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wich, ib., 360 ; a silver halfpenny of
Henry V found at Manningtree, ib. ; a
Commonwealth sixpence, ix, 73; a tcs-
toon found in Essex, ib. ; a half guinea
of Charles II, ib.; a penny of Edw. II
found al Easton, ib. ; an angelel of

Henry VI, ib. ; a halfpenny of Henry
VIII, to.; on coins found at Brandeston,

on a fetterlock found at Easton, x, 91 ;
exhibits a coin of Faustina the Elder
found at Frarnlingham, ib., 99; a silver
seal found at Kettleborough Hall, ib.;
rubbings from brass in Easton Ch., ib.,
178; a brass coin of Constantinus Tibe-
rius found in Suffolk, ib., 180 ; on
paintings discovered in Easton Ch., ib.;
exhibits coins of Charles II found at
Earlsham, ib., 190; coins of Charles I
found at Halesworth, ib. ; announces
discoveries of Roman coins, etc., at
Easton, ib., 383 ; exhibits pennies of
Stephen and Edward I, also a token
found at Brandeston, and a medal of
Charles I, xi, 347 ; a faciam unit of
James I, ib., 350 ; halfpenny of Edward
I, and other coins, ib.; a silver penny of
Ethelred II, and other coins, found in
Suffolk, xii, S3; on the Roman urn found
at Kettleburgh, xiii, 234-235 ; on dis-
coveries at Easton, Suffolk, ib., 235 ;
exhibits various coins found in Suffolk,
ib., 253 ; coins of Edward III, Henry
VIII, Elizabeth, and Alexander of
Scotland, found in Suffolk, ib., 348 ;
three curious seals, xiv, 337 ; a gold
ring of the 15th century, ib., 342 ;
another, with motto, ib., 352 ; a bronze
matrix of seal, xv, 267 ; denai-ius of
Otho IV, xvii, 231 ; obituary notice of,
xviii, 367-368

Clarke (Joseph), on an urn and other an-
tiquities found at Chesterford, i, 155 ;
on a Norman earthenware basin, ib.,
341 ; on a celt found in Essex, iii, 341 ;
on Roman remains found in Essex, iv,
76 ; sends a communication concerning
antiquities found at Saffron Walden,
xxv, 272, 273

Clarke (J.), quotation from his poem on
Letheringham, xxx, 77-78

Clarke (W. C), Mayor of Doncaster, enter-
tains the Association, xxx, 453

Clasps found in Yorkshire (2 engrs.J, ii,

Clasp-knives, on the antiquity of, xv, 348-
350 ; xxix, 196

Classical Antiquities, Museum of, vii, 96 ;
classical passages relating to Apollo,
xxviii, 337-347 ; to the Druids, v.
Morgan, T.

i "l.-itterford, site of a Roman villa at, xii,

Clausentum, threatened destruction of, i,
341 ; Roman remains from (anjr.), xiii,
210 ; on the sculptured stones at, ib.,
210-211 ; three minimi found at, xix,
1 19 ; >: mttern

Claverburgh, the Ch. of, given to Worksop
Priory, xxx, 161

Clavcrley, font at (engr,), iv, 152; Ch.,
rial of the Congress to. description of,
by E. Roberts, \\ix. 227-228



Claverley (Alexander de), notes concerning,

xxix, 369
Clavis troclii, xxix, 192
Clavyle (John), original note to Sir John

Turberfelde, xxviii, 161
Claw-hammer found in the Thames, xx,

Claxson (Rev. Dr.), heraldic notices of

Gloucester Cathedral, ii, 392
Clay (Sir W.), exhibits gold ring found in

the Thames, xvi, 328
Clay mask from the Caicos Islands, v,

vessel, curious, found at Lewes

(engr.J, ii, 343 ; medieval (engr.J, iii,


weights, xxviii, 173

Clay don Hills, farm accounts, xxi, 19

Claydon, Hundred of, v. Bosmere

Clee, dedication stone of the Church, xix,

Clehonger, Aubrey brass at, xxvii, 199
Clemens Maximus, a hundred thousand

Britons among his army, xxvi, 236
Clemens Titus Varius, inscriptions to,

xxvi, 231
Clent, chapel and well at, xxix, 340
Clergy, secular dress of the, xxii, 419
Clerkenwell, condition of St. John's Gate,
at, i, 51 ; professed antiquities from,
xviii, 371 ; encaustic tiles from, exhi-
bited, xxx, 72
Clevedon Ch., description of, by Mr.

