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" The British grenadiers." v. Some

talk of Alexander.
" The British hero " (18th cent.). 202

'• The Britons." v. " Y Brython."
"The broken gold": words of opera

by Dibdin. 379.
" The broken spear." v. " Hermann."
" The broom on Cowdenknows." v.

How blithe each morn.
"The brown maid" : duet arranged by

Kozeluch. 87.
"The Bruce is on the hill." v. Now

f&ro t'li6G well.
•• The buff coat " (18th cent.). 200 (96).
" The bugbears." v. Lend me, you

lovers ; The old folk's care.
"The Cadi of Bagdad": opera by T.

Linley, jun. 304.
" The cake-house " : words of opera by

Dibdin. 379, 380.
table entertainment by C. Dib-
din. V. A woman grown ; Celia,
eighteen her next birthday ; Come
join, ev'ry heart; Cosmelia the fair;
If the good old maxim's true ; Mat
Mudge ; My love 's a vessel trim ;
Scarce come to London ; Since fate

of sailors ; We poets ; We tars ;

What charm adds.
"The Caledonian hunt's delight":

Scotch tune (18th cent.). 207.
"The camp." v. Great Csesar ; My
j Nancy leaves ; When war's alarms.
! " The Campbells are comin' " : Scotch

tune (18th cent.). 208.

song (late 18th cent.). 596.

" The Canterbury guests." v. Good

neighbour, why.
"The captain's lady" (18th cent.).

201 (241).
" The captive ribbon." v. Dear Myra.
" The card " (18th cent.). 202 (341).
"The careless lovers" (18th cent.).

201 (229).
" The carle" : Scotch tune (18th cent.).

" The castle of Andalusia." v. Love,.

sweet poison ; My fair one ; So
j faithful.
1 The cats, as other creatures : trio by

W. Lawes. 648.
" The chaplet" (18th cent.). 202 (320).
" The chevalier's lament." v. The

small birds rejoice.
"The child of the desert." v. "The

" The children of the mist." v. " Mon-
"The chocolate pot" (18th cent.). 201

"The choice of Hercules " : by Stanlej'.

V. Great Hercules.
" The Christmas welcome." v. A wel-
come home.
"The Circassian bride": opera bv

Bishop. 388, 394.
" The city" (18th cent.). 202 (371).
; " The city lady " ; by J. Eccles. v.

Faith and troth ; Love is an empty
j airy name.

opera by Finger. 232.

The clear cavalier : song by Banister.

The cloud-capt tow'rs : glee (1775-1822).

glee by Stevens. 103.

The clouds may pour down : song by

Clarke- Whitf eld. 625.
" The clown " (18th cent.). 200 (184).
"The coalition": words of table en-
tertainment by Dibdin. 647 (30961.

f. 71). V. also If you '11 only jiist

"The cock-match." v. I'll back the

mealy grey.
The collier has a daughter : song (late

18th cent.). 595.
"The collier's daughter " : Scotch tune

(18th cent.). 207.
"'The comedy of errors": opera by

Bishop, etc. 408. v. also What shall

he have.



"The comical fellow." ;•. When my
mother thought fit.

"The coming storm."' r. Hark to the

"The concealment." v. Some others
may with safety tell.

"The confederacy" (18th cent.). 200

"The conquest of Granada." v. How

"The conscious lovers "(?). v. From
place to place forlorn.

"The contrary wind" (18th cent.).
202 (305).

"The converted rake": opera by Dib-
din. 376.

" The cooler " (18th cent.). 201 (238).

"The Cornish comedy." v. When maids
live to thirty.

"The Cornish May-song": song ar-
ranged by Haydn. 620, 621 (35275,
ff. 7b, 21b).

"The corn-market" (18th cent.). 202

"The corn-rigs are bonnie " : Scotch
tune (18th cent.). 208.

