ib., 92; celts found
at, ib., 347 ; embalmed body in the
Abbey Ch., iii, 247 ; notices concerning,
xxi, 2 ; taxation, temp. Ed. Ill, ib., 18 ;
the antiquities of, by G. M. Hills, ib., 32-
56, 104-140 ; ancient names of streets,
ib., 34, 132 ; Moyses Hall, ib., 35 ; Guild-
hall, ib. ; early Ch., ib. ; ground plan of
the Abbey Ch. (engr.J, ib., 40 ; plan of
the monastery (engr.), ib., 44; Abbey
Ch., ib., 39-56, 104-109 ; Bedrics-
worth, ib., 56 ; group of churches
in the cemetery, ib., 108 ; Ch. of St.
Mary, ib., 109 ; St. Edmund's Chapel,
ib., 112; Ch. of St. Denis and St. James,
ib., 113; St. Stephen's Chapel, ib., 115;
St. Andrew's Chapel, ib., 116; Ch. of
St. Margaret, ib. ; Chapel of the Charnel,
ib., 117; Chapel of St. John ad Montem,
ib., 118; the Cemetery and Abbey walls,
ib., 119-122; St. James's Norman tower,
ib., 120; buildings (engr.J, ib., 121; St.
Margaret's Gate, ib. ; monastic schools,
ib.; Abbey Gate, ib., 122; All Souls'
Gate, ib., 124; Abbot's Bridge, ib., 125;
Abbey Court and domestic offices, hos-
telry, refectory, chapter house, cloister,

etc., v, 125-133 ; Abbot's Palace, ib.,
133; Almonry, ib., 135; parts of the
building destroyed by rioters, ib.; town
gates, ib., 138; Hospitals of St. Nicholas,
St. Petronilla, St. Peter, St. John, St.
Thomas, St. Stephen, and St. Saviour,
ib., 139 ; Chapel of St. Botolph, ib. ;
College, ib.; Bab well Friary, ib.; groats
found at, ib., 346; fire at, 1608, ib., 349;
drawing of a gateway at, xxx, 332

Bury, Prebendaries of, xxii, 130

Bury (Richard de), Bishop of Durham,
memoir of, xxii, 380; seal of (engr.J, ib.,
392 ; his books, ib., 411

Busli, v. Builli

Busli (Richard de), founder of Roche
Abbey, xxx, 219, 238, 422

or Buili (Roger de), Domesday tenant

of Worksop, notices concerning, xxx,
116, 156-158

(Roger de), xxx, 237, 399

Bust, bronze, from St. Alban's, vi, 438
Butler (Joseph), of Sheffield, his token,

1668, xxx, 31
(Samuel), verses from "Hudibras"

on the " clicking stool", xxiv, 303
Butley Manor, Court Books, 1562-1736,

xxi, 15
Butterworth (J. W.), on the proposed re-
moval of Gerard's Hall, viii, 150
Buttington Font, drawing of, exhibited,

xxiii, 204
Buttons, collection of early ones, exhibited,

xviii, 370-371
Buxted, co. Sussex, cannon first forged at,

xxiv, 341
Buxton (Sir E. W.), obituary notice of,

xv, 165-166
Buxton, Mary, Queen of Scots, at, xxx, 47

et seq.
Byland Abbey, vi, 423; monks of, ib., 424;

dimensions of, xxi, 41
Byrom, notices of the family of, xxviii, 396
Byron forgeries, account of, xxv, 122

family, notes of, xxix, 298

(Lord), hookah of, exhibited, xxix, 433

Bytham, in Lincolnshire, early grant of,

xxx, 128


CADBURY Camp, co. Somerset, plans of,

exhibited by J. W. Grover, xxiv, 187
Cadhay House, visit to, xviii, 164 ; de-
scription of, and deeds relating to, ib.,
Caduceus, bronze (engr.J, v, 231
Cadus found in London, xxviii, 76 ; re-
marks by H. S. Cuming, ib., 79-80
Cadvan (St.), stone of, xxiv, 170
Caen, in Normandy, sculptures on the
columns of the Ch. of St. Pierre, at (6
engrs.J, v, 278-282

Caerleon : ā€” Delineations of Roman anti-
quities found at Caerleon and the neigh-
bourhood, by J. E. Lee, London, 1845,
4to, i, 370; notes upon, iv, 246; third brass
coin of Carausius, found at (engr.J. i/>.,
263 ; Roman monument at, ib., 397; on
recent researches at, vii, 61-68 ; intaglio
from (engr.J, x, 208 ; visit to, ib., 306 ;
notices of catalogues of the Museum, by
J. E. Lee, xix, 260-261

Caermarthen, Italian plaque and coins
found at, xii, 96



Caernarvonshire, early remains in, xxix, 29

Caervallack, remains at, xxix, 349

Caerwent, " Venta Siluria," notes on, iv,
246 ; ground plot of (engr.), ib., 248 ;
bastion (engr.), ib. ; buttresses at (eii'jr.),
ib., 255 ; visit to, x, 312 ; bastions at
(engr.), ib., 210 ; wall of (engr.), ib.,
211 ; two sepulchral slabs found at
(engr.), ib., 224 ; stone coffin found
near, ib., 385-386' ; report on the exca-
vations at, xiii, 77-80

Ctcsar (Caius Julius), his passage of the
Thames, xv, 358 ; xvi, 133-144 ; map to
illustrate his passage of the Thames and
route through Britain, ib., 139 ; por-
traits of, xxii, 337 ; his account of the
South East of England, xxiii, 39 ; his
account of the British tribes, xxvi, 192-
193 ; his camp at Wimbledon, steps
taken for its preservation, xxviii, 397 ;
camp of, xxix, 29 ; notice of, ib., 39 ;
extracts from, relating to the Druids,
xxx, 136-138

Caesar Borgia, ring of, exhibited, xx, 327

Cahir, Tipperary, scroll ornament from,

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