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with a portrait of, exhibited, ib., 91 ;
pamphlets relating to, exhibited, ib.,

Charles II (King) gentleman's wardrobe
of the time of, i, 156 ; facsimile of auto-
graph of (engr.), vi, 143 ; warrants
directed by, to Captain Faisby, vi, 143-
146 ; half-guinea of, ix, 73 ; coins of,
found at Earlsham, x, 190 ; ring re-
lating to, xiii, 248 ; Wiltshire memorials
of, xv, 180-189 ; miniature of, exhibited,
xvii, 337 ; bust of, on locket, xxi, 78 ;
Bliuffers presented by, to the Fendrell

family, xxv, 77 ; exhibition of, and
remarks on, a copper plate of, xxvi,
246-248; description of office vised at the
touching for the king's evil in the reign
of, xxvii, 288-289

Charles V (King), of France, fans of, xxvi,
206-7 ; account of his clock, xxvi, 339

Charles XII (King) of France, gold coins
of, i, 58

Charles V, of Germany and Spain, grant
of arms by, xviii, 279

Charles (Thomas), on a Roman villa, found
near Maidstone, ii, 86 ; his house and
museum at Maidstone, ix, 413

Charley, Priory of, v. Ulvescroft

Charlotte (Princess), exhibition of fan,
given by, to Lady Elgin, xxvi, 245

Charlton (Lewis), Bishop of Hereford, be-
quest to Hereford Cathedral, xxvii, 75

Charlton Park, visit of the Association to,
xxv, 292-297

Charma (A.), notice of his " Rapport sur
les Feuilles pratique's au Village de
Vieux," xii, 204 ; of Caen, memoir of,
xxvi, 270

Charms, ancient, v. Simpson, Rev. W. S.

Charms employed in cattle disease, by H.
Syer Cuming, xxi, 321-359 ; in cramp,
xxiv, 287

Charnwood Forest, vase with Roman urns
turned up at, vi, 448 ; Roman urn and
coins found in, vii, 1-5 ; urn (coloured
engr.), vii, 1

Charter, confirmation of Ranulph II, earl
of Chester, vi, 131-138 ; of Calke mo-
nastery, vii, 414 ; exhibited by Mr.
Tucker, ix, 85-86 ; of Tintern Abbey,
x, 295 ; connected with Wilton, xvii,
311-318 ; signification of various words
in charters, xxi, 146 ; of William II, at
Eton and Durham, xxviii, 132, etc. ;
(engr.), ib., 133 ; characteristics of those
of Henry I, xxix, 233-262 ; reasons for
the reduplication of, ib., 244 ; of W.
Lovetot, founding Worksop Priory, xxx,
160; early specimens, ib., 160, 170-174,

Charterhouse, monastery and school, near
Smithfield, deed relating to the founder,
ii, 347 ; Chronicles of, by a Carthusian,
1847, iii, 60-76; eftigy of Thomas Sutton,
founder (engr.), iii, 74 ; coffin of, xviii,
266 ; view of the wall, with initials of
Thomas Houghton (engr.), iii, 74 ; seal
(engr.), ib., 75

Chartley, visit of the congress to the
castle, xxix, 317

Chartres Cathedral, on a date upon a
stone of, ii, 283

Chasings and embroidery from Spain and
Portugal, viii, 154

Chasles (M-), on a date upon a stone of
Chartres Cathedral, ii, 283

Chateau - Gonthier, vitrified walls of, ii,

Chatelaine and etui, remarks on, xvii,



225-230; Saxon (engr.), xvii, 227; Teu-
tonic (engr.), ib., 228 ; found at Ax-
minster, xviii, 390 ; portion of Anglo-
Saxon (mgr.), xxv, 263; r. China

Chatham (Lord), letters, xxi, 21

Chatham, leper house at (engr.), xi, 31

Chatsworth, excursion to, vii, 367 ; Mary
Queen of Scots at, xxx, 47, etc.