Davis, xiii, 53; incised slab in, ib., 54
Court, Mr. Davis on, xiii, 54 ; ele-
gant entertainment at, ib.
Cleveland (Duke of), address at Durham,
xxii, 17, 85 ; his liberality towards the
restoration of Wolverhampton Ch., xxix,
Clickimin, the brough of, xxii, 312-341 ;
described by J. T. Irvine, ib., 369-375 ;
(engr.J, ib., 374
Cliffe, co. Kent, monumental slab in the
Ch. (engr.J, iii, 264 ; observations on,
ix, 399; hour-glass at the Ch., ib., 400
Clifford (Sir Thomas), xxix, 297
Cliffs, denudation of, xxiii, 36-37
Clifton (George), exhibits and explains

Portland antiquities, xxviii, 204-205
Clifton, Roman altar found at, iii, 248 ;
barrows at, iv, 57

Down, camp at (engr.J, xiii, 103

Climping, co. Sussex, Ch. chest at, xxviii,

Climpiuge (Thomas de), xxi, 235
Clinton (Fynes), seat of, at Welwyn, xxvi,

Clipping the Church, a local custom pre-
valent in Shropshire, i, 149
Clipesby (Frances), monument of, at

Worksop, xxx, 289
Clitheroe, ancient charters and grants to
the burgesses of, vi, 425 ; seal of the
Grammar School of, xii, 151
Clocks and watches belonging to Queen

Elizabeth, xx, 347-352; account of some
ancient, xxvi, 338-340

Clog found in St. Paul's churchyard, xii,
159 ; mediaeval, exhibited, xxix, 185

Clogheen, v. Lindsay, Mr.

Cloos (John), Dean of Chichester, inquiry
as to his share in the erection of Chi-
chester Cross, xii, 115-116

Close (T.), remarks on Richard III, xix, 56

Clothiers' Company, Worcester, iv, 311

Cloth-mark found in Chelsea, xiii, 315

Cloth-seals of Devon and Exeter, exhi-
bited, xviii, 278

Clothes-brush, xi, 80

Cloudsley Bush, tumulus at, xxix, 43

Clubs, ancient burial, described, xxix, 1 28 n.

Club, bronze, discovered in Ireland (engr.J,
i, 249 ; stone, xv, 231 ; xxiv, 65 ; Mar-
quesas (engr.J, xi, 88

Clubb (Rev. John), "History of Wheat-
field", xxi, 10-12

Clun Ditches, visit of the Association to,
xxiv, 308

Clungunford, Salop, barrow found and
opened at, xix, 317-319

Clutterbuck (Hon. Mrs.), xxi, 9

Clutterbuck (R. ), historian of Hertfordshire,
notice of, xxvi, 31 ; extract from his
"History of the County of Hertford",
xxvii, 220-221 ; account in, of the dis-
covery of Humphrey, Duke of Glou-
cester's remains, ib., 223; and tomb,
ib., 224

Clutton (J.), exhibits a chased watch-case,
temp. Anne, xv, 288

Cneius Pompeius, medallion of, exhibited,
xix, 312

Cnobhersburg, co. Suffolk, monastery at,
xxi, 24 ; Monastery of St. Fursey at, in
Beda's time, xxiv, 369