"The cottage": words of opera by
Dibdin. 379. For music, v. Come
to my arms ; I go equipp'd ; I knew
what I did ; Is it not courage ; Look
at the world ; Loud shall the trumpet ;
Molly Mizen ; cruel war ; O if a
trace ; Old Boreas ; One mountain
nigger ; So flies like us ; That mortal ;
The banks of the Liffey ; The gallant
soldier ; The grog's pour'd out ; The
ingrate ; The life of a sailor ; The
sailor, when he comes ; What a
strange thing; When an English-
man ; With a true social mind ; You
bade me be loyal. v. also "The
round-robin " and " The villain."

" The cottage on the waste " ; by I. W.
Bloomfield. v. Come, fair Emma.

"The country bumpkin" (18th cent.).
199 (79).

"The country cries." v. God give you
good morrow, Sir Rice.

"The country farmer." c. Hark! The
cock crow'd.

" The country farmer's daughter " (18th
cent.). 200 (115).

"The country-girl" (18th cent.). 199

"The craftsman" (ISth cent.). 199

"The cream-pot" (18th cent.). 202

The crier, v. O yes, yes.

"The cries of London." u. A quart a
penny ; God give you good morrow,
my masters ; New oysters ; One a
penny ; These are the cries.

"The crusade." v. Go and tell ; Have
we cross'd.

"The crystal ground." v. " Crisial

""The crystal-hunters." v. O'er moun-
The daisies peep ; fr. cantata (?) by

Hook. 20.
The danger is over ; fr. opera by [H.]

Purcell. 230.
The dark is my delight : song (1615-

1626). 469.
"The daughter of Saint Mark " : opera

by Balfe. 428 (overture), 433. v. also

Ach, meiu Andrea.
"The daughter's vow." v. "Rob of the

The dawn through my tears : duet ar-
ranged by Kozcluch. 87 (35278, f!. 34.

36, 38).
"The dawning of day." v. " Toriad y

The day returns : duet arranged by Koze-

luch. 87 (35278, lY. 6b, 15, 21; etc.).
"The death of auld Robin Gray." v.

The summer it was smiling.
The death of fair Adonis : glee by S.

Webbe. 100, 101.
"The death of the linnet." r. But

lately seen.
" The deil 's dead " : Scotch tune (18th

cent.). 208.
"The delight of Griffith ap Cynan."

V. " Dyddanwch Gruflydd ap Cynan."
"The delight of Prince Howell." v.

" Hoffedd Hywel."
" The departure of the king." r. " Yma-

dawiad y brenin."
"The deserter " : overture to the opera

adapted by Dibdin from ]\Ionsigny.

"The despondent lover." f. Divincst

The devil his witness : song by J.

Gamble. 498.
" The devil in the bush " (18th cent.).

200 (154).
" The dice cf death " : opera by Loder.

404 (fragments), 423 (2), 424.
"The dillosk-gatherer " : opera by W.

Hawes, etc. 419 (2).
"The dimpled cheek." v. " TwU yn

ei boch."
"The disappointment": arrangement

fr. opera by Grabu. 230.
words of opera [by R. King and

H. Pack]. 245.
" The disconsolate lady's complaint " :

song by H. Purcell. 487.
"The doom-kiss": opera by Bishop.

" The door-clapper." v. " Ystwfiwl."
"The double-dealer " : airs in the opera

by [H. ?] Bowman and H. Purcell.

"The double-entendre " (18th cent.).

202 (326).



" The dragon of Wantley": fragment

of opera by [J. F.] Lampe. 308.
"The dream " ; by Costa, v. tell me,

gentle orb.
— — by Croft, v. When gentle sleep.
"The drummer" (18th cent.). 199

(52), 201 (231).
"The drmiken peasant" (18th cent.).

201 (191).
"The Duchess of Bedford's delight"

(18th cent.). 199 (71).
"The duenna": opera by T. Linley.