Chaucer (Geoffrey), extract from his
Canterbury Tales, relative to the intro-
duction of Esquires, xxiv, 352 ; extract
relating to ancient cookery, xxiv, 359

Chauncey (Sir Henry), historian of Hert-
fordshire, notice of, xxvi, 31

Chawndeler (Dean), brass of, in Hereford
Cathedral, xxvii, 94

Chaworth (Sir Thomas), will of, xxii, 409 ;
a benefactor to Beauchief, xxx, 429

Cheam, co. Surrey, stone coffin discovered
at, xxi, 231 ; example of tau-crucifix on
a brass in the Church, xxvii, 312

Cheapside, Saxon brooch found in (engr.),
ii, 313 ; Roman coins found in, vi, 155;
Church of St. Peter, Wood Street, glass
found in interment at, xxi, 185 ; ap-
pearance of, temp. Car. I, xxiv, 152-3

v. London

Chedworth, co. Gloucester, bath and hy-
pocaust at the villa (engr.), xxiv, 129 ;
discovery of a Roman villa in 1864 at,
ib. ; open bath at the villa (engr.),
ib. ; remains and inscriptions from the
villa (engr.), ib., 133 ; Roman anti-
quities found near, xxv, 212-213 ; plan
of villa (engr.), xxv, 215 ; account of
Christian symbols discovered in, xxiii,
224 ; Rev. H. M. Scarth, on the Roman
villa at, ib., 215-227; Christian symbol
found there, ib., 216-217 ; plan of, ib.,
218-222 ; stamped bricks found there,
222-223 ; articles found there, ib., 225-
226 ; visit of the Association to the villa,
ib., 402-407 ; visit of the Association to
the Museum and Church there, ib., 407-
408 ; letter on the Roman villa at, xxvi,
250-252; Roman villa at, xxix, 46 ; iron
found at, ib., 126; v. Grover, J. W.

Chefboutonne, coins found at, ii, 90

Chelmsford, co. Essex, Roman urn found
at, vi, 81 ; seal of the grammar school
of, xii, 146; picture-board dummy at,
xxx, 68

Chelsea, co. Midd., leaden seal or mark
found at, xiii, 315 ; remains of a
painted glass window in the church,
xvi, 347 ; notice of, xxii, 312-317

Cheltenham, co. Gloucester, barrows near,
i, 152-151; Roman sepulchral monu-
ment found Dear (engr.), i. 237

Chenies, visit of tin- Congress to, xxvi,

Chepstow, co. Monmouth, British coin
found at (engr.), iv, 257; on tin' town
and castle of, x, 249-257; Congress held
at, x, 27">. etc. ; proceedings, ib., 275-
315; officers of, ib., 275-276 : preli-

minary meetings, ib., 277 ; Sir K.
Dwarris' introductory observations, ib.,
277-278; introductory discourse deli-
vered by the treasurer, ib., 278 ; vi.-it to
the castle and church, ib., 279-2SO ; Mr.
Freeman's remarks on, ib.; Mr. Wake-
man's remarks on the priory, ib., 280 ;
Evening meetiug, Mr. Wakeman's ob-
servations on the castle, ib., "J s l ; J. R.
Planches remarks on the word " Es-
trighoiel," ib., 281 ; Mr. White on
Roman tiles in the wall of the castle,
ib., 282; Mr. Gould on, ib. ; visit to
Matherne church, Mr. Freeman's re-
marks on, discussion on tablet of Theo-
doric, ib., 283 ; visit to the episcopal
palace, Mr. Wakeman's note on, ib.,
284 ; visit to Moynes Court, Mr. Wake-
man's observations on, ib., 285; curious
boxwood comb found there, belonging
to Bishop Godwin, ib., 286 ; visit to the
church of St. Pierre, Mr. Wakeman's
account of the estate and church, ib.,
287 ; Mr. Lewis's kind reception of the
Association, 288 ; church of Portscuit
(Portskewet), ib., 288 ; Mr. Freeman
on, ib., 289 ; Roman encampment at
Southbrook, observations on, by Mr.
Wakeman, the Dean of Llandaff, and
others, ib., 289 ; Caldicote church, ib.,
290 ; church at Magor, ib.; paper on
the church, by C. Baily, ib., 290 ; vari-
ous opinions on, ib., 291 ; Dean of
Llandaff's defence of the Norman
chroniclers, ib., 292 ; Mr. Wakeman on
Caldicote castle, ib. ; visit to Tinteni
Abbey, ib., 293 ; Rev. T. Hugo's paper
on, ib., 293-294 ; Mr. Wakeman's kind
offers of charters, etc., relating to the
abbey, ib., 295 ; St. Anne's chapel, ib. ;
ascent of the Windcliff, ib. ; visit to
Piercefield, ib. ; Rev. B. Poste's paper
on the territories of Vortigern, ib., 296 ;
Mr. Hugo on old Latin monkish hymns,
ib. ; Mr. Whichcord's paper on ancient
fortifications, so., 296 ; visit to Llandaff
Cathedral, ib., 302 ; discussion, ib. ; Mr.
Freeman's lecture on, ib. ; examination
of the cathedral of Llandaff, ib., 305 ;
kind hospitality of Dean Couybeare, ib.,
306; visit to Caerleon, ib. ; reception
by J. E. Lee, and visit to the Museum,
ib. : site of a Roman villa inspected,
307; a remarkable Norman mound, ib. ;
generously entertained by Mr. Lee, ib. ;
examination of St. Woollos. Newport,
ib. : evening meeting, J. 0. Halhwell's
paper on the wanderings of Taylor, the
:■ poet, ib., 308 ; visit to Raglan
Castle, ib. ; Dr. W. Beattie's paper on
Raglan Castle, ib.; Mr. Wakeman's re-
marks on, ib., 309 ; examination of the
oh. at Usk, ib., 310 ; carved oak si
and l.rass, discussion on, ib. ; gateway
of Osk priory, the castle, ib. : examina-
tion of cromlech "ii the Usk and Chop-



