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xxii, 1 • i .">

Caicos Islands, antiquities from the. v, 87

Caird (Mr.), exhibits some unpublished
British coins, v, 157

Cairn, in the co. of Tyrone, contents of, i,
243 ; at Killucken, ib., 243 ; of New-
grange, Ireland, with sculptured stone-
work in the same (7 engrs.), iv, 408-
410 ; at Edlington, xxx, 414-420

Caister, Caistor, co. Norfolk, visit to the
Castle, xiv, 164 ; Mr. Pettigrew on, ib.,
233-237 ; camp, visit to, ib., 81 ; discus-
sion respecting, ib. ; Sir J. Boileau's re-
marks on, ib., 82 ; Mr. Fitch's paper on,
ib. ; remarks on, by Mr. Fitch, ib., 123-
129 ; Roman kiln at, xxi, 346 ; threa-
tened destruction of, ii, 266 ; cinerary
urn and lamp found at, x, 106; cinerary
urn found there (engr.), ib. ; Caistor
ware, urn exhibited, xxviii, 183 ; ware,
xxix, 46

v. Pottery

Caistor, co. Line, Anglo-Saxon antiquities
found at, xv, 358

Caius (J.), notice of, and the sweating
sickness, xvii, 236-246

Calais, earthen jar found at, ii, 101 ; can-
non found at, ib., 190

Calbourne Ch., on, xi, 314

Caldicot, co. Monmouth, visit to, and de-
scription of the Ch. and Castle, x, 289-

Calicoes, muslins, etc., letters patent re-
lating to, xv, 350

o. Baskcomb, ('•. H.

Caligula, Emperor, a denarius of, x, 337 ;
tower built by, xxiii, 37

Calke, ancient charters relating to the
Monastery of, vii, 414

Callowe (William), brass of, at Ledbury,
xxvii, 200

Caltrop from Oberstein (engr.), xiv, 271 ;

one exhibited, ib., 278
Calwich, cell at, xxix, 326

Cambrensis, Arehaeologia, see all volumes

Cambridge, fibula (engr. J and enamelled
badge found at, x, 179 ; Celtic spear-
head found at, xiv, 351 ; Saxon coinage
of, xxi, 191 ; brass dial belonging for-
merly to Trinity College, with inscrip-
tion, ib., 237 ; pair of urns found on
Midsummer Common, xxvii, 359 ; de-
scription in the Annals, of the tu-
mulus on Gogmagog Hills, ib., 359 ;
Castle Hill, ib., 359-360 ; xxix, 30 ;
Ch. chest at St. Mary's, xxviii, 227

■ v. Athenie

Cambridgeshire, gold coin discovered in,
ii, 189 ; bronze spear-head found in,
v, 360 ; formerly a part of E. Ahglia,
xxi, 22 ; round towers of churches in,
ib., 163 ; list of monasteries and castles
in, xxviii, 54

Camden (William), extract relating to, i,
318 ; extract from, relating to the Mor-
timers and Warrens, xxiv, 21 ; quotation
from, xxv, 237 ; account of, ib., 237-
239 ; testimony of, respecting Albert
Durer, adduced, ib., 271 ; his descrip-
tion of Chesil Beach, xxviii, 89 ; iden-
tifies the Etocetum of Antoninus, xxix,

v. Betham, Sir W.

Camden Society, reprint by, of W. Kemp's
" Nine Daies Wonder", xxvi, 116

Cameo, shell, xxiii, 290 ; onyx, xxviii, 398

Camoys (Margarete de), sepulchral brass of,
i, 55

Camp, plan of the British, on Little
Doward Hill, Herefordshire (engr.), xi,
141 ; ancient, in the Upper Ward of
Lanarkshire, x, 1-32 ; of Boure Walls
(engr.), xiii, 103

Camp pot, Roman (engr.), viii, 55

Campana (Marquis de), extracts of a letter
of, on an Etruscan urn from Perugia,
xxiv, 81-82

Campkin (Mr.), on a Roman tessellated
pavement found at Aldborough, iv,

Camp'll (Thomas de), witness to an early
charter, xxx, 173

Campodunum, conjectural site of, xxx,

Canada, objects from, exhibited, xxii, 242-

Candelabra at Ghent, Mr. Purland on, vi,

Candclent and Chapelle Manors, court
books and surveys of, 1515, 1528, 1647,
xxi, 14