304. V. also How oft, Louisa.
" The Duke of Cumberland." v. The

isle of Man.
"The Duke of Guise." v. Tell mc,

"The Duke of Savoy": opera by

Bishop. 406.
"The Duke of York's delight" (18th

cent.). 202 (370).
" The Duke of York's troop " (18th

cent.). 198.
"The dusty miller": Scotch tune

(18th cent.). 207.
" The Dutch skipper " (two settings,

18th cent.). 201 (121), 202 (301).
" The eagle " (18th cent.). 202 (290).
The eagle's force : madrigal by Byrd.

"The eagle's nest." v. "The dillosk-

"The early glass" (18th cent.). 199

The earth's but a point : part-song [by

Allison]. 451.

V. also What if a day.

"The east neuk o' Fife." v. "The

auld gudeman."
"The emperor of the moon" (18th

cent.). 200 (123).
" The enchanted flute " : words of

opera by Mozart. 371.
"The enchanted harp." r. "Mora's

love." !

"The enchantress": opera by Balfe. [

433. 1

" The Englishmen in India " : opera by '■

Bishop. 415.
"The enraged musician." v. pray,

have you never heard.
" The Esquimaux' song." r. With thee

I chased.
" The ewie wi' the crooked horn" : v.

were I able.
"The exile of Erin. r. There came to

the beach.
The fair Diana, v. Non piu, Diana.
" The fair lover and his black mistress."

{). nigrocella.
" The fair penitent." v. Stay, ah stay.
" The fair quaker of Deal " (18th cent.).

199 (59).
The fair young virgin : madrigal bv

Byrd. 141, 147, 150, 186.

" The fairy prince." v. Nay, you must
not stay ; Seek you majesty to strike.
" The fairy queen " : words of opera by
H. Purcell. 245. For musio, v.
Come, let us leave the town ; May
the god of wit.
" The faithful shepherdess." v. At

setting day.
"The fall of Algiers " : opera by Bishop.

"The false dervish": words of opera

by Dibdin. 379.
"The family tune" (18th cent.). 202

"The farmer's boy." v. The suia had

"The farmer's old cat": catch by

Callcott. 33.
"The farmer's son." v. Come hither,

my son.
The farther I go : madrigal by W .

Newark. 124, 162.
"The fatal marriage." l'. The danger

is over.
" The father and his children " : opera

by Bishop. 406.
The feelings of a love-sick heart : duet

by Lord Abingdon. 75.
"The fiddler." -y. My fiddle.
"The first rose of summer." v. When

the first rose of summer.
"The fisherman of Naples." v. " Ma-

"The fisherman's good night." v. Lo,

the day's champion.
The flaming fire : madrigal (after 1604).

"The flitch of bacon." v. Though

fortune cloud.
"The floating island." v. Hail, thou

great queen ; My limbs.
The floods shall quit the ocean ; fr.

opera [by M. A. Buononcini]. 281.
"The flower of chivalry" : song arranged

by Haydn. 619.
"The flower of North Wales." v.

" Blodau Gwynedd."
"The flowers of Edinburgh": Scotch
tune (18th cent.). 207, 208.

V. also Here is the glen ; My love

was once.
"The flowers of London." v. " Blodau

"The flowers of the forest." v. I're

seen the smiling of fortune.
"The flowers of the heath." v. "Blo-
dau 'r grug."
" The flowing can." v. A sailor's life.
" The fly " (18th cent.). 201 (282).
The foes of old England: song by

[?T. A.]Arne. 575.
"The fond husband." i\ The bonnie

grey-ey'd morn.
"The forges of Kanzel." v. "The
illustrious traveller."



" The fortunate isles " : opera by Bishop.

431. '

" The fortune-telling gipsy." v. Come

away, pretty maids.
'• The foundling of the forest": opera

by Bishop. Dance from. 398.
'■The fourth of September" (18th cent.).

201 (215).

• • The fox's sleep." c. The dawn through

my tears.
•'The fox-hunter's jig" (18th cent.).

199 (75).

The fragrant painting : glee by S.