stow road, ib.; closing meeting, ib.;
illness of Mr. Bernal, ib., 311 ; visit to
Caerwent, ib., 312 ; remarkable house at
Crick, Mr. Wakeman's notice of, ib. ;
examination of the walls, etc., of Caer-
went, ib. ; desire to prosecute excava-
tions,^., 313; inspection of tessellated
pavement, etc., ib. ; Caerwent Ch., ib.;
curiously carved pulpit, ancient font,
etc., ib.; notice of discoveries at Glou-
cester, ib.
Cheriton, notice of the church, by F. J.

Baigent, xii, 75-80
Chertsey, monastery famous in Beda's
time, xxiv, 365 ; tiles from, noticed,
xxix, 435, 437-440
Chesham (Lord), visit of the congress to

his seat at Latymers, xxvi, 387-388
Cheshire, ancient customs of, by L.
Jewitt, v, 252-5 ; church brasses in
Cheshire and Lancashire, v, 256-265 ;
deeds relating to, presented by Mr.
Owen, v, 321 ; Mr. Black's observations
on, ib.; Sir Wm. Betham's remarks on,
ib. ; Proceedings of the Historic Society
of Lancashire and Cheshire, 1848-9, ib.,
397-9 ; antiquities exhibited, xiv, 347 ;
list of monasteries and castles in, xxviii,
Cheshunt, a bronze cascabel, found at, xv,

Chesil Beach, described, xxviii, 89
Chessel Bank, gold coins found at, xviii,

Chessells, co. Somers., Celtic and Roman

remains from, xviii, 392 ; xix, 321-322
Chessman, a knight (engr.J, vii, _138 ;
jet pieces, found at Warrington, viii, 162
Chester (Clemence), countess of, letters
illustrative of the family of, remarks on,
by D. Lelisle and Mr. Planche, vii,
Chester (Edward), exhibits a -Dutch me-
dallion, xxx, 341-42
Chester, arms of city (enyr. J, ii, 116;
neglected state of the Roman remains
at, ib., 193 ; Roman enamelled fibula
found at the camp, iii, 251 ; Roman re-
mains found at the railway, v, 80 ; Pro-
ceedings of the Congress at, ib., 177-
336 ; ground plan of the cathedral
(engrs.J, ib., 177; remarks on the ca-
thedral, by Mr. Ashpitel, ib., 177-186 ;
records of the county palatine of, re-
marks on, by W. H. Black, ib., 187-195 ;
notes on Roman remains at, by C. R.
Smith, ib., 207-233; Roman work on the
north wall, and section of rock and north
wall (2 engrs.J, ib., 213; hypocaust and
column in Bridge Street (2 engrs.J, ib.,
'216; portion of a column found in
(engr.J, ib., 230 ; moulded block of cor-
nice at (engr.J, ib., 230 ; on the coinage
of, U>., 233-235; on the seals of the
Earla of, by J. R. Planch^, vb., 285-252;
seal of Ranulf 11, Earl of (engr.J, 241 ;