Candlesticks, i, 168 ; curious, x, 382 ; on
those of early iron, xxv, 54-60, 78 ; early
iron (engrs.), ib., 56 ; brass, ib., 73; iron,
xxviii, 190; xxix, 87; of stone, xxii,
105 ; wooden, xviii, 273; various, xxix,



Cane-top of buckhorn, xxiii, 290

Canettes, a paper on, by H. S. Cuming,
xxx, 130-135

Cangi, coins of the (engr.), ii, 24

Cannon found at Calais, ii, 190 ; an an-
cient, at Carisbrooke, vi, 439 ; made at
Buxted, xxiv, 341 ; cannon-balls, ix, 441 ;
xvi, 228 ; xxix, 41

Cannon Hall, Barnsley, bow from, exhi-
bited, xxx, 455

Cannon Street, London, various antiqui-
ties found at, xxviii, 398 ; objects from,
exhibited, xxix, 193 ; various objects
from, exhibited, ib., 429

v. London

Canoe, iv, 191, 198, 382 ; discovered at
Giggleswick, xx, 193 ; (engr. J, ib., 195

Canon of Chalk, the seal of a, iv, 393

Canonbury, co. Middlesex, on the old
watercourse of, iii, 336

Canons-Ashby, co. Northt., picture-board
dummy at, xxx, 68

Canterbury, co. Kent, gold ring found at,
i, 245 ; critical dissertation on Professor
Willis's Architectural History of the
Cathedral, by C. Sandys, F.S.A., ii,
218 ; Canterbury Tales of G. Chau-
cer's, a new text, with illustrative notes,
edited by T. Wright, ib., 407 ; on a
gateway discovered in the ancient wall
of, iii, 56-57; discovery of a skeleton,
with sword and Roman vase at, v, 337 ;
pendant at (engr. J, vii, 104 ; painted
glass from, ix, 75 ; ancient guilds and
fraternities of, ib., 415-423; martyrdom
of St. Thomas (engr.), x, 55 ; plan of
the Cathedral (engr.), ib., 62 ; St.
Thomas of, discovered at Stoke Charity
Ch. (engr.), ib., 74; painting discovered
in St. John's Ch. (engr. ),ib. ,7 8; painting
at the same (engr.), ib., 79; St. Christo-
pher, etc. (engr.), ib., 80; Our Saviour,
from a painted glass in (engr.), ib., 84 ;
leaden token found near, ib., 107 ; oak
carving found at, xi, 65 ; Roman vessels
found at, ib., 255 ; in the olden time,
xii, 35-54 ; Roman antiquities found at,
ib., 73 ; Roman and mediaeval coins,
key, etc., found at, xv, 359; rare fibula
from, xvi, 324 ; Roman remains found
at, xvii, 59; tokens found at, ib., 335 ;
antiquities found at Bigberry Hill, near,
xviii, 272; Roman antiquities found at,
exhibited, xx, 68 ; dimensions of the
Cathedral, xxi, 41 ; Saxon coinage, ib.,
191; episcopal ring of, ib., 344; Offa's
coins, connected with, ib., 354; possessed
five churches in Beda's time, xxiv, 363;
tetina exhumed at, in 1861, xxvi, 111 ;
relics of saints at, ib., 273; bricks found
at, compared with those at Maiden
Castle, xxviii, 41 ; seals of the Corpora-
tion (engr.), ib., 347-349; seal of St.
John the Baptist's Hospital, ib., 349 ;
the Dane John at, xxix, 41 ; charter re-
lating to the Cathedral, 244-245

Canterbury, v. Brent, C.

v. Brent, J.

Cantilupe (Thomas de), Bishop of Here-
ford, dies in Italy, xxvii, 66 ; interred
in Hereford Cathedral, ib. ; additions to
the Cathedral by, ib. ; question as to the
position of his tomb, ib., 67-68 ; is
canonised, ib., 68-69 ; removal of his
shrine, in 1350, ib., 73-75 ; fragment of
brass of, ib., 88-89 ; description of the
shrine of, ib., 192-194; discussion on the
subject of the shrine of, ib., 275-276 ;
remarks on the monument ascribed to,
in Hereford Cathedral, ib., 500-503 ;
mentioned, xxix, 66