Webbe [sen.]. 100. j

'•The free gift." v. When Neptune. |
"The freemasons" (18th cent.). 200

The French are all coming; fr. table

entertainment by Dibdin. 646.
"The friar and the nun" (18th cent.).

200 (99).

The friendly party ; fr. table entertain-
ment by Dibdin. 646.

"The friendly tars." v. " Yo, 3'ea."

•■ The frolic." v. My lyre once again;
Tom Transom.

"The frozen fen." v. On beds of snow.

• • The gaberlunzie man " : song arranged

by Haydn. 619.
••The gallant Russell." v. Thursday, i

in the morn.
The gallant soldier ; fr. opera by Dibdiu.

377. ;

"The garden of roses." v. I enter the \

The gayest flow'rs: madrigal by T.

Miles. 191.
The gems are bright : song by J. Bar-

nett. 629.
"The general election " : words of table

entertainment by Dibdin. 647 (30961 ,

f. 84). V. also An Englishman's

•• The generous Portuguese." v. " The

island princess."
•■ The gentleman's farewell " (18th

cent.). 199 (78).
The gentlemen say that we chatter ;

song (1817?). 627.
•■ The ghost." r. A papist died.
•'The ghost of Carrill." v. The stars

of the night.
••The giant mountains." v. "The

"The gipsies." v. Come here, ye fair.
"The gipsy's prophecy." v. "Guy

The girl of girls was Peggy Taylor ; fr.

opera by Dibdin. 376, 378.
The glass was just tim'd : catch by H.

Purcell. 29, 37 (31462, f. 21b), 39.
The gloomy night : song (late 18th

cent.). 596.
song arranged by Kozeluch. 602,

603 (35278, ff. 11, 18, 25).

The glories of our birth : part-song by
E. Coleman. 453 (2).

part-song by S. Wesley. 458, 455.

The glories of our blood, v. The glories

of our birth.
The glorious sun : glee by S. Webbe.

"The gnome-king" : opera by Bishop.

The gods, not able : song by J. Gamble.

•' The golden web " : fragment of opera

by A. G. Thomas. 444.
"The goose and gridiron": words of

table entertainment by Dibdin. 647

(30961, f.86).
"The graces." v. Whene'er love's joys.
The grape's mellow juice : song bv

Dibdin. 605.
The grass is wet : part-song by Hat ton.

The great Augustus : song bv Blow.

The greedy hawk: madrigal bv Bvrd.

169 (23626, f. 22b).
"The green man" (18th cent.). 201

"The green woods of Treugh." v.

There's not a look.
"The Greenland hunter." r. Cold are

the breezes.
" The Greenwich pensioner." v. 'Twas

in the good ship Rover.
The grey-ey'd Aurora; fr. table enter-
tainment by Dibdin. 646.
The grog 's poured out : catch by Dib-
din. 43, 379.
" The grove " (18th cent.). 202 (328).
"The gun fleet" (18th cent.). 200

"The guns " ('?). v. I bring not scurvy.
"The halt of the caravan." i\ Halt,

halt, halt.
"The happy clown " (18th cent.). 200

"The happy miller." i-. When the

"The happy pair " (18th cent.). 199.

V. also lanthe the lovely.

"The happy topers." v. Willie

The haughty hearts : madrigal bv Cob-
bold. 149.
"The hay-makers" (18th cent.). 199

"The heart of Midlothian": opera by

Bishop, etc. 407.
The heart that loves sincerely, r. In

distant clime.
The heart that ne'er turu'd from a

friend, v. Give me the strain.
The heart that once hath fondly teem'd

with hopes; fr. opera by Balfe. 427.
"The heart's echo." v. When the soft

summer twilight.



"The heir of Vironi " : opera by Bishop.