Coal's Pitts, xxix, 30-31

Cobb (W. W.), account of a place of Roman
sepulture in Kent, vi, 448

Cobbold (John), rights on the Orwell,
xxi, 17

(Mrs.), of the Cliff, Ipswich, poems

of, xxi, 12

surname of, xxi, 6

Cobham, co. Kent, brasses in the Ch., ix,

400 ; visit to the Hall, ib. ; picture-board

dummy at the Hall, xxx, 68
Cobham, co. Surrey, palimpsest brass at,

ii, 200
Coblett's Bay, Alderney, remains near

(engr.J, iii, 5
Cocden, Hundred of, xxviii, 115
Cochet (Abbe"), receives the order of the

Legion of Honour for his ' ' Normandie

Souteraine", xii, 207
Cochleare, of silver, found at Richborough

Castle (engr.J, vi, 149 ; at Woodchester

Park, ib., 451 ; at Bath, xix, 68
Cock-metal, pseudo-antiquities in, xx, 272,

355 ; xxv, 389
Cock-throwing, ancient dump used for,

xx, 342; xxviii, 184



Cockayne, monuments of the family (2
engrs.), vii, 375, 379 ; monuments of,
in Ashburne Cb., 374-383

< '.nkayne(A.E.), paper on the Aston monu-
ments in St. Mary's Ch., Stafford, xxix,

Cockayne (Sir J.), seal of (2 engrs.), vii,

Cocking (George), on the remains of the
Austin Friary at Ludlow, xxiv, 51-56

Cocks, exhibited, xxviii, 184

Cocks, shying at, xx, 342

Cocoa-nut cup, v, 27 ; vii, 1 66

Coctona (Simon), son of William de, xxix,

Cocton, notes concerning the connection
of the family with that of Verdun, xxix,

Cod (Thomas), brass of, ix, 408-409

Codesdale, Coddesale, grant relating to,
xxix, 366; deed relating to, ib., 367-368

Coe (Rev. C. C), reception of the Associa-
tion at the Literary and Philosophical
Society, Leicester, xix, 50; on a slab
obtained from Carthage, ib.

Coet Mor Mill, near Penrhyn (engr.), i,

Coffer, iron, found at Caumartin (engr.),
ii, 306 ; ancient iron, exhibited, xiii,
235 ; xvi, 317 ; xxi, 77 ; xxvi, 378

Coffin, lid of Purbeck marble, discovered
in St. Paul's churchyard, i, 248; leaden,
of Gun&T&Aa. (engr.),ib., 349; stone, and
cover from Bermondsey (2 engrs.), ii,
170 ; leaden, found at Colchester (5
engrs.J, ib., 297-298; lid of leaden, found
in Surrey (engr.), ib., 300 ; lids found in
Cannon Street, viii, 68; and sarcophagus,
found in Haydon Square, ix, 161-167 ;
Roman lead, found at Shadwell (engr. J,
xiv, 337 ; of lead, instances of the dis-
covery of, xviii, 265-267 ; slabs from
Herefordshire and the border, xx, 362 ;
Roman leaden, exhibited, xxviii, 76

v. Bath

v. Edge, Rev. W. J.

Comets, vi, 448 ; xvi, 337

Cogers' Hall, vault found in excavating on
the site of, ii, 341

Coigning at Debenham (engr.), i, 118 ; at
Hemingstone (engr.), ib.

Coins discovered at Watercombe House, i,
44; found at Lark's Bush, in Framp-
ton, i, 45; Northumbrian coin (engr. K
ib., 48; gold, of Henry V and VI. ih.,
58 ; of Charles XII of France, ib.; essay
on the Numismatics of the E. Angles,
by D. H. Haigh, ib., 74 ; found
near Lancing, ib., 149; British and
Roman, in gold, silver, and braes,
found in Gloucestershire, ib., 157; Me-
rovingian, found at Aldcburgh, ib., 257 ;
found near Romsey, ib.\ discovered at
Ardquin, ib., 259; found near Canter-
bury, ib., 316 ; found in York, ib., 319 ;
of Comiua HI engrs.), ib., 300-304 ;