William de, xxix, 43

Cantref, account of the, xxviii, 22-24

Canute, King, penny of, found in Corn-
wall, xi, 261

Canwell, Priory at, xxix, 326

Cape (Geo. A.), exhibits rubbings from
the brasses in Heme Ch., Kent, xii, 80-83

Capel (Lord), seat of, at Cashiobury, xxvi, 29

Capital of a column in Deerhurst Ch.
(engr.), i, 17 ; from Worcester Cathedral
(2 engrs.), ii, 195

Caple (Thomas), brass of, at Ledbury,
xxvii, 200

Capulus, Roman, or knife-handle (engr.),
xxvi, 250

Cara (G.), sends drawing of an Egyptian
representation, vii, 432

Caractacus, British coins of (2 engrs.), v,

Carausius, gold coins of, ii, 279 ; brass coins
of, found in France, ib., 343 ; coin of,
found at York, iii, 248 ; thirty-four
coins of, from Rouen, iv, 79; silver coin
of, found near Richborough, ib., 144 ;
rare coin of, found at KenchesteiYe«^>'J,
ib., 285; a third brass of, v, 337; unique
ditto (engr.), x, 208; new type of a coin
of, exhibited, xviii, 285

Cardiff, battle of, xxv, 27-36

Cards, of the Commonwealth, political, ix,
76; geographical, ib.,l9Q; playing, origin
and antiquity of, xxvii, 103-109 ; con-
versation and playing, exhibited, xxix,

v. Pettigrew, T. J.

v. Scotland

Car-Coleston, land in, given to Worksop,
xxx, 162

Cardew (Rev. G.), exhibits antiquities from
Helmingham, xx, 329-339

Carey (Sir P. Stafford), notes upon J. R.
Planches paper on the Earls of Glou-
cester, xxv, 39-41 ; remarks on Maisey-
hampton Ch., ib., 195 ; remarks on the
Norman Earls of Gloucester, xxv, 297-
298; remarks on a ruin at Daglingworth,
ib., 300 ; a paper on the earthquake of
1750, xxx, 81-84

Carinus, on an aureus of, found at Sand-
wich, ii, 336

Carisbrooke, I. of Wight, ineditcval anti-



quities found at the Castle, iv, 347 ;
observations on, by Mr. Dennett, ib. ; by
Mr. Keet, ib. ; cannot! from, vi, 489; "ii
the Castle and its ancient lords, xi, 193-
205; view of the Castle (engr.), ib., 11)5;
entrance to the Keep (engr.), ib., 196 ;
general plan of the Castle (engr.), ///.,
197; on the Ch., ib., 275; Roman villa
at, xv, 355; xvi, 100, 312-315; the
Castle, xxii, 357

Carley (Mr.), on coins found concealed at
Wrotham, iv, 63

Carlford, Hundred of, xxi, 17 ; taxation,
temp. Edw. Ill, ib., 18

Carline (J.), on moat gardens, ix, 199

Carlisle, Bishop of, v. Merkes, T.

Carlisle, Saxon coins found at, xi, 350 ;
Roman antiquities found at, xx, 84-85 ;
mint of, xxii, 271

Carlos (E. J.), on a brass ring and buckle
found at London Bridge, iii, 54 ; on a
brass in St. Margaret's, ix, 408-409

Carlswork, earthwork at, xxx, 63, 407

Carlton House, key of, exhibited, xxx, 200

Carlton Rode, co. Norf., bronze imple-
ments found at, i, 51

Carlton, co. Suff., exhibition of a brass
from, xx vi, 370

Carlyle (Thomas), notices on the early
history of the family of Carlyle, ix,
174-181 ; on a Ch. at Berlin, x, 185-

Carmichael (C. H. E.), M.A., on an inscrip-
tion from Dumfrieshire, xx, 358 ; com-
munication from, respecting Merovingian
tombs in France, xxx, 337-338

Carnabii, tribe of, xxix, 37

Carnac, in Brittany, antiquities found
there, xxviii, 72-73, 87

v. Brittany

Carnarvon (Earl of), President, address on
the archaeology of Berkshire, xvi, 1-25 ;
address at Highclere Castle, and recep-
tion at. ib., 235-237

Came (Dr. J. W. N.), on a brass circular
seal found near Cowbridge, I.W., ii,

Carnoet, Forest of, near Quimperle, con-
tents of a barrow in the, iii, 126

Caroe (Sir John), xxviii, 147

Carpenters' Hall, on paintings discovered
at, i, 275-286 ; ancient paintings disco-
vered at (4 copperplates), ib., 280-283 ;
historical account of the Worshipful
Company of Carpenters of the City of
London, by E. B. Jupp flO engrs.J, v,