" The heiress." ;.'. For tenderness

"The hemlock-tree": part-song by

Hatton. 457.
" The hemp-dresser " (18th cent.). 200

" The hermit." v. Hence, ye vain

The hero whom a fair one fires : song

by K. Clack. 592.
" The hidden treasure." v. Come hither,

my sou.
The high desire that I have : duet 1

(tew^j. Henry VIII.). 52. [

The higher that the cedar-tree : madri- ■

gal by Mulliner. 127. !

" The Highland character." v. In the

garb of old Gaul.
" The Highland laddie " : song arranged

by Haydn. 619.

V. also The Lawland lads.

" The Highland lassie." v. Nae gentle

"The Highland queen." v. No more

my song.
" The Highland reel." v. What rapture.
" The highway to Eglingtou " : Scotch

tune (18th cent.). 208.
" The history of the fashions." v. I'm

a beau.
"The hobby-horse" (18th cent.). 200

The home of my fathers ; fr. opera

by Balfe. 42G.
The honest heart ; fr. opera [by Fest-

ing]. 281.
" The humorous lieutenant " : opera by

Bishop. 406. For overture, r. 413 (2).
" The humorous lovers." v. My tomb.
" The humours of Limerick." r. Fare-
well, mirth.
"The humours of Wapping" (18th

cent.). 202 (358).
" The huntress of Arlingford." /•. " Maid

" The husband his own cuckold " ; by

J. Eccles. 11. Why so coy.

opera by Finger. 232.

" The illustrious traveller " : opera by

Bishop. 396.
" The Indian queen " (18th cent.). 200


opera by H. and D. Purcell. 232 (2),

239 (arrangement), 244,246, 249,311.

The ingrate, like a serpent's keen tooth ;

fr. opera by Dibdin. 376.
" The inspired bard." v. " Y Bardd."
" The inundation." v. Good people,

"The Irish hautbois " (18th cent.). 204.
" The Irish hero." v. Blakeney for

" The Irish Yauxhall " (18th cent.). 204.

" The [iron] blacksmith." v. Old Eng-
" The iron chest besieged." v. A soldier

and a sailor.
"The island princess": pasticcio by

D. Purcell, R. Leveridge and J. Clark.

233. V. also Cease, ye rovers.
"The islanders": words of opera by

Dibdin. 380. For part of music,

V. This strange emotion.
"The isle of Man" (18th cent.). 201

" The ivy-tree." v. I love to see.
"The jolly buck" (18th cent.). 201 (288).
" The jubilee." v. Sweet Willy.
"The judgment of Paris": incidental

music by T. A. Arne. 265.

pastorale [? by Greene]. 333.

opera by Hilton, r. Rise, princely


masque by D. Purcell. 246. v.

also ravishing delight.
by Weldon. v. Far from thee be

anxious care ; Let ambition.
The juice of the grape: duet by J.

Blundeville. 57.
"The Katrine woods": song arranged

by Haydn. 618.
"The key of the cellar" (18th cent.).

200 (181).
The kind appointment : song by T. A.

Arne. 564.
"The King of Sweden" (18th cent.).

200 (169).
"The king's arms" (18th cent.).

199 (29).
"The kirk-gate rakes": Scotch tune

(18th cent.). 207.
"The knight of Snowdon": opera by

Bishop. 396, ;-398. v. also Rosabel

of Arragon.
"The knight of the leopard." v. "The

"The knights of the cross" : opera liy

Bishop, etc. 399, 413.
"The knot " (18th cent.). 200 (116).
"The knotting-song " : song by H.

Purcell. 487.
"The lad in the jacket of blue." v.

My love is a sailor.
The lad wha lilts sac sweetly, v. Say,

lads and lasses.
" The ladies of Otaheite." v. 'Twas at

the time.
"The lads of Ayr " : Scotch tune (18th

cent.). 208 (96).
"The lads of Dunse": Scotch tune

(18th cent.). 207.
"The lads of Leith": Scotch tune

(18th cent.). 208.
"The lady in fashion." v. " Woman's

" The lakes." v. "The regatta."
"The lambs' fold." v. "Pant corlan

yr wyn."