of Offa, found at Toddington, ib., .'ill ;
with crosses (6 engrs.J, ib., 344 ; of Cu-
nobeline and the Ancient Britons, ii, 1 1 ;
of Caractacus ( 2 engrs.), ib., 12; mytho-
logical (4 engrs.), ib., 17-18 ; of the
Iceni (2 engrs.), ib., 19-20; of Cunobe-
line (Z emjrs.), ib., 21; of the Athori
(engr.), ib., 22 ; of Co Vir (Gough)
(engr.), ib., 28 ; of Cunobeline found at
Colchester (engr.), ib., 40; of Richard
Coeur de Lion found at Chefboutonne,
ib., 90 ; Saxon, found at York (engr.),
ib., 190 ; found in Cork, ib., 268 ; Greek,
Roman, and Byzantine, found in Asia
Minor, ib., 336 ; Ancient British, found
near Chipping ^Varden, ib., 346 ; dies
for coining found in Yorkshire (engr.),
ib., 352 ; ^Villiam, King of Scotland,
coins of, found near Maidstone, ib., 360 ;
of Cunobeline and of the Ancient
Britons, hi, 33-42, 226-235, 250, 310-
316 ; Ancient British (engr.), ib., 33 ;
supposed, of Cunobeline (engr.), ib. ;
of Comius (engr.), ib., 34 ; doubtful
British (engr.), ib. ; of Cunobelinefew jr.,),
ib. ; found at York, ib., 55 ; found at
Romsey, ib., 59 ; Gaulish (3 engrs.), ib.,
62 ; dug up at Hod Hill, co. Dors., ib.,
98 ; large brass of Lucius iElius Caesar,
ib., 120; falsification of a gold British
(engr.), ib., 121 ; British (engrs.), ib.,
201 ; bronze, of Commodus, found at
Newark, Maidstone (engr.), ib., 261 ;
of the Commonwealth found at Maid-
stone (engr.), ib., 262 ; silver, of Philip
and Mary, at Maidstone (engr.), ib. ;
found at Clogheen, ib., 333 ; found at
Drogheda, ib., 334 ; of Justinian, iv, 39;
of James I, Elizabeth, Charles I and II,
concealed at Wrotham, ib., 63 ; found at
Sutton Baron, ib., 69 ; gold, from Bil-
lericay, ib., 74 ; British (engr.), ib., 107 ;
gold, found at Oxmead (engr.), ib., 113 ;
origin of the British and Gaulish coinage,
v, 7 ; illustrating British and Gaulish
coinagesf7e«<7?-s.,),?'6.,7-12 ; of Cunobe-
line, and the Ancient Britons(^-n<7>\/ //«. ;
chronology of British and Gaulish
coinage, ib., 21 ; British (engr.), ib., 90 ;
of Cunobehne('3 engrs.), 151-152; found
at Whaddon Chase, to., 156; British (5
engrs.), ib., 157-158; Chester coinage,
ib., 233-235 ; ascribed to Caractacus
(2 engrs.), ib., 374-375 ; notices of re-
markable medieval coins, by J. Lindsay,
ib., 116 ; of Cunobeline and the Ancient
Britons, Rev. B. Poste on, vi, 16-29 ;
hearing the head of Janus (engr.), ib.,
30; illustrative of Ancient British cha-
riots (engrs.),ib., 258; of Henry Ifengr. >,
ib., 443 et se<j.; of Henry III, ib., 152;
coin-type of the [oeni (engr. I, \ii. 22 :
coin, with legend and inscription, Tate.
Fir., ih., 27 ; gold, found at Cambridge
a'.), ib., 122 ; of Helena, exhibited,
ib., 162; gold coins with various legen la