Carr (Cuthbert), his map of the river Or-
well, 1677, xxi, 17

Carr (Ralph), remarks on St. Cad van's stone,
xxiv, 170 ; on Roman camps, xxiv, 188

Carrara (Professor), account of the exca-
vations carried on at Salona, iii, 214-

Carre (Stephen), Master Cutler of Sheffield,
1664. his halfpenny token, xxx. 32

Carrington (F. A.), on monumental figures
discovered at \Yansborough, Wilts, vii,
52-56, 166; on rubbings from brasses in
Berkshire, viii, 58-62 ; further remarks
on the brass of John Tembras, of Pen-
kevil, ib., 72 ; further observations on
the rubbings of brasses, ib., 138 ; exhi-
bits rubbings from bells, ix, 76-77 ; on
an ancient brass seal found at Wor-
cester, ib., 82; on an ancient die found
at Shrewsbury, ib. ; on an engraved
German glass, ib., 83 ; on the name of
of Coward, xiii, 233-234

Carruthers (J.), on a bronze war-club, i,
249 ; on the brass matrix of a seal found
at Belfast, iii, 328

Carteia, Roman pottery from, iv, 395

Carter (W. G.), obituary notice of, xviii,

Carthage, on a slab from, xix, 50 ; Car-
thaginian coins found at Liverpool, xxv,

Carthews (Rev. G. A.), on Helmingham,
and discovery of ancient cemetery there,
xxi, 265-273 ; list of seals, books, and
antiquities exhibited by him at the tem-
porary museum at Ipswich, ib., 347

Cartismandua, xxix, 398

Cartwright, family notices of, xxx, 451

Cartwright (J. R.), receives the Congress
at Ludstone Hall, xxix, 226

Carved objects : — Pew at Blickling Ch.,
ii, 266 ; stone at Bristol, ib., 362 ; gro-
tesque, in Wenden Ch., Essex (engr.),
iii, 245; remarks on, in cathedrals and
collegiate churches, iv, 203; ivory, 13th
century (engr.), vi, 123; in ivory and
wood, exhibited, viii, 139, 370 ; from
Spain and Portugal, ib., 154 ; of the
17th century, xi, 337 ; fruit stones,
xxi, 362; stone (engr.), xxii, 160

Caryll (Sir William), letter to, from the
Earl of Shrewsbury, xxx, 310, 311

Casaquy (Poncin), his intended work on
the obelisk of Izel, ii, 199

Cascabel of bronze found at Cheshunt,
xv, 284

Cashiobury, Palace of Cassivel mnus at,
the seat of Lord Capel, xxvi, 29

Casket, ivory, of the 14th century (2
engrs.J, v, 266 ; German, of the 16th
century, exhibited, xvi, 329

Cassivelaunus, Palace of, at Cashiobury,
xxvi, 29

Cassolet, exhibited, xxviii. 395

Castello (Adam de), xxx, 233

Castleton, cavern at, xxx, 64

Castles, of Shropshire, notices upon the,
xvii, 50 ; and Camps of East Devon (3
engrs.J, xviii, 56 et seq.; manuscript
lists of, compiled in the 13th century,
xxviii, 49-64

Castle Acre, plan of (engr.), xiv, 205

Castle Bromwich, earthworks at, xxix. 42

Castle Dounington, visit to, by the Asso-
ciation, xix, 118; reception at. by Mar-



cus Huish, ib. ; portraits at, ib. ; history
of, ib., 237-245

Castlefield, Tinker's Hill, Andover Down,
discovery of a Roman villa at (engr.J,
xxiii, 268-281 ; ancient objects from the
villa (engr.J, 276 ; account of coins at,

v. Kell, Rev. E.

Castle Hill, in Warwick, xxix, 38 ; notes
read on earthworks at, by T. Morgan,

v. Cambridge

Castle Old-Fort, Roman works there,
xxix, 53

Castle Ring, co. Staff., Roman earth-
works there, xxix, 53

Castlereagh (Viscount), autograph of, xxi,

Castle- Rising Castle, excursion to, xiv,
145-149 ; description of and remarks on,
by Mr. Pettigrew, ib., 150-152 ; Church,
Mr. Davis's report on, ib., 156

Castlethorpe, discovery of Roman remains
at, ii, 353

v. Pretty, E.