"The lamentation of Britain." v.

Cwynfan Prydain.
"The lamentation of Cambria." v. Ye

banks of dark Conway.
"The lamplighter." v. I'm jolly Dick.
" The Lancashire witches " (18th cent.).

201 (228).

incidental music by C. Dibdin.

375 (fragment), v. also Of familiars
you've heard.

" The lark." v. The grass is wet.

The lark, linnet and nightingale : catch

[by T. Ravenscroftl. 36.
•'The lass of Patty's mill": Scotch

tune (18th cent.). 20G.

song (1789). 574.

song arranged by Haydn. 617.

"The lass of Richmond hill" (18th

cent.). 198.
" The lasses of Berwick " : Scotch tune

(18th cent.). 207.
"The lasses of Dunse " : Scotch tune

(18th cent.). 208.
The last golden sheaf : chorus arranged

by Bishop. 51.
The last time I came o'er the muir :

song arranged by Haydn. 619 ; — by

Hook. 574 ;— by I. Pleyel. 600.
"The last word." v. The gentlemen

say that we chatter.
The laurel leaf : song by CTreene. 526.
"The lavender-girl." v. Do you want

any blooming lavender.
"The law of Java" : opera by Bishop,

etc. 397.
"The law of the land." v. Who wants

a wife.
"The Lawland lad": Scotch tune

(18th cent.). 208.
"'The Lawland lads": song (late 18th

cent.). 596.

duet arranged by I. Pleyel. 87

(35278, f.25b; etc.).

" "The Lawland maids " : song arranged

by Kozeluch. 602, 604 (35279, ff. 3b,

"The law-writer." v. Through the

"The lay of the troubadour." v. Gentle

The lazy mist : duet arranged by

Kozeluch. 87 (35278, f!.6, 14b, 23;

The lazy sun withdraws : song by R.

King. 487.
The leaf that falls : glee by Sir A. W.

Callcott. 110.
"The lea-rig." v. When o'er the hill.
The leaves be green : madrigal [bv

Byrd]. 154.
" The length of the pipe." v. O where

dost thou bide.
"The libertine" : opera by H. Purcell.

240, 246, 249, 311. v. also In these

delightful, pleasant groves ; Nymphs

V. 'Tis night ; by

and shepherds ; Prepare, prepare !
New guests ; We come, we come.

The life of a sailor ; fr. opera by Dibdin.

"The life-boat."

The light of other davs ; fr. opera by
Balfe. 433.

"The light of the moon." v. There's
Will of the Mill.

The ling'ring hour ; fr. opera by Dibdin.

The little birds ; fr. opera by Dibdin.

The little, pretty nightingale : madrigal
(early 16th cent.). 123.

"The live-long night." v. " Ar hyd y

"The London constable." v. Who
comes there.

"The lone vale." v. How sweet the
lone vale.

"The long odds": words of opera by
Dibdin. 380. For music, v. A sailor
and an honest heart ; And did you
hear ; And now, good master Sonnet ;
He 's poor as Job ; Here comes my
daughter ; Here, Molly ; How could
you write ; I thought we were ; Love 's
a fire ; Shall I ? The thought trans-
ports me ; This story ; Troth I shall
have ; Well done, old friend ; Why,
what can he tell us.

The longitude : catch by B. Cooke. 38.

"The looking-glass." v. These rural

"The lord of the manor." v. Encom-
pass'd in an angel's frame ; Rest,
beauteous flow'r ; When first this
humble roof.

The loud alarms of war ; fr. opera by
J. Eccles. 347.

The loud-tongued war : ode by D. Pur-
ceU. 211.

The love which me so cruelly tor-
mented : song by Greene. 527.

The lovely lass of Inverness : song ar-
ranged by Kozeluch. 601, 603 (35278,
ff.9, 17, 24b).