seal of Hugh Cyvelioc, Earl of (engr.J,
ib., 243 ; seal erroneously ascribed to
Ranulf II, Earl of (engr.J, ib., 244 ; seals
of Ranulf de Blondeville, Earl of (2
engrs.J, ib., 245-246 ; counter-seal of
Ranulf de Blondeville (engr.J, ib., 246 ;
seal of Earl Ranulf (engr.J, vi, 133 ;
address of the Bishop at the Congress,
v, 285 ; observations on mystery plays
of, by the Rev. Dr. Hume, ib., 317-320;
enamelled fibula found near, ib., 334 ;
list of contributors to the Museum at,
ib., 335 ; Roman brass coins found at,
ib., 361 ; Roman querns at, ib., 361 ;
pavement lately discovered at, vi, 156 ;
appointments of sheriff of the county
of, by Oliver and Richard Cromwell,
xii, 163, 164 ; view of Eastgate, at
(engr.J, ib., 280 ; ancient houses at
(engr.J, ib., 281 ; Celtic antiquities
found in, xvi, 288-289 ; on God's Pro-
vidence House at, xviii, 267 ; Roman
remains at, xxii, 306 ; notice of Dr.
Graham, Bishop of, ib., 325 ; Roman
buildings in Bridge Street (engr.J, ib.,
388 ; part of Roman capital at Bridge St.
(engr.J, ib. ; Bishopric of, xxix, 49, n.

■ v. Brushfield, Dr. T. N.

v. Keats, Mr.

v. Legh, Peter

Chester (Little), visit to, vii, 315; and coins

found at, ib., 365
Chester-le-Street, effigies at, xxi, 362 ;
on Chester-le-Street, by the Rev. H.
Blane, xxii, 22-30; St. Cuthbert's relics
at, ib., 22-24 ; plan of Ch. of (engr.J,ib.,
24 ; see of a Bishop there, ib., 25 ; the see
transferred to Durham, ib., 26 ; colle-
giate Ch. at, ib., 27; the see suppressed,
ib., 28; Ch. described, ib., 28-30; on
the Lumley monuments in, ib., 29 ; J.
R. Planche on the monuments of, ib.,
37-44 ; effigies at (engr.J, ib., 40 ; W.
Camden on the monuments of, ib., 45 ;
excursion of the Association to, ib.,
86 ; ancient bridge near, ib., Roman
buildings of, ib., S7 ; early cross at, ib. ;
Roman coins at, ib., 189 ; notice of,
ib., 421
Chesterfield (Lord), letters, xxi, 21
Chesterfield, co. Derby, visit to the Ch.,
vii, 315 ; its monuments, ib. ; monu-
mental effigies at (engr.J, ib.; extent of
Etocetum towards, xxix, 57
Chesterford, co. Essex, medieval finger-
rings dug up at, iii, 56 ; the Hon. Mr.
Neville's observations on the Roman
station at, ib., 208-213 ; discovery of a
Roman building at, ib., 328 ; Roman
discoveries at, ib., 345 ; Roman sculp-
ture found at (2 engrs.J, ib., 348; iv, 64;
Roman bronze colander, from (engr.).
ib., 376; eight funereal urns discovered
at, ib., 401 ; notes on discoveries at, v,
54-60 ; antiquities from, xxii, 151 ;
Roman antiquities from (engr.J, xxiii,



105; a bronze trulla vinaria discovered
at, xxv, 247

Chesterford v. Clarke, Joseph

v. Neville, Hon. R. C.

Chesterholm, account of a Christian sym-
bol on stone at, xxiii, 229

Chesterton, antiquities from, xxii, 452

Chesterton, Roman remains there, de-
scribed at Patshull by the Rev. H. J.
Ward, xxix, 224 ; visit of the Congress
to, ib., 232 ; description of Ch. and
British encampments, ib. ; note of, ib.,

Chests, curious oak, at Filpham, ii, 348

r. Church chests

Chetham (Humfrey), and his foundation,
vi. 294-302 ; plan of his hospital (engr.),
ib., 299

Chetham College, Manchester, visit to, vi,

Chichester, paintings on the ceiling of the
Cathedral, i, 257 ; two Roman sepul-
chral inscriptions found at, ii, 85 ; seal
of the Mayor of the Staple of, vi, 149
et seq. ; Cathedral and other ancient
buildings, xvii, 118-138; on the fall of
the spire of the Cathedral, ib., 118 ; Ca-
thedral (engr.), ib., 138 ; remarks on
the Cathedral, xx, 155-160; the see re-
moved from Selsey, xxii, 111 ; founda-
tions of the prebends, ib. ; constitution
of the chapter, ib., 112 ; altars in the
cathedral, ib., 114 ; the architect of
Chichester Cross, ib., 115-116; deans of,
ib., 116-119 ; pracentors, ib., 119-121 ;
chancellors, ib., 121-123 ; treasurers, ib.,
123-124 ; archdeacons, ib., 124-126 ;
archdeacons of Lewes, ib., 126-127 ;
canons and prebendaries, ib., 127-154;
coins from, ib., 358 ; Fasti Cicestrenses,
ib., 462 ; title of Earl of, xxiii, 22 ; size
and rental of the city of, ib., 23 ; disco-
very of a Roman pavement under the
Cathedral, ib., 88; tiles found in the
( 'athedral, xxx, 90