Castor, co Northt., potters and pottery at,
i, 1 -9 ; Roman statuary at, ib., 140; Roman
fibula discovered at, ib., 327 ; bronze
wand found near, ii, 103 ; coin found
at, ii, 192

Castor, Dartmoor, the avenues near
(engr.J, xvi, 112

Catacombs, fresco of the early ages of
Christianity in the (engr.J, i, 122 ; Dr.
C. Maitland's " Church in the Cata-
combs" (engrs.J, ii, 398, 400-402; cata-
combs at Citta Vecchia, v, 78

Cathedrals. — Winchester, Canterbury,
Durham, Salisbury, Westminster, York,
Lincoln, Ely, Peterborough, dimensions
of, xxi, 41

Catherine, v. Katharine

Cato (Josiah), exhibits and describes bone
implements, xxii, 97 ; stone ring from
Porto Rico, ib., 102 ; bone implements,
ib., 316 ; ancient bone spears, ib., 341 ;
a flattened sphere of green glass, xxiii,
91 ; London dumps, ib., 98 ; a model
of a leaden coffin, ib., 101 ; a Roman
glass bottle, ib., 104 ; on inscribed
Roman drinking cups, ib., 388 ; exhi-
bits and reads remarks on a stone club
of clayslate from S. America, xxiv, 65 ;
remarks on basaltic celts, ib., 66 ; on
celts from Coleraine, ib., 400 ; on can-
dlesticks, xxv, 78 ; exhibits and reads
remarks upon papal leaden bulla?, ib.,
82 ; and on the hair of King Edward
IV, ib., 84 ; exhibits Roman knives and
other articles, ib., 167 ; specimens of
Roman iron found in London, and re-
marks thereupon, ib., 170 ; part of a
Roman bone flute, and other articles,
ib., 282 ; early tetina?, xxvi, 239 ; me-
moir of, xxviii, 308

Caton, milliarium at. vi, 344

Catter, plan of the mound and district of
(engr.J, xi, 127

Catune, destroyed monastery at, its site
identified, xxix, 327-29

Catzenelenbogen (Count of), his bust ex-
hibited, xxiii, 289

Caumartin, iron coffer found at (engr.J, ii,

Caumont (M. de) obituary notice of, xxx,
355, 356

Cavalier's medal exhibited, xiv, 346

Cavanagh (J. E.), exhibits a spur of the
time of Philip and Mary, vii, 443 ; spurs
found at Wexford, viii, 55

Cave, sepulchral, at Guernsey (2 engrs.J,
viii, 65 ; at Heathery Burn, xviii,

Cavendish, MSS. relating to, xxi, 15 ; ety-
mology of the name, xxx, 294

Caversham, brief account of, xvii, 198-
208 ; Rev. J. Ridgway on, ib., 321

Caw (J. Y.), obituary notice of, xv, 170-

Cawston, image of Master John Schorn,
found at the church, xxiii, 265

Caseton (W.), relics of, exhibited by G. R.
Wright, xiii, 252

Ceadda, St., note concerning, xxix, 338

Ceadmon, the poet, a monk at Whitby,
xxiv, 374

Cecil (Robert), Earl of Salisbury, seat of,
at Hatfield, xxvi, 30

(William), Lord Burghley, corres-
pondence with the Earl of Shrewsbury,
xxx, 313-319

Cellini (Benvenuto), carvings attributed
to, xxi, 237 ; fruit stones carved by,
ib., 363.

Celts found at Sittingbourne, i, 51-59 ;
celts and other implements discovered
near Attleborough, i, 58 ; found at
Bury, ii, 347 ; spear-heads and metal-
lic celts from Alderney (6 engrs.J, iii,
9 ; celts (8 engrs.J, ib., 128 ; celt found
in Essex, ib., 341 ; flint-celts from a
barrow in Scarborough (engr.J, iv, 105 ;
celt found on Frittenham Common, ib.,
153 ; a large flint celt found at Malta,
vi, 156 ; celt, amulet, etc., found at
Cuerdale (engr.J, viii, 332 ; celt from
Ireland exhibited, ib., 370 ; ix, 94 ; on
the classification of celts (3 plates J, ib.,
63-71 ; observations on celts, ib., 183-
188 ; celt, of flint, found at Oldbury,
xxix, 43 ; celt from the Lizard district,
ib., 343 et seq.; Cornish celts (engr.J,
ib., 343