(iengrs.), ib., 397, 398, 402; on the coins
of Cunobeline, viii, 9 ; of Charles I, ib.,
77 ; of Elizabeth, ib., 78 ; discovered in
a marsh contiguous to Newport, I. of
Wight, ib., 323-330 ; a collection of
Roman and English, ix, 94 ; rose noble
of Edward II, exhibited, ib., 430 ; of
Edward IV, x, 383; found at Bran-
deston, ib., 90 ; at Letheringham, ib.; at
Easton, ib., 91 ; at Northampton, ib.,
94 ; at Framlingham, ib., 99 ; at Brecon,
ib., 385 ; found in Suffolk, xii, 83; va-
rious, found at Battersea, xiii, 248 ;
in the Crimea, exhibited, xiv, 268 ;
various, exhibited by Mr. Amiel, ib.,
287 ; Roman, found at Felixtowe, ib.,
271 ; of Scotland, ib., 336 ; Gaulish,
found at Dover, xvii, 320; of Uriconium,
xviii, 75-78 ; Colonel Harding on the
coinage of Exeter, ib., 97-111; found in
the Isle of Wight, xix, 306, 307, 330 ;
forged in cock-metal, exhibited, xx, 272;
coinage of East Anglia, xxi, 25, 26,
29, 30 ; Celtic, ib., 81 ; of Ptolemy, ib. ;
coins of William I and II, described by
J. B. Bergne, ib., 227 ; Roman, ex-
hibited, ib., 228-230 ; of Offa, King of
Mercia, ib., 285 ; of the Durham Mint,
found at Southampton, ib., 286 ; rare
coin of Offa, ib., 353 ; found at South-
ampton, ib., 286 ; found in Hampshire,
ib., 359 ; medieval seals cut on Roman
coins, xxii, 342; catalogue of Roman,
from Netley Hospital and the Forest of
Dean, xxiii, 168, 174 ; description of
Roman coins at Stonham, xxiv, 185 ;
found in Portland Island, xxviii, 34 ;
found at Maiden Castle, ib., 44 ; British
gold, found at Test Valley, ib., 72; silver,
found near Weymouth, ib., 87; found at
Portland and Verne, ib., 205 ; found in
London, exhibited, ib., 281 ; Roman,
found at Finckley, ib., 329-330; English,
found in London, ib., 398 ; Roman,
found at Teston, xxix, 46 ; of Nero,
etc., found at Etocetum, ib., 54 ; Roman
and British from South Wales, exhi-
bited, ib., 71 ; English, exhibited, ib.,
76 ; and tokens exhibited, ib., 421 ;
found in Cornwall, 347-350 ; medals,
and tokens, exhibited, xxx, 222 , charm
found in a, ib., 369

— v. Ade, C.

v. ^Ethelheard.

v. Ainslie, C.

v. Allectus

v. Andover

— v. Barfleur

— v. Bateman, T.

— v. Bell, J.

— v. Bell, Dr. W.

— v. Bodman, J. B.

— v. Boulogne

— v. Brandeston

— v. Brecon

— v Caird, Mr.

v. Carlisle

v. Chaffers, W.

- v. Cheapside

v. Clarke, J.

v. Colchester

v. Comius

v. Cunobeline

v. Fitch, W. S.

v. Framlingharn

v. Graniley

v. Horman-Fisher, R.

v. Henry III

v. Henry VI

v. Henry VIII

v. Huxtable, Mr.

v. Irvine, J. T.

v. James II

v. Johns, Captain

v. Johnson, G.

v. Meade, Hon. Henry

v. Old Ford

v. Romsey

v. Smith, C. R.