" The lover's luck " : opera by J. Eccles.
V. Let us revel.

opera by [T.] Tollett. 232, 239


" The lover's opera." v. What gilds our

"The lover's progress": song (after

1669?). V. Adieu, fond love.

opera [by R. Johnson], v. 'Tis


"The loves of Mars and Venus." v.

To meet her Mars.
"The love-wrangle." v. Once on a

"The loyal Irishman." v. What a




The Macedon youth : catch by H. Pur-
cell. 29, 37 (31462, f. 19), 39.

- — duet [?by S. Wesley]. 92.

"The mad lover": by J. Eccles. v.
Must then ; The loud alarms of war.
by R. Johnson, v. 'Tis late.

The madman thus at times : song (late
18th cent.). 596.

"The magic cavern." i'. As I hoop.

"The magic lamp." v. " Aladdin."

"The magic purse and wishing cap."
V. "Fortunatus and his sons."

"The maid and the minstrel." v.
Awake, aged minstrel.

The maid is willing : catch (1789). 33.

" The maid of Artois" : opera by Balfe.
425. V. also A heart that once hath
lov'd ; My bosom with hope ; My soul
is one unbroken sigh ; why should
I weep ; The heart that once hath
fondly teem'd with hope ; The light
of other days.

"The maid of Devon." v. How pleasant
the banks.

"The maid of honour " : opera by Balfe.
432, 434.

' ' The maid of Palaiseau." v." Ninetta."

"The maid of Pinkie" : song arranged
by Haydn. 617.

"The maid of Switzerland." v. "Ge-

"The maid of the mill" (18th cent.).

V. also If that 's all.

The maid that tends the goats : song

arranged by Haydn. 619.
The maid who modestly conceals : glee

(late 18th cent.). 104.
" The maiden queen " : incidental

music by — • Morgan. 232.
"The make-shift" (18th cent.). 199

The man in the moon : song by M.

Cooke. 630.
The man who in his breast : glee by

S. Webbe. 100.
"The maniac": opera by Bishop.

396. For overture, v. 412-13.
" The march of the men of Harlech."

V. " Gorhoffedd gw^T Harlech."
"The Marquis of Granby's delight"

(18th cent.). 198.
"The Marquis of Huutly's delight":

Scotch tune (18th cent.). 207.
" The marriage of Figaro " : opera

adapted by Bishop from Mozart. 407.

D. also 398.
" The marriage-hater matched " : by

H. Purcell. v. As soon as the chaos.

air in the opera, by T. Tollett.


"The married beau": opera by J.
Eccles and H. Purcell. v. Beyond
the desert ; tie, what mean I ; See,
where repenting.

" The marsh of Rhuddlan." v. " Morfa

The match that is made : madrigal [ bv

Byrd]. 145.
"The Matlock whim" (18th cent.).

202 (829).
"The melange": words of table

entertainment by Dibdin. 647

(30961, f. 128; 30967, f.27).
" The melody of Cynwyd." v.

" Mwynen Cynwyd."
"The merry counsellors" (18th cent.).

202 (296).
The merry cuckoo : song by Greene.

The merry maids of Wagginton. r.

" The kirk-gate rakes."
" The merry monarch." v. " Charles

the second."
" The merry parson " (18th cent.). 201

" The merry Scot " : Scotch tune (18th

cent.). 208.
"The merry thought" (18th cent.l.

201 (223).

"The merry traveller" (18th cent.).

202 (317).

" The merry wives of Windsor " : opera

[by Horn, etc.]. 404.
" The middle-aged man." r. Should

we trouble our heads.
The mighty conqueror: glee by S.

Webbe. 102.
The milk-maid ; fr. opera [? by J.

Eccles]. 231.
" The mill, mill " (18th cent.). 198.
" The miller and his men " : opera bv

Bishop. 401.
" The miller's daughter " : song by

Hook. V. Let bards.

catch by H. Purcell. 29, 87

(31462, f. 22b), 38, 42.

" The miller's grist." v. Lovely Nancy
"The miniature": part of opera bv

Dibdin. 373.

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