v. Newbury

v. Woolmer Forest

Celtic weapons, found at Bilton, v, 349 ;
Antiqvutes Celtiques et Antediluviennes,
M^moire sur l'lndustrie Primitive, par
M. Boucher de Perthes, ib., 171 ; im-
pression from a gold coin, xiii, 334 ; two
coins exhibited by Mr. Ainslie, ib., 334 ;
antiquities found in Suffolk, xiv, 268 ;



spear-head found at Cambridge, ii.,
351 ; antiquities found in Lincoln and
Dorset (engr.), xv, 226 ; antiquities
from Lincolnshire and Dorsetshire, ib.,
231; diminutive sculptures, Celtic and
other antiquities (engr.), xvi,287; an-
tiquities found in Chester, ib., 288-9;
weapons found at Speen, ib., 322 ; ear-
lier and later branches of the race in
Scotland, ib., 353 ; sword exhibited, ib.,
357 ; weapons and jet ornaments (en^rr.),
ib., 322 ; notice of tumuli, xvii, 26 I ;
dagger found in Berks, ib., 334; spear-
head found in Kent, exhibited, ib. ;
poetry, paper by G. Vere Irving, xix,
73-79 ; and Roman remains, from Ches-
sells, Somerset, exhibited, ib., 321-2;
antiquities, xxiii, 98 ; iron manufacture
of the celts, xxx, 223

Celtic nomenclature, v. Whittaker, Rev. Dr.

weapons, v. Bateman, T.

Celto-Breton Association, account of its
first congress, xxiii, 400

Cemetery, Roman cemeteries used by
Christians, xxvi, 63 ; ancient British,
on Sunbury Common, paper on, by E.
Roberts, xxvii, 449-452; Roman, at
Jordan Hill, xxviii, 94

v. Burial

Censer, terra cotta (engr.), xix, 91 ; me-
diaeval, xv, 280 ; from Queen Victoria
Street, xxviii, 394

Centaur, armed, from an early MS.
(engr.), ii, 114

Centrebit, exhibited, xxviii, 273

Centurion stone, Roman (engr. ),\xvi, 240

Ceolnoth, a penny of, found at South-
ampton, xvi, 334

Cerne-Abbas, co. Dorset, J. T. Irvine
describes remains at, xxii, 350; paper
on the giant, by Dr. Wake Smart,
xxviii, 65-70 ; account of the village,
ib., 90 ; visit to St. Mary's Church, ib.,
207 ; reception by the vicar, ib., 207 ;
description of the church, by E. Roberts,
ib., 207-208 ; chancel screen in the
church (engr.), ib., 208 ; registers ex-
plained, by Mr. Black, ib., 209 ; abbey
visited, ib., 210 ; the gate house (engr.),
il>. ; described by E. Roberts, ib., 210-
211 ; barn, ib., 212 ; verses referring to
the legend of St. Augustine's visit, ib,,
223-4 ; notes on the "giant", ib., 234-6 ;
giant of, xxix, 32

Cervetri, an Etruscan tomb at, xii, 1-35 ;
tomb (engr.), ib., front.

Cesterover, British-Roman settlement
there, xxix, 40

Chad (St.), twice consecrated, xxiv, 381 ;
account of, xxix, 48, 338

Chaffers (W.), on a circular plate of brass
found in the city, i, 336 ; on curious
carvings at Waltham Abbey, and on
the remains of mural paintings in the
church, ii, 196 ; on a gold ring found
in the Thames, ib., 199 ; on Roman

coins found near Bristol, ib., 271 ; on
silver coins found in Well Street, ib.,
272 ; on Roman London, ib., 273 ; on
Roman remains found in different parts
of the city, ib., 340 ; on a bronze seal,
discovered in Dorsetshire, iii, 52 ; on a
Roman building in Lower Thames St.,
iv, 3S-75 ; observations on a wooden
cup, ib., 403 ; on mediaeval earthenware
vessels, v, 22-29 ; exhibits an alms-
giving ilish, vi, 87

Chain mail, observations on, i, 139, 141,
1 48 ; found in Staffordshire, (engr.),
vii, 438 ; specimens of (2 engrs.), viii,
355, 357 ; exhibited, x, 190 ; specimens
exhibited and described, xxx, 440, 441

v. Meyrick, Sir S. R.

Chain work, from a Saxon barrow (engr.),
iv, 278

Chains exhibited, xviii, 394 ; xxviii, 283,
399 ; xxix, 200

Chalcos of Maniertina, found at Holloway,
xii, 249

Chale, Abbey Farm, notes respecting, and
on a curious fireplace at, ii, 201

— - — r. Barton, J. A.