v. Steyning

Coisni (Gautier de), xxix, 59

Coke (Sir Edw.), Lord Chief Justice, rode
on circuit with a fan, xxvi, 209

Cokhefd (W.), seal of (engr.), xxix, 90

Cockney, early occurrence of the word,
xvii, 234

Cola from Wilderspool, xxvii, 430-431

Colander and ancient sieves (engr.), xxv,

Colby (Sir John), family seal of, v, 359 ;
seal of (engr.J, vi, 100

Colchester, co. Essex, Norman arch at
(engr.), i, 143; bronze Cupid found at,
ib., 287, 334 ; C. R. Smith on Roman
remains at, ii, 29 ; the King's-Headlnn
and St. Mary-at- the- Wall (engr.), ib., 31 ;
arch in chief entrance to Roman Col-
chester (engr.), ib., 32 ; plan of Western
entrance (engr.J, ib. ; room in Roman
Colchester (engr.), ib., 33; excavations
in the rampart at (engr.), ib., 37 ;
bronze Cupid, on a sea griffin, found at
(engr.), ib., 40; bracelets and tiles found
at Colchester, ib., 101 ; coin found at,
ib., 190 ; leaden coffin of the Roman
period discovered at, ib., 191 ; amphora
tomb discovered at, ib., 275 ; bead
moulding on leaden coffins at (engr.),
ib., 290; antiquities at, ib., 348; obser-
vations on, by Messrs. White, Baily,
Vint, Wire, Sprague, and the Rev. L.
W. Owen, ib., 349 ; report of an ar-
chaeological visit to, ib., 364-368 ; on the
Saxon tower of Trinity Ch., hi, 19-22;
discovery of Roman remains at, ib., 57 ;
circular brass seal found at, ib., 61 ; fine
specimen of Samian pottery from (engr.),
iv, 1 4 ; Roman statuette found at (engr.),
ib., 60; skeletons and urns found at, ib.,
79 ; Roman pottery found at, ib., 82 ;
bronze box found at, ib., 84; copper coin
found at, ib., 144; remains at, ib., 400 ;



Roman remains found at, v, 85 ; sepul-
chral remains found at, ii., 91 ; Roman,
description of, by C. R. Smith, ib., 133-
1 40 ; meeting at, to examine the same,
ib. ; report of, ib. ; remarks made by Sir
G. H. Smith, Rev. S. Carr, Mr. Taylor,
C. R. Smith, and other members,
and remarks on the animal remains by
Mr. John Brown, ib., 140-143; on an
inscribed stone at, vi, 446 ; Roman an-
tiquities at, ib., 451 ; plans of Roman
roads leading to and from Colchester
and London (engr.), xix, 275 ; Roman
roads leading to and from, ib., 275-285;
and London, paper, the Antonine iters
to and from, read, ib., 325 ; Roman an-
tiquities found at, xx, 344-345 ; excur-
sion to, and reception by the Mayor,
xxi, 168 ; visit to Roman remains, the
Castles, Abbeys, and Churches, ib., 168-
171 ; antiquities of Roman Walls, Nor-
man Castle, Abbey of St. Botolph, Abbey
of St. John, St. Giles' Ch., Trinity Ch.,
ib. ; Norman work at Trinity Ch., ib.,
173; the Castle, ib. ; seal of, ib., 188 ;
the population and taxation in 1301, by
the Rev. C. H. Hartshorne, ib., 208-216;
tessellated pavement discovered, 1864,
described by Mr. Pollexfen, ib., 231 ; Rev.
C. H. Hartshorne on the Castle, ib., 279-
284 ; St. John's Abbey, foundation of,
ib., 283; ampulla found at, xxv, 396 ;
coins found at, xxix, 76; calathus from,
xxx, 336
v. Wire, Mr.

Coldingham, monastery at, in Beda's time,
xxiv, 378

Cole (Rev. B. T. H.), on a brass of W.
Prestwyk, ii, 99

Cole (T. H.), on the antiquities of Has-
tings, xxii, 450 ; xxiii, 34 ; letters de-
scribing the discovery of a fossil tree at
Hastings, xvii, 531-532

Coleford, ironworks at, xxix, 127

Coleman Street, objects found there, exhi-
bited, xxix, 421 ; tile quarries in, xxx,

v. London

Coleorton Moor v. Briggs, J. J.