v. Walcott, Rev. M. E. C.

Chilcomb Downs, v. Barrow
Cbilderditch, mural paintings in the Ch.
of, i, 313 ; elegant font in the Ch. of,
Chili, antiquities from, exhibited, xiv,

Chillington House, interesting museum of

Mr. Charles, ix, 413
Chillington, visit of the Congress to, xxix,

China, History and Antiquities of : —
Seals (■'• engrs.), i, 43; remarks on,
by S. Birch, ib. ; bottle found in
Thebes, iv, :VJ1 ; Mr. Keet exhibits a
keen, v, 81; Mr. Coming's observations
on, ib. : Mr. Croker's remark- on. ib.,
82; Mr. White's, ib. ; figures, exhi-
bited, \ i. 1 19 ; paper on va es, vii. 1 12 :
ancient vases, \iii, 18 ; Zodiac f engr. ).
ib., 22 | ancient \ r.), ib. << teq.\

bottles in Egyptian tombs, ib., 156 ;

porcelain stamp (engr.), ix, 93 ; images
of philosophers, exhibited, xi. 74 ; coin
found at Glendalough, ib., 347 ; chate-
laine, exhibited, xvi, 340 ; Chinese and
Tartars, engravings of the wars of, ex-
hibited, xviii, 268 ; casket, ib., 276 ;
shoehorn, ib., 276 ; curious teapot, ///.,
398; fruit teapot, xix, 138; brick, xxi,
236 ; seals in Ireland, i, 43 ; iv, 316 ;
xxiv, 187 ; exhibition of a colum from
China, xxv, 247 ; exhibition of a
xxvi, 239 ; paper on cinerary urns, by
H.F. Holt, xxvii, 343-349; drawings of
cinerary \xroa(engr. i. £5., 345; burials not
allowed within the cities, ib., 344 ; prac
tice of cremation in, ib., 345-349 : [.ad-
lock, xxix, 433 ; enamelled brick, xxx,
196 ; teapot, ib.
v. Holt, H. F.

Chinnor, rubbings from brasses at, ix. 20] ;
curious bronze from the churchyard,
xxi, 235

Chippendale China-cabinet at the Wode-
house, xxix, 432

Chippenham, co. Wilts, incised slab in the
Ch., hi, 323

Chipping-Ongar, on the wooden Ch. at, iv,

C hi j'ping- Warden, bead found at, i, 52,
34ii ; remains at, ib., 56 ; coins found
at, ii, 100 ; Roman urns found at, v,

Chirk Castle, visit to, by the Association,
v, 326; observations on, ib., 326-327

Chiselhurst, antiquities found in the old
Manor House at, xviii, 397

Chisels, ancient, found in the ruins of the
Cistercian Abbey of Cwmhir, in Rad-
norshire, ii, 346

Chiusi, ring money found at, ii, 2S0

Chopine, iv, 23

Chopper of iron, found with Roman re-
mains in Northamptonshire, xvii, 70

Choron (engr.), ii, 222

( 'hrishall, brasses in the Ch., x, 97

Christ (Jesus), on an ancient painting of,
ix. 190

Christ Church, Hants, monumental slabs
in, vii, 163 ; screen at, xxii, 306; account
of the Priory Ch., xxiii, 93-94

Christian (Ewan), architect, restores Wol-
verhampton Ch., xxix. 52: extracts from
his report upon Wolverhampton ch..

;//.. 101-103

Christian lamps, on, ix, 84

Seal from Cornwall (engr.), xxix,


Christiana. Royal Norske University of,
thanks returned for their book, xxiii, 101

Christianity, vestiges of pre-Augustine
faith in Britain, xxiv. 132 ; Roman, in
Britain, xxviii, 217-220; progress of, in
tin- north, xxix, 150-172; rise of. in
Britain, ib., 402 ,t wq.\ >•. Cat iconibs

v. Qrover, J. W.