Chalk, canon's seal, iv, 393

Chalk Church, porch representing the
Whitsun ale, x, 183

Chalk grave at Winchester, i, 141

Chalmers (Patrick), on the Resignation of
the Kingdom of Man to the Pope, vi,
323-329 ; exhibits a collection of me-
dieval seals, one of Richard III, vi, 447 ;
obituary notice of, xi, 164-70

Chambered barrows, on the peculiarities
of, by Rev. C. Lukis, xxii, 246

Champagne (Counts of), notes of the
family, xxx, 123 et seq.

Champagne (Eudes or Odo de), ib.

Chancellor (F.) exhibits a drawing of a
Roman urn from Chelmsford, vi, 81

Chancellor's seal-bag, remarks on, xiv,

Chandelier from Sebastopol, exhibited,
xii, 157 ; Chandeliers, remarks on, by
H. S. Cuming, xxvii, 376, 378

Channel Islands, stone celts found in the,
iii, 127, 12S ; on the sepidehral cha-
racter of cromlechs in the, iv, 323

Chantries of the B. Virgin, Sts. Loe,
George, Piper, and Catherine, at Wol-
verhampton, xxix, 52

Chap-book, entitled " A New History of
England", etc., exhibited, xxx, 88

Chapel (William dela), seal of, v, 89

Chapel, at Kingsland, destruction of, ii,
282 ; v. Steetley

Chapman, inventory of the goods of a
Yorkshire, xx, 257-260

Chard (Rev. Dr.), Abbot of Ford, memoir
of, xviii, 187-213

Charge in heraldry, observations on a, iv,

Charing, co. Kent, cist found in the
church of, ii, 340



Chariots, British, ii, 280; vi, 346; xix, 126,

Charlcote, visited by the members attend-
ing the congress, iii, 162 ; interesting
monuments in the church, ib.

Charlecombe, remarks on the church, xiii,

Charlemagne, notices of portraiture of, on
bellarmines, xxx, 79-80

Charles I (King), watch formerly belong-
ing to, i, 363 ; die for the reverse of a
half crown of, iii, 252 ; specimens of
idinage of, viii, 77 ; medals of, found
at Halesworth, x, 190 ; on the relics of,
xi, 227-238 ; watch of, exhibited by
Miss Worsley, ib., 317 ; needlework
miniature of, ib., 346 ; medal of, found
at Woodbridge, ib., 347 ; particulars re-
lating to, ib., 340 ; various relics of, ib.,
361, 362; xii, 247; supplementary notes
on relics of, ib., 251-256 ; on memorials
of, by H. S. Cuming, xvi, 291-4; minute
miniature of, exhibited, xvii, 337 ; seal
of, exhibited, xviii, 280 ; documents re-
lating to the captivity of, xviii, 283 ;
ditto, by E. Levien, xix, 12-24; pro-
ceedings of, from the storming of Lei-
cester to the battle of Naseby, by Sir
Henry Halford, Bart., xix, 28 ; relics of,
preserved by Sir H. Halford, ib. ; neck-
cloth of, exhibited, xx, 332 ; mortuary
locket, exhibited, ib.; great seal of, ex-
hibited, ib., 340; signet ring of, exhi-
bited, ib, 341 ; etched drawing of his
espousals, ib., 357; letters of, xxi, 13;
coin of, exhibited, ib., 81 ; dies for coin
of, found near Marston Moor, ib., 86;
and Queen Henrietta, good portraits of,
ib., 346 ; prayers and letters of, ib., 349 ;
cimeo bust of, ib., 354; rosary of his
queen, ib., 363; mortuary trinket of,
xxii, 246 ; plaque of, xxiii, 90 ; descrip-
tion of his signet, by H. S. Cuming, xxv,
275-7 ; remarks on the unpublished first
great seal, by W.deG. Birch, xxvi, 164-5 ;
first great seal (2 coloured engrs.), xxvi,
164; medals of, exhibited, ib., 345 ; de-
scription of office used at the touching
for the king's evil in the reign of, xxvii,
288 ; linen collar of, exhibited, xxviii,
395-6 ; coins of, exhibited, ib., 398 ;
meution of, xxix, 24 ; portrait of, in
needlework, exhibited, ib., 85 ; bottle

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