Colepeper (Sir W.), a silver mourning ring
of, ix, 74 ; paper on the family of, ib.,

Coleraine, celts from, x.xiv, 400

Coleridge (Sir John), his elegant reception
of the Association at Ottery St. Mary,
xviii, 157 ; remarks on the Ch., ib.

Colerne (W. de), Abbot of Malmeebury,
xxvii, 330

Coleston, Ch. of, mentioned in a charter,
xxx, 160

Colfox (T.), exhibits a carved alabastei
statue, ix, 196

ColwaU, brass of Anthony Harford at,
xxvii, 199

Collars of torture, observations on, by H.
s. Cuming, xxvii. 256-258

<; Collectanea Arclueologica," pi opo.-ed pub-
lication of, xvi, 176 ; notice of, xvii, 263;
publication of, xix, 259-260, etc.

Collecting-box, fictile (engr.J, xxx, 1 12

Collegiate Ch. of Chester-le-Street, xxii,
27 ; of Lanchester, ib., 87

V. Wolverhampton

Collier (J. P.), account of his alleged for-
geries, xxv, 123

Collingham, cross at (engr.), xx, 311

Collings (J. B.), sketch of Druidical monu-
ment in Minorca, xxviii, 275

Collingwood (Lord), his birthplace, xxii,

v. Newcastle

Collins (George), presents photograph of
the Bartlow Hills, xx, 83

Collins (W. T.), on Ruborough Camp, xiii,

Collis (Peter), omnibus ticket of, xxx, 36

Collumpton, co. Devon, visit to the Ch.,
examination of, and remarks on, by E.
Roberts, xviii, 247-248

Colne, Abbey of, xxi, 96-98

Colneis Hundred, taxatio temp. Edw. Ill,
xxi, 18; assessment of, 1624-1641, ib.,H

Cologne, Roman drinking cups from, xxiii,
100 ; tetinse discovered at, in 1867,
xxvi, 110 ; relics of the Magi and Eleven
Thousand Virgins at, ib., 272 ; inscrip-
tion from, xxix, 429 ; charm connected
with the Three Kings of, iv, 94 ; xxx,
369-370 ; their names on a box lid, ii,
100 ; on a ring, iii, 54

Columbarium at Coningsburgh Castle,
xxx, 21

Columbus (Christopher), gives to M.
Behaim specimens of the products of
America, xxiv, 165

Columns at Bristol, v. Bristol

Column at Wolverhampton (engr.), xxix,

Colville Manor, Roman remains at, iv,

Col worth, dioc. Cliich., Prebendaries of,
xxii, 130

Comb, of bone, found in Orkney (engr. ),ii,
330 ; portion of an ancient (engr.), iii,
195 ; bronze, found at Chesterford
(engr.), iii, 210; boxwood, belonging to
Bishop Godwin (engr.), x, 285 ; com' a
found, xxviii, 102; Roman, found in
London, xxix, 69 ; comb of deer's horn,
exhibited, 187, 188

Combats, the God of (engr.), i, 126

Combe, Abbey visited by the Association,
iii, 169

v. Wat ling, H.

Combe Down, Bath, Roman glass and
[lottery at (engr.), xix, 67; various other
antiquities from (engr.), ib.

/•. Cruickshank, <J.

< 'mull 1'yin'. c. Moore. ,).

Combs (A.), on a monumental brass at
I lever Ch., v, 372

Combs W. A.), on .i cinerary urn found



near Alton, ii, 265 ; on a tessellated
pavement in St. Mary Magdalene, near
Ripon, in, 246

Cornet, account of a, in 1066, xxiii, 160

Comet, a game, xxx, 208

Comius, Prince of Kent, coins of, temp.
Csesai-, xxvi, 196 ; v. Coins

Commission signed by Sir T. Fairfax, xiii,

Common Prayer, royal commission to pre-
pare alterations of, in 1689, vii, 343-315