Christina, Queen of Sweden, bronze medal
of, exhibited, xv, 272 ; exhibition of
objects belonging to, xxvi, 80-81 ; relics
of, exhibited by H. F. Holt, ib., 167-

Christmas (Rev. H.), on Roman remains
near Rivenhall in Essex, ii, 281

Christopher (St.), and an attendant (2
engrs.J, x, 80-81 ; legend of, represented
in Shorwell Ch., xi, 318

Christopher (Mr.), remarks on a brass at
Liibeck, xvi, 350

Christ's Hospital, early button of the dress
of, found in the Thames, xviii, 270 ; old
silver medals of, exhibited by Messrs.
Trollope and Jackson, ib.

" Christus Caput Omnium", legend on a
gem seal, iii, 330

Chubb (Mr.), lockmaker at Wolverhamp-
ton, xxix, 177

(Messrs.), exhibit a collection of locks

and keys, xxix, 433

Church (Professor), on the Coriniurn Mu-
seum, xxv, 109-110 ; remarks on Roman
villa at Chedworth, ib., 403-406

Church, an old, near Salisbury, vi, 87 ;
early British, xxix, 47

brasses in Cheshire and Lancashire,

Mr. Waller on, v, 256-265

chests, with paintings, at Newport,

and a compartment of the same (3
engrs.), iii, 204, 205, 207 ; paper on,
xxviii, 176, 225, 230 ; ancient chests
(engr.),ib., 225 ; at Hales Owen, ib., 225 ; at
Newdigate, Graveney, Saltwood, Climp-
ing, Stoke Dabernon, and Earl Stonham,
ib., 225 ; Newport, Haconby, Huttoft,
Oxford, Faversham, and Wittersham,
ib., 226 ; Brancepeth, Coventry, Cam-
bridge, Oxford, Guestling, Harty Chajiel,
Southwold, York, ib., 327 ; Stonham
Aspel, ib., 228 ; Combs Church, New-
ington, ib., 229-230 ; chest at Brance-
peth (engr.J, xxii, 272 ; at Mendles-
ham, xxx, 92

pews or forms, early document re-

lating to appropriation of, xxx, 227
■ windows, vii, 443 ; early windows

(engr.J, viii, 6
Churches in groups at Evesham, Reopham,

Antingham, Trimley, Swaffam Prior,

Pulbourn, Histon, Alton Prior, xxi,

108-109 ; list of, in England, 17th

century, ib., 153
Chute (Dame Margaret), brass of, at

Marden, xxvii, 201-202
Chute, co. Hants, gold ring found at, i,

Ghygarkie, remains found there, xxix, 350

et .st'/.
Ciborium (engr.J, i, 167
Cicero (Marcus Tullius), remark of, on

the state of war in Britain, xxiii, 41 ;

extracts from, relating to the Druids,

xxx, 138-139
Cinerary urn found at Colchester (engr.J,

i, 239 ; urns found near Alton, ii, 265 ;
urn or lamp found at Castor, x, 106 ;
urns found in the Isle of Wight (2
engrs.J, xi, 186, 188

Cinque Ports, oral traditions of the, and
their localities, compared with the anti-
quarian researches, and natural causes
and their effects, by Capt. R. B. Martin,
v, 170