Commonwealth, sixpence, exhibited, ix,
73; political cards of the time of, ib.,
76 ; (2 engrs.), ib., 130 ; matrix of a
seal of the, xxiii, 211

Compiegne, font at, xviii, 273

Complyn (Agnes), will of, xix, 201

Complyn (Stephen), will of, xix, 202

Complyn (William), sepulchral slab of, xix,

Compton, view of the Castle (engr.), xix,
1 ; plan (engr.), 3

■ Castle, visit to, paper, examination

of, by Gordon M. Hills, xviii, 185 ; ac-
count of, by G. M. Hills, xix, 1-12

Compton, co. Surrev, Ch. chest at, xxviii,

Conches (Raoul de), xxix, 60

Confraternities of the Five Wounds, xxx,

Congius, xxii, 191, 196, 244, 246; several ex-
amples of the Roman measure described,
ib., 191 ; one inscribed to Emperor Ves-
pasian, exhibited, ib., 192-196

Congreve (Captain), xxix, 22

Coningham, Crosses at Ilkley and (engr.),
xx, 311

v. Mayhew, S. M.

Coningsburgh (or Conisborough), Castle,
a paper by E. Roberts, xxx, 19-24 ;
visit to the Castle by the Congress, and
description by E. Roberts, xxx, 449 ;
remarks by G. M. Hills, ib., 449, 450 ;
visit to the Ch., ib., 450

Coningsby's Hospital, Hereford, visit of
the Association to, xxvii, 170-171

Coniston, Old Man and Hentor (engr.), vi,

Constantiis, Bishop de, supposed remains
of, discovered, xvii, 331

Constantine, medal of the Emperorfe^r.^,
xiii, 123; coin of, found in the Tower
ditch, xv, 274 ; coin of, found in Hun-
tingdonshire, xvii, 75 ; relics worn by,
xxvi, 271-272; figure of, painted in glass
in Blithburgh Ch., xxvii, 312

Constantinus Tiberius, coin of, x, ISO

Constantine Pebble in Cornwall, notice of,
xxvi, 82

Conway, view of a street in (engr.), i, 159;
the College House (engr.), ib., 160 ;
Roman querns from, v, 361 ; Mr. Hick-
lin's observations on the Castle, ib., 298-
309 ; Roman querns found at, ib., 361

Conybeare (Rev. W. D.), Dean of Llandaff,
obituary notice of, xiv, 189-190

Conyngham (Lord A. D.), on a skeleton in
a sitting posture, i, 59 ; address upon
opening the Congress at Winchester, ib.,
358 ; exhibits a small bronze figure
found on Breach Downs, hi, 346 ; re-
marks on discoveries in barrows near
Scarborough, iv, 101 ; address upon
opening the Worcester Congress, ib.,
288 ; his address at the Chester Con-
gress, v, 285-288

Cook (J.), exhibits a collection of Roman
antiquities found at York, vii, 175

Cook (Robert), on discoveries at York, iii,
52-55 ; exhibits various antiquities found
at York, vi, 156

Cooke (William), of Sheffield, his token,
xxx, 31

Coombs Ch., Suffolk, copy of window in,
xxv, 68-69; drawings from stained glass
in, exhibited, ib., 270-271 ; Ch. chest at,
xxviii, 229 ; figured, ib., 225

Cooper (C. H.), his intended work on
"Athense Cantabrigienses," xii, 288

Cooper (Mr.), miniatures by, xviii, 263

Cooper (J. Sidney), exhibits a Spanish
medio-peseta, xi, 83

Cooper (Miss M.), exhibits a pair of mit-
tens, xxvii, 157-158

Cope, silver-gilt ciasp of a, exhibited, xx,

Cope (W. H.), remarks by, on painting
exhibited by Mr. Hills, xxvii, 153 ; ex-
hibits German bottle, xxix, 194 ; ex-
hibits a Chinese teapot, xxx, 196

Copenhagen, Museum of Antiquities at, i,

Copeland (Dr. J.), exhibits a curious box

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