Circles, account of, made by seaweed, xxv,

Cirencester (Richard of), iters of, xvii, 189-

v. Richard of Cirencester

Cirencester, Roman monument found at,
ii, 343 ; on Roman remains at, ib., 380-
381 ; on the Ch. at, ib., 384 ; bronze
statuette found at, ib., 393 ; stone cof-
fins found near, iii, 52 ; Roman disco-
veries at, iv, 69-71 ; discovery of a
Roman tessellated pavement at, v, 360 ;
silver Roman spoon from (engr.J, vi,
443, 452 ; on recent researches at, vii,
61-68 ; discovery of gold coins, Roman
pottery, etc., at, xvi, 334-336; olla found
at, xix, 150 ; St. Erasmus revered at,
xxi, 195 ; discovery of tiles with I.H.S.
on them at, xxiii, 226 ; address by Earl
Bathurst, as President of the Congress,
at, xxv, 21-25 ; antiquities of, ib., 22 ;
museum at, ib., 23 ; observations on, by
G. Godwin, ib., 91-92; visit of the Asso-
ciation to the Town-hall, ib., 92-95; and
to the Abbey Ch, ib., 96-99 ; T. C.
Brown on the ancient tower of, ib., 101-
103; classical subjects on Mosaic pave-
ments at (engr.J, ib., 102-104 ; Roman
pavements at the Barton, ib., 103-104 ;
visit to St. John's Hospital, ib., 104 ;
plan of (engr.J, ib. ; on " Watermoor in
Chesterton Tything", ib. 105-106 ; visit
to the Amphitheatre, ib., 106-108 ; and
to the Museum, ib., 109-111 ; incidents
at, during the civil war, 1642-1646, by
the Rev. G. F. Townsend, ib., 149-157 ;
visit of Lord Chandos to, ib., 150-151 ;
siege of, by the Marquis of Hertford, ib.,
151-152; capture of, by Prince Rupert,
ib., 152 ; capture of, by the Parliament-
arians, ib., 155-156 ; pottery exhumed
at, ib., 177 ; Roman antiquities found
near, ib., 212-213 ; visit to the Royal
Agricultural College, ib., 297 ; remarks
on the records of the Abbey, by the Rev.
E. A. Fuller, ib., 411-412 ; bequests by
John Tame to, xxvii, 113

v. Irvine, J. T.

v. Smith, C. R.

v. Wright, T.

Cissbury, olla, etc., from, exhibited, xiv,
351 ; G. V. Irving on, xiii, 274-294 ;
Cissbury and High Down Camps fewr/r.^,
xiii, 284; plans of the camps (engr.J,
ib., 288; antiquities found at, described
by Mr. Cuming, ib., 291-292

v. living, G. V.



Cist, bowl-shaped, with a triangular co\ er,
found in Charing Ch., Kent, ii, 340 ; a
large one cleared out by Mr. Bateman,
vii, 434 ; plan of (ewjr.J, ib.

Cistercian Abbeys, papers on, by W. de G.
Birch, xxvi, 281-299, 352-369; order of,
history of its rise and fall, ib., 352-356;
house at Wareham, xxviii, 1(59; account
of the order, xxx, 421

Citta Vecchia, catacombs at, v, 78

City stone-yard, antiquities in, i, 248

Civilis (Claudius), chief of the Batavi, ora-
tion of, xxvi, 224

Clare, family of, Earls of Gloucester and
Hereford, account of, xxvi, 150-160

Clare (De), family of, xxix, 62

(Bogo de), remarks on, by Mr. Wake-
man, xviii, 372-374; xx, 270

(Richard de), Earl of Gloucester and

Herefordshire, account of, xxvi, 150
(Gilbert de), and Richard FitzGil-

bert, Earls of Pembroke, seals of (tmjr.).
x, 269

Clare, seal found in, v, 87

Clarendon, notes on, xv, 22 ; remains of
the ancient Palace of, visited, ib., 203 ;
elegant reception at the Park, ib. ; T. J.
Pettigrew's notes on, ib., 246-264

Forest, i, 62

Wood, near Salisbury, probable

Roman villa at, i, 57

Clarence (Margaret), Duchess of, admitted
a nun, in 1429, of Sopwell Priory, xxvi,

Clarions, types of (6 engrs.J, iv, 352-353 ;
on encaustic tiles, remarks on, by Mr.
Jewitt, v, 372 ; a tabard of an Earl of
Gloucester, ib., 373; remarks on by Mr.
Planch^, ib. ; in armorial bearings (A
engrs.J, ib.

Clark (R.), of Farnham, lantern belonging
to, exhibited, xxix, 70

Clarke (Hyde), on a coin of Ethelred II,
iv, 80

Clarke (James), on a brass plate from Ips-
wich, v, 163 ; on a white stone jug from
Norfolk, ib. ; on a brass mortar of the
date of 1554, ib.; on a leaden seal found
at Easton, ib., 166 ; on a gold British
coin, ib., 167 ; exhibits three ancient
rings found at Hempstead, in Essex, vi,
158; a silver coin of Henry IV of France
found in Suffolk, ib., 445 ; inspects one
hundred and sixty-six pennies of Henry
III, ib., 452 ; on coins found at Frarn-
lingham, vii, 75 ; exhibits a testoon of
Edw. VI found at Frarnlingham, viii,
159 ; gold coin found at Hoo, ib. ; on a
Roman vault at Roses Pit, ib. ; ex-
hibits a silver penny found at Ips